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    10 Year Anniversary - Whats RRU to You?

    On this day, 10 years ago, RRU first opened, it was also the day the first public level editor for Rock Raiders was released. Needless to say, 10 years ago the thought of the forum going on for years to come was never a thought that crossed my mind, it just sort of happened. Year after year the forum has gone on and has changed tremendously since its beginnings as a dedicated Rock Raiders forum. Rock Raiders United has gone through its phases, it’s highs and lows as some of the older members would remember. We’ve had lots of laughs, lots of rants (mainly at RR’s inability to work when we want it to), and lots of mods. We’ve made new friends (maybe even lost some). We’ve consumed too many of Addict’s cookies, been crushed by the weight of Rock Whale stampedes… but never have we needed the help from the Infomaniac. Some of us have been here a long time and RRU represents a large portion of their life. You could even say some members grew up with RRU. So I’m handing this question on to you guys…. What has RRU meant to you for the time you’ve been here? (Coincidently this is post #124,000) SPEEE
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I've decided to turn development towards making a little "remaster" of Lego Racers 1. Racing around cartoony tracks shooting cannon balls at other brick built karts, pretty fun stuff. A bunch of work lately has been UI related and thinking of how the menus should look and feel. More work has also went into the kart/vehicle physics and feeling, there's still work to be done, but they're getting better. https://streamable.com/fmnp4 More work went into AI as well. They actually have a very small brain now! They're just smart enough to drive in reverse if stuck, and to follow a given course. Currently they are insanely good drivers, too good, they're very difficult to pass, let alone beat in a race. Gotta make em a bit dumber. https://streamable.com/q5r10 https://streamable.com/37ti3 Lots of other stuff has gotten work done, such as basic HUD elements, sounds, particles, a simple test-track "ripped from LR1" and more. I also quickly added a screenshot camera last night courtesy of Garry Newman, which allows you to take some super cool screenshots ingame. If ya wanna keep up to date further on this project, I've made a Discord server where I'll be posting development info and taking suggestions, feedback, etc. https://discord.gg/TT5FD5q
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    LEGO Island Beta

    As some of you may know, I've recently been teasing over social media the acquisition of the new "crown jewel" of my classic LEGO game collection. I believe the time has now come to reveal just what it is that I've managed to acquire: nothing less than an original Beta version of LEGO Island. As background, the specific version I've recovered is LEGO Island Beta 9.0, dating to July 25th, 1997, just over two weeks before the earliest known copies of LEGO Island were manufactured (August 8th, 1997). (Subsequently, the game was patched up further, with an updated batch dating to September 8th, 1997.) Most likely, this would have been the build that was tested by a number of schools (listed in the credits) and previewed by certain press outlets, such as Pause Magazine. Despite such a short timespan between the final beta and earliest release builds, there are still a number of changes that were made. Some of the more notable changes included: Numerous decals being sampled at a lower resolution Model optimizations and changes to the organization of model LODs (Most notable with the shark, car, and window models) Removal of the helicopter landing pad texture by the Jail Changes to model UVs and associated textures (See windows of the Police Station) The addition of various sound effects accompanying animations and cutscenes In the final game, Bill Ding summarizes his building speech, rather than delivering it in its entirety when you click on static objects One of the most interesting inclusions with the beta copy of the game is a carefully maintained change log for the game going back to Version Beta 1.0 from June of 1997. As I'm sure this is something of interest, I have included a reformatted version below. Now, for reasons it's probably best I don't go into, it's looking unlikely that I will be be able to publicly share a copy of the Beta. I have, however, taken the liberty of recording a play-through of most of the game, to show off the state it was in, and some of the changes that were made. There's the possibility I may be able to share certain, non-critical files from the disc, but that remains to be seen.
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    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    The following creations were built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Lego Racers computer game. Pieces new and old have come together to form these newly revised versions of the 8 boss cars. Please enjoy! 1) Captain Redbeard As you can see, Captain Redbeard's new ride uses the microbuild of his ship from set #40290 as a base fo this off-road beast of a racer. But it still retains the large exhausts and rear mounted pirate flag from his original car. The sails make this the tallest vehicle in the collection so far. . 2) King Kahuka King Kahuka's new ride is an improvement over the original. The wheels in the game's intro are yellow while in-game, they're white so the wheels on this new version is both yellow and white. The car retains such details as the spears on the front, the horns on the front and of course, the stone head motif on the back. With added exhaust pipes and a "Bone Bumper" on the front. 3) Basil The Batlord Basil's new ride is a much more powerful looking version of his old car with a larger than life engine. I even used some older Technic wheels on the back. They were looking kinda redundant in my collection and I thought they matched the front wheels nicely so I put them to use. I also really wanted to use these dragon wing pieces on this car and I thought the rear spoiler was the perfect use for them. The old black jet engine piece has been extended by 2 grooved 2x2 round cylinder bricks. 4) Johnny Thunder A major improvement over the original. Making good use of new mudguards and Speed Champions wheels. Includes the old Adventurers printed numberplate piece on both the front and rear. Those jet exhausts make this thing look mighty. And this isn't the only car in the collection to use them. Even the front makes the car look chunky and rugged. Also includes indicators. As if you need them on the racetrack.... 5) Baron Von Barron Now, this one is completely different from the large jeep he drives in the first game. Instead, Baron Von Barron's new racer takes inspiration from set #5920 Island Racer that the Baron drives in the 2nd game and an old fighter plane. The plane inspiration continues around the back. And look at those exhausts... The propeller is powered by the engine but luckily, the car doesn't take off. That'd result in instant disqualification! 6) Gypsy Moth The veteran pilot of the alien Insectoids gets a truly outrageous car inspired by the Insectoids theme itself. With 6 wheels, pincers at the front and a cybernetic abdomen, Gypsy Moth's new racer looks more like an ant than a car. And still has the exhaust at the back like the original car. 7) Rocket Racer Rocket Racer's revamped car is a brilliant new design that echoes the original. Speed Champions wheels and a slighlty forward leaning stance makes this supercar sleek and eye-catching. The windshield is on 4 jumper plates to make sure it doesn't look too far forward or back. Also notice that the Rocket Racer minifigure is custom printed by Minifigs.me. It may have cost a packet but boy, the fit and finish is superb! Veronica Voltage Veronica Voltage's new car is basically a big improvement over the original. Much smoother than the old car. Also, exhaust pipes. For aggression. The wide tyres complete the look of the rear. The front headlights on the original are made up of rare chrome silver pieces. This new one uses a much easier and cost efficient method. Like Rocket Racer, Veronica Voltage is a custom printed minifigure courtesy of Minifigs.me. So, what do you guys think of this lot?
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    LEGOLAND Resource Tool 1.0

    LEGOLAND Resource Tool (1.0) A tool to extract and rebuild LEGOLAND Resource Volumes. You can now extract and rebuild LEGOLAND resource volumes! Previously it was only possible to extract them, but not possible to rebuild them and thus make LEGOLAND mods or do other futher testing on the game. The tool is mostly self explainitory, to extract a RES file click Open RES Volume then Extract Files or to build a new RES file click Import Directory then Build RES Volume. Enjoy some new modding! Screenshot Download From the File Database
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    Privacy and RRU

