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Sadie Meowsalot

A bit off-topic from what we were just discussing earlier, but given this topic is intended for the general discussion of this sort of stuff I thought I'd share anyway.

Recently I contacted Michèle Lecreux, one of the developers for the old obscure French Pirates comic LEGO LES PIRATES et la malle au trésor developed and published in conjunction with the French monthly P'tit Loup magazine by Disney, and posed some questions to her about its development. (For reference, you can find scans of the comic on this page, and it should look like this) Nothing too groundbreaking, but I figured it was worth sharing anyway:

"I am glad to send you my answers.

Let me know if you need other informations.

Best regards,

1) Were there more mini comics like this that you or anyone else at P'tit Loup developed, or only the one?
P’tit Loup magazine published within each issue a mini booklet about a playful theme.
The booklet was sometimes sponsored. That was the case with LEGO.

2) How did development of this comic begin - that is, how did it originate and from where?
In collaboration with the advertising department, we would rather whenever possible publish games or contests than simple advertising pages.
I was then responsible for all the Disney-licensed products for French magazines when LEGO launched its “pirates” product line.
We proposed to LEGO, as we often did with advertisers, to sponsor a mini booklet. LEGO accepted the idea, and we chose the option one fotonovela + one practical work section “create your own board game using LEGO bricks”.

3) Were there any other LEGO comics planned that didn't make it to release, or any story elements, such as scripts, concepts, models, illustrations that were cut or unfinished?
No other projects of any kind were designed in collaboration with LEGO.

4) How much involvement did LEGO have in the development process, and how?
We did all the design work (script, storyboard, game designing, photo shooting and editing). We then asked LEGO, of course, for their approval of the issue before publication but they were not involved in the process."- Michèle Lecreux

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And here's the rest of Spaceborn #3. Next step is to get it into the comic so it is actually readable.


Page 21


At Jim's hideout...

What exactly are we doing?

It's a distraction sign! So we can keep the curious away from the cave...

If Duncan comes we turn the sign accordingly...

No access beyond this point! Regards, Bart!

And if Bart comes ...

Private workstation beyond this wall! Duncan!


But which of us will bother to keep looking all the time and spinning the plate around when somebody comes ...?

That guy!

Kra? Kra?

Grrr ...!










What a lot of KRA-KRAs! You're shaking so much! Is there something wrong...


Page 22


Perhaps one of it's relays smoked. Its happened to me...

No! It was afraid of something...


What is this all about?

It looks like a piece of corn from the cob, Mello brought home...

How big it is...

I have an idea!

We make popcorn!!!


Turn on the stove! I'll get a pot!


No, Krakra - it's just corn!

Keep away, Krakra! There is enough for all three of us!!!

The kettle is boiling! Come over with the kernel, Keko!!

Oh, the horror!!!


Th... they are barbarians! They would boil me alive in oil!! I'm not sticking around here!!!

You big idiot!!! That's no corn!!!

But what is it !?



Page 23


Did you see that?!! It changed shape so it looks like you!!!






O-oh great! There are two Kekos

Where is it now?!!

Keko! I just thought of something even worse!!!

That large cob!!! It is also such a creature!!!

You're right!

Spearhead is in danger!!

We must warn Bart!


Page 24



Oh, Viva! You are the only one who understands me...

All day I've had to deal with other people's problems: Kolerike, Cornheart, Mello, Jim, Keko, Duncan - all require either supervision or decisions of me...

Tea or coffee...?

Oh... !! Decisions!! Decisions!!

Now you take it easy for a couple of days, and lets not worry over what has happened...

You're right! I have to think about something else...


Mr. Captain! Jim and Keko want to see you immediately!!!


They claim it is important!


Quiet, Bart...


Yes, Mr. Captain!


...and stay in your room!!!

... And the same goes for you!

But, we

I believe this belongs to you!


But, listen to me... argh, no...



Page 25



I want a cut, thank you!


Um... you wear a wig?



waiting room

Doctor Virus will see you now...



And what a coward, you know – the idea is laughable...?

! mff...

HAHA! This is going swimmingly!!!


I am ready to take care of the next patient in the waiting room

Hehe, OK! Doctor ...


Well, that was fast...

The Oilmaster...

Whoa! The gauge usually isn't over there?

Well, it's gotta be oiled...

No one ever tells me anything...


Page 26


In the blacksmith's cellar...

Tinne! Give me the pincers, quickly!


You're not Tinne!?!

In the canteen...

GRRR ...

Y-you are not meatball soup!!!

in the hangar...

Turn off the engine, Benny, and let's split...


