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    Hi everybody, I've just finished creating a documentary about the musical direction of Lego Island. Video version being edited. Audio version available from: Video now live:
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    LRR Beta Tool Station and Teleport Pad

    Since I haven't seen anyone build these, I decided to build them while ordering parts for the regular buildings. The Tool Station is missing some Dark Turquoise headlight bricks for the dynamite case and a barrier, one turquoise grille piece at the top, and I took the liberty of putting it on plates, otherwise it should be exactly as the official render: Tool Station (the "beta" Tool Store) And if you've never enabled it in the game itself, the back: Wiki reference image: Teleport Pad: Wiki reference image: Not sure if the proper name was "Mobile teleport" initially, the wiki is a bit fuzzy... That's it! I may make other prototype stuff but it will require some time modeling it
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    Ice Planet Pathway glitches

    I hope that video will explains itself. If you have something to ask I'll try to answer (Käyttäjä1489 is my alt account where I put random vids)
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    The cut LRR Snack bar/Canteen actually makes an appearance in the cutscenes!

    So it might just be me who is really interested in cut content and things that is incredibly hard or impossible to recover, but if you've ever done some digging around in the LRR files, you've probably found a thing or two that does not appear in the game. One of those things is the Canteen, or Snack Bar, which appears to later have been cut in favour of the Support Station for feeding purposes. Contrary to the Tool Station (the beta Tool Store https://kb.rockraidersunited.com/Tool_Store#/media/File:Tool_Store_manual.png ) it does not appear to have an in-game model left over. This makes it immensely hard to recreate what it looks like. But lo' and behold, you can actually see (part of) it in one of the cutscenes! Take a look: ...well, partly, at least! This might point to one of the buildings of the Canteen building being a crystal energy harvester, or for sending crystals to the LMS... or it's simply just that they repurposed the canteen. YouTube link with timestamp: (If you're wondering how I found this, I'm currently meticulously studying the LMS architecture in order to try rebuilding the environments in Stud.io in glorious modern-day HD)
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    LDDCollada - Another Another LDD Model Converter

