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LEGO Studios Soundtrack: The Mystery of Missing Music

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Some of you may remember 1349 Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set, which came with a camera and program allowing its users to make their own brickfilms of dubious amateur quality.  I know I certainly made my own fair share of movies with it, including the ever-so-creatively-titled Temple of Doom.  Because I never got the audio-importing features to work, I largely relied on the music that was provided in the program itself, especially the four tracks "Action Music", "Hero Music", "Scary Music", and "Radio Music" (this isn't even getting into the software's extensive Smart Sounds music library, which I'm sure is a tale for another day).  If you've seen the three example animations included on the CD (Jewel Quest, Fetch T-Rex, and Shark Bite), then you've already heard these songs.


But did you know that these songs did not originate from these animations?


Getting back to Temple of Doom, I uploaded it onto YouTube way back in 2009.  Some time ago, it was hit with a copyright notice by FirstCom.  Don't worry, it's still available on YouTube, but it's now monetized by FirstCom.  Through this copyright claim, however, I discovered something very interesting: the composers and original name of the "Action Music" heard in Fetch T-Rex (or Jurassic Bark, as it was called on the LEGO Studios website).


"Monster Playground", composed by Ian West, Michael William Vickerage, and Stephen North, is part of the Connect 2 The Movies (CNCT125) album, which is surprisingly obscure on the grand cosmos of the internet.  Fortunately, after some relentless digging, I was finally able to find the whole track (and album) on the Miles of Music company website, which I'm linking to below:




From the same album, I discovered that the "Scary Music" from the Shark Bite animation is on the same album, under the title "Cliff Hanger".  I took the liberty of downloading the two tracks from this website (direct MP3 links here and here) and uploading them onto YouTube.


Unfortunately, I have not yet found the "Hero Music" and "Radio Music" from the Jewel Quest animation, as they do not appear to be part of the Connect 2 The Movies album.  FirstCom has already claimed monetization on the two CNCT125 songs, but to my surprise there hasn't been a copyright claim on either of the Jewel Quest songs yet.  "Hero Music" certainly sounds like it could be the same composers, but unfortunately the Miles of Music website has a horrible search engine that doesn't let you search for specific composers.  Therefore, I'm opening this up as a challenge to whoever wants to try looking around the website (or any other website) and seeing what they can find, akin to what jamesster did previously with the search for Beat Revolution.

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