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    It's been a long while, but today the largest update so far drops for Manic Miners! The vehicles are here, together with an extensive miner customization system and many surprises and improvements. Dive in and re-live an almost-complete Rock Raiders remake today! The only thing missing are the monsters... so stay tuned! Thank you for following development! V0.3: The Miners and machines update trailer: Initial reveal trailer: Latest version: V0.3.0, released 2019-12-26) Download link: https://baraklava.itch.io/manic-miners Resource links: Trello (my development progress) Discord (active daily discussion AND usually weekly in-progress builds) Subreddit (active daily) Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates) Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello: If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes: Original post: Full information dump can be found here
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    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Sup. Been a while especially as forum posting definitely hasn't been my thing for years but I think I've got something interesting to share for once. - I've been playing Drome Racers for a while now and its development got me interested as the game doesn't use traditional LEGO for its world or characters. The cars remain to be built with Technic bricks, and that fact alone made me ilvid of it's conception. I skimmed through the credits list and contacted multiple artists, ranging from enviroment artists to modellers. My latest contact Rob James (who worked on the enviroment and cars) replied back to my request on Linkedin and we had a great talk about the game and thankfully, he was open to share development resources. EDIT: the convo Serwithed = Max
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    Questions about LEGO Rock Raiders game development

    Hi all, just a quick message to say I found some development CD's for the PC, NTSC and PAL versions. Have added a pic here https://photos.app.goo.gl/xJRJ72KUCqCvUkLv5 Will try and answer some more questions soon, really busy right now.
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    Merry Christmas MOC

    I made this in LEGO Digital Designer and rendered it in Blender for use on my cards this Christmas, thought I'd share it here Hope you all have a great holiday!
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    Mr. Skeltal

    Better Quality Intro Video

    I had this crazy idea during school to try and clean up the FMV from the PlayStation version of the game, and put it into the PC version, for a better quality video. So, I got home, got my tools out, and made a video file that I feel looks and sounds better than the original intro video, included in the PC version. You can download the higher res intro here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iSoWI3_-9gvsHROOxdOxaq16dlxh_Fi4 To use, simply go to your Rock Raiders install directory, go to the DATA folder, then into the AVI folder. Rename the downloaded file as intro.avi, and drag it into the folder. There ya go! Your Rock Raiders intro video should now be better quality! EDIT: Incase anyone wants it for some reason, here is the full resolution upscale: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_jey_UEhddfdePhv5jEsQ6q4W3P1HkHM
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    LEGO Life on Mars Media Hub

    Because I've chosen this series as a hub to die on as my favorite LEGO theme, I'll kill time and document everything I know and have retained regarding the 2001 LEGO space theme where for once the aliens were friendly (set design-wise, at least) Full credit/support to the lads behind the Biodium Vault, Aaron Lemay and Niall Fray. Ya did good work for people like me in the BZP days, thanks lads. LEGO.com Content: -The theme indulged in a fairly generous amount of story content online for a not-BIONICLE early 2000s LEGO theme. Through "raido logs" and weekly Flash games, a story involving the Solar Explorer crew's contact with the Martians and an insurgent group regarding use of the Biodium mineral that enables life on Mars unfolded and gave the series an interesting little narrative. As of now the games are lost of time, but nearly all of the logs (in text format, apparently audio dramatizations of some sort existed but were lost) have been recovered via Wayback Machine and are collected here. Naturally recovery of the lost content would be nice, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Magazine Promotion: -A fair few comics and articles were published in the various magazines published around the world at the time. 2001 issues of LEGO Mania Magazine featured LoM comics (including one that acted as an epilogue to the web story and crossed-over with Alpha Team, Studios, and the Dinosaurs canister sets) and articles documenting various elements of the theme, including the Truck Tour, contests and IRL science, as did the UK publication, LEGO Adventures. Translations of the Russian versions of the latter's comics can be found here, and the untranslated issues here. I haven't found enough scans of the UK ones, sadly. The Truck Tour: -Was one of a few themes lucky to get a traveling truck tour around the USA (maybe Europe?) during launch. Documentation is limited but photo galleries exist on Brickshelf: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 The brick-built models have since re-emerged and have ended up on public display in the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum operating unofficially from LEGO in Bellaire, Ohio. LEGOLAND: -Most prominently, a short stage show was hosted in LEGOLAND parks based on the theme, featuring mascot costumes of martians Cassiopeia and Altair (photos of which surface in odds and ends around the net). A commemorative Duplo promo brick (common practice) exists in tribute to the show. A recording of the show has shown up online from one of Altair's actors. Enjoy the cringe. LEGO Gaming: -Most relevant to the site, I guess. Life on Mars features in LEGO Racers 2 and LEGO Football/Soccer. Most prominently, players can change their character from normal minifig to a Cassiopeia clone (and forced to use one of the prebuilt Martian cars instead of your own) while racing on Mars with a cheat code input in the main menu. Gallery of the cheat in action here (courtesy of our own PeabodySam). Also, intro cinematic when getting to the Mars level. Very atmospheric. IRL Science & Other stuff: -Coolest bit IMO: In a massive, desperate promotional stunt collaboration with IRL space agencies, a selection of Life on Mars products were sent up to the International Space Station. Following the return home, 300 of the Martian minifigs included were framed and given away in ceremonies, contests and the like. Pretty rare and pretty cool, though documentation is sadly lacking. -The theme had a shout-out in the LEGO: A Love Story, a memoir by journalist Johnathan Bender about entering the AFOL fandom, wherein journey was partially jumpstarted by finding the Aero Tube Hanger set in a yard sale, and encountering the display at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. Unfortunately for hyperfans like me, he mixes up the theme as being under the same name as 2007's Mars Mission, so that's annoying (and on top of THAT, he refers to the term Life on Mars as "the failed ABC drama", ignorant of the context of the original BBC show or David Bowie song! Sacrilegious! /tangent) -And finally the commercial. Who doesn't love a commercial? I'll update this with more information as it may be found, but hope this collected source is interesting for people. And hi, I finally came to this place, friends.
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    LWO to OBJ (and now XML), specifically made for Rock Raiders models

    https://github.com/Terrev/LWO-to-OBJ/releases A quick and dirty tool for converting Rock Raiders models (.LWO + .UV) to OBJ, just cause I got annoyed there was nothing that handled the texture mapping properly/at all (generating UV coords from the planar texture info, or loading them from the occasional .UV files) Animations/full creatures and buildings etc are another deal entirely (.LWS files; scenes comprised of LWOs), I make no promises as to if/when I might tackle that but it'd be in a separate, more extensive project Select/multiselect as many LWOs as you want and it'll plop the OBJs/MTLs right along side 'em, just remember LRR puts some things in special "Shared" folders so if some textures aren't present, look there ~~ EDIT: AND NOW SOME NEW STUFF ~~ You can also dump LWOs as XMLs and back again, to make simple tweaks easier (changing texture paths, colors, etc without a hex editor) or to more easily debug why one model may be crashing the game or whatever (comparing it with a working file, removing/changing chunks until it works, etc). It handles the bulk of the chunks used by the game's models (certainly all the chunks the game actually reads), others it doesn't recognize just have their raw hex dumped (so if for some reason you need to tweak them you still can). Note that due to the nature of floating point numbers, unless you tick the boxes for it, it won't turn those into text by default (it'll dump the raw contents as you'd see in a hex editor instead), to avoid minuscule differences creeping in (you probably won't need to be editing these by hand 99% of the time anyway) . Practically speaking it won't matter in-game even if that does happen, you'd never see a visual difference. It just makes direct file comparison easier when things match truly 100%. If you wanna know what the hell you're even looking at in the XMLs, here's some format documentation that explains it: http://www.martinreddy.net/gfx/3d/LWOB.txt https://sandbox.de/osg/lightwave.htm The only inaccuracy I found was that angles (i.e. surface smoothing angles) seem to be stored in radians, not degrees. But that doesn't even matter because LRR doesn't read/use any chunks like that. In fact, going by Cyrem's reverse engineering efforts (aka poking the exe with a stick), it seems the only chunks (and SURF sub-chunks) the game pays attention to are: PNTS SRFS CRVS POLS SURF TIMG COLR CTEX TTEX TFLG FLAG TSIZ TCTR TRAN DIFF LUMI REFL SPEC GLOS And not even all of those are actually used in practice - same goes for the surface and texture flags. Oh yeah, and the 4th (supposedly unused) byte in color chunks is typically 00 but the exporter in Lightwave 8 writes FF instead. It's probably of no importance. SOME OTHER NOTES Rock Raiders often leaves certain textures unfiltered to create an appearance of crisp seams between bricks on low resolution textures, but sometimes their choices on what textures to do it on were a bit weird - the Power Station is a great example: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8156-rock-raiders-models-uv-files-x-files-texture-filtering-and-the-shared-folder/ Basically, if something looks too blurry when you think it should look sharp, try messing with the settings for the texture in whatever program you're using (i.e. in Unity, enable point filtering for the texture under Filter Mode) Chief's models are flipped on X, inside out. His animation then scales him to -1 on X, making the faces appear the right way around, but with flipped vertex normals. Why? So the lighting from the cursor - behind him - makes him appear lit from the front. I've included an option to flip models on X, so you can get Chief's models as they appear once animated in-game. Vertex normals are generated by the game at runtime, and the game ignores any smoothing angles that may be set in the LWO; hard edges are purely handled by which verts are welded/unwelded Rock Raiders often adjusts the scale of misc things in the animations (like the minifigure head), keep an eye out for that if you're assembling these together manually Some screenshots of converted models in another program:
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    Insane Raiders [2020-01-16: Insane R]

