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    LEGO Racers Diorama

    Full 4K PNG downloadable here. David Roysk is my artist name, kudos to anyone who can guess how I came up with it. This is my entry for the LR competition! Credits for the decals are in the link above. The aim was to make something that looked like a photo a kid might have taken with his toys, of course using photo-manipulation wizardry to get Rob-N-Hood floating haha. I'm not skilled enough to achieve photorealism yet but I think I did an okay job. I used procedural textures for some of the stuff which was a fun technique to experiment with. The ground was partly sculpted and I think I could have done much better with it, but I'd already spent many hours over a couple of weeks and at some point you have to call it a day! Rob-N-Hood was chosen as he was one of my favourite characters in the game, and that was totally not because green is my favourite colour or anything. Captain Redbeard in the Small Transport Truck is a reference to a mod I made which took a ridiculous amount of time to make. Rocket Racer is there because of course he has to be, the ultimate boss and an epic dude too! Racey Hazey is the racer my mum would use when I was a little, and has a (true) story to go with her: Thanks for taking the time to check out my entry! I had an awesome time making it.
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    Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Remix

    So I Heard Yesterday Lego Racers Had Its 20th Anniversary! What Better To Do For That Is To Remake Some of Its Music. It Be Cool if I Had All The Midi Tracks From The Game But Heres Something At Least. Happy 20th Anniversary LR1 (Even though the footage is LR2)
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    Rock Raiders and Life on Mars Balancing Desk Toy

    These are two new scenes I have designed for my balancing desk toy project. The first is a Lego Rock Raiders scene featuring the Chrome Crusher (set 4970), the Tunnel Transport (set 4980) and a pair of Tunnel scouts (from the video game) flying over head. The second is a Lego Life On Mars scene featuring the Red Planet Protector (set 7313), the Aero Tube Hanger (set 7317) with the flying vehicle from the same set flying overhead. Below both photos is a video of it in action. Lego Kinetic Balancing Desk Toy - Retired Lego Themed Scenes by Sandlot Creations, on Flickr Lego Balancing Desk Toy (Life on Mars Themed Scene) by Sandlot Creations, on Flickr Here is a video of it in action! Finally, If you'd like the Balancing Desk Toy to become an official product you can vote for it on Lego Ideas here : https://ideas.lego.com/projects/235a536e-c6cc-4b0e-889f-1daf1403da88/updates#content_nav_tabs There you will also see more scenes I've created. Thanks for watching and let me know other scenes you would like to see created!
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    LDDCollada - Another Another LDD Model Converter

    I know it's kinda been done before, but I have been commissioned to write a tool to convert an LXF model from LDD into a DAE file, and the commissioner is fine with me open-sourcing the project now that it's complete, so I might as well share it. I give you, LDDCollada Quick Notes: LDDCollada is the command-line version, written in C# so use Windows or Mono. Drag and drop input files onto .exe to convert LDDCollada.Mac is a macOS GUI that exposes options the CLI doesn't Does not extract .LIF archives for you Will generate properly-filled versions of the decal textures Make sure your software is gamma correct - in Maya (first screenshot below), the filled textures look natural against the solid triangles, but in macOS Preview and Quick Look (second and third screenshots), the solid brick colors look dark but the decal textures look bright. My first go at writing Mac software (I kinda cheated by using Xamrin.Mac) Could be interesting if you want info on C# .g file parsing Ignores normals Screenshots:
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    Mighty Miners

    Well this is awkward. I've been working off-and-on at what was originally a fan-remake of - stop me if you've heard this one before (no, please don't) - Lego Rock Raiders for about three years now. I eventually decided to rebrand it into a new IP so that I could use it to properly christen a new game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders. Upon making that decision, I decided to wait until I had scrubbed all of the assets I had ripped from the original game out (got to keep myself safe legally, after all) before I went showing the project around too widely (though I haven't exactly been hiding it, and I'm sure some of you probably already know what I'm talking about because you stumbled upon my site via Google - the steady trickle of new Discord members I've gotten over the years has to have come from somewhere). Well, now the game is clean - everything in the game is either self-made or comes from a royalty-free database, leaving a functional, if not very pretty, work-in-progress build I'm comfortable getting out there and promoting! Yes, I am aware that there are a good many "Rock Raiders Remake" projects on this forum - ones that look a hell of a lot prettier because they don't want to be anything more than fangames and thus happily use the textures and models from the original game - including one that made it's public debut... let me see here... five hours ago. Like I said, this is pretty awkward. But I made a promise to myself, and I'm kind of in a tight spot in my life where I kind of need to be bold, so it's time to submit myself to the terrifying ordeal of being known! Mighty Miners, is, as mentioned previously, a spiritual remake of Lego Rock Raiders. Unlike most of its contemporaries, I'm designing this game with a fully original IP in mind to be sold on Steam as hopefully the first of many games under the banner of my game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders (so putting this under "Fan Games" is a bit of a misnomer, but this is were all the other RR remakes on the site make their home). Because of this, the game has no assets directly taken from the original game, which means that in it's current early stage of development, it looks kind of like... this: It's... minimalist, to put it lightly. Actually it's barely functional and one of my top priorities that I hope to have done by the end of the month is to redo the textures to be a bit more readable. So what does the current build have? Well: 14 levels, all of which are technically brand new, but most aren't exactly subtle about their roots. Mind, you, not all of them are beatable, because the game doesn't have water or air vehicles quite yet. By this time next week, I plan to have all 34 of the levels planned for the game put into place - I've got them all mapped out as image files, it's just a matter of actually making real levels out of those maps, and I ran out of time before I promised my Discord channel I'd have a new build out. After clearing the mission on a given level, you unlock the ability to play that level in excavation mode, where you're given a time limit and scored on how quickly you can collect as many energy crystals as you can. You also unlock a free play mode, a pure sandbox mode with no objectives or restrictions. Levels in the game are designed with excavation mode in mind - most are significantly bigger than you'll ever have reason to explore when clearing the mission alone, with the intent being that you come back to it in the other modes for the "full" experience. Five of the ten planned buildings are available to build, though the tech tree is slightly different from what it was in the original game. You also have access to 3 vehicles, the equivalents to the originals' Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck. Priorities are fully adjustable, and saved to your save file. No more having to re-adjust your priorities at the start of every level! Oh yeah, there are also save files. A functional in-game level editor! It's not pretty, and has some notable features missing, but it's 100% operational - you can build and save levels and then immediately load up your save file and play them! Custom levels are only playable in excavation and free play mode. Plans for the immediate future (as in, by the end of this month) include implementing the remaining 20 levels and replacing the textures to make them more readable. If you want to hold off until at least then to give the game a spin, I perfectly understand, this post was mainly to announce to the world that this is a thing that I am doing. I'll be coming back here to update everyone as the project continues to progress. If you do want to try out the build as it currently stands, you can download it here.
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    [LR] Snake (Stunt Rally)

    Not Snake Plissken, not Solid Snake... but Snake, from Stunt Rally! Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r329/ Replaces Nova Hunter's head and torso, and the red helmet with white stars
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    Hello world!

