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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition - New! - Preview 1

    Just an update for those following this topic. I'm excited to announce the next version of LRR:CE will be Alpha 1 and has some big additions, especially so for modders! The non-modders can possibly enjoy the outcome however of some new mods that will then be possible. So what can you look forward to? - New CFG Property to set the starting oxygen in a level. - New CFG Property to set unpowered crystal colour per level. - New Parameter "-debugconsole" (See below) - New debugging information for CFG loading. - New (Optional) Level Scripting system alongside NERPS to add vast amount of new possibilities now and in the future. - New (Optional) environment hazard: Level "Toxicity". ... and more yet to announce!
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    Alrighty then, an update it is!! First and foremost, I want to apologize in advance if updates aren't as rapid or seemingly major as they should be. I'm (right now at least) working on most of the content in the overhaul by myself. In addition, Real Life is being is a little busy, so I can't work on the overhaul 24/7. Things are a little slow because of it, but it doesn't mean I won't be creating any new content. That being said, a lot has changed since my last post. Lemme make a list of the biggest new features: Added Splash Screen with basic information + linked my webdomain to this post. (The title may change, which is why. (see splash screen) Added in an intro. Nothing too fancy. Worked on and finalized the Simulation Biome with help and advice from @Cyrem Worked on and started implementing new fonts. The main menu font is currently too small for my liking. It'll be twice as big. These buggers have given me tons of trouble in the past few days. Big thanks to @miningmanna and @Cirevamfor helping me! Started working on some concepts for the missions selections. The Moon Missions will contain a full map of the moon, where as the normal missions a map of the planet. (read below) Started working on sound design elements in the caverns. See video below. Finished loading screen Started working on implementing the additional building (The Air Filter). Note: I'm having major issues getting it to work. I don't think it'll be something I'm finishing short term. The overhaul is now based on @Slimy Slug's Rock Raiders Reloaded. Thanks for allowing me to use yours as a base! Let's work things down from top to bottom, starting with the new splash screen.. This screen only shows up to 5 seconds. It's not enough for you to read it completely in the game, and can be skipped with a simple press of a button. Its information may change depending on the time of day, or how i feel if information needs to be added or changed. It's just a mockup, nothing more. One side note, is that the overhaul falls under Creative Commons (at least for the time being). Don't worry, I won't pull you to court, you're free to use the assets as long as you credit me. If you're interested in reading up on it, you can get the human friendly version of the entire document of it here. Let's skip to the point about the mission selection. The things prior speak for themselves. You can watch the video down below to see how they look. Just keep in mind, everything is placeholder, but it's also possible it'll stay. The mission section will work quite differently from what you're used to in the base game. Gone is the planet sliced in half. I think it doesn't really make much sense in terms of the lore. That's just my 2 cents at least. The new (and in my opinion) better way of indicating levels is like this... PLEASE NOTE: While I didn't explicitly mark the images as "concept art", let it be clear that it is. I've not finalized the design of the mission indicators yet! The way it'll work in theory is that when you haven't "discovered" a level, it won't show up. There are a few ideas I have, one of them is that it'll be a black image covering up the grid cells, maybe a cloud cover. Who knows (I don't)... The border around levels will change color depending on the biome. There is currently no indication of depth beneath the surface, but that is something I'm planning to do; among other things. I'm well aware that the game doesn't support transparency like this. My workaround here is to simply cut out the levels, background included. It'll work. (I hope). This also means I can exploit the current broken level linking system with "optional" missions. Maybe some that go back up a few, to rescue a raider, or to become an extension to a level. This is all concept, not final. I'm definitely interested in feedback. Oh, and huge shout out to @Cyrem for suggestions and ideas on the design department of this! Let's move on the the cavern system sound design. Please note, these are recordings. I did my best to clean them up, but they may not be perfect yet. I may go record more sounds at some point. Who knows...Still reading and interested? Okay fine, guess you deserve it... Below is a video showcasing the new cavern sound effects (and a part of the simulation biome). Please note, this video was from an older build of the Overhaul, a few things look different! I really like how it turned out personally. Alright, I went into this sentence, thinking there's more to talk about but.. that was pretty much it for now. Here is one more video showcasing all the elements working together on the latest build of the overhaul. Enjoy!~ I'll update the first post with new info when I'm closer to a release. As for now I think it'll have to do. Please be sure to follow this thread, all new content will be posted in new posts when it comes out. Also note, that I rather post semi big updates, than keep posting smaller insignificant things. Things are gonna slow down a lot as well, so just a heads up. Don't worry, I won't let this overhaul die You and me both! As for the awesome addon, I did see this, and I think this is a huge improvement over Axel's default sound work! In terms of System Malfunction, if you've read the thread, I hope you like what you hear. While I have some things covered, there may be some things I could use some advice on and help with; sound related. Feel free to add me on Discord if you're interested! ~Rockboy PS: I'm so sorry for tagging people. Please let me know on Discord if you rather not have me do that in the future.
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I'm sure it'll all work out. Thanks for the compliment! All jokes aside, I've done development work on games in the past so I have a fair bit of understanding and experience. Thus it's all not as hard for me to design new content. As for software, I mainly use Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc) and for the sound and music I use Cubase 10 Pro, some VSTI's and for recordings like for the cavern effects or maybe vocals I use my recording equipment (Laptop, audio interface, mixers, microphones). The rest is all done with .CFG edits; or other files. My editor of choice for that is a combination of Ultra Edit Studio and Notepad. Model tweaking is done in Lightwave; if required. You are correct though, it's a mod for the game. It requires the community edition by Cyrem and my aim is to ship it as a bunch of patches for Cafeteria. Do note, that some of the included patches will have to be disabled. Such as the "resolution patch" as I'm planning on reworking nearly all things in the in-game the interface as well. Also, depending on how things go; if it all goes right, I plan to split up certain things in the overhaul, such as UI, Game-play balancing, and levels. Each patch replacing the following after; but we'll see. ~Rockboy
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    This is looking really cool! I have no idea how you are doing this, I do understand this is a mod, so this is going to work together with cafetaria?
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    Absolutely fantastic work. Wow. I hope this and everything works as well as it possibly can! Good luck, Rock Raider!
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    Request: Building LEGO Game

