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    Series 18 of the collectible minifigures includes a "Race Car Guy"... The official bios for this series aren't out yet, so we don't know if he's truly supposed to be a Rocket Racer redesign, or something else (since the theme of this series is a costume party). Still, I thought maybe people would want to mod this guy into the Racers games, and I just got him at LEGOLAND California a few days ago... So I got some photos for anyone to use. They're not the absolute best, but they're good enough for reference when making textures.
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    Look what came up on Ebay recently The Ebay description (Contains some useful information)
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    [9:26 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Oh boy, this just reminded me of a story from my 2015 visit to LEGOLAND Windsor, and waiting in line for Atlantis... [9:42 PM] Ayliffe: did a small gust of wind blow the cardboard ride building into a nearby tree again [9:51 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: So, I was waiting in the outdoor queue, which is separated by these wooden fences with metal lattice. [9:51 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: [9:52 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Here’s an image do you can visualize the area. [9:54 PM] mumboking: For a moment, I thought that said vandalize. [9:54 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Oh, I’ll get there... [9:56 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Anyway, a few groups ahead, there’s this family with a young (probably around five y/o) girl. [10:05 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And this girl... as she makes her way through the line, for some inexplicable reason, is just licking everything around her. 1 [10:06 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And not like pressing her mouth against stuff, she’s going at it full-tongue. [10:08 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: As the line starts to move, the family move from against the back wall/fence (which she was licking) to one of the central fences. [10:09 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: But she continues undeterred and her mouth finds its way to one of the wooden fences. [10:09 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Which as you recall, has a sheet of lattice over it. [10:10 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Now right behind this fence, there’s a guy just leaning against it, unaware of what is about to go down. [10:12 PM] mumboking: Oh no... [10:13 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Through one of the holes in the lattice, the girl’s tongue manages to fit... [10:14 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Right against this other guy’s butt. [10:14 PM] mumboking: OH! [10:14 PM] Terrev: oh [10:16 PM] Ayliffe: I was expecting this story to go in many directions but this wasn't one of them [10:18 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: And this is why I will never look at the LEGOLAND Windsor Atlantis attraction the same way again. [10:19 PM] Ayliffe: On the plus side though [10:19 PM] Ayliffe: at least you weren't trapped in one of the submarines with her [10:20 PM] Terrev: At legoland california recently my nephew got a minifigure bag (firework guy) and was trying to open it [10:20 PM] Terrev: Some random girl comes along [10:20 PM] Terrev: Says I CAN HELP [10:20 PM] Terrev: Takes the bag [10:21 PM] Terrev: Shoves it in her mouth and is about to either rip the bag or remove half her teeth with it [10:21 PM] Terrev: Everyone yells NO in unison [10:21 PM] Terrev: We take it back, she runs off, everyone is laughing/dumbfounded [10:22 PM] Terrev: Why are kids [10:22 PM] Terrev: Just... Why are kids [10:22 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: I’m glad we all have our own stories of how our LEGOLAND experience has been tarnished by kid’s mouths.
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    ohh thank you soo much finally got it working with a no cd patch, knew I was missing something very small. it runs at full frames with no problems now to get cafe working
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    i'm screaming in laughter right now
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    I present to you, Sky Lene!
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    It's that time of year again! (Sorry for the lack of warning beforehand) Fellow Rock Raiders, it's time to don your best suit and iconic red bow-tie to celebrate the Triangle who has never changed his avatar since 2011! (well... until sometime between 2015-2016, but still) Much like last year, there are three different Le avatars to impersonate: CLASSIC ANIME ...and MODERN Once you've assembled your disguise/impersonation, post it below! Also, for the sake of historical preservation, don't post a direct link to your RRU avatar, instead upload a copy of your image online and post a direct link to that, thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly, I'm sad that I have to start such a great tradition with... well... a "controversial" submission, due to the lack of the iconic bow-tie:
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    I'm creating a multiplayer Island themed Lego RP/Sandbox/Minigame type game. I'll post new media here when I have it. New Media: https://gfycat.com/PortlyPrestigiousHagfish https://gfycat.com/SilverNaiveAmericanbobtail Old Media:
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    I have working reading code and have batch-converted all the textures, but I haven't put any time into texture import because I was more interested in models / worlds, and then I started working on other things. Maybe someday I'll add texture import / view / export to DromeEd.
