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    LEGO Racers Diorama

    Full 4K PNG downloadable here. David Roysk is my artist name, kudos to anyone who can guess how I came up with it. This is my entry for the LR competition! Credits for the decals are in the link above. The aim was to make something that looked like a photo a kid might have taken with his toys, of course using photo-manipulation wizardry to get Rob-N-Hood floating haha. I'm not skilled enough to achieve photorealism yet but I think I did an okay job. I used procedural textures for some of the stuff which was a fun technique to experiment with. The ground was partly sculpted and I think I could have done much better with it, but I'd already spent many hours over a couple of weeks and at some point you have to call it a day! Rob-N-Hood was chosen as he was one of my favourite characters in the game, and that was totally not because green is my favourite colour or anything. Captain Redbeard in the Small Transport Truck is a reference to a mod I made which took a ridiculous amount of time to make. Rocket Racer is there because of course he has to be, the ultimate boss and an epic dude too! Racey Hazey is the racer my mum would use when I was a little, and has a (true) story to go with her: Thanks for taking the time to check out my entry! I had an awesome time making it.
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    Mighty Miners

    Well this is awkward. I've been working off-and-on at what was originally a fan-remake of - stop me if you've heard this one before (no, please don't) - Lego Rock Raiders for about three years now. I eventually decided to rebrand it into a new IP so that I could use it to properly christen a new game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders. Upon making that decision, I decided to wait until I had scrubbed all of the assets I had ripped from the original game out (got to keep myself safe legally, after all) before I went showing the project around too widely (though I haven't exactly been hiding it, and I'm sure some of you probably already know what I'm talking about because you stumbled upon my site via Google - the steady trickle of new Discord members I've gotten over the years has to have come from somewhere). Well, now the game is clean - everything in the game is either self-made or comes from a royalty-free database, leaving a functional, if not very pretty, work-in-progress build I'm comfortable getting out there and promoting! Yes, I am aware that there are a good many "Rock Raiders Remake" projects on this forum - ones that look a hell of a lot prettier because they don't want to be anything more than fangames and thus happily use the textures and models from the original game - including one that made it's public debut... let me see here... five hours ago. Like I said, this is pretty awkward. But I made a promise to myself, and I'm kind of in a tight spot in my life where I kind of need to be bold, so it's time to submit myself to the terrifying ordeal of being known! Mighty Miners, is, as mentioned previously, a spiritual remake of Lego Rock Raiders. Unlike most of its contemporaries, I'm designing this game with a fully original IP in mind to be sold on Steam as hopefully the first of many games under the banner of my game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders (so putting this under "Fan Games" is a bit of a misnomer, but this is were all the other RR remakes on the site make their home). Because of this, the game has no assets directly taken from the original game, which means that in it's current early stage of development, it looks kind of like... this: It's... minimalist, to put it lightly. Actually it's barely functional and one of my top priorities that I hope to have done by the end of the month is to redo the textures to be a bit more readable. So what does the current build have? Well: 14 levels, all of which are technically brand new, but most aren't exactly subtle about their roots. Mind, you, not all of them are beatable, because the game doesn't have water or air vehicles quite yet. By this time next week, I plan to have all 34 of the levels planned for the game put into place - I've got them all mapped out as image files, it's just a matter of actually making real levels out of those maps, and I ran out of time before I promised my Discord channel I'd have a new build out. After clearing the mission on a given level, you unlock the ability to play that level in excavation mode, where you're given a time limit and scored on how quickly you can collect as many energy crystals as you can. You also unlock a free play mode, a pure sandbox mode with no objectives or restrictions. Levels in the game are designed with excavation mode in mind - most are significantly bigger than you'll ever have reason to explore when clearing the mission alone, with the intent being that you come back to it in the other modes for the "full" experience. Five of the ten planned buildings are available to build, though the tech tree is slightly different from what it was in the original game. You also have access to 3 vehicles, the equivalents to the originals' Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck. Priorities are fully adjustable, and saved to your save file. No more having to re-adjust your priorities at the start of every level! Oh yeah, there are also save files. A functional in-game level editor! It's not pretty, and has some notable features missing, but it's 100% operational - you can build and save levels and then immediately load up your save file and play them! Custom levels are only playable in excavation and free play mode. Plans for the immediate future (as in, by the end of this month) include implementing the remaining 20 levels and replacing the textures to make them more readable. If you want to hold off until at least then to give the game a spin, I perfectly understand, this post was mainly to announce to the world that this is a thing that I am doing. I'll be coming back here to update everyone as the project continues to progress. If you do want to try out the build as it currently stands, you can download it here.
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    [LR] Snake (Stunt Rally)

