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    LEGO Racers Competition Entry

    From the album: Digital Stuff

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    LEGO Rock Raiders

    From the album: LEGO Game Logos

    Extracted from an RTF file on a LEGO demo disc: GEN-DEMO-02
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    Hover Scout Preview

    From the album: LEGO Racers Stuff

    Almost finished!
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    Chief Textures for LDD

    From the album: other stuff

    There he ist... it was hard to extract the texture out of internet pictures and edit them so they would fit well in the end.
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    Power Plant 2

    From the album: Power Plant

    At the back of the refining building there are 4 energy containers. These are connected with 3 transformers that lead the energy into the power paths.
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    Power Plant 1

    From the album: Power Plant

    Overview of the whole building. The front reminds me of the Support Station.
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    Retsnom Kcor


    From the album: Various

    After a few months of Bricklink searching and buying individual parts, I have managed to acquire the 4 Rock Raiders Promo sets. The only one that isn't complete is the one with Sparks, which is missing one of the saws.

    © 1752

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    1:1 L.M.S. Explorer (revised version)

    From the album: L.M.S. Explorer pictures

    Finally I managed to fix the problems, that I have found in my older version of the ship. Due to having a faster computer it was way easier and much faster to work with LeoCAD (loading the file takes ~ 5 seconds), though I recommend saving all the time since the program can crash (I have two saves in case, that the program crashes during saving. That way I always have another save). I fixed quite a lot on that ship: -added teleporter/radar dishes at the bottom -added elevator shaft to the back of the bridge -changed the outside of the bridge a bit -modified the front to make it look more like in the videos and the magazine (thanks for uploading that picture, Ringtail ) (it means, that it is more narrow now and that I changed many elements on it) -changing the width of the whole ship a bit (reduced by 4 studs) due to the changed front -the upper layer is a bit wider due to the changed front -flat side walls (+adding black lines) -changed the antenna on top of the front -changed the dark grey structure next to the antenna on top of the front -changed the colours of the sidewall windows (although I probably have to change them again) -changed those dark grey openings/windows on top of the teal stripes etc. (they are one instead of two types now and they contain transparent elements now -changed the dark grey pit in front of the bridge -added Power Miners -changed the structure with the eleven domes, that you can see behind that top antenna -changed the area between the bridge and the dribes -changed many grey areas to dark grey ones after checking the sources again -removed useless bricks inside the ship -stuff, that I have forgotten to mention There is still room for improvements on that ship, but I like it more than the older version. The next thing will probably be a poster with pictures of the ship from different angles. I think, that I will also upload the ldr-file (can be used for LeoCAD and LDView. Mabye other programs, too). P.S.: The extended intro of Rock Raiders was also helpful for improving stuff like the front.
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