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There were comics included with the Drome Racers sets (as was very common for LEGO themes in the early 2000s), as well as online comics. While the online comics are gone now, there's a summary here: http://brickwiki.info/wiki/Drome_Racers_comics Whatever those are seem to be at least done in the same style - if they aren't any of the aforementioned comics themselves. (But yes, that's Drome Racers.)

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Ah, awesome! Thank you! I wonder if there's anywhere to find the comics still preserved somewhere... Thanks again for your help!

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Been plumbing the depths for old LEGO animation today. Found some interesting stuff!


- DUPLO tape from 1991 with significant CGI sections. Possibly the first example of computer-generated LEGO animation?

- LEGO Creator tape from 2001. It feels like its much older, though, and has some lovely old-school stopmotion. Unfortunately, the video appears to cut off before the end.

- The tape that comes with the Technic Power Puller from 2000. Not animation, but still neat!


Also came across this again, but it's not really new.


I did find the Creator tape on eBay, so if someone is inclined to buy and upload it, they will become a Certifiably Cool Person in my book. But what may be even more interesting is this thing. From the look of the back it's CGI, and it also has that Duplo Spyrius robot??? very interesting, not sure if I want to see it or the rest of the Creator video more.

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20 minutes ago, Pereki said:

what may be even more interesting is this thing. From the look of the back it's CGI, and it also has that Duplo Spyrius robot??? very interesting, not sure if I want to see it or the rest of the Creator video more.

I remember watching that one time when I was younger. As I recall, it was actually a 10-15 minute long short, comprised entirely of choppy stop-motion and still images. There's really nothing all too special about it, historical or otherwise.

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46 minutes ago, ProfessorBrickkeeper said:

There's really nothing all too special about it, historical or otherwise.

You underestimate what I consider 'special':P

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On 6/12/2016 at 11:06 PM, spacepals said:

Hey there RockRaiders! Long time no see!

I've stumbled across something that I'm unsure if it should belong in this thread, but thought might be interesting?


It was published in 2002, images pulled from this site , so I'm unsure if it really counts for "retro" comics (it's over 10 years old so, might as well, right? :satisfied:) It appears to be Drome Racers, correct me if I'm wrong, any info on these comics would be awesome! 

Coming back to this, I found a fourth issue on Bricklink. Considering there are four installments to the web comic, it seems likely they're one and the same. And considering the web editions are lost, that's good! Those are definitely something to get a hold of and scan at some point.


Also, this isn't new but I just noticed it: vroniefan2000, who uploaded the second Time Cruisers audio drama, also uploaded the third one. So nothing missing there, now!

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Don't know where this is from, but someone posted it on Tumblr. Mostly just a normal ad for the time, but the Onua cover there is a mockup, not a real issue. Marvel at:


  • LEGO ISLAND KICKS BUTT and you can too Cheat Codes
  • wild Bohrac maze
  • name that stud

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Avery Waikawa

I vaguely remember something like that LoM page in a 2006 magazine. Can't remember if it was Club or Brickmaster, but it had a Martian in a mech. It might've been that same image. The page was about robots IIRC.

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On October 14, 2015 at 0:37 PM, Terrev said:

It's not really that strict, there's no "lego world" or single universe or canon. It basically just comes down to each individual thing, what the creators of it felt like doing, and what elements of other things they felt like using. You can tie a lot of it together if you want to, but there's also a lot that doesn't work together. Example: Most lego media shows themes taking place in the time periods of the real life things they're based on, but the games made by Silicon Dreams show them taking place all at the same time on various islands on some sort of lego planet, while Clutch Powers implies they're on different planets entirely.

The Clutch Powers multiple planets thing is my official headcanon.

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Greetings again, Rock Raiders!


I recently picked up the latest edition of Bricks Culture Magazine, Issue 7! In this issue is a brand new interview with Frank Madsen, the author of Jim Spaceborn comics, and a bit of more content from the comics itself!


Here's the preview page they have posted on their website:



I'm not sure if it's legible but the upper right hand corner says that these are scrapped T-Shirt designs that never made it to the finished product!


I have the digital copy on me but I'm not so sure if I'm allowed to post content from it? I'd really love to, there's some really great stuff in there, but I don't want to get into any trouble! :P

Here's the link to the latest issue!


