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  • A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

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    A few months back James Malloch and I had a talk about LEGO Island 2, of which he provided some information (And images!) about the canned content of it.



    First off, about him:



    I worked on LEGO Island for almost 2 years whilst working at Silicon Dreams in the UK as a young 3D artist. The SD development team was not that large for a game of this size and it was generally a very busy time for us. Our team sometimes visited LEGO Media which had an office in West London - we had quite a lot of contact with Tim Green who was the Lego Media Producer and was a decent chap. I worked on many aspects of the game as a 3D artist, including many of the sub games and finally on Ogel Island in space. I remember that it was quite fun working on the Ogel characters as we tried to develop odd inhabitants for this twisted island in space.


    Next up, about the canned content


    To answer your question, some sub-games and ideas did not make it into the final Lego Island game:
    > The 'Volcano run' game was not finished. I worked on this game environment and it included an exotic Thai island theme, Volcano tank (see pictures) and had a Volcano with flowing lava (see pictures).
    > I worked a bit on a Rock Raiders underground cavern and Rock Raiders' headquarters. This was never close to becoming a proper sub game.
    > The Bricksters tower should have had Mr Hates and The Bull shooting at Pepper when he was ascending the tower. I think these were omitted in the final game. I have attached pictures of these gun emplacements. > The was a jungle driving section, but time must have run out to produce this.
    > Chief Legog was the tribal chief and I remember (vaguely) other team members working on creating a game with him and his tribe in a Jungle clearing.




    Also a few other notes:


    I attach several pictures of concepts which never got through to them final game such as my hovering snake which admittedly is a bit weird! Various vehicles and ideas did not make it into the final game - for instance my animation of Pepper being zapped by electricity. Many of the sub games did not play so well, and it was a shame that games such as the Jungle canyon biplane game were virtually unplayable due to bad collision and wrong scale.

    The game engine was built in-house by Silicon Dreams’ programmers. As a 3D artist, we always wanted a great game engine. The look and design of the 3D engine was rudimentary and it was a shame that we did not have any proper lighting in the game. This was accentuated by the fact that it was developed approximately between 1999 and 2001, a time when 3D technology was not so advanced and the capabilities of the computers were still fairly low powered. If there had been reasonable lighting, then the game would have looked much better. Physics and collision in the game was not great either and there was always the problem of the extreme loading times which was unsolvable for the programmers.




    Also of note, yes some models are from IXS:


    Yes, I worked on a few preliminary 3D models for Extreme Sports, but I left just as development was starting.

    For the rest of the images visit this Gallery or download the zip:


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    the problem of the extreme loading times which was unsolvable for the programmers.

    Which was fixed by changing 6 bytes. 🤔

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