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    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Sup. Been a while especially as forum posting definitely hasn't been my thing for years but I think I've got something interesting to share for once. - I've been playing Drome Racers for a while now and its development got me interested as the game doesn't use traditional LEGO for its world or characters. The cars remain to be built with Technic bricks, and that fact alone made me ilvid of it's conception. I skimmed through the credits list and contacted multiple artists, ranging from enviroment artists to modellers. My latest contact Rob James (who worked on the enviroment and cars) replied back to my request on Linkedin and we had a great talk about the game and thankfully, he was open to share development resources. EDIT: the convo Serwithed = Max
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    Mr. Skeltal

    Better Quality Intro Video

    I had this crazy idea during school to try and clean up the FMV from the PlayStation version of the game, and put it into the PC version, for a better quality video. So, I got home, got my tools out, and made a video file that I feel looks and sounds better than the original intro video, included in the PC version. You can download the higher res intro here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iSoWI3_-9gvsHROOxdOxaq16dlxh_Fi4 To use, simply go to your Rock Raiders install directory, go to the DATA folder, then into the AVI folder. Rename the downloaded file as intro.avi, and drag it into the folder. There ya go! Your Rock Raiders intro video should now be better quality! EDIT: Incase anyone wants it for some reason, here is the full resolution upscale: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_jey_UEhddfdePhv5jEsQ6q4W3P1HkHM
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    100% Save File Now Available

    Hello all! I remember Xiron had a save file hosted here before, for before the tower section of the game, but it has since been removed. So I just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that I have uploaded files for both 100% completion of the game, and for before the Tower (parkour and Brickster fight). Hope some of you can find it useful!
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    lr_testtrack.bsp needs CS:S
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    Rock Raiders Wave Two?

    I was strolling through a Eurobricks thread on unreleased sets and came to this curious post. So I thought to myself "yeah, okay, big talk. Did you read that on Brickipedia?" But then they went on to say this: Suddenly the post is sounding a lot more credible. So I look back up at the post and what really strikes me is that he says that wave 2 would have had "other underground creatures." And then I remembered this guy! It's a slimy slug that was on the cover of a catalog packaged with big box LEGO games in 1999. It's not a model from the Rock Raiders game, though - in fact, it looks like it's design to be produced as a buildable figure, with a single-piece rigid body that has some eyestalks and studs stuck on. Seems a little excessive to design all of that just for promotional renders, no? So yeah, I think this guy may have been designed for that 2nd wave. What else could have been in it? There are at least a couple models in the PC game that would have worked as sets if they had chosen to produce them...
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    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Reading the conversation, this image is LR2-related not DR-related? The content seems to mix around both. Also, is that a recoloured Loader Dozer I see for the Boss Vehicle? .... even the dev acknowledged the characters were awful XD Huh. That's really annoying
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    Better Quality Intro Video

    Considering the quality of the original intro this is a big step up. Of couse there some artifacts from upscaling and cleaning up (example: compare the wormhole), but on the other side you got rid of those square artifacts in the original and this one of the reasons or the reason, why it looks clearer. I didn't notice any additional loading times (the file is 204 MB big compared to the 64.5 MB of the original in my case). I have an SSD though in case that matters.
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    Nope, i just managed to port LR1 to Source in 10-ish minutes. Cool stuff, huh? Would've been better if I had CS:S installed...
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    No, I'm pretty sure this is just a texture mod for LEGO Racers. ... ...but honestly, it'd be quite an amazing feat if somebody made a 1-1 recreation of LEGO Racers in the Source engine. Nonetheless, @Red60, amazing work!
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    Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    Great to see this progress! I played Frozen Frenzy and the gameplay worked fine, but the mouse scroll speed was very low and I resorted to using arrow keys to move the screen around. It'd be useful to have an option to increase the scroll speed.
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    Air Filter (New Building)

    aidenpons pinged me about this so I uploaded it. I'm pretty sure the explosion animation isn't done but you won't have to see it if you git gud
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    Air Filter

    It's a bit incomplete, but it should still be useable.
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    Hover Scout Upgrade - Now with Models!

