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    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    The following creations were built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Lego Racers computer game. Pieces new and old have come together to form these newly revised versions of the 8 boss cars. Please enjoy! 1) Captain Redbeard As you can see, Captain Redbeard's new ride uses the microbuild of his ship from set #40290 as a base fo this off-road beast of a racer. But it still retains the large exhausts and rear mounted pirate flag from his original car. The sails make this the tallest vehicle in the collection so far. . 2) King Kahuka King Kahuka's new ride is an improvement over the original. The wheels in the game's intro are yellow while in-game, they're white so the wheels on this new version is both yellow and white. The car retains such details as the spears on the front, the horns on the front and of course, the stone head motif on the back. With added exhaust pipes and a "Bone Bumper" on the front. 3) Basil The Batlord Basil's new ride is a much more powerful looking version of his old car with a larger than life engine. I even used some older Technic wheels on the back. They were looking kinda redundant in my collection and I thought they matched the front wheels nicely so I put them to use. I also really wanted to use these dragon wing pieces on this car and I thought the rear spoiler was the perfect use for them. The old black jet engine piece has been extended by 2 grooved 2x2 round cylinder bricks. 4) Johnny Thunder A major improvement over the original. Making good use of new mudguards and Speed Champions wheels. Includes the old Adventurers printed numberplate piece on both the front and rear. Those jet exhausts make this thing look mighty. And this isn't the only car in the collection to use them. Even the front makes the car look chunky and rugged. Also includes indicators. As if you need them on the racetrack.... 5) Baron Von Barron Now, this one is completely different from the large jeep he drives in the first game. Instead, Baron Von Barron's new racer takes inspiration from set #5920 Island Racer that the Baron drives in the 2nd game and an old fighter plane. The plane inspiration continues around the back. And look at those exhausts... The propeller is powered by the engine but luckily, the car doesn't take off. That'd result in instant disqualification! 6) Gypsy Moth The veteran pilot of the alien Insectoids gets a truly outrageous car inspired by the Insectoids theme itself. With 6 wheels, pincers at the front and a cybernetic abdomen, Gypsy Moth's new racer looks more like an ant than a car. And still has the exhaust at the back like the original car. 7) Rocket Racer Rocket Racer's revamped car is a brilliant new design that echoes the original. Speed Champions wheels and a slighlty forward leaning stance makes this supercar sleek and eye-catching. The windshield is on 4 jumper plates to make sure it doesn't look too far forward or back. Also notice that the Rocket Racer minifigure is custom printed by Minifigs.me. It may have cost a packet but boy, the fit and finish is superb! Veronica Voltage Veronica Voltage's new car is basically a big improvement over the original. Much smoother than the old car. Also, exhaust pipes. For aggression. The wide tyres complete the look of the rear. The front headlights on the original are made up of rare chrome silver pieces. This new one uses a much easier and cost efficient method. Like Rocket Racer, Veronica Voltage is a custom printed minifigure courtesy of Minifigs.me. So, what do you guys think of this lot?
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    Average Race

    I was messing around with memory in LR (hoping to find some sort of track IDs that the game uses?) and I eventually got carried away and... this happened.
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    Lego Rock Raider Large transport truck made in bricklink studio 2

    I made a large transport truck in studio 2. I am quite proud with it to be honest
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    @le717 yes definitely interested in archiving these. I personally would like a LEGO Star Wars (the original 2006 release) Demo. EDIT: Added 4 more demo's.
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    Thoughts on a Lego Stranger Things Video Game?

    I certainly think it would make for some interesting gameplay with the varied environments with the upside down. I'm not sure LEGO would go for it though as they only seem to make games for some of the major IP's. Still, part of me thinks that even if they did, it would turn out to be just another LEGO game carbon copy and the opportunity to do some really new and unique things would be lost. I would obviously play it if there was a game. What would you do with the draft if you made one?
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    TT Game demos are often quickly lost, unfortunately, because (when they made them) they were on LEGO.com and were always purged. Tracking them down is... not easy and occasionally sketchy. I had a nearly full collection but lost a good chunk due to computer issues. I have started rebuilding it but each installer is hundreds of MB, if not >= 1 GB. I echo the question: if they are of interest, please let me know.
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    Quisoves Potoo

    Thoughts on a Lego Stranger Things Video Game?