Also as an ending footnote, @Sadie Meowsalot and I have been able to acquire the Jim Spaceborn animation materials (these were mentioned in a few posts back) recently! We're still figuring out a way we can legally share them with you, as there are contracts and legal obligations to we are bound by, but we will keep you posted once we figure out a way to do so!

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Awesome stuff. Really darn excited about the animation cels, especially. 


No idea if it'd be cool for you to share the article here, but either way thanks for tipping us off to its existence. Those are some neat T-shirt designs.

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It's been a while, huh? I got a couple more of those Donald Duck magazines with lego booklets in the center. Nothing quite so exciting as a UFO ad calling them Zotaxians, but here's photos of what I got.


I translated the big Time Cruisers story and the Slizers ad. Enjoy!


Time Cruisers




Spatio-Temporal Adventures

Time Cruisers
In Search of the Lost Treasure


The situation is serious. In his lab, Professor CYBER meets with his young assistant Tim TIMEBUSTER to search for missing pages, which will give him the key to a fabulous treasure: "You will have to travel back in time!" Explains the Professor. "Here is more information that I have gathered and that will allow you to cross the different zones!" "Count on me, Professor. I'll leave right away! I just need to gather all the essential equipment!" exclaims Tim, overjoyed with this mission.


Tim TIMEBUSTER takes the helmets that will let him go unnoticed in different times, not to mention the weapons that will protect him if he loses his helmet.




He waves to KIKOL, his faithful monkey and friend. To GLOUP the robot, he gives a warm pat on the back.


Tim TIMEBUSTER then turns the time wheel. He closes his eyes and thinks very hard of the time to which he wants to be transported. He hears the Professor's voice wishing him good luck, and disappears in a whirlwind of light.


"On the road to adventure!"


Games will be given to you during the adventures of Tim TIMEBUSTER. Do them to help him and to test your abilities, so you can accompany him in his future missions!





TIME TIMEBUSTER lands just in front of a medieval army, led by two terrible knights. His appearance is a sensation. But the knights return to their warlike ardor: they say to themselves that Tim will be very useful to them with his strange powers! Indeed, they soon arrive in view of a fortress, and are preparing to start the assault. Quicly, Tim puts on a helmet and becomes invisible!


"Good morning, Messrs. knights!"




Tim TIMEBUSTER uses the professor's data. He must enter through the window of a tower, where one of the soldiers does not have his feet on the ground.
Game #1
Can you help Tim TIMEBUSTER find it?
Tim slips between the fighters and reaches the great hall of the castle. He rushes to the library. A torn leaf pokes from a book. Success, it is one of the pages he's looking for!


A few moments later, Tim has already gone back in time, leaving all these sad lords to their duels without pity...


"Yippee! I have the parchment."


Game #2
How Many
How many flags are there in the big scene?





When he materializes in the underwater world of Aquazone, Tim TIMEBUSTER is wearing a diving suit. But suddenly a terrible giant octopus grabs him with its huge black tentacles! He struggles, but the sea monster imprisons him. Soon, our hero feels his strength failing. He thinks of his friend KIKOL ... "What would he do in my situation?" And suddenly, he has a great idea! He starts to tickle the suckers on its arms. The pressure is released, and Tim can finally breathe: the octopus "laughs" like a whale! Professor CYBER noted that the page had been rolled in an old bottle in the mud, placed under a square, red marker.


"I'm in the underwater world!"




"Glub! To the surface!"


Game #3
Can you help Tim TIMEBUSTER find it?
Our hero moves quickly, he sees the bottle and the parchment roll. No doubt, this is one of the pages that, together with the others, will form the treasure map! The giant monster mounts a new attack, but Tim has already disappeared...


Game #4

Decipher this rebus to know what Tim TIMEBUSTER thinks!





The "Santa Cruz", the governor's galleon, with stacks of gold, is pursued by a pirate ship. Donning a helmet to make him invisible, Tim TIMEBUSTER approaches the hiding place of Captain Fortune. He tilts the door in the shape of a skull. "There are surely traps!" thinks our hero. Indeed, a hatch suddenly opens under his feet. He owes his salvation to his agility but, alas, he loses his helmet. A guard catches him and jumps toward him, shouting. With the flat of his sword, Tim silences the pirate. He knows that the page is very close to the "odds". This information is a real enigma!