    I know it's kinda been done before, but I have been commissioned to write a tool to convert an LXF model from LDD into a DAE file, and the commissioner is fine with me open-sourcing the project now that it's complete, so I might as well share it. I give you, LDDCollada Quick Notes: LDDCollada is the command-line version, written in C# so use Windows or Mono. Drag and drop input files onto .exe to convert LDDCollada.Mac is a macOS GUI that exposes options the CLI doesn't Does not extract .LIF archives for you Will generate properly-filled versions of the decal textures Make sure your software is gamma correct - in Maya (first screenshot below), the filled textures look natural against the solid triangles, but in macOS Preview and Quick Look (second and third screenshots), the solid brick colors look dark but the decal textures look bright. My first go at writing Mac software (I kinda cheated by using Xamrin.Mac) Could be interesting if you want info on C# .g file parsing Ignores normals Screenshots:
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    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    A few months back James Malloch and I had a talk about LEGO Island 2, of which he provided some information (And images!) about the canned content of it. First off, about him: Next up, about the canned content Also a few other notes: Also of note, yes some models are from IXS: For the rest of the images visit this Gallery or download the zip: https://imgur.com/a/F9cdpsb
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    Power Surge is, without exaggeration, literally the most obnoxious bug for me, mostly because there is literally nothing you can do about it once it happens as there no way to fix it. Worst of all, you can't even predict how this bug works and what causes the issue to begin with. However, many suggest that building a more "compact" bases prevents the bug from happening. And from my own experience, it's not true. I've build many comapct bases. Sometimes, very compact. But adding at least 20-30 more tiles connecting the base and the whole thing would go collapse. This is how compact I usually build my bases: The interesting thing is, if you build a crapton of powerpath tiles that are NOT connecting to the base, even if it would cover ENTIRE map with nothing but power path tiles (sometimes that's over 200-400) but missing the one(s) that would simply connect them to the base which has the power station, the base and buildings connected to that power station and it's powerpaths would be just fine, no Power Surge issue would happen. In fact, you can even build a separated power station for these power path tiles if you so love the lighting of the blue color emerging from the powered power path tiles such as I am, no harm to the actual base would happen anyway. However, if I build a base similar to one as seen on the second screenshot, and just cover it with powerpath tiles, which is less than 30 in total as I've counted, this is enough for Power Surge to happen. I've had powerpath tiles cover the entire island, except the corner of it that actually leads to pathway which connects island to the rest of land. I've felt that island wasn't pretty enough without that just one extra tile to make it symmetrical. And guess what happened? The Power Surge, and the whole thing collapse. As result, I began to panic and quickly get extra crystal to finish the mission before oxygen level was deceased entirely. Such a beautiful, glorious base is now a history... Funny thing is, some time later I've rebuild my base EXACTLY the way it was based on screenshots I've made, except not adding that extra tile, and it was just fine. Instead, I've build hundreds and hundreds of square miles of power path tiles separated from the actual island where was the main base. At the end, covering the whole map with nothing but powerpath tiles. At the end, I've decided to also build several separated power stations so all of the power path tiles would be shiny, colorful and beautiful. In fact, once I've done all this and began to get bored as I've had the whole map completed and even finished the electrification of the whole map, I've decided to build the last power path tile at that notorious spot in corner which caused the Power Surge issue and as result my whole base collapse. I was expecting the worst thing, and already was prepared to teleport one vehicle to finish the mission. But once I've build the absolutely final power path tile which connected the powered base island with the rest of power path tiles covering the entire map. Sooooo, guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED! Just look at this! This is just hysterical marasmus and hypocrisy coming from the game's logic. As you can see, I've debunked the myth that the big amount of the power path tiles is the result of Power Surge issue to happen. It must be something else... As I've said earlier, the first time the Power Surge happened on that time in this mission, I've didn't had that much of powerpath tiles, it was around 20-30, maybe even less. And no, I've didn't even had powerpath tiles anywhere outside of the island either. The red arrows and the "red dots" on the last screenshot I've marked are that "corner" power path tiles I've talk about earlier, which caused the whole Power Surge issue the first time, and which one I refused to build the second time untill the very end of the game when I was preparing for the worst things to happen. I can't remember which exactly one of these corner tiles it was, as it was a while back since I've made these screenshots, which is why there are two arrows and two "red dots", so please don't blame me. I believe it was actually the one that is on the bottom. But yes, obviously this isn't the first time the Power Surge issue happened to me. Since the time I've decided to play Lego Rock Raiders again, which was about merely a half-year ago, I've counted up to 10-20 Power Surge issues that happened to me since then (probably even more, since some Power Surges weren't as evil and only affected a few of buildings rather than all at once, which as result I could still continue playing without emergency panic alarm to finish the game as fast as possible before oxygen is gone), and I didn't even build a huge areas of power path tiles connected to the main power station. Mostly it happend when I indeed build a "compact" bases as I've been recommended. All I can hope is that in the remastered community edition, such issue is exterminated entirely. More obnoxious thing to me than the random crashes I occasionally have for unpredictable reasons. The thread was suggested to be made by Cirevam to me in a hope to resolve the Power Surge issue and finding the initial hidden cause\reason of it.
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    Ice Planet Pathway glitches

    You may try on magma moon marathon. Its the same glitch as number 1(warp) but the best part is it skips one lap for 8-10 seconds.
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    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    Which was fixed by changing 6 bytes.
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    Anyone else hate the voice acting?

