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    Stunt Rally DVD-ROM With HQ Videos

    I'm not sure if this is known but I spotted this DVD-ROM version of Stunt Rally on eBay recently and was curious as to why it was a DVD-ROM and not a CD-ROM so I bought it. It turns out it has a load of video content that features a behind the scenes look at the games development, the UK advert for the game, plus adverts for three different LEGOLAND theme parks as well as a Rock Raiders set/game advert. What I was really hoping to be on the disc turned out to indeed be present, there is a full PAL DVD quality version of the games 3D animated intro. It's 720 x 576 at 25fps which beats the hell out of the tiny 320 x 240 at 15fps version seen on start up. There are even snippets of Glacier's outro in the behind the scenes video in this same quality but sadly not all of the outro videos used throughout the game are present. The ones seen in game are however much better quality, they are 25fps and have much higher bit rate audio than the outros from a later re-release I have from Focus which came bundled with Island Xtreme Stunts, I have seen these higher quality outro videos in playthroughs so it's not surprising they are there, but this does tell us they for some reason skimped on the quality for the re-releases. Below are comparisons between the two, it seems they didn't render the final sequence with anti aliasing so there are some jaggies here and there but it's definitely not an upscale, there is way too much detail that can be seen. The pictures go AVI then DVD but then again it's rather obvious which is which, the DVD version does seem to have an overall different coloration to it and seems a bit green at times, I'm going to work on it to see if I can get the colors more consistent and match real element colors better.
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    Series 18 Race Car Guy (Rocket Racer?) Reference Photos

    That's cool. In anticipation for the first physical release of Rocket Racer, I built his car from the games but with the colors and details reflective of the car costume piece. I also created alternate hood designs that showcased his iconic RR logo like his car in the LEGO Racers games.
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    Privacy and RRU

    I'm sure you're sick of all the GDPR spam you've been getting from every site you signed up in your internet history all saying the same thing. So I'll keep this brief, yes, we will be coming out with a new Privacy Policy, but to prevent futher downtime until that is posted, I'm just going to highlight some points here. RRU values your privacy, and so we only collect general data required to make this forum function and for moderation of content posted to ensure it is within the Forum Rules. We use very minimal third parties (See Third Parties) and will not sell collected data to marketing companies or affiliates (not that RRU has any). Collected Data Data collected may be the browser types and versions used, the operating system used by the accessing system, website referrers, the date and time of access to the Internet site, an Internet protocol address (IP address), the Internet service provider of the accessing system, and any other similar data and information that may be used in the event of attacks on our systems and infrastructure. Data Updating & Erasure You have the right to update any personal data, to request such data or to request your member account and attached collected data be erased. You may do so via the "Contact Us" form. Third Parties RRU uses some third party services, these services are as follows: Spam Defense The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source. Privacy Policy Invisible reCAPTCHA This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website. Privacy Policy Google Fonts This site uses a Google Fonts to deliver web font styling for the forums. Privacy Policy -- tl;dr: We're not evil, we care about your privacy just as much as our own.
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    Series 18 Race Car Guy (Rocket Racer?) Reference Photos

    You called?
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    LEGO Print Creator