    I'm sure you're sick of all the GDPR spam you've been getting from every site you signed up in your internet history all saying the same thing. So I'll keep this brief, yes, we will be coming out with a new Privacy Policy, but to prevent futher downtime until that is posted, I'm just going to highlight some points here. RRU values your privacy, and so we only collect general data required to make this forum function and for moderation of content posted to ensure it is within the Forum Rules. We use very minimal third parties (See Third Parties) and will not sell collected data to marketing companies or affiliates (not that RRU has any). Collected Data Data collected may be the browser types and versions used, the operating system used by the accessing system, website referrers, the date and time of access to the Internet site, an Internet protocol address (IP address), the Internet service provider of the accessing system, and any other similar data and information that may be used in the event of attacks on our systems and infrastructure. Data Updating & Erasure You have the right to update any personal data, to request such data or to request your member account and attached collected data be erased. You may do so via the "Contact Us" form. Third Parties RRU uses some third party services, these services are as follows: Spam Defense The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source. Privacy Policy Invisible reCAPTCHA This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website. Privacy Policy Google Fonts This site uses a Google Fonts to deliver web font styling for the forums. Privacy Policy -- tl;dr: We're not evil, we care about your privacy just as much as our own.
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    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    This guide is more or less a re-write of many posts of this method that are scattered around the forum with updated links and pictures to make it easier to follow. First and foremost there is sometimes confusion between dgVoodoo and Cafeteria. These are significantly different and perform entirely different things. dgVoodoo is an graphics API wrapper (or “converter”) for DirectDraw & Direct3D (Part of DirectX 6 - a graphics API developed by Microsoft). Most modern graphics cards are not compatible with games utilising old versions of DirectX, Rock Raiders is one of them. Cafeteria on the other hand is a Mod Launcher that allows easy installation of game resource modifications for LEGO Rock Raiders. It also has the ability to force LEGO Rock Raiders to run in resolutions higher than 640x480. You can use both of these together for optimal graphics improvements. in summary - dgVoodoo is what makes it possible to run LEGO Rock Raiders on modern graphics cards, not Cafeteria. Cafeteria is merely a toolkit to make an already working game even better. Secondly, Microsoft has updated Windows Vista through to Windows 10 with patches that remove SafeDisc and SecureRom support from those systems. This is a problem if you own a copy of LEGO Rock Raiders that is copy-protected. If you own the copy-protected version of LEGO Rock Raiders (some of the re-releases did not have copy protection) you'll probably find the game will not run at all. Following this guide will also correct this issue as well. Now that we know what dgVoodoo is and we know about the SafeDisc issue, lets begin. Guide While setting this up is really a piece of cake and requires barely any steps, people still can still get it wrong, so please follow the steps below. If you get stuck, try it again. If you're still stuck, reply to this topic. PREPARATION Before you begin, you will need to download some files. Please note that some Antivirus software may complain that dgVoodoo contains a virus. This is a false positive, it is a clean file. Download the files in the list below. LRR Masterpiece Editon Executable - Download D3DRM - Download dgVoodoo 2.55.4 - Download Note: dgVoodoo 2.53 is also compatible with LEGO Rock Raiders, download this version if you have issues with the latest version above. STEP 1 If you haven't already, install LEGO Rock Raiders. If the installer isn't working, try the Alternative Installer. Once this is done, navigate to the Rock Raider's installation directory (usually its: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders ) and extract the contents of the "LRR Masterpiece Edition" zip file you downloaded just earlier into your installation folder, overwriting the original files. This folder then should look similar to this: STEP 3 Next, from the D3DRM archive you downloaded before extract the D3DRM DLL File into the install folder. After that, open the dgVoodoo archive you also downloaded. You will need to extract: dgVoodooCpl.exe and the contents of the MS folder into your installation directory. STEP 4 You're almost done. We'll now configure dgVoodoo, so double click dgVoodooCpl.exe to start the configuration program. Ensure that you are running the program in Administrator Mode (Right Click > Run as Administrator) or changes may not be saved. When it starts, look at the "Config Folder" path, if it is not the same path as your Rock Raiders install folder, click the ".\" button on the right. Next click the "DirectX" tab. You may want to play with some settings in here, however for this guide we'll just do the important ones. Change the "Resolution" to the same resolution that you are currently using (e.g 1920 x 1080 is common) and uncheck the "dgVoodoo Watermark". Finally click apply. STEP 5 Congratulations, you're set! There's one thing left to do and it's very important. You need to start the game from LegoRR.exe. Afterwards a window will appear, and if you've set it up correctly it will display the driver as "dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper (display)". STEP 6 (OPTIONAL) While the game will now run, you will notice an absence of music. Typically, Rock Raiders plays music from the disc. However I have a fix to restore the game music into the game without the disc. If you would like to do this, follow this short guide. I hope this guide has helped you get your copy of LEGO Rock Raiders to work. Be sure to reply below if it worked for you or if you're having any troubles. Don't forget that if you do get it running, check out some of the great mods for the game around the community.
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    Real LEGO Racers [Fan-Art]

    I'm made realistic Rocket Racer fan-art. I'm photoshoped Stig from "Top Gear" and now he looks like most famous LEGO racer
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    Im looking for a download to the Lego Island 3 fangame

    Made some edits to the DLL with the main scripting of the game (the final build, 15.5.5) because why not: Changes: Fixed passwords for the Infocenter and its basement not working (the level names in the password related code were incorrect/outdated) Added passwords for City Hall ("Dusk") and Pirate Bay ("Yarr") Fixed main menu's exit game option not working (was trying to load a "Credits" scene not in the build/probably not finished; now simply quits the game) Since several levels start you in weird out of world locations, I added a quick and dirty noclip-ish movement system. Use UHJK to move around, and Y and I to go down/up. Hold left shift to slow down. Works while paused - the game lets you lock/unlock the camera by pressing L, even while paused, so I recommend pausing, pressing L to unlock the camera, then moving around. For levels that start you way off in the void, I recommend doing this as soon as they start so you can look around and navigate over to the playable areas before falling to your death. Unfortunately, Unity lacked Time.unscaledDeltaTime back then, so I couldn't think of a quick and easy way to make it framerate-independent and work while paused. So you'll move faster when there's less stuff on-screen; use left shift to slow down your movement if need be. Oh, and it works on the main menu too, but only while in the actual main menu part of it so it doesn't move around while you type passwords. Press F for fun. Also, here's the complete password-handling code (with fixes/additions in place): public void Password() { this.sounds(); if (this.textFieldString == "Super 2") { Application.LoadLevel("LEGO Island"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Anchovie") { Application.LoadLevel("Pepper's House"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Infomaniac") { Application.LoadLevel("Infocenter"); } if (this.textFieldString == "BricksterBot") { Application.LoadLevel("LEGO Island Destroyed"); } if (this.textFieldString == "City") { Application.LoadLevel("LEGO City"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Dusk") { Application.LoadLevel("City Hall"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Yarr") { Application.LoadLevel("Pirate Bay"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Eika") { Application.LoadLevel("Ninja Valley"); } if (this.textFieldString == "USS LI") { Application.LoadLevel("Basement"); } if (this.textFieldString == "USS LI2") { Application.LoadLevel("USS LEGO Island"); GUI_Game.totalProgress = 5; GUI_Game.legoCity = 1; } if (this.textFieldString == "Ogelisle4745") { Application.LoadLevel("Ogel Island"); } if (this.textFieldString == "ITZ A TRAP!!!!1") { Application.LoadLevel("Its a trap"); } if (this.textFieldString == "rosesareredvioletsareblueinsovietrussiapoemwriteu") { Application.LoadLevel("Finale"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Sparky") { Application.LoadLevel("Sandy Bay"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Rickroll") { Application.LoadLevel("Rickroll"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Captain Click") { Application.LoadLevel("Caverns"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Achu") { Application.LoadLevel("Adventure Island"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Apollo 11") { Application.LoadLevel("Cutscene Liftoff"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Pathfinder") { Application.LoadLevel("Mars"); } if (this.textFieldString == "thisissparta") { Application.LoadLevel("Battle for LEGO Island"); } if (this.textFieldString == "Friend to all animals") { Application.LoadLevel("Castle Island"); } } Note that some of these levels (endgame things) weren't included in the build and won't work, but you can see them in the older build posted earlier in the topic. Edit - Updated the DLL, redownload if you got it within the first hour-ish.
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    This tool makes it possible to view and edit many assets of the game. Current capabilities are: - Unpack and repack art files (RFH/RFD) - View and edit MDF files, the game main descriptor files - View and edit AI car parameters (files under aidata\ inside ART0001) - View and edit AI cornering parameters (files under aidata\corneringdata\ inside ART0001) - Explore RTB files (MOTO.rtb, which contains the list of game resources with the respective ID) As always, feedback is very appreciated! Download Changelog: 1.3 - Added MDF viewer/editor - Improved robustness when packing and unpacking RFH/RFD files - Improved error handling and reporting 1.2 - Renamed from RFrepack to StuntRally Suite - Rewritten user interface - Added AI car viewer/editor - Added AI cornering data viewer/editor - Added RTB viewer 1.1 - Added compatibility with windows older than 10 - Improve behavior when file loading is cancelled 1.0 - Initial public release
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    Google Translated LEGO Island 2 (GBC)

