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Borg Raiders

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If you thought Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann were advanced, then these guys will blow you away. By combining both mechanical and nanoaugmentations, these elite Raiders can withstand the harshest conditions while outperforming any normal Lego-man.


As you can clearly see, they have their own oxygen supply, so a Support Station becomes a minor issue. On the chest one can see a slightly upgraded shield generator and some status lights above the waistline. They also run faster due to the speed augmentations in their legs. The "C" on the headband stands for "Cirevam", the lead engineer of Project Borg.


There are a few enhancements to the arms, but not as much as everywhere else. They can carry two crystals at a time since you can grab the top spike of them, but they can only carry one ore because of the odd shape. They can shovel much faster than the average Raider.


Shown here is the vision augmentations. They can scan the walls about three squares deep to search for crystals, recharge seams, undiscovered caverns, and even monsters. Unfortunately, this doesn't increase their accuracy with weapons.

Manual Files: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r221/

Cafeteria Patch (0.9+): https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r222/


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The link had since committed suicide due to general postage fudgecakes, so link is up again as well as a new Cafeteria patch.

Cirevam can fix his images.

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