    In the meantime you can always use Roblox
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    Ancient LEGO Web Games - Attempting to Play, Having Issues

    If you were browsing the internet and knew of LEGO's website back in the day, you might be familiar with a few ancient games back when Shockwave was still a thing. I was hit with a wave of nostalgia recently and went back to try and locate some of my old favorites, and oh boy did I find the motherlode: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/LEGOgames.html I've gotten a few of these old gems to run, but when it comes to running a few games I've been extra nostalgic for, that's when I've ran into issues. Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident seems to get stuck on the game's loading screen (the one where text is written across the blue matrix-y background). Beltz and Dreamz get stuck on the Shockwave Player Loader. Anyone have any experience with this and have any idea how to fix these issues? Technical info, if anyone needs it: Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit) Browser: A specifically-configured Mozilla Firebird, to run Shockwave (as it no longer functions in any modern browser. Do not under any circumstances attempt to load any webpages apart from locally-hosted ones or ones being hosted by biomediaproject using this browser.) What I have tried: Installed the games and XAMPP, attempting to run them locally. Three versions of Shockwave installed in an attempt to get The Nightfall Incident to run: 8, 11, and 12. EDIT: For The Nightfall Incident, I started to try and run the game from http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/online/Spybotics/TheNightfallIncident/, but then I get an "Out of memory, even after purging all purgeable castmembers" error.
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    Thoughts on a Lego Stranger Things Video Game?

