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Review: #76020 Knowhere Escape Mission

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76020 Knowhere Escape Mission
Review by Kat



Click the picture to make it larger (duh)


This is probably the set I was excited for the most because of Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

The structure/playset this set has is great fun. It has three action features. If you press down on the bit satellite-dish looking thing, the tower falls over. You can fling yellow translucent 1x1s at whatever minifig you decide to put on the top AND you can pull a lever and drop said minifig into the bottom.

The blue vehicle thing is pretty nifty. It's got grabbing claws for grabbing various things that need to be grabbed. The back has a storage area where you put around 4 or 5 translucent yellow 1x1 round bits and can dump them out on whoever may be below.

There is also a big blaster turret with a spring launcher to fire one of the two projectiles the set comes with.


The minifigures are fantastic!

Groot is super fun to build and he just plain looks cool. Minifigures can ride on his arms due to a stud on there. His legs and upper arms have those new joints commonly found in Mixels, so if youw ant to be some kind of heartless monster and take apart Groot for whatever you wanna do those, go right on a ahead there.

Rocket Raccoon looks awesome. He comes with a bigass blaster gun that you have to build (duh). The head piece is very VERY nice, and he has a new tail part that is exclusive to this set at the time of this review. The paint detail on his torso is pretty good and overall I am totally psyched to have a little Lego Rocket. 

Nebula is really cool. She comes with two black swords. Nice detailing on the torso and the face looks quite good.


Overall I really enjoy this set. 40 bucks is a bit steep, but if you want something substantial with a good playset area, this is a great choice. It also has Groot and Rocket, can't go wrong there.



 Design: 9 / 10
Quality: 9 / 10
Fun: 10 / 10
Price: 8 / 10
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I love the minifigs in this set, especially the racoon and Groot. But the rest of it does not seem worth building...

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I may not be interested in the film, but I do love that guy's gun. That's one beastly LEGO weapon.


That's quite a nifty use of Droid bodies to make the claws on the sub. Other than that though I don't really see anything outstanding in this set aside from the minifigures (then again, I haven't seen the film).

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