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Poptropica and Ghostbusters Reach 10,000 on Cuusoo

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It's past 1:00 AM right now, so I'm gonna make this short. We've got two Cuusoo project that have hit the magic 10,000. One actually was there several days ago, but meh.

Here they are:



Also, a second Ghostbusters project is at over 8,000 supporters.

I could see either or both of these working. Ghostbusters... Well, uh, the song was in LEGO Rock Band? At least, it seems like something LEGO could consider, and there's a fanbase for it. As for Poptropica, LEGO has actually partnered with them before with Racers, Agents, Bionicle, and Hero Factory promotions, so I don't see why that wouldn't work either.

Sources: Brickset


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Olivus Prime

Never knew what Poptropica was before I looked at the Cuusoo project, but I'm very eager for a LEGO Ghostbusters set to go with the DeLorean and my custom 89 Batmobile, especially if it comes with the firehouse. Achieving the license shouldn't be difficult since Universal agreed on the DeLorean and that seems to be selling well.

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Ah, yes...


First the DeLorean, now the Ecto-1... I mean, it's not CONFIRMED, but unless some other toy company gets the rights to more toys (and this may or may not happen. A third Ghostbusters film is kinda like Half-Life 3 right now; we don't know when it's coming out), I can't see any reason why LEGO won't make this happen.


Only a matter of time, people!

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