The Schism

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Back with my second released map. This one is also quite challenging, but in a different way than The Algorithm. It requires some careful micromanagement, while puzzles play only a minor role.


Map Name: The Schism

Back Story: A Rock Raider was separated from two others by a lava stream that had suddenly erupted from under the surface of the cavern. The three Raiders were part of a lightly equipped expeditionary force tasked with recovering a Hover Scout.

Map Objective: Reunite the Raiders and evacuate them from the rapidly growing lava lake. Help them find their way back to the HQ to the South, and bring the Hover Scout to the HQ. Scans indicate the presence of Lava Monsters near the HQ; be prepared to defend it.

Difficulty: Hard / Very Hard


Download Link:



Manual Installation: Put the folder TheSchism in Levels and replace Level22 in Lego.cfg by the supplied code. (It's wise to backup Lego.cfg first, in case you want to undo installation).



- It is recommended that you play this with unupgraded raiders. If you play it with upgraded raiders, the difficulty is easy/medium.

- you will not automatically win the level once you have brought the Hover Scout to the HQ. This is because I could not find a way to do this with the game's script commands. You can use a debug key (Ctrl+S) to win if you want.


Some screenies of the starting areas:









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Love the effort put into these levels you've made.

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Thank you! Could you give feedback on the difficulty when you have completed it (or attempted to)?

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The Ace Railgun

A very nice level! If you want difficulty feed back it took me about a half hour on high speed and would probably take me about an hour on normal speed. But I was also taking my sweet time so I could enjoy it.

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Slimy Slug

I had high expectations for this map considering how good The Algorithm was.


This one is bordering on awesome, but has a few issues that need to be addressed.  


Right off the bat, I had to mod my Raiders to drill through loose rock.  Then I had to back off from my ore cost for power paths.  
Both changes were prompted by my first run.  

 It didn't take me long to find the base on the second run, though that's about as far as I played.


My third run today I finally gave it a real look.  

In this time around, I found myself fairly confused by the cavern setup.  For instance, having a Tool Store conveniently stuffed in a cavern nearby for the two Raiders to find seemed out of place for some reason.  Maybe it's because the lone Raider can dynamite his way to freedom?  A Tool Store needs to be in this level; just not sure if where you put it was the right way to go.


 I had an idea that might make the location work specifically for my mod (though the erosion speed shoots this down fairly quickly): make a path of dirt walls to the Tool Store, and change the other drillable walls near the lone Raider into dirt.  This way I don't need to make the mod change, and as a bonus, more dynamite needs to be used.  By that I mean my Raiders would now need to utilize the Tool Store for dynamiting through the loose rock in order to reach the base.


The Tool Store would have been better suited for the cavern containing the base.  This way you can set up quickly and get your men armed for the monster onslaught (I'll get to them in a moment).


But the real problem here is how to get the Hover Scout back to the base before the lava eats all the escape squares.  No Support Station means no way to train a driver (I need an Ore Refinery for that), and by the time I got one built, it was too late to save the stranded vehicle.  Even if I didn't have an Ore Refinery as a requirement for the SS, it still wouldn't have made a difference time-wise.

The monsters were pretty good in my opinion, though dropping triggers in the places you did left me scratching my head.  Take a gander with map creator to see this...

Thankfully the important ones worked and gave me a heck of a scare.  Meanwhile, my lone Raider blasted the wrong hard rock and ended up getting killed by a monster, along with the tool store there and the precious Hover Scout.  MISSION FAILED!

Wait, I'm still going?  I thought the mission was supposed to end if I lost the vehicle?  

Finally, my Raiders stopped shooting at the monsters for no reason and let them clean up my base.  Ugly.  


Overall, I really like the design of the map.  Just a few things need to be tweaked to make it work, but it is still a very good level.  

On an npl note, I'm pretty sure there is a way to get the script to do what the devs did in Explosive Action, as I saw it mentioned in addict's tutorials.


Edit: What I should have mentioned when I made my post is that putting the one Raider in the Hover Scout at the start solves the training a driver issue.  But at the same time it probably makes the level way too easy.  

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