"All aboard!"


Game #5
Look closely at the scene to find the trick and the solution of the problem!

Tim TIMEBUSTER spots the torn slip and picks it up quickly. And now, on to the next zone: space!


Game #6
The Intruder
One of these images is not from the big scene. Which one?




"And now, off to the stars!"





The space station "The Great Explorer" revolves above the village installed on a meteor. The blue light mixes with the glow of the sun. "What a magnificent spectacle!" exclaims Tim TIMEBUSTER. The Professor told him he had to use the magic filter. Depending on whether the filter is blue or red, it can decode different messages written on the surface of the meteor. Time directs the filter onto the meteor: an arrow appears thanks to the red and, further, a cross thanks to the blue.


"Cut engines! Prepare for approach phase!"


Game #7
Where is this cross, knowing that it is on the ground, in the axis of a yellow antenna surrounded by a parabola?




Game #8
Find in the grid the words on the list. They can be written in all directions. A letter can be used several times. When all the words are scratched out, there are 8 letters left in the grid which form a word. What is it?


He settles down and starts digging. He quickly discovers a CD-ROM, which he slides into the reader of his ship. On the screen, part of the map appears. Quickly, he prints it out and takes a huge breath: "That's it, mission accomplished!" Tim TIMEBUSTER found the four missing pages. He can now return to Professor CYBER's lab.


"I'm going to find my brave Kikol!"




"Let's go to the treasure!"


Professor CYBER welcomes Tim TIMEBUSTER enthusiastically. KIKOL jumps in the arms of his master. GLOUP the robot is flashing. The assembled  pages quickly prove fruitful...


It becomes clear that the treasure is in the center of PARADISA, under a century-old palm tree!




The island is close to the lab. "We will take a boat!" decides the Professor. The crossing is fast. Arriving near the oldest tree in PARADISA, GLOUP gets to work and digs between the roots... chests appear and are quickly transported to the boat. "Let's go back to the lab, Professor!" Tim TIMEBUSTER exclaims. "We'll be able to open them safely!"




Game #9
Carefully observe the world of PARADISA before turning the page to answer the questions you will be asked.


Questions for Game #9
1. There is a palm tree drawing on the sail of the board ... yes no
2. Characters play in the water with snowshoes ... yes no
3. The stairs that go up to the terrace are yellow ... yes no
4. There is a parrot on the railing of the terrace ... yes no
5. There is no parasol on the beach ... yes no


Shortly after, Tim TIMEBUSTER and Professor CYBER manage to open the chests. They are filled with jewels, precious stones, and gold, which illuminate the interior of the laboratory with a thousand reflections. "That's enough to make happy all of the friends we meet during our next trip in time!" said Tim TIMEBUSTER...




...to the Professor. "Well done, great idea, we'll leave tonight!" decides the Professor.


"Phew, it's impossible to rest with you!" protests GLOUP. KIKOL tickles him...


..for fun. "Hey, leave me alone, Heh, Heh, Ha! Ha! Ha!" The burst of laughter is shared by all.




It's up to you to imagine other stories with this set collection





If you think it's a new BOY BAND launching that disc...

You're not ready for...




You too can launch discs with these 8 robots

And collect the 48 different discs




Collect 3 proofs of purchase for Slizer robots and recieve a box of Slizer discs. 


Or if you prefer, just the important things:


  • French names for Time Cruisers cast
    • Professor Cyber
    • Tim Timebuster (asdf)
    • Kikol the monkey
    • Gloup the robot
  • Mention of a "Captain Fortune," no clues as to whether they correspond to an actual fig
  • slizer boy band

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Cool stuff. I know I've heard "Captain Fortune" before, but I don't recall where, or what minifig (if any) it was referring to... Maybe @TalonCard would know?


Edit: Aha, I remembered! It was Redbeard's name in the French photo comic here: http://www.brickfactory.info/specials/index.html

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" If you think it's a new BOY BAND launching that disc... "


Ah, yes, TECHNIC boy band figures with throwing discs. My first guess.