    Finally, after a million years, but slightly before the heat death of the universe I finished my next Insane Raiders comic: Comic No. 29 - Insane R Don't worry about the small preview size (the result of the 750 pixel image height limit and the length of the comic). You just have to click on it and view it in the original file size. It's in the second post of this thread and in this post right here. Here at the end of the thread I put it into a spoiler for a better reading flow: Here is the background story (read the comic first for extra "What is even going on?"-madness): Maybe it was a mixture of laziness and "Is this idea good enough?/ I have a better idea" and "How many will read it?", but I haven't published a comic in ages. I even made fun about that by giving me the rank: "I know: I should make a new Insane Raiders comic very soon." Previously I thought about making another comic, but then I had an idea. Ben24x7 told me about a train racing game called Densha de D and mentioned, that it had a cool feature you wanted to show. I wondered, if it was about Drifting (you may know the memeI and Ben24x7 (slightly disappointed, that I guessed it so fast*) said, that it was indeed about this and continued to show it. After that I looked this up (including a speedrun) and discovered, that Densha de D was also a manga series which in return was based on the manga/anime series called Initial D, which is about drift races in Japan. There are also some other references in it**. This is also the reason, why I made it look more like a manga. Now you might ask: "Can this same insane over the top racing theme be applied to another obvious LEGO game candidate?" and you are completely right! It's LEGO Ra.... Chess! Just imagine the checkmate! Your display might as well just explode! *reminds me of the time, when I played Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC remake of the first Katamari Damacy game) and on the first or second day I though: "Imagine a snob saying, that it is about criticising consumerism due to the sheer amount of objects, that you collect" Little did I know, that this was the actual intention of the game's creator... **Redline (over the top anime racing movie) and Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi (the last panel of the comic). Also Rock Raiders for obvious reasons.
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    3d printing a slimy slug

    I am prototyping a 3d printed slimy slug. The goal is to make it as close to the one seen in the rock raiders promotional artwork as possible. Once I nail the design I plan to make a silicone mould to make more copies with a smoother lego-like finish. There have been a handful of custom slugs made by the rock raiders community, so I am curious as to whether this is something other people are still interested in. (Picture)
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    Questions about LEGO Rock Raiders game development

    Hi, If I can answer any questions you may have regarding the game development I'm more than happy to. I was Lead Tester on the project working both at LEGO HQ in Slough, UK and also at the developers Data Design in the West Midlands, UK.
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    Rob Baker

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    I worked at ATD during this period, on all the published Lego games. Lego Racers 2 is obviously what it sounds like. Lego Racers 3 was actually Drome Racers. It was only called Lego Racers 3 for a very brief period, I only ever really knew it as Drome Racers. Lego Racers 4 never existed, it was always known as Drome Racers 2 internally. And yeah, it only ever had a pre-production phase and no code was ever written for it to my knowledge, though we did progress our internal engine tech in that direction which was eventually used in the uncompleted Ion Runner. I also did the port of Drome Racers from PC to XBOX. This was complete a few months before ATD closed, so I have no idea why it was never released by the publisher.
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    Rock Raiders Toolkit - LWO and UV exporting in Unity