    Hullo everyone, Several years ago, I got a copy of LEGO Island from a childhood friend (yes, this is relevant, keep reading), and included on the disk was a program called "LEGO Print Creator", it was even mentioned on the back of the box as a selling point. I tried out LEGO Print Creator as a kid, and honestly I thought it was boring, so I've never bothered using it since. Anyway, skip forward to today, where I rediscovered LPC (LEGO Print Creator), and asked on the RRU Discord if anyone knew about it. Some people were aware it existed, but nothing else. So I decided to boot it up, record some footage of it, and see if there was anything interesting I could dig up from it. According to the "credits", LPC was produced by a company called "The Bending Spoon". Upon Googling their company name (and digging through the various search results for "bending spoon magic trick"), I found a website for a company called "Bending spoons". While they do produce tech products, I can't confirm if their company is related to the one that made this program. The credits also list "The Lost Highway" for assisting with the game's "artwork". Considering half of the application's pictures/images are directly from LEGO Media/Software's previous titles, I'm guessing The Lost Highway was responsible for creating the UI, or the 3D renders used for LPC's icons/buttons (its not unusual for Classic LEGO game developers to outsource stuff to other companies, such as how DDI outsourced "LEGO Rock Raiders" cutscenes to Artworld UK). I should probably mention that my copy of LEGO Island was published by GSP (Global Software Publishing) sometime between 1997-2002 (according to the back of the box. When starting up LPC, and the obligatory LEGO Software logo appears, it states that the game is "copyright 2001", but I cannot confirm if that's the year my copy of LI was released). I've heard that LPC was also included in other classic LEGO game bundles, and I'm curious if those bundles were also published by GSP, or if they were also released between 1997-2002. Initially I was going to explain how the game works using words, but instead I recorded some footage of LPC in action, which you can watch here (I sincerely apologise for how long and boring it is, but I'm only trying to show it in action); Sadly there's not much to it. For a program based on a series of games based on a construction toy that promotes creativity, this software feels extremely... limited. Like, you can rotate and scale characters/objects, but only to pre-set angles and sizes. You can't change the position of a single element, and you have to use the "Select layout" wand to move everything to pre-set locations. There is some indication that the developers wanted the user to have more control, as you can import your own images/pictures (as long as it's a .jpg or .bmp image), and you have full control over the font/size/colour of text, but its not a lot. Probably the best thing about LEGO Print Creator, are the character/object renders, mainly because they are high quality renders of previous LEGO Media: So because LEGO Print Creator has a great collection of high quality renders, I have bundled all the "high resolution" images together into one giant pack for y'all to download and enjoy. Admittedly, some images didn't come with a "high resolution" version, so the quality overall isn't consistent, but its a pretty sweet collection of official high-quality LEGO Media/Software renders. Enjoy: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r197/ -- Ben24x7 -- (I'm sorry if this is all incomprehensible gibberish. Its getting extremely late, and I'm having trouble thinking straight)
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    Google Translated LEGO Island 2 (GBC)

    Hello! I am back again for the 9999th time... this time I bring you something that might be quite interesting. (I don't know if this is the right forum for this though...) This is obviously inspired by a rather recent hack called Google Translated Pokémon - in which the entire game's text is put in Google Translate, "translated" to a bunch of languages and then back to english, which more often than not results in complete nonsense... I decided to do that idea but in GBC LEGO Island 2 as the text is (kinda) easy to edit... it turned out quite interesting. This is the very first version so there might be issues (or not, idk) but another version is planned, but very unlikely, in which the cards in-game are also translated. (they are stored as individual images in the game and they're all over the place) You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlwotgymc79fluq/Google Translated LEGO Island 2.ips?dl=1 As a patch, of course... I Don't think ROMs are allowed here :v So you can use Floating IPS, Lunar IPS or any other patcher program you use on the European LI2 GBC ROM. So have fun talking to everyone! (or not)
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    Series 18 Race Car Guy (Rocket Racer?) Reference Photos

    Series 18 of the collectible minifigures includes a "Race Car Guy"... The official bios for this series aren't out yet, so we don't know if he's truly supposed to be a Rocket Racer redesign, or something else (since the theme of this series is a costume party). Still, I thought maybe people would want to mod this guy into the Racers games, and I just got him at LEGOLAND California a few days ago... So I got some photos for anyone to use. They're not the absolute best, but they're good enough for reference when making textures.
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    Q&A With LEGO 3D Animator Stuart Green