    Hello everyone! Been lurking around the forums for a long time and finally decided to sign in. Lego Racers is one my favorite racing game from my childhood, and seeing it modded, it's pretty amazing, so I hoping that I can make some mods for it too. Actually, I already tried making some skins, I hope that I can upload them later. And I found some stuff in the files with Binary File Editor that seem pretty neat (At least I didn't found anything in the forums talking about it, so I think maybe something new). Sorry if there's some bad grammar in there, English is my second language and I still have problems with some words and expressions.
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    Mighty Miners

    That is unusual. What's happening is that all of the buttons are covered up by the "veil", that's supposed to prevent you from selecting levels lower down that what you've unlocked (those buttons should be non-interactable anyway, its main job is to put the message saying how to unlock the next tier in the correct place). I had noticed some discrepancies between how the veil was placed when testing in-editor and how it was placed in the actual build, but I didn't expect it to get that bad. I'm pretty sure, though, that it's an aspect ratio thing - try setting the window to a wider resolution for now, and I'll put "make the level select veil not aspect-ratio dependent" on my list. Custom levels aren't playable on a given file until you've unlocked excavation and free play modes by beating two levels. Once you've done that, two arrow buttons should pop up on the sides, and you can get to your custom levels by clicking the left one. Obviously I didn't expect such an egregious obstacle to clearing two levels in the first place. When editing a level, you can place starting buildings and miners by clicking on the "objects" button on the right. Note that the only things you can currently place are Tool Stores and basic Miners - no other buildings or vehicles (yet). Also, you can't rotate them - they will always face directly up. Keep this in mind when choosing where to put your Tool Store, and leave the tile directly above it clear so it can lay down it's starting power path properly. Unit placement is probably the most blatantly unfinished part of the level editor and is only barely functional, but it does work. I found my save data under AppData/LocalLow/RocketJumpingSpiders, so I'd recommend looking in that direction. Update: I looked into the aspect ratio issue, and turns out it's really easy to fix. Hotfix incoming - please wait warmly Update 2: Hotfix done and uploaded! Follow this new link to download the fixed version: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=29274243&i=4320487
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    Hiya! This has been cooking for 2.5 months now, so I think it's time to reveal what I'm been working on: A complete, uncompromising rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders! It's currently in Alpha development but is frankly more robust than any RR project before it, from what my testers have said. Take a look at the overview below: I'm using Trello to keep track of development and other things. Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello: If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes: - The game is programmed by one person. Please respect that implementations, however easy they are to implement, might take time. - The game is far from feature complete. You will be missing stuff like vehicles and monsters, but the miners are very functional, as well as building construction. It indubitably has some bugs, but not more than the original, and at this point I need your help to find them! - The game runs in debug mode during Alpha. You might get some messages that doesn't make sense, which either means I've forgot to remove them or they indicate something is wrong. - Some older hardware can not run the game at all. I need a larger sample size to figure out why that is. IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS AND SOLVE IT, MESSAGE ME YOUR SOLUTION. I'll add it to the Troubleshooting section (which currently doesn't exist). - Resources have physics. They'll roll. If they roll into lava or water, they are gone. Take care where you put your buildings! - Clicking a wall doesn't colour it immediately. They'll have a "token" showing you commanded a drilling etc there. They'll turn coloured *when a miner is approaching the wall*. - Resources are dispensed on demand, not when you order a building. - The AI is still in its infancy: You will find hundreds of ways the AI can be improved to make smarter decisions, many of which I'm aware but just haven't had time to implement. 1) This will grow over time, 2) Don't treat it too much like an idle game: you can command them to do stuff yourself, you know! - The priorities are hardcoded (but will be made available in an update soon) as follows: Clear rubble if you stand on it -> Pick up a nearby resource -> Drill walls -> construct a building -> pick up crystals ->Clear Rubble -> Pick up Ore -> Other - Report bugs on the Discord, not anywhere else. Be sure to check the Trello for the bug before posting, or I will most likely not respond at all to your report. That's it, you are now ready to jump into the game! Download links: OneDrive link (start immediately) Dropbox link RRU download Resource links: Trello (my development progress) Discord (active daily discussion) Subreddit (active daily) Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates) Now, for the more elaborate stuff: What is this? Manic Miners is a rebuild of the 1999 game Lego Rock Raiders. It has been in development since late May 2019 and is programmed by a single person; Baraklava. Is this game sponsored by The Lego Group? This game has nothing to do with The Lego Group, although I definitely wish I worked for them! Why are you doing this project? Rock Raiders is one of my favourite Lego themes, from a time when Lego was a company of experimentation and fearlessness. While those times were monetarily harsh for Lego, they have left an impression that I want to carry on by remaking this game and hopefully keep the memory of this franchise alive. During college, I discovered a love for programming, and my love for Lego was also rekindled. After making the discovery that, to this day, no one has made a worthy Rock Raiders successor/replacement, I decided to make an assessment of it is was viable for a single person. There I saw an opportunity: All the assets were available, taunting me. It's also proving a golden opportunity to prove myself that I *can* finish a huge project all on my own, a good engineering skill... And here we are! Is the game going to cost anything? In the spirit of the Lego community, and considering how niche this game is, I will keep the game free for everyone. As long as there are assets in the game I don't own, monetizing it is lawful suicide anyway. When the game gets completely done, I might consider remaking the "borrowed" assets and launch commercially on consoles and other places, but the PC version containing Rock Raiders assets will always be free. Is the game done? Why are you revealing it now? No, the game is not done and will keep getting updates as I add more features. This, however, will take time, as I'm also doing my studies at the same time, and they have higher priority. I'm revealing this because I think other people might be interested in seeing development, helping with design decisions and create a community around a Rock Raiders game reborn. I see you have not made a game before. There's been at least few dozen remake attempts. What makes you think you can complete this project on your own? I work hard, I program well, and my pipelines for the project are insanely efficient. Rather than being a Lego fan driven by will alone, I have a really solid engineering and programming basis to stand on, as well as the simplest programming IDE you can imagine. No one has gotten as far as I have gotten, but no one has also had the same premise I have. I aim to keep programming in my spare time until it is done. And while it's true I haven't made any games before, I've been programming quite a lot. Unreal Engine is incredibly intuitive in addition to the quick programming pipeline it provides, and I've had little to no troubles making the game work, as it mostly comes down to maths anyway. Is the game open source? The game is not Open Source. But there will be modding support, and if there are specific parts you want me to make moddable, you can input a request in the Discord server (link below) How can I contribute to the project? As I've mentioned, I am the only programmer, and am therefore not looking for programming help. If you make assets that you want to contribute to the game, such as music, art, models or other fun stuff that fits the spirit of the Lego Rock Raiders game or era, you can share it in my Discord #submissions channel. Anything you put there should be owned by you and published under a Creative Commons license stating anyone can use it for free if giving credit. However, just because you submit it doesn't mean it will get added: I place the final verdict on every feature. What about donations and Patreon? I'm not looking for any monetary returns, I don't need the money, I do this because it's rewarding in other ways. Refusing donations also allow me to work at my own pace. If you want to contribute anything that isn't money in order to help my work on the project (such as software) then send me a PM. Will feature XXX be added? Check the Trello pages to the right and the user suggestions below. The game will firsthand stay true to the original (apart form any obvious immediate improvements). Along the way, stuff will of course be added, but I'm aiming to have settings and modes to make both purists and newcomers happy. There's gotta be so much more this game can offer. There is one grand exception: Bugs. Any behaviour that is considered "unintended" will not be in development focus. This includes walking on walls and running "in between" wall, as that is unpredictable and ruins level design. If I find a way to reproduce it easily, however, I aim to add such quirks as a "legacy bug" option. If you have any suggestions that are not here, but would fit the game, feel free to put them in #suggested-additions in my Discord Where can I download it? The links are far above! What happens now? I'll probably fix some problems you guys find in the Alpha build during the coming days, but then university will resume and I will be more busy. Development will thus slow down a fair bit in the coming weeks, but I will never simply stop. Next update is planned to implement all the remaining buildings as well as building power!
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    [LR] Brad Speedo (Stunt Rally)

