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How to Report Posts

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I've noticed many issues with the way people report content over the past month or so, and I feel it's about time you learn the right way. By making reports correctly, you make the moderators' jobs easier, so posts will get taken care of much more quickly. Let's start with the basics.

1) Identifying A Problem Post

Firstly, what qualifies as a "problem post"? There's a comprehensive list here, but using your good judgement is usually good enough. This also applies to the Discord Chat, though things like double posting obviously do not apply there.

2) Communicating With The Administrator or Moderators

Once you've found a problem post, you'll need to tell someone about it. There's an easy way to do this, and it's called the Report feature. In the top right of each post, there's a text link called "Report Post". If you click this it will being up a page where you can type, in detail, why you think that the post is a problem post. The administrator and the moderators will be able to see which post was reported and can act on it depending on the explanation that's given. Then after an action is taken every other moderator will be able to see how the post was dealt with and can discuss what courses of action should be taken should that member commit repeat offenses. This is important! If the report feature is not used or a moderator  doesn't document how the report was completed, we cannot catch problem members in the future. This is why you should always use the Report feature and never use personal lines of communication for reporting posts, even if it's for something really minor.

3) Making a Proper Report

This is the make-or-break part of reporting, especially for the Discord Chat. All reports should contain sound reasoning for the post to be moderated. This does not mean that you should report a post if it states an opinion that is contrary to your own. If you do that enough times, we'll warn you for abusing the Report feature. If you're reporting something simple like spam, then at least quote the post in the report. Generally, when someone reports and quotes a post, I deal with it immediately.

For Discord Chat posts, you must ALWAYS quote the offending message or we will not do anything about it. We're not going to go looking for one or two specific chat messages amongst the hundreds that are generated daily. It doesn't matter if it's in text or a picture, no quote means no action will be taken.

4) Aftermath

If you reported someone, don't tell them. Don't make a post about it. Don't blog about it. Don't do anything that would inform anyone but an administrator or moderator that you reported someone. No one needs to know except those with the power to deal with problem posts. If you tell other people, the person who got reported will almost definitely get mad at you and then more problem posts will be generated.

Now that you know how to deal with problem posts, the forum can be a little cleaner as things get dealt with in a swift manner.

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