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    Quisoves Potoo

    Is This Thing On?

    Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural entry in what is certain to be an edifying and scintillating program. I suppose you're wondering why I've called you all here tonight. The reason, good sirs and madams, is birds. A most vital and compelling matter, as you can no doubt see. Neither of these things is a bird, and yet they're nearer birds than any non-avians alive today. Whatever one might say about archosaurs (and there's a lot to say) they were no slouches. Not content to have produced the first vertebrates adapted to flight, they opted for an encore, conducting themselves with no small amount of style. Stick this in your fancy sails, synapsid freaks! There was a lot of tweaking over the eons, but eventually the familiar form emerged: Sans tail, sans claws, sans snout. Aerodynamism incarnate. Still, it was not so definitive an avian that it overpowered its beakless-breathren. Rather, it coexisted with all manner of feathered beauties. Look ma, no wings! Alas, the cosmos is a cruel mistress, for the age of reptiles was coming to an end. Between the Chixalub asteroid and the Deccan Traps, Aves, birds as we know them, watched their dinosaur brethren vanish from the Earth, in what was not even the worst mass-extinction to date. While those puny mammals were getting their act together, Aves was flourishing, getting up to all manner of outrageous hi-jinks Flight! What is it good for? It should be noted that while no other dinosaurs escaped, there was another lineage of archosaurs that survived.... And while it was those pesky hominids that ultimately reached sapience, one can hardly deny the impressive cognitive faculties of certain birds... Not bad for a lineage that lost its hands millions of years ago! In conclusion... Well.... What was the point of all this? Oh! I know! BIRBS!
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I've decided to turn development towards making a little "remaster" of Lego Racers 1. Racing around cartoony tracks shooting cannon balls at other brick built karts, pretty fun stuff. A bunch of work lately has been UI related and thinking of how the menus should look and feel. More work has also went into the kart/vehicle physics and feeling, there's still work to be done, but they're getting better. https://streamable.com/fmnp4 More work went into AI as well. They actually have a very small brain now! They're just smart enough to drive in reverse if stuck, and to follow a given course. Currently they are insanely good drivers, too good, they're very difficult to pass, let alone beat in a race. Gotta make em a bit dumber. https://streamable.com/q5r10 https://streamable.com/37ti3 Lots of other stuff has gotten work done, such as basic HUD elements, sounds, particles, a simple test-track "ripped from LR1" and more. I also quickly added a screenshot camera last night courtesy of Garry Newman, which allows you to take some super cool screenshots ingame. If ya wanna keep up to date further on this project, I've made a Discord server where I'll be posting development info and taking suggestions, feedback, etc. https://discord.gg/TT5FD5q
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    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I'm creating a multiplayer Island themed Lego RP/Sandbox/Minigame type game. I'll post new media here when I have it. New Media: https://gfycat.com/PortlyPrestigiousHagfish https://gfycat.com/SilverNaiveAmericanbobtail Old Media:
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    LR1 OST Mashup

    I'm learning how to mashup songs and this my most succesful try. Enjoy! Tracks used: Knightmare Athon Royal Knights Raceway Imperial Grand Prix Magma Moon Marathon Rocket Racer Run
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    Favorite LEGO Game?

    Has to be LI1. It is literaly the first video game I remember and oh man do I love the whole package of whacky animation, classic LEGO aesthetic, crazy music, and weird sense of mystery. I keep returning to it through the years, and always have a blast. I even created several LEGO Radio playlists for when uni gets me down (LEGO Radio segments + OST + whatever else I feel like if anything, currently classic bionicle themes from MNOLG and co). Nice mix of being not distracting so I can work and uplifting nostalgia. Other games that are significant for me are LI2, because of my personal history with it, and LRR. I played LI2 pretty young and got stuck on the fishing minigame because I just didn't get it. A few years later (still young, but on my own proper laptop for the first time) I tried again and made it. On the plane bit I got stuck again, but persevered. Even though LI2 is a pretty easy game, finally after years (roughly a third of my life-span at the time!) playing through it was a gratifying achievement. LRR is a similar story, only I just finished it a few months ago after being stuck on the level before the final one for my entire childhood. Seeing the final level and cutscene after all this time was a special moment for me, one that I have this forum to thank for.
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    Hover Scout can now Carry (but it can't...)