    Hello! I am back again for the 9999th time... this time I bring you something that might be quite interesting. (I don't know if this is the right forum for this though...) This is obviously inspired by a rather recent hack called Google Translated Pokémon - in which the entire game's text is put in Google Translate, "translated" to a bunch of languages and then back to english, which more often than not results in complete nonsense... I decided to do that idea but in GBC LEGO Island 2 as the text is (kinda) easy to edit... it turned out quite interesting. This is the very first version so there might be issues (or not, idk) but another version is planned, but very unlikely, in which the cards in-game are also translated. (they are stored as individual images in the game and they're all over the place) You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlwotgymc79fluq/Google Translated LEGO Island 2.ips?dl=1 As a patch, of course... I Don't think ROMs are allowed here :v So you can use Floating IPS, Lunar IPS or any other patcher program you use on the European LI2 GBC ROM. So have fun talking to everyone! (or not)
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition - New! - Preview 1

    LEGO ROCK RAIDERS | COMMUNITY EDITION | Preview 1 LRR:CE is not so much an overhaul, though in many ways it is an overhaul. Community Edition isn't an overhaul to bring many of the community's mods together under one roof, no, rather you could say its an unofficial quality-of-life patch for LRR that brings improvements, fixes and new features! Yes, this is a new (unofficial) version of LEGO Rock Raiders over 19 years from release! A lot of time and work has gone into this over the last year or more. Screenshots 1920x1080 LRR Updated Mode Select Example(s) of LRR:CE in Action: - System Malfunction 1.0 Preview 1 This is a preview of the first release, with a number of changes. Because of this it is HIGHLY recommended you use this on a fresh install of LRR to avoid any misattributed problems. Features New Resolutions support: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200 New EXE Parameters: -resw <value> & -resh <value> Updated Mode Select Window Layout and Win32 Style. Updated Game Icon. Mode Select now appears in taskbar and is topmost. Enabled game window Minimize button. Loads up to 100 WAD files (from 10) Plays music from folder instead of CD. Music now plays in random order. Fixed Build Panel crash when using more than 11 building icons. Man Teleport queue maximum increased to 20 (from 9) Support for up to 12 RockFallStyles (from 4) Set Crystal Colour on a per-level basis (previously not possible) Set Next & Back button positions for Briefing Panel (previously not possible) Generate a random class of monster on wall collapse (per level, per your selection) instead of only Small Spiders! (Makes it possible to generate new monsters into the game without manual level placement). CD Music Status check removed. Stops micro lockups associated with it. Issues Training Missions, Reward Screen and Load Screen are yet to be resolution adapted and will appear strangely placed, yet still functional. 1.0 Preview 2 (Soon) This version is already in the works and has a several new modding features. Download REQUIRES: LEGO ROCK RAIDERS (CE is not a full game, you need your original game installed first) While it is possible to use CE without Cafeteria in a default install, you will miss out on the resolution features. Default Package [Preview 1] - (Includes Cafeteria, required mods, music) Installing Extract the package into your LRR directory. (Replacing any files) Run Cafeteria.exe and click "Start Setup" on welcome screen. Wait until setup is complete, may take several minutes as it extracts around 10k files. Click the "Settings" tab in Cafeteria and select a resolution. Click the "Re-Build Game" button and wait for it to complete. (Only need to do this once, unless you change settings/mods) Congrats, your game is now built for your selected resolution and mods applied. Click "Start Rock Raiders". Enjoy. More Combine with dgVoodoo and ReShade for an even better experience!
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    Cave Raiders (LRR Remake)

    A remake of Rock Raiders in Unity, updated and improved from the original game. About: Cave Raiders is a recreation of Lego Rock Raiders, originally being developed in Torque 3D as a Multiplayer first person experience, now being redone in Unity with a much closer match to the original single player expirence with all the modern improvements. This game is being developed from the ground up using Unity, no code from the original game is being used and its a time consuming process. Development has been ongoing since Q1 of 2018 with public discord server going up around May. The title Cave Raiders was chosen to avoid confusion with the original game that could easily be recognized as it's own game. There will be a lot of content reused from LRR (Sound, Music, Icons) however the visuals will generally be recreated. Discord: Link News and updates posted regularly Features: Ideally recreating all of the original games content is the goal, there will also be improvements, fixes and changes. Below are a few planned and already added features. * Modern Visuals - Every stud on every brick included (With a toggle tick box to turn them off for extra performance) plus accurate to the brick vehicles and structures. * Built in Map Editor - Why use external tools when you can do it all within the same game (Loading maps from LRR will not be added). * Rock Raider Avatars - Raiders now have customization and will have visual presets depending on the raiders training. * Extra Structures, Vehicles and functionality - The Tunnel Transport wasn't a usable vehicle in the original (Without mods), it and a few other pieces will be included with new functionality to the original play sets such as picking up vehicles and transporting them over water/lava etc. Also potential new "Helipad" structure for air vehicles separating them for special levels/tech. * Re-balanced Wall Tier System - There are now 5 types of destructible wall tiers (Diet, Loose Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Condensed Rock). The purpose being for more diverse use of each vehicle giving them more reason to be used and additionally adding Condense Rock for an end game style mining. * Re-purposing laser vehicles and structures - When implemented, they will include two modes. Mining and Weapons, allowing for better combat use and basic mining functionality for more vehicle tech versatility instead of just Raiders using weapons. Future Features: Also known as Feature Creep * Custom Walls, Resources, Structures, Vehicles (Mod Support) - While the game is being developed with this in mind, getting it working and safe for everyone to use is extremely time consuming. * HD Textures - A likely patch or toggle option in the future. A complete rework of all the textures in the game to make them pop and look much more modern. Downloads: Test versions on the Discord server, when a proper stable release is out it will be placed here. Screenshots: Main Menu Test Animation: Link
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    LEGO Island REDUX

    Something I've been working on for the next release:
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    High Quality LEGO Island Music - downloads!

    As you may have heard, Lorin Nelson has got hold of cassettes of LEGO Island's music - meaning much better quality music than before. A lot of people have expressed interest in lossless downloads, so we put them up online! Link to music More will be add to the page when more is transferred and we get permission from some of the other artists. Some of my personal favorites like Brick by Brick and the park theme have already been included. We're also planning on making a tuned-up collection of the complete OST. We're doing some tweaks to the music since transferring analog tapes is never perfect, and brings some noise and off frequencies with it. Enjoy the tracks! (PS. Lots of lots of love and thanks to Lorin for this, he's done so much work transferring all these tapes!)
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    LEGO Island Videos

    Here is the first video Lorin produced! Captain Click..! Further info: As seen from the intro, this was produces at Flying Rhino and features Captain Click as baddie stealing bricks from under kid's beds. Wes has talked about this video, and it was a proposal for a TV series - but LEGO wasn't interested.
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    10 Year Anniversary - Whats RRU to You?