    Not Snake Plissken, not Solid Snake... but Snake, from Stunt Rally! Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r329/ Replaces Nova Hunter's head and torso, and the red helmet with white stars
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    Mighty Miners

    That is unusual. What's happening is that all of the buttons are covered up by the "veil", that's supposed to prevent you from selecting levels lower down that what you've unlocked (those buttons should be non-interactable anyway, its main job is to put the message saying how to unlock the next tier in the correct place). I had noticed some discrepancies between how the veil was placed when testing in-editor and how it was placed in the actual build, but I didn't expect it to get that bad. I'm pretty sure, though, that it's an aspect ratio thing - try setting the window to a wider resolution for now, and I'll put "make the level select veil not aspect-ratio dependent" on my list. Custom levels aren't playable on a given file until you've unlocked excavation and free play modes by beating two levels. Once you've done that, two arrow buttons should pop up on the sides, and you can get to your custom levels by clicking the left one. Obviously I didn't expect such an egregious obstacle to clearing two levels in the first place. When editing a level, you can place starting buildings and miners by clicking on the "objects" button on the right. Note that the only things you can currently place are Tool Stores and basic Miners - no other buildings or vehicles (yet). Also, you can't rotate them - they will always face directly up. Keep this in mind when choosing where to put your Tool Store, and leave the tile directly above it clear so it can lay down it's starting power path properly. Unit placement is probably the most blatantly unfinished part of the level editor and is only barely functional, but it does work. I found my save data under AppData/LocalLow/RocketJumpingSpiders, so I'd recommend looking in that direction. Update: I looked into the aspect ratio issue, and turns out it's really easy to fix. Hotfix incoming - please wait warmly Update 2: Hotfix done and uploaded! Follow this new link to download the fixed version: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=29274243&i=4320487
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    Hiya! This has been cooking for 2.5 months now, so I think it's time to reveal what I'm been working on: A complete, uncompromising rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders! It's currently in Alpha development but is frankly more robust than any RR project before it, from what my testers have said. Take a look at the overview below: I'm using Trello to keep track of development and other things. Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello: If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes: - The game is programmed by one person. Please respect that implementations, however easy they are to implement, might take time. - The game is far from feature complete. You will be missing stuff like vehicles and monsters, but the miners are very functional, as well as building construction. It indubitably has some bugs, but not more than the original, and at this point I need your help to find them! - The game runs in debug mode during Alpha. You might get some messages that doesn't make sense, which either means I've forgot to remove them or they indicate something is wrong. - Some older hardware can not run the game at all. I need a larger sample size to figure out why that is. IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS AND SOLVE IT, MESSAGE ME YOUR SOLUTION. I'll add it to the Troubleshooting section (which currently doesn't exist). - Resources have physics. They'll roll. If they roll into lava or water, they are gone. Take care where you put your buildings! - Clicking a wall doesn't colour it immediately. They'll have a "token" showing you commanded a drilling etc there. They'll turn coloured *when a miner is approaching the wall*. - Resources are dispensed on demand, not when you order a building. - The AI is still in its infancy: You will find hundreds of ways the AI can be improved to make smarter decisions, many of which I'm aware but just haven't had time to implement. 1) This will grow over time, 2) Don't treat it too much like an idle game: you can command them to do stuff yourself, you know! - The priorities are hardcoded (but will be made available in an update soon) as follows: Clear rubble if you stand on it -> Pick up a nearby resource -> Drill walls -> construct a building -> pick up crystals ->Clear Rubble -> Pick up Ore -> Other - Report bugs on the Discord, not anywhere else. Be sure to check the Trello for the bug before posting, or I will most likely not respond at all to your report. That's it, you are now ready to jump into the game! Download links: OneDrive link (start immediately) Dropbox link RRU download Resource links: Trello (my development progress) Discord (active daily discussion) Subreddit (active daily) Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates) Now, for the more elaborate stuff: What is this? Manic Miners is a rebuild of the 1999 game Lego Rock Raiders. It has been in development since late May 2019 and is programmed by a single person; Baraklava. Is this game sponsored by The Lego Group? This game has nothing