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LEGO Island 2: Sky Colours Table + Lighting Info

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Hola. Sky colours are hardcoded.

The address are the same between the two known English versions. If you have a different game language the offsets are probably different. If that's the case I'm more than willing to help you on your way to finding the consistent differences for all address between here and your game version.


Keep in mind the original value is reversed endian.

Location Original Value Address
Front End FF FF FF FF ??????
Board Park 00 00 00 00 ??????
Main Island FF FF 00 00 4E0D7
Pepper's House FF FF 00 00 1B7348
Information Center 00 00 00 00 ???????
Whack-a-Bot 00 00 00 00 ???????
Castle Island 66 99 FF 00 D940A
Brick Dive FF FF 00 00 11E74C
Jousted 66 99 FF 00 1CC7DE
Raging Bull 66 99 FF 00 1337AA
Adventures' Island Overworld FF FF 00 00 1F3359
Adventures' Island Desert FF FF 00 00 20239B
Snake Pursuit FF AA AA FF 35AD62
Adventures' Island Pyramid Area FF FF 00 00 22FEF8
Whack-a-Snake FF FF 00 00 3C4D0B
Matching Mummies 00 00 00 00 ???????
Desert Speedster FF FF 00 00 26E43E
Fishing FF FF 00 00 4095C8
Bi-Plane FF FF 00 00 31BF07
Dino Park FF FF 00 00 178CA1
T-Rex Racing E1 CC CA 00 2A3E74
Mr. Hates' Camp A6 E8 FF 00 15A354
Centrifuge 00 00 00 00 ???????
Parachute Training FF FF FF FF ???????
Asteroid Belt 00 00 00 00 ???????
Parachute Onto Ogel 00 00 00 FF 2FB2B0
Ogel 00 00 00 00 ???????
Make-A-D-Pizza FF FF FF FF ???????
Brickster's Palace  00 00 00 00 ???????


For some strange reason, when changing the results I could scrape up for FF FF FF FF, none of the skys in the game changed with that value, and as for 00 00 00 00, there way I've tracked them down (XX XX XX XX 68 - 68 always comes after the value), there is way too many of that value appearance for me to count on 100 hands, and mass replacing causes a crash due to some sensitive areas getting replaced.


What can you do with sky changing? Something like these.



(This second image also requires knowing how lighting works :P, but I'll save lights for another day if I ever get to know it better)




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Well as promised, here is a breakdown of everything I was able to figure out on lighting! I might need some help figuring out the unknowns since I'm unable to figure what they do.




0x00-0x0B: Header and other unimportant bits; 0x0C-0x0F: ???

0x10-0x23: ???

0x24-0x27: East sided surfaces get brightness affected?; 0x28-0x2B - Overall brightness of the world; 0x28-0x2B: South sided surfaces get brightness affected?

0x30-0x3F: RGB of the brightness and coloration of the landscape and objects.

0x40-0x4F: RGB of the world's atmosphere.

0x50-0x5F: RGB of ???

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I'd imagine the rotation of the main directional light is in there somewhere.

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That was my thought exactly when I poked at 0x24-0x27 and 0x28-0x2B  but that didn't quite seem to be the case. It could very well be 0x10-0x23, I'll have to take another poke at it.

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This is really some awesome stuff you researched there. How did you find out all these things?

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If I recall the way I found it went something like this:


1) Get the fog to break by minimizing and maximizing the game in fullscreen mode allowing the sky color the leak through where the skybubble clips out.

2) Take a colour sample of the sky leak

3) With the colour sample, reverse its endian (since Island 2 is in reverse), find instances of it in the .exe, replace, and test test test until something is hit.

3.5 (optional)) For assistance and ease of obtaining the value of any area of the game's sky colour instantly without work  - find a pointer to the sky's colour address in cheat engine so you instantly have ease of access to the color wherever you are (and you can even do live changes for experiments if you want!)

4) After finding a color change for the first time, take note of the byte pattern that follows it for ease in finding the rest of the colours since the surrounding byte pattern is the same for every colour occurrence.

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I would really love to fix the sky color in the Dutch version of Lego Island 2, could you please help me? 

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