    I realised I had left out Level1000 { [stuff] } out of my .ae file - telling it to mount just a bucket upgrading Carry and nothing else. I'm going to list some more things I haven't tried that don't work as intended. These here allow the game to load, but which clickable upgrades correspond to which stat edits is making no sense. As you can see, I've been toying around with the idea that I only need 8 levels, After all... that's because that's all I need. Eight levels. None, C, Sp, Sc, CSp, CSc, SpSc, CSpSc. Eight levels should be all I need. Yet the Small Transport Truck and Loader Dozer both have 16 levels, and if I paste the Loader Dozer's files in LRR just silently crashes to desktop without a sound on loading. Curiously they both have duplicated entries: for instance look at level 1 and level 2 of the Loader Dozer (pasted here for your convenience): Level 1 and Level 2 are exactly the same. You only need 8 (23) levels for 3 upgrades, yet the Loader Dozer has 16. The Small Digger, meanwhile, has 8 levels despite also having three upgrades - but they're different as it has no Carry. The Small Mobile Laser Cutter (Smallmlp) can only upgrade its Drill yet it has four levels. And the Rapid Rider (Smallcat) has three levels, going RouteSpeed 2:3:4, which makes absolutely no sense in the LRR engine we know. But if I paste in the Loader Dozer's code... it just doesn't work. Something about sixteen levels causes the game to go kaput. And yet I can't get eight levels to work properly... when I upgrade the vehicle to maximum none of its upgrades seem to take effect... Tried CanScare TRUE ? That might be interesting... who needs bats when you have the terror of STTs zooming around at ungodly speeds? At least it'd teach those raiders to be safe when crossing Power Paths
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    Favorite LEGO Game?

    Oof, you ask a hard question... My top favourite would have to be Lego Racers 1, simply because it's stable (unlike LRR), lots of things to do in single-player, and a very fun two-player mode. However LRR is up there as well for a "casual RTS" of sorts (what even is this type of game called?), as well as Lego Star Wars 2 (while I don't actually have a copy, I have played it with several friends - and also in my orthodontist's waiting room! I do have LSW1, and that was great fun!) for an extremely fun 2-player mode. LR falls down a bit here because I am much better at LR than any of my friends are however it is very fun to, instead of winning, just try and shoot the other player with as many cannonballs as possible Shockingly high up on the list is CrystAlienConflict, that Flash game for Mars Mission (which is still playable off BioMediaProject), simply because it's a Lego RTS and we need more of those. Please. Barnacle Bonkle Bionicle Heroes is also quite a nice game, but the canister collection is annoying due to all requiring Vezon to beat the game (there's no way you can collect all canisters on a first run, something I find annoying), and it's not quite up my street as much as LRR does. BH becomes a lot more fun if you never buy any armor / weapon upgrades, and force yourself to not exploit regenerating masks. Now it actually becomes a (slightly) difficult game. Under this setup, the Vezon fight in Thok's Grotto is literally impossible because you have no room to move about. And it doesn't help that the regenerating masks are Nuparu and Hewkii... the two worst characters for hitting Vezon (Hewkii is the worst). Winnable, but you have to abuse the masks that keep popping up. Alpha Team fails to make the cut because of the level design - there's really only one way to skin a cat in most levels - and also the annoying "oh, if you moved it one stud to the right you'd have won" as well as a slow UI (there's no way to insta-run tests and you have to wait through the "You lose!" animation unless in Puzzle Editor mode). Much lower down on my list are LR2 and Stunt Rally - both games I completed, but didn't really enjoy the completion of them. SR has a nice level editor which I have done fun things with. One below this is Drome Racers, the only Lego game I have that works flawlessly (= not Legoland) but have not completed and have absolutely no intention of doing so . I also have a copy of Soccer Mania but have never installed it. (You can't ask a question like this and not expect a wall of text from me )
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    Project Island - a LEGO Island fan-made sequel

    You're definitely not lacking in the advertising/animation aspects of things, awesome teasers!
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    Project Island - a LEGO Island fan-made sequel

    New teaser for the project!
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    LR1 OST Mashup

    I find it really interesting that some of the tracks have really good melody/harmony when mashed together like this. It's fascinating.
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    Air Filter (New Building)

    Air Filter Building Cirevam and I have put together an additional building for LRR, it does not replace any previous building and you can build it from the menu. However its function isn’t exactly new, as it produces breathable oxygen. This building is designed to take the oxygen function away from the Support Station and make it its own dedicated building. The advantage of this is not just to have a new building, but it creates additional game challenge. Support Station becomes a dedicated training and sandwich making building. Whereas this handles the oxygen production alone. Its oxygen output will be less than what the support station was, so you will have to build more. Modeling/Animation: @Cirevam Design/CFG/UI: Myself Preview Download: [Soon]
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    How do I add more than one LEGO game I own on my profile?

