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Phantom Terror

BIONICLE: The Story of Okoto

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Phantom Terror
--Long ago, on the beautiful island of Okoto, the inhabitants lived in a time of peace under the rule of two Mask Makers, Makuta and his brother Ekimu, who created Masks of Power for them. The brothers themselves wore special masks: Makuta used the Mask of Control, while Ekimu used the Mask of Creation.
Eventually, the great craftsmanship and renown of Ekimu caused Makuta to become jealous, and he disobeyed sacred laws to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power. As soon as Makuta donned the mask, he was consumed by its power, and the island started to break apart. Realizing this, Ekimu attacked Makuta, knocking the mask from Makuta's face. This caused a shockwave, which cast both brothers into an endless slumber.
All three masks were scattered across the island, where they remain until they can be found again.--
Chapter One: Fire
I'm burning... I thought to myself as I awakened. I'm burning. But the fire does not harm me...
"Hello?" A voice called out from beyond the smoke that clouded my vision. The voice called out again "Is anybody in there?" it said. 
My muscles ached. I fell from somewhere, although I do not know where. I do know one thing though. My name is Tahu.
I felt a hand grab my head and shake it around. I believe it belonged to the voice "Are you alive? Do you need help?" It said.
"I'm fine." I replied, brushing the hand away from my face. "I only fell." I reached for the nearest object to pull myself up with. From what I could feel, I was in a bowl-shaped depression in the ground. How far did I fall? I asked myself as I stood up. Everything hurt, I wasn't sure where I was, and there was an annoying creature intent on offering his services to me when I did not need them. "Where am I?" I asked. I still could not see who was talking to me.
"You are in the Region of Fire on the Island of Okoto. We've been expecting you for a long time, Toa Tahu." The voice answered.
"Region of Fire?" I asked "Okoto, Toa, what do you mean? Who are you?" I asked
"I am a villager of this region. I was lava-hopping when I saw you fall. I got here as soon as I could to see if you were okay." The voice replied.
"How far did I fall?" I asked
"I'm not quite sure. You kind of fell from the sky." The villager replied. "Your eyes are closed. You'll want to open them."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because you're going to need them." The Villager answered.
I opened my eyes as advised, and noticed that I had landed on a small island in the middle of lake. Only this was a lake made of lava.
Chapter Two: Water
I followed closesly behind the villager who had introduced herself as the Protector of Water. What that means I have no idea. But I do know that I had fallen from the sky into the ocean near the Region of Water, and against all odds survived. I also knew that my name is Gali, and I am a Toa. Whatever that means.
"The village isn't much farther." The Protector of Water told me.
We communicated underwater with our minds. I was told that all sentient lifeforms that are affilliated with the element of Water have that ability, it's just up to them if they want to make the mental connection required to do so.
"When we get to this village, what then?" I asked. I still had a lot of questions that needed answering, and hoped that they would be answered soon.
"Then you will receive the answers that you seek." The Protector of Water answered. "You will also learn of your mission."
"My mission?" I asked. Just another question that was going to be answered I suppose.
"You fell to Okoto for a rea-"
The Protector of Water was cut off as she stopped swimming.
"Is everything alright?" I asked.
"There's evil in these waters." The Protector of Water said. "Skull Spiders."
"Skull Spiders?" I asked. The Protector of Water pulled me downward into a small crevice in the underwater cliffside.
"Evil creatures that knock your mask off and sit in its place. They have the ability to take over your body, and if you're infected by these parasites for long, you lose the will to resist." The Protector of Water said, gesturing to the spider-like creatures swimming above us. "And if that happens, you become a minion of their leader: the Lord of Skull Spiders."
We waited down there for minutes that seemed like hours. While the Protector of Water said that this particular breed of Skull Spider is extremely fast, they moved quite sluggishly through the water. Finally, they lost interest in searching for prey and left the area.
"Don't worry Gali. Once you learn the art of combat, the Skull Spiders will not be a challenge for you." the Protector of Water said. "Come, the village is not far away."
Chapter Three: Earth
I reached the village of Earth very quickly. The villager who called himself the Protector of Earth drilled through the rock with ease. I am Onua, and I had fallen from the sky last night. I hit the ground so hard that I crashed through the ground and landed in a cavern deep below the surface. I am apparently on the island of Okoto, and now the Protector of Earth is answering all of the questions that I have.
