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Review: #76019 Star Blaster Showdown

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76019 Star Blaster Showdown
Review by Kat



This set is, uh, meh. It has quite a few nice parts for a decent price. It includes one medium sized ship, a littler ship, and three minifigures.

I didn't put on the stickers because I rather dislike them. But this set, like the others in the Guardians of the Galaxy line, has far too many in my opinion.

The smaller ship is boring and kinda odd, I don't understand the rock piece for the back, but maybe it'll make sense in a few months after the movie.

The larger ship leaves a lot to be desired. If you like playing with your Legos (not building but, y'know, actually playing with em) the ship is great fun, but if you are a collector like me, it's really lame.

The engines are ugly, the cockpit has the worst control panel in the universe, and overall the ship just looks kinda weird.


I rather like the minifigs this set has.

Star-Lord comes with two element-guns and a helmet piece (not pictured). I really like the paint job on his jacket, very detailed. Though the head doesn't really look like Chris Pratt to me.

The Nova Corps guy comes with two pairs of handcuffs. He has a double sided face, one that has a chin strap, and another that looks like John C Reilly. So now I can have a little Lego Steve Brule.

The Sakaaran comes with a big alien rifle thingy. Decent detailing, can't really say much else.


Overall, I'd have preferred if the smaller ship wasn't included and the price was dropped down to 15 or even 10 bucks. I really like the minifigures. This is the cheapest way to get Star-Lord, and the only way to get the Nova Corps officer.



Design: 5 / 10
Quality: 6 / 10
Fun: 8 / 10
Price: 8 / 10

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