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    [11:00 PM] Terrev: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/legoatlantis/images/c/ca/Crew_2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100208185825 [11:00 PM] Terrev: dude on the left is like a reverse flex [11:00 PM] Red60: flex had orange hair [11:00 PM] Red60: so maybe it is flex [11:01 PM] Red60: he just quit and became a sex explorer [11:01 PM] Red60: because they have better benefits [11:01 PM] Red60: like dental
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    [10:07 PM] Red60: [10:07 PM] Red60: cool, i hope i can make a car as good as- [10:08 PM] Red60: [10:08 PM] Terrev: bahaha [10:08 PM] Red60: f**k. [10:08 PM] Terrev: gold [10:10 PM] Ayliffe: ah yes my favourite racing car, 'vaguely shaped like a duck' [10:11 PM] Red60: [10:11 PM] Red60: "i can't see s**t, sir!" [10:11 PM] Aves: lol [10:12 PM] Terrev: [10:12 PM] Red60: also the arms would conflict with the bricks big time [10:13 PM] Red60: it just wouldn't work [10:13 PM] Terrev: LR1 allows that too [10:15 PM] Terrev: [10:15 PM] Terrev: it's a dragon now [10:15 PM] Ayliffe: [wipes glasses] [10:15 PM] Ayliffe: [10:15 PM] Terrev: oh my god
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    No words to describe so I will leave a link here. BTW, If its off-topic, feel free to move it onto the right location.
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    Johnny Thunder appeared in a Scooby Doo set as well
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    [9:24 PM] Pereki: looking at some old catalogs [9:28 PM] Pereki: [9:28 PM] Pereki: "the endless universe of Black and White Space"?? [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: well I mean [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: space is black [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: and stars are white [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: ...I guess? [9:46 PM] Terrev: a minifigure of Neil deGrasse Tyson bursts in ACTUALLY,
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    ProfessorBrickkeeper - Today at 2:40 PM ...looking at more images from the film, I think I’d be fine with a large version of the Ninjago City Dicks. Terrev - Today at 2:40 PM The.......what ProfessorBrickkeeper - Today at 2:41 PM DOCKS Docks docks
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    New Wallpaper Added Wire Driller Night Download: https://mega.nz/#!UwVhyLpb!WsQ5TF-Dysb4c3ouTOv4m_NqlvBUwd8aSGWgXQNPQeg
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    [1:52 AM] Pereki: [1:52 AM] Pereki: this is my new favorite egyptian god, aten. hes just the sun but with really long arms that reach down and give things to you [2:02 AM] Jess: "hello citizens, it's me your new pharaoh, akhenaten. you like all those gods you've got? f**** you, they all go in the trash. here's my new god, he's uhhhhh a disc with lots of arms. and you all get to worship him now. i'll be the most popular pharaoh ever for sure now" [2:05 AM] Pereki: "and, uh, also please build a new city called uhhhh akhetaten. like my name"
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    ... until you extract the game data (Note: This video contains ~naughty things~, but it's all straight out of LR2. If you are averse to such naughtiness, I advise you burn your copy of the game... Or just not watch the video.)
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    Anyone know how you can set the number of players on teams in the GBA version but that feature is lacking on the PC? We'll I've found my own way to go even deeper into that customization on PC by setting each team count personally. Unfortunately for most of you I did it Cheat Engine, but maybe some day there can be a way for it to be done without it. I saw in the save file the value of "06" coming after the players list, I tried reducing that number but all it did was remove players from the team and I had to put them back on before the team became useable again, so that rules the "less team members" method out. Anyhow, enjoy my "unfair" match! If you'd like to see another, perhaps with my commentary next time, let me know!
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    The problem with running the game in full screen on a high resolution screen is the textures look terrible. This is exactly the same as the original Rock Raiders biomes however I've enhanced them by up-sizing the textures to 256x256, carefully smoothed and sharpened the textures to give it a much cleaner, less pixelated look. Comparison: That image doesn't really do it justice due to image compression, but it looks a lot better on big resolutions and in FP mode. Downloads: Cafeteria Patch (0.9.3+) Manual Install Files