    Now you too can race as Flex's long lost brother! Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r330/ Replaces sunglasses head, OIL racer torso, and blue helmet with red stripes and white stars.
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    Tutorial: Change the Brick Colors

    I also know this question is old, but I just found out how do this , this is how you do it: "LPIECEHI.MDB" and "LPIECELO.MDB" hold the material properties of the textures of the bricks AND the chassis. But that's not all. They also have RGB values of the colors listed "L_COLORS.LEB". In order to change the colors you need the edit the following in "LPIECEHI.MDB" and "LPIECELO.MDB": The first, second and third values of "K_29" and "K_28" correspond to RGB, and the fourth value is transparency. Example: Before: After: I hope this is useful for anyone looking how to do this.
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    [LR] Baron Flambo from Lego Stunt Rally

    Just like it says in the title, it's Baron Flambo from Lego Stunt Rally, now in Lego Racers! Replaces: Sam Sinister (Or Slyboots) mine-figure parts. And, due to a unfortunately side effect, it chances the color of some black headgear to red. It also includes a optional replacement for the circuit racer car and mini-figure. Download Link: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r328/
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    Run Soccer Mania without CD

    LEGO Soccer Mania (Football Mania) runs pretty well on Windows 10. I couldn't see any mention about running LEGO Soccer Mania without a disc so I thought this method is worth a mention because it's simple and doesn't require any no-cd game fixes. Locate your installation directory. (e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Soccer Mania) On your CD, copy the entire "Mania" folder and paste it in the Soccer Mania install directory above. Create a shortcut to "Game.exe" (found inside the installation directory). In the Properties dialog for the shortcut, add: Mania\CD\ to the end of the Target field like this. You're done, you can start the game from this shortcut and you'll no longer need the CD to play.
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    Time to say hello!

    Hello Everyone! After more than one year on this forum I think it's getting time to introduce myself. I'm RaizCookie, 15 years old, living in Germany and grew up playing with LEGOs. I eventually discovered LEGO games. My favorites are LEGO island 2 and LEGO Universe. Sadly, I was too young to pay for the full version of the game (and failed to convince my parents). Even though I could only play the demo it really was fun. Anyway, how did I land on this forum? More than a year ago I asked myself if there were any mods for island 2. So I opened Google and searched for it. Well... that's how I've found this place. And I cant tell how great the relief was when I applied the long time loading fix to Island 2. Guess that's it! See you around!
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    Making Bionicle Heroes fun - No Upgrades

