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Skill Zone and World Cup IDs + Names

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Why am I focusing on just the IDs for these? Because they are the only ones you can't choose to be part of your team in modes outside their respective game modes (or not even play as them at all!), so if you know them here, you can edit them into your save file.

As of now I'm kind of stuck on the ID of the last character of France and every team beyond, as that is where it hits FF (highest value).


Special thanks goes to the list of names in the plain to read \CD\Message\[Language].txt file so I can copy-paste the names instead of typing them all out. :P

P.S. The World Cup names are the same across all the language files.



A2 Skillzone Skeleton 1
A3 Skillzone Skeleton 2
A4 Skillzone Skeleton 3
A5 Skillzone Skeleton 4
A6 Skillzone Skeleton (with Mummy hat)
A7 Skillzone Mummy



A8-AD Re-Balnaced Tricorner Pirates


AE-B0 Re-Balnaced Arctic Explorers
B1 Freddie Fit





B2 Diego Hamball
B3 Juan Banano
B4 Claudio Tulula
B5 Sebastian Poleta
B6 Pablo Lopez
B7 Fernando Hernandez


B8 Bruce Bushwacker
B9 Dean Bonza
BA Pete Uripper
BB Mark Supial
BC Dave Debeer
BD Mike Surf


BE Frank Meckler
BF Pierre Hintze
C0 Martin Schikler
C1 Alfred Mayer
C2 Dietmar Flogen
C3 Roland Strudel

C4 Russell Bussell
C5 Jena Menu
C6 Alain Rosque
C7 Claude Duvan
C8 Lauret Bouquignaud
C9 Theirry Mangetout

CA Roberto Skilloni
CB Enrique Martoni
CC Salvador Germano
CD Pedro Manucon
CE Franco Emilson
CF Dario Valetta

D0 Slobadan Masto
D1 Georgi Peevo
D2 Biso Hristoff
D3 Rossen Zdakamov
D4 Krassem Stoykinoo
D5 Stildan Fazo

D6 Uoko Montula
D7 Patrick Nettomo
D8 Pierre Ngoma
D9 Davy Abana
DA Daniel Fjimatik
DB Robert Mbofana

DC Con Carne
DD Ivan Sierra
DE Rodrigo Pizarri
DF Franco Nunaz
E0 Hector Zubano
E1 Jose Villarosa


E2 Pedro Cartel
E3 Oscar Bolana
E4 Wilmer Moreno
E5 Leonardo Dinos
E6 Mario Calero
E7 Juan Mascarpona


E8 Carl Zibontilo
E9 Niko Pletok
EA Igor Zikvocick
EB Boris Crovec
EC David Jurkik
ED Alen Pletiscok

EF Lars Nielsen
F0 Erik Moller
F1 Egon Mattrup
F2 Anders Pedersen
F3 Ulrik Solberg
F4 Thomas Maier

F5 Paul Mantle
F6 Stuart Williams
F7 Carl Evans
F8 Darren Tuckey
F9 David Calver
FA Mike Law

FB Pierre Matignon
FC Franc Onzibon
FD Nicolas Doucet
FE Fabien Lafontan
FF Michael Lamiche
?? Ludovic Chaminand

Heinz Uber
Franz Becker
Stefan Dohmen
Fritz Mintzer
Karl Frankfonker
Jens Jackler

Minty Mcgintee
Larry Flynn
Mark Kelly
Roy Green
Neil Hart
Declan Duffy

Mario Spagolli
David Amor
Juan Desouza
Roberto Manolli
Antonio Farino
Mario Lingooni

Matsuki Lee
Akira Takata
Hideaki Sakai
Shigeru Udigawa
Yuso Toryama
Ryu Watanabe

Korea Republic
Kim Mallaka
InJung Cho
Choi Jin Soon
Yang HyunWoo
YoungA Lee
KwangSu Shin

Arriba Fahita
Antonio Bandito
Cruzito Romerio
Roberto Sondula
Perrio Mantos
Carlo Baffaja

Essas Mourad
Bassir Salalalahad
Abrami Joussef
Kharbouch Taalala
Ramzi Akram
Abufa Kanfahey

Patrick Foula
Michael Mincer
Paul Vostenrooy
Wilfred Konter
Jan Hansenbanker
Jerker Menderferd

Erik Iversen
Ole Bakke
Andre Enigtop
Thor Helmutslug
Bjorn Bjomberger
Ivan Ivansen

Tomasz Stuka
Marek Zviesfka
Radoslaw Kopikow
Adam Sweiczekew
Jacek Goforski
Peter Nieslony

Enrico Belito
Luis Ferroni
Ringo Quim
Paolo Costina
Ricardo Fonona
Juan Embolito

Miodrag Ganovan
Christian Stelea
Bog Nogivo
Ion Contra
Adrian Rosu
Andre Molosirod

Dmitri Tito
Valeri Molotov
Yuri Drozdovic
Alexi Manakak
Seguri Goussev
Igor Popov

Ian Mckiltee
Jock Sullivan
Scott Mcmacack
Billy Brown
Neil Mccannock
Jack Sinclair

South Africa
Teboha Zupa
Brian Makeona
Aaron Arandal
Godfrey Becker
Siyabon Toker
Minoko Flaeker

Manuel Gonzales
Delano Conrabe
Pablo Canabeens
Roberto Victor
Salva Matatore
Enrique Maldino

Sven Bland
Henrik Nilsson
Karl Dorkland
Fredrik Larsson
Magnus Andersson
Erik Eriksson

Pascel Vogel
Jorg Yakin
Steph Lubaba
Hakan Bumbabo
Badile Wicky
Andrew Azorbo


Ethan Fork
Kyle Fortune
Josh Flanagan
Clint Edwards
Kasey Krank
Chuck Forest


Where's my team Canada?

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