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Review: 60025 Grand Prix Truck

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60025 Grand Prix Truck
Review by JimbobJeffers


This is a review for the Grand Prix Truck set, part of the Traffic subtheme of the City theme. I bought this set on holiday; for this reason the photos are not brilliant quality as I didn't have good lighting, but they’re decent enough. Anyway, without further ado…

The Box



The box is decent enough, following the standard CITY aesthetic. The box shows all of the elements in the product, in a nice active scene on a raceway. A good point to note is that the truck on the box is almost 1:1 scale with the final product (it’s slightly larger). Additionally, and something that I really love whether it was intentional or not – by removing the green wing mirrors on the truck and clipping them on top, and packing up everything inside the lorry, you can actually slide the lorry neatly inside the box (so long as it was opened from the side). It makes for great storage, and was especially handy while traveling home on a 12-hour drive.




I like the back of the box very much; in fact, it helped sway my decision of whether or not to buy it… As you can see, it shows off many of the features of the set in action scenes. It also shows some other similar sets available in the range. When I first picked up the box, I instantly noticed its hefty weight, it certainly felt like £25 worth of LEGO. Not that LEGO can be judged entirely on weight, but it still helps.



The Contents



I was a little annoyed to find one of my instruction manuals creased, but to LEGO’s target market that shouldn’t be an issue ;) You will also notice the set has a lot of stickers. Luckily most are square and fairly easily to place neatly, plus it was good practice for me. Among the various bags there are a few interesting pieces, for instance the all-in-one nose piece of the car and the large plate with side dots.




There are a nice selection of tools, including the newer flat oil can. Everything a pit stop worker could desire, although I have no idea what the cross-shaped tool is used for.






All three figures wear identical uniforms, printed on both sides of the torsos, and have smiley faces. A tool drawer is included that can hold almost all of the tools, and there is a spare tire for the racer.



Racer Construction



The chassis of the car is built on several plates, doing well to keep dimensions within 6 studs wide. The side-studded bricks next to the steering wheel prevent the racer from having his hands right next to the wheel, but it doesn’t look too bad.




Several stickers and a handful of tiles and sloped bricks later, the race car is finished with a sleek streamlined appearance. It measures just under 6x15 studs, for those interested. I think the racer is pretty good, it’s not the best F1 car I’ve seen but it’s bright and looks the part.



Truck Construction



The base of the truck is simple enough, using some sturdy bricks and decorative tire guards. I haven’t studied trucks myself so don’t know if it’s the norm, but the rear wheels are further inward than the front wheels. It doesn’t look too bad though.




Next the cockpit is fleshed out, with fancy stripes along the front representing LEGO’s very own Octan. There’s a little number plate under the grille and the side of the truck is bulked up with curved slopes. Irritatingly, the cockpit only fits one figure. As a result, if you wish to pack all the truck together, the third figure must be tucked into either the tools cupboard or the car compartment. Or you could tie him to the roof.




Once completed the truck looks decent, it has an array of lights and looks strong enough to haul a trailer. I am particularly fond of the wing mirrors for some bizarre reason.



Trailer Construction



A large canister plate is used for the base of the trailer. It is built up with bricks and plates in greens, reds and whites, matching the Octan logo.




Several panels are placed around the car compartment while bricks and doors are used in the tool store. The side door of the car compartment uses hinge plates at one end to open. While it is effective, I would have much preferred a sliding door, but I’m sure a simple modification to the design can fix that. Also, the curved grey slopes at the car entrance aren’t for the wheels, they go between them.




The makings of the roof are added, with tiled edges. Some handy 2x2 plates are dotted along the sides which help support the top roof plate.




The trailer is finished with a back door connected via hinges and a large roof plate. A lot of stickers are used around the sides of the lorry. Overall I think the lorry looks great, it is heavy and wonderfully green. It turns on a technic pin attaching it to the front truck.






There are quite a few spares in this set, including some handy headphones that can be attached to the second cap in the kit. A decent array of small parts is present, and the large pole used for the brake sign. I don’t see a need for the pole seeing as to lose it you would likely lose the brake sign itself too, which has a unique sticker.






Before I talk about the set overall, I thought I’d get a fairly big disappointment out of the way. When loading a car into a lorry like this, the car would probably drive up the rear ramp and into the trailer, manned by its driver. Not so in this set, much to my dismay. Firstly, the ramp is so steep that the car flies into the roof, as shown above. So the car has to ‘fly’ in. Secondly…




…the car cannot be driven in from the back anyway, if the driver is in the car. His head is too big and consequently he bumps into the roof, making it physically impossible to get him in from the back end. Instead, you must slide him in from the side, as if carried in by some magical crane (as shown in the above photo). If you wish to load the car in via the main ramp, the driver must get out, hence why he is pushing the car in the previous photo. Perhaps I’m being too petty, but for me this was a pretty big downer, I wasn’t very happy.




Putting this aside, in addition to the inability to store the third figure anywhere comfortably, this is still a fairly decent set. I am happy with it myself, I think the bright colours are great and my love of Octan and all things racing certainly helped boost my enthusiasm towards the set. It’s the kind of set that could motivate someone to build their own version in an alternate colour and have the two race against each other…

In conclusion, if you were considering buying this set and can ignore the two (big, perhaps) downsides, then I would recommend purchasing it. It’s great for display, I assume it would be a fun toy for a child, and it is a welcome addition to my collection.




Design: 6 / 10
Quality: 8 / 10
Fun: 7 / 10
Price: 9 / 10

Overall: 7.5 / 10

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I really like the racecar design, and the fact that this set is one big advertisement for Octan (fondly reminds me of the LR turbo power-up). The base and cockpit of the truck show great similarities with the (latest) Octan gas truck.

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