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Hot Wheels Mechanix Modding/Open Media Toolkit Utilities

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I know some other people here have/had this game, and we're a modding community, and it looks like modding this thing would be significantly easier than other games we talk about here - we wouldn't be starting from scratch. I don't have the time tonight to explain everything on my own, but check this stuff out:

A presumably later version of game's engine/framework/toolkit on Sourceforge (it went open source):


And a project by other people involving another game built on the Open Media Toolkit, with documentation and downloads for various programs that can manipulate the toolkit's various formats:

https://pacer.ischool.utexas.edu/bitstream/2081/20153/1/Redbeard_Project_Report_20090506.doc (.doc download with lots of goodies)





OMT (Open Media Toolkit) is a C++ framework for developing real time 2D/3D multimedia applications. Essentially, an OMT file contains all the files necessary (such as graphics and audio) to execute a particular multimedia event. For example, an OMT file for Redbeard's Pirate Quest might contain the animation for a treasure chest opening, the sound effect it makes, and the code necessary for executing particular actions related to the treasure chest in the game.


The utilities contained in this tarball can be used to manipulate OMT

files and the data inside them.

However, they do not always work reliably. They were compiled for

Windows 98. Most of them will run on Windows XP, and I've also had good

luck running them under WINE in Linux. The exception to all that is the

utility bmp2canv.exe, which stolidly refuses to do anything except crash.

The main utilities you're likely to use are OMTDir.exe, OMTRead.exe,

canv2bmp.exe, and OMTResEdit2.exe. Usage of these four is documented in

the archive-overview.html file located in this collection. For the

rest, you're on your own. The Perl file in this tarball contains live

examples of the utilitys' command line syntax.

Note: The Open Media Toolkit API was released as an open source project

as of version 2.5, which is a later version than used in the Redbeard

project. It's available from garagecube.com. The minimal documentation

accompanying it suggests that the OMT canvas data type (i.e. the

graphics for the game) consists of arrays of pixels in

red-green-blue-alpha format. Also, if you happen to know C++, the

original source code for the OMT is available as part of this

collection, so you may be able to write your own tool for manipulating

OMT data.

The HCAn (Human Code Animation) data type was specific to this project,

and is not documented as far as I can tell. The original C++ source

code is available in the ARGH RETURN TO HEATHER KELLY disk.

I've done basically all I can with the OMT files for now. I lack

sufficient C++ knowledge to do more, and don't have the time to acquire

it at this juncture. Best of luck, and if you come up with a working

solution please let us archive it for later researchers!

-- Will Martin

(readme for the tool download)


A great many of the resources for the game are stored in Open Media Toolkit (OMT) files. The disks contained utilities for manipulating those files, which can be downloaded as a tarball from the Project Documentation collection (https://pacer.ischool.utexas.edu/handle/2081/11700).

Not all of the utilities work. In particular, the Canv2BMP.exe file which should convert Open Media canvas images to BMP files crashes whenever executed. Attempts were made under Windows XP, a Windows 98 SE virtual machine, and with the WINE windows emulator on Ubuntu Linux. In all cases Canv2BMP.exe crashed.

Some of the OMT utilities are command-line only and do not have GUI interfaces. Some of them document their own syntax (try executing the command without any parameters — those which document themselves will tell you their syntax). Others do not. The file smackit.pl, which is included in the utilities tarball mentioned above, contains example code for almost all of the utilities showing how to use them.

On the presumption that most people accessing these files in the archive will be more interested in getting data out of the OMT files than creating new ones, this documentation will focus on those utilities necessary for extraction. Note that for ease of documentation and use, the documentation will assume that you have added the directory containing the OMT utilities to your system's PATH variable.

(from the doc)

I've been playing around with the various utilities tonight, but haven't really gotten anywhere on this time bomb of a Windows 8 laptop. As these things were compiled for Windows 98, and on top of that they seem to be quite clumsy to use even if you can get them running. I would be interested in seeing new, modernized tools for working with Open Media Toolkit formats, but I'm not the guy to create them. Anybody else here interested in taking a stab at a project like this?

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Tauka Usanake

You sold me at "Hot Wheels" as I loved them when I was a kid. However that being said, I had to check Google to see what this game was. It looks like LEGO Racers 2. It really does.


Have you messed with this at all? What are we working with? I'd like to get into it but I don't know how much time I'd be able to put aside for it. I'd like to though at any rate or at least play it some.

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Sorry for the huge bump but how would I be able to get models from this game besides model ripper programs that just rip from a scene?

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