Half the crew is in our power, boss, and the rest comes soon! In a few minutes we will have full control of the spaceship!


The time has come to pay the captain a visit...!


Page 27


Weren't you a little tough on Jim and Keko just before, Bart...?

Viva, that was the 4th time today they played truant from their work!

After all, they're only kids...

They'll do good to learn that you have to work for a living...!

Perhaps they had something important to tell your after all!

HA! Yes, that they had destroyed something again...!

I think I'll go down and speak speak sincerely with them...


Speak sincerely! Ha! Like speaking sternly to a sack of fleas...





Page 28


VIVA! Wake up!!! What happened???

Oh! She is completely gone...!

I must take her in the room...!

No signs of stroke or concussion! She must have fainted...

I'll get smelling salts!

Naive fool!


One of the others is tricking the captain, posing as his secretary...

The secretary we have here!


When we have access to the captain's computer, we can locate the last ones we have not yet caught!!!


Page 29


In Keko's room ...


Here I am unable to do anything while foreign aliens are onboard Spearhead

And Jim is locked in his room!



Hello Keko!


Wh-what are you doing in my closet!!

Our closets are adjacent to each other. I sawed through mine...

Great! Now we just need to get out of here!!


Oh yeah...


Page 30







I had completely forgotten!

We are just so far up...


And the Spearhead might be in danger because we can not get out of here...

I've got it!!!

Caw-caw! We can fly on Caw-caw!

You've got it!

But can he bear us?

Yeah, man! He's got a rocket engine!



Page 31


In the hangar...

Hrmpf! If I see the hangar boss again...!!! Grrr mumble

And my two "assistants" who just run away from cleaning the turbo provisioning engines...







Well, HERE's where you hid yourselves!? You thought you could save yourselves for ME, huh?!!!

Mello, we urgently need to get the captain!! The Corncobs ARE CREATURES FROM OUTER SPACE!!

Have you really not had the time to think of something better?

Mello, it is important...

SHUT UP!!! You two are slackoffs!!! Lying stiffnecks too!!! But you will pay!!!


At least we will be able to alert him...



CAPTAIN! Arrest these two men!!

with pleasure...


Page 32


Soon after...



Oh no! They have already caught all the others!!!

Where are Mello and Duncan?

I do not see them among the captives... maybe there is still hope...

Let go of me!!

Do you hear!!!

Look! Two more!!!




Page 33


In here, Keko!


Now we must find Duncan...

Perhaps he is still clearing slag down in the nuclear engine...


Hey, Bart! So I'm done down here in the slag-cauldron!!!

Duncan! Drop the walki-talkie! That isn't Bart you're talking to!!!


The entire Spearhead has been invaded by aliens, we are the only ones still free!



Oh! They are already on the way down here!!!



Page 34


Here, Jan! Take the space suit!

What for, Duncan

I know a way out!!!

DANGER No Access


Now they cannot follow us...

I know a safe hiding place...

Quickly! Notify the boss!


Page 35




The ship's computer shows that we only need to capture three crew members! And you let them escape!

Sorry, boss...

Does not matter! We have found a floor plan of the ship! They cannot hide from us!

Search everywhere!!!

Meanwhile, in Jim's cave...

... And these "amoeba" can assume any shape, you say?

Yes, they came on board, disguised as corn cobs ...

There must be something that can stop them!!!

I'll get something to drink...

But they have split, so there's hundreds of them! And they're all looking for us!

If I had my toolbox...


Look what I found in the refrigerator freezer!

Well, that's where it had been hiding!

The beast's arms are quite stiff and blue with cold!

Well, in that way it's like an amoeba...

We can use it as a guinea pig...

Oh, come on!!! First oil and now animals...

We can experiment with it until we find its weak point...

Oh, thank God, I can move...

Whoa! It's running away again!

Catch it!

Phew. Not a moment too soon!

To the airlock! Away from this madhouse!!!

Noo! It's jumping out through the airlock! Catch it, Keko!!

Whoa! I got an idea!!


Page 36


Come here!

I think I've found something, Jim...!

No more fooling around...


Your plan sounds OK! But do you think it will work, Duncan?

It is our last chance, Jim ...

The amoebae FOUND US !!! WE HAVE TO GO!!!

Oh ... and the cave has no other exit!!!

This couldn't be worse!

We'd better find them in a hurry! Summon reinforcements...

The wall! Against the Spearhead!!! We must remove the blocks and make a hole into the spaceship!

I'll get a crowbar

Ugh - they are stuck fast...

Hurry up! They're coming...!