    Auto Correct. But maybe I'll pick it up defiantly.
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    Lego Rock Raiders - System Malfunction Greetings and welcome to my (somewhat poorish) attempt at an overhaul of Lego Rock Raiders. System Malfunction aims to take Lego Rock Raiders and its great ideas as a base, but retell the story from the ground up. Telling the story of everything past the main intro. It will attempt to switch away from the sandbox and happy tones and strive to create a slightly more serious, challenging and balanced experience where winning the levels feels rewarding and resource management becomes a must. The intention is to give the player a sense of progression and slightly more immersion, where through story telling, new units and buildings become available allowing for more creative combinations in play style, while encouraging resource and build management. I don't consider it a Rock Raiders 2. I'm not skilled nor creative enough for that. I consider this my own thing, something new, based on the original assets. (loading screen will be provided as stand-alone patch for the Community Edition, for use with the original game/mods) This overhaul is based exclusively around Lego Rock Raiders: Community Edition - a modified version, created by Cyrem of Lego Rock Raiders with many new features coming soon. This mod will be supplied as multiple WAD patches for it so you can decide what your game is like in the end. This is why the assets you'll find here are higher in quality than what could be used by the base game. Note, that the max supported resolution I will target with my overhaul is 1920x1080 due to the scaling of assets. Any higher render some of them too small. (Not final. Rock types are not clear enough. left to right: Ground Dirt Soil Loose Rock Hard Rock - Lava water oreseam crystalseam solid rock) As you may have noticed by now, I am moving away from the original art style of Lego Rock Raiders. This is only the case for some parts of the game. Many parts of this will be optional and modular. Don't want the taskbar? Don't load it. Don't want the new menu's and loading screens? Simple. Want to load them with the base game or other mods? Go for it! (Assets in the background will be animated when in game. Font not final due to insufficient testing) Planned features: - Defined unit roles, making water units be useful making you want to use the hover scout and making sure no unit is overpowered in any field - Attempting to use game elements as a fun challenge, instead of annoying the player out of inconsistencies (looking at you, erosion) - Adding more challenge from Rock Monsters and Slugs without making them a pain. Nerfing tools to get rid of them fast, but bringing down the annoyance of slugs. - A (most likely) full voice over of the main campaign and "Moon Missions" that you can unload via patch. (Removes all voice overs) - Building unlocking through story telling, attempting to let the existence of them make more sense - New UI with animations for the loading of missions and the main menu - New objectives, not just crystal gathering. Some ideas will be borrowed from Cyrem's topic - New building - The Air Filter (hopefully it makes it in time - if not, I'll have to rewrite parts of my story layouts) - Increasing difficulty of units, buildings and more. Making everything feel believable within lore while you'd still have to think twice about it. - All new levels and custom maps with the aim to be less predictable on first play through. - New biomes - Simulation biome already in the works - New sound effects, based on the originals. - Making ore useful, you'll have to think twice on what you spend it on to reach the mission objective! - A new task-bar UI inspired by Starcraft and many RTS games alike (hopefully) (screenshot in the background behind the task-bar belongs to Packer and is from Cave Raiders, see credits) This topic serves as a place where I will occasionally place updates, and request opinions about certain things. I'm open for any and all suggestions, feel free to make comments regarding anything you see! I'm also always looking for help in certain aspects, from snippets to levels to models (especially those) - but they're not required! Interested in the story? Below here, I will start posting parts of the story once they become available. Mission 1: Rock Bottom! Mission 2: Go with the flow Currently planned balance fixes for units: Small units Experimentals (big vehicles) I don't have much more to add on to this topic for now. If you want to stay more up to date, want to help out with stuff or have other questions/concerns, don't hesitate adding me or pinging me on the RRU server on discord. CREDITS GO HERE: (in no particular order) @Cyrem: Lego Rock Raiders: Community Edition, the backbone of the mod. He's given a lot of support and info and awesome ideas. A true genius. Without them this wouldn't be possible! @Slimy Slug: Many assets may end up being borrowed from his wip overhaul, such as animation fixes and more. The guy knows the game well. Looking forward to what he comes up with! @miningmanna: Feedback and support and helps me speed up .wadp creation. Thanks! He's remaking LRR, check it out here! @Cirevam: Creator of the Hematite Howitzer - Replacement for the Small Mobile Laser Cutter. Awesome design! @Packer: Screenshot from Cave Raiders used in the taskbar concept art. Great stuff! @rockboy: Did a few things. Yes, really! - I know! I'm surprised as well! More people, no doubt, soon. (Think high-poly assets, new units etc) PS: I was against the idea of posting this topic at first, especially considering that many overhauls have died in the past few years. This will most likely not be the case with this one as I seriously want this to be an actual thing, especially considering the effort I'm trying to put into it. If anything does happen, I'll end up posting whatever assets I have and give full right to anyone to do with them what they want - Although... that will be the case with the final build anyway.
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    Hello from a long time lurker!

