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Review: #4955 Big Rig

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LEGO Creator #4955 Big Rig
Review by RobExplorien

From a small Racers set to a big Creator set. Introducing the #4955 Big Rig, a set of decent size and lots 'o red bricks. The main model is, well, a big rig, or in other words a big truck, and it's pretty detailed. Detailed truck models are always a cool collectors item (I assume), just take a look at the earlier released Model Team sets like the #5580 Highway Rig and the majestic #5571 "Black Cat".
The Big Rig was released in 2007 and was sold at a retail price of $29.99/£19.99 (according to Brickipedia). For the amount of bricks that you get it's a good price. Plus, it comes with instructions for three different models. Below is an image of the front of the box. It measures 29cm long and 37,5cm wide (or 11.5inch long and 15inch wide). The Big Rig really looks appealing with the shiny red and chrome (also note the smoke plumes from the exhaust pipes), and next to it is one of the rig's functions pictured. Furthermore, the other models are pictured below the Big Rig and in the lower right corner the '3 in 1'-feature is mentioned. It seems that the advised ages are 7-12, yeah... exactly what I was thinking. The background looks dull and needs improvement if you're telling me.



The top of the box shows the complete inventory list of this set, which is useful. I guess the designers were trying to fill up the space on the box, for the inventory is also listed in one of the instruction manuals. On the right you have the wheel (correct scale). The diameter is equal to the length of a minifigure. On the left you have the LEGO logo and set number, which appears on every side of the box in the top right. Also, the depth of the box (length of top) measures 7cm (or 3inch).



On the bottom is the mandatory warning text in plenty of languages, along with the barcode and LEGO adress. Two of the three models are pictured next to the text.



The left side shows nothing special; LEGO logo, set number and the three models.



The right side shows more languages, I guess you can figure out what they translate to. Surprise surprise, the models are shown again on this side. Atleast show them from a different angle for once!



Last but not least, the back of the box. We get to see the models from a different angle now. I'd like it more if the designers had placed the 'minor' models in front of the Big Rig this time, instead of the other way around. The '3 in 1'-feature is emphasized again and the URL lego.com makes its appearance in the bottom left corner.



Inside the box is plenty to build with:

  • 550 bricks/pieces
  • two instruction manuals

Creator sets mostly have no stickers, sometimes a printed on brick like the speedometer on the control panel of the truck. So this is the biggest set I will have reviewed so far.



Below we have an literal insider's look at the instructions. The upper instructions are for the main model, the Big Rig, with almost all 550 parts used and 52 building steps. The lower instructions are for the other models (the convertible and the go-kart). There are 50 building steps for the convertible and 36 for the go-kart model, with building steps for the go-kart pictured. The instruction manuals have the classic lightblue background and yellow border, and at every step it is shown which bricks you need which is very useful (especially for the big models).



Alright, let's move on to the building of this Big Rig! After 17 building steps, the chassis is generally done. The cabin will be build on the black bricks seen next to the steps that will lead up to the cabin.



Some more steps later (step 33) red bricks start to take over the chassis. The two exhaust pipes are already mounted behind the cabin and we now have a rear lights.



We've almost finished building the Big Rig, we're at step 42. The truck's engine cover is placed and the cabin is almost done. Adjustable driving mirrors are added as well.



And it's finished! Personally I love the look of this 28cm/11inch long truck. Even the horns of the truck are included, on top of the cabin. The red blends really well with the black and grey, and there even are some chrome parts too. One thing that's different in these images compared to the truck depicted on the box and instructions are the back wheels, which I mistakenly put on the other way around. In front are the spare parts.



The rear is a lot emptier, but that's just because the truck doesn't have cargo. You also have small windows in the back of the cabin and the round blue and yellow plates, which probably mean to be sockets to connect your cargo carrier with.



This is one of my favorite shots of the Big Rig. It looks darn awesome this way, with the chrome raster and intimidating look.



Opening the engine cover shows us the engine the truck runs on. It is not connected to a steering device or anything, so you'll have to twist the propeller by hand to have it running. You can easily take out the engine for an MOT test or to replace it with a new/different engine.



Here's the inside of the cabin, where you can see the aforementioned control panel and the gear-lever as well. The proportions of this truck are a little too big to properly fit for minifigures.



Another look at the chassis. There's a big gap in the frame which could be used for motorization of the truck. No steering mechanism, which is a bit of a bummer for the playability. I guess it is to be used as a model after all.



Next up, the convertible. It looks promising in the instructions, but that has yet to be figured out. After 16 steps the frame is done. It is about as long as the Big Rig's frame.



By now we've arrived at step 34. Looking behind, we can see what's already constructed in the previous steps. The car starts to get a shape.



11 steps later and the trunk and car hood are practically done. You can't open them unless via a self-build mechanism. All that's left to add are the doors, seats, wheels and a few more finishing touches.



Here we got the completed convertible, with all the spare parts you end up with. Nicely designed and making good use of the colours.



The convertible has an antenna (for picking up radio transmissions) and built-in wheels which I really like about this model. The curved trunk and car hood make the convertible even look better.



Take a seat, I dare you. Going on road trips of 100 miles and more with studs sticking in your arse isn't pretty. If you could actually steer this model it would be mint.



Close-up view of the shiny front of the convertible. I wouldn't mind having this convertible life-sized and working.


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There is one more model, the go-kart. As usual we start with the chassis. The go-kart will be a single driver vehicle with the engine behind the seat. The rear bumper and axle for the back wheels are already mounted on the chassis (step 15).



A couple of steps later (step 26), the engine is (for the biggest part) assembled. The go-kart also has 'side-bumpers' now and next to the driver's seat is a gear-lever (I haven't seen that before on a go-kart).



Step 34 and we're close to the end of building this go-kart. The seat is done, but in proportion the gas and brake pedal are too far off the seat.



And there you have it, ending up with even more spare parts than with the convertible. It looks good (especially with those fat tires), but the steering wheel is placed too high in my opinion.



The rear view offers us a better look at the engine, which makes this go-kart badass.



A POV of a person with short-sighted vision riding the go-kart. You can turn the steering wheel, but it isn't connected to the front wheel axle.



I'll make you look at the engine one more time. Plenty of chrome parts and complete with muffler. Due to this big engine the seat can't recline any further.



Bird's eye view of the go-kart. Though the rear is awesome, the front needs work (proportions).



Thus we get to the end of this review, and to summarize this set review:

  • The box has a fair size compared to the amount of bricks included in this set. The boxart looks promising, but the images of the three models are recurring too often and the background looks dull. Almost every side of the box has the models depicted from the same angle. The inventory on the box side is a pro, allowing 'brick buyers' to know exactly what type of bricks they buy.
  • The instructions are pretty much explanatory. You also have a page asking if you want to join the LEGO club for free, but you have to cut out the form and I hate damaging the instruction manuals like that.
  • The Big Rig is an absolute jewel if you're telling me. It has good details and colours and the engine cover and cabin make this truck a great model.
  • The convertible is a winner too. Both car hood and trunk add to a classic convertible look and the doors nicely blend with the rest of the vehicle.
  • The go-kart, performs less compared to the other two models. It has an awesome engine and good-looking bumpers, but the proportions are a little off.
  • Playability is less; all models don't have a steering mechanism.
  • My price tag has been ripped off, but if I can rely on Brickipedia for this instance, then I must say that the price is excellent for this set. 550 bricks for a mere $29,99/£19.99 means that each brick is about $0,05/£0,04.


Design: 9
Quality: 9
Fun: 6
Price: 10

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