    I play most of the TT Lego games, but I really don't like the voice acting and the trend to make it more and more 'cinematic'. I preferred the miming and visual gags. I think that was funnier than the kid-friendly dialogue we get. Either that, or we get audio clips straight from the movie like Lego Avengers, which just looks really odd. Then they have really long cutscenes that do nothing but recreate the movie. It has an uncanny valley effect, when Lego should be spoofing the source material and should just be lighthearted and fun. Also, some of the clips are used in really weird ways: I remember playing as Scarlet Witch and she just mutters "You're a madman" every minute or so for no reason! And then her mortal scream from the film is played every time she uses her special power, gets a bit much. Then again, maybe I'm only saying that because I grew up with the originals!
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    Hey guys, tuning in from australia here! Between the time when lego racers drove in Atlantis and the rise of the lego gameboy games, there was an age undreamed of. Let me tell you of the days of high imagination! I remember as a young tyke I played racers, rock raiders and lego loco on the family computer. what an age it was! I also had many lego sets that are still in storage tubs albeit unassembled and jumbled - the most memorable ones being those old spring type cannons with firing projectiles, and a large viking ship I got once... That was in the early 2000s when lego was much cheaper and way more creative. I would probably still be building it today if they kept up with producing their original stuff. I really miss LEGO universe for this haha. Anyway feel free to ask me anything or say hi, my favourite lego themes have always been knights, rock raiders, adventurers and pirates
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    Many fans throughout the years have built the separate buildings, but the problem is that some are literally *impossible* to build correctly as their in-game model is not very good and the official renders are only from a front angle, so people have to make estimations of how they are built. I've actually just finished building them all myself and the amount of details in the builds is astounding, no wonder people miss some. Personally I couldn't get satisfied at all with the Large Mobile Laser Cutter, it's a real pain to build... One of the best collections can be found here: Although I don't think he has the Beta Tool Station like I do
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    Bionicle: The Game Avl/vol File Format

    Turned out that unknown value was a CRC32 hash of the file name. ... I probably should have guessed that sometime between then and when I reverse engineered it today. Ah well.
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    LEGO Racers MOCs

    I spent the past week or so putting together all 26 prebuilt cars in LEGO Racers in Stud.io 2.0, and I've published them to Bricklink Studio. Comes in two flavors: Standard and Decorated. Decorated only includes the Rocket, Lightning, and Knievel (LR2 Rocket) Car Sets. I haven't yet optimized these for building instructions, unfortunately, as that was the least of my concerns when constructing them. Perhaps I'll get around to them eventually. For a bonus render not included in the decorated page, see the spoiler box below.
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    Making Bionicle Heroes fun - No Upgrades

