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Tranforming Lego City Undercover into Lego Island Undercover

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Hey, this is my first time posting on RRU. Haven't been here for long, but I really like this forum.

This is just an idea I had recently. Don't know if it's relevant or plausible or just moronic ... but it is an idea.


We've discussed what a LI 4 would look like. And someone stated that LCU is the spiritual successor to Lego Island - it's another open world game, it's only licensed by Lego, and it's based on another product (City feels like today's Island). What if there was a way to mod Lego City Undercover and - to some degree, in one way or another - put some Lego Island in the game. Maybe it would just be to change the texture of the main character (Chase McCaine) to a Pepper Roni ... and/or more characters .. or changing the dialogue in the game and thus, the story.

I know LCU is this is a Wii U title. But there are mods to Smash Bros for Wii U, aren't there? I wish it existed for PC though; there would probably be as easy to mod as GTA IV.

I don't own LCU, but the more I look at gameplay videos, the more I dream about someone modding it. It will never happen, I know. But a man can dream, right?


Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. What do you think of this?

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I'd think it would be an interested mod, but I don't know if anyone would be willing to learn Wii-U modding just for this. :P

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