    For me, Rock Raiders United represents my first experience chatting with an online community, but it also helped to teach me how to talk/communicate online in a civilised manner. Yes, I do regret the things I did and said back when I was a young attention-seeking fool, but I'm thankful for the backlash that I received as it helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to become a better person online. As for modding, I didn't intend on joining RRU to become part of the modding scene - I think I joined RRU so I could keep up-to-date with the weird/silly stuff jamesster and Jessietail used to make - but I was fascinated to hear about the inner workings of the classic LEGO games I had been collecting as a kid (especially reading about the dumb design decisions behind LEGO Island 2, that always gives me a good laugh), and recently I've been inspired to start digging through LRR's wad file to teach myself the basics of modding LEGO Rock Raiders. So here's to RRU's 10th anniversary. It's been a wild ride, and I honestly cannot wait to see what the next decade has in-store. -- Ben24x7 --
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    Prototype Granite Grinder Model

    I decided to make it in Blender from scratch whilst working on other things. Given the small scale and grain, it's a bit hard to make out the details, but I think I did alright. I nicked the backside from the standard model. Anyway, now you can see what the other side of that pimp-walk looks like. I've put it up for download here if anyone wants it for your own purposes. Use it for whatever you want. For reference:
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    Scheduled Downtime

    Just thought we would give you all a heads up that the forums will be unavailable while we do some server changes in view for next year. We will try to get all services back online as fast as possible, if everything goes smoothly you may be able to access RRU within 12 - 48 hours, this is due to some DNS changes which will take extra time to propagate. The ultimate goal of these updates is to improve the stability and speed of the server response times, so you can use the forum and other services without as many hiccups. The downtime will begin tomorrow from 8:30AM GMT+10. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have something to post on the forum, you have less than 24 hours to get it out there. Remember, you can help support the ongoing costs of running RRU via donation. If you would like to do this send me a PM. Thank you.
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    Goodies From Wes Jenkins OTHER Site

    So first off I found the canned spinoff pilot clip Next off there's an early version of the intro Next I've found the original draft of the manual https://web.archive.org/web/20070611222044/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/comicbook-productguide.pdf There's so much to note here and I'm sure jamesster will add more in a post Wes really wanted theme crossovers but for whatever reason were removed! Also lots of unused/changed character bits here Brian Shrimps mentioned here and also a plastic Pete.... Could Pete Bogg be related to Plastic Pete also? Which leads me to this: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221807/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOCharacters.pdf Sky Lane was mentioned here under "Skye" did Wes have a role in her conception? (Also it should be noted Wes seemed to have written this later on obviously, could he have been trying to revive the franchise somehow?) Now for our next bit: Wes had another LI2 script on that site meantioning Rock Raiders: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221825/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOisland2-dialogsample.pdf So apparently Rock Raiders was going to get an island at one point, but it got cut. There's several bits in game from that, but I'll note that in another topic. Should also note these, as they're from LEGO Medias Learning Range: https://web.archive.org/web/20070609083811/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGO-concept1.pdf https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGO-concepts.pdf Seems fitting with Wes saying he had binders full of LEGO game ideas, lol Also to be noted: This vid has LI1 face textures in it: And this has an "Gideon Worse", lol:https://web.archive.org/web/20070611222547fw_/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/radio/GAYspellingB.mp3
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    Information From The Lead Programmer of LEGO Island

    So me and Dennis Goodrow have been talking lately It's really amazing what he can remember. The head spinning is amazing, the engine being setup for future titles, and well I can't even say how excited I am for all of this amazing information!
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    10 Year Anniversary - Whats RRU to You?

    ^I met this guy from across the planet irl because of a game based off of a plastic toy
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    Re-make the RRU Emotes!

    ( I know I'm submitting mine a bit early, but I'm posting these now so I don't accidentally forget to post them later ). Anyways, here's my demo selection (I'll be honest, scaling down the emoticons makes it slightly harder to read their expressions - despite how hard I tried to make their expressions big enough to read yet small enough to not look ridiculously oversized - but I can redo them if necessary). DOWNLOAD - https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/misc/rockraidunit_emotes_-_ben24x7-r228/ The .zip contains the emoticons in SVG and PNG format, as well as the Serif PagePlus X8 document the emoticons were made in/exported from (the "scaled_down_samples" folder just contains some of the emoticons in PNG format, albeit exported at roughly 16x16 to test if they were readable at a small scale). If there are any problems with the format of the SVG files (which there likely will be, since I've never exported stuff in SVG format before), please PM me, and I'll see what I can do. -- Ben24x7 -- (In hindsight, I should've just recreated the old RRU emoticons at a higher resolution - kinda like what I did a while back - instead of trying to "re-invent the wheel")
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    Stunt Rally DVD Intro Restoration Completed

    So after around 40-50 hours of work over a few weeks I have finally completed the restoration of the Stunt Rally intro as found on the DVD-ROM release. There were multiple issues with the intro such as the colors being overly green with blacks looking especially green, plus the issue of encoding errors from the 25p video being converted to PAL DVD which outputs at 50i. Other errors were seen as the video changing from progressive to interlaced, what I mean by this is that with deinterlacing turned off some sections of the video would play just fine, it would show the same frame twice but then it would suddenly switch to interlaced footage and you'd see the lines of an interlaced frame that wasn't deinterlaced. When this happened there would be a transitional frame which would cause the video to freeze for a single frame, this happened quite a few times near the start resulting in the audio becoming out of sync when corrected. Towards the end this issue is very apparent as the video begins to bounce up and down due to constantly changing from progressive to interlaced and back again. A frame showing the black of Sid's car as looking very green, also note how the jungle in the background has a minor green glow to it. The same frame after color correction and upscaling to 1440 x 1080, while the blacks are much better the green cannot be fully removed due to the blacks being rendered more green than the surroundings. (below) A frame that is a transition between progressive and interlaced playback. The next frame which has jumped down by a pixel but is now playing as progressive and has no field issues. Although a seemingly crude method I used MPC media player to play the extracted intro which was a lossless rip and go frame by frame print screening the video. If opened and left alone MPC will display a video in its native resolution in the center of the screen so the frames that were pasted into GIMP2 were 768 x 576, 4:3 PAL DVD resolution. Luckily there were a few sections of the intro in the "behind the scenes" video that were of superior quality than those in the intro file itself, including the close up scenes of Baron and Brad but without the interlacing and bouncing issues, so these files were used instead since less work had to be done to fix the frames. I did look into the possibility of extracting the frames from the data of the video using ffmpeg but this only resulted in giving me 1800 images from the top field and 1800 from the bottom, plus these images were not separated and would have required manual separation taking weeks if done that way. Since MPC displays the video exactly as is with these same frames but already deinterlaced and identical quality as the manually extracted frames it was decided to simply use the video itself and go frame by frame print screening. The screen image was then pasted into a template already set at 768 x 576 so all I needed to do was line up the top corner of the video with the top corner of the template to get the frame perfectly centered every time. A color correction profile was already set so all I had to do was import the screenshot, line up just the video frame, copy that into a 1440 x 1080 template, drag it to the bottom left corner and upscale it using the best setting I tested which was Sinc (lanczos3), then a quick brightness profile set, then the color correction profile. Once all that was done the images were exported and called image-000 to image-1800 since ffmpeg can make an image sequence out of images as long as they start with image-000. After all the frames were finished the sequence was made into a video with ffmpeg and then the black boxes along the side and interlacing lines on the top and bottom were cropped out and the video set back to 1440 x 1080 with AviSynth. After this a test upload was done and it was determined that the video being 25fps caused YouTube to compress it much more than usual, so the video was made back into a sequence of images and then each frame was doubled and all the files batch renamed from image-000 to image-3599. So the final video ended up being presented the same way the DVD would have if there were no interlacing issues, and thanks to ffmpegs compression methods the file size was not bigger than the 25fps version. The audio was next and for the longest time I was using the audio from the DVD file that I attempted to fix the eqalisation on and do some noise reduction due to hiss being very present. However in the last few days a higher quality version came to light when I was digging through the extracted RF files in the ART0001 folder, there were many audio tracks of superior quality found and in one of the folders appropriately named "intro" there was a file called "legointro" so I played it and amazingly it turns out to be the same audio used in the 320 x 240 intro but not cut down to a bit depth of 8, instead it was the almost original file being 22,050Hz PCM 16 bit audio. So hidden in the files the whole time was the exact file I needed for my restored video, using the same technique as they did with the DVD audio I mirrored the frequencies from 0Hz to 11,025Hz up past the previous quality peak and made the track 44,100Hz. After this much more work was done to the equaisation and I also separated the central, left and right channels and increased the outer channel amplification to give the whole track a more spacious sound, the frequencies above 16,000Hz were then deleted as the data present from here up caused very high frequency noise that did not work well with the lower frequencies. Due to the duplicated frames the audio did have to be sped up by 0.75 percent so if it sounds a bit pitched up that is why, also there is a section towards the end after Brad and Baron jump the ice ramp that the video is still for just under a second, this is because in the next scene there are missing frames for some reason so duplicate frames had to be added to keep the audio in time with the video. Here you can see the file after the frequency mirror was performed, the frequencies above 11,025Hz are duplicated from below and does increase the quality of the track if equalised properly. So here it is all done! A huge thank you to Mr. Skeltal for helping me with using ffmpeg, AviSynth and a few other programs which would not have made the restoration possible. Also a big thank you to Cyrem for his RF extraction tool which enabled me to find the higher quality intro music. Here is the full quality version which came out to a decent 135 MB, uncompressed video at 15,000 kbps and full quality PCM 44,100Hz restored audio.
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    rpm - LEGO Racers package manager