    Hi there! I'm a lurker here since several years back, but now I figured is a good time to join. I've been an incredible Rock Raiders fan ever since childhood, and the theme has always felt unmatched to me in the rather grim storytelling and atmosphere that the game and lego sets provided. Currently I'm working on creating Rock/Lava/Ice monsters with standard lego pieces as I think the original monster is charming, but clunky (and also not made out of lava!). Other than that, I'm a huge Blacktron fan, even though it was before my time, as well as other older Lego Space themes. I'm an engineer (soon, anyway) and programming teacher on a basic-intermediate level so I'm very interested in possibly remaking the game, in HD if nothing else, but I see there are tons of started and dead projects of varying quality already and I have no idea where to start. If someone could give me a rundown of what projects are alive/working and what open-source assets I could use if I want to tinker with that, it would be awesome! Specifically, I've read the model assets are supposed to be available somewhere but I can't find them, same with sound/music assets. Off-topic wise I have a huge interest in music and compose my own stuff with varying instruments, mostly piano (classical ish). Sometimes I play around with electronic stuff. I'm also part of the music team on a small community project called Sea Of Greed, a game where you play as Pirate Waluigi, but it is progressing very slowly at the moment. I probably won't be super active due to my studies but I want to be posting enough to be a part of the Discord eventually! Cheers!
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    Ancient LEGO Web Games - Attempting to Play, Having Issues

    UPDATES: I got Spybotics to work! As it turns out I was trying to run the game from a broken download, and a functional version of The Nightfall Incident is included in biomediaproject's LEGO Game Pack 3.0 Part 5. As for Beltz and Dreamz... I've made progress, at least. The versions that biomediaproject host and have up for download are broken, so I hunted down the game on webarchive.org, saved the earliest version of the archived hosting page for Beltz, edited the .html file to cut out all the junk, and set up my "hosts" file to redirect club.lego.com so that Firebird would quit trying to communicate with the actual site and failing at it because of the lack of common encryption algorithms... and this happens. I'm pretty sure that editing the "hosts" file was supposed to fix this very issue, so I'm not sure what to do at this point. (I posted it in the right topic this time.) EDIT: So it would appear that if I edit the index.html file that came with the biomediaproject download to point to club.lego.com instead of localhost.lego.com, the game's loader actually starts working whereas before, the game would get stuck on the Shockwave loader and not make any progress at all. It still suffers from the same issues as trying to download the game from archived versions of lego.com, though. If there was some way to disable that "copy protection" (perhaps through a hex editor?) I could probably get this game to work at long last.
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    Ancient LEGO Web Games - Attempting to Play, Having Issues

    That's fantastic news @jamesster! Really looking forward to seeing where that goes. And thank you so much for the link @GBTM101, I can now get it working Next I'll package the whole thing up in Cameyo or something similar so it's completely portable. Anyway, here's a guide for you and anyone else that stumbles upon this thread, using the links you kindly provided: Spybotics - The Nightfall Incident Setup Create a new folder to work in, let's call it SpyboticsTheNightfallIncident. Make sure the folder's name and the directory path to it don't have any spaces as they could break the software. Go to this page: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/LEGOgames.html, and click the link next to “--- download: ” under Spybotics – TheNightfallIncident. Extract the zip file inside your game directory and you'll get a folder called TheNightfallIncident. Go here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/XAMPP%20Windows/, and click the topmost folder in the list, currently 7.3.5. Download the portable installer; in this case I'll use xampp-portable-windows-x64-7.3.5-0-VC15-installer.exe. Run the installer and click Next > on the first setup dialogue. You'll be presented with a list of checkboxes, leave them all selected and click Next > again. Now you'll be asked for an installation folder. Choose a folder called xampp inside your game folder, e.g.: C:\Users\JJ\Documents\Gaming\SpyboticsTheNightfallIncident\xampp Then click Next >. Uncheck the learn more box and click Next > again, then again. When it's finished, uncheck the checkbox to start the program and click Finish. Create a shortcut to the xampp-control.exe file in the new xampp folder, and place it in your game folder. Call it Launch Server. In TheNightfallIncident, select the folder spybotics and move it inside your xampp folder into the directory called htdocs, e.g.: C:\Users\JJ\Documents\Gaming\SpyboticsTheNightfallIncident\xampp\htdocs Download this specific version of Firefox: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/MozillaFirebird.zip, and extract it into the game folder. Inside, double-click the Shockwave8_Installer_Full.exe file to install the software. Now create a shortcut to MozillaFirebird.bat, place it in the game folder and call it Launch Browser. Run the Launch Server shortcut. All settings can be left at their defaults, unless you have Port 80 in use (check the Netstat button) in which case you'll need to enter a new unique one in Config > Service and Port Settings > Main Port. Click the Start button under Actions, to the right of "Apache". Now you can run the Launch Browser shortcut and open the Launcher.html file in the TheNightfallIncident folder. When you're done, click Stop in XAMPP and Quit. Note: If you have a whitelist-only firewall, or a particularly invasive anti-virus, you may need to whitelist the game folder here.
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition - New! - Preview 1

    i tried with and without dgvoodoo setup and sadly my comp wont run it Y_Y i am super excited for this mod though. it looks like yall have done amazing work
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    TT Games Explorer