    While playing Bonkle Heroes and being unimpressed with the difficulty (or lack thereof), I thought it'd be fun to try and play the game with absolutely no upgrades. Normally, as you play, you go off to Balta and spend all your Technic bits on armor, weapon upgrades, and interactable abilities. The result is a game that is extremely boring as you can float through most enemies with Nuparu's nuclear missile launcher and gun down bosses with Hahli, taking minimal damage - and if you do happen to lose a mask, well, they respawn if it's a mask you don't have so you can just pick it up again (and they even show up on the radar!) In addition to the no-upgrade rule, I also didn't allow myself to use the Piraka after you unlock them except for required interactions and in Hero Mode. Furthermore, I wasn't allowed to be scummy with picking up masks to heal (although completing all the levels with 'one-mask-only' would be obnoxiously un-fun, so I didn't try). This made the game extremely interesting for a number of reasons. The biggest change was the result of no interactable abilities. This massively cuts down on your income, as the areas typically locked behind these areas are floating with studs (and canisters). The result of this is that Hero Mode (which, for those who haven't played, is invincibility until you interact with a Gold Construction (usually neccessary for progress, especially boss battles) triggers much later. When I played it through with upgrades I'd get Hero Mode much earlier than I needed it, and now not only did I nuke things with Nuparu, I was also invincible. I wasn't expecting this to have the biggest impact, but... it did. The second biggest change was that I had to learn about the enemy AI. In normal BH you can just charge in, throw a nuke, take a heart of damage or so, and everything just blows up around you. Not anymore! Now I need to be wary of the Bohrok's rolling attack during which they're invincible, the jumping and spitting of the Visorak and how to dodge it, Vakhi shockwave attacks, and so on. This was really interesting to see the actual AI - it's surprisingly in depth - and learn how to dodge. You never do this in a normal game, as if something somehow survived the first nuke from Nuparu's hand, well it doesn't survive the second! This was the result of.... ... the third biggest change, massively decreased damage output. Jaller's fire spitter deals absolutely trash damage, Hewkii's (slow and lumbering) rocket can't OHKO things even if it does hit, Nuparu is now just bad, Kongu's crossbow won't do anything unless they're right in front of you (in which case they're shooting you). I'll talk about this a little later. The fourth biggest change, and the least changing, was the lack of survivability. It seems to me that when you get armor, it doesn't just reduce the amount of damage you take: instead when you get a hit that first hit does no damage. If a second hit lands in a brief period of time, you'd take reduced damage. Now, of course.... well, both hits deal full damage! However the game is too friendly with its mask placement & that masks respawn when you lose them (likely to prevent softlocks from losing a critical mask) that you can't lose. This didn't really change how many of the levels played out, especially the 'story' ones - the masks are so frequent and the enemies so sparse that, while it is more challenging (especially the enemy-rich Jungle stages), it's now 'fun' as opposed to 'boring.' However the biggest change were the boss battles. The Piraka have a zamor attack that creates an insanely huge shockwave. However, as pointed out above, if you have the armor upgrades two zamors need to hit for you to take one damage. WIth no armor... well.. you'll take two damage I had to learn to see this coming and learn how to dodge it. Similarily the enemy spams they summon were now actually challenging to kill, as opposed to 'bring on the next lot please.' Levels of note include: - Zaktan's boss battle: the enemies are tough and numerous, not to mention Zaktan has always been one of the more difficult bosses. Also, because you can't use abilities to open up access to vast stacks of Technic pieces, you have to fight a lot of them for Gold Mode. This was a lot of fun. - Rakshi levels, especially later ones (Desert and Jungle) - the 'shield down' gap is so small it's very easy to miss. - Reidak's boss battle: a mess even with full upgrades, with none you will be scurrying from mask to mask just to stay alive sometimes - Avak's boss battle: his minion summoning now cannot be cleared out with a click of the button with Nuparu, and attacks arrive from all directions. - Any post-Piraka Vezon fight. Vezon is one of the few enemies with a sizeable HP pool (other bosses just need to be hit when their shield is down). Due to a lack of damage output, this can be quite slow and hard - and Vezon's attacks here are nearly undodgeable and a decent amount of luck (you can still avoid most hits, just not all). Kongu can't deal any damage as his damage drops with range and Fenrakk's head is quite high up, Nuparu is good at spread damage and miserable against a single target, Hewki's rocket always misses, Matoro takes ages to reload but is still a solid choice, Jaller just sucks - the best choice is Hahli. I'm not sure why Hahli does so much damage, but my theory is her piercing missiles hit Fenrakk's hitbox twice or even more, resulting in massive damage (boot up BH on your full upgrade save file and try shooting Fenrakk with Halhi, then with Jaller. Jaller is so much slower as his missiles don't pierce). Particular mention must go to Vezon's post-Thok fight. There is no space to manouver and the only two respawning masks are Hewkii and Nuparu, of all things - the absolute worst at dealing with Vezon! Levels that were less fun include: - Roodaka boss battle: this level always was a pain and continue to be so, as you're on a small platform there's no room to manouver whatsoever - Sidorak's Visorak spam is just a spam and not fun to fight - Vezok is still a joke - This didn't affect the final Vezon fight almost at all aside from having to dodge more attacks than otherwise My ranking of characters: - Matoro. The only person who can one-shot a Vahki when zoomed in. You get pretty used to aiming at something, right-clicking to zoom in, left-click to fire, right click to zoom out again I did get a couple of 360 noscopes! - Halhi. Solid DPS and good speed. - Jaller. Not because he can shoot for damage (he can't) but because he's the fastest of the bunch. Everybody else is pretty mediocre - Nuparu is still solid for spread damage but can't deal high single-target damage - Hewkii's rocket has high damage but really low area of effect and because it's so slow it nearly always misses - Kongu only does high damage when the enemy is right in front of him, which always results in you taking damage So yeah! One wall of text later, I managed to make Bionicle Heroes fun. I can reccomend!
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    Sometimes having too many power path tiles causing some of them lacking the power, as you can see on the screenshot here - Whic is the primary reason I build another power station there, and probably in some other parts of the map too - Not something I'm sure with all honesty, but maybe it affects just one set of buildings connected to power station through certain powerpats, while some buildings can still, somehow, remain unaffected. Theoretically it's possible to be tested out if you build emergency power station with several support stations connected to it if the Power Surge bug is happens and see if the emergency base will work or not, but I'm not having enough nerves to test it out myself. I'm usually always panic when such thing happens, and it took me like whopping 5 hours, if not more, to build that one base on the water works mission. Most of the time I wasted by generating ore with the help of ore refinery and crapton of teleport pads so I could have enough ore to build these power path tiles to begin with. It was pain as it is. Probably one of the primary reasons why I REALLY want to speed up my ore refinery at least 3 times, maybe even 4. I'm usually build one of each building (if possible, not on every map can you build Docks for obvious reason, and some maps don't have enough crystals and) and then usually up to 7-8 support stations, sometimes 12 like on that screenshot from waterworks for rare exception when I want my base to look nice, but usually 7-8 is enough for quick and rapid victory with 70+ minions (at around 80+ minions the game start lagging a bit). And usually up to 4-5 upgraded gunstations, and usually one non-upgraded gunstation since I've moded it to actually heal vehicles, minions and buildings (on the screenshot of waterworks, there is two non-upgraded gunstations, I build the second one as I couldn't reach every vehicle and building if i place just one on either side, so two of them covering both sides). I usually start from tool station > teleport pad > power station > ore refinery > support station > either upgrade station or super teleport (usually super teleport is coming first then upgrade station) > usually I build 2 or 4 more support stations if I need more minions > non-upgraded Gunstation > Docks > Geological center coming last, and then if I have still more crystals left, I just covering the base with upgraded gunstations so the base looks nice and give false feeling of being protected, even though I rarely use them except on missions like frozen frenzy or rocky horror. (Theoretically they MIGHT be actually useful against obnoxious slugs, but I haven't tested it on them. Could be great alternative way to beat back to basic). Then, I just finish building the rest of support stations. In early missions however, where the crystal count is being low, I usually teleport useless bases once they done their purpose, like support station once I teleport extra rock raiders in mission where oxygen is not limited and big teleport\upgrade station once I've summon and upgrade my vehicles, basically leaving only power station + tool store + ore refinery as the only buildings I need. But yes, I do often turn off the power from many buildings simply because I'm unable to power ALL of them because either the crystal carry limit, in which if I surpass, the game would just end with "mission complete" tag and\or simply because there is not enough crystal on the map itself to power them all. I mostly disable power from buildings I don't use like teleport pad, big teleport, upgrade station, gunstations, geological center, docks and several support stations if I can manage the oxygen level stay positive. If I'm low on crystals at the moment and you don't have too many minions, usually two crystals, one for support station, another for ore refinery is more than enough. At such situations I'm mostly disabling the support station for short time period and enabling powers for these buildings instead only when I know I need them to do a specific job done, like teleport specific vehicle and\or upgrade it, sometimes for geological center to see what's around on the map, and then immediatelly disabling it's power and enabling support station back. On the screenshots you see (except the forth one, there I'm simply out of crystals on the map I think, heh, and I have no idea how to get crystals from the crystal seams that are placed in the ocean area), I usually try to enable the power for all buildings, since then these buildings become more active and emerge light, which makes the base look more alive and more colorful\sweet looking. With the limited amount of crystal I can carry, of course I had to disable several things like geological center and gunstations, since they look alike regardless of power is on or off. So, about 19 are active mostly is for sure. The issue more often happen to me on maps like frozen frenzy, water works and rocky horror. Although on rocky horror, for some reason, it's not as deadly and I still had some support stations working while other were having Power Surge issue, even though all of them were powered from the same Power Station.
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    I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