    https://github.com/Terrev/Rock-Raiders-Toolkit This is a Unity toolkit that exports models to .LWO, and optionally .UV as well. It means you can author Rock Raiders models free of LightWave, and use proper UV mapping for the first time since none of us have UView (and who'd want to use it these days anyway?). You'll probably just want to use planar textures most of the time though, as you'll see later... Why Unity? So I didn't have to do a bunch of model importer and UI work, and cause there's been success using Unity for these sorts of things before (The Legend of Mata Nui - I made a dumb level editor for it - and someone also made a level editor toolkit in it for Dark Souls). Also, I *might* eventually look into LWS animation support, which could use Unity's built-in animation tools. No promises if that'd even work though. We'll see. TUTORIAL, PART 1: SOLID COLORS + PLANAR TEXTURES First, download Unity. https://store.unity.com/download?ref=personal Then download the toolkit - here's a direct link to a zip of it: https://github.com/Terrev/Rock-Raiders-Toolkit/archive/master.zip Open the project folder in Unity, and off you go. (You'll probably have a newer version of Unity than the version last used for this project - that's fine, it'll automatically upgrade it.) Once it's open, load the scene called... uh... "Scene". This scene has some lighting settings that I find convenient for this, already set up. (Default scenes in Unity have yellowish directional lighting and blueish ambient lighting, etc, to mimic an outdoors environment. I prefer to work with plain white lighting for this.) The default Unity layout will look a bit different from this - I prefer the Tall layout (Window -> Layouts) so that's what you'll be seeing here. Oh, I also prefer a one-column project tab. Anyway. Let's import our custom model. Make a new folder for it in the Project tab (use the + icon), then click and drag it in. (Note that if your model has textures, they must be imported at the same time as or before the model for Unity to assign them properly. Otherwise you'll have to manually assign them later.) You'll also want to make a "Materials" folder inside your new folder (it can be named anything, really). Then, in the model's import settings, click "Extract Materials..." and select the Materials folder you made a moment ago. This will expose all the model's materials for you to edit. Select them all, and change the shader to Rock Raiders. You can also change the shader to Rock Raiders Transparent - there's no difference between the two when it comes to saving a LWO, it only affects how they're displayed in Unity. The transparent version of the shader will just display transparency in Unity, while the other one won't. Now click and drag your model into the scene. The position, rotation, and scale it's at in the scene will be applied to the final exported model, so if you drag it directly into the 3D scene view, make sure you set its position to 0, 0, 0. Most models in Rock Raiders have a basic 1x1 LEGO brick as 2.5 units wide, and a plate is 1 unit high. (Some things, like minifigures, are scaled differently in their LWOs, then brought into scale with the rest of the game by other means such as their animations, so you'll have to compare to vanilla models to get the right size.) The model I'm importing here - a custom Electric Fence - is originally built in LEGO Digital Designer and then converted/exported to OBJ. In LDD, a brick is 0.8 units wide, and a plate is 0.32 units high (it's based on real life measurements in millimeters). So to bring it into scale with Rock Raiders, we have to scale it up by precisely 3.125. Now, let's set up planar textures. This is by far the most common texturing method Rock Raiders uses. The idea is you'll project textures from either the X, Y, or Z direction, like a film projector on a screen, and you can adjust the size and position of it. These will apply per material, so that's why I gave the tiles we want to texture their own unique materials on front. Import the textures you want to use, if you haven't already - I'm just using ones present in the vanilla game. Also assign them to the materials if needed. Don't really worry about how they look in the editor; we'll be setting up their size/position in a moment. But what values do we want for Texture Center and Texture Size to make it look right? Go to the Rock Raiders menu up top, and click Add Planar Texture Helper. Also do Add Measuring Tape - we'll use both together. Select the things you just added in the hierarchy tab, and move them wherever. To use the measuring tape, select an end of it, then press and hold V to use vertex snapping. Grab it by the bottom vertex of the pyramid, and snap it to a vertex on your model. Repeat for the other side, and voila! You can measure how far it is from one vertex to the other. You can also look at the Measuring Tape script on each of the ends to see the distance in case it's hard to see in the scene view, or automatically align the ends on an axis. With a couple measuring tapes, we can see the area we want to align our texture to is 2.5 units high and 5 units across. If you remember the standard Rock Raiders scale mentioned earlier, you may not have even needed to measure it. So let's change the scale of our planar texture helper to 5 on x (width), and 2.5 on y (height), and vertex snap it to the tile. Then, drag the material you want to set to this size/position into the Material slot in the Planar Texture Helper script, and click "Apply to material". We'll also do this to the material for the tile on the other side - we don't even have to move the planar texture helper in this case, since they're aligned on the axis we'll be projecting from anyway (z). If you look at the materials now, you'll see the values we want have been copied over. You can also change the axis the texture is projected from here - tick the box for x, y, or z. (The first one checked will apply; if none are selected it defaults to z.) You won't see how the planar texture will truly look in-editor, but if you use the planar texture helper, you should know what to expect. You may also have to make rotated/flipped copies of textures sometimes to make them face the way you want, as the original developers did - that's just a limitation of planar textures. Let's do some finishing touches, making the neon green bits transparent and luminescent. Now let's save it as an LWO from the Rock Raiders menu! It will export an LWO of whatever object you have selected, and its children. (This means you can also combine models by making them the child of the selected object; click and drag one model into another.) If nothing happens, look at the log - chances are there's a material in the model that doesn't have a Rock Raiders shader, and it'll let you know there. The Rock Raiders shader is needed so materials can have all the info needed for the LWO. And here's the model in-game! TUTORIAL, PART 2: UV FILES You can also save a UV file along with your LWO. This lets you use the UV mapping from the model instead of planar textures - for example, here's Sparky's head from LEGO Racers 2 ported to Rock Raiders: This method comes with various restrictions, however. Which rolls into the next section. TUTORIAL, PART 3: THE FINE PRINT (WAIT THAT'S ALL FOR PART 2?) Yeah. So here's some quirks, limitations, and other bits of trivia you should know about: The color value is entirely overridden by the texture in-game, if the texture is present. In Unity the color will tint the texture, they'll be blended together - that's just because I'm not actually sure how to mimic the logic of how the game does it with shaders in Unity (if that's even possible lol). Be aware that the "diffuse" value simply darkens the surface as it approaches 0. This is different from a lot of other programs, where "diffuse" is what the color value is called. Go ask the LightWave folks why, I guess (though apparently they outright removed it in later versions of LightWave). Additive Transparency means transparency is determined by the brightness of the color, where black is entirely transparent. This is most commonly used with textures, for things like smoke particle effects - so only the lighter, colored portions of the texture are visible. It technically does work with solid colors/no texture though. The Transparency slider is only for use without textures - if combined with a texture, it won't look correct. There's another method of doing transparency in Rock Raiders, where a single specified color is treated as transparent and everything else is not - this isn't handled in the LWOs though, but instead, the texture names. "Texture is a sequence" is for use with, well, sequenced textures. It simply adds the " (sequence)" text at the end of the texture path. "Write relative texture paths" probably doesn't have any effect, but let me know if you find out that it does. It has an effect in LWS files regarding the shared folder, but I have yet to find an effect in LWO files - the game seems to check the local folder for the texture, then the shared folder, regardless. I'm including it just in case. Pixel Blending controls if the textures appear smoothed out, or pixelated (think Minecraft). See this topic again for examples. If a texture is specified, but the game cannot find it, it will treat it as though it's using a solid white texture. Using a UV file will make every material on the model use a texture. If you haven't specified a texture for a material, but use a UV file, the game will see it as a texture it cannot find, and that material will be white in-game. (This actually happens on one of the Lava Monster legs in the vanilla game - one of the texture paths is just "null". Look at their legs as they walk and you won't be able to unsee it!) This means if you want a simple solid color on a UV mapped model, it'll still have to use a texture. This also means you can't use the transparency slider properly with UV mapped models, since everything requires a texture. If a model has no defined UV coordinates, but a UV file exported, that geometry will be given default UV coordinates of 0, 0. Using a UV file will force pixel blending to off; all textures on the model will be pixelated. This seems like either an oversight, bug, or something they were just okay with (the only prominent models in the vanilla game to use UV mapping are the lowest poly Rock Raider, and the Lava Monster). Seams/splits in UV maps will cause hard edges in the shading wherever they lie. This only applies to UV files, not planar textures. It's a pain in the ass. See the screenshot below, and the second reply in this topic for an explanation of why this happens. There's probably other quirks and limitations that'll be found as people play around with it more. Have fuuuunnnnn~
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    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hello everybody! Because this is actually my first post I just want to say "hi" first. I'm a crazy guy from Germany who wants to share his recreations from Island Xtreme Stunts with you. I've always been a fan of the buldings in Xtreme Stunts and of course my big dream was building Peppers house - Finally I realised it. Yes, I know, the ground floor color looks different ingame - it could be Medium Nougat or such but that color wasn't available back then and I don't really like it either. So, here it is: I also really liked the ambulance. Still need stickers for that. Since nothing looks transparent in Island Xtreme Stunts (does anybody know why?) I did it the same except for the windows. My next project is the hospital. Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards Lukas
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    Just an update on the progress of the next version (1.1.0). Development has been going well and I'm pleased to announce that v1.1 will support the running of LRR in 32bit colour space, no longer requiring the game to be set to 16bit colour mode (in compatibility settings). In addition to this.... 32 Bit colour mode by default (16 to remain an option for now). 24Bit BMP Support for GUI and menu's. Light dithering will now be much smoother as a result of the bit change. Increased performance in some areas due to the bit change. LRR window now works on secondary displays without needing a graphics wrapper. DirectInput 5 API upgraded to DirectInput 8
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    LEGO Island 2 Beta Video

    am I glad it's posted up there and that we're down here and that it's embedded and that we're talking down here and that we're up there and I JUST REMEMBERED we're down here what I wanna know is where's the video
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    LEGO Rock Raiders and other DDI Data Fundraiser

    I'd like to chip in to link some of the content that has been shown off so far (through screenshots) in the Discord related to Lego games, some of it was even restored from deleted data as the drives weren't properly wiped: - Source code for the original Rock Raiders map editor - Prototype design documents showing off the earliest look we’ve ever seen of the Rock Raiders crew, with Jet having a bionic eye - The earliest known prototype screenshot of the game and UI, featuring a clear shot of the prototype Loader Dozer - Early building renders from a time when the game was very different. Early vehicle renders were found too. - Storyboards for Lego Racers 2’s intro cutscene. DDI had an animation studio called Artworld too, which produced almost all the Lego cutscenes from around the time in-house, including the Rock Raiders cutscenes. This file is partially corrupted however. - Source models for the rendered cutscenes (one so far: Rosie Brickolini, but there ought to be more) - An early beta Water biome for LRR - An incredibly early prototype biome - The Canteen - In-game textures of Docs, Axle and Jet that are readily applicable much like the Sparks texture in the game files There is a lot more, poster claims he's already found 74 documents related to design, development, reviews and feedback of Lego Rock Raiders alone, with hundreds more related to other projects. And this is just a small part of the working drives. They won't go through all the drives until they hit the first milestone of 1000$. After an additional 1700$ we'll see if there is anything in the broken drives too. The broken drives can potentially be more interesting if they happen to have died during DDI possessed them, meaning they could have undeleted stuff. This is possibly the biggest prototype dump of Rock Raiders we are ever going to get, so the more attention this fundraiser gets, the better! Edit: Since content is continuously shared in the Discord right now, I will update this list continuously as more content is teased. The fundraiser is at 23% and at 36*% this will all be released! Edit 2: Milestone 1 reached! The working drives will be searched through and dumped shortly. The rest of the 66% money will go to professional recovery/repairs of the rest of the drives, which can contain even more interesting stuff! Edit 3: There has been a few content dumps already. I will not organize it all in this thread but I can mention the amount of content: - There are 2 unsorted dumps of random half-corrupted folders. These contain mostly LRR assets already in the final game. All the BMP+LWO content in these two unsorted dumps are included in the next two dumps. - There is one huge dump of all bmp files from one drive, pinned in the Discord server. This contains prototype textures, including for the unused Canteen building and the rest of the LRR crew (except Bandit, who only gets one teeny tiny leg texture). - There is one huge dump of LWO files, pinned in the Discord server. This contains the Canteen, but other than that no known new models. - Finally, 2 exes have been shared, which both appear to be V0.102 of LRR, which Cyrem is trying to get running. Since all content will be dumped in a neat zip some time in the future, it's probably not worth to follow through what scraps have been shared frequently. They also require an immense amount of sorting as file names in some cases have been wiped.
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    Has the TT Games Formula Gotten too Repetitive?

