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Review: #8256 Go Kart

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LEGO Technic #8256 Go Kart
Review by RobExplorien

And today marks the tenth review for me here on RRU. For that occasion, I chose one of my favorite LEGO Technic sets for reviewing, the Go Kart! Maybe it's the design that appeals to me, or the fact that it is a racing vehicle, but I like it. The set was released back in 2009, and I got it that same year for Christmas. It was sold at a retail price of $14.99 (according to Brickipedia) and is aimed towards ages 8-14. Like any Technic set I can think of, it has the '2 in 1' feature, and the box has the familiar void in the background.

Now, as I just said, the '2 in 1' feature means that there is another model to be build that comes with instructions. It isn't a fast flashy racing car, no, it's even better. It is a Lawn Tractor! :0 Mow that grass like a boss with this model! But it's not a bad model, the designers did a good job at making an impressive household appliance. Alright, enough of the sarcasm. You can see the design on the back of the box, and some of its functions, along with (part of) the URL of the LEGO site in the bottom right.



And then we arrive to the contents of the box:

  • 144 bricks/pieces
  • 2 instructions
  • sticker sheet (with five stickers)

The stickers are already put on the bricks, and remain sticky to this day.



The instructions for the Go Kart are explained in 50 steps, and practically uses all 144 pieces. Compare that to the #7187 Escape from the Dragon's Prison, stepping in at a piece count of 187 bricks, and instructions explained in 51 steps. That is some wasted paper here, and building the Go Kart really isn't hard. Again, some steps could have merged easily here and there, but let's not complain more on that already. The other model, the Lawn Tractor, is explained in 28 steps, and uses about 110 pieces. The upper instructions pictured below belong to the Go Kart, the lower to the Lawn Tractor. But is it well explained? You bet it is.



On to the building of the Go Kart. We currently are at step 13, and this is what I got so far. The seat is already in place, in front of the engine. The gears can be seen next to it, and the back wheels will be connected to the axles to have the gear system move and have the engine, with piston, running. I think it already looks nice, with a relatively simple but neat technic system build in.



Further in the build, and there are some pieces added to the right side of the Go Kart. Flexible axles are used on the sides and will be put on the front of the Go Kart, and the first green element of the Go Kart can already be noticed.



And I skipped quite a lot of steps now, showing you the result after a 30 minute build: the number 1 Go Kart, in all its pride! Measuring 15cm (6 inch) long and 10cm (4 inch) wide, this Go Kart has it all. A single cylinder engine, wide bumper, moveable exhaust pipe, blue seat, steering function, nice stickers and a green flair (which strongly reminds me of the Turbo power-up in LEGO Racers). Also in the image, the spare parts, and the sticker sheet with removed stickers.



More of the Go Kart:

A rear view of the Go Kart. Note the LEGO Technic stickers on the sides of the vehicle.



More detailed image of the single cylinder engine. Now you can see the wheels connected to the gear system, and the yellow piston in the cylinder engine (which is also connected to the gear system to have it move up and down).



The steering system does not involve the use of gears, which mostly is the case. Turning the steering wheel makes a beam move, which is in turn connected to the wheels, making those twist as well.



View of the chassis. No complicated axle systems here.



Moving on to the other model, the Lawn Tractor. Build with a fewer amount of pieces, and requires half as much building steps as the Go Kart. This image shows the state of the Lawn Tractor at step 8. I cannot yet distinguish a mower here, but you'll see later on. The back axle is the one were the back wheels will be connected to. The first green element is already included.



We're not many steps further in the build, but the steering wheel is already connected to (what will become) the chassis. Later in the build, you have to flip this steering wheel 'extension', and connect it to the green beam element.



Again, I skipped many steps and the Lawn Tractor is finished, in a 25 minute build. You have a lot more spare parts now, and the stickers are actually not supposed to be on this model, but I don't want to take the risk of removing them. Nonetheless, you can still enter in a race with this number 1 Lawn Tractor (you mind as well install the cylinder engine on the mower). The Lawn Tractor also has a blue seat, steering function, mowing blades on the side and that same green flair.



More of the Lawn Tractor:

A rear view of the Lawn Tractor. I especially like how they used the green elements on the sides of this vehicle, and the flexible axles at the front sides.



The Lawn Tractor uses the same steering system as the Go Kart.



View of the chassis, with two large beams for support.



Having this set examined and tested, I come to the following conclusion:

  • Box art as usual, the black boxes of LEGO Technic, with a void in the background. It puts focus on the model pictured, but could use an alternative background (e.g. a racetrack for the Go Kart model).
  • Instructions are well explained, and it's hard to get disoriented here.
  • The brick colours fit very well in the design of these models.
  • Stickers, ugh, we just can't seem to banish them from LEGO sets. Then again, I rarely see printings on Technic elements. But the stickers do offer the necessary details for a go kart.
  • Both models receive good ratings from me. As I mentioned, the colours fit with the design (green on top, black/grey for the chassis), and a nice thing to have the chair distinguished with its blue colour. The rear of the Go Kart could've used a finishing detail though, as it is a little 'empty' and not covered by that green flair.

Design: 9
Quality: 7
Fun: 8
Price: 8

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That set really looks like it should be worth more than $15.


It looks like it has more pieces, too. But it does look great!

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I remember see this in the shops a few years back, although more expensive then that.


They look quite good, all they need is an electric motor.

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The compact appearence of this vehicle makes it look very nice indeed. And the amount of detail is impressive given its size.

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It looks like one of those ride-on lawn mowers, except slightly smaller.

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