    Hello everyone! I asked earlier help to get LEGO Racer N64 songs in midi format and I'm truly thankful for that. I now have "fixed" some of those songs and I want to share my results. My goal was to make them sound like the original song. Of course because I'm not perfect and some midi files were "different" some songs doesn't sound right. I didn't also make every single song because I believe people doesn't care about Circuit Champions intro's or some minor jingles. it was little bummer that N64 files doesn't have Alternative songs in it so I couldn't make them into midi. I'm not sure about the policies linking to other sites but I'll put link to those midis. It will direct you to mediafire and for my knowledge it's safe place to upload/download stuff. Get your midis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0pi4dzwyyhoi32c/LEGO_Racers_Midi.rar/file If you have any questions or you notice some errors please notify me. I'll check can I do something about that
  18. 1 point

    Pre-Rendered Cutscenes HD Upscaling

    I spent the good part of my morning up-scaling the pre-rendered cut-scenes of Lego Racers 2 into an HD format more suitable for modern displays. I finished the up-scaling work but I kept getting stuck after the first video and couldn't get the videos to play. If you look at the screenshots of the video you can see the impact left by the up-scaling. What you can see above is are the several passes I did to make the video look more modern. The left is untouched, the middle is the first pass (de-noise/cleanup), and the right is the final with cropping and MXAA32X. I uploaded a video with all of the scenes if you want to check them out and I'll leave a download to the videos if anyone wants to try to get them working. If you can help please let me know. The spoiler is all the cut-scenes in case you want to see them or hide them to find them organically. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aS0HQYkBd94R7BQ6o7Lz7HQVztRP4TrX (I had to use drive because the file was too large.) Edit: In case you wanted to see a glitchy Racers 2, here you go.
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    (Discussion) What would be a perfect slug script?

    The perfect slug script is one where like a hundred of slug combine into one giant, like the size of the rock whale except bigger, slug that can eat buildings. :^) Don't let too many slugs get out or you'll have a really big problem!
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    C*.bmp files in FrontEnd Wad 0 and old Priorities

    You were so close with "removed priorities" but we've got a topic on that. Most of them are useless / don't do anything, with the exception of Priority_BuildPath - which controls the priority at which raiders will finish a power path / repair erosion. In vanilla LRR this is lower than Ore collection - leading to the often seen state whereby the ore is all there but nobody's shovelling the erosion away As for the images under Interface\FrontEnd , they're presumably level pictures. I think if you fail to specify stuff in Lego.cfg properly in exactly the wrong way the game defaults to using these. There are all sorts of leftovers (page very incomplete, but it gives you a good indicator of the most interesting cut stuff). EDIT: 'd by Slimy Slug....
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    Slimy Slug

    C*.bmp files in FrontEnd Wad 0 and old Priorities

    Those BMPs are actually used as placeholders in the manual render of the level select screen. The game only uses the ice variant, which is never displayed unless a level does not have a bmp specified for it. As for the priorities, there are a bunch that are unused. Unfortunately only two of them work and of those two only one is useful. Furthermore, the construction priority that is active by default in the vanilla game is actually entirely broken. It doesn't work lol. In my mod I just replaced construction with the BuildPath priority. See this topic for more information. See this topic for more info. The other usable priority is for handling the construction barriers, ftr. EDIT: aiden's post also links to a good topic on the priorities. Most of the information prior to my post in that thread is unfortunately a bit embellished though...
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    gaym is out gaym is gooood gaym is out b4 projecct island alpha liek I promissed it wood b a yeer ago https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hjWX6W0Oc-FKk8oA4BweuKDNFwzxxl1F (176 bytes an their all MEGA) official sekuuuel 2 @jamessters's's searyies folowce spess man get arested have to trak down bad guy inn spays TREE DIFRENT EDNINGS to find! (good bad true ednings( WARNING cant beet gaym in udner 720 pee resolushun (scay ling ishoos 4 buttonce u NEED 2 CLIK) JOYN TH COMMUNISTY! LEGOS IN SPACE OFFICIAL DISCORD https://discord.gg/gtmn9V7
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    [LR] Baron Flambo from Lego Stunt Rally

    Damn, it feels like it's been forever since i seen a texture mod for this game. Nice work!
  24. 1 point
    Slimy Slug

    (Discussion) What would be a perfect slug script?

    I very much approve of being summoned in this manner In all seriousness Lava Laughter actually takes advantage of one of your ideas above (assuming you put slug holes back): if you spam Raiders into the map, slugs will appear. If you don't spam Raiders but reach a certain crystal goal, you start seeing a few slugs. But if you spam Raiders AND reach the crystal goal? They emerge in force. What's even better is the script has a check to prevent the slug script from going out of control. If the number of slugs exceeds five, then it forces it to skip them until the number drops back down. Question remains why did they take the slug holes out/presumably edit the map further. Either way, these are great slug script ideas you've put forward! Let me know when you want me to go feast on those crystals and I'll be out of my hole in a hurry
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    LDD Mods

    Anyone else hate the voice acting?

    Yep they got Johnny Depp for LEGO pirates
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    Anyone else hate the voice acting?

  27. 1 point

    Unused characters locked

    I have Lego Star wars: The complete saga, when I put some unused characters and the extra toggle characters in collection.txt, they are locked when I open up the game and I can't play as them. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a way to rename a character?
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    Rock Raiders and Life on Mars Balancing Desk Toy

    Wow, these are amazing! Despite being so small that is really clearly a Chrome Crusher and that is just definitely the Life on Mars purple air compressor thingy. Those are an amazing build by themselves, and that they're able to spin their craft around... phenomenal. I love the way the lava spills over the frame in the LRR one. Amazing work!
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    Hello world!

