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RRU Minecraft Server

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So I just realized I don't know who Pepper_Roni is on the forum.

Me. I really should change that...

Lol, saw that coming a long way. :P

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So Sparks8805 has opened up a brand new Minecraft server for RRU with him and I currently as the only Whitelisted users, I have been Opted in order to whitelist other users so if you are interested them please let me know so I can add you.

It is a survival server with the IP: Node49.Minecrafted.net:25799


(Also I am sorry in advance for this but I will be reposting this message in the 5 most recent Minecraft threads on this site. I am doing this solely do to the fact that all potentially interested users do not Follow all related threads and as such they might not be notified of the new Server.)


(It would be appreciated if all interested users also funnel into the RRUcraft Minecraft Server thread and Follow that topic solely so we are not spread out through multiple threads. Thank you for your cooperation.)


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