    The obvious outlet for this idea is LEGO Dimensions, but that dieded, so.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Thoughts on a Lego Stranger Things Video Game?

    People would probably enjoy the read and the thought of there being such a game, so by all means do it if you have the want and motivation. But be prepared to possibly never see LEGO Stranger Things become a real game though. Not sure what other people think of the idea?
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    Official LEGO Game Demo's Demos for LEGO games are becoming harder to find on other various game download networks, especially if they are the classic LEGO games. So we've been building a list of publicly released game demos. If you're looking for an Official game demo of the various LEGO games release over the years, we've got a list of them below. If you find any demo releases that aren't on this list, be sure to make a reply about it, especially if its for another language. Legend = This demo is in it's original installer. The installer may not work under modern Windows systems. = This demo has been re-packaged. This either means it has been made into a portable version or has been given a new modern Windows Installer. Classic's Demo List LEGO Alpha Team DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGO Alpha Team LEGO Creator (Series) DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Creator English - Installer - LEGO Creator: Harry Potter LEGO LOCO DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO LOCO LEGO Racers DEMO English - Portable - LEGO Racers (Repack) English - Installer - LEGO Racers Japanese - Installer - LEGO Racers LEGO Rock Raiders DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGO Rock Raiders LEGO Stunt Rally DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally (Repack) Japanese - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally (Repack) Japanese - Installer - LEGO Stunt Rally LEGO Island 2 DEMO English - Installer - LEGO Island 2 LEGOLAND DEMO Japanese - Installer - LEGOLAND LEGO Football (Soccer) Mania DEMO English - Portable - LEGO Football Mania TT Games Demo List LEGO Bionicle Heros DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Bionicle Heros LEGO Star Wars DEMO (Series) Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Star Wars LEGO Indiana Jones DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Indiana Jones LEGO Batman DEMO (Series) Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Batman Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Batman 3 LEGO Marvel Super Heros DEMO Multi Language - Installer - LEGO Marvel Super Heros
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    100% Lego Island 2 save

    I couldn't find one on the Files database so thought I'd upload my own. Just in case anyone ever needs it. By '100%' I mean 'All gems collected and all minigames gold score." To install: 1) download 2) unzip 3) place Save06.lgo under the _data folder
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    Average Race

    when Captain Redbeard said you'd never beat him I didn't think this was what he had in mind
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    Where would you like me to upload them? I'm currently rebuilding my server so I can't temporarily host anything and as I said, most of the demos are approx or over 1 GB each. I'll check if I have that demo. I did I one point but idk if that's one I lost or not.
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    Quisoves Potoo

    (Request) Small Bertha Mod

    She tasks you!
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    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    These MOCs are fantastic! I love the updated designs and I like the new vehicle designs you made from scratch... ... ...that said, I do have one minor gripe (you don't have to fix it, it's just my personal opinion): As much as I love the idea behind Baron Von Barron's car, I'm not a fan of the colour palette. For me, there's just too much red (like, 90% of the car is bright red). You said that part of the inspiration behind the car was LEGO set #5920. Well, I looked up some images of the set and half of the vehicle is grey/black to balance out the vibrant red colour (which works well and it is much easier on the eyes). Again, just my personal opinion. Other than that, these redesigns are incredible!
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    (Request) Small Bertha Mod

    Don't worry Jean! We'll get Feeb a 100% save game!
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    Quisoves Potoo