    Welcome to the community! Thanks for trying out some mods too. See you around P.S Your English is pretty good.
  30. 1 point

    LEGO Worlds News And Discussion

    Yep. I predict that, since LEGO Worlds doesn't use licensed IPs, it'll stick around on virtual stores/platforms for quite a while (instead of being pulled down due to license expiration, like LOTR and The Hobbit). From what I can tell, LEGO Worlds doesn't have servers for Multiplayer. I tried MP once and, if I recall correctly, it uses a Host/Join system which means one player hosts the server on their computer/network and thus the game doesn't need to connect to a central server (at least, I think that's how it works in the Steam/PC version, but I don't know if the console versions use the same system). So yeah, hopefully MP functionality will remain intact (at least on PC). It'll probably take a while for modding to pick up, but I'm excited to see what people can make once the files are cracked/editable.
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    Time to say hello!

    Friend or foe of RRU? Friend to all forumers! Before we think, before we join, before we post.... Please help us mod our Lego Island 2. Mmm, goody, another RRUser! You did a-wella-RaizCookie! I got one! There's still many more mods out there. I got one! Oops! Foruming ain't like skateboarding. Drive to RRU, avoiding any advertisements along the way! Or, in other news, welcome to RRU! Lego Island 2 has been poked quite a lot, but not modded much, mostly because it's reasonably effortful and we don't seem to be able to change a lot. That's not to suggest you couldn't try though.... Other people know more than me here though. Take a look around! It does run fantastic on WIn10 though thanks to some magic I cannot understand, but the upshot of that is you no longer need to wait 30min for it to load Hee-hee-hee-ho....
  32. 1 point

    LEGO Worlds News And Discussion

    sad violin music The way it's worded makes it sound like, as you say, it's an MMO that will be permanently shut down and forever gone. But it's still gonna stick around in our Steam libraries 'n' stuff? Even when Lego LOTR and Lego The Hobbit just disappeared from retail stores (to no-one's great sadness, it seemed), they're still 100% playable if you still have them. (Not that I want to...) Is local LAN also a possibility? I never checked out the MP function and dunno if turning off the official servers will mean no more MP ever. Oh well - now, at last, the .dat format will be unchanged. Go get 'em, RRU!
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    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    In my experience, asking for an update does not make the aforementioned update any quicker. I know Frozen Snow is still working on it to at least some extent, and it is very most definitely not forgotten, but all things take time. Like this. (Whoops )
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    Run Lego Football (Soccer) Mania on Windows 10 ... sort of

    So I saw an "article" about this game running on Windows 10. I knew this problem already because I wanted to play this game on my PC as well. I searched the internet and found an installer for windows 10. It installed and let me start the game like normal. I could go thru the options and everything went fine but the problem come when I try to start a game (after the character selection part) the game crashes and gives me an error "D3D8 Application: A D3D object has a non-zero reference count (meaning things were not properly cleaned up)". I mean it runs at least til the menu but my guess is, that this is a graphical error. If some knows how to fix this problem then I and my other can enjoy this game again. Because on a VM it can't detect GPUs and a full PC is just unnecessary (I could try dual boot) PS: If it is in a wrong section please let me know. I am still new
  35. 1 point

    Run Lego Football (Soccer) Mania on Windows 10 ... sort of

    Hey i got the game running on windows 10 i just used the same installer you linked and then opened the game folder then Mania and then there is a folder called CD. I replaced this folder with the one thats on the Actual CD. Now its seems to work but i didn't try every level yet
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    Power Surge is, without exaggeration, literally the most obnoxious bug for me, mostly because there is literally nothing you can do about it once it happens as there no way to fix it. Worst of all, you can't even predict how this bug works and what causes the issue to begin with. However, many suggest that building a more "compact" bases prevents the bug from happening. And from my own experience, it's not true. I've build many comapct bases. Sometimes, very compact. But adding at least 20-30 more tiles connecting the base and the whole thing would go collapse. This is how compact I usually build my bases: The interesting thing is, if you build a crapton of powerpath tiles that are NOT connecting to the base, even if it would cover ENTIRE map with nothing but power path tiles (sometimes that's over 200-400) but missing the one(s) that would simply connect them to the base which has the power station, the base and buildings connected to that power station and it's powerpaths would be just fine, no Power Surge issue would happen. In fact, you can even build a separated power station for these power path tiles if you so love the lighting of the blue color emerging from the powered power path tiles such as I am, no harm to the actual base would happen anyway. However, if I build a base similar to one as seen on the second screenshot, and just cover it with powerpath tiles, which is less than 30 in total as I've counted, this is enough for Power Surge to happen. I've had powerpath tiles cover the entire island, except the corner of it that actually leads to pathway which connects island to the rest of land. I've felt that island wasn't pretty enough without that just one extra tile to make it symmetrical. And guess what happened? The Power Surge, and the whole thing collapse. As result, I began to panic and quickly get extra crystal to finish the mission before oxygen level was deceased entirely. Such a beautiful, glorious base is now a history... Funny thing is, some time later I've rebuild my base EXACTLY the way it was based on screenshots I've made, except not adding that extra tile, and it was just fine. Instead, I've build hundreds and hundreds of square miles of power path tiles separated from the actual island where was the main base. At the end, covering the whole map with nothing but powerpath tiles. At the end, I've decided to also build several separated power stations so all of the power path tiles would be shiny, colorful and beautiful. In fact, once I've done all this and began to get bored as I've had the whole map completed and even finished the electrification of the whole map, I've decided to build the last power path tile at that notorious spot in corner which caused the Power Surge issue and as result my whole base collapse. I was expecting the worst thing, and already was prepared to teleport one vehicle to finish the mission. But once I've build the absolutely final power path tile which connected the powered base island with the rest of power path tiles covering the entire map. Sooooo, guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED! Just look at this! This is just hysterical marasmus and hypocrisy coming from the game's logic. As you can see, I've debunked the myth that the big amount of the power path tiles is the result of Power Surge issue to happen. It must be something else... As I've said earlier, the first time the Power Surge happened on that time in this mission, I've didn't had that much of powerpath tiles, it was around 20-30, maybe even less. And no, I've didn't even had powerpath tiles anywhere outside of the island either. The red arrows and the "red dots" on the last screenshot I've marked are that "corner" power path tiles I've talk about earlier, which caused the whole Power Surge issue the first time, and which one I refused to build the second time untill the very end of the game when I was preparing for the worst things to happen. I can't remember which exactly one of these corner tiles it was, as it was a while back since I've made these screenshots, which is why there are two arrows and two "red dots", so please don't blame me. I believe it was actually the one that is on the bottom. But yes, obviously this isn't the first time the Power Surge issue happened to me. Since the time I've decided to play Lego Rock Raiders again, which was about merely a half-year ago, I've counted up to 10-20 Power Surge issues that happened to me since then (probably even more, since some Power Surges weren't as evil and only affected a few of buildings rather than all at once, which as result I could still continue playing without emergency panic alarm to finish the game as fast as possible before oxygen is gone), and I didn't even build a huge areas of power path tiles connected to the main power station. Mostly it happend when I indeed build a "compact" bases as I've been recommended. All I can hope is that in the remastered community edition, such issue is exterminated entirely. More obnoxious thing to me than the random crashes I occasionally have for unpredictable reasons. The thread was suggested to be made by Cirevam to me in a hope to resolve the Power Surge issue and finding the initial hidden cause\reason of it.
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    Ice Planet Pathway glitches

