LRR Tutorial: Running LEGO Rock Raiders *Modded* on Windows 10 with VirtualBox

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Tutorial: Running LEGO Rock Raiders *Modded* in Windows 10 with VirtualBox

This tutorial will show you one method of running LEGO Rock Raiders that can be modded using Cafeteria in Windows 10. This may work for other Windows versions too but I haven’t tested it. Also I cannot guarantee that this will work for everyone as Rock Raiders is arguably the most fickle game to install on RRU, but hopefully it will work for you.

There are a lot of instructions in this so I will break them down into steps and explain as clearly as possible. Here is an overview:


1. Installation VirtualBox & download Vista SP2 32-bit.

2. Set up Windows Vista in VirtualtBox.

3. Install and run LRR.

4. VM-tools.1

1The tools break LRR, but there's a workaround for your mods to be added.



You can make the resolution higher, these would make the button smallers if you prefer.

You can do (right crtl) crtl + c. This switches the view of the machine to stretchable. You can now resize the LRR game to any dimension you want!

You can do (right crtl) crtl + p. This will pause the whole machine, idk if locking your vm would harm the game your current playing, but i note it here just to be sure.


This is my first time making an instruction, please correct any spelling mistakes or errors you have. I can't garantuee this works.

Feel free to give suggestions!

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1. Installation VirtualBox & download Vista SP2 32-bit.

Credit for this tutorial goes to JimbobJeffers for his tutorial, which I have used as a guideline and inspiration source.


Download Windows Vista SP2 32-bit

Visit this site: https://webforpc.com/software/operating-systems/windows-vista-iso-download-bootable-32-bit-64-bit/

Click on the 32 Bit Windows Vista green download button. In less then a minute your download should be starting.


Download VirtualBox

Visit this site: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Download the VirtualBox application for your operating system. This tutorial only focuses on the Windows OS.2


Installation VirtualBox

After downloading the file, just continue trough the setup of Virtualbox. 


2The setup is identical on all setups, but i haven't tested this on MacOS nor any linux distrubtions.

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2. Set up Windows Vista in Virtualbox

Click in VirtualBox on New and choose Windows Vista 32-bit in the pop-up window.



In the next pop-up window, choose the memory size. As 512mb is recommanded, Using around 1024mb is considerd plenty.



Choose Create a virtual hard disk now.



You can choose for .VDI in the next step, but if you want to use this with different Virtualization software, it's better to choose VMDK. It's recommended to choose .VDI.


The next step doesn't matter that much, but i recommand using Fixed size because of the slightly faster speed.



For the Hard disk, 25GB is more then enough (aslong as you don't update).Fbsolute minimum.


Hit create and you your machine should appear on the right!


Installing Windows Vista in VirtualBox


Click on Settings and then on Storage.



Click on the Empty disk and then on the smaller disk on your right. Then click on the first option (Choose virtual opitical disk file).



Now choose the Windows Vista 32-bit.iso from earlier. Your screen should look like this.



To fix the audio in Windows Vista, we have to change the soundcard. Click on Audio and change from Intel HD audio to ICH AC97. Your screen should look like this.



Optionnally, you can click on Shared Folders, click on the blue folder with a green + sign. And add an folder you have your mods stored in. Make sure to check Auto-mount aswell!3


3Do note that if you prefer a different way of obtaining the mods. You can skip this step.


Installing Windows Vista 32-bit


The first step is to choose your language, time and keyboard layout.


The next step is to click on install now.


You can skip the license and do this later.


Choose the edition Windows Vista Ultimate.4


Accept the lincense terms.


Click on Custom (advanced)


Click on Disk 0 Unallocated Space and hit next.


Choose a username and hit next.


Hit next again.


Choose Ask me later.


Choose the right time zone and hit next.


Choose home and complete the installation.


4For my testing i used this edition, but if i'm not sure this would have any impact, it's probably safe to say that this decision doesn't matter unless you have a key for a specific version other then ultimate.

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3. Install and run LRR

Assuming you have a copy of the LRR CD in .iso format. You can mount it by clicking on Devices, followed by Opticial drives, by choose disk image. Choose the LRR .iso and it should now appear in the machine.


Run the setup and restart.


Now it's importend to follow this instruction made by Cyrem (developer of the Cafeteria mod tool).

After you added the D3DRM from Cyrem, your able to run the game in Windows Vista.


As you can see you can run LRR with Cafeteria and even the custom resolutions seem to work nicely! But we miss a few features that we get when we install VM-tools...

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4. VM-tools

Custom resolution:

So theres a problem when you install the VM-tools on this machine with LRR. The game will not be able to run prober and results in a crash when you try to start any level.


Now we do want that sweet custom size for the window so we can play nicely in window mode or full screen withoud any black bars.


To go into scale mode: (right CRTL) crtl + c.

This will make your window stretchable. What means you can make any size of the game, whever you want!


Share files between a folder:

You can install the VM-tools by clicking on the top again (do CRTL + C again to get out of scale mode), followed by the optical disk. Choose geust additions cd image.


Go to the disk and install the x86 one. After installation you can reach the folder we setted up earlier. After you moved your mods you can remove the tools and re-mount the LRR .iso file.


You can now play LRR with mods. Enjoy!

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