    OVERHAULING COMPLETE There are multiple selection options. I changed it to checkboxes and fixed the ones that had their names messed up. Please try it now.
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    LDD Updating/Patching

    No new information here, just posting this for reference. When LEGO Digital Designer is installed, it places an Assets.lif file in its installation directory (such as C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer). This .lif file contains another .lif file; db.lif. When LDD is run for the first time, it extracts db.lif from Assets.lif and places it in a folder in C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer. When LDD downloads new updates, this is the file that is patched. I just redownloaded/reinstalled LDD today, and the db.lif contained within Assets.lif is brick version 2248. When LDD was launched, the db.lif in AppData was updated to 2248.1 (which only adds one new brick), but Assets.lif remained unchanged. So, if you're making a tool that uses LDD's lif files in any way, remember it's db.lif in AppData that's kept up to date, and the db.lif within Assets.lif is likely to be out of date. Note that for some reason, patching doesn't change the file modification date of the db.lif in AppData - even after patching from 2248 to 2248.1, Windows incorrectly claims it was last modified on September 4, 2016 (presumably the date of version 2248).
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    Archives of various LU-related websites

    Because the Web Archives didn't get even close to everything, and there was tons of invaluable information on the history of LU on these sites before they went down... Lunibook forums - A prominent place to discuss LU back in the day, some of its members were people officially involved with/working on the game. By far the biggest of these archives, and AFAIK, the only archive of this site beyond a few broken pages on the Web Archives: https://mega.nz/#!M4wHSYoB!rcsAUrT85rkFJa1mqWN_AS9xaqQG3KG3CqgAFZM6wQM Bradford Rant (there's several archives of this already available but another can't hurt): https://mega.nz/#!klpTFLxD!nkqBZBgLDvDqt96Jkv2RL_-Bqg5XOT4uLqRJHa2mPxQ Portions of the official LU site (mostly focused on the News Network): https://mega.nz/#!R14SnD7Q!EmORTfPwgp6cbQxVzMky_EJTvZfu88lXZlVDhe4o8zI Moonbase.lu - The official website/forum for the Moonbase world in LU, made by its LUP team to discuss its development and ideas for future expansions with players. Many forum topics are missing but the important stuff on the development of the world is all there (and you can at least get a short preview of missing topics by hovering over their links): https://mega.nz/#!41gQiLjT!a9Kz9KxnFXxBK-JG3Xh2lomexImJgacumwyu3KRMzW8 There's a readme file included with each that has more info.
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    LRR won't start on Windows 10

    what, do you think we pretend such things don't exist? we just have a rule about not uploading or linking to game ISOs and the like lol, simple as that
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    LEGO Racers M4A Soundtrack

    Hi everyone, recently I was curious to see if I could rip the music from my own PS1 copy of LEGO Racers and was successful, I have since converted the WAV files into Lossless Apple files and added the titles, album name, artists and artwork for each file. I have provided a link to download the album if there is anyone who wants it. https://mega.nz/#F!H4g1ADxJ!1C0wGlEOootJNI8AhH5Usg They have been put into a somewhat logical order as you would hear them playing the game, the songs that play as an alternative on different tracks are now named. When ripping these files I was very surprised at the quality, it is really good, and something more surprising is the very good but very odd sampling rate, they are all 37800Hz which is not a standard in any of the audio editing programs I have. The M4A files have been converted to the closest sample rate, that being the regular 44100Hz seen on most music.
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    Nexus Farce: Ingress of Imagination

    This is why I love your stuff. Please, please, keep it up. I'm disappointed - those compasses weren't engraved with the name of their previous owner, Chekhov.
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    LEGO Awesomeness

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    LEGO Awesomeness

    It's one thing to do whimsical magic houses in 2 dimensions on a piece of paper. A person who can do that well is considered a good cartoonist. It's an entirely other thing to render such a reality defying house in 3D, physical reality. A person who does that is a genius.
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    Get drawn

    That's......... not at all what this thread is for, but I can't just ignore a request like that.
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    le717 Reads "lego island: the warm day"

    Oh wow. A heart-warming tale of heat and pizzas. Truly a wonderful masterpiece. Congratulations! *actually takes bush off this time* It is a wonderful story. The plot twist and the cliffhanger at the end? Don't leave me hanging. I want to know how if you're looking at LI1 how there are actually 8 people on the island. I beg you, sir, give me this truly important information! And what happened to his original quest? One thing is clear: You must make LEGOS ILAND: TEH WORM DEY. O.T. Shouldn't this have gone under Theme Fan Fiction?
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    le717 Reads "lego island: the warm day"

    The impressions are wonderful, but this is not near as good as LEGOS IN SPACE THE FANFIC.
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    le717 Reads "lego island: the warm day"

    Oh wow, that's just hilarious . The plot, the lack of grammar and the absence of correct spelling.
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    Quisoves Potoo

    le717 Reads "lego island: the warm day"

    Oh dear... My head, my heart, my everything,,, Looking at the last chapter, I'm actually glad you didn't get to it. It might just have been too much.
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    le717 Reads "lego island: the warm day"

    I can't tell if the fanfic is legit or a parody of bad fanfiction. Lego Island doesn't jump to mind as fanfic fuel, and I have to think that anyone who played the game would be old enough to know not to right such horrid, horrid stuff. Still, it could be legit. People never fail to befuddle me. EDIT. Listened to it. Oh gosh, your poor friend. If he knew that he would recorded on such an infamous work. Having seen Veggietales when I was a youngster, I can't help but imagine the underaged "REBELL" who keeps "bukin[is that even a word?] his guts out on every pizza" as a gourd.
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