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The Brickster's Name + Panic on LEGO Island

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Were there ever topics on this stuff? I can't find one but I remember discussing it with some people.


Anyway. This piece from the Xtreme Tower set has actual printing on it:




While I don't own the set, I once saw a picture of the piece (in a MOC) clear enough to make out the text. While looking for it again today I came across this topic on a Swedish LEGO forum about exactly this:




As you can see there, the text on the computer reads:





Bjarke is a Danish name, my guess is whoever designed the print put it in as some sort of joke about somebody at LEGO.


It's also slightly odd as in Denmark, the Brickster was named Kim Cool:




You'd think they'd say "aka Kim Cool" on that computer piece, especially given the reference to Denmark immediately after, but ah well.


Speaking of Danish names... There's an often repeated trivia fact on misc websites (and I think a DK book or two) saying "1997 saw the minifig’s official entry into the digital realm, starring in the videogame Panic on Lego Island". It seems that was the name in Denmark, for at least some copies... But in Danish of course.




The game was also going to be named "Adventures on LEGO Island" in English before they decided to shorten it, IIRC it was advertised by that name in a LEGO Mania Magazine or two and it was also alluded to in-game by Dr Clickitt (he makes a joke about being so busy they could have their own game, "Adventures in LEGO Hospital" or something). I've heard it was still called by that name in other languages, but I don't remember if it was verified or not. Doesn't seem unlikely though, given the Danish name.

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