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Rock Raider fan no.1

Return Of The Toa

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Rock Raider fan no.1

As he was sitting in class, Dave Skywalker seemed to notice that time was slowing down every 30 seconds.

After 5 minutes he could hardly make out the teachers words, then a blueish green portal opened up in front of him, and it sucked him in

"Gee, this is like going through portals on the floor and ceiling" he commented drily

After what seemed like fifteen minutes, he landed face first in, -and got a mouth full of- sand.

He checked his watch to see weather he had broken bones or internal injuries he was fine but...

"MY LIFE FORCE IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!??????????" said a very badly shocked, Dave.

He trudged along, feeling hot, weak, and miserable. Until he colapsed of fatigue, then he looked up, and saw a sort of mask.

He got back up on his tired legs, and walked over to investigate. Hmm death mask maybe He thought to himself.

He put the mask on, and all of a sudden, he felt stronger, and he had a knowlege of where he was, what the mask was, and what he was.

"I'm a Matoran... this is Bara Manga... this Kanohi is Hau Mask of Shielding" he said, as he went over his new Knowlege.


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Shouldn't this be in the Fan Fics section?

Wasn't there a spammer on the RRU Wiki called Dave Skywalker or something?

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Wasn't there a spammer on the RRU Wiki called Dave Skywalker or something?

Indeed there was.

And yes, this should probably be in the fan fiction section, but no one is complaining (besides you), so meh. If a continuation is made then it should be moved.


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Rock Raider fan no.1

Shouldn't this be in the Fan Fics section?

Wasn't there a spammer on the RRU Wiki called Dave Skywalker or something?

Okay one This isn't Rock raiders

Two it was ME And it was a long time ago and please dont bring it up again

I've got writers Block so dont expect the next episode soon :/ Sorry for any inconvinience

EDIT: Writing Next Episode now

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Rock Raider fan no.1

As he walked along, feeling hot yet strong. He came across an oasis, and saw his reflection.

"Cool. I'm more of a Cyborg now then I was before!!" he exclaimed excitedly.

Dave had his left hand cut of on his 14th birthday

he was dueling with a rival student, from Jedi School, who cut off his left hand during the heat of the battle. He responded to this, however, by reaching to his right pocket, upon matirializing a new robotic hand, and gave the kid an invitation to his birthday party. but thats another Story


He came upon a village, where 3 Glatorian, and 2 Agori where hanging out.

But, before he could speak, his mask fell off, and he transformed back into human form.

He looked at his watch his life force was not going down.

"Huh? That's wierd." he said.

"<Are you okay?>" asked one of the Glatorian.

The voice sounded feminan, but he couldn't understand a word they said.

"I don't understand" he said slowly.

"<what are you saying?>" she said.

The mask he mused.

He put the mask back on, and, just as she was about to ask again, he said.

"What did you say before?"

"You speak my tounge?!" she said.

"Heh. Well it's the mask talking, not me. I guess they're prosessing the words like a voice changer." he said modestly.

"Well you speak it fluently, I'll tell ya that. My name's Kiina" said Kiina.

"Kiina,... nice.. nice name." Dave stammered.

"Well, aren't you gonna tell me your name?" asked Kiina.

"Hmm, oh?.. Oh yeah. um *ahem* My name's Dave Skywalker" he replied.

"Oh, well I'm Raanu." one Agori said.

"I'm Metus." another said.

"I am Gresh." another Glatorian said.

"And, I'm Gelu" the last one said.

"Ha ha. Well, now that we all know each other, let's see how we can get off this silly excuse for a Planet. It's like Tatooine out here, for goodness sake." he said, wiping sweat from his.. uh, well, I guess you could classify that as a forehead.

"There's nowhere else to go." some-one said.

He was about 7ft 14" and was clad entierly in red, and orange.

"That's Tahu. He is here, cause the Matoran Universe was destroyed, and has nowhere else to go." explained Gresh.

"Hmmm....." Dave pondered.

"Well, you never know unless you try lets get, or build, a ship."


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Rock Raider fan no.1

Everyone was doubtful about his statement, but Dave was sure they could find a way to Metru Nui.

"Okay, I'll need Neo-technine or, um.... Protosteel, (that's it) for the Hull, and a Fusion cutter and, a Hydrospanner to put it together." he said.

"And I'll need a Flux Capacitor, and an Anti-matter Processer, for the hyper-drive, a CPU, and monitors, for the main frame -

Plexiglass 2.0, for the Portholes, and Windsheilds, and a Hau, for the Sheild Generator and,..." his list goes on.

Dave is a mechanicle genius, and won't get it done in more than 12 hours. It took him 5 hours, and a fusion cutter to finish the Hull. And every thing else was found, substituted, or improvised, and it was finished,... well, almost, he forgot one thing. A very important thing.

"OH NO THE REPULSERLIFTS!!" he realised.

"What are Ree pulse or lifts?" asked Kiina.

"They make the ship hover, and fly." he replied.

"You want flight? I'll give ya flight!! I'll Go find a Kanohi Kadin!!!" Raanu said, enthusiasticly

"What's a Kadin?" Dave asked.

"Its the Mask of flight,... allthough, Lewa did modify his Miru(mask of Levitation) to make him fly, so Kadin is sorta redundant." Kiina said.