Open up! Surrender!!!


Oh no!! They entering through the keyhole!


We're almost through the wall!!

Jim! We need to run!


Page 37



Thanks, Kra-kra! You saved my life!


Aahh !!

Sic 'em, Kra-kra

No, Jim! You are Spearhead's only hope now!!!

Save yourself!


Page 38


There is only one left at large, Chief!


Find him! And give the mates orders to head for our home planet. I'll go down and tell the former captain and his people that they are -





Oh no! You were our last hope for rescue from these terrible monsters!

Now we are lost!

Jim is still not caught!

A poor consolation

But he's our only hope! Meanwhile, we must all take spacesuits on ...


Now we must hope Duncan's idea works, Kra-kra

Hot dog. No guards at the door!

I think we're gonna make it!!!

AHA! There's the last one!!!


Page 39

And then...


D-did you fix the, you know???


Didn't I say he would mess it up?!!


Yes, it's all my fault...

No, no, Jim ... the fault is mine! I should have given me the time to listen to you instead of putting your in house arrest ...

Page 40


Snif! Sniff!

And I should not have sent the Hawk away after that stupid corn. But I get so angry...


Yes, it's your fault.

And I should have given the amoeba a proper biff with the sledgehammer while I could...

You should have just listened to me from the start...

And Mello should select the corn he drags on board with greater care in the future...

What? So now you're blaming it all on me?!!!

Well, are you amusing yourselves? HY! HY! HY! HY! HY!

I'll show you "hyhyhy"

No, Jim! Don't...

But they might be kind enough to say what will happen to us...

Hy! Hy! We just need your space ship so we can go home again. Since you were here we fished you all up. When we're at home, you will be sold to the ZWENUSIAN rumgalejer...



Page 41


And then, I'll be rich! RICH!

Brr ... I think it's getting cold in here...


You're a crook!!!


Scoundrel! Boor!!

HY! HY ... brr ...


Brrr... it's really cold... in here...


Whoa! He's frozen!!!

Wow! Touchy type!!


Hooray! Come and see!!!


They're all entirely frozen!!!


Well, that was why we put the space suits on...

Well... who did it?

Caw-Caw, of course!!!



Oh yes, of course!!

Caw-Caw! You are brilliant !!!


Well! Get all the amoebas together so we can get on the heat again...


Page 42


Later ...

It was here that we found the corncobs...

Well then we put them here...

Oh, my head...

Well, are you amusing yourselves?

Captain Bart to aliens. We say goodbye now, and hope it will be long before we meet again! Farewell!

Oh... you cannot go! Be merciful and fly us home to Zwenus... we were just having a little fun... hyhyhy...

It's a shame you didn't ask that far sooner! Farewell...


Oh! Finally! Finally! An end to all problems: pests, triflers, troublemakers, and... amoebas! Everything is done!!!

My companions? Where have they all gone together




Page 43



My nerves...

But... but now, now there can be no doubt there is just one Bart Seeker aboard!


Hey, Bart...

Haha! We made a di...??

Come Jim. I think we better take a trip to our secret lair...


Duncan, do you know anything about what has become of all the signs I had out in the warehouse???

Dangerous planet!


I know very well, Viva!



There's a background pilot character named Benny. hehe

Oh, and there's also a spot where Madsen slips up and calls Jim Jan.

Edited by Pereki

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So, uh, I guess someone at Brickshelf really hates Jim Spaceborn or something because he is being a butt and deleting the gallery multiple times. So I registered at Imgur and we'll just do things that way (and really, in this day and age, that was probably the most sensible choice in the first place).


This way I don't have to make a new post every day, too. The next five pages have been added.

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Okay, just a heads up that everything's done and you can read the whole comic now at your leisure.

Only hiccup is that page 29 was missing from the layouts, so I had to substitute the manuscript copy which doesn't look nearly as pretty.

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Sadie Meowsalot

I was meaning to post this for a while now, but kept procrastinating over it. Anyway, a short while ago Per Sanderhage (Writer for LEGO Publishing's Pirates and Castle Kids series) sent me some Pirates and Castle comic materials. Among them are a 1987 try-out page from when Per Sanderhage opted to be the illustrator for the Pirates series before Vincente Vano Ibarra later took over that role. But where things get a bit more interesting are with the remainder of the materials, which are from a 1992 Castle comic unrelated to Castle Kids and done in a similar art style to LEGO Publishing's Pirates series, and include a genealogical table of all the characters in the comic detailing their familial and ancestral ties, seven conceptual character drawings done by Per Sanderhage of some of the aforementioned characters in the genealogical table, a polaroid photo of two Dragon Masters minifigs showing how they would look, and lastly Per Sanderhage's letter in 1992 to Preben Dewald (current Product Manager at LEGO Publishing) regarding the project.  I discussed this earlier with jamesster and he pointed out that the word "Tarenta" in the title of the genealogical table was the placename of where the Castle audio dramas are set, and also pointed out that a lot of the character names in the genealogical table were either closely similar or identical to some of those in the audio dramas.  [9/16/2015 4:48:48 PM] jamesster: I expect the overall concepts stuck with it but the specifics of the characters and names got switched around or otherwise changed a lot

