Super Sunchipp Adventure - Cолнце chipp's Revenge

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It's not related to anything on this page but I'm gonna pass on a message from the Sunchipp Crew.


     Hi! As a member of the Sunchipp Crew (second owner) it's my job to try to help out the boss (Sunchipp who's also my boyfriend) as best as possible. Sunchipp needs all the help he can get for this one project. Super Sunchipp Adventure - Cолнце chipp's Revenge Remastered. A lot of the people who enjoy acting and who also enjoy Lego stop motion would probably enjoy being a part of this. Here is the original animation

We are usually short on actors cause most of us are normally out painting the town or working on other stuff (while Sunchipp is on disability ?) so we come to spread a message through a bunch of websites to ask if anyone would be interested in voice acting in this special event



Sunchipp - Sunchipp himself

Ppihcnus - Sunchipp himself

Sonne-Chipp - Sunchipp himself

Cолнце chipp - Sunchipp himself

Sam Barstow - actor needed

Dr. Pepper - Brian Smith

Basil - Fred Fulda

Liese - actress needed (most likely me ?)

Turbo Charger - Actor needed

Butcher - Lloyd Bailey


Let us know what you think and if you're interested just let us know if you'd be available. It's voice recorded so anytime is good enough for us ? don't mind the duplicate video btw





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