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    Not at all bad... The only one I'm not keen on is Johnny Thunder's: It looks cheap and crass, like a marketing executive's attempt at a redesign, in contrast to the other, exceedingly charming reimaginings.
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    imma leave a hidden reply here with stuff off the top of my head ENGLISH - LEGO Island 2 demo - from demo disc, my old upload: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0zdtdfb48cw52ve/Island2.7z - Soccer Mania demo - from demo disc, my old upload: https://www.mediafire.com/file/k90d519pifxlv99/football_mania.exe - LEGO Creator demo - from demo disc - had the demo disc on hand, just uploaded it to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0e24105mgt0ebq/CREATOR.zip?dl=1 - LEGO Creator Knights Kingdom demo - from demo disc, has a time limit - I'LL UPLOAD THIS LATER - LEGO LOCO demo - from demo disc - I'LL UPLOAD THIS LATER - LEGO Creator Harry Potter demo - from a "Harry Potter movie disc" Brickome has; here's their link to it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rj8fecdzbp3e5k/lego.rar?dl=1 JAPENESE - LEGO Racers Japenese demo - link from Jess's video of it: https://mega.nz/#!74kWlYYC!zOUUlP8YnmpoL0F21jw_-3eQls4CGWKU2tvamG2mHrs - LEGO Alpha Team Japanese demo (there is no English demo afaik) - http://download.gamesurf.tiscali.it/demo/alpha_t_demo.exe - Japenese demos for Rock Raiders, LEGOLAND, and LEGO Stunt Rally (old link from Jess): https://mega.nz/#!K0chkCxQ!jsksPod86j_0chAtMZuDJ1KpzKY9R3ziwENq3Lliawo edit - may as well unhide so people don't go to the trouble of uploading things already linked
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    Just Imagine - A Lego RTS - II