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I got those Klick magazines a while ago primarily for the Time Cruisers comics, but they've got some other cool story content in them as well. I'm not able to scan the full issues atm, but here're some okay-ish images of the story pages + translations.





ISSUE 1 March 1995

The Fight for the Vital Crystals (Image)


It was more than 1300 years ago when, far from the coast, a rocky island sank into the sea amid thunder and noise.
Although it lies deep under the water's surface, it is inhabited again today. The Aquanauts have settled on it and built their underwater station AQUAZONE.
Many plants and animals of the sea are threatened with extinction.


The Aquanauts came to rescue them. But this is a difficult task that requires a lot of oxygen and energy. But where is there air underwater?
How can energy be generated without harming animals and plants?


The Aquanauts have found a way: around AQUAZONE grow special crystals, from which the Aquanauts can gain oxygen for their breathing tanks and hydrogen for the engines of submarines and scooters.
But the vital crystals are in great danger. The underwater bandits called Aquasharks want to steal them. They use any means necessary. The Aquasharks stop at nothing!


Aquanaut Uno has finally found crystals again. Enough to live and work in Aquabase 3 for a week. Excellent!
Help! Suddenly the Aquasharks' shark shoots out of nowhere. With teeth as sharp as knives, he attacks the transport, takes the valuable crystals in his mouth, and retreats to a dark grotto.
What are the Aquanauts going to do? They need oxygen and fuel. But their underwater vehicles are not half as fast as the new Barracuda Superracer of the Aquasharks...
Something must be done fast!
But what? Write or draw the adventure in Aquazone. The 10 best stories win a prize!


Blurb Text:

Transmission Report: Warning! Aquasharks attacking!

When the Aquanauts see our killer shark, they'll toss their crystals out!

The Aquanaut researchers

Warning! Aquasharks in the area...

With 8 arms and 8 kg of ink, I will be able to handle such a small shark! Hopefully!



ISSUE 4, Sept 1995

The Aquanauts have Tricked the Underwater Bandits! (Image)


After long searches, the Aquanauts finally found some crystals. They urgently need them, to extract oxygen for their breathing tanks and hydrogen for the engines of the underwater vehicles.
But then the underwater bandits - the Aquasharks - came in their new Barracuda Superracer and stole all the crystals. They hid the crystals in a dark cave guarded by a killer shark. It is impossible to approach the shark.


His long, POINTED TEETH are too dangerous.
The Aquanauts are in terrible danger, they need the crystals to survive in their underwater station Aquazone. The station is located at 1150 meters, and the air supply is only enough for 24 hours. The tanks of the submarines are empty and therefore the Aquanauts can not even drive off to look for new crystals.
What should they do?


SUDDENLY the youngest Aquanaut, Tellus, has a good idea. "Let's ask Octo the octopus to help! He can squirt 8 liters of ink in just two minutes, he can hide the killer shark into a cloud of ink so that he will not see when we sneak in the cave and recover the crystals."
EVERYONE WAS ENTHUSIASTIC and immediately understood. Marlin, the leader of the Aquanauts, did not have to convince Octo for long. The octopus is ready to help right away. He knows that the Aquanauts do a lot to protect the animals and plants of the ocean. Octo is not afraid of the killer shark. With his eight arms, he will be able to shut his mouth when he tries to attack.
With Octo above, the Aquanauts float towards the cave. They try to be inconspicuous and quiet, but the killer shark notices them anyway. He shows his sharp teeth and floats menacingly towards the Aquanauts. Octo does not hesitate and releases a huge black cloud of ink. The killer shark does not see anything anymore and is completely confused.
LIGHTNING fast, the Aquanauts disappear into the cave, where they expect a surprise ... What happens in the cave?
Write or draw how the adventure in the Aquazone underwater world continues. The 10 best stories win an Aquashark Barracuda Superracer.


Blurb text:

The Auqasharks have stolen the vital crystals!

"Don't try to come near!"

Octo squirts 8 kilos of ink at the killer shark!!!

We have to come up with something to outsmart the Aquasharks!






