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IXS IXS Version Differences

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Here's the files that are different between installations of the two known versions of Island Xtreme Stunts (with cd and cdc folders copied over from the discs).




The one on the left is the one that usually gives people the most trouble - it doesn't work with the no CD trick, if you can even get it to run at all (I can't).


The version number is displayed very briefly in the top bar of the window for the game that can be seen before it goes fullscreen... Sometimes so briefly you don't see it at all. I got fed up with trying to get a screenshot, so here's a screencap from a hypercam recording, lol:




As said, I can't get the other version to run at all, so I can't check what its version number is. I know people have talked about it before and posted what it is, but I can't find the discussion now...


Anyway, besides the changes to the game's exe (and unimportant things like FindDisc, Uninst.exe, and support stuff) there's no differences except for those three files being moved from cdc to cd and somehow becoming much larger.


Edit: Xiron says the other version is also 0.43, though I'd heard previously that it was something else. Can't check into it myself, so yeah.

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