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I forgot about the introduction. Sorry for the late greeting.

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Anyways, This is dy_enforcer here, saying hi to the RRU community.


Registered since January 2017 but because of the renovation, I was unable to introduce myself.


By now, you guys know me as the one who upload my MOC's from LEGO racers. I'm a huge fan of the game, but that's not the only one I have. Island, Rock Raiders, Stunt Rally, LEGOLAND, Alpha Team, Racers 2 and many others I do have but the one that is true to my heart is LEGO Racers. Sadly, most of my childhood games are now lost forever and couldn't salvage most of my collection. Luckily LEGO racers is the only one I found and still works to this day. 


The reason I was here is because of course the additional color bricks mod. Downloaded it before RRU temporarily shuts down and it really helps me get an inspiration to build my racers. Had it not been for the community, I wouldn't be here to this day.


That's all for now, I'll be going back to web-browsing.


Thank you and again sorry for the late greeting


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