    You may try on magma moon marathon. Its the same glitch as number 1(warp) but the best part is it skips one lap for 8-10 seconds.
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    Map Creator (0.9.10)

    Map Creator (0.9.10) Map Creator is a tool to build new LEGO Rock Raiders levels. Things to know: Import/Export single map files by clicking the "Options" button in the correct map mode. Press [shift] while placing to speed place. That this is a BETA and you should report all bugs and errors. The Arrows on the bottom right hand corner change the mode. In the Monster Editor Right Click + [shift] will clear that tile. Import original game maps with the specific Original Map Importer. Paths and Rubble cannot be hidden. Screenshot: Updates 0.9.9 > 0.9.10 Started some optimizations. Settings file to adjust editor window size + fullscreen Download
  39. 1 point

    Time Raiders

    Download Time Raiders Final Vehicle Pack here: Get the low-poly Protoss model if your performance suffers when lots of ore is around (included by default now): -------------------------------------- Time Raiders The LDS Geloden, a defense vessel employed by the Rock Raiders United organization, responded to a distress call from the LMS Explorer that was disabled in an asteroid field. They arrived at the coordinates but found nothing, not even asteroids. It was like everything there was moved somewhere else. The ship spent some time doing deep scans and eventually called off the search. They spooled up the wormhole generator used for FTL travel, but the fabric of space was still affected by the wormhole that had manifested there not long ago. The force of two wormholes on top of each other created a rift in the universe itself and sucked the entire ship into the borderworlds, transcending time and space. Now the crew of the Geloden try to traverse the strands of time in order to get back to the universe. Energy crystals and Ore don't exist. Instead there are Time Spheres and Protoss. Time Spheres are used to alter the flow of time, which allows them to reverse entropy. Eventually they learn that the spheres can be used to change the past, which grants them access to strange technologies that are clearly their own, but they didn't know they had. D E E P L O R E Classes Defense Equipment Building Tech Tree Vehicular Stuff Monsters Levels Characters The Wizard - Does what Chief does. He knew of Chief, but did not personally know him. Tempus - Anomaly expert, will guide you through early tutorials, does general voiceovers. Blast - Weapons expert, quartermaster. does some vehicle and weapon voiceovers, sounds like ACKNOWLEDGED! Endeck - Mineral analyst, does the "A Time Sphere has been located" voiceover, and for when you discover something. Is a Rama. Gimme more ideas if you want. Completed Things Nearly Complete (active development) Buildings are on the list for creation or reworks
  40. 1 point

    20 Years of Rock Raiders

    Well, looks like it's that time of year for PeabodySam to log into Rock Raiders United for two minutes before mysteriously vanishing again for no adequate reason. But rather than lamenting the fact that it's been over a year since the last time I posted anything, let's celebrate the fact that it has now been twenty years since we first started raiding rocks. Then again, if you want to feel old, you can lament that fact too.
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    HTML5 Rock Raiders Remake

    Hi everyone, I just joined this project and want to show some of the latest progress here. But first of special thanks to @risingstar64 for his awesome work so far. The game is technically working and the codebase looks good. My focus so far is to stick as close to the original game as possible. So pls don't ask for mod support or multiplayer... Other feedback or ideas always welcome! If you can handle the disappointment you can try the live demo at http://rystills.github.io/rock-raiders-remake/ ("stable") or https://scarabol.github.io/rock-raiders-remake/ (development build). Enough words, time for pictures! https://imgur.com/a/qwDhKrs Note: One has to provide the original WAD files in order to play the game. Translation is also derived from them. Luckilly there are some on google Cloud see second tab.
  42. 1 point

    Nick Discovers Social Media

    I was looking for a screenshot to post in reply to another thread and found this instead.
  43. 1 point
    Vic Rattlehead

    Run Lego Football (Soccer) Mania on Windows 10 ... sort of

    I have the exact same problem mate. I hope we find a solution. P.S. Sorry for replying to this thread without actually answering the question. I just wanted to show sympathy and bump the thread
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    Desktop Minifigs

    LEGO used to have a "Desktop Minifigs" program downloadable from lego.com. You can now get the installer from the Bionicle Media Project: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/Computer/DesktopMinifigs.exe Today I found this: https://www.webspun.org/portfolio/lego/index.php In case that link goes dead, it says: And more importantly, it has four gifs of animations from it. I found more of them unused by the page here, plus a few jpg thumbnails: https://www.webspun.org/portfolio/lego/img/ imgur mirror: https://imgur.com/a/D7toi I think they might be higher res than the animations in the actual program which is kinda neat. And Dooku isn't in the final program at all. I dunno what's up with that - licensing issues maybe? The final roster is Johnny Thunder, Dr Kilroy, Pepper and the Brickster, Cam Attaway, and Dash Justice.
  45. 1 point

    HTML5 Rock Raiders Remake

    1) That's correct. 2) That's how I'd do it, anyway. Probably in the same "finish drilling" function that generates the ore/crystal items. 3) Ah, I forgot to mention this one, since GeoTool (as a map editor) had to ignore this behavior. The engine requires any wall tiles to exist in at least 2x2 "chunks", or they'll collapse. The straightforward way to test this is to check each of a wall's 4 corners for whether or not they're part of a chunk, and if none of them are, destroy the wall. Do this for all of the drilled wall's neighbors (if they're walls). One of the vanilla levels actually has a wall that's "invalid", not part of a 2x2 chunk. It collapses immediately upon starting the level. But another complication to consider is that hidden caverns are counted as "walls" by the engine until they're discovered, so 1-unit-thick walls don't collapse if there's a hidden cavern on the other side. To handle both cases, it'd be useful to have a "isWallOrHidden" function to use instead of just "isWall" in the "isPartOfChunk" test; depends on how your engine works though.
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    Small Transport Truck

    UPDATE: The final model can be found here! I've started work on a Small Transport Truck model for LEGO Racers, and thought I'd share my progress as it goes along. I aim to finish this and use it as an example of GDB modding, but given the complexity of the model and the fact that we are currently restricted to text editing, don't hold me to it. So far I've spent a while working out accurate stud dimensions so I can use them universally, which I've noted >here, and I've since begun planning out the model.
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    LEGO Alpha Team HD Texture Overhaul

    EDIT: I'm reworking this mod, making most of the textures from scratch instead of upscaling them. I'll leave the downloads below but I'd recommend waiting until I've overhauled this overhaul. This mod replaces almost all textures in the game with higher-quality versions, with each texture usually being anywhere from 4x to 8x larger than the original. Everything should look crisper and cleaner at high resolutions. The GUI has been redrawn from scratch to look good in widescreen, and most real-world textures (that is, textures not used in a LEGO model) have been remade with more realistic graphics. LEGO textures were put through a kind of vector upscaler, due to the simple graphics, and hence you'll see some parts are rounded so I might come back and clean them up another day. The only textures that haven't been edited are cursors, which don't scale, and fonts. Also the LMap.pac file was left alone as there is some crazy junk in there. Download Warning - this is a 520MB download, which uncompressed hits around 1GB. You'll need enough RAM to load that, and may notice loading screens being a tad slower than usual. Google Drive Mega Installation If you have LEGO Alpha Team installed, see @lordtobi's post here to set it up for custom resolutions including widescreen. If you don't have LEGO Alpha Team installed, check out the Windows 10 installation tutorial here. Go into the game's install folder, which for me is C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\LEGO Alpha Team, and create a new folder called "Original PACs" or something to that effect. Move the game's original Map.pac and Etc.pac files into this folder, so that they are no longer present in the same folder as the game's install files and you have them as backups to easily restore. Now extract the Map.pac and Etc.pac files from the downloaded ZIP file and move them into the install folder. Launch the game as usual and enjoy the mod! Previews Check out previews of the mod here. I recommend you open them in a new tab and flick between the two for comparison. Splash Screen The main level is too zoomed out, but notice the new "Alpha Team" logo and water. Main Menu Earth uses textures from NASA, I redrew TeeVee's screen from scratch, and you can see the new widescreen HUD too. For some reason TeeVee's antennae always look somewhat pixellated, even though they're currently smooth at 1024x1024 resolution. Game Here you can see substituted textures for the real-world elements, as well as the smoother LEGO parts such as the text on the studs.
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    Monsters' Revenge (Aidenpons' Mod)

    They're back. With a REVENGE. With boulders that deal 200 damage to allying with the Scorpions and urging the Slugs to attack the raiders... they're not happy. Neither are the raiders. They're fighting back. On their side are turrets designed to obliterate the monsters, the Laser Loader, and the Defence Units which can travel over water or lava, depending on which you teleport down. But will it be enough against armies of slugs and hordes of monsters? [/LolSuchCheesyIntroductionHeheheh] Update as of 17/02/16: I've uploaded probably my final version of this unless LRR decides to run on Win10 without a virtualbox / stops crashing. Both are extremely possible. I wanted to release a mod that completely changes LRR. Original LRR was easy. It was very very difficult to fail. And really rather boring. Baz's Mod was good... but to me it was a level pack and not much else. I'm not disdaining it... I just felt something bigger & better could be made. Features: - Massively improved Monsters that will absolutely trash your base early game - Scorpions, the death-knell of your mining fleet - Snakes, insanely hard-to-hit (aim for the head) pesky blighters - Giant Spiders that are ironically the least dangerous of the three - Very difficult levels that will put a stop to early expansion (Try Frozen Frenzy) - Many redone levels & many untouched - Laser functionality completely redone - Handhelds completely nerfed - All vehicles are now useful with the exception of the Cargo Carrier & Hover Scout - Chrome Crusher is more OP than usual, but costs 20 crystals and 1500 ore to fully upgrade - Everything regenerates health, from RRs to your CC to... monsters. In some cases you need focus fire to actually deal any damage Stuff I have not been able to implement: - Redoing all levels, having 25 unique ones - Hover Scout can carry one ore (that's possible, but I can't edit .lws files very easily) - Tunnel Scout can drill very very slowly through all terrain, primarily to fix bugs regarding lasers not hitting walls (that's another .lws problem) - Crashing randomly, but that will never happen unless we change LegoRR.exe Here is all my unused levels, bits and pieces - the map creator is still in there, I didn't bother deleting it: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/363 Some are totally skeletal, but others are nearly finished. (ERockyHorror is 90% done, however I realised such a big level would definitely crash at some point & be uncompletable) New levels are... well, new. Some levels I changed - e.g. Driller Night, Frozen Frenzy. On that list is also Lava Laughter, but I haven't edited anything else. It's been thrown together - you'll notice comments on some of the levels like 'Horribly Broken' (Two isn't some, but still). Lava Laughter has been edited, even though it looks the same on the level select. Rock Hard needs a massive remake just due to broken-ness, but I think it's playable. Monster Mash seems to crash before you can finish the level, just due to its size, but for the amount of sheer stuff you get I'd advise you to play it. Erosion is almost never used as a threat to your HQ, and it's only really used for a sort of bonus area where there might be ~10 crystals and if you can get them before the erosion gets them, good job! Levels 1-09 are all playable (Frozen Frenzy's NPL isn't working as planned, and Ford the River (level 06) is just horrible), and I think some others are. You'll notice in SOME levels there is a commented out emrg.map and (possibly) an erod.map. These are working (unless I've commented next to them) and you can remove the semicolon for a bigger challenge. Enjoy. * https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddp4r75hj9om21y/AidenponsModUpload17_02_16.zip?dl=0 (~35 MB FYI) Installation Instructions: Stuff the WADS in your game folder and just re-write the ones you have. (I just uploaded the wads) Feeback? Rants? Speedruns? Also, if you have suggestions then please let me know by whatever way you deem the best. Changelog: Spoiler v1.0 released 30/08/12, levels ~1-13 done (to a point) rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/AidenponsModUpload30_08_14_717852.zip old download if you want it *DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY OF HOW MUCH YOU RAGED AT THIS GAME
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    Island Xtreme Stunts Texture Rips.

    If you have trouble getting any other textures, here's a method:
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    Sadie Meowsalot

    Space Biome

    Download This is a retexture of the IceSplit folder made to appear as if it were on the surface of a planet. (For those who don't know) To enable this in-game, either delete one of the already existing folder's textures, copy/paste in the SpaceSplit textures, and replace the ROOF image with the SPACEROOF file, or edit in a new texture set entry into the .cfg, change the texture set of one of the levels to Space, and add the SpaceSplit folder, and SPACEROOF file to your WorldTextures folder.
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