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LEGO Racers - Windows 10 Setup Guide

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This tutorial was written for the 1999 version of LEGO Racers, so you may not need to follow steps 3-6 if you have a different version. It is important that you follow these steps in the exact order specified, or you may have trouble launching the game.



1. Insert the LEGO Racers disc into your PC. Rather than install the game conventionally, you will need to download le717’s Racers Alternate Installer here.





2. When the executable file has downloaded, run it and follow through the steps. Once completed, uncheck “Launch LEGO Racers” and press “Finish” to close the installer.



3. LEGO Racers uses SafeDisc protection (at least, the 1999 version does), which is no longer supported in Windows 10. You can however re-enable the driver that SafeDisc uses, but only do so when you wish to play LEGO Racers and other trusted games as it was removed for a reason.

Open a folder in Windows Explorer, such as Documents. Click “File”, then mouse over “Open command prompt” and choose “Open command prompt as administrator”.





4. Type in (without quotes) “bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON”. Press enter and it will state “This operation completed successfully.” Now you can close the command prompt.





5. Download this file, extract it and place the “SECDRV.SYS” file into the following location:
Then restart your computer.


6. Upon logging back in, you should see text in the lower-right corner of your desktop, along the lines of “Test Mode Windows 10 Home” with some random nonsense after. 

You will need the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to actually make the SECDRV.SYS driver work. Go to this page and click “Download” at the bottom, then choose “Agree” to download it.




Right click dseo13b.exe and select “Run as administrator”. Press Next, then Yes, and you’ll be at the main menu. Check “Sign a System File” and press Next. Now you will need to type in the location of the SECDRV.SYS file, which should be:
Click OK and OK again, then in the main menu check “Exit” and press Next.


7. The game should now launch without trouble, but it can also be made widescreen and prepared for easy modding. Download JrMasterModelBuilder’s JAM Extractor here.




8. Extract the folder and you’ll see files inside, including a “JAMExtractor.exe” file. Copy the “LEGO.JAM” file from your installation directory and paste it here. Then drag the pasted “LEGO.JAM” file onto the “JAMExtractor.exe” file to extract it. A new LEGO folder will appear when the program is finished, and your folder should look like this:





9. Open the “LEGO” folder, select the “GAMEDATA” and “MENUDATA” folders inside, and move them into your install directory. When that’s finished, you can delete the extracted JAMExtractor folder, including all files inside. Then rename the “LEGO.JAM” file in the install directory to “BACKUP LEGO.JAM”. Your install directory should now look like this:





10. Finally, to run the game in widescreen at custom resolutions, first download WillKirkby’s LR1 Launcher here.





10. Extract the downloaded ZIP and move its “LR1Launcher.exe” file into the install directory. Set the compatibility options to run the application with administrative privelages, by right-clicking it, choosing “Properties”, and entering the “Compatibility” tab. Then check “Run this program as an administrator” as shown below.





11. Run LR1Launcher.exe (you can make a shortcut to it elsewhere if you wish), select your desired resolution and check boxes as you wish, then click Launch and play LEGO Racers!



When you’ve finished, follow steps 3-4, this time entering “bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF”. Reboot the computer and it will be back to normal, with LEGO Racers not launching again.


In future you will need to follow steps 3, 4 and the latter part of 6 - enabling test mode, rebooting into it and signing the driver - whenever you wish to play the game, but it’s far less hassle than using a virtual machine or transferring files to an old XP computer if you’re modding.

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