    Much, much, much later since I initially started with this idea over a year ago... with a real Lego set in between.... I present to you: Hover Scout Upgrade! Get one today from your local cafeteria (see what I did there? Download! "But Aiden, it's not high poly and looks like a bit of a mess!" Yes, it does. This is for multiple reasons: This has been my first Lightwave endeavor! I don't know how to do a lot of things - in fact, when I started working on this I built the back by placing points, selecting them, and hitting Create Polygon From Points! Slow, but thorough, and I didn't mind it too much. I wanted to make the Hover Scout's polygon count "feel at home" with the low-quality LRR models. It's really jarring when you have High Poly Teleport Pad sitting next to a Not High Poly At All Support Station, and the result is that the high poly stuff just looks bad. I built this point by point, polygon by polygon. There was no reference to actual brick dimensions, actual digital brick models, or anything. I had the model in front of me on my desk and just joined points until it looked right. I started from the original silly Hover Scout and just slapped floating stuff wherever I liked I didn't need to make much of an improvement for it to be significant I wanted to get something out for RRU! But by far the major reason is: I am not a professional, so do not expect professional results. Minor balance changes to the vehicle overall (notably it now costs a crystal and does things slightly worse) KNOWN ISSUES: - Large number of graphical issues ; for instance, in the above screenshot the lights are not 'glowing,' occasionally there are holes in the model, the back of the yellow circle doesn't exist at all, and there's no top on the little black stud on the front. And the chainsaws collide with the lights, but that's only narrowly avoided in the model. The bucket teleports down, but has no transparency as it does so, so you can actually see it if you zoom out far enough. - The Hover Scout looks exceedingly stupid when it gets hit by a monster. However this should basically never happen as it's TURBO FAST - The Scanner piece doesn't exist However, it's perfectly playable, functional, and good fun. Also, I did get the Carry upgrade working on the Tunnel Scout so presumably it must work. However I'd gotten so far with this that I didn't want to change it, and just kept the carry from start. I'm sure you're not complaining. Future Work: - Pickup animation - Shovelling animation - Fixing those random holes in the model (I have no clue what's going on with the cylinders not behaving themselves) Many thanks to @Cirevam for his help with using LightWave. Even the camera controls on that don't make sense! This would not have been done without his assistance.
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    Hover Scout Upgrade - Now with Models!