    This is an experiment I've been slowly working on since 15 December, 2015 and finally have it in a state I'm happy with for everyone to try out and give feedback. I call it rpm ([LEGO] Racers Package Manager). Heavily influenced by the simplicity of cli tools in the web development world (npm, yarn, pip, etc), rpm is a package (read: mod) "manager" for LEGO Racers. It provides a bare-bones yet simple way to distribute and install Racers mods. Produced packages are fully human-editable for use without the app. To say this is a manager is a bit of a stretch. It currently does not produce finished packages, keep track of installed packages, or uninstall packages. I would like to implement the first two while I've not found a suitable way to handle the third. The "manager" part is somewhat of a leftover from a more expanded initial plan that was cut (my plan was the aforementioned features and to be more like the cli tools in that packages would be externally hosted and downloaded from the Web but infrastructure is intensive, yo). To use rpm, just open a cmd.exe/PowerShell window and type `rpm.exe help` for all available commands. Invoking the command's help will provide more information (example: `rpm.exe help init`). I've tried to write some helpful explanations. Anything can be revised for clarify if feedback is given. rpm does take care of a few things for you, however. Upon setting your Racers game path, it attempts to determine your game version and handles JAM extraction/rebuilding automatically, per direct integration of the JAM Extractor. This is supported for both 1999 and 2001 releases, so unless you have an unidentified version (let me know if that happens), you should only have the JAM extracted once and not have to rebuild. I do not have any prepackaged mods. You will need to try it on your own unless/until packages are uploaded to support this. Note: this software is considered an experiment. There are missing features, bugs, as well as cases where it could fail spectacularly due to unhandled errors. It may or may not go anywhere from here. I am publishing this simply to launch the experiment and get feedback on the last 2.5 years of work. Currently known issues JAM extraction for a 2001 copy requires am empty JAM archive not included in the release. Please download the JAM from GitHub and place it in %AppData%/rpm before attempting to run `rpm.exe settings`. init command will fail if attempting to write to a location without proper permissions (like Program Files) Lots of places where things could fail with no explanation GitHub: https://github.com/le717/rpm Download: https://github.com/le717/rpm/releases Oresome backup download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r262/ Change log v1.0.0-alpha.3 Add new `package` command to create a package Various user message improvements Increased likelihood that things will break™
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    WIP - System Malfunction: A mod for LRR:CE

    Lego Rock Raiders - System Malfunction Greetings and welcome to my (somewhat poorish) attempt at an overhaul of Lego Rock Raiders. System Malfunction aims to take Lego Rock Raiders and its great ideas as a base, but retell the story from the ground up. Telling the story of everything past the main intro. It will attempt to switch away from the sandbox and happy tones and strive to create a slightly more serious, challenging and balanced experience where winning the levels feels rewarding and resource management becomes a must. The intention is to give the player a sense of progression and slightly more immersion, where through story telling, new units and buildings become available allowing for more creative combinations in play style, while encouraging resource and build management. I don't consider it a Rock Raiders 2. I'm not skilled nor creative enough for that. I consider this my own thing, something new, based on the original assets. (loading screen will be provided as stand-alone patch for the Community Edition, for use with the original game/mods) This overhaul is based exclusively around Lego Rock Raiders: Community Edition - a modified version, created by Cyrem of Lego Rock Raiders with many new features coming soon. This mod will be supplied as multiple WAD patches for it so you can decide what your game is like in the end. This is why the assets you'll find here are higher in quality than what could be used by the base game. Note, that the max supported resolution I will target with my overhaul is 1920x1080 due to the scaling of assets. Any higher render some of them too small. (Not final. Rock types are not clear enough. left to right: Ground Dirt Soil Loose Rock Hard Rock - Lava water oreseam crystalseam solid rock) As you may have noticed by now, I am moving away from the original art style of Lego Rock Raiders. This is only the case for some parts of the game. Many parts of this will be optional and modular. Don't want the taskbar? Don't load it. Don't want the new menu's and loading screens? Simple. Want to load them with the base game or other mods? Go for it! (Assets in the background will be animated when in game. Font not final due to insufficient testing) Planned features: - Defined unit roles, making water units be useful making you want to use the hover scout and making sure no unit is overpowered in any field - Attempting to use game elements as a fun challenge, instead of annoying the player out of inconsistencies (looking at you, erosion) - Adding more challenge from Rock Monsters and Slugs without making them a pain. Nerfing tools to get rid of them fast, but bringing down the annoyance of slugs. - A (most likely) full voice over of the main campaign and "Moon Missions" that you can unload via patch. (Removes all voice overs) - Building unlocking through story telling, attempting to let the existence of them make more sense - New UI with animations for the loading of missions and the main menu - New objectives, not just crystal gathering. Some ideas will be borrowed from Cyrem's topic - New building - The Air Filter (hopefully it makes it in time - if not, I'll have to rewrite parts of my story layouts) - Increasing difficulty of units, buildings and more. Making everything feel believable within lore while you'd still have to think twice about it. - All new levels and custom maps with the aim to be less predictable on first play through. - New biomes - Simulation biome already in the works - New sound effects, based on the originals. - Making ore useful, you'll have to think twice on what you spend it on to reach the mission objective! - A new task-bar UI inspired by Starcraft and many RTS games alike (hopefully) (screenshot in the background behind the task-bar belongs to Packer and is from Cave Raiders, see credits) This topic serves as a place where I will occasionally place updates, and request opinions about certain things. I'm open for any and all suggestions, feel free to make comments regarding anything you see! I'm also always looking for help in certain aspects, from snippets to levels to models (especially those) - but they're not required! Interested in the story? Below here, I will start posting parts of the story once they become available. Mission 1: Rock Bottom! Mission 2: Go with the flow Currently planned balance fixes for units: Small units Experimentals (big vehicles) I don't have much more to add on to this topic for now. If you want to stay more up to date, want to help out with stuff or have other questions/concerns, don't hesitate adding me or pinging me on the RRU server on discord. CREDITS GO HERE: (in no particular order) @Cyrem: Lego Rock Raiders: Community Edition, the backbone of the mod. He's given a lot of support and info and awesome ideas. A true genius. Without them this wouldn't be possible! @Slimy Slug: Many assets may end up being borrowed from his wip overhaul, such as animation fixes and more. The guy knows the game well. Looking forward to what he comes up with! @miningmanna: Feedback and support and helps me speed up .wadp creation. Thanks! He's remaking LRR, check it out here! @Cirevam: Creator of the Hematite Howitzer - Replacement for the Small Mobile Laser Cutter. Awesome design! @Packer: Screenshot from Cave Raiders used in the taskbar concept art. Great stuff! @rockboy: Did a few things. Yes, really! - I know! I'm surprised as well! More people, no doubt, soon. (Think high-poly assets, new units etc) PS: I was against the idea of posting this topic at first, especially considering that many overhauls have died in the past few years. This will most likely not be the case with this one as I seriously want this to be an actual thing, especially considering the effort I'm trying to put into it. If anything does happen, I'll end up posting whatever assets I have and give full right to anyone to do with them what they want - Although... that will be the case with the final build anyway.
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    Average Race