to do with The Lego Group, although I definitely wish I worked for them! Why are you doing this project? Rock Raiders is one of my favourite Lego themes, from a time when Lego was a company of experimentation and fearlessness. While those times were monetarily harsh for Lego, they have left an impression that I want to carry on by remaking this game and hopefully keep the memory of this franchise alive. During college, I discovered a love for programming, and my love for Lego was also rekindled. After making the discovery that, to this day, no one has made a worthy Rock Raiders successor/replacement, I decided to make an assessment of it is was viable for a single person. There I saw an opportunity: All the assets were available, taunting me. It's also proving a golden opportunity to prove myself that I *can* finish a huge project all on my own, a good engineering skill... And here we are! Is the game going to cost anything? In the spirit of the Lego community, and considering how niche this game is, I will keep the game free for everyone. As long as there are assets in the game I don't own, monetizing it is lawful suicide anyway. When the game gets completely done, I might consider remaking the "borrowed" assets and launch commercially on consoles and other places, but the PC version containing Rock Raiders assets will always be free. Is the game done? Why are you revealing it now? No, the game is not done and will keep getting updates as I add more features. This, however, will take time, as I'm also doing my studies at the same time, and they have higher priority. I'm revealing this because I think other people might be interested in seeing development, helping with design decisions and create a community around a Rock Raiders game reborn. I see you have not made a game before. There's been at least few dozen remake attempts. What makes you think you can complete this project on your own? I work hard, I program well, and my pipelines for the project are insanely efficient. Rather than being a Lego fan driven by will alone, I have a really solid engineering and programming basis to stand on, as well as the simplest programming IDE you can imagine. No one has gotten as far as I have gotten, but no one has also had the same premise I have. I aim to keep programming in my spare time until it is done. And while it's true I haven't made any games before, I've been programming quite a lot. Unreal Engine is incredibly intuitive in addition to the quick programming pipeline it provides, and I've had little to no troubles making the game work, as it mostly comes down to maths anyway. Is the game open source? The game is not Open Source. But there will be modding support, and if there are specific parts you want me to make moddable, you can input a request in the Discord server (link below) How can I contribute to the project? As I've mentioned, I am the only programmer, and am therefore not looking for programming help. If you make assets that you want to contribute to the game, such as music, art, models or other fun stuff that fits the spirit of the Lego Rock Raiders game or era, you can share it in my Discord #submissions channel. Anything you put there should be owned by you and published under a Creative Commons license stating anyone can use it for free if giving credit. However, just because you submit it doesn't mean it will get added: I place the final verdict on every feature. What about donations and Patreon? I'm not looking for any monetary returns, I don't need the money, I do this because it's rewarding in other ways. Refusing donations also allow me to work at my own pace. If you want to contribute anything that isn't money in order to help my work on the project (such as software) then send me a PM. Will feature XXX be added? Check the Trello pages to the right and the user suggestions below. The game will firsthand stay true to the original (apart form any obvious immediate improvements). Along the way, stuff will of course be added, but I'm aiming to have settings and modes to make both purists and newcomers happy. There's gotta be so much more this game can offer. There is one grand exception: Bugs. Any behaviour that is considered "unintended" will not be in development focus. This includes walking on walls and running "in between" wall, as that is unpredictable and ruins level design. If I find a way to reproduce it easily, however, I aim to add such quirks as a "legacy bug" option. If you have any suggestions that are not here, but would fit the game, feel free to put them in #suggested-additions in my Discord Where can I download it? The links are far above! What happens now? I'll probably fix some problems you guys find in the Alpha build during the coming days, but then university will resume and I will be more busy. Development will thus slow down a fair bit in the coming weeks, but I will never simply stop. Next update is planned to implement all the remaining buildings as well as building power!
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    [LR] Brad Speedo (Stunt Rally)

    Now you too can race as Flex's long lost brother! Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r330/ Replaces sunglasses head, OIL racer torso, and blue helmet with red stripes and white stars.
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    I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