    Just Imagine.... A Lego RTS... But not just simply themes bashing it out for your enjoyment. Many themes were released with absolutely no aquatic component. Many themes were solely aquatic. So why not bring two factions to bear, one fighting for control of the land and skies, the other sending aquatic incursions? Submarines, boats; anything to skim the waves and provide devastating firepower to bear on your opponents on the shore having wrestled the sea from your opponent's control. Ships like the Neptune's Carrier from Atlantis could be enough to provide amphibious landings as well, though I have different ideas for that submarine; I previously mentioned the idea of "king units;" highly powerful sets that you looked at in the store and drooled at; the Mobile Devastator, the MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft, or the LMS Explorer (though maybe that one's a bit too big... you could still have "orbital bombardment" or "teleport a team of Rock Raiders anywhere on the map"). Perhaps the Neptune's Carrier functions more like it did in the Atlantis online animations, whereby it functioned as more or less a submerged LMS explorer, containing all the ships that the team needed; unlike the sets, where it barely contained a small wheeled vehicle. A mobile base is always something appreciable in an RTS, if you have the micromanagement for it... Yet the theme which created this forum is subterranean. Perhaps that could be a feature. I've seen Digging implemented extremely well in Impossible Creatures; units that dig are simply stealthed until they "undig," except notably digging units cannot attack other digging units Why not here? Chrome Crushers mining the filthy Power Miners mechs to bits while zapping them with laser fire, whilst scores of Rock Raiders hurry behind keeping the vehicles at high HP; all while the troops on the surface are entirely unaware of this, perhaps only hearing muffled explosions. There would be two "maps;" one of the standard ground and sea we know so well from any RTS, then below that, a slightly transparent underground cave network with natural entrances, obstacles, and exits (of course, unnatural minifigure-made entrances, obstacles, and exits can be arranged), which might focus on a key press like Tab as the foreground fades to invisibility, allowing you to control your units with ease. But there's a more potent force on the battlefield beyond an underground threat; I was contemplating Master Builders. Unlike simply being just high HP high attack heroes, these could have a unique function to create units on the fly with the bricks around them; the bricks of course having come from your fallen enemies you just smashed. Similar to World Builder, whereby you could create units if enough bricks were together (a lot of the gameplay revolved around getting such bricks together), these legendary heroes would have the ability to create units with the nearby bricks, replacing your lines as they fall. Of course, such a system would be extremely abusable on lower population caps, whereby a Master Builder could rebuild your army faster than your feeble units can shoot them down, and downright useless on higher population caps where replacing 1 in 100 really isn't worth it. Thus a simple solution would be to scale build speed with population cap, and perhaps make an automatic function (though autonomy in an RTS always results in stupidity) whereby your chosen Master Builder focuses more on rebuilding your units as they fall. Such a system would be possible because unlike other games where killing units just creates graphical corpses, destroying giant mechas should give you vast hordes of bricks from which you can summon your own creations! Perhaps, in the sake of ceasing endless spams, the amount of bricks dropped by a unit could be less than the amount it took to build; in the interests of preventing endless Master Builder reconstruction. But that's all about one half of an RTS; the unit composition, the micromanagement, the lasers (my favourite part... you know you're playing an RTS right where the sounds cease to play because there are so many PEW PEW PEWs already sounding).... how about the economy? If you were playing Rock Raiders, you wouldn't exactly care about white bricks. However, you'd be extremely interested in the rare Teal resources around the map, something that other themes wouldn't care about. But your Mars Mission ally would be more than happy for you to harvest those white bricks and tribute to them; and if you have an eco bonus of extracting bricks from rocks faster, being a mining theme, perhaps it's in your best interests to help fund his war effort. Tribute might even be automatic for these resources you don't care about. All this makes for perhaps a confusing HUD, showing bricks in all colours of the rainbow; a system similar to the online Lego game Monster Fighters would work well, whereby your most important studs are detailed and the others that are only needed rarely or not at all can be accessible via a drop-down menu. At the front lines where your constructs are rising and falling all the time, but mostly falling as your Master Builder cannot be everywhere at once, the bricks are free resources, if your Small Transport Truck is able to dodge the laser fire which will inevitably scatter. Such plentiful resources means that you'd be interested in getting them back as soon as possible; thus whoever had the resource dropoff closer to the front line would easily accumulate the greater resources. Perhaps this could be fixed by extremely expensive resource dropoffs, unlike the classic 100 Wood seen in Age of Empires II. But this still wouldn't stop a lategame grind where you're rolling in every resource except spare population. Ideally you wouldn't be rolling in resources due to the presence of ludicrously expensive, ludicrously powerful units. After all, why stop at one? Why have one LMS Explorer providing constant beaming down of raiders with laser beams when you could have two? Intergalactic space might get a little crowded, but such a ground-focused RTS wouldn't need to go into detail on that... My coding has improved since last I wrote a wall of text on this, but alas it's still only cin >> and cout << , so such an idea remains in the imagination; hence the title, Just Imagine.... ... just imagine a fleet of Chrome Crushers drilling upwards from the surface right underneath Lego City with supercharged lasers... ... just imagine Johnny Thunder saying "Aw crikey!" as laser bolts from Exo-Force mechs whizz past his face as he frantically repairs your long-ranged Classic Castle cannon... ... just imagine a stealthed Neptune Carrier emerging from the sea and unloading a cargo of Lego Universe Maelstrom bots onto your precious economy, before disappearing beneath the waves... ... just imagine the spam of Rock Raiders with Laser, Freezer, and Pusher beams constantly popping out of Tool Stores to fight off an endless horde of elemental spinning ninja dragons.... ... just imagine summoning Space Police I, II, and III together to bring the various criminals of the galaxy to 'justice,' if your idea of 'justice' is 'pulverizing their vehicles to pieces and driving over the rubble....' .... just imagine.... a Lego RTS.
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    FlicTool 1.1 (FLH compiler/decompiler)

    Seems I was still subscribed to this thread and got a notification email, been a while since I visited here haha. I made a release at https://github.com/Merigrim/FlicTool/releases with the same binary file as the old Dropbox link (I'd build the latest source code and make a release of that, but I'm a bit busy at the moment. It shouldn't contain any new features anyway if I remember correctly, been a few years). Hope that helps!
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    Run Lego Rock Raiders on Ubuntu 17.10