    I was messing around with memory in LR (hoping to find some sort of track IDs that the game uses?) and I eventually got carried away and... this happened.
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    Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

    Rock Raiders without music has long been an issue, but following this small guide will restore the music back into the game and you won’t even need the game CD or any other audio disc. How Does it Work? LEGO Rock Raiders uses Media Control Interface (MCI) calls to play tracks from the CD-ROM. This is done through the Windows Multimedia API (winmm) which comes standard with all Windows installations. Since we want to play music without the disc we essentially need to re-route those calls from LRR to our own version of "winmm" which plays OGG files from the Music folder. This fix is based on Toni Spets' OGG winmm wrapper which I have modified to suite LRR. Applying the Fix To begin, download the Music Fix which contains all the necessary files you’ll need for this guide. The download also includes the 3 songs from the PC game in case your copy was one of those missing the audio track on your CD-ROM. Inside the ZIP file you downloaded, there will be 4 DLL files and a ‘Music’ folder containing 3 songs. Extract all these files and folders into your Rock Raiders installation directory (alongside LegoRR.exe). Your LRR should look something like this afterward. Thats all there is to it! If you run the game music should now begin playing after dismissing the “Mission Brief” on all game levels. If you wish to have all the music from the LEGO Rock Raiders games, download the music collection. All the music files are located in the "Music" folder, these files must be OGG files and must be named "Trackxx.ogg" (replace xx with any number from 00 - 98). If you would like to play your own music, there are OGG convertors online, or programs such as Audacity which will convert other audio formats to OGG. Enjoy
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    Sound addons for Axel's Mod

    I've been tinkering around with the sound files in many a game over the last few years- and since being able to finally run the game again in Windows 10 (Thanks to @Cyrem's DGVoodoo method), and @Cirevam for linking me to the LRR WAD Compiler tool, plus help from Cirevam and @Slimy Slug over in Axels' Mod topic regarding various bugfixes, I've been making sound changes/ additions alongside some other changes in the config file. Now considering this is using Axel's Mod (and by extension Baz's mod, which is what Axel's mod uses itself as a base), I won't be uploading any WAD files as of now as they contain Axel's and Baz's work, but the following sound changes are my own material. FYI as of now I am still fine-tuning the sounds themselves to get the volume levels right. These were created using Audacity. What I have done- Changed sounds of- V1.2 Files now available as WADs for easy install. reworked Lava sounds new Mining Laser Sound Edits to Axel's scripts for rockfall damage. At low levels raiders take quite a bit of shield damage, the further they are upgraded the less is taken- but remember damage is still cumulative! Taking time to upgrade your mining staff pays off. Tunnel Transport has been allowed to carry the SMLC. (Experimental) V1.1 Added Cargo carrier ramp sounds Added propeller sound to cargo carrier engine New Small Digger drill sound Two more cave sounds V1.0 Geological Center (New Sound) Tool Store (Original LRR "building hum") New sounds (building hum, the building 'active" sounds like the hopper on the Ore Refinery or the Teleporting down sounds were untouched) Teleport Pad Super Teleport Docks Support Station Upgrade Station Ore Refinery Mining Laser New unique engine sound for the Chrome Crusher (LMLC uses stock engine sound) Re-tuned and lowered the volume of the Tunnel Transport (not shown) New Action Stations! Alarm New Cavern ambiance. Unchanged- Power Station YT previews- V.1.2 Download the Mod http://www.mediafire.com/file/nucca1pch9z2qpb/Paperpanzers_Sound_Addons.zip/file
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    Pepper(?) in LEGO Hidden Side

    Cause there's been some chatter about this on Twitter and Discord but not everybody uses those... For context, Toothdominoes is a designer at LEGO: And, being one of the designers at LEGO who regularly discusses older LEGO stuff on Twitter, it seemed a safe assumption he had something to do with this, haha - and indeed he did: If you haven't heard about the new Hidden Side theme yet, here's the rundown: https://www.slashgear.com/lego-hidden-side-combines-ar-game-with-physical-building-sets-14565846/ https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/hidden-side https://news.toyark.com/2019/02/16/toy-fair-2019-lego-hidden-side-333586
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    Official LEGO Game Demo's Demos for LEGO games are becoming harder to find on other various game download networks, especially if they are the classic LEGO games. So we've been building a list of publicly released game demos. If you're looking for an Official game demo of the various LEGO games release over the years, we've got a list of them below. If you find any demo releases that aren't on this list, be sure to make a reply about it, especially if its for another language. Legend = This demo is in it's original installer. The installer may not work under modern Windows systems. = This demo has been re-packaged. This either means it has been made into a portable version or has been given a new modern Windows Installer. Classic's Demo List LEGO Alpha Team DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGO Alpha Team LEGO Creator (Series) DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Creator English - Installer - LEGO Creator: Harry Potter LEGO LOCO DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO LOCO LEGO Racers DEMO English - Portable - LEGO Racers (Repack) English - Installer - LEGO Racers Japanese - Installer - LEGO Racers LEGO Rock Raiders DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGO Rock Raiders LEGO Stunt Rally DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally (Repack) Japanese - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally (Repack) Japanese - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally LEGO Island 2 DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Island 2 LEGOLAND DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGOLAND LEGO Football (Soccer) Mania DEMO English - Portable - LEGO Football Mania TT Games Demo List LEGO Bionicle Heros DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Bionicle Heros LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 LEGO Lord of the Rings DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Lord of the Rings LEGO The Hobbit DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO The Hobbit LEGO Star Wars DEMO (Series) Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Star Wars Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Star Wars II LEGO Indiana Jones DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Indiana Jones LEGO Batman DEMO (Series) Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Batman Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Batman 3 LEGO Marvel Super Heros DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Marvel Super Heros
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    [LR1] IXS Pepper Roni

    Replaces Nova Hunter's head and chest, blue legs, and the black and blue legs. Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/ixs_pepper_lr1-r287/ Yes, the legs are plain blue, but I think they look better that way.
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    LEGOLAND - State of Modding - Start Here!

    LEGOLAND - State of Modding This topic outlines the progress of LEGOLAND research for modding so that you as a member can get up to speed with the progress on the game and join in! You don’t need to be a programmer to help with this, just a keen eye and some motivation. Many hands make light work, so if you can help please throw in a hand. File Types Extension Progress Tools About RES 100% Yes Resource Volume - The resource archives storing most of the game resources (Legoland.res, Graphics1.res, Graphics2.res) LLS 0% No LegoLand Sprite - These files are compressed image sprites. The format seems to contain multiple images for animations. MAP 0% No MAP file are used for the playable maps in the game. WAV 100% Yes Wave sound file for sound effects. Nothing special needed to play. 3D 0% No Possibly 3D model files that are no longer used. COL 0% No Something to do with colour, possibly not used. CSP 0% No Standardized LL Index File for LLS sprites. Seems to contain a "compilation" of sprites. ILF 0% No See CSP File LOC 0% No Unknown ODF 0% No Possibly "Object Data File". Contains properties of objects. PK 0% No Unknown. There is only one file "pirates song.pk" POS 0% No Unknown but possibly to do with the 3D Model files. RIN 0% No Unknown but possibly to do with the 3D Model files. TXT 100% Yes Standard text document for briefings and level scripts. TSF 0% No Something to do with tile sets. Referrenced by TSM files. TSM 0% No Something to do with tile sets. Referrences TSF files. BMP 100% Yes Standard Bitmap File. SCC 100% N/A Microsoft Visual Source Safe files. Leftover file from development. JBF 100% Yes Jasc Paint Shop Pro files. Leftover from development. STY 100% Yes Microsoft DirectMusic Style. (Thanks LDD Mods) BND 100% Yes Microsoft DirectMusic Band. (Thanks LDD Mods) STR 100% Yes Strings File. BNV 0% No Unknown. Something to do with ride zbuffers. LFM/LMS/LPT/OBJ/LTX 0% No Unknown. Various rollercoaster related files. Current Tools These are the current tools available for dealing with custom LEGOLAND files. RES - LEGOLAND Resource Tool STR - STR Clean Tool Needed Tools We really need tools to deal with the the following files: LLS to BMP, BMP to LLS Edit Index files such as TSM, TSF, CSP, ILF Edit Object Data. For the ODF file format. Map Viewer/Editor for MAP files. Experiments We need members to conduct experiments with altering and swapping files and checking their outcomes. Please post all progress you make on any files. While testing all files is important, the following files are of particular interest: LLS, CSP MAP, TXT (Level Scripts) ODF TSF, TSM Misc Some other pages/topics of interest... LEGOLAND Parameters TCRF Notes Happy modding!
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    Custom Bricks for LDD