    While playing Bonkle Heroes and being unimpressed with the difficulty (or lack thereof), I thought it'd be fun to try and play the game with absolutely no upgrades. Normally, as you play, you go off to Balta and spend all your Technic bits on armor, weapon upgrades, and interactable abilities. The result is a game that is extremely boring as you can float through most enemies with Nuparu's nuclear missile launcher and gun down bosses with Hahli, taking minimal damage - and if you do happen to lose a mask, well, they respawn if it's a mask you don't have so you can just pick it up again (and they even show up on the radar!) In addition to the no-upgrade rule, I also didn't allow myself to use the Piraka after you unlock them except for required interactions and in Hero Mode. Furthermore, I wasn't allowed to be scummy with picking up masks to heal (although completing all the levels with 'one-mask-only' would be obnoxiously un-fun, so I didn't try). This made the game extremely interesting for a number of reasons. The biggest change was the result of no interactable abilities. This massively cuts down on your income, as the areas typically locked behind these areas are floating with studs (and canisters). The result of this is that Hero Mode (which, for those who haven't played, is invincibility until you interact with a Gold Construction (usually neccessary for progress, especially boss battles) triggers much later. When I played it through with upgrades I'd get Hero Mode much earlier than I needed it, and now not only did I nuke things with Nuparu, I was also invincible. I wasn't expecting this to have the biggest impact, but... it did. The second biggest change was that I had to learn about the enemy AI. In normal BH you can just charge in, throw a nuke, take a heart of damage or so, and everything just blows up around you. Not anymore! Now I need to be wary of the Bohrok's rolling attack during which they're invincible, the jumping and spitting of the Visorak and how to dodge it, Vakhi shockwave attacks, and so on. This was really interesting to see the actual AI - it's surprisingly in depth - and learn how to dodge. You never do this in a normal game, as if something somehow survived the first nuke from Nuparu's hand, well it doesn't survive the second! This was the result of.... ... the third biggest change, massively decreased damage output. Jaller's fire spitter deals absolutely trash damage, Hewkii's (slow and lumbering) rocket can't OHKO things even if it does hit, Nuparu is now just bad, Kongu's crossbow won't do anything unless they're right in front of you (in which case they're shooting you). I'll talk about this a little later. The fourth biggest change, and the least changing, was the lack of survivability. It seems to me that when you get armor, it doesn't just reduce the amount of damage you take: instead when you get a hit that first hit does no damage. If a second hit lands in a brief period of time, you'd take reduced damage. Now, of course.... well, both hits deal full damage! However the game is too friendly with its mask placement & that masks respawn when you lose them (likely to prevent softlocks from losing a critical mask) that you can't lose. This didn't really change how many of the levels played out, especially the 'story' ones - the masks are so frequent and the enemies so sparse that, while it is more challenging (especially the enemy-rich Jungle stages), it's now 'fun' as opposed to 'boring.' However the biggest change were the boss battles. The Piraka have a zamor attack that creates an insanely huge shockwave. However, as pointed out above, if you have the armor upgrades two zamors need to hit for you to take one damage. WIth no armor... well.. you'll take two damage I had to learn to see this coming and learn how to dodge it. Similarily the enemy spams they summon were now actually challenging to kill, as opposed to 'bring on the next lot please.' Levels of note include: - Zaktan's boss battle: the enemies are tough and numerous, not to mention Zaktan has always been one of the more difficult bosses. Also, because you can't use abilities to open up access to vast stacks of Technic pieces, you have to fight a lot of them for Gold Mode. This was a lot of fun. - Rakshi levels, especially later ones (Desert and Jungle) - the 'shield down' gap is so small it's very easy to miss. - Reidak's boss battle: a mess even with full upgrades, with none you will be scurrying from mask to mask just to stay alive sometimes - Avak's boss battle: his minion summoning now cannot be cleared out with a click of the button with Nuparu, and attacks arrive from all directions. - Any post-Piraka Vezon fight. Vezon is one of the few enemies with a sizeable HP pool (other bosses just need to be hit when their shield is down). Due to a lack of damage output, this can be quite slow and hard - and Vezon's attacks here are nearly undodgeable and a decent amount of luck (you can still avoid most hits, just not all). Kongu can't deal any damage as his damage drops with range and Fenrakk's head is quite high up, Nuparu is good at spread damage and miserable against a single target, Hewki's rocket always misses, Matoro takes ages to reload but is still a solid choice, Jaller just sucks - the best choice is Hahli. I'm not sure why Hahli does so much damage, but my theory is her piercing missiles hit Fenrakk's hitbox twice or even more, resulting in massive damage (boot up BH on your full upgrade save file and try shooting Fenrakk with Halhi, then with Jaller. Jaller is so much slower as his missiles don't pierce). Particular mention must go to Vezon's post-Thok fight. There is no space to manouver and the only two respawning masks are Hewkii and Nuparu, of all things - the absolute worst at dealing with Vezon! Levels that were less fun include: - Roodaka boss battle: this level always was a pain and continue to be so, as you're on a small platform there's no room to manouver whatsoever - Sidorak's Visorak spam is just a spam and not fun to fight - Vezok is still a joke - This didn't affect the final Vezon fight almost at all aside from having to dodge more attacks than otherwise My ranking of characters: - Matoro. The only person who can one-shot a Vahki when zoomed in. You get pretty used to aiming at something, right-clicking to zoom in, left-click to fire, right click to zoom out again I did get a couple of 360 noscopes! - Halhi. Solid DPS and good speed. - Jaller. Not because he can shoot for damage (he can't) but because he's the fastest of the bunch. Everybody else is pretty mediocre - Nuparu is still solid for spread damage but can't deal high single-target damage - Hewkii's rocket has high damage but really low area of effect and because it's so slow it nearly always misses - Kongu only does high damage when the enemy is right in front of him, which always results in you taking damage So yeah! One wall of text later, I managed to make Bionicle Heroes fun. I can reccomend!
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    Ice Planet Pathway glitches