    This tutorial will show you how to run LEGO Rock Raiders on Ubuntu. This has only been tested on Ubuntu 17.10, it may work with earlier versions. Note to you nerds like me: I could not get LRR running well on Windows 10 and was ecstatic to find out that Linux ran it well! So Linux FTW! Setup First, you will need the files from your LEGO Rock Raiders disk - more importantly, you need the game files. Secondly, you will need to install wine and playonlinux. wine: sudo apt-get install wine-stable playonlinux: sudo apt-get install playonlinux Thirdly, you'll need the dreaded d3drm. Download here: d3drm Install 1. Open playonlinux 2. Click on install (it has a plus sign) 3. Click on Bottom Left Link that says "Install a non-listed program" 4. Choose "Install a new program in a virtual drive" 5. Pick any virtual drive name you would like. Mine is: LegoLegacy (no spaces are important) 6. Check the first two boxes "Use another version of wine" and "Configure wine" 7. Choose "System" - I only had that choice. 8. Choose "32 bits windows installation" - this is important it is 32 bit. 9. The Wine Configuration window should pop up: Click on the Graphics tab and check the "Emulate a virtual desktop" and leave the other settings. Click "Apply" and "Ok" 10. The next playonlinux window will ask you where to install the file from. You need to browse to the file "Setup.exe" from your LRR CD. 11. Follow the installation like its 1999! - make sure to also install Direct X6 when it asks. 12. Close out the window. 13. playonlinux will come up with another window asking to make a shortcut - click on "LegoRR.exe" then click next twice. 14. It will return to that same shortcut menu, this time select "I don't want to make another shortcut" 15. Re-open playonlinux and click on LegoRR, but before you press "Run" you need to add in the d3drm. `16. To do this, click on "Open the directory" around the bottom-left. 17. Unzip the d3drm file and copy the d3drm.dll file that you just unzipped and copy it into the directory playonlinux opened for you. 18. Go back to playonlinux and click "Run" and choose any of the fullscreen running options. 19. Enjoy!
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    Tunnel Transport

    This mod will enable the tunnel transport. A file for fixing the carry glitch is included at the end of the post. Manual Install: Patchman Patch: Download LINK DOWN, use old method
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    Slimy Slug

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    Well, I figured someone had to do it. Went through Axel's cfg included with his WADs to see if I could find the problem. Turns out an extra backslash where one should not have been was to blame for the insane number of random crashes. Without further ado, I present the fixed Lego.cfg file: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r234/ This should cut down significantly on the number of random crashes. Other things I fixed: 1. Eye/shoulder view crashing. Axel's value for FPClipBlocks was 30 when anything around 18 will cause a crash. Dropped it back down to 16. 2. Mining lasers will now actually HIT walls for the most part. Axel's values were beyond too high. See my topic on this for further details. 3. Pyrite Monster will now behave as Axel intended, and not as a Lava Monster. Enjoy. 4. Minor text fixes 5. Infinite drain rate bug fix. @paperpanzerReported that the problem was actually caused by the usual fix, so if you have issues please let me know immediately. If there's anything else that needs fixing via the cfg, I'd appreciate a heads up.
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    3DXML to OBJ - Converts LDD model captures to OBJ

