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Big issue with adding Batman 3 characters to Worlds!

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So, I was being naughty and modded the game by adding new characters for LB3. I changed the names of BLACK_MINIFIG.txt and BLACK_VEHICLES.txt and renamed it in the GAMEGLOBAL.LED file.  When I removed that part from GAMEGLOBAL.LED, the problem goes away. But if I remove it I don't get my LB3 characters, if I do want them, I have to give up the textures for the other charaters from Worlds. The result also: Heads models are missing, faces are missing. What did I do wrong? Here are some pictures2015_08_20_00002.jpg

This is what I did with GAMEGLOBAL.LED, and the first circled thing is where I think I need to put the amount of NEW entries, and the second one is the existing amount. If I change any one of these, however, the game does not work, it BLACK SCREENS me. 


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