    Been a while since seeing some of LEGO Racers glitches, nice video. Loved the "Bloobers" part at the end too
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    The cut LRR Snack bar/Canteen actually makes an appearance in the cutscenes!

    Well, yes, but Jimbo's instructions are way out of date, and what I meant with impossible is that some models differ betwee the render, in-game model and the game files, and some geometry is outright impossible. Case on point: Tunnel Scout's baseplate where the wedge plate cuts into the dome plate, and the in-game docks which features ladder pieces in an impossible manner. However many of the modeling problems due to engine limitations, and with that in mind I've been able to get incredibly close to what the "true source model" would look like. I'll be posting my meticulously researched Stud.io files sometime in the future, where I've tried to triangulate the models as much as possible ... Hey wait, this is a thread about the Canteen, what is going on
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    Yep, but you need a few more posts to be eligible to join it Gotta keep the forums alive still
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    The cut LRR Snack bar/Canteen actually makes an appearance in the cutscenes!

    @BrickDelver Yeah they were used in Adventurers sets. It was like Indiana Jones but in LEGOs and it was rebranded as a Orient Expedition in early 2000 Ahhh I got so nostalgic because I always wanted some of those sets but never got one until now in adulthood. I bought the Sphinx one in Bricklink and I'm happy about that deal. That set also have those dynamite plates
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    Tamed Rock Monster

    I fixed it.
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    The cut LRR Snack bar/Canteen actually makes an appearance in the cutscenes!

    I forgot about those old dynamite tiles! Most of what I remember picking them up in were those indiana jones style sets, adventurers or whatever they called them Orient Expedition I think it was?
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    The cut LRR Snack bar/Canteen actually makes an appearance in the cutscenes!

    So what this means is that the "Canteen" which serves sanwiches instead is a storage for energy crystals. It must then flatten them, apply white paint, and hand them over to the sandwiches to the hungry RRs on the other side. But wait! Only Rock Monsters eat Energy Crystals. Does this mean that Rock Raiders themselves are Rock Monsters? Given their familiarity with them and that they ride them from the inside, the only logical conclusion is that Rock Raiders are Rock Monsters, hungry for crystals. This can be confirmed in the book "Save the Spaceship," whereby a Rock Monster manages to make its way onto the LMS Explorer after all the crystals are collected. This isn't a freak event - a Rock Raider accidentally turned back into his original form. But why this causes surprise among the Rock Raider team is then strange. Could it be that they don't know that what's on their fleet is none other than their enemies themselves? Is this merely a lure by the Rock Monsters? Obscure bits of lore from questionable sources mention that there were structures on Planet U that lent themselves to an alien civilization, but the Rock Monsters were too primitive. Perhaps these older, more advanced beings, are merely using the Rock Monsters as their minions, providing Chief with even an entire spaceship filled with their subordinates - but then, to what end? You've found more out than you thought, baraklava
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    Official LEGO Game Demos

    I found a copy of Creator Knight's Kingdom that was never posted here. I don't have the original installer but I put the extracted contents in a 7z archive. It may or may not work, I've not tested it. https://codetri.net/dl/creator-knight's-kingdom-demo.7z (I accidentally hit enter too early and didn't know the 7z would be 100 MB.... give it about an hour and it'll be online. My b. Once it is up, someone else can reupload it to where it needs to be because I've not been here lately wow stuff changed how do I do things)
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    Slimy Slug

