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    Im looking for a download to the Lego Island 3 fangame

    Final build: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tdgiqhga2g3qh04/LEGO+Island+3+B15.5.5+Win.zip Older build I'm not sure of the exact version of, but has some end-game content if you know how to access it (Tacku if you come across this topic please don't kill me lol it's been like nine years so I hope you don't really mind anymore): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1bq6pdn800hd4pa/Old+Mysterious+LEGO+Island+3+Build.zip
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    Quisoves Potoo

    Is This Thing On?

    Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural entry in what is certain to be an edifying and scintillating program. I suppose you're wondering why I've called you all here tonight. The reason, good sirs and madams, is birds. A most vital and compelling matter, as you can no doubt see. Neither of these things is a bird, and yet they're nearer birds than any non-avians alive today. Whatever one might say about archosaurs (and there's a lot to say) they were no slouches. Not content to have produced the first vertebrates adapted to flight, they opted for an encore, conducting themselves with no small amount of style. Stick this in your fancy sails, synapsid freaks! There was a lot of tweaking over the eons, but eventually the familiar form emerged: Sans tail, sans claws, sans snout. Aerodynamism incarnate. Still, it was not so definitive an avian that it overpowered its beakless-breathren. Rather, it coexisted with all manner of feathered beauties. Look ma, no wings! Alas, the cosmos is a cruel mistress, for the age of reptiles was coming to an end. Between the Chixalub asteroid and the Deccan Traps, Aves, birds as we know them, watched their dinosaur brethren vanish from the Earth, in what was not even the worst mass-extinction to date. While those puny mammals were getting their act together, Aves was flourishing, getting up to all manner of outrageous hi-jinks Flight! What is it good for? It should be noted that while no other dinosaurs escaped, there was another lineage of archosaurs that survived.... And while it was those pesky hominids that ultimately reached sapience, one can hardly deny the impressive cognitive faculties of certain birds... Not bad for a lineage that lost its hands millions of years ago! In conclusion... Well.... What was the point of all this? Oh! I know! BIRBS!
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    Goodies From Wes Jenkins OTHER Site

    So first off I found the canned spinoff pilot clip Next off there's an early version of the intro Next I've found the original draft of the manual https://web.archive.org/web/20070611222044/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/comicbook-productguide.pdf There's so much to note here and I'm sure jamesster will add more in a post Wes really wanted theme crossovers but for whatever reason were removed! Also lots of unused/changed character bits here Brian Shrimps mentioned here and also a plastic Pete.... Could Pete Bogg be related to Plastic Pete also? Which leads me to this: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221807/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOCharacters.pdf Sky Lane was mentioned here under "Skye" did Wes have a role in her conception? (Also it should be noted Wes seemed to have written this later on obviously, could he have been trying to revive the franchise somehow?) Now for our next bit: Wes had another LI2 script on that site meantioning Rock Raiders: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221825/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOisland2-dialogsample.pdf So apparently Rock Raiders was going to get an island at one point, but it got cut. There's several bits in game from that, but I'll note that in another topic. Should also note these, as they're from LEGO Medias Learning Range: https://web.archive.org/web/20070609083811/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGO-concept1.pdf https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGO-concepts.pdf Seems fitting with Wes saying he had binders full of LEGO game ideas, lol Also to be noted: This vid has LI1 face textures in it: And this has an "Gideon Worse", lol:https://web.archive.org/web/20070611222547fw_/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/radio/GAYspellingB.mp3
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    Im looking for a download to the Lego Island 3 fangame

    the greatest LEGO Island fan sequel of all time
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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Free on Humble Bundle: Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
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    Rock Raider fan no.1

    Chelicerae - A Rock Raiders Story

    Foreward Scene 1
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    Custom Bricks for LDD

    Hi everyone, I'm terribly sorry for the long absence. I recently stumbled upon this thread again and I see that a lot of you guys are interested by my work. To do a long story short I kinda assumed the forum was dead and I also lost interest in the project. But as you might have guessed I'm writing here because I've recently started working on the project again. Currently, I'm still far away from having a functional tool to edit and create custom bricks. Recently I've been more focused on a tool that creates custom palettes (aka lego set) for LDD. If you didn't know, LDD has an undocumented feature to have a defined inventory of bricks with quantities (instead of an infinite number of all possible bricks) and tracks the quantity remaining of each bricks, which basically sums up to virtually building a lego set. This tool is mostly done and only requires a little more error checking and a nicer user interface. Once this is finished I will get back to develop an application for creating and editing custom bricks. I'll keep you updated of my progress.
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I'm creating a multiplayer Island themed Lego RP/Sandbox/Minigame type game. I'll post new media here when I have it. New Media: https://gfycat.com/PortlyPrestigiousHagfish https://gfycat.com/SilverNaiveAmericanbobtail Old Media:
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I've decided to turn development towards making a little "remaster" of Lego Racers 1. Racing around cartoony tracks shooting cannon balls at other brick built karts, pretty fun stuff. A bunch of work lately has been UI related and thinking of how the menus should look and feel. More work has also went into the kart/vehicle physics and feeling, there's still work to be done, but they're getting better. https://streamable.com/fmnp4 More work went into AI as well. They actually have a very small brain now! They're just smart enough to drive in reverse if stuck, and to follow a given course. Currently they are insanely good drivers, too good, they're very difficult to pass, let alone beat in a race. Gotta make em a bit dumber. https://streamable.com/q5r10 https://streamable.com/37ti3 Lots of other stuff has gotten work done, such as basic HUD elements, sounds, particles, a simple test-track "ripped from LR1" and more. I also quickly added a screenshot camera last night courtesy of Garry Newman, which allows you to take some super cool screenshots ingame. If ya wanna keep up to date further on this project, I've made a Discord server where I'll be posting development info and taking suggestions, feedback, etc. https://discord.gg/TT5FD5q
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    LEGO Awesomeness