    In 2016 I emailed the company that was in charge of the 3D animated intros and cutscenes for the LEGO games of the late 90's and early 00's. The one who answered was Stuart Green and he told me about the LEGO Racers intro which I was interested in knowing about how it was made as I plan to remake the intro in HD myself one day. Our back and fourth was quite brief but he definitely had some interesting things to say about their work back then. Q1: Do you still have the original files for the animation? could the intro be simply re-rendered on a modern 3D animation program at a higher resolution? A1: Unfortunately we don't have the final sequence saved. it was rendered in Lightwave from our 3D models so it could have easily be rendered in HD quality. We made the models usable for the Lego Adventurers comic, we also did Lego comic strips for three years, so they were high enough detail and hi-res textures for print. Q2: Do you know anything about the 25fps higher quality yet shortened version of the intro used for the LEGOLAND Windsor Rocket Racers attraction? I understand the ride is now closed but did you also provide the higher quality clips for this? A2: I cant remember a specific version for the park, but if one was done it would have been us, we were their preferred developer, they shut down their own CGI studio and used us exclusively for this work, we did TV adverts, motion simulation rides, ingame animations, books, comic novels - everything! Q3: What program did you use to make the cars originally? did you make the cars out of real bricks and then model them from scratch? A3: All the models were made from real Lego bricks, then modeled and animated in Lightwave, and the textures made in photoshop. We had all the computers linked together as a render farm, we designed and composed during the day and sequences were rendered over the night and weekends, to either pleasure or frustration when we came to viewing. Q4: Interesting you mention a render farm, the animations are very good quality so I suppose a render farm was best for such projects? A4: Yes the render farm was needed, I think our machines were only about 300MHz at this time and everything was single processor, although we did have 4 machines that held 2 processors on the motherboard, (very unusual) we had 40 machines, the majority used by programmers so not usable by day, but left in render farm mode, at night. Q5: What types of computers were used at the time? A5: Our machines were constantly being upgraded to new hardware, so there was no uniform specification, they were around 309MHz at this time, I think the dual processors were 266MHz, so a 4GHz machine is about 32 times faster, and as quad core that's like 128 times faster, more than our whole render farm on one modern PC! Q6: Three Beta designs for the cars are seen in the intro in a few scenes which then switch back to the final models, was this because the intro was being made at the same time as the game was being developed? A6: Yes, we had to start and finish the animation sequences before the game was complete.
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    LEGO Alpha Team intro except no effort went into it

    Hullo, Initially, I planned to post this as an "April Fools" video, where I joke about making an "720p version of the LEGO Alpha Team intro" except the end result is poorly drawn and so poorly edited you can literally see that half of the intro was recorded in GIMP. The only reason I'm not bothering to disguise it as an "April Fools" video is because... well ...this video ain't fooling nobody. It's more of a parody of the intro instead of something you can trick your friends into watching. Maybe if I put a Rick Roll somewhere in it, it could be an April Fools video, but most people would probably be turned away from the awful visuals before they reach the end. Anyway, here's the video if you want to watch it. Enjoy??
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    Stunt Rally DVD Intro Restoration Completed