    Partly to play devil's advocate, TT has not kept their formula exactly the same since LSW1 all those years ago.... Open worlds didn't exist for a long time (possibly LLOTR was the first open world, but I'm not sure) - there was an open 'level select' menu you could wander round (the Diner in LSW1), but that isn't the same as literally the world The addition of vehicles around LSW2 / Indiana Jones (not sure which came first) is absolutely great. Horses came around LLOTR and they're fun too. I often see a lot of discarded ideas - almost everything Lego the Hobbit tried new they seem to have scrapped, which is a great idea because the stuff in Lego the Hobbit sucked (build minigames which are stupidly hard to control, timing mining minigames, loot system). Only the stuff that isn't awful carries over to the next game The Lego Movie Videogame (not sure whether 1, 2, or both) have entirely brick-built environments, which are much nicer than the odd human-with-Lego-bricks-on-top of everything else aethestic. They've introduced a ton of new abilities since LSW1. Annoyingly, most of these are "press X when in character spot that accepts character with said ability," Also, don't forget the existence of Lego Worlds which, while it is for all intents and purposes dead, was still a totally different game from what TT usually develops. Shame it never got anywhere - it's a sandbox whereby you can build anything, but nothing matters, so you build nothing, and the gimmicky RPG aspects of fetchquests for items, taking bricks off Troublemakers, and needing to find unlockables first on randomly generated worlds which have a small chance of spawning doesn't help it out at all. Also also, Bionicle Heroes is a thing that's very much not your standard TT game, and is almost a first person shooter. I really really enjoyed it, especially on my second playthrough (yes, I cared enough about a TT game to play it an entire second time) when I didn't get any upgrades. That was challenging, engaging, and fun. But yes - for everything else, the gameplay is incredibly stale, consisting of using ability X on space Y with almost no entertaining puzzles, platform challenges that are awkward to control (the amount of times a double-jump has not got me where I want to go is staggeringly bad for nearly 20 years), bosses that consist of using ability X in time and place Y, an open world that means nothing with fetchquests that don't make any sense and can be completed by playing the game regularly... ... which doesn't stop it from selling well, which is why TT definitely keeps on doing these games as opposed to weirder things like Lego Worlds. One of my bigger gripes with any modern TT game is the character bloat is stupendous and no way to sort between them. Can't I get a filter for "Can Double Jump?" Can't the ten variations of Luke Skywalker be packaged into the same character, but with the ability to swap between variations in a submenu? Can't I sort by "Is Part of Fellowship of the Ring?" Can't I select "Orcs Only?" Can't I search for "D e s t r " on my keyboard and the Destroyer Droid pops up? Can't I 'favorite' characters so I can recognise - or even better, jump to - them easily?
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    TrackMasters (A Lego Stunt Rally inspired game!)

    Hey everyone! You may not know me yet as I'm not much of an active member here, but I've been following Rock Raiders United from afar for a long time (i remember the website used to not look like this at all)! I'm creating this post today to tell you about a project I'm working on currently : TrackMasters! TrackMasters is an isometric racing game with free track creation mechanics, something halfway between TrackMania and Micro Machines. Rings a bell? Yes, it is at least partly inspired by Lego Stunt Rally. Here's a test footage I've recorded yersteday if you wanna take a look: It's multiplayer only, via LAN or Internet (no campaign unfortunately!) I've been working on it for a bit more than a month now, and I aim to release it the first of june 2020 (given I find a publisher ) You can join the discord to get updates about the development, I'm posting here every day or so! https://discord.gg/y7zKv3N I will also be watching that topic of course, maybe answer some questions and post updates once in a while! See you around ❤
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    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    Here guys, made by me in a couple days: https://github.com/envyniv/RacersFont (i know this thread is extremely old, but hey, wanted to share this.)
  20. 5 points

    New renditions of David Barrow's “Lego Island Police Extended”

    (Sorry if this was already posted.) https://davidbarrows.com/albums/lego-island/ "June 2020 rendition of the “Lego Island Police Extended” piece" - @daypeecone fan-made version: I learned about Birkett Media's documentary through Dave's site, excited to listen to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbtGWRyJ7OI&feature=emb_title
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    "THERE IS SOMEONE WAITING TO MEET YOU." the warp gate door opens you stand agape at the sight of of rocket racer's silhouette slowly and confidently, he walks into the light an entire egg mcmuffin is stuffed into his mouth
  22. 5 points

    Akorax MOCs

    Akorax MOCs I thought since I've made a few MOCs now I'd post about them too. Fullsize images with transparent background can be found in the link below. I use google drive since RRU has a filesize limit for uploaded pictures. Gallery https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UYfbsMYZZZMCnb5OW9FqUpYbgFqE2rUq Thumbnails Motorcycle (Inspired by a ww2 bike MOC) Tricycle (Original concept) Magma Transport (Chrome Crusher back of the box build) Big Drill Station (my first ever MOC) Research Centre with removeable modules. (Inspired by RRChief design)
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    WIP Biome BrickWorldTexture

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time LRR player (since the original PC release) and am now getting into modding it (though I have modded other games before). I've looked around a bit but I can't find any brick-ified world textures so I decided to make my own. I'm attempting to make them in ways and that could actually be built. It seems to work great - many buildings even line up perfectly. I have plans to do the rock walls yet. Making a dirt colored base version is also in the works. Let me know what you think. FYI - I did have some other mods running when I took the pic - but this topic is only about the modded world textures.
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    Treasures from the Lair

    Some of you may remember a user named Lair of the Rockwhales (now JessieTail) from way back in RRU's history. Back then, this fine fellow created a number of mods for Rock Raiders with a surprising level of quality, but some never made it to the general public. I recently unearthed an old ruin containing some artifacts that only a few people have seen before (plastic dating methods point to mid-2013). They were incomplete, so I did my best to restore them while keeping the original artist's intentions in mind. Thus, I present two vehicles as-is for you to use however you wish. Mega Mole This is the ultimate drilling machine and it's built off of the Chrome Crusher's animations. The vehicle was mostly complete and was only missing a hit and teleport animation. I actually helped work on it back in the day (probably just the wheels), but Lair's modeling skills surpassed mine at the time. There's an interior, but it was scrapped since culling out the drill ended up looking weird when drilling in first-person view. Front Loader The only things I found were the main body and a few pictures. All of the animations are made by me, as well as the bucket hinge. As upgrades are not supported, I made the idle animation shorter than the Small Transport Truck's; this makes the vehicle pick up materials more quickly since it waits for the idle animation to complete before moving on. I don't know what the original name is so I dubbed it the Front Loader. There are no CFG edits included and I didn't leave much to support upgrades. I don't want to speculate as it would violate the spirit of brick-archaeology. If the original artist ever returns one day, maybe we can know the full story. Download Instructions Back up your Data\Mini-Figures\Pilot folder and the SmallTruck and LargeDigger folders in Data\Vehicles. Copy the Data folder from the zipped file into your LRR installation directory. That's it... I don't know how to make a Cafeteria mod so this is all I can give for now.
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    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    A short project of mine, perhaps a little redundant with @Mr. Skeltal's upscale but no harm in uploading it anyway! LEGO Rock Raiders' intro video on the PC release is at 320x200 resolution and 15fps, and on PS1 it's 320x240 at 15fps. The extended intro found on promo discs is 320x240 25fps, giving much smoother motion, and seems to be a little less affected by compression artifacts too. A couple of samples to show the frame rate difference: Sample 1 (link if embed doesn't load) Sample 2 (link if embed doesn't load) So I pulled all the frames from all three versions and re-edited the Extended version to match the shorter originals. I also took the sound file from the PS1 version as it seemed better quality than the PC one. You can download the recompiled video here and all the original frames including my cuts and edits here because why not Do with them as you please! I was considering upscaling them using Gigapixel AI, Gigapixel Video or ESRGAN as I've messed around with them before, but I'm too much of a perfectionist to be satisfied with the results so perhaps someone else can have a go haha.
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    LEGO Island Research Trip