    While reading up on some old MOCs I bumped across Phantom Terror's Makuta entry for a Lego's "Build your Makuta" competition. A short bit of googling later, the winner of the competition was thus: It took me several minutes to grasp the size of that thing. (For your convenience, the competition entries are all conveniently archived here.) Bonus: I thought this was rather amusing: Makuta, Master of Spaghetti: (oh, and is it standard practice in this topic to put images in spoilers, or not?)
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    Index of Helpful/Interesting Topics

    This topic is a WIP. Will be cleaned up and fleshed out a bit more once the forum revamp has settled down a bit. Rock Raiders Rock Raiders Release Differences Guide: Run Rock Raiders In Windowed Mode Matt's General Gameplay Tips + Techniques Rock Raiders Wave Two? - Evidence that a second wave of Rock Raiders sets may have been planned. Wow People! I Am Both Stunned And Impressed! - Topic by Karl White, a Rock Raiders programmer I May Have A Surprise For You... - Some goodies dug up by Karl Extended Rr Intro? Index Of Pre-Release Lrr Screencaptures LEGO Racers LEGO Racers 1 EXE Parameters LEGO Racers 1 Cheats Circuit Intro Shows Beta Track LEGO Racers Manual Renders LEGO Racers Developer Journal - Concept art, behind the scenes, etc. Minifig texture names I found this while Google searching LEGO Media - LEGO Racers FMV-related stuff. Internet Multiplayer was Planned? LEGO Racers DEMO - Download LEGO Racers 2 Lego Racers 2 EXE Parameters "Compression" Setting - Info on a graphics setting in LEGO Racers 2 that you'll actually probably want to keep at the lowest setting to look best. Some renders from ATD's website - And some text describing the developer's vision for the game, too. LEGO Racers 2 Cheat Engine Hacks Visual Objects List (+Unused) LR2 Fun Facts and Tips Two Hidden In-Game Cheats Discovered - Top down camera and mirrored mode. LEGO Racers 2 GBA Beta Walkthrough Drome Racers Drome Racers Version Differences EZ Unused Cinematic Unused Drome Racers Music Assorted Drome Racers Goodness Drome Racers Cheats E3 Beta Gameplay LEGO Island Run LEGO Island Diskless Old LEGO Island Message Board Unused Flying Legandos Torso - Whoops, the guys with question marks on their chests probably weren't supposed to look like that. LEGO Island - Definative Speeds List Racetrack Explorer - A better look at the racetrack. See also: LEGO Island Size Comparison Adventures on LEGO Island - LEGO Island was alternately named "Adventures on LEGO Island" and "Panic on LEGO Island" in some regions. See also: The Brickster's Name + Panic on LEGO Island. Email From The Creator Of Lego Island Cancelled Mindscape Games Interview with Wes Jenkins my email to wes jenkins Promotional LEGO Island 2x4 Brick - LEGO Island at E3. Discusses more than just a brick. LEGO Island Press Kit - Includes concept art and a very early screenshot! Wes wrote a six page article about creative stuff in 2006 - Includes some LEGO Island things Unused Cutscene LEGO Island 2 LEGO Island 2 Beta on PS1 "discovered" (IMAGE HEAVY) LEGO Island 2 Beta Video - Beta footage of the PC version. Texture quality set to low by default - You might be playing LI2 with textures at half of their full resolution, without realizing it. Darren's last name Pizza in the Adventurers Island volcano smoke Skateboard tricks outside the skate park Walk speed varies with camera pitch - How not to program character movement. GBA Maps GBA Island Population Richard Wells' Website LEGO Island 2 Music Lego Island 2 Discussion - An old LI2 topic with a variety of things in it, starting with the discovery of a blocked off tomb in the pyramid area. Slyboots and Senor Palomar cut from LI2? Unused Loading Sprite? PS1 Ogelites - In case you didn't want to sleep tonight. The Sins of LEGO Island 2 peppers house: the unused model - An early version of Pepper's house interior and a few other things. LEGO Island 2 Character Ages - Unused character ages for the Information Center. temple_arch.msh - An unused model related to a cut area. LEGO Island 2 GBC Text Dump LI2 environmental art and buildings Unused Developer Dialogs Island Xtreme Stunts Running LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts without a Disc IXS Version Differences Island Xtreme Stunts' GBA Maps IXS voice actors Early map of LEGO Island from IXS Whole island map - A rip of the PDA map. Island Xtreme Stunts Trailers With Beta Gameplay LEGO Alpha Team Alpha Team concept animation? - First topic discussing Alpha Team's redesign. Scrapped Zones And More - Second topic discussing the same as above, with lots more info. See also: This Eurobricks thread summarizing the whole thing. Running LEGO Alpha Team without CD-ROM Running LEGO Alpha Team in a custom resolution Alpha Team music composer(s)? Alpha Team and the Case of the Missing Pricks Alpha Team press release from NDL - Some info on the announcement/early development of LEGO Alpha Team, and an unknown canceled game by the same developers (likely canceled very early on, as none of the Alpha Team developers even mentioned it). Alpha Team "Coming Soon" poster Alpha Team Demo LEGO Stunt Rally LEGO Stunt Rally development artwork - Concept art, prototype models, and more. LEGO MOTO (Stunt Rally) Executive Summary Enable Manual control over your car Stunt Rally for Playstation 1 - The story of the canceled PlayStation version. No Intro videos Run Stunt Rally without a CD Stunt Rally Japanese Demo - And English, too. Stunt Rally Credits - Some copies of the game have credits in the outro, apparently. LEGO Soccer Mania Soccer Mania renders and UI concepts The Cancelled LEGO Football/Soccer Game(s) Soccer Mania ALL Character Stats (Official Numbers) Soccer/Football Mania Demo Download LEGO Creator series LEGO Creator Dev Comments LEGO Creator Harry Potter CoS Model Viewing (Maybe More) LEGOLAND Legoland Cheats List LEGOLAND EXE Parameters Other/Multiple Games LEGO Interactive producer located - Lots of info on the history of Rock Raiders PS1, LEGO Island 2 (which it turns out wasn't always a LEGO Island sequel, but rather a tie-in with a canceled cartoon), a canceled Technic game, and more. Canceled LEGO Racers... 4? - Not one, but TWO canceled LEGO racing games from the early 2000s. Also, Drome Racers was internally called LEGO Racers 3. Scrapped LEGO Racers Game (2009) - ANOTHER canceled LEGO racing game. What happened to the Galidor game? - A game developed by Asylum Entertainment, who were also responsible for the canceled PS1 version of Stunt Rally. The Galidor game was also canceled... But then uncanceled...? Rocket Racers - The LEGOLAND Windsor multiplayer racing game based on LEGO Racers and developed by ATD before they went on to create LEGO Racers 2. Rocket Racers and Rollcage Comparisons LEGO Island Size Comparison - A comparison of the sizes of locations in the LEGO Island series. Want Some Models From Li2 And Ixs? - Official game assets on Turbosquid. See also: Official LEGO 1998 Ninja 3D model on TurboSquid IXS and Soccer Mania Developer Found! Contact with ATD Sky is luna - Yeah, Luna Rom = Sky Lane. Classic LEGO Game TV Commercials LEGO Media E3 2000 footage? - Video of various games from E3 2000, possibly lost. LEGO Fun to Build: The first LEGO game? (Before LEGO Island!) The LEGO Media Press Room and completely useless LRR concept info Kids Station: LEGO no Sekai Academy of Flight? - A canceled game? We don't really know. EBSCOhost: More information on classic LEGO video games and more Linking Leroy Visits Legoland
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    Archives of various LU-related websites