"Legends have been told of you for centuries. These legends have been passed down from father to son for as long as time itself. It was said that whenever we were in peril, the Toa would fall from the heavens and save us from whatever dangers we may be facing." The Protector of Earth said. "These dangers, the Skull Spiders, have existed for centuries. But they have only recently resurfaced, and are causing us great danger. The miners are afraid to go into the darkness, Onua. They fear that they will become a slave to the Lord of Skull Spiders, and stay in their huts as long as they can. They only venture outside when they require food and water. We need your help, we cannot live like this forever."
"What do I need to do?" I asked. I had only just met these people, and when I walked into the village, only a few villagers were walking around. Most of them I could only see through holes in their boarded-up windows. I do not believe that they have reason to fear the darkness. I've encountered these Skull Spiders, and they are not much more than vermin.
"Take this." The Protector of Earth said as he handed me an old box. "I am not allowed to know what is inside until you have seen it first."
I opened the box, and inside was an old scroll. I unrolled it and began reading aloud "In the event of crisis. You, Toa Onua, are to be presented these instructions. They clearly outline what needs to be done to defeat the evils that may have been unleashed." I paused for a moment, attempting to decipher the symbols that were below the much newer writing above.
"Keep reading." The Protector of Earth said, clearly interested.
"I... can't." I said, distraught. "I feel like I recognize this script, but I do not know what it means." I said, gesturing at the lines of unfamiliar characters.
"I can read it." The Protector of Earth said. "When I was chosen to be a Protector, I was required to learn this language. It is an ancient language, and only six villagers, the Protectors, are allowed to know it at a time. It says: the following instructions have been written in the ancient language of the Mask Makers. A secret language known only to the Protectors to prevent these instructions from ever falling into the wrong hands and jeapordizing the safety of the six villages. First you must focus on remembering how to fight. You were taught by the Mask Makers, and may have forgotten after centuries of slumber. Second, you must make the great journey to find the Golden Mask of Power. It is hidden deep within your elemental region. Your Protector was taught a series of clues to help you find it. Third, your Protector is to offer you his tools and armor to use when you combat whatever evils you may face. Fourth and finally, you must unite with the five other Toa and keep Okoto safe."
"That sounds difficult." I said. "But I'm up to it."
"Good." The Protector of Earth said "Let's begin with step one."
Chapter Four: Jungle
"Lewa, you must focus!" the Protector of Jungle scolded as he bested me in another round of combat. "If you are to save Okoto, you must not allow yourself to become distracted in combat, it could cost you and your teammates your lives."
"I am sorry, Protector." I said as I got back up.
"Do not be sorry. Learn from your mistake, and do not let it happen again." The Protector of Jungle said, handing me the axes that were passed down for centuries for when I crashed on Okoto. "Now, let's do it again."
And so I ran the various drills with the Protector of Air again, and again, and again. I had been practicing the same combat forms all day, struggling to remember what was claimed I was taught. It all seemed familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had learned it originally. I apparently learned it from some people called the Mask Makers, but I do not know who those are.
"Can we take a break?" I asked.
"To do what?" The Protector of Air replied
"I have a lot of questions on my mind, and I would really like for them to be answered." I said.
"Questions are distractions, do not let them cloud your mind." the Protector of Jungle answered. "Focus on the task at hand, and then if you can remember them, you may ask your questions when we are finished."
I got in my combat stance again, and I prepared for the next volley of elemental charges to be fired at me. It's going to be a long day... I said to myself.
Chapter Five: Ice
"I didn't slip." I said as I stood up. I am Kopaka, Toa of Ice, and I must retain my dignity when in the presence of others. In this case, I was searching for my golden Mask of Ice with the Protector of Ice.
"Whatever you say, Toa Kopaka." The Protector of Ice said as he walked past me. "How much farther is the temple?"
Using my enhanced vision, I scanned through the thick snowstorm that was clouding our vision, searching for the temple of Ice. "There's a mountain up ahead. Towards the base there's a cave. Maybe the temple's in there?"
"It's worth a try." The Protector of Ice said.
