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LI2TA - Lego Island 2 Texture Animator 0.0.1

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as I realized that my business will need my entire freetime the next 4 weeks, I quickly decided to expand the modding ability of Lego Island 2. This is one of my fastest software-projects I developed, as I managed to do this on 2 days of hard and exhausting work.


LI2TA - Lego Island 2 Texture Animator
LI2TA is just another modding tool for Lego Island 2. You are now able import your custom textures (see supported image-formats below), rearrange them with the tool and export the final animations to *.WIB-format (Lego Island 2 internal texture animation format). The tool will automatically check for transparency (as it's supported by it's file format) and export it like this.


This time, the tool doesn't have an update-system. So watchout for updates. They will be published in this thread (title) and on the SourceForge project page.


Supported import-formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpg *.png *.pbm *.pgm *.ppm *.xbm

(Choose the correct format for alpha-transparency)






You can download the tool on the SourceForge project page: SourceForge project page

(This tool is, just like LI2GE, opensource and under GNU-GPL license)


Bugs & Improvements

LI2TA isn't outgoing tested. When you have improvements, problems or you are encountering bugs, please feel free to create a ticket on the SourceForge project page. You can create a ticket anonymously and without registration here: https://sourceforge.net/p/li2ta/tickets. Remember that you are helping other people too with your commitment.


Testing and limits

Until now I didn't discover any problems with limits. On very large texture animations (like >300 images with the size of 512x512 pixels) the tool may take about 2-3 minutes. It'll give you the impression of being frozen, but you only have to wait for it. This actually isn't a performance issue, because the tool unavoidably needs to load every single image into a image-object (internally). The same behaviour can apply for the exporting function on large files. 


------- Testing

I've tested an ultra hd texture animation (>300 textures, 326MB) ingame and posted it on youtube. As it seems, Lego Island 2 easily handles those big files. Watch here:


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Good stuff, now we can make custom minifig faces! Awesome.

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Animated textures should be saved upside down (mirrored on the x-axis)

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