    Hello everyone! I asked earlier help to get LEGO Racer N64 songs in midi format and I'm truly thankful for that. I now have "fixed" some of those songs and I want to share my results. My goal was to make them sound like the original song. Of course because I'm not perfect and some midi files were "different" some songs doesn't sound right. I didn't also make every single song because I believe people doesn't care about Circuit Champions intro's or some minor jingles. it was little bummer that N64 files doesn't have Alternative songs in it so I couldn't make them into midi. I'm not sure about the policies linking to other sites but I'll put link to those midis. It will direct you to mediafire and for my knowledge it's safe place to upload/download stuff. Get your midis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0pi4dzwyyhoi32c/LEGO_Racers_Midi.rar/file If you have any questions or you notice some errors please notify me. I'll check can I do something about that
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    LEGO Racers Competition Entry

    From the album: Digital Stuff

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    Pre-Rendered Cutscenes HD Upscaling

    I spent the good part of my morning up-scaling the pre-rendered cut-scenes of Lego Racers 2 into an HD format more suitable for modern displays. I finished the up-scaling work but I kept getting stuck after the first video and couldn't get the videos to play. If you look at the screenshots of the video you can see the impact left by the up-scaling. What you can see above is are the several passes I did to make the video look more modern. The left is untouched, the middle is the first pass (de-noise/cleanup), and the right is the final with cropping and MXAA32X. I uploaded a video with all of the scenes if you want to check them out and I'll leave a download to the videos if anyone wants to try to get them working. If you can help please let me know. The spoiler is all the cut-scenes in case you want to see them or hide them to find them organically. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aS0HQYkBd94R7BQ6o7Lz7HQVztRP4TrX (I had to use drive because the file was too large.) Edit: In case you wanted to see a glitchy Racers 2, here you go.
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    Tutorial: Change the Brick Colors

    I also know this question is old, but I just found out how do this , this is how you do it: "LPIECEHI.MDB" and "LPIECELO.MDB" hold the material properties of the textures of the bricks AND the chassis. But that's not all. They also have RGB values of the colors listed "L_COLORS.LEB". In order to change the colors you need the edit the following in "LPIECEHI.MDB" and "LPIECELO.MDB": The first, second and third values of "K_29" and "K_28" correspond to RGB, and the fourth value is transparency. Example: Before: After: I hope this is useful for anyone looking how to do this.
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    Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Remix

    So I Heard Yesterday Lego Racers Had Its 20th Anniversary! What Better To Do For That Is To Remake Some of Its Music. It Be Cool if I Had All The Midi Tracks From The Game But Heres Something At Least. Happy 20th Anniversary LR1 (Even though the footage is LR2)
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    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    A few months back James Malloch and I had a talk about LEGO Island 2, of which he provided some information (And images!) about the canned content of it. First off, about him: Next up, about the canned content Also a few other notes: Also of note, yes some models are from IXS: For the rest of the images visit this Gallery or download the zip: https://imgur.com/a/F9cdpsb
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    Nick Discovers Social Media

    I was looking for a screenshot to post in reply to another thread and found this instead.
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    Small Transport Truck

    UPDATE: The final model can be found here! I've started work on a Small Transport Truck model for LEGO Racers, and thought I'd share my progress as it goes along. I aim to finish this and use it as an example of GDB modding, but given the complexity of the model and the fact that we are currently restricted to text editing, don't hold me to it. So far I've spent a while working out accurate stud dimensions so I can use them universally, which I've noted >here, and I've since begun planning out the model.
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    Hover Scout Preview

    From the album: LEGO Racers Stuff

    Almost finished!
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    Island Xtreme Stunts Texture Rips.

    If you have trouble getting any other textures, here's a method:
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    Sadie Meowsalot

    Space Biome

    Download This is a retexture of the IceSplit folder made to appear as if it were on the surface of a planet. (For those who don't know) To enable this in-game, either delete one of the already existing folder's textures, copy/paste in the SpaceSplit textures, and replace the ROOF image with the SPACEROOF file, or edit in a new texture set entry into the .cfg, change the texture set of one of the levels to Space, and add the SpaceSplit folder, and SPACEROOF file to your WorldTextures folder.
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    LEGO Chess Patch

    Huh. Both are the same, but just so happens none fixes my problem. I am playing, but suddenly it just crashes. Tried doing it on Windows XP compatibility mode, lasted longer, but still crashed. I use Windows 7 x32. Help me out, I really love this game. EDIT: Solved. Needed to run it in Win 95 Compatibility Mode.
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