    So after around 40-50 hours of work over a few weeks I have finally completed the restoration of the Stunt Rally intro as found on the DVD-ROM release. There were multiple issues with the intro such as the colors being overly green with blacks looking especially green, plus the issue of encoding errors from the 25p video being converted to PAL DVD which outputs at 50i. Other errors were seen as the video changing from progressive to interlaced, what I mean by this is that with deinterlacing turned off some sections of the video would play just fine, it would show the same frame twice but then it would suddenly switch to interlaced footage and you'd see the lines of an interlaced frame that wasn't deinterlaced. When this happened there would be a transitional frame which would cause the video to freeze for a single frame, this happened quite a few times near the start resulting in the audio becoming out of sync when corrected. Towards the end this issue is very apparent as the video begins to bounce up and down due to constantly changing from progressive to interlaced and back again. A frame showing the black of Sid's car as looking very green, also note how the jungle in the background has a minor green glow to it. The same frame after color correction and upscaling to 1440 x 1080, while the blacks are much better the green cannot be fully removed due to the blacks being rendered more green than the surroundings. (below) A frame that is a transition between progressive and interlaced playback. The next frame which has jumped down by a pixel but is now playing as progressive and has no field issues. Although a seemingly crude method I used MPC media player to play the extracted intro which was a lossless rip and go frame by frame print screening the video. If opened and left alone MPC will display a video in its native resolution in the center of the screen so the frames that were pasted into GIMP2 were 768 x 576, 4:3 PAL DVD resolution. Luckily there were a few sections of the intro in the "behind the scenes" video that were of superior quality than those in the intro file itself, including the close up scenes of Baron and Brad but without the interlacing and bouncing issues, so these files were used instead since less work had to be done to fix the frames. I did look into the possibility of extracting the frames from the data of the video using ffmpeg but this only resulted in giving me 1800 images from the top field and 1800 from the bottom, plus these images were not separated and would have required manual separation taking weeks if done that way. Since MPC displays the video exactly as is with these same frames but already deinterlaced and identical quality as the manually extracted frames it was decided to simply use the video itself and go frame by frame print screening. The screen image was then pasted into a template already set at 768 x 576 so all I needed to do was line up the top corner of the video with the top corner of the template to get the frame perfectly centered every time. A color correction profile was already set so all I had to do was import the screenshot, line up just the video frame, copy that into a 1440 x 1080 template, drag it to the bottom left corner and upscale it using the best setting I tested which was Sinc (lanczos3), then a quick brightness profile set, then the color correction profile. Once all that was done the images were exported and called image-000 to image-1800 since ffmpeg can make an image sequence out of images as long as they start with image-000. After all the frames were finished the sequence was made into a video with ffmpeg and then the black boxes along the side and interlacing lines on the top and bottom were cropped out and the video set back to 1440 x 1080 with AviSynth. After this a test upload was done and it was determined that the video being 25fps caused YouTube to compress it much more than usual, so the video was made back into a sequence of images and then each frame was doubled and all the files batch renamed from image-000 to image-3599. So the final video ended up being presented the same way the DVD would have if there were no interlacing issues, and thanks to ffmpegs compression methods the file size was not bigger than the 25fps version. The audio was next and for the longest time I was using the audio from the DVD file that I attempted to fix the eqalisation on and do some noise reduction due to hiss being very present. However in the last few days a higher quality version came to light when I was digging through the extracted RF files in the ART0001 folder, there were many audio tracks of superior quality found and in one of the folders appropriately named "intro" there was a file called "legointro" so I played it and amazingly it turns out to be the same audio used in the 320 x 240 intro but not cut down to a bit depth of 8, instead it was the almost original file being 22,050Hz PCM 16 bit audio. So hidden in the files the whole time was the exact file I needed for my restored video, using the same technique as they did with the DVD audio I mirrored the frequencies from 0Hz to 11,025Hz up past the previous quality peak and made the track 44,100Hz. After this much more work was done to the equaisation and I also separated the central, left and right channels and increased the outer channel amplification to give the whole track a more spacious sound, the frequencies above 16,000Hz were then deleted as the data present from here up caused very high frequency noise that did not work well with the lower frequencies. Due to the duplicated frames the audio did have to be sped up by 0.75 percent so if it sounds a bit pitched up that is why, also there is a section towards the end after Brad and Baron jump the ice ramp that the video is still for just under a second, this is because in the next scene there are missing frames for some reason so duplicate frames had to be added to keep the audio in time with the video. Here you can see the file after the frequency mirror was performed, the frequencies above 11,025Hz are duplicated from below and does increase the quality of the track if equalised properly. So here it is all done! A huge thank you to Mr. Skeltal for helping me with using ffmpeg, AviSynth and a few other programs which would not have made the restoration possible. Also a big thank you to Cyrem for his RF extraction tool which enabled me to find the higher quality intro music. Here is the full quality version which came out to a decent 135 MB, uncompressed video at 15,000 kbps and full quality PCM 44,100Hz restored audio.
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    rpm - LEGO Racers package manager