    Search for Lego Rock Raiders WAV Files

    Sounds in the game are stored inside of three locations, one of which is the Data\Sounds\Streamed directory (this is created by a default install). The other locations are the Sounds folders inside of LegoRR0.wad and LegoRR1.wad respectively. You can extract the .wad files using Cyrem's WAD Recycler:
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    I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

    Hello everyone! I asked earlier help to get LEGO Racer N64 songs in midi format and I'm truly thankful for that. I now have "fixed" some of those songs and I want to share my results. My goal was to make them sound like the original song. Of course because I'm not perfect and some midi files were "different" some songs doesn't sound right. I didn't also make every single song because I believe people doesn't care about Circuit Champions intro's or some minor jingles. it was little bummer that N64 files doesn't have Alternative songs in it so I couldn't make them into midi. I'm not sure about the policies linking to other sites but I'll put link to those midis. It will direct you to mediafire and for my knowledge it's safe place to upload/download stuff. Get your midis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0pi4dzwyyhoi32c/LEGO_Racers_Midi.rar/file If you have any questions or you notice some errors please notify me. I'll check can I do something about that
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    LEGO Racers Recreations

    Fixed! Thanks for the heads up The spoilers don't seem to be hidden by default but maybe that's just on my end
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    Royal Knight.JPG

    From the album: Mah MOCs

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    Baron Von Baron.JPG

    From the album: Mah MOCs

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    Robin Hood.JPG

    From the album: Mah MOCs

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    Pharaoh Mummy.JPG

    From the album: Mah MOCs

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    LR1 Rocket Racer Front.png

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    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    This guide is more or less a re-write of many posts of this method that are scattered around the forum with updated links and pictures to make it easier to follow. First and foremost there is sometimes confusion between dgVoodoo and Cafeteria. These are significantly different and perform entirely different things. dgVoodoo is an graphics API wrapper (or “converter”) for DirectDraw & Direct3D (Part of DirectX 6 - a graphics API developed by Microsoft). Most modern graphics cards are not compatible with games utilising old versions of DirectX, Rock Raiders is one of them. Cafeteria on the other hand is a Mod Launcher that allows easy installation of game resource modifications for LEGO Rock Raiders. It also has the ability to force LEGO Rock Raiders to run in resolutions higher than 640x480. You can use both of these together for optimal graphics improvements. in summary - dgVoodoo is what makes it possible to run LEGO Rock Raiders on modern graphics cards, not Cafeteria. Cafeteria is merely a toolkit to make an already working game even better. Secondly, Microsoft has updated Windows Vista through to Windows 10 with patches that remove SafeDisc and SecureRom support from those systems. This is a problem if you own a copy of LEGO Rock Raiders that is copy-protected. If you own the copy-protected version of LEGO Rock Raiders (some of the re-releases did not have copy protection) you'll probably find the game will not run at all. Following this guide will also correct this issue as well. Now that we know what dgVoodoo is and we know about the SafeDisc issue, lets begin. Guide While setting this up is really a piece of cake and requires barely any steps, people still can still get it wrong, so please follow the steps below. If you get stuck, try it again. If you're still stuck, reply to this topic. PREPARATION Before you begin, you will need to download some files. Please note that some Antivirus software may complain that dgVoodoo contains a virus. This is a false positive, it is a clean file. Download the files in the list below. LRR Masterpiece Editon Executable - Download D3DRM - Download dgVoodoo 2.55.4 - Download Note: dgVoodoo 2.53 is also compatible with LEGO Rock Raiders, download this version if you have issues with the latest version above. STEP 1 If you haven't already, install LEGO Rock Raiders. If the installer isn't working, try the Alternative Installer. Once this is done, navigate to the Rock Raider's installation directory (usually its: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders ) and extract the contents of the "LRR Masterpiece Edition" zip file you downloaded just earlier into your installation folder, overwriting the original files. This folder then should look similar to this: STEP 3 Next, from the D3DRM archive you downloaded before extract the D3DRM DLL File into the install folder. After that, open the dgVoodoo archive you also downloaded. You will need to extract: dgVoodooCpl.exe and the contents of the MS folder into your installation directory. STEP 4 You're almost done. We'll now configure dgVoodoo, so double click dgVoodooCpl.exe to start the configuration program. Ensure that you are running the program in Administrator Mode (Right Click > Run as Administrator) or changes may not be saved. When it starts, look at the "Config Folder" path, if it is not the same path as your Rock Raiders install folder, click the ".\" button on the right. Next click the "DirectX" tab. You may want to play with some settings in here, however for this guide we'll just do the important ones. Change the "Resolution" to the same resolution that you are currently using (e.g 1920 x 1080 is common) and uncheck the "dgVoodoo Watermark". Finally click apply. STEP 5 Congratulations, you're set! There's one thing left to do and it's very important. You need to start the game from LegoRR.exe. Afterwards a window will appear, and if you've set it up correctly it will display the driver as "dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper (display)". STEP 6 (OPTIONAL) While the game will now run, you will notice an absence of music. Typically, Rock Raiders plays music from the disc. However I have a fix to restore the game music into the game without the disc. If you would like to do this, follow this short guide. I hope this guide has helped you get your copy of LEGO Rock Raiders to work. Be sure to reply below if it worked for you or if you're having any troubles. Don't forget that if you do get it running, check out some of the great mods for the game around the community.
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    Infinity Crystal/Ore seams!