We made it to the mountain and walked inside the cave. Inside was an intricate pattern carved on the floor, and on the wall directly in front of us was a spot that looks like it was supposed to hold a mask.
"Are we too late?" The Protector of Ice asked in distress "Could somebody have gotten here before us and stolen the mask before we arrived?"
"I don't know." I said. "It was pretty hard for us to find this place, even with my enchanced vision. I don't think that anybody stumbling inside accidently is very likely."
"Perhaps we could try to put one of our masks on?" The Protector of Ice suggested. "I'll try first. We'll need your vision to guide us if a mask is the key."
The Protector of Ice removed his mask from his face and placed in the wall, but nothing happened. So I tried, and then a doorway opened to our left.
"Looks like we'll have to be ready for anything." I said, turning to the new opening.
"Descend the 777 stairs if you wish to find power beyond comprehension." The Portector of Ice read aloud.
"Sounds like us." I said as I started to descend the stairs.
"Hey Kopaka." The Protector of Ice said "Don't slip."
The doorway closed behind us and we descended the stairs for what felt like hours. Every now and then we'd find small trinkets that we assumed the Mask Makers had left for us, and as we got deeper, the stairs got colder, and eventually they were coated completely in ice. When we reached the bottom, there was a place to light a brazier. The Protector of Ice took a heatstone and a lightstone out of his bag and truck them together, creating a spark that ignited it, which eventually set off a chain reaction that lit up the whole room. It was magnificent, ancient statues stood at attention, guarding a large doorway that we could only assume had the Mask of Ice behind it. The walls were covered in ancient writings, mostly poems and histories. But while we were reading, the Protector of Ice noticed something interesting.
"Past the doors is darkness, no light to be found. Only those with noble intentions will be allowed." He read. "What could that mean?"
"It sounds like a warning." I said. "But hey, I think our intentions are noble enough."
So we walked around the room for a while and examined the script all over the walls. Eventually we made our way to the doors. They were unlocked, so opening them was easy. But like the warning said, there was no light.
"I'll go and grab a torch." The Protector of Ice said sd he walked back to the brazier.
"Bring one for me!" I called. "If only I had my mask, we could get in easy."
When the Protector of Ice returned, we enterred the room. Even though our torches were bright, we could only see a few feet in front of us at a time. We walked straight, making sure that the entrance was behind us. When we reached the end of the room, we found a lever.
"Let's see what this does." I said as I moved it down.
Ancient technology illuminated the room. There was armor, weapons, and another door. Only this one was open.
"Could someone have been down here already?" The Protector of Ice asked.
"Let's find out I said, enterring the door." The next room was equally as bright as the previous one, and the Mask of Ice was safely inside. But there were no lights illuminating the room, the floor was giving off a strange glow.
"That's cool." I said as I walked over to the mask. I picked it up and put it on my face. "Now. How do we get out of here?"
"It looks like there's a hallway over here." The Protector of Ice said as he walked over to it. He let out a scream of terror when he arrived to the mouth of the tunnel.
"What is it?" I asked, worried.
"This was the previous Protector." The Protector of Ice said. "He told me that he was growing old, and was going to the drifts to spend his final days."
When I arrived, I found why the Protector of Ice sounded mortified. The Protector that he was talking about was frozen into a statue of ice.
"This looks like his journal." The Protector of Ice said as he picked up an old book. "I can't believe it. He wasn't going to let himself die, he came all the way out here hoping that the Mask of Ice would grant him immortality and power beyond comprehension. He also writes that he was going to torcher the other Protectors to find the locations of the other temples and steal the other masks as well."
"Wow." I said "He really thought that he could accomplish that by himself?"
"It looks like it." The Protector of Ice said. "Let's get out of here."
Chapter Six: Stone
To be released by 3/20/15
This fanfic is mainly a few experiments for writing in the first-person writing and storytelling. I'm really liking how it's coming along, and I have every intention to finish it. Once the first six chapters are done, I'll begin working on the next part of the story, which will go on to tell how the Toa found their elemental masks and became the Masters of their respective elements, and ultimately defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders. I'm writing this to be similar to the canon storyline, but with my own take on it. I hope that you've enjoyed reading what I've got so far, and I encourage you to leave advice and criticism. It really means a lot to me, and overall it improves the way I write.

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