Review: #70803 Bad Cop's Pursuit

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Warning: May contain mild spoilers for The LEGO Movie.

70803 Bad Cop's Pursuit

Review by Fushigisaur

For those who have not heard (the sad few) LEGO recently made a feature length motion picture based on it's beloved building toy. However, rather than prominently feature existing sets, the majority of the models used in the film were original creations made specifically for the movie. It is only logical then that these models are released as actual sets under the LEGO Movie label.

Each set in this line depicts a scene from the movie, and this set is no exception. In this scene, Emmet, WyldStyle and Vitruvius have boarded a train to escape The Old West, followed closely by Bad Cop. They build a ramp in front of his patrol car, causing him to drive his car over the edge of the bridge. However, Bad Cop quickly rebuilds his car into a flying version, swoops around, and takes out the bridge with his lasers, causing the train to fall into the river below where police gators wait to consume or heroes. They are saved by Batman, but not before Bad Cop manages to attach a tracking device to Emmet's leg....


Bad Cop's Pursuit consists of two parts. The first part is a section of the destroyed bridge.


This bridge is actually a little more detailed than I would expect, with damaged rail ties and a vine hanging over the edge. The end of the track is on a hinge, supported by a single pole. This pole can be pulled out to make the bridge drop. There is a handle on the very end that a minifigure can hold on to for dear life.


Contrary to what is depicted on the box, if you drop the bridge while a minifigure is attached to this handle it will not fall but remain firmly in place. It is better to set the minifig on top of the tracks so it will actually fall, but you can play with it however you want. Also included is a tiny frog on a rock under the bridge.


This adds nothing to the set functionally, but I thought it was a neat little detail nonetheless. While I was not very excited for this part at first, having put it together I must say I really like it. I almost want to buy a couple more of this set to assemble a longer bridge... One complaint is that the colors are a bit too dark.

The second part of the set is Bad Cop's car.


This is the reason I bought this set, and I would assume most people buy it for the car as well. It is a nice build, very sturdy. There were some nice techniques used in building it as well, though nothing mind blowing. It is a little bland, but this fits nicely with Lord Business's traditional practicality-over-aesthetics approach. It can fit one minifigure inside it, and is actually quite roomy, giving you room to get your fingers down in there to remove the driver.


The top flips up and down for easy access to the figure inside. Unfortunately Bad Cop does not fit when he is holding his gun, but without it he fits fine. The car's main gimmick is the laser cannons on the side, which can be folded out when needed and folded back in, very neatly.


There are some lights on the front-bottom, the purpose of which I cannot figure out.


Overall, I am satisfied with it. Also of note is the fact that, while the car contains no wheels, it does have the wheel-cover pieces in it's design, making me think that it could maybe be rebuilt into it's landbound form with minimal extra pieces added... even if this is not the case, it's still a nice touch to remind you that this was, at one point, a car.


Included characters are Emmet, Bad Cop, and two police gators. Emmet comes with the Piece of Resistance, and Bad Cop comes with a special gun which can fire the tracking device when squeezed. Both minifigs have double-sided heads; Emmet is smug on one side and screaming on the other, while Bad Cop has Good Cop on the back of his head, just like in the movie.


Unfortunatly Wyldstyle and Vitruvius are not included. Vitruvius can be found in Lord Business's Evil Lair, and Wyldstyle can be found in the blind bags or a few other movie-series sets. So if you want to relive the scene in it's entirety, you need to buy more sets. Diabolical, but very smart.


Design: 9 / 10

I shy away from a perfect score, but it's still really good. Both parts are very detailed. The car manages to contain all of it's functionality while staying very compact.

Quality: 8 / 10

The car is very sturdy, but the bridge is a bit flimsy. However this may be intentional.

Fun: 9 / 10

While I will probably set this on a shelf on display rather than playing with it, I imagine it would be very fun to. it has enough gimmicks to keep a child entertained, and I'm sure any kid would want to reenact the scene from the movies once or twice or twenty times.

Price: 9 / 10

$30.00 is about lower-midrange for these sets. It's affordable, but not super cheap either. But it's a good choice for those who want a good sized set but aren't willing to shell out 50-100USD for one.

I am not good at putting numbers to things, sorry.


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Great review, although I would have liked to see some more pictures. The coffee table under the set was a nice touch, especially with the glass.

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Great review, although I would have liked to see some more pictures.

I was gonna take more, but the battery in my camera died. It's charging now, I might take some more a little later.

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Review edited with added images. Also it just occured to me that rather than describe the scene, I could just have linked to the youtube video of iut. Eh.

The coffee table under the set was a nice touch, especially with the glass.

I didn't even notice until you said something. RThis was not intentional, it was just where I built the model, but it does work out nicely :P

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Rocket Racer

Nice review! I've considered getting this set at some point for Bad cop and his car; however, I hope that they do release a set with the regular police cruiser.

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The regular police cruiser uses exactly the same parts, but for whatever reason they didn't include the instructions. The only thing you need are the wheels and axles.

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Alcom Isst

I want that table. Dat water effect.

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