    Ah, Baz's Mod. Yup, that'd do it. I hope you stick around! RRU generally moves quite slowly, so don't be surprised if nothing happens much. Stick around for RRU's fancy shmancy forum update auto-merges double posts Lasering Inset walls - Lasering corner walls like this that wouldn't be drillable otherwise, you mean? where S represents Solid Rock (or anything else really) and D represents a wall that can be shot with lasers, and . indicates the already revealed ground? S S D . . S . . S Fairly well known, although not written down anywhere, and used occasionally in some level design. Walking on Water (Edge of walls) (I saw one post but it wasn't a topic) - It hasn't been written down anywhere but it's reasonably common knowledge to anyone who played vanilla LRR Air Raiders that RRs can indeed walk along a flat wall that borders water. This sometimes makes them better at crossing water than the Rapid Rider. Dynamiting inset walls - I'm not sure what you're talking about here (pictures or ASCII art would help out a lot ) Dynamite has a track record of generally being very stupid, and you can also use it to damage sleeping monsters though. Why Baz's Mod Slimey Simple Ice Version is so easy! It's been a long time since I played Baz's Mod but it's generally well known (& written down somewhere.... not sure where though ) that you can generally exploit slugs by any of the following: - Teleporting down a ton of expensive vehicles that sit around and do nothing (Laser Cutters are good for this) to keep your crystal count down (which controls the amount of slugs that spawn because those scripts are absolutely atrocious), then mass-teleport them up and race to the crystal count you need - Walling off slug holes like so - not every hole needs to be walled off, eventually all the slugs will spawn in the one hole & you can continue peacefully - Paving over slug holes (no wait that doesn't work ) - Teleporting up your Tool Store, which prevents drained crystals from actually going somewhere, so slugs now effectively don't do anything - Various mod shenanigans to get rid of 'em (the easiest being enabling debug keys and hitting F12 to disable the NERP script) I'm not sure which of those you know of / use / were thinking of? Or is there a new one? How to evade Small Spiders by clicking on the Rock Raider - Again, not written down anywhere, but it definitely does come in handy for Driller Night I think this works whereby if you select a RR, then they slip, then you tell them to do something they instantly get out of slip and start moving. Also, if/when you do make a post about the glitches, a picture explains a thousand words
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    20 Years of Rock Raiders