    3DVIA Printscreen can capture LEGO Digital Designer models and save them as 3DXML files. It was discontinued years ago, but can still be downloaded from the web archives (direct installer link). Not many programs can load 3DXML files, so I made a program to convert them to OBJ. It does some other helpful things too. Download The resulting models are far more optimized than exports from other LEGO building software, thanks to LDD's hidden stud/tube removal. For example, a small house model that's 50350 tris exported from LeoCAD is only 13548 tris with this method - and with some additional tricks, only 2586 tris. More info here. I've only made this to work with LDD captures, compatibility with captures from other programs is not guaranteed. It will automatically name materials and textures with their official LEGO names/IDs. Setup: 3DVIA Printscreen should be configured so "Capture of textures" is on, and "Group by textures" is off. LDD should have high-quality rendering options disabled. 3DVIA Printscreen must be launched BEFORE LDD. Usage: Save your LDD model in 3DXML to OBJ's "Models" folder. Launch 3DXML to OBJ and enter your LDD model name in the first text box, then click "Move camera". This saves a new LDD model with the camera set in the proper position for 3DXML capturing. Open the new LDD model (it will have CAM_SET in the name) and capture it to a 3DXML file with 3DVIA Printscreen. Make sure it's saved in 3DXML to OBJ's "Models" folder, like the LDD models. Enter the name of your 3DXML file into the second text box in 3DXML to OBJ. I recommend leaving "Weld duplicate vertices" enabled. Choose a new color palette if you'd like, and click "Convert". It sounds more complicated than it is. Here's a model being converted and imported into Unity: And now, the advanced features, which are mostly for LEGO Universe-style color variation, but keep reading for some geometry removal tricks too. For color variation, we need to randomly adjust the color of each brick... But, LDD often batches bricks of the same color together into one mesh. Thus, we can't do it after capturing a model. We have to have the randomized colors displayed in LDD itself. So, it's LDD modding time! Setting up color variation: Download this LIF Extractor. Extract db.lif, found at C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer Put the resulting db folder where the original db.lif file was, and rename db.lif to something else so LDD will use your extracted data instead of the original file. Inside your db folder is Materials.xml. Put a copy of it in the same folder as the 3DXML to OBJ EXE. Launch 3DXML to OBJ and click the "Advanced" button. In the "Edit Materials.xml" box, choose what changes to make. You can add color variation and also apply changes to the base color palette. Click "Edit" and it will create a new XML file. Now you'll want to update the program's own internal color definitions. Enter the name of the XML file you just created in the box below, and click "Update color definitions". Replace LDD's Materials.xml with your new version. Again, this all sounds more complicated than it is. There's a video further below showing how it's done. Adding color variation to LDD models is simple enough; in advanced mode there's an option for it in the same box where you set the camera position in your LDD model. Just choose how strong you want the variation to be. I strongly recommend converting all the materials to vertex colors for models with color variation. How you do this will depend on what software you prefer; in the video below I'm using Ultimate Unwrap 3D. There's one more advanced feature: You can keep meshes of certain colors from receiving color variation and/or being exported. This is useful for "dummy bricks" only placed in the model to trip LDD's hidden geometry removal. In 3DXML to OBJ v1.8.0_Data\StreamingAssets, you will find "Color Export Exclusion.txt" and "Color Variation Exclusion.txt". Add the desired color IDs here, one per line. Covering studs is obvious enough, but tubes are a bit more finicky. Original LDD model, vs export with the dummy bricks excluded: A simple brick has the entire underside present. These quickly add up to loads of polygons. Placing 1x1 round plates across the surface causes LDD to replace the underside with two triangles. Nice! There's a small handful of other parts with this effect, but 1x1 round plates are the best. In fact, even just one 1x1 round plate can trigger this so long as the rest is still covered. Covering the bottom entirely will cause LDD to remove it 100%. Beware: Some bricks, like those rounded 2x2 pieces, will look like they have the same effect as 1x1 round plates, but actually don't... They still leave much of the tubes intact. And finally, here's a video showing all of the advanced features, if the text wasn't clear enough: More tips and tricks! If 3DVIA Printscreen is causing LDD to freeze and/or not launch, see this post. If you have developer mode enabled in LDD, you can press Shift W to toggle wireframe mode. You can also turn rendering of different parts of bricks on and off. LDD's bricks come in four sections, and can be toggled as such: K: Toggles studs Shift K: Toggles bottom and inside of tubes Q: Toggles outside of brick Shift Q: Toggles bottom and inside of brick You can use this to, for example, capture a model without studs, and use that as a lower LOD. Don't have developer mode enabled? Go to the same AppData folder as db.lif and developermode=1 to preferences.ini. If you've modded LDD's decorations, or LDD has updated, you can update 3DXML to OBJ's internal texture definitions - just copy the Decorations folder from db to the same folder as 3DXML to OBJ's EXE, and click the button for it in advanced mode. (In case you're curious what this does: The program keeps a list of MD5 hashes of texture data, along side their file names/IDs. This allows the program to identify what textures are what in a 3DXML file, without actually containing any of the texture data itself.) You can add your own custom color palettes, just go to 3DXML to OBJ v1.8.0_Data\StreamingAssets\Custom Palettes and use the existing files as examples of how they work. If for some reason you need to, Shift R resets 3DXML to OBJ's saved preferences (resolution, most recent conversion options, etc). Replacing colors when converting a 3DXML with color variation will work... But look very strange, as it'll only affect bricks that happen to be the original color values. The ones that have been slightly lightened or darkened won't be changed. You can mod lower LODs of bricks from LU into LDD... But that'd be its own topic.
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    "no! i must ride the skateboard!" pepper shouted. the radio said "no, pepper. you are the skateboard." and then pepper was a skateboard
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    (Request) Small Bertha Mod