    Hello everyone, As you may know, I've spent the last year researching the early history of the LEGO Games series, and 1997's LEGO Island in particular. While the creative director of LEGO Island, Wes Jenkins, passed away in 2017, he left behind a myriad of materials related to the development of the game and his work at LEGO Media. Kyle, Wes' wife has graciously extended an invitation to me to visit her in early January and help digitize Wes' stuff related to Island. This likely includes scripts, design documents, and concept art, although I am unsure of specifics and what (if anything) can ultimately be shared publicly. I am currently raising funds to cover the travel and digitization materials, and have set up a GoFundMe which can be found HERE (or through the image at the end of the post.). If you can afford to give anything, I would very much appreciate it! You can also help by spreading the word by sharing the GoFundMe and the below tweet. Thanks, Ben
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    Slimy Slug

    Unused LEGO Rock Raiders (PC) Assets

    There was a point in time in early 2019 that I decided to sort through the assets of this game for all the unused content. The goal was to reduce the initial starting size of my mod while also retaining an unused asset tree to draw from. Well, fast forward to present. I had drafted up a topic about this unused assets collection but never posted it. So, I'm fixing that now. Archive download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r397/ If you find any issues with this, such as game files you think are unused that I missed, or any files in here that you believe are in fact used, please do bring it to my attention. This should be entirely complete, though. Anyway, enjoy
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    LRR But Without the Crust

    I picked up LRR again because I never finished Baz's Mod when I last played it. I had the idea of remaking the UI textures in HD - mostly just for fun, but these could make a nice mod someday. I started off with the mouse cursor. Here's the original, upscaled 4x for ease of viewing... ...And here's my HD version, made from scratch! I'll likely add more textures to this thread as I create them. Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated!
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    TrackMasters (A Lego Stunt Rally inspired game!)

    Hi everyone! The game is now AVAILABLE ON STEAM! It's scheduled to come out on September 1st, so be sure to wishlist it so it gains traction and you don't miss anything https://store.steampowered.com/app/1383120/LouveSystems_TrackMasters/ Join the discord for more info! https://discord.gg/y7zKv3N Have a nice day everyone!
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    The Ultimate LEGO Book: Rock Raiders prototypes

    Hi all, I worked on the Rock Raiders games and was given a model of the Chrome Crusher. It's clearly not a finished one as there are some differences (robot keyrings used as the minifigs weren't ready, the laser has no internal electronics). Also there is a label on the bottom of the model (maybe the builder/designer?) https://photos.app.goo.gl/xJRJ72KUCqCvUkLv5
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Banshee I am continuing the Hydro Thunder boat building. This time is Banshee. I didn't even intend to build this right away, but I was cleaning up some old bags of bricks, saw the kinds of green pieces I had, then started piecing together the air scoop that you can see on top. Thresher was going to be the next boat, so I had my blue pieces out already. Well, Banshee is better anyways. The boosters work too (see the spoiler images). This one took about six hours. For this updated version I improved the scoop, found black booster pieces, found better pieces for the front of the pontoons, and gave it a pop-out propeller.
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    WIP Biome BrickWorldTexture

    I have some interesting results. You can force the game to use promeshes all the time. Here are the changes you need to make to the exe to do that: Address 33592 (hex): Replace 0F 83 18 01 00 00 With 90 90 90 90 90 90 Address 335A6 (hex): Replace 0F 84 04 01 00 00 With 90 90 90 90 90 90 If you can't find the correct data at the address, do a search for the data to replace (it should be unique). That said, if it's not at the right address, the code will probably be different too. So that stops all the awkward popping in and out that can be seen when moving around. For some reason, the game doesn't seem able to stitch these meshes together properly, especially on edge walls. So you often see into the void. That might depend on hardware/graphics wrapper. This effect changes with distance. As you get closer to the edge wall, the two meshes get closer and look better (there's no longer a hole). Trivia: The two changes to the exe I just mentioned skip two checks. These checks are BEFORE the global "Wall Detail" check. Why? Who knows... There is a global variable hard coded to be 1.0 that controls how distorted the wall meshes are. Increase it to 100 and they go wild. Decrease it to 0.5 and you can only see a few tiles in front of you. Weird stuff.
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    Alcom Isst

    Into the Breach - Rock Raiders Squad

    About This is a squad mod for Into the Breach, based on the Rock Raiders theme and PC game. It is installable using the ITB Mod Loader. Download Releases Git Mechs & Abilities Utilizing repurposed mining equipment, these mechs can construct a mighty bulwark against the oncoming vek hoard. Credits Alcom Isst : Design, scripting, and intial sprites Salt Potato : Mech animations, shadows, and auxiliary sprites Lemonymous : Initial Passive script, Trait library ,̶'̶,̶|̶'̶,̶'̶_̶ : Playtesting
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    LEGO and RPG Maker

    First post. I hope this is the right sub-forum. Anyway, several years ago I started making a strategy RPG in RPG Maker using graphics created in LDraw. Here are some videos. https://youtu.be/yyabknNfsR8 https://youtu.be/AFnHTKgOA9A https://youtu.be/MTkwaZ4Y7f0?list=PLov7Lq9jgP0HoegSIMg9KPChvD54XzYSy I will probably not be making further updates. The combat scripts were never completed, AFAIK, and RPG Maker simply is not designed to handle complex layered sprites of this type. Just thought somebody might be interested. [edit] Not sure what the proper way to embed YouTube videos is.
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    Mr. Skeltal

    LEGO Island Hospital Recreation

    (this was technically done a ways back, but I wanted to post it here, to spread awareness of it.) For a little while now, me and some friends have been doing some research on the music of LEGO Island. In our research, we managed to find a vst that contains all of the sounds for the Hospital theme from the game. Synamax, one of the main researchers, got to work on making a full recreation of the song, and put this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuW7Yf3Qx6E A nearly 1:1 recreation of the Hospital theme from Island, using the original sounds, and in High Quality. As for where you can find the instruments we have found so far, you can check out this spreadsheet here, under the Video Games tab, by searching for LEGO Island: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JJBlHHDc65fhZmKUGLrDTLCm6rfUU83-kbuD8Y0zU0o/edit#gid=325792768
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    Loading .uv files in LightWave

    For those who don't know, in the days of Rock Raiders' development, LightWave didn't have built-in functionality for UV mapping. This wasn't exactly great. So another company, CineGraphics, made UView, a program that could interface with LightWave and do UV mapping! It cost like 700 bucks. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.graphics.apps.lightwave/Z4eU-fBcF5g/7QCmsagFK2YJ http://web.archive.org/web/19981205124926/https://www.cinegraphics.net/Products/uview.html It seems CineGraphics is still around, but their own link to UView leads to the web archives: https://www.cinegraphics.net/ https://web.archive.org/web/20010803011902/http://cinegraphics.net/product.php?location=UView Karl thought that UView was probably used for LRR, but wasn't sure: Later, LightWave overhauled their format and also added built-in support for UV mapping, rendering UView obsolete. But, there's a plugin that loads ye olde UView (.uv) files into newer versions of LightWave, turning their data into modernized UV data stored right in the LWO file: http://www.dstorm.co.jp/dsproducts/FreePlugins/Image_IO/UView_Import.html And lo and behold, it works with LRR's .uv files! Guess that confirms DDI did use UView. For like, the two creatures in the game (triman and lava monster) that use .uv files, anyway. Just be sure to read the readme; in short, you have to manually select the texture image and assign it to the surfaces due to a limitation in the plugins system. But it works! So is this useful for modding? Not really. In order to make .uv files that LRR can read, we'd either need UView itself (seems to be lost to time?), or a custom tool. I'm currently working on the latter. But hey, we know what originally produced them, at least. And if for some reason you want to directly upgrade LRR models to newer versions of LightWave, you can I guess, lol.
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    Drome Comics!