ISSUE 2 May 1995

King Lionheart in Danger (Image)


On the Black Mountain lies the big, eerie castle Dragonstein. This is where the Dragon Knights live. They want to remove King Lionheart from the throne and secretly plot against him. They are supported by the old, mysterious wizard Merlin, who owns a dragon. But King Lionheart's castellan is also on the side of the Dragon Knights! The traitor wants to lead the Dragon Knights through a secret passage into the castle of the King, so that they can capture him and put him in chains. In the darkest dungeon, King Lionheart is to disappear forever.


It's a dark and stormy night. In the castle of King Lionheart all the knights sit in the largest hall and clean their weapons. The castellan wishes them a good night grinning, and disappears. No one knows what terrible things he's up to.


He opens the door of the secret passage, where the Dragon Knights are already waiting. They shake their swords and are ready to conquer the castle. The castellan leads them directly to the knight's hall.


Suddenly the Lion Knights hear a scary scream. They rush to the window and see a huge, fire-breathing dragon, which burns a hole in the castle gate. At the same time, the door to the knight's hall is broken open and the cruel Dragon Knights storm into it.
What will happen now? Can the Lion Knights defend the king and the castle?
Write or tell us how the story ends for you!


Blurb Text:

Skeleton and ghost guard King Lionheart's treasure.

Quickly the Dragon Knights climb the mountain to the castle...

King Lionheart and his knights sit in the great hall and protect the magic silver sword.

The castellan opens the door of the secret passage for the Dragon Knights!



ISSUE 5, Nov 1995

The Sorcerer wants to steal Kind Richard's Gold! (Image)


KING RICHARD Lionheart makes a journey through his kingdom. He wants to thank all the brave men for their dedication and support: They drove the Dragon Knights out of the country and banished them to the South. From there, the sorcerer vowed to return soon and take revenge.
"THANK YOU, MY BRAVE KNIGHTS," says the king to the men who guard the great fortress on the border river. "Thanks to your courage, our country has been freed from the evil enemies, my house-master, who wanted to betray me, is behind bars in the dungeon of Castle Lionheart, where he can think about his crimes. I give you a bag of gold as a reward, you have risked your life for this country.


"LET'S CELEBRATE WITH A FEAST!" calls King Richard. Barrels are brought and soon there is drink and song. Finally, there is peace in the realm of Richard Lionheart.
MEANWHILE, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER, the sorcerer Mordred is sitting in the entrance of his cave watching the progression of the feast. "Ha ha, the time of revenge has come," he thinks. "Surely there's more gold in the royal carriage, I'll sneak over the bridge and empty my magical potion into the beer barrels - when the knights drink it, they'll fall asleep and I can steal the gold in peace."
Mordred does not hesitate any longer. He quickly prepares the sleeping potion and hurries to the bridge. The knights do not notice him in the sway of victory. No one suspects that they are all in great danger.
Suddenly they hear a loud scream at the bridge. Someone has stepped on the trap door, through which he fell directly into the raging river.
The knights do not pull him out. They throw him only an empty barrel that he can use as a "swimming tire". The river carries the evil sorcerer far away, and Richard Lionheart is now rid of the last ally of the Dragon Knights.


Blurb Text:

I'm on my way to my brave warriors!

King Richard in person! WOW!!!

Now we are finally rid of the Dragon Knights!

I raise my glass to you all...

Ha ha, I dumped my magic potion into the barrel!

"Help," "I can't swim!!!"






ISSUE 3 Jul 1995

The Battle of Skull Island (Image)



Quexil, the leader of the inhabitants of Skull Island, sees the great pirate ship first. He has hidden in a palm tree and is holding up there.
Quexil wants to jump in the air with joy. On board the ship he recognizes his good old friend, Captain Roger. He has certainly come to help Quexil and the other natives.
For several months, the disgusting captain, Blackbeard, has been living with his men on Skull Island. Captain Blackbeard treats the natives like slaves. He forces them to harvest sugar cane and make rum from it. Whoever opposes his commands feels the whip.