    I understand why this may seem like a lot to ask of this community; I am, after all, a relatively new member. I would have come into this fine group of individuals much sooner, had I not been so disconnected from society for such a great deal of time. Up until approximately a month ago (the time has been precious to me, but I have lost track), I had spent every waking moment in my personal screening room at my ranch. I'm several miles out from I-15, and nowhere near anywhere populated, like Vegas, so the public failed to question my location, or the status of my building. I did not go in unprepared, of course, as I had this all planned out well ahead of time; I arranged for the Desert Inn and my SUITE there to be cared for by my aides, along with the rest of my properties. I also, of course, arranged for a number of amenities in my screening room; a full bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom adjacent to the room, along with enough MREs for a great many lifetimes. I knew from the start I was in for the long haul. I went in alone. The dread sank in from the minute I kissed Jean goodbye and bolted the door. I knew there was no hope for me until the deed was done. I would, after so many years, 100% LEGO Island 2. The game must be complete; only then could I say the same of myself. Of course, everything went nominally, at the beginning. I looked up on my work, pleased in my progress as I swept up the Constructopedia pages one by one on the silver screen before me. I knew that this would be short-lived; the worst was yet to come. I careened into the Oasis. I was given a quick verbal pat on the back from the Infomaniac; I had to hold back tears, as I knew this might be the last time I ever hear his dulcet tones. In my intoxicating grief, I skipped over the Old Fisherman entirely; not that I didn't know what lay ahead for me. I fought off the tears and went to work. It was very emotional for me, so understand that my memory from this point on was hazy at best, but you all know precisely what I went through, I'm sure. The first few days were torture; torture became a chore, and the chore became life as I knew it. As the months passed, I became naught but a shell of my being. Day after day after day; cast, reel, cast, reel, cast, reel. Down and down I went into a new and ghastly state of existence; for a time I forgot all but my life in the screening room. The broken prisoner of that godforsaken warden, that bane of man, the Old Fisherman; a fisher of lost dreams, floating in the sea of despair. I heard rustling; it could have been that the sound system in my screening room had deteriorated over this time. The rustling became impacts the next day, and then a rhythmic, inhuman pounding. I thought it another bout of hallucination, until the bolt holding the vault seal in place flew loose and struck the projector, destroying my chances at achieving my lifelong pursuit. I cried out; I do not remember how to describe it, as the entire moment was a blur; all I recall is Jean and the workmen rushing in and hauling me away. It must have been decades I had spent in that room, based on changes to my body; thankfully I have been able to return to my prior responsibilities, and my companies hold more value than ever. One enemy has persisted, tormenting me from then unto eternity; Big Bertha. I still return to my save time and again, despite Jean's truly better judgment. I will not go into detail, but I have had similar issues with the original Metal Gear; both MSX and NES versions; involving the final boss. This has led me to conclude that the issue does not lie in the design of the games, but in the sheer size of my adversaries. I come to you, and beg of you: rob Bertha of her infernal power. She must become miniscule, that I may end her, and end this blight on my life. For Jean.
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