    Well, looks like it's that time of year for PeabodySam to log into Rock Raiders United for two minutes before mysteriously vanishing again for no adequate reason. But rather than lamenting the fact that it's been over a year since the last time I posted anything, let's celebrate the fact that it has now been twenty years since we first started raiding rocks. Then again, if you want to feel old, you can lament that fact too.
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    Mr. Eight-Three-One

    Lego Games on a 1997 PC with a 3DFX Voodoo

    Hey, it's my first post in two years on this forum, and it's for *another* self-promotion. Hopefully that doesn't bother any of you...my apologies. Anyway, you all probably know that I love old computers, but for the last several years I've largely been unable to pursue that hobby having been in college. Well...that's no longer the case! I'm now out on my own, and I'm free to pursue it as much as I desire. Recently I finished a project where I put together what effectively would have been my "dream computer" in 1997 (which, incidentally, was the year I first used a computer...at the age of two), and would also have been a high-end build when Lego Island was released. I've wanted such a machine for a long time as it's basically the equivalent of a high-end computer to coincide with 5th gen game consoles (the Nintendo 64 and PS1). Featured in this video are the first five 3D Lego games (Island, Chess, Creator, Racers, and yes, even Rock Raiders), running with a 3DFX Voodoo card (except Creator, which uses the 2D card in this machine). I felt inspired to make this video because the sands of time seem to have washed away a lot of the experience of playing these games on such a machine. Many of the people here seemed to have grown up in the Windows XP era where computers that could play these games without any lag at all were the norm, not the exception. And, as you might expect, they don't run anywhere near as well as you might be used to. But that's the whole charm of it. There's a certain appeal to be had when you're so used to the games running without an ounce of lag and suddenly that luxury is taken away from you, and it serves as a fun reminder of technological advancements. And yes, this is a real computer running this; this is not an emulator or a virtual machine. I have listed the specs in the video description but the general gist of it is that it runs a Pentium MMX 233 MHz CPU and Windows 95 (quick disclaimer, I actually prefer 95 to 98. I know, unpopular opinion, heh). This was the fastest desktop Pentium ever made1 before the Pentium 2 was released. The Voodoo card is essentially the original must-have graphics card; like, you were the wimpy unpopular kid if you were a PC gamer and didn't have one. And, unlike what you might be used to today, it *only* did 3D stuff -- you still needed a whole 'nother graphics card to run the Windows desktop and everything else!2 Regardless, I hope you enjoy this foray into computer history, and marvel at the prospect of having to turn down graphics settings in games you probably never even thought of turning down the settings in before. 1There were mobile Pentium 1 processors that clocked faster than this, but as far as the desktop market went, you couldn't get any better than that before the Pentium 2 came out. 2When 3D graphics were the hip new thing, and with the advent of DirectX, Microsoft made their own graphics API called Direct3D, but it had the caveat of requiring specially made hardware in order to run it, so your old graphics card wouldn't be able to run it out of the box. So, during the awkward transition era where not every graphics chip was expected to have 3D support out of the box (the computer you see in this video does happen to support 3D on the "main" graphics card, but it's not very good), 3DFX made cards that specifically only did 3D, either on Direct3D or with their proprietary API called "Glide". I explain this in the video, but the way the cards work is that the 3D card had a VGA-in and a VGA-out port. You daisy chain from your main card's VGA out to the 3D card's VGA in port, and then the monitor cable goes into the 3D card's VGA out port.
  37. 1 point

    Average Race

    I was messing around with memory in LR (hoping to find some sort of track IDs that the game uses?) and I eventually got carried away and... this happened.
  38. 1 point

    Average Race

    when Captain Redbeard said you'd never beat him I didn't think this was what he had in mind
  39. 1 point

    Occasional Crashes in Windows 10

    Recently I've been rekindling my love for the game once again.. I've followed the steps mentioned here to get the game running on Windows 10 and in all honesty it runs pretty much perfectly. I am however, being constantly plