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Email From The Producer Of LI2 and IXS

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So recently me and Darren Drabwell had an Email conversation



Here are some of my bigger questions

1.       In the GBC version of LI2 there was a cave and in the PC version there is some Rock Raiders stuff mixed into the game. By chance was the cave planned for PC?

2.       In the GBA port LEGO Island was lot bigger was this planned for PC? Also were some of the other things in LI2 GBA planned for PC?

3.       An early map for Island Xtreme Stunts was uploaded a few years back by Dean Roskell and it made note of Veterinarian with a minigame. Could you tell me more about it?

4. Were there any canned minigames for LI2?
5. Also I'm really curious about what you said about what IXS should have been.
6. Other than Rolf were there any other canned characters for both games?





The cave is on the PC version it is a hidden area where there are minifigs of the dev team 
The GBA version was made by a different team, our company was made up of different teams, I was the producer for all the lego island teams. The GBA team(including Dean) were amazing!
3. I can’t remember
Wow yes we had lots of ideas. I wanted to do  much more with the sky diving. I also wanted a snowboarding game.
Extreme stunts was a complete re-write to the game we had designed. It was going to be called the Silk Road and Pepper was going to follow the path of Marco Polo.
I was going to include a character based on the characters in our PC game dogs of war.


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Orient Expedition was certainly in the works at LEGO in 2002, probably 2001 or earlier as well... Surely that "Silk Road" idea he mentioned is related to it; there's no way a LEGO game developer and LEGO themselves would just happen to independently come up with the "following the path of Marco Polo" idea at the same time.


It's not much to go by, but I'm imagining a LEGO Island 2-esque game themed around Orient Expedition, with Pepper going along with the Adventurers heroes... That'd be pretty cool. Reminds me of the LEGO Island Comic Adventures, with Pepper going on all sorts of adventures based on other themes.

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