Pirates 1987 Try-out page:


"Back then i '87 I actually opted for the artist job on the piratestrip. Had completely forgotten about it, men ran into this try-out page when searching for something else."-Per Sanderhage

1992 Unpublished/Unfinished Castle Comic 


"As it turns out there were also a second "castle"-project . I simply don't recall what it was all about, but I was asked to do some inspiration-artwork and character studies based on a genealogical table from Billund. I don't believe anything became of it."-Per Sanderhage

" First the table from Lego with the characters (this ´takes place in 1992)"-Per Sanderhage
"Next a polaroid of how the Lego figurines would look"-Per Sanderhage
"Now the various characters I did"-Per Sanderhage
"Last my letter to my contact at Lego, Preben Dewald. A very nice man who sadly left the company. I believe due to illness. In the letter I jokingly suggest Lego commission an entire army with individual characters as soldier... something I could do in about 8-9 years."-Per Sanderhage

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i hope to do the same with the captian indigo series

Edited by JHUYSER

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The pirates comic is giving me a Tintin vibe.

Shamrock is a hilarious name for a ghost, and you can't tell me Wolf isn't a ladies' man.


Also the fact that the dragon is named Pepper gives us an excuse to replace LI's Pepper character model with a dragon. :P

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It's so weird that the Castle characters are recycled into the audio dramas. Considering the Pirates dramas were tied closely to that the comic, I guess it shouldn't be too surprising. But you still have to wonder what all went on behind the scenes.

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what is the oldest piece of offical lego fiction and when was the lego world first called lego universe


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what is the oldest piece of offical lego fiction and when was the lego world first called lego universe

We probably don't even know about whatever the first piece of fiction writing for LEGO is - of what we do know though, I'm not entirely sure - Sadie would probably know better on that.

the lego worlds were first called lego universe in 2010 in the landmark lego video game about lego universes, 'lego universe'

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what is the oldest piece of offical lego fiction and when was the lego world first called lego universe

We probably don't even know about whatever the first piece of fiction writing for LEGO is - of what we do know though, I'm not entirely sure - Sadie would probably know better on that.

the lego worlds were first called lego universe in 2010 in the landmark lego video game about lego universes, 'lego universe'

acually the lego universe was mentioned in soccer mania

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and when was the lego world first called lego universe

It's not really that strict, there's no "lego world" or single universe or canon. It basically just comes down to each individual thing, what the creators of it felt like doing, and what elements of other things they felt like using. You can tie a lot of it together if you want to, but there's also a lot that doesn't work together. Example: Most lego media shows themes taking place in the time periods of the real life things they're based on, but the games made by Silicon Dreams show them taking place all at the same time on various islands on some sort of lego planet, while Clutch Powers implies they're on different planets entirely.

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This just seemed funny in the context of the Pirates audio dramas. Redbeard's got a speaking role in this new Target ad. More LEGO Movie-style animation too - I like this trend. LEGO Island finally won out over the awkward-gelatinous-block-men animation style.

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Someone uploaded Operation Cybercom, the second Time Cruisers drama that I wasn't able to find back when I uploaded most of the dramas to YouTube. They've been commenting up a storm on my videos and I think they might be uploading the third one too? Guess we'll see.

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Sadie Meowsalot

I was originally going to delay posting this until I had more to share with it, but I think I've waited long enough at this point. Within the past few weeks Per Sanderhage has kindly shared with me some more materials tied to LEGO Publishing's Pirates series, including more try-out pages by other artists who applied for the Illustrator role, the original job outline from Preben Dewald, a number of Character Visualization sketches by Per Sanderhage, and a page from the series' synopsis preceding the manuscript. What's more is that he also shared something unknown up until now - a suggestion he made to LEGO Publishing in 1987 for a Technic-based Action-series, which unfortunately didn't make it very far into development. You can find the aforementioned material in the spoilers below along with quotes describing each:

1987 Pirates Materials:


"I found the original request from Preben Dewald where he outline the job, and that should be okay to mail to you."-Per Sanderhage

"Before Vanô got the assignment several other artists where give the opportunity to do a sample-page. I think they were all connected to the Norma agency in Barcelona - except me, who just HAD to give it a try. Doing inspirational and background is okay, but I liked the idea of doing the entire book. And no, I have no idea what their names were."-Per Sanderhage

"I did quite a few background/inspiration art. I think you already have some. But here are some I hadn't seen myself in 20 years or more. The idea was to visualize the characters and give some idea about who and what they were and how their relation to others were."-Per Sanderhage

"I did some cover-suggestions. One loose sketch is here. I have another almost finished but it is in A3 format and I only have an A4 scanner at home. I'll scan the larger one when I go to the office."-Per Sanderhage

"A page from the synopsis, which was done before the actual manuscript was written. You can see some comments in the margin, which I think was made by Jens Peder Agger who was the editor (and a good one) for Freddy and me."-Per Sanderhage

1987 Technic Action-series Idea:


"29 years ago I still had a friendly relationship with Legos (at least some of them) and suggested a actiontegneserie based on their technic-toy. Besides Tekstoplæg, I made a few before setting. I had self-awareness enough to know that it would be for me to draw, but just to give an idea of what I was thinking. Well, that was so not into anything... Back then in 1987 it was hopelessly old-fashioned."-Per Sanderhage


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Thanks again, Sadie! All of this is super fascinating. I'm glad they reworked Roger's appearance for the final comic, but it's interesting to see where his design came from. The Technic comic would have been super neat (though the 'holes' on the legs are kind of wonky in this context).

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What I find rather amusing is how they randomly blend Lego and non-Lego aspects... like the holes, as Pereki said. It just looks wonky. And sometimes there's pretty much no Lego in it at all.


I may be able to [badly] translate the French in the Pirates comic but I do think Google Translate will do a better job l405G.jpg


And thank you Sadie for digging this up.

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Thanks for digging these up, Sadie! I really like the character studies on Roger/Red Beard--he looks more like a fit, adventurous rogue than in the final comic. Those tryout pages are awesome! I had to laugh at the epic one that looks nothing like LEGO at all, but it's definitely taken directly from the Golden Medallion. (That's definitely how I imagined the Pirate theme was, though. ;) ) I ran the documents through an online OCR and then Google translate, here's the translated proposal:


LOGO Publishing wishes to the following briefing paper to create a concept on the theme of pirates / pirates / privateers.
The concept must include the following: Person Characteristics and names. The characteristics must be built-in opportunities for conflicts to an-facing presence in fiction products. Be it books - comic Games - role playing - role play - film. The target audience is primarily boys aged 7-12 years with emphasis boys 9-11 years. Individual characteristic must include both physical and mental characteristics. Required photographic material will be sent when it is released. The drawing an environmental characterization in order to both toy assortment and fiction program. Environmental characteristic must be able to provide a framework for the characters' appearance in "the universe". It should be an attractive visual backdrop for every imaginable product types. Photos of the models be sent when they are released. WE KNOW 26.08.1987 Hold 1 Hold 2 pirate captain governor 1.styrmand deputy 2. Officer soldiers, sailors, civilians including one female (evt.een female figure) figure monkey (these figures is also requested name-parrots, given and character set) The scenes are the Caribbean sea years 1750-1800. There seems a pirate ship of the frigate type, a søfort, one treasure, evt.han-delskibe and warships. It is important in concept to capture the mood and karkteregenskaberne not in any way conflict with the LEGO Group's overall objective. This briefing paper is of course subject to the clause of confidentiality submitted aktalebrev.
LEGO PUdsnMp Tele0e0ee I.e3 31 30 11 88 tEGOFIwa MS Telex 80787 Mpe6k 2 Denmsrk _ e
I wonder what the photographic material mentioned looked like; whether it was mostly preliminary stuff to start with or if it was close to/actually was the finished product. Those trial pages vary widely on how close they are to the actual sets/minifigs. The story synopsis didn't come through the process as coherently, but from what I did get it was pretty clear that it's actually a synopsis for the unpublished second Pirate comic.

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Hey there RockRaiders! Long time no see!

I've stumbled across something that I'm unsure if it should belong in this thread, but thought might be interesting?


It was published in 2002, images pulled from this site , so I'm unsure if it really counts for "retro" comics (it's over 10 years old so, might as well, right? :satisfied:) It appears to be Drome Racers, correct me if I'm wrong, any info on these comics would be awesome! 

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