"Make's sence, which is saying somthing, cause this demention makes none to me...." he said.

"I... I... I want to go home!" Dave said, sadly.

"Ahh, let's not make a scene, you'd say the samethings if you came to my home."

"I understand,....I think." Kiina said.

About 15 minutes later, Raanu returned with the Kadin, and he hooked it up to the main frame computer, so they can turn it on at will.

"Alright. Let's light this candle!" he said.

Dave pushed the 'On' button, and,... it did the exact opposite.

"WHY, WON'T, THIS, THING, WO-O-O-O-ORRRKK?!?" he sobbed, hitting his head on the consol.

"Maybe you forgot the Energy Crystal." Gelu said.

"While we're out there, let's get the other 5 Toa." said Tahu.

Dave moved over to the wall and...

"WHY, DID, I, FOR, GET, THAAAAATTT?!?" he sobbed again

"No need to fret, let's go find one, then." Kiina said, careingly.

"*sinff* Alright... let's go." he said, meakly.

After that fiasco, they finaly managed to find the other 5 toa, and an Energy Crystal.

"Alright, let's light this candle. FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!" he yelled at the ship.

The Re,.... I mean, Kadin whined, and the ship rattled, as it lifted off the ground.

"Okay, we might, I said, might, crash, so be ready for action."

Everybody had their fingers near the eject button, and the stress was building and building.

The ship lifted high, and it left the upper atmosphere.

"Once the ship clears the atmosphere, we're home free" Dave said, smiling.

They cheered, and hollered with joy at the news he gave them.

"Okay, Raanu, prep the Hyper-Drive for warp 15," said Dave.

"Copy that" Raanu said.

After they left Spherus Manga's Gravitational field, they launched into Hyper-Space.

"Okay, so where would Metru Nui be?"

"The Planet, Metru Nui is located on, is Sector five-five-six-eight-seven-nine decimal two-eight-one-O" Tahu replied.

"Okay sector 556879.2810 it is" Raanu repeated.

The Hyper-Drive programmed the course, and took off for the planet, and Metru Nui.... Or a Black-Hole


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Rock Raider fan no.1

BUMP: Can somone Post here to tell me what they think please?

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"Flux Capacitor..." Hmm... Reminds me of someone...


By the way, it's spelled "Levitation"

Also, how did the Bara Magnaians know how to plot a course to Aqua Magna?

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Rock Raider fan no.1

Sorry I didn't Update in a while I was doing other things (Like learning Hammer)

The trip was fairly short but it seemed to take longer but they had nothing to say

* * * * * * *

"So, Von Charias, are you pleased with my offer" Asked a voice

"First off, Drakkanus, its Charcarias Von Charcaradon secondly yes it is satisfactory but you pay me 3 times the amount if these legendary Toa show up!" Said a menecing voice with a thick Russian accent

"Okay okay don't get your fin in a twist, you'll get your triple payment if they show up. But they won't because they're extinct!" he replyed

* * * * * * *

"Well were nearly at Aqua Manga so who ready to go huh?"

Everyone raised their hand and were anxious to get off

"At last! A new place to explore!!" Kiina said exitedly

All of a sudden two drones from orbit started chasing the ship and firing their particle beams at it

"Steady old girl." Raanu said comfortingly

"What are we gonna do about those drones?!" Gelu panicked

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! ~Cave Johnson." Dave quoted

Dave spun the ship around and launched head-on into the drones.

It was a 3000 Mph/4800 Kp/h game of chicken. The drones fired, Dave doged!

Finally the drones were only 3 yards away from the ship! Dave pulled up and over the drones and let loose the meteor

he was dragging along

"I'm sad to see that go." Dave said smugly

And the drones exploded and the meteor was shattered

As they landed the ship they were filled with a sence of awe

"*Snnnnfff* Ahhhhhhhh fresher air. It was getting a bit stale in there don't you think" Dave said

"Meh, I got used to it." Said Gelu

"Wow this palce reminds me of Metropolis! My home city."


I've got writers block again

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Rock Raider fan no.1

"..So like i was saying---" Their Conversation was interupted by a Vakhi knocking at the door

"*sigh* Fine! Come on in!" said Drakkanus

"Sir, an unknown ship has landed at docking station 64 and it took two drones out before that! Do you want to call the offensive?" the vakhi asked

"I'll go and deal with it personally!" Carcharias said

"Wait wait its my city I'll go deal with it! Keep on the comm!" Drakkanus said "Vakhi go get your squad and come with me!

* * * * * * *

"A Cruiser!" Gresh shouted

"Who do you think it is?" Lewa asked

"How should he know he just got here! Dave reasond

"As we all did." Kopaka said

"Exellant now the Meditator speaks!" Lewa said sardonicly

"Yeah, you were awfully quiet during the trip kopaka! why?" Dave asked

"I am a man of few words..." Kopaka said simpley

"Really? Cool!" Dave said expecting a reply

He never got one though as Kopaka just went into quiet mode.

* * * * * * *

The cruiser had just arrived and the door opened up.

And he saw the toa!

"Uh Von Charias, yeah, i'm gonna have to pay you triple!" he said under his breath into the comlink. TBC

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