    Hey! I've got something to share. I've used a lot of my time for the last couple of months dedicated to Drome Racers history and archival projects. I think I'm able to tell you guys that I've recieved all known scanned issues of LEGO Racers Official Racing Programme. The thing about these comics is perhaps how they went virtually unnoticed for over a decade of time beyond a couple of bricklink listings. Me and a couple of friends dived deep into archiving these comics and we got some info about why they were originally lost to begin with - the gist was these magazines were given away for free in limited sets, toy shops and events, AKA extremely (and impossible to find) rare in English. The comics included in these magazines were also present as motion comics on LEGO.com, but those are lost to time now. http://imgur.com/gallery/F55eYSO (ISSUE 1-2: BOTH ARE IN GERMAN - IT'D BE APPRECIATED IF ANYONE COULD TRANSLATE IT) http://imgur.com/gallery/LCJOKBE (ISSUE 3-4: ALL ARE IN ENGLISH) - I'm still on my way to tracking down the advertised 5th issue but I'm certain it's either cancelled or even rarer to find. Me and the group are figuring out our next move. I hope this was worth it because it sure was to me!
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    This mod is now available, check the main post for the download link. Have fun guys, hope you enjoy
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    CE: Roadmap

    I feel like a new icon reflects the new changes. Original LRR didn't have all these cool features, and I feel that adding more functionality deserves a new look. While CE at the moment is not drastically different from LRR, things like multiple minifigures, greater resolutions, and the 32-bit color (all on the roadmap!) will really change the way not only LRR plays but also how it looks. But at the same time, if you want to be playing the original game, you can still do so - Community Edition won't make it run on Win10, but it just adds some new stuff to play with. At the same time, if this isn't technically difficult to do (you're doing magic I don't understand Cyrem ), why not? Aaaaand another batch of requests . Description: Increase building and vehicle limit (currently the panel crashes if you try to add a building, and there's only 7 vehicle slots or suchlike IIRC. Haven't investigated this in too much detail, and probably should) Benefits: This allows lots of new buildings and new vehicles to be added. While the functionality of vehicles is already nailed down in LRR, and new vehicles wouldn't drastically change the way the game plays, it would still be fun to be able to add stuff like Treasures from the Lair, and have more fun toys to play with. Examples: I know you did the building limit in the previous batch of CE and I have some interesting ideas for the Air Filter myself: the Support Station is moved to a very lategame building and the Air Filter requires only ore to build, but only offsets the oxygen by 1 or so. (It's nearly two years since it was teased ) Description: Debug Key Z when in first person currently triggers Activity_Eat. If this were to be changed to Activity_FireLaser, one would have first person shooting. See this. For an animation that has the camera nulls, I quickly put this together. (If you want to see how this looks and are not Cyrem, open Pilot.ae and point Activity_Eat to Shoot) Benefits: F I R S T P E R S O N S H O O T I N G Examples: F I R S T P E R S O N S H O O T I N G Description: Scanners show resources in walls and contents of hidden cavern (lava, water, potentially monsters) Benefits: Other than plonking down energy crystal seams on the radar, there's no simple way as a map creator for you to indicate where the resources are and aren't - and also no way for you as a player to determine where crystals are and where you concentrate your mining efforts. Additionally, there's nothing worse than opening up that cavern in Air Raiders and seeing erosion come your way. Examples: This could also be used to indicate where large quantities of monsters would emerge could be by placing monsters in a cavern. When you enter that cavern, a bunch of monsters come out. Description: Allow specifying starting levels via ObjectList via a new Levels parameter. Benefits: Building levels can be painfully specified via NERPs (yet to look into this fully) for the start of a level, but there's no way to start vehicles with upgrades. You can also specify Health, suggesting that the functionality of the .ol should be straightforward to extend. Examples: - A level in which you must get the lost Chrome Crusher back to base. It would feel much more like an extended mining operation if it was fully upgraded. - With Upgraded Hover Scouts and other vehicles, their upgrade level determines their functionality. Starting with a Hover Scout that was able to drill could make, say, Run the Gauntlet play quite differently. Description: Recharge Seams do not count as a wall for the purposes of landsliding Benefits: LRR already has a lovely random landslide generator that you can couple with Fall.map to cause extra landslides where you want them. The random generator can surprise you, like landsliding walls behind walls (otherwise fiddly to do), and just generally adding a bit of hazard fun that you can get rid of with reinforcements. However, this isn't usable in a level with Recharge Seams, which cannot be reinforced, and thus landslide endlessly, causing all sorts of annoying stupidity. Examples: This allows the random landslider to be used on levels which would benefit from not having to paint landslides by hand. Note: Recharge Seams can also act as monster emerge points. If the easiest way to prevent them from landsliding is to also disable monster emerging, that's fine.
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    The Nostalgia is Too Painful

    Hey edwin, you're thinking about this a little too hard. The feeling and attachment you to the game and it's association to your childhood bring up feelings of past enjoyment and longing to feel it again is totally normal, and you don't need to fear it. As you realise time passes and you never get back the days and hours of the past, this realisation comes with maturity and you start building appreciation for things that gave you good memories. I see you're afraid that replaying things might ruin your nostalgia, you don't need to worry. As you've already recognised, replaying these things now feels different... this is because you're creating new memories in a different frame of mind then you had when you were young. But not only this, you're comparing your current feeling to the memory of your old feelings, such comparison isn't equal nor fair and why you can't recreate such feelings. You need not worry about damaging your feelings toward something if you have an appreciation for it and that time period as well as accepting that it is what it is. Don't make comparisons of now to then, again this wouldn't be fair. If you have a true appreciation for something as it is, its faults aren't a concern nor is getting new content, it's the faults that give it the character and the memories that you had. For me some of my fondest memories are that of exploiting bugs, and finding fault in games as a kid. Play it, enjoy it for what it was for you then. Don't make comparisons to now, we don't live in the 1990's.
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    Manic Miners Google Sheet Level List

    Inspired by NuvaHammer's custom levels list posted in the Discord, a while back I went ahead and compiled all the current custom levels with their download links into a collaborate Google sheet. I've kept out level descriptions due to their size. Using the sort filter, you can search through specific map authors, Game version or sort through Energy Crystal goal amounts. This Sheet will be open for people to collaborate on. Feel free to edit/add info, columns and your custom maps for Manic Miners. The more data the better! I'll be moderating it from time to time to make sure it's kept in a tidy condition. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/163rKdP3Lj1p40i65pAH4XBw_7T12M2Sf0_LAWDfwktM/edit?usp=sharing
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    Release Date: Available Now Download Link - Lego Racers Xmas Edition How to install: Swap the Lego.jam file in your lego racers folder with the one in the download link Description: Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? I know this may seem a bit early and weird, but here is the deal, I'm currently making a project for fun and I plan to share it with you guys, so I'm putting this up here now so a larger audience knows about it. So, what is this Christmas Edition? Every year since I was younger, I play me some Lego Racers in the x-mas holidays, as well as "Christmas Nights Into Dreams". For those that are not familiar "Nights into dreams" is one of the most popular games for the Sega Saturn, and they released for free a demo called "Christmas Nights" which basicly is the original game but with christmas themed levels, bonus etc etc. I decided to work on something similar for Lego Racers, and I have been working on it for some time now, so I'm close to being finished. The mod will include: -All original tracks will be "christmasfied" (snow, decorations, new skies etc) -Some tracks will be more "complete" (More trees, ships etc) -New Christmas inspired minifigs -New skins for bosses -New paintjob for boss's and minifig's cars -New color for warp powerup (it will be red instead of blue) -Green colored brick in build menu instead of blue - and possibly more stuff since there is still time for the time being I leave you with a couple of pictures. I Hope you enjoy what you see here so far! Take care and have fun! Download Link - Lego Racers Xmas Edition
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    WIP Biome BrickWorldTexture

    Ok here is dirt floor (Lego Earth Orange color) with some small rocks. I also turned on PWNZOR's HighPoly ToolStore and as you can see that still fits great.
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    Ore Tram

