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Johnny Thunder the Ex-Army Officer (and much, much more)

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So if you recall, Brickset started their own repository of LEGO catalogs a little while ago. I made the mistake of assuming there wouldn't be much new to see in the new ones they uploaded. Turns out I was wrong. 


All this stuff is from their uploads of the large UK catalogs. There may well be more stuff in there I haven't come across yet.







  • Just look through pages 28 - 47. The whole Max Timebuster chase in English. Note that the first page of it has a diorama that actually included three Max Timebusters, so they photoshopped two of them to be different.








So yeah, lots of fun stuff.


Edit: oh yeah, almost forgot these guys. Nothing completely new but slightly different from what we've seen before.

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Geeeez. Lots of fun stuff in here. The bit about Johnny/Sam is especially interesting, given one of the DK books (forgot which, but I think it was one of the more solid/less screwy ones) said Baron von Barron was a former army general. If they got that from a solid source it could make for some interesting possible implied history between the two. I'll take a more solid look through everything when I'm not using a phone.

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I seem to remember reading the "ex-army" bit (I'd thought that was a given way back when, as it seemed like the theme was post WWI, but I know we have an earlier date now).  But I like that we finally have an explanation for the two different Insectoids backgrounds--I always suspected they weren't mutally exclusive!



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