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LLA I need some help with a mod I want to create, please.

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So, I just wanted to ask if there was any way anybody here could help me with a mod I want to develop for Legoland.  The mod is supposed to decrease the amount of space each ride takes up on the free play limiter bar, allowing for each ride to be selected all at the same time, while also adding the unused Log Flume Drop, Rope Climb Ride, and Water Works Dryer.  Basically, the Rope Climb Ride and Water Works Dryer should be there from the start, and the Log Flume Drop should be re-added to Level 4, where it was supposed to go before its unfortunate, if not somewhat odd, removal from the game.  (I say the Log Flume Drop's removal was odd since the game still has the Log Flume Drop listed in its level script, which makes me think it may have been removed by accident).  This mod should also not interfer with any of the sounds, game, or its ability to run smoothly.  Also, a guide for installing the mod would be great.  Thanks.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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As far as I currently understand, the Freeplay mode selection system is hardcoded. The Freeplay level itself has an associated script, and the scripts are plaintext, but I've yet to successfully make a change to a script that was then reflected in the game (likely to do with RES(ource) file packing and the game always trying to pull data from the CD).

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