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Review: 41523 Hoogi

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Phantom Terror

41523 Hoogi
Review by Phantom Terror


Retail value: $4.99 USD


At first site, Hoogi captures your attention. Everything from his big arms to his googly eyes packs a lot of character into a small package.


Speaking of packages, the packaging for Hoogi is the simple Mixel bag that we've come to know and love, only for the Spikels it's silver in color. At the top of the package is the LEGO logo and Mixels logo, with the cartoon Hoogi standing in the top right corner sporting a fancy "Series 3" badge. Down below we can see Hoogi running around on his stompy feet, with the clear cubit(?) (from the Mixels TV show) showing off some of the parts you get in the set. On the back of the bag, the Spikels Max-Mix is showcased, with the other two Series 3 tribes to the right. Also on the back is the standard legal information and the LEGO Mixels web url.


The bag is difficult to open by hand, but it's possible (scissors or a knife provide cleaner cuts). I prefer to open in from the bottom so I don't damage the lovely pictures. Inside the bag is another bag and the instructions. I would've loved to see a promotional poster for Hoogi with the set, but sadly that's not a thing with the Mixels.


Hoogi comes with approximately 69 pieces, quite a few for a $5 set, most of which are tan and dark tan. Two colors that are rather hard to come by at a low price point. Pieces that stand out the most are the dark tan cheese slopes, dark tan 2x2 single-studded plate, transparent-black cheese slopes, tan clips, silver teeth, Mixel eyes, and the various mini ball-joints. Five spare pieces are included: a silver tooth, a white tooth, a tan cheese slope, dark tan cheese slope, and a transparent-black cheese slope.


Hoogi's build is very straightforward, focusing on the arms the most. Very little SNOT techniques are used in Hoogi as opposed to other Mixels. !-gasp-! A Nixel is included! This Nixel design is probably my favorite of the three types. It's exclusive to Hoogi in the Spikels tribe though.


Once Hoogi's put together, you can't stop yourself from playing with the adorable critter. Like I said before, he packs a lot of character. Hoogi features six points of articulation (plus his six fingers), and while his leg/foot articulation is limited to swiveling and moving up and down, his arms more than make up for it. You can put him in a variety of poses and situations very quickly and easily. From making him hug a Nixel to hang from a tree branch, it's very easy to play with Hoogi.


Design: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Fun: 10/10
Price: 10/10


There are many more pictures of Hoogi that can be viewed in my Flickr gallery HERE

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Aww he looks pretty cute. The big brown guy that is, not the little fella, I want to knock his little smug face off that rock.


Thanks for the review; maybe I'll get this kit just for his claw hands. :D

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Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Fun: 10/10

Price: 10/10


That's... very generous of you.


So, just for clarification, you get the Nixel and the Mixel in the same set? Can you have both built at the same time?



Also, for you these sets are $5... in NZ, they're not in shops and so only accessible by TradeMe (NZ-only equivalent of eBay)... where they're $20 (NZ). :cry: Still, if bargies come my way they should be useful for bricks. Were there any really, really useful parts?

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