    TT Games Explorer: This tool allow you to extract and modify file of the LEGO Traveller's Tales Games. //New Screenshots coming... Changelog: v0.1 BETA Full support of *.DAT/*.HDR files extraction (one or all files). LZ2K and DFLT Uncompression files support. *.TEX files preview support (and extract as PNG file). Edit of *.TXT/*.SF/*.SUB/*.CSV files, with Color Syntax (Need to Fix Color Syntax). Basic folder explorer to read the DAT extracted files, and try to Preview/Edit them. Many littles options. v0.1 BETA Download Link : http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/94090126/file.html (No Readme file included). .NET Framework 4.0 and .NET Framework 2.0 needed (I need to fix for just use .NET Framework 4.0). Please, take in consideration it's a beta version so many things are not finish (Like there is no progress bar when you extract all files of a DAT file). If you have any bug, idea, or you want help me, you feel free to contact me at Pakexplorer[at]gmail.com or through this forum in this topic or PM. Thanks. // Old presentation Topic.
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition - New! - Preview 1

    I should have commented earlier, this is great work Cyrem! Including Cafeteria I can't imagine how much work this took but it's great to have an all-in-one edition for ease of use. Sadly my particular PC has never played nice with LRR without other methods like a VM or SafeMode booting so this didn't work for me, but I'm sure it'll be great use for others out there.
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    LRR remake project

    So some small updates: I reworked the map rendering. It now uses a texture atlas, which gets generated by the supplied texture splits. This optimizes the drawing of the map by A LOT. Since the last update in this topic. I made some changes to the config files. It is now possible to add scripts, that get executed after the config got loaded. This will allow bulk changes to things. As example, if you want to change all textures to the rock split. I use it in this video to make a non-intrusive change to the original config to add the trigger items to the level selection screen. This functionality was mainly used for this purpose. To reduce the amount of hardcoded parts of the game. I also created a discord for more frequent updates. Mainly since I think, that I shouldnt spam in this topic, nor on the RRU discord: https://discord.gg/XAyZXD The project is (since a while) also a lot easier to set up. This is thanks to the priorities.txt file and the AssetManager class, which makes specifying assets a lot easier. It currently supports directories and WAD files. ZIP support will be added too. The setup also got easier because of a pull request of @Erisdar_Skolir making the classpath of the project relative. https://github.com/miningmanna/LRR-remake
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    no intro, no cd, debug info & level select, windowed mode, long load times fix

    This game is an incredible piece of software.
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    My throat hurts... eurgh... What do I do?
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    Do indeed tell your parents. And make sure you don't put any non-food object in your mouth again. EVER.
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    Warg, unless you are on Ambien, or do schrooms, I don't see how any intelligent being would manage to accidentally swallow a quarter. But, for you, we might need to make an exception.
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    Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

    Rock Raiders without music has long been an issue, but following this small guide will restore the music back into the game and you won’t even need the game CD or any other audio disc. How Does it Work? LEGO Rock Raiders uses Media Control Interface (MCI) calls to play tracks from the CD-ROM. This is done through the Windows Multimedia API (winmm) which comes standard with all Windows installations. Since we want to play music without the disc we essentially need to re-route those calls from LRR to our own version of "winmm" which plays OGG files from the Music folder. This fix is based on Toni Spets' OGG winmm wrapper which I have modified to suite LRR. Applying the Fix To begin, download the Music Fix which contains all the necessary files you’ll need for this guide. The download also includes the 3 songs from the PC game in case your copy was one of those missing the audio track on your CD-ROM. Inside the ZIP file you downloaded, there will be 4 DLL files and a ‘Music’ folder containing 3 songs. Extract all these files and folders into your Rock Raiders installation directory (alongside LegoRR.exe). Your LRR should look something like this afterward. Thats all there is to it! If you run the game music should now begin playing after dismissing the “Mission Brief” on all game levels. If you wish to have all the music from the LEGO Rock Raiders games, download the music collection. All the music files are located in the "Music" folder, these files must be OGG files and must be named "Trackxx.ogg" (replace xx with any number from 00 - 98). If you would like to play your own music, there are OGG convertors online, or programs such as Audacity which will convert other audio formats to OGG. Enjoy
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