Admiral Woodhouse

But then Quexil discovers something. The fortress of Admiral Woodhouse is located on a neighboring island just a short distance away. He has wanted to conquer Skull Island for a long time, but he does not dare because he is very afraid of Blackbeard.
Quexil, horrified, observes that the Admiral has his canons directed at the ship of Captain Roger. Quexil's friend and his sailors are in great danger.
But that is not all: At the moment, Captain Blackbeard and his men are sleeping. They have been celebrating all night and are still drunk. But the thunder of the guns will awaken them. And then what? Will Blackbeard and his pirates attack Captain Roger? Or will Captain Roger still be able to free the natives and drive out Blackbeard?
What will become of Woodhouse? Will he fire the guns?
Suddenly, Quexil has an idea. He quickly slides down the trunk of the palm tree and...


What will Quexil do now? How does the story continue?
Write or draw your sequel and send it to LEGO CLICK. The best ideas will be printed in LEGO CLICK 5!


Blurb Text:

Admiral Woodhouse has wanted to conquer Skull Island for a long time...

Quexil is the first to see the big pirate ship!

Admiral Woodhouse watches the pirates.

The pirates have been celebrating all night and are therefore still drunk...






ISSUE 7 Mar/Apr 1996

Will the Researchers find Life on the Alien Planet? (Image)


The last rays of the sun disappear as they fly into the crater. Outside, it is very cold - minus 200 degrees, Hopefully the insulation is good enough! But the researchers MUST continue the expedition. They MUST follow the trail that leads to the mysterious green slime that is to be found somewhere down in the crater. They might be on the trail of the greatest mystery of the universe!
The search sensors are buzzing and working at full speed. Everyone is staring at the computer screens. But nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. There are no signals, neither from the blue nor the red search sensor. The researchers are about to turn back, when suddenly...


Bipp!! Bipp!! The red search sensor has spotted something. In less than an hour, many people are traveling in spaceship-scooters and space-cars with trailers. All searchlights are on and the mobile space lab is just arriving in the crater. Everything that the sensors have discovered must be analyzed.


"LOOK HERE!!" exclaims a researcher, who has descended from his spacecraft, and now goes off the path with his mobile search sensor. He discovers something under a huge stone. The search sensor car is already on the way and pushes the stone aside. The researcher cheers and lifts a handful of green, grassy slime into the air. As fast as he can, he brings the slime to the space lab. Is it an unknown life form? If so, what kind of life is it? A monster???


"OBJECT UNKNOWN!" the computer reports after the laboratory analysis, but the scientists can use the microscope to determine that there are life cells in the mucus! So there must be some kind of life on the planet. But who volunteers to research further?


WROOWWW! It is still not clear who will climb into the infinite depths of the crater, when suddenly a roar sounds, the researchers jump in shock. Never before have they heard this roaring. And then the search sensor activates! Something is moving, deep down in the crater!


What do you think they will find below? Write or draw YOUR sequel story and send it to LEGO CLICK. As a thank you, every idea will be rewarded with a LEGO Space poster!


Blurb Text:

Will the researchers discover extinct creatures?

Are you sure that the sensor works here?

Luckily we have the Mega Radar with us...

"We are exploring the crater," announces the researcher.

Turn the search sensors on...!

But it's pitch dark down there.

Is it a monster?

We are ready to analyze everything you find!

Push the stone aside!!!

Take the slime quickly to the lab!

Something is moving down in the crater!



Some of the interesting stuff in these:

- Aquanauts building on the ruins of Atlantis

- The Dragon Knights and Royal Knights leaders change names between issues - King Lionheart to King Richard and Merlin to Mordred. Because this needed to be confusing as possible, the former ended with their UK name, the latter started with it. The change for the King is explained by making "Richard Lionheart" his full name, but the wizard just changes inexplicably.

- The Dragon Knights are actually vanquished, a very rare conclusion to a conflict between factions.

- I think this is the first place we've seen Woodhouse and Quextil/Kahuka interacting? Unless you count Racers

- Aquanaut names: Uno, Tellus, and the leader Marlin. Unfortunately the names aren't attached to specific figs.

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Wow, thanks for posting these! Seeing new (to me) 1990s LEGO stuff makes me feel like I'm having the best dream ever, especially if it's Pirates related. ? The second Castle battle scene was really cool, and I'd love a better scan of the Pirates material when you have time.  The tiny tidbit of information regarding Woodhouse and Ironhook (Blackbeard) is fascinating--we knew Woodhouse thinks that Broadside is incompetent in dealing with the pirates, but what has Ironhook done that has the Admiral so spooked? I love this.



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