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LEGO Racers Instructions & Part Lists

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After building most of the LEGO Racers myself, and receiving a couple of requests for part lists for them, I've put together both Bricklink-compatible part lists and PDF building instructions. This way, you don't have to search through Bricklink for hours (as I unfortunately did) to find all the parts, and can build them with proper step-by-step instructions.




Part Lists



Both are organised into circuits, with notes and ammendments where necessary - LDraw doesn't have all the parts in their library required to build these models so I had to use replacements. Also, the parts lists are both in XML form and Brickstore files, which I used to make them, so if you have Brickstore you can open the originals in that.



How To Upload Parts

To upload the parts lists to Bricklink and make a wish list, do the following.

1) Log in to Bricklink.

2) Click the Wanted tab on the main nav bar.

3) Under Manage My Wanted List, click Upload.

4) Open the XML file of the circuit you wish to add, copy all of its contents, and paste them into the text box. Then click Verify Items.

5) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Upload File.

6) Done! The parts should now be uploaded to your main wanted list.



How To Purchase Parts

To purchase parts from your wanted list in as few orders as possible, do the following.

1) Click the Wanted tab on the main nav bar.

2) Click the By Shop tab on the sub nav bar.

3) Choose 'My Main Wanted List' from the first dropdown box, and sort by 'Lots (Unique)'. Click Go!.

4) Bricklink will then find the seller with the most parts in your wanted list for sale. The higher the number in brackets, the more parts they have. For instance, Circuit 7 contains 100 unique lots, so a listing of 70 or greater is good, however be aware that some sellers may charge more for your parts than others.

5) Go on to purchase your parts as normal.




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I'm sorry for the bump, but I was wondering if you have the XML files without the bosses and without the minifigs too? It would take ages for me to remove all the parts manually. Let me know if this is possible. -Kaj

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So the 3-6 and 7 list are not working :( BrickLink doesn't let me get the BSX file, maybe an item doesn't exist ?

I can't get the XML file uploaded to BL neither... if somebody get it ?


EDIT : Ok some bricks changed their numbers (2x on 3-6 and 2x on 7)

Here are the files (all the files) compiled and corrected :


Also, it seems that green pieces are a lot more common these days, for Robin hood for example :)


Thanks !

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