    I'll let the images speak for themselves: (The original edits came first, then the Lego model, then the new RR model) Download here! The Hover Scout can now: - carry one resource - clear rubble off the bat. In addition, it can be upgraded to: - drill walls - go faster - have a laser and scanner For the low, low price of one crystal! Now that it's a Cafeteria patch you don't even need to install it manually - just throw it in the Mods folder, hit Rebuild, and go! (If you want to manually install it - e.g. into your overhaul - just unpack the ,wadp and follow the instructions in script.txt). The original work was done in Notepad++ Infrequently Asked Questions: Thanks to alan and Cirevam in this topic. Older pictures and versions: Previous advertisement:
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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Steam: "Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble" Currently free on Epic: "Surviving Mars"
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    Release Date: November 1st 2019 Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? I know this may seem a bit early and weird, but here is the deal, I'm currently making a project for fun and I plan to share it with you guys, so I'm putting this up here now so a larger audience knows about it. So, what is this Christmas Edition? Every year since I was younger, I play me some Lego Racers in the x-mas holidays, as well as "Christmas Nights Into Dreams". For those that are not familiar "Nights into dreams" is one of the most popular games for the Sega Saturn, and they released for free a demo called "Christmas Nights" which basicly is the original game but with christmas themed levels, bonus etc etc. I decided to work on something similar for Lego Racers, and I have been working on it for some time now, so I'm close to being finished. The mod will include: -All original tracks will be "christmasfied" (snow, decorations, new skies etc) -Some tracks will be more "complete" (More trees, ships etc) -New Christmas inspired minifigs -New skins for bosses -New paintjob for boss's and minifig's cars -New color for warp powerup (it will be red instead of blue) -Green colored brick in build menu instead of blue - and possibly more stuff since there is still time for the time being I leave you with a couple of pictures. I Hope you enjoy what you see here so far! Take care and have fun!
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Download From NexusMods: https://www.nexusmods.com/legorockraiders/mods/1?tab=files Download From RRU (English only): https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego_rock_raiders/mods/gameplay/no-frustrating-mechanics-easy-100-completion-r289/ As we all know, the game has a number of mechanics and design choices that are either not well thought out, or are actively hindering you from playing the game effectively. Not to mention that due to extremely rigorous hidden mission goals, the intended 100% completion ending cannot even be achieved. Therefore, I set out to edit Lego.cfg in a way that not only makes 100% completion possible and easy to achieve, but also fixes what I considered poorly thought out elements of the game. List of changes: - Slimy Slugs can now be killed by the electric fences, and the laser and pusher beams are a lot more effective against them. (You should still make sure to have your fence around the base be at least 2 blocks wide though, since sometimes the slugs can sneak past them in-between the zaps if there's enough of them attacking.) - Rock Raiders and various vehicles move a lot faster now, to compensate for how spacious some levels are. This actually manages to bring the playtime in some levels from a full hour to 30 minutes or less. - Small Digger vehicle can now drill through hard rock in 30 seconds, as opposed to it taking 3 whole minutes. Same thing was done also to the Granite Grinder. - Raiders are no longer scared of bats. This is done to prevent bats from making it impossible for the Raiders to do anything if they happen to fly into the base. - Dynamite now has a lot smaller blast radius, to prevent Raiders from accidentally harming themselves with it. - Raiders no longer have to eat at the Support Station. This was done to prevent situations where Raiders go to the opposite side of the map, and then immediately go back to eat due to their energy running out. - All levels now come with the same, optimized set of priorities for the AI, which should be suitable for pretty much any situation. - All hidden goals of levels have been significantly reduced, meaning that acquiring 100% completion is now not only possible, but very easy to do. - Ore costs of certain buildings have been reduced, to cut down on unnecessary waiting times. - Oxygen depletes at a much less rapid pace in Don't Panic. - Small spiders no longer spawn. - Camera can be zoomed out twice as far. (Note that when the camera is zoomed out this far, some objects on the edges of your view may be turning invisible.) - Removed the long-ass LEGO Media logo animation on startup. - Prevented certain messages from bringing the game's speed back to default. - Added a couple of zeroes to the TextureUsage value, which is supposed to improve the game's performance. - The camera moves faster now. - Shortened the amount of time Rock Raiders need to upgrade. - Drastically increased the firepower of mobile laser cutters, making them not only actually useful, but easily the most destructive vehicles in the game. Try them out, they're fun as heck to use now. - Brought back Tunnel Transport.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    At the Slug entry (about one third from the top of the CFG file) you have the following values: CanBeShotAt TRUE CanLaser TRUE LaserDamage 50.0 CanPush TRUE ; Can this object be pusher'ed PusherDist 60.0 ; Distance the object is pushed PusherDamage 25.0 ; Damage that the pusher gun causes Edit them as you see fit. 100 in the Damage fields would equal one hit kill. Look into the SmallDigger entry. It has the following value: HardDrillTime 30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000 The 30 is the time in seconds the Small Digger will take to drill through hard rock with no upgrades to the drill, and 25 is after upgrades are applied. Not sure why it repeats 4 times, but I guess you have to edit all of them for this to work correctly. For the Granite Grinder, look for the WalkerDigger entry. Look into the Bat entry. If you were to copypaste the weapon-related values from, say, RockMonster entry and put them at the bottom of the Bat entry (under the "DontShowDamage" value), then the bats would become possible to hit. I think so, at least. I haven't tested it. Maybe it's possible with some extensive scripting, but not by editing values in Lego.cfg (at least as far as I know). The only editable value I am aware of that controls this is that under the Pilot entry, you have this: EnergyDecayRate 0.25 This value controls how fast the hunger meter depletes. You could set it to something low like 0.01, so that it goes down at a very slow rate instead of being turned off entirely. It means that every single level will use the following order of priorities, from top to bottom: 1. Learn skills or upgrade if told to do so 2. Go into vehicle, if any are waiting 3. Repair damaged buildings 4. Grab a tool if told to do so 5. Recharge drained energy crystals if an energy seam is available 6. Reinforce the walls if any were marked to be reinforced 7. Bring resources to building sites, if any exist 8. Collect crystals, if any exist 9. Drill walls, if any are marked to be drilled 10. Clean up rubble, if any exists 11. Collect ore, if any exists I don't know. Maybe someone else knows. Link
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    I'm on Discord as ZuTheSkunk#4273.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Originally, the mining lasers were so weak that you needed to zap a single wall like 5 times before it was destroyed, and the laser would have already drained about 2 crystals by then, which, of course, was rendering them completely useless as a mining tool. Since in my mind "Overpowered = Fun", I decided to go in the opposite direction and remove the drainage altogether while cranking the destructive power of mining lasers up to eleven. My train of thought was that since it's perfectly possible to go through the entire game without using mining lasers, having them be the unstoppable machines of mass destruction gives you the option to either do things the normal, slower-paced way, or the quick and easy way. As for how to recharge crystals, as far as I know this is only possible on levels that have "Energy Seam" walls (the ones with a giant unbreakable crystal in them), and Raiders go to them to recharge crystals automatically.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Ok. I just added the file to the site.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    In my mod, everything is set up in such a way that you only need to collect some low amount of energy crystals (or the specific amount the mission is asking you to collect), or in the case of Run The Gauntlet, break through a few of the many caverns in the level.
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    [Alpha Team] Worst Victory Ever

    (Boy, I'm playing a lot of Alpha Team these days. Oh well) In the bottom left corner Radia is trying desperately to defy the laws of gravity and not get melted by lava. After all, that lava is above the melting point of ABS plastic, as well as being a convenient moat of Evil Overlords. Unfortunately, I haven't unlocked the Anti-Gravity device yet, so won't be able to pull her out of there. TeeVee, the mission co-ordinator, is being melted by a high-power laser and will not be in any condition to say "TEEVEE HERE," ever again. The last member alive is Crunch, who was last seen walking into a barrel and hanging around, having done nothing useful the entire level But despite this, I managed to activate both laser locks just in time for the level victory condition to trigger. The name of the level is "Barrel Hop," and you're supposed to collect an Evil Orb to make the Zombies blocking the Laser Locks to disappear. I found out that you could squeeze the lasers in just the right position to get them past the workers whilst still triggering the locks. It was then a matter of rearranging everything else to hit those lasers to start them up... which ended in this. I would have given you a screenshot but Alpha Team decided to break (but not crash, oddly).
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    Proper normals/smoothing on LEGO Island models

    I've noticed that people using models ripped from LI1 haven't had the smoothing of them accurate to their appearance in the real game. Maybe this is something that can be done automatically by the extractor at some point (paging @Hamhock666), but for now, here's what to do. In short: The smoothing/vertex normals in LI1 are tied to the materials. I'm not sure whether they're intrinsically tied together in the model format, or if it's just a convention the artists used, but either way, that's how it seems to be done. Certain materials have all the vertices that use them welded together, others leave them flat shaded. This is why there's "duplicate" materials like LEGOWHITE vs LEGOWHITEFLAT; the only difference between them besides the names is the intended shading (smooth vs flat shading). If you want it more step by step...
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    Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    Manic Miners keeps marching forward at an unrelenting pace! The Buildings Update should be out in a matter of weeks. This week I've done a major overhaul of settings, implemented Electric Fences, added the Air meter and some other UI stuff, as well as simplified the Level Editor and *tons* of other stuff that takes too much time to describe! Instead, I suggest you jump into my Discord Channel and try out the latest build for yourself!
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