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Racetrack - LR2 modding toolkit

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I tried to make mods "natively" using different tools and so on (I should say thanks to Xiron for his tutorials :P). However, it was a bit long and tangled process because of too much diff programs and files transitions. I decided to make a single tool which will allow you to organize every file and folder in mod root folder, to work with them parallel and to push everything using one little command. After some tests (Thanks to Ayliffe and Xiron), app became stable.



Racetrack is cross-platform and fast LR2 modding toolkit that presents to you a set of tools, such as automatic converters, mod root folder scanning, files scanning, storing all mod resources at centralized folder, switching between this folders and so on. Another words, it organizes LR2 modding.


What you can do?

Just submit models, textures and sounds in any format (Except models) and relax. See mod status, backup both mod and game data and push everything to the game.


How it works?

When you're creating new mod folder, RT copies all game data folders (without files) to it and turning this into a repository (RT uses LibGit2Sharp to track it), then waiting for files input and store them in this folder. When you finished filling your mod with game resources and submitting "push" cmd, RT copies everything from mod root folder and moving copied stuff to game data.


You can switch between any mod folders, just make sure that it has game data folders.


What I need to submit files?

Nothing, except images (.JPG, .TGA, etc) or mono sounds (.AIFF, .MP3, etc) and models (I'm working on them, but now you have to get model with the same extension as in LR2 game data). RT will convert them to either LR2 sound or LR2 image if they has extension other than .MIP and .AIF.


How to get it?

First of all, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed at your computer. If you already have it, then just download an archive and extract somewhere. After doing that laucnh an executable (Racetrack.exe) and enjoy modding.


Can I participate?

Only by suggesting any features RT hasn't at the moment. Source code is going to be open-source, but a bit later because I'm working on its performance and optimization.


Well, it's my first tool and I believe it's useful. :P

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and models (I'm working on them, but now you have to get model with the same extension as in LR2 game data).

Convert, model files....? Sweet, that will be a first for custom models for this game, if I am understanding you correctly.


Anyway, thanks for having me as a tester. :)

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