    After realizing how plentiful Planet U's resources were, the Rock Raiders sent another excursion to the hostile world (while being better prepared this time!), hoping to start a more permanent mining colony. Freight trains were considered in order to haul large amounts of minerals, but a smaller tram-like design was chosen instead, as it would be easier to create tunnels for them to move. It did not take long after the first few trams were up and running on Planet U to realize that the locals did not like them at all. Trams and their tracks were subject to more frequent attacks. Quick repairs led to a haphazard appearance on each individual tram and, eventually, elevated tracks in larger caverns made the attacks less frequent. It all paid off as mineral shipments went through at ridiculous speeds compared to previous missions. More:
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    Tutorial: A Short Guide to Editing LRR Textures

    (Alternative title: Using GIMP: The Basics) Unlike Lego Racers, editing LRR textures is pretty easy. But if you try and do it in Paint the game will explode. So I thought I'd put this together. 1. What is and isn't a texture anyway? Textures are pretty pictures that are applied to objects so they're not one solid colour lump. Other people more experienced in this department can tell you more. However, not all colours in LRR are indeed textures. For instance, while the front of the raider's face may be a texture (Minifigures\Pilot\Pface.bmp), and the top of the raider's head may be a texture (Minifigures\Pilot\Ptop.bmp), the back of his head is not a texture and is just solid colour applied in the model, the .lwo file. These need to be edited with Lightwave (some information here) or by a hex editor using methods I don't understand. Fortunately, biomes in particular don't use that (except for their first person models), so if you want to make a new biome the world is your oyster. Other strange places textures also appear in LRR are for glows and lights. What this means for you is that if you find a texture in the game files you can edit it. 2. What are LRR's textures? LRR's textures are always in .bmp format. The good news is that this means you can take a look at them with any image viewer, The bad news is that there are lots of types of .bmps that behave differently. LRR's ones in particular are "Indexed." This means instead of specifying RGB for every single pixel, it has a palette of 256 colours which makes up the image. Each pixel is then one of these colours. If that went over your head don't worry, because we can handle all of this with a couple of clicks. 3. Editing Textures I highly reccomend GIMP for this. Insanely powerful (if very confusing to use) and more importantly has a bunch of really handy buttons that make doing some things a load easier. This guide will partly be an introduction on how to use GIMP (I know I'm using an outdated version of GIMP. I need to update it, but everything should be functionally identical as I've done this process on this old and a newer version. The buttons may move around in future versions, but the buttons should still exist). 3a. Example One: Recolouring the Scorpion Let's say I want to recolour the Scorpion. (For how to enable the Scorpion in the first place, see this). If I wander into Creatures\Scorpion there are a whole bunch of .bmps hanging around there. I happen to know that the A000_swalk###.bmp files don't actually do anything for the large scorpion, so we can ignore those. Firstly, make a backup of everything inside the folder. It will inevitably be handy at some point in time. Just a folder labeled "orig" works fine for me, and I just copy paste everything in the folder into that. If I open scorp.bmp in GIMP I get... well... the image. What a surprise. Let's zoom in a bit shall we? Ctrl+mousewheel should do that. However, if I try to paint it purple or something (those are the buttons on the window Tool Options) it won't actually paint the colour I want and will instead come up as some black or dark red. Hey, I wanted purple! This is because of those indexed thingies I mentioned above. The fantastic reason why I reccomend GIMP is because if I click Image -> Mode -> RGB I can turn it into an RGB not an Indexed image, which allows me to paint all the purple I like! Alternatively, instead of trying to be artsy I can hop into Colors -> Colorize, which allows me to blanket recolour something all I like! It's super straightforward to use, auto previews, and is really handy for this kind of stuff. It works particularly well for the Scorpion because it's so monochrome, being just varying shades of red. You'll get decent results if you tried to recolour the Slimy Slug, they'd just need more manual editing. So now that we have our Purple Scorpion if we try to save it here and now LRR will break. This is because it's still an RGB image and LRR doesn't like those. So back into Image->Mode, but this time Indexed, and a big scary dialog box will pop up with a ton of settings I don't understand. The good news is that you should be able to leave absolutely all of them as default. At least, that's what I did, and it worked Now we can File -> Export As -> and GIMP usually picks up that you want to export as a .bmp, which is nice of it. Upon clicking the Export button, another box pops up. Unlike the previous box, which we ignored and left everything as default, we're going to need to expand the Compatibility Options section and tick Do not write colour space information. I have absolutely no clue what this does but if you leave it unchecked your textures will end up looking silly in the game. Hit Export and that's the file done! If we do this for all our textures we will end up with a nice purple looking scorpion! ... well, except the interior of the claws. Unfortunately those are handled inside the .lwo file and as such you'll need Lightwave or some hex jiggery to edit them. Still, everything else should be nice and purple. 3b. Example Two: Making Water Erosion Textures GIMP has a really handy functionality of "layers" which make this an absolute piece of cake. Biomes textures are under World\WorldTextures\YourBiomeOfChoiceGoesHere : you can define this location in the .cfg (look for Textures { around line 1890). If I open the ground tile (ROCK00.bmp) it will... well... open. What a surprise. Now, there are many ways to skin a cat: namely, to get another image in as a separate layer. My personal favourite is dragging-and-dropping from an Explorer window, but you can also File -> Open as Layers and also probably do a whole bunch of things I don't know about. So if I drag Rock45.bmp into GIMP (the water texture)... the image looks like an absolute mess. Again, this is the shenanigans of indexed textures playing up, as Rock45.bmp is using Rock00.bmp's palette causing the general stupidity we see. So delete that and start again. This time after we import ROCK00.bmp we'll go to Image -> Mode -> RGB. Now if we drag-n-drop Rock45.bmp over we get... well... just the water texture. This is because the water texture is sitting on top of the ground texture, and since there's no transparency, all we see is the water texture. This is because of the magic of layering! Do you not have the Layers window on the right? You can get it back from Windows -> Dockable dialogs -> Layers. The "eye" on the right controls whether a layer is hidden or not (which can be handy), and you can drag-n-drop layers around in this list. You can in fact do almost anything you want (folders of layers!): as is the nature with GIMP the difficulty is working out which buttons you need to press. Fortunately with this example we won't be needing much complicated. Now, in order to try and create an erosion texture, we'll be using GIMP's Eraser tool. Unlike Paint, which just deletes the square, Gimp's eraser has options for soft edges, non-squares, and again almost anything you could possibly want, but you just need to work out which button you need to press. It's important to know that whatever you're doing, GIMP does it on whichever layer is currently selected. So if your changes aren't showing up, chances are you actually selected the layer below and are doodling on that one, not the one on top. So with that in mind, if we try to start "erasing" some of the ground to let water start to peek through... ...we... just... get white....? Undo: hit Ctrl+Z, we don't want that! This is because these images don't have any transparency information: they can't be transparent! Fortunately, there are a couple of handy clicks in GIMP which will make all our worries go away! Namely, right-click the layer and select Add Alpha Channel. Now it can be transparent! And if we start doodling the ground will be 'erased' to reveal the water behind. When you're happy with your new creation, you'll need to do the same stuff as before: Image -> Mode -> Indexed to turn it into an indexed BMP so LRR can handle it, then Export, and then you'll need to tick the box Do not write colour space information just like before. And tada! When you rig everything else up correctly in Lego.cfg (probably make a new biome under Textures { , and specify that biome to be used on a per-level basis with TextureSet) you'll have water erosion textures in LRR! Getting rid of the smoke is now doable using Community Edition. Guide on this coming soon 3c. Things I Don't Know About I am very much largely incompetent in the graphical department and I know that you can create images larger than the original resolution. Doing this in GIMP is very straightforward (Image -> Canvas Size or Scale Image), but actually getting LRR to accept these textures is something I haven't toyed with. There's a little information over here. I should think that creating larger biome textures works fine, larger menu textures just make the menu element larger, but larger size textures on models may cause things to start looking very silly. I just don't know: play around! That's how I got this far. 4. A Quick Note on Transparency If you're working with models, it's likely you'll need to mark some parts of the texture as transparent. Of all the ways, this is done in the filename. A###_rest_of_filename.bmp, where ### indicates the index (remember how LRR images are indexed images? yeah, this points to a specific one of them) and marks it as transparent. Cirevam has more information with pictures here. And that's it for this! This is a very basic guide, but it's one that didn't exist, and maybe it's helpful.
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    CE: Roadmap

