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Camera Shenanigans Image Dump

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Used Xiron's Cheat Engine codes a lot today. Also did a quick UI mod to make it transparent/invisible a ways into it. Everything is just in the order I did it in.


Brickster's Palace

  • There's a statue of the Brickster you can never normally see due to the camera angle.
  • There's four Slimy Slugs at the top of the palace which are hidden when you actually reach that part of the minigame. Their textures are kinda weird. Maybe they were gonna push you around up there instead of the Brickster-Bots?
  • There's a few Brickster-Bot heads up there (and more below) with orange transparent cubes around them, and the polygons on the back have been removed so you must have only been meant to see them from the front. Presumably were once used the same was as in the PS1 beta.
  • There's a bunch of misc objects beneath the palace - a beachball, a screw, some misc fruit, and a red 2x4 brick in varying LODs. Oh, and a pizza, but I think that might just be the one you throw at the Brickster. Maybe most of the other stuff was gonna fall on you like the Brickster-Bot heads? I dunno about the red 2x4 brick though.

Skate Park

  • Just one screenshot here, of a random floating pizza in the void

Brick Dive

  • Just getting a better look at Pepper's model(s) and the pirate skeletons.

Main Menu

  • Just one screenshot again, but hello random Brickster-Bot. Also it couldn't be captured in a screenshot but the skateboarding minifig on the right was changing to a different character every frame.

T-Rex Racing

  • Just some misc camera angles you don't see normally.
  • At this point I modded the UI/font textures to be transparent to allow for cool screenshots like this while paused. Since the game re-loads all textures when you re-open it after minimizing, I could just rename the folders containing the mods for if I wanted them active or not.

Mr Hates' Camp

  • Mr Hates' dino has a gun on one side of the... saddle? And a pouch for pizza on the other side. He's animated to pull out a pizza and toss it into the mouth of the dino before it breaths fireballs, but the animation is kinda sloppy as you can see even from the screenshots. Also, during the initial cutscene, the pizza he feeds to the dino is just kinda floating there.
  • Mr Hates is always somewhat low poly when on the dino, even when up close.
  • The dinos tend to actually over above the ground when in their enclosures.
  • Pepper is so happy at the prospect of punching Mr Hates he levitates.

Dino Park

  • A better look at the hot air balloon as it flies away.

Parachute Training

  • Broken textures lol
  • Why did a leaf particle come from Pepper's foot
  • Low-poly Ariel from Res-Q in the boat
  • The parachute is invisible from the bottom
  • The sky is just plain white and it really looks weird when you angle the camera up even slightly

Parachute onto Ogel

  • Rock Monster close-up
  • Weird low poly Brickster-Bots, one of which socked Pepper right in the noprick.tga
  • Ogel Island looks weird when you look at it too closely here


  • Several areas where textures are weird, but in areas you don't really see
  • There's a yellow parrot on the barrels at the start (and on a bridge) but despite sitting still they do flying animations
  • Oddly skewed monkey
  • Low poly Pepper has become one with the plane
  • The Rock Monsters here are differently textured from the ones orbiting Ogel, and have clubs, but throw boulders (which spin even when the game is paused). Some are positioned kinda weirdly and floating.


There's more I want to check out but I think I've had enough for one day lol

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So many interesting things to see in this game if you just take a look.

Thanks for sharing!


For some reason I feel like those last two images under Hates camp could be turned into a reaction image or something. :P


Edit: Took a couple snaps of T-Rex Racing myself.


'Woah there Rex! Look, it's a giant fried egg!

Hmm... I am kind of hungry...'




And here we have the T-rex olymp-ooh, ow, that attempt of a jump looked a little painful.


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  • MAMA
  • Background space stuff is pretty tiny
  • Default locations for pizza-related objects are underneath Papa (I'd guess that's the origin for the scene but I haven't checked)
  • Pepper has his head+hair under the spacesuit even though you can't see it through the visor
  • Slimy Slug has the same weird textures as the ones on top of the Brickster's Palace


  • A better look at the Black Knight
  • Castle billboards
  • Bulls king and queen closeups
  • You may have noticed Leonora's legs poking through her dress in the game even during normal cutscenes, as LI2's dresses are just attachments that actually have the front of the slope at a slight angle to make it cover the legs... But that only works when in a default pose, really. And definitely not when sitting down.

Snake Pursuit

  • so
  • many
  • screenshots
  • There's some cubes with particle textures on them at the beginning
  • Missing textures in a couple places
  • The Brickster-Bots in the minecarts just sorta... phase through a wall at the end of the track and that's the end of their journey, but you'd never know as you can't see that wall
  • One area has two waterfalls but no water at the bottom though there's clearly supposed to be some there
  • There's a LOT of unused/unfinished track. I guess they figured the minigame was long enough and had the car stop and never got rid of all the stuff beyond that. It's a tad barren aside from plants and a few statues but at one point there's some Brickster-Bot ruins that aren't used anywhere else in the minigame (though the design is used on the PS1 version).

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  • I think the squash and stretch on the heads aren't actually an animation but individual objects, stored off to the side when the scene loads...?
  • Pepper's hand and hammer are a single model, with a few texturing goofs
  • The paper the computer spits out is a texture that scrolls along some fixed geometry

Brick Dive, again

  • Lots more pics now with the pause menu made invisible
  • The bricks - or at least the one in the treasure chest, didn't look much at the others - change position from when the scene loads to when the minigame is actually started by the player

Raging Bull

  • Before the game begins, the sky and sea are tiny and underground near the bridge, and Cedric is just kinda floating near his cannons with fire particles underneath him shooting forward
  • There's some other odd objects under there, like a tree and some ripple effects (like on the main Castle Island map), also the cannonballs (before they start flying around) and more weird fruit.
  • There's some trees intersecting each other
  • Looking at the cannon you're firing out of through itself reveals it's... floating? At least for the one I tried


  • Like Whack-a-Bot, there's some objects stored off to the side, apparently for squash and stretch
  • The snakes look entirely different from the ones in Snake Pursuit
  • Pepper's hand is fused to the plank
  • Pepper leaps forward quite a ways to hit the front snake, even phasing through the rear one

Matching Mummies

  • There's a lower poly coffin lid beneath the floor
  • The vines often go through the floor a bit
  • The default state of the scene has the coffin symbols and key visible, no mummies/skeletons inside though
  • The Constructopedia page isn't really floating where it looks like from the perspective you usually see it


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Gotta a few here myself, mostly of Desert Speedster;


Desert Speedster


The starting area you don't really get to see all too well.



Some stuff under the starting line, including splatted cactus, and the skybubble texture which you don't ever get to really see due to it being so far in the distance and the fog fading it out.









Hmmm, nothing up top in the UFOs here. They must be remote controlled.



Some odd water thing hanging out over the pond at the end.



Bertha, just waiting to show off her moves once you get near.




Fishing Area | Asteroid Belt


This is what it looks like when you are disembodied from your shuttle.



I thought a top-down shot of the fishing area would be somewhat neat.




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