    This is an experiment I've been slowly working on since 15 December, 2015 and finally have it in a state I'm happy with for everyone to try out and give feedback. I call it rpm ([LEGO] Racers Package Manager). Heavily influenced by the simplicity of cli tools in the web development world (npm, yarn, pip, etc), rpm is a package (read: mod) "manager" for LEGO Racers. It provides a bare-bones yet simple way to distribute and install Racers mods. Produced packages are fully human-editable for use without the app. To say this is a manager is a bit of a stretch. It currently does not produce finished packages, keep track of installed packages, or uninstall packages. I would like to implement the first two while I've not found a suitable way to handle the third. The "manager" part is somewhat of a leftover from a more expanded initial plan that was cut (my plan was the aforementioned features and to be more like the cli tools in that packages would be externally hosted and downloaded from the Web but infrastructure is intensive, yo). To use rpm, just open a cmd.exe/PowerShell window and type `rpm.exe help` for all available commands. Invoking the command's help will provide more information (example: `rpm.exe help init`). I've tried to write some helpful explanations. Anything can be revised for clarify if feedback is given. rpm does take care of a few things for you, however. Upon setting your Racers game path, it attempts to determine your game version and handles JAM extraction/rebuilding automatically, per direct integration of the JAM Extractor. This is supported for both 1999 and 2001 releases, so unless you have an unidentified version (let me know if that happens), you should only have the JAM extracted once and not have to rebuild. I do not have any prepackaged mods. You will need to try it on your own unless/until packages are uploaded to support this. Note: this software is considered an experiment. There are missing features, bugs, as well as cases where it could fail spectacularly due to unhandled errors. It may or may not go anywhere from here. I am publishing this simply to launch the experiment and get feedback on the last 2.5 years of work. Currently known issues JAM extraction for a 2001 copy requires am empty JAM archive not included in the release. Please download the JAM from GitHub and place it in %AppData%/rpm before attempting to run `rpm.exe settings`. init command will fail if attempting to write to a location without proper permissions (like Program Files) Lots of places where things could fail with no explanation GitHub: https://github.com/le717/rpm Download: https://github.com/le717/rpm/releases Oresome backup download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r262/ Change log v1.0.0-alpha.3 Add new `package` command to create a package Various user message improvements Increased likelihood that things will break™
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    Information From A Designer From LI2 GBA And IXS (With Images)

    So Dean Roskell and I have been having a conversation recently. Under the norm I'd wait on posting until after the conversation was over, however it will be a while until I hear back. Also here's the images that were mentioned above
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    Impersonate le717 Day 2018

    Can le Will le
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    RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

    [9:26 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Oh boy, this just reminded me of a story from my 2015 visit to LEGOLAND Windsor, and waiting in line for Atlantis... [9:42 PM] Ayliffe: did a small gust of wind blow the cardboard ride building into a nearby tree again [9:51 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: So, I was waiting in the outdoor queue, which is separated by these wooden fences with metal lattice. [9:51 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: [9:52 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Here’s an image do you can visualize the area. [9:54 PM] mumboking: For a moment, I thought that said vandalize. [9:54 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Oh, I’ll get there... [9:56 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Anyway, a few groups ahead, there’s this family with a young (probably around five y/o) girl. [10:05 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And this girl... as she makes her way through the line, for some inexplicable reason, is just licking everything around her. 1 [10:06 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And not like pressing her mouth against stuff, she’s going at it full-tongue. [10:08 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: As the line starts to move, the family move from against the back wall/fence (which she was licking) to one of the central fences. [10:09 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: But she continues undeterred and her mouth finds its way to one of the wooden fences. [10:09 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Which as you recall, has a sheet of lattice over it. [10:10 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Now right behind this fence, there’s a guy just leaning against it, unaware of what is about to go down. [10:12 PM] mumboking: Oh no... [10:13 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Through one of the holes in the lattice, the girl’s tongue manages to fit... [10:14 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Right against this other guy’s butt. [10:14 PM] mumboking: OH! [10:14 PM] Terrev: oh [10:16 PM] Ayliffe: I was expecting this story to go in many directions but this wasn't one of them [10:18 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And this is why I will never look at the LEGOLAND Windsor Atlantis attraction the same way again. [10:19 PM] Ayliffe: On the plus side though [10:19 PM] Ayliffe: at least you weren't trapped in one of the submarines with her [10:20 PM] Terrev: At legoland california recently my nephew got a minifigure bag (firework guy) and was trying to open it [10:20 PM] Terrev: Some random girl comes along [10:20 PM] Terrev: Says I CAN HELP [10:20 PM] Terrev: Takes the bag [10:21 PM] Terrev: Shoves it in her mouth and is about to either rip the bag or remove half her teeth with it [10:21 PM] Terrev: Everyone yells NO in unison [10:21 PM] Terrev: We take it back, she runs off, everyone is laughing/dumbfounded [10:22 PM] Terrev: Why are kids [10:22 PM] Terrev: Just... Why are kids [10:22 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: I’m glad we all have our own stories of how our LEGOLAND experience has been tarnished by kid’s mouths.
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    LEG Island

    LI1 accomplishes bald minifigures by loading an empty model where the hat/hair should be. Swap around other things with the bald model in LEGO1.DLL and you can get stuff like... this.
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    Rocket Racer's worst performance

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    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    This guide is more or less a re-write of many posts of this method that are scattered around the forum with updated links and pictures to make it easier to follow. First and foremost there is sometimes confusion between dgVoodoo and Cafeteria. These are significantly different and perform entirely different things. dgVoodoo is an graphics API wrapper (or “converter”) for DirectDraw & Direct3D (Part of DirectX 6 - a graphics API developed by Microsoft). Most modern graphics cards are not compatible with games utilising old versions of DirectX, Rock Raiders is one of them. Cafeteria on the other hand is a Mod Launcher that allows easy installation of game resource modifications for LEGO Rock Raiders. It also has the ability to force LEGO Rock Raiders to run in resolutions higher than 640x480. You can use both of these together for optimal graphics improvements. in summary - dgVoodoo is what makes it possible to run LEGO Rock Raiders on modern graphics cards, not Cafeteria. Cafeteria is merely a toolkit to make an already working game even better. Secondly, Microsoft has updated Windows Vista through to Windows 10 with patches that remove SafeDisc and SecureRom support from those systems. This is a problem if you own a copy of LEGO Rock Raiders that is copy-protected. If you own the copy-protected version of LEGO Rock Raiders (some of the re-releases did not have copy protection) you'll probably find the game will not run, even after the below steps are follow. What can you do about this? Unfortunatly, you don't have many options. You'll need to aquire a non-copy protected version of the game or attempt to self-sign SafeDisc on your computer. Self-signing SafeDisc is another whole process in itself and isn't exactly recommended, however you can find tutorials to do this with a quick Google Search. Now that we know what dgVoodoo is and have dealt with the SafeDisc issue, lets begin. Guide While setting this up is really a piece of cake and requires barely any steps, people still can still get it wrong, so please follow the steps below. If you get stuck, try it again. If you're still stuck, reply to this topic. STEP 1 Before you begin, you will need to download the following two files. Please note that some Antivirus software may complain that they are viruses. This is a false positive and they are both clean. D3DRM - Download dgVoodoo 2.53 (WIP50 is the latest compatible version) - Download Version 2.55.4 is recommended if you have lighting issues while playing - http://dege.fw.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2.html STEP 2 If you haven't already, install LEGO Rock Raiders. Once this is done, navigate to it's installation directory (usually: c:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders ). This folder should look like this: STEP 3 Next, from the D3DRM archive you downloaded before extract the D3DRM DLL File into the install folder. After that, open the dgVoodoo archive you also downloaded. You will need to extract: dgVoodooCpl.exe and the contents of the MS folder into your installation directory. STEP 4 You're almost done. We'll now configure dgVoodoo, so double click dgVoodooCpl.exe to start the configuration program. Ensure that you are running the program in Administrator Mode (Right Click > Run as Administrator) or changes may not be saved. When it starts, look at the "Config Folder" path, if it is not the same path as your Rock Raiders install folder, click the ".\" button on the right. Next click the "DirectX" tab. You may want to play with some settings in here, however for this guide we'll just do the important ones. Change the "Resolution" to the same resolution that you are currently using (e.g 1920 x 1080 is common) and uncheck the "dgVoodoo Watermark". Finally click apply. STEP 5 Congratulations, you're set! There's one thing left to do and it's very important. You need to start the game from LegoRR.exe. Afterwards a window will appear, and if you've set it up correctly it will display the driver as "dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper (display)". I hope this guide has helped you get your copy of LEGO Rock Raiders to work. Be sure to reply below if it worked for you or if you're having any troubles. Don't forget that if you do get it running, check out some of the great mods for the game around the community.
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    New larger frame and some new bricks. Along with a "Very WIP garage" Car here is built 100% ingame. Bricks are added to the frame brick.
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    The Cancelled LEGO Football/Soccer Game(s)

    A while back I was browsing Polycount and came across a thread posted by an artist talking about getting their first gamedev job, working on LEGO Universe. One of the replies was from a guy named Mike Rusby, who mentioned that his first job was also working on a LEGO game. Curious which game it was, I clicked the link to his website in his signature. http://mikerusby.com/misc.html If you scroll down a bit there, you'll see some LEGO character models labeled "lego football Blitz games 2002". I also came across his Flickr gallery, which has the same image, and a second one, both labeled 2003 this time. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikerusby/3258838335/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikerusby/3259670852/ I did more googling but couldn't find anything else about a LEGO game made by Blitz, except a little more from Mike on another website, which just said he worked there as a texture artist from 2002-9 to 2003-2. LEGO Football/Soccer Mania, by Silicon Dreams, was released in June 2002. This game was in development after that one. So, being curious what happened to this game, I dropped Mike an email, and he was kind enough to shed some light on it. He just remembered it being called LEGO Football. My guess is it would have gotten a more unique name by launch to differentiate it between LEGO Football/Soccer Mania, but who knows. He vaguely remembered someone telling him that there'd been a previous football/soccer LEGO game before theirs, but wasn't sure. So the team was at least aware of Football/Soccer Mania, but probably not taking heavy inspiration from it or trying to make a direct sequel. He said "The game was ok to play, the animations that my colleague did were superb." He has a CD with some of the 3D models somewhere; "a wild west saloon, cowboy and indian village amongst other things." He said he'd try to track it down but hadn't seen it in a while. It sounds like that while the game was intended to have a variety of themes, all he really remembered (if not all that existed before cancellation) was wild west themed. In the wild west section you played on top of a train, went through a fort and red indian village, had to kick the ball at rattlesnakes etc. It was an old wild west train, the kind with an iron cowcatcher on the front. There was also a big wild west town with a saloon, which you played in. Meanwhile... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/qanda-lego-star-wars-producer-jonathan-smith/1100-6165669/ I sent this interview to Mike, who said he had a weird feeling it wasn't the game he worked on at Blitz. Given the incredibly close timing, though, I think it's likely there's some connection here. LEGO has a long history of cancelling or rejecting games at one studio, then trying again with a similar (if not the same) concept at another studio. (As you can read there, even LEGO Football/Soccer Mania has such a history; DDI pitched the idea but LEGO went with Silicon Dreams to actually make it, years later). They've done it in more recent years too. Honestly, I'd imagine it's fairly common practice in game development, beyond just LEGO... But why didn't they just go with Silicon Dreams again? I don't know, but it seems they might have considered it... https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/5916-contact-with-atd/ ATD was a sister studio to Silicon Dreams; both owned by Kaboom. It'd make sense for one of ATD's co-founders to know of Silicon Dreams's projects - or perhaps they'd know even if it weren't a Silicon Dreams project, just due to working directly with LEGO. tl;dr: Another LEGO Football/Soccer game was attempted, possibly multiple times. It never worked out. Oh well.
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    Discord Server Signups

    I know this won't stop people with less than 10 posts asking to join the group, but I put some time into this and I thought I'd better post this anyway:
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    LR1 has the best soundtrack

    Title translation "Kostya* nostalgic for lego racers" *(Kostya - character from TV show where I took fragment)
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    RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

    [10:07 PM] Red60: [10:07 PM] Red60: cool, i hope i can make a car as good as- [10:08 PM] Red60: [10:08 PM] Terrev: bahaha [10:08 PM] Red60: f**k. [10:08 PM] Terrev: gold [10:10 PM] Ayliffe: ah yes my favourite racing car, 'vaguely shaped like a duck' [10:11 PM] Red60: [10:11 PM] Red60: "i can't see s**t, sir!" [10:11 PM] Aves: lol [10:12 PM] Terrev: [10:12 PM] Red60: also the arms would conflict with the bricks big time [10:13 PM] Red60: it just wouldn't work [10:13 PM] Terrev: LR1 allows that too [10:15 PM] Terrev: [10:15 PM] Terrev: it's a dragon now [10:15 PM] Ayliffe: [wipes glasses] [10:15 PM] Ayliffe: [10:15 PM] Terrev: oh my god
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    Haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, gotta fix that. Working on bikes/vehicles, at least it's faster than walking! Short Video: https://gfycat.com/PlasticSpecificElver Older Stuff:
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