    LRR:CE Roadmap There are many features/updates planned for Community Edition, a number of big updated have already been experimented with to prove plausibility. The goal of CE is to update LRR whilst being respectful to it's original formula and game experience, so there is no features planned to make it something that it is not. This is a list of planned features/updates or other changes that are planned for the future. Ideas and suggestions for updates are most welcome. Keep in mind small changes such as extra CFG options or removal of hardcode can most of the time be added reasonably quickly whereas larger changes may need to be established somewhere on the roadmap and worked towards. If you do submit an idea, please do so in this topic preferably with the answers to these questions: Roadmap Legend Completed Tasks In-Progress Tasks Delayed Tasks v1.0.0.0 This is the original LRR Masterpiece (Released 1999). v1.0.X.X - Debug Milestone Initial work to start CE Features to enhance the ability to debug modding issues. Misc updates/fixes v1.1.X.X - Resolutions Milestone Run LRR in resolutions up to 2k. Misc updates/fixes v1.2.X.X - Multi-Minifigures New menu for teleporting different minifigures. Misc updates/fixes v1.3.X.X - Nerps Extended Script (NEXS) New level scripting system. Misc updates/fixes v1.4.X.X - Text/Font Update Update to text drawing functions to optimizes and add font features. Misc updates/fixes v1.5.X.X - 32Bit Colour Support Support for running LRR in 32Bit colour. Misc updates/fixes Community Ideas/Suggestions These ideas have been suggested and accepted into the roadmap. They will be added into the roadmap above as they are completed. Turn lava smoke on/off per level Set lava smoke colour per level Set crystal ui icon bmp per level Extend tutorial block limit to 255 (Milestone) level load/save
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    More Critters!

    I re-textured the Scorpion and reduplicated its stuff so I now have the Purple Scorpion and Green Scorpion! Additionally, in the Scorpion folder there were also textures for a Small Scorpion which.... let's be real, looks pretty bad. If you wanted a smaller scorpion just grab the red one and change its Scale to something like 0.6. Currently the AI just wanders round and scares raiders. You can zap them with lasers or with RR weapons. The patch also puts them in the .ol for Driller Night so you can see them all there. Spiders, Snakes, and the original Red scorpion are already incorporated into this here. Download! (Cafeteria patch. If you want a manual installation just unpack it and follow the instructions in script.txt, which tell you what needs to go where.) Future Work: - incorporating the aggressive Rock Monster AI into them - making emerge and crumble animations (they currently vanish into a cloud of dust) now that I have Lightwave - fixing how the scorpions essentially glow-in-the-dark (see the green one on the left in the screenshot). Technical Notes if somebody wants to do something similar: LRR's textures are handled as "Indexed" textures, which means that instead of saving RGB values, it saves a palette, and then every pixel refers to this palette. (Not immediately related, but transparency is handled by putting A###_restoffilename.bmp, where ### refers to the index of the colour you want to be transparent). This means that if you open a texture in Paint edit it, save it, it will crash as Paint only saves RGB textures. Fortunately GIMP can do all of this fine. Load it up, and then if you want to edit the colours, Image -> Mode -> RGB. Edit away (I mostly used the Colorize tool, under Colors -> Colorize), and then when you're done change it back to Image->Mode->Indexed (let it auto-generate a palette), and then export as a BMP. On the Export screen, expand the Compatibility box, and tick Do not write Color Space Information. The image will work if that box is left unticked but it will look silly). Tada, your image has been put into an LRR format succesfully! @Cyrem, when are you going to re-release a version of Cafeteria that actually works and doesn't duplicate stuff? EDIT: IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK coming soon to a non-forgotten overhaul near you
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    Global Forum Rules

    Rock Raiders United is a discussion community. This allows many people of many backgrounds to come together to discuss all things LEGO. To keep this community in a healthy working order, forum rules do apply to protect both the website and its members. By registering an account you agree to follow the rules below. Posting DO NOT Spam Spam is considers as posts that do not add anything constructive to a topic/blog. Examples of such posts would be single word/emoticon posts, posts containing repetitive sentences. DO NOT Double Post Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply before making another post. The only exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post is going to contain purposeful information and not just "Bumping....". DO NOT Flame Flaming refers to the insulting of other members because of an opinion, personal background or beliefs they have. DO NOT Troll Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response is not permitted and is damaging to your own reputation on the forum. DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy. You are NOT permitted to share links, upload or make available publically or privately: full games, applications or media that would otherwise need to be purchased or licensed from the IP holder (the owner of the content). This does not apply to content that is released by the IP Holder as demo, freeware, trial and other license types for public sharing. There are certain situations where you may share limited files or samples of software/media for the purpose of achieving interoperability or providing education. This is so that tools can be created to read/write or otherwise interact with the shared files of software/media and further documented. Other situations where limited parts of software or media may be permitted are for the purpose of providing support or correcting software bugs. For example: To improve or make software/media compatible with newer systems or to provide missing content the software owner should have received. We understand such exceptions can make it difficult to decide whether some content is allowed to be posted. If you are unsure about a file you wish to upload, please contact one of the members of the moderation team. Links or Uploads may be removed at the request of the original author or copyright holder, or at the discretion of the moderation team at any time. DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material This covers all forms of pornographic material or sexually suggestive material. Materials containing high levels of gore are also not permitted. If you feel the content is questionable, don't post it! DO NOT Post Personally Identifiable Information The internet is full of creeps and thieves, do not post any information about yourself that may be stolen or identify you personally. The moderation team will remove such details from posts if they are found. DO NOT Discuss Religion or Politics These subjects fuel flaming. If you would like to discuss either of these, do so on a different forum. DO NOT Evade the Language Filter This refers to deliberately changing the lettering or using other tricks in order to get around our swear word filter. Slang however is allowed. DO NOT Post from the Future Futureposting is highly frowned upon as it can cause paradoxes, the advancement of technology before culture can catch up, and timestamp shenanigans. Always consult a licensed time lord before futureposting if you feel it is absolutely necessary. Also read the topic on Posting Etiquette Accounts DO NOT Create Multiple Accounts You are only allowed to use one account for yourself on this forum. If you would like your username changed, contact an Administrator. If you have been banned you are allowed to appeal to have a new account. DO NOT Use Rude, Offensive or Spam Usernames Account usernames that imply that your account is a dummy account to achieve access to something on the forum will get your account deleted. If your username is offensive, rude or designed to impersonate a member of this community or an official from another community your account may be renamed or deleted without warning. DO NOT Use Disposable Email Addresses If you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will be removed promptly without warning. DO NOT Use Company Logo's as a Profile Photo Please do not use company logo's, (such as the official LEGO logo) as your profile photo. They will be removed without notice. General Rules Respect Members All members should respect each other, including their opinions (See Flaming). If you are having problems with a particular member, you should seek to resolve it with them without causing disruption to the rest of the community. Respect Moderators The moderators not only spend time on the community as a normal member, they also having taken on extra responsibility to ensure members are following the rules. They 'keep the streets clean' as it were. Community Environment Sabotage If your actions (e.g post destruction, DDOS, spam etc) and attitude (e.g disrespect for moderators, members or the forum itself) and posts show or imply that you are trying to destroy the website or the community atmosphere causing the driving away of other members, you may be subject to a warning/restrictions or account ban. Excessive Sized Signatures Please be thoughtful of the many other viewers of RRU. Your signature should not be a distraction to the topic being read nor should it stretch pages needlessly. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250px (Pixels) high. Using spoilers should not be used for reducing the size. If your signature is deemed too big, it may be removed. Fake Goodbye Posts If you're going to leave RRU, do so without unnecessary attention-grabbing posts or insults to other users or RRU as a whole. A goodbye post is acceptable if done in good taste. We reserve the right to ban your account if you say you're going to leave forever as that will be interpreted as you forfeiting your account. These rules are subject to additions and alterations. Last Updated: 26/02/2019 * Newly Added since last update * Altered since last update
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