    Because the Web Archives didn't get even close to everything, and there was tons of invaluable information on the history of LU on these sites before they went down... Lunibook forums - A prominent place to discuss LU back in the day, some of its members were people officially involved with/working on the game. By far the biggest of these archives, and AFAIK, the only archive of this site beyond a few broken pages on the Web Archives: https://mega.nz/#!M4wHSYoB!rcsAUrT85rkFJa1mqWN_AS9xaqQG3KG3CqgAFZM6wQM Bradford Rant (there's several archives of this already available but another can't hurt): https://mega.nz/#!klpTFLxD!nkqBZBgLDvDqt96Jkv2RL_-Bqg5XOT4uLqRJHa2mPxQ Portions of the official LU site (mostly focused on the News Network): https://mega.nz/#!R14SnD7Q!EmORTfPwgp6cbQxVzMky_EJTvZfu88lXZlVDhe4o8zI Moonbase.lu - The official website/forum for the Moonbase world in LU, made by its LUP team to discuss its development and ideas for future expansions with players. Many forum topics are missing but the important stuff on the development of the world is all there (and you can at least get a short preview of missing topics by hovering over their links): https://mega.nz/#!41gQiLjT!a9Kz9KxnFXxBK-JG3Xh2lomexImJgacumwyu3KRMzW8 There's a readme file included with each that has more info.
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    LRR won't start on Windows 10

    what, do you think we pretend such things don't exist? we just have a rule about not uploading or linking to game ISOs and the like lol, simple as that
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    LEGO Island REDUX

    Hey @bphillips09 I made Lego Island in VRChat and people have been wanting interiors. I was wondering if you wanted and were okay with tossing me the assets? You'll get credit of course! here is a video of what I've done so far
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