    Hi everyone, I'm terribly sorry for the long absence. I recently stumbled upon this thread again and I see that a lot of you guys are interested by my work. To do a long story short I kinda assumed the forum was dead and I also lost interest in the project. But as you might have guessed I'm writing here because I've recently started working on the project again. Currently, I'm still far away from having a functional tool to edit and create custom bricks. Recently I've been more focused on a tool that creates custom palettes (aka lego set) for LDD. If you didn't know, LDD has an undocumented feature to have a defined inventory of bricks with quantities (instead of an infinite number of all possible bricks) and tracks the quantity remaining of each bricks, which basically sums up to virtually building a lego set. This tool is mostly done and only requires a little more error checking and a nicer user interface. Once this is finished I will get back to develop an application for creating and editing custom bricks. I'll keep you updated of my progress.
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    LEGO Island REDUX

    A little preview of what will be in the next build - hopefully it'll make the island a little less lonely. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lR_s9_RGitmfyJ3HW3aaMMKM3rizNxqp/preview
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    Completely revamped the driving physics of the karts/vehicles. I went from using wheel colliders to my own raycast based solution. And imo it looks and feels 10x better. Karts are fast and bouncy which really helps achieve that arcade feel. They also support LR1 style power-sliding which helps speed you up around tight corners. https://streamable.com/xma9z Can support different wheel suspension heights and kart bodies, all while retaining max speeds to assure races are fair. https://streamable.com/ksxcr Started playing around with AI. As you can probably tell from the video, they're as dumb as a sack of potatoes. They have a very basic "brain" that just tells em to randomly accelerate and steer, which sometimes makes them look quite intelligent, but most of the time they will drive straight into a wall. AI vehicles are exactly the same as a player controlled one, and it's very easy to "take control" of a bot, if needed. https://streamable.com/fk3mr And finally a video of simply driving around with some bots in the walled area. https://streamable.com/bqg6f
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    10 Year Anniversary - Whats RRU to You?

    This is the only online community that's ever captured my interest and attention for a meaningful amount of time. I've drifted away from everywhere else, whether it was Blockland, GameFAQs, or some obscure forum under the internet's couch cushions. I feel like I can call some of the people here "friends," and I actually mean that. Maybe it's because I was here since the Zetaboards days, even if it was only for a month. I wouldn't say I grew up here since I joined when I was 18, but RRU seems to mark the start of my "I have left home and am my own person now" era. The forum and people here are important to me. Modding old LEGO games is cool too, even though I really only bother with LRR. I'd do more but I'm not a programmer. Modding has at least given me a way to practice my 3D modeling skills, and the cringy feeling I get when looking at some of the stuff I made in college is proof of my improvement.
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    New larger frame and some new bricks. Along with a "Very WIP garage" Car here is built 100% ingame. Bricks are added to the frame brick.
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    The Cancelled LEGO Football/Soccer Game(s)

    A while back I was browsing Polycount and came across a thread posted by an artist talking about getting their first gamedev job, working on LEGO Universe. One of the replies was from a guy named Mike Rusby, who mentioned that his first job was also working on a LEGO game. Curious which game it was, I clicked the link to his website in his signature. http://mikerusby.com/misc.html If you scroll down a bit there, you'll see some LEGO character models labeled "lego football Blitz games 2002". I also came across his Flickr gallery, which has the same image, and a second one, both labeled 2003 this time. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikerusby/3258838335/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikerusby/3259670852/ I did more googling but couldn't find anything else about a LEGO game made by Blitz, except a little more from Mike on another website, which just said he worked there as a texture artist from 2002-9 to 2003-2. LEGO Football/Soccer Mania, by Silicon Dreams, was released in June 2002. This game was in development after that one. So, being curious what happened to this game, I dropped Mike an email, and he was kind enough to shed some light on it. He just remembered it being called LEGO Football. My guess is it would have gotten a more unique name by launch to differentiate it between LEGO Football/Soccer Mania, but who knows. He vaguely remembered someone telling him that there'd been a previous football/soccer LEGO game before theirs, but wasn't sure. So the team was at least aware of Football/Soccer Mania, but probably not taking heavy inspiration from it or trying to make a direct sequel. He said "The game was ok to play, the animations that my colleague did were superb." He has a CD with some of the 3D models somewhere; "a wild west saloon, cowboy and indian village amongst other things." He said he'd try to track it down but hadn't seen it in a while. It sounds like that while the game was intended to have a variety of themes, all he really remembered (if not all that existed before cancellation) was wild west themed. In the wild west section you played on top of a train, went through a fort and red indian village, had to kick the ball at rattlesnakes etc. It was an old wild west train, the kind with an iron cowcatcher on the front. There was also a big wild west town with a saloon, which you played in. Meanwhile... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/qanda-lego-star-wars-producer-jonathan-smith/1100-6165669/ I sent this interview to Mike, who said he had a weird feeling it wasn't the game he worked on at Blitz. Given the incredibly close timing, though, I think it's likely there's some connection here. LEGO has a long history of cancelling or rejecting games at one studio, then trying again with a similar (if not the same) concept at another studio. (As you can read there, even LEGO Football/Soccer Mania has such a history; DDI pitched the idea but LEGO went with Silicon Dreams to actually make it, years later). They've done it in more recent years too. Honestly, I'd imagine it's fairly common practice in game development, beyond just LEGO... But why didn't they just go with Silicon Dreams again? I don't know, but it seems they might have considered it... https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/5916-contact-with-atd/ ATD was a sister studio to Silicon Dreams; both owned by Kaboom. It'd make sense for one of ATD's co-founders to know of Silicon Dreams's projects - or perhaps they'd know even if it weren't a Silicon Dreams project, just due to working directly with LEGO. tl;dr: Another LEGO Football/Soccer game was attempted, possibly multiple times. It never worked out. Oh well.
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    Project Island - a LEGO Island fan-made sequel

    New teaser for the project!
  42. 6 points

    Discord Server Signups

    I know this won't stop people with less than 10 posts asking to join the group, but I put some time into this and I thought I'd better post this anyway:
  43. 5 points
    Mr. Eight-Three-One

    Lego Games on a 1997 PC with a 3DFX Voodoo

    Hey, it's my first post in two years on this forum, and it's for *another* self-promotion. Hopefully that doesn't bother any of you...my apologies. Anyway, you all probably know that I love old computers, but for the last several years I've largely been unable to pursue that hobby having been in college. Well...that's no longer the case! I'm now out on my own, and I'm free to pursue it as much as I desire. Recently I finished a project where I put together what effectively would have been my "dream computer" in 1997 (which, incidentally, was the year I first used a computer...at the age of two), and would also have been a high-end build when Lego Island was released. I've wanted such a machine for a long time as it's basically the equivalent of a high-end computer to coincide with 5th gen game consoles (the Nintendo 64 and PS1). Featured in this video are the first five 3D Lego games (Island, Chess, Creator, Racers, and yes, even Rock Raiders), running with a 3DFX Voodoo card (except Creator, which uses the 2D card in this machine). I felt inspired to make this video because the sands of time seem to have washed away a lot of the experience of playing these games on such a machine. Many of the people here seemed to have grown up in the Windows XP era where computers that could play these games without any lag at all were the norm, not the exception. And, as you might expect, they don't run anywhere near as well as you might be used to. But that's the whole charm of it. There's a certain appeal to be had when you're so used to the games running without an ounce of lag and suddenly that luxury is taken away from you, and it serves as a fun reminder of technological advancements. And yes, this is a real computer running this; this is not an emulator or a virtual machine. I have listed the specs in the video description but the general gist of it is that it runs a Pentium MMX 233 MHz CPU and Windows 95 (quick disclaimer, I actually prefer 95 to 98. I know, unpopular opinion, heh). This was the fastest desktop Pentium ever made1 before the Pentium 2 was released. The Voodoo card is essentially the original must-have graphics card; like, you were the wimpy unpopular kid if you were a PC gamer and didn't have one. And, unlike what you might be used to today, it *only* did 3D stuff -- you still needed a whole 'nother graphics card to run the Windows desktop and everything else!2 Regardless, I hope you enjoy this foray into computer history, and marvel at the prospect of having to turn down graphics settings in games you probably never even thought of turning down the settings in before. 1There were mobile Pentium 1 processors that clocked faster than this, but as far as the desktop market went, you couldn't get any better than that before the Pentium 2 came out. 2When 3D graphics were the hip new thing, and with the advent of DirectX, Microsoft made their own graphics API called Direct3D, but it had the caveat of requiring specially made hardware in order to run it, so your old graphics card wouldn't be able to run it out of the box. So, during the awkward transition era where not every graphics chip was expected to have 3D support out of the box (the computer you see in this video does happen to support 3D on the "main" graphics card, but it's not very good), 3DFX made cards that specifically only did 3D, either on Direct3D or with their proprietary API called "Glide". I explain this in the video, but the way the cards work is that the 3D card had a VGA-in and a VGA-out port. You daisy chain from your main card's VGA out to the 3D card's VGA in port, and then the monitor cable goes into the 3D card's VGA out port.
  44. 5 points

    Drivable Dingy

    Just A Little Experiment. if anyone wants to enhance it let me know since this is the best i can do as of now. I would like to turn tome of the loose cars into actual drivable cars in the future Video Here Files For The Car Here
  45. 5 points

    Real LEGO Racers [Fan-Art]

    Sam Neill as Johnny Thunder
  46. 5 points

    LRR remake project

    So I got some stuff done: -TriggerItems can get their function assigned via Lego*/Triggers where you put the path to the TriggerItem with : and define their function (for now only exit) -The MapMesh is reimplemented. A bit more structured this time -Cursor is able to select a tile (not really select but the tile under the cursor gets highlighted to test the ray-mesh intersecting) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZvtmtvVuOw) -The Main-menu overlays have a random delay inbetween -The rock animation for the menu transitions has been added -The initial cave in the dugg map gets "expanded" to have a 1 tile wide border of any cliff type, meaning that it will add every neighbour tile until it has a 1 thick border plans: -Being able to modify the map and update the mesh accordingly -Improving the cursor tile highlighting. It currently is a bit iffy. It works but sometimes it doesnt feel like it. Note that i implemented that today. There is probably a better way of doing this. Currently it uses a parametric description of a plane and the ray from the cursor to set up 3 equations (for each component: x,y,z) and solves the system with gaussian elemination. -Ingame menu (building menu, etc.) -NERP to lua compatibility. I already have a way of compiling the nerp files to lua. Basically it reuses the function names. I will make a lua file which then binds the function to the new alternative function. Example: GetEnergyCrystalsStored (nerp) -> function GetEnergyCrystalsStored GetEnergyCrystalsStored is then defined as: function GetEnergyCrystalsStored() return base.crystals end regarding registers. They will use global lua variables. So everything should work like intended after compiling to lua lastly: -A solid loading system. The idea will be that it first tries to get the assets from the following places. The last with the overrides the ones coming before it: * WAD files "LegoRRx". Larger x overrides lower x * "Data" folder * "LegoRRx" folders. Same order as the WADs. It might be a good idea to switch around "Data" and "LegoRRx" folders, but that should be an easy fix, as soon as its done
  47. 5 points

    [LR1] Flex

    A port of my LR2 Flex mod to LR1. Replaces: Islander Faces, Islander Chest, Green Legs, and the Blue Helmet with red stripes and white stars Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/lr1-flex-r290/
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    imma leave a hidden reply here with stuff off the top of my head ENGLISH - LEGO Island 2 demo - from demo disc, my old upload: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0zdtdfb48cw52ve/Island2.7z - Soccer Mania demo - from demo disc, my old upload: https://www.mediafire.com/file/k90d519pifxlv99/football_mania.exe - LEGO Creator demo - from demo disc - had the demo disc on hand, just uploaded it to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0e24105mgt0ebq/CREATOR.zip?dl=1 - LEGO Creator Knights Kingdom demo - from demo disc, has a time limit - I'LL UPLOAD THIS LATER - LEGO LOCO demo - from demo disc - I'LL UPLOAD THIS LATER - LEGO Creator Harry Potter demo - from a "Harry Potter movie disc" Brickome has; here's their link to it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rj8fecdzbp3e5k/lego.rar?dl=1 JAPENESE - LEGO Racers Japenese demo - link from Jess's video of it: https://mega.nz/#!74kWlYYC!zOUUlP8YnmpoL0F21jw_-3eQls4CGWKU2tvamG2mHrs - LEGO Alpha Team Japanese demo (there is no English demo afaik) - http://download.gamesurf.tiscali.it/demo/alpha_t_demo.exe - Japenese demos for Rock Raiders, LEGOLAND, and LEGO Stunt Rally (old link from Jess): https://mega.nz/#!K0chkCxQ!jsksPod86j_0chAtMZuDJ1KpzKY9R3ziwENq3Lliawo edit - may as well unhide so people don't go to the trouble of uploading things already linked
  49. 5 points

    10 Year Anniversary - Whats RRU to You?

    I initially joined RRU after watching videos regarding the very first inklings of Racers modding (uploaded by @jamesster, iirc) but it quickly became a place I enjoyed. It was here that I began to explore the world of programming. Though the semi-mentoring and guidance of @JrMasterModelBuilder to the utter disaster of so. many. projects., I learned and grew. Today, I am a 5+ year web developer, working on my third college degree, hold a professional job, have professional experience, and often have the opportunity to guide others in programming. All that and more has origins here at RRU. Ye, during my nearly 7 years of membership, I have had my far share of tussles with people (who doesn't?) but they were resolved. I've seen people come and go, fights occur, acted as a chat mediator more times than I can count, but in all of it, as @McJobless once wrote, RRU is a family. Families are dysfunctional but they are still family. And that is RRU. While, like Xir, I've not totally made life-long friends from here (probably my fault), I do have trust with some people on here, and maybe one day, I can meet them in-person and we can perhaps continue our trust more deeply. It's through RRU that I've grown as a person. Y'all, I was 16 when I joined (do the math). I made bad pranks that got the forum rules altered because of me (something I occasionally laugh about), wrote blog posts that talked on my life issues, and spoke on a hope for a better life. Long time members may remember my post #NoSocialLife. Since that post, so many things I spoke of and wished for have changed. But if I had not written it, telling my family, I'm not sure I would be where I am today, RRU is, to this day, the only forum on the Internet bearing my name in the membership and history. I'm not near as active as I was before, but I still lurk, occasionally post, and develop tools with RRU in mind. I'm proud to be a part of RRU. I don't know what the future holds, but I know my past here has not been in vain. Here's to 10 years and more of eternal landslides, Gypsy Moth being a harder opponent than Rocket Racer, and a future generation of family.
  50. 5 points

    RRU's 10th Anniversary

    From the album: Random/Misc stuff

    A little poster I created to celebrate RRU's decade-long existence. With a little call-back to the original RRU logo to top it off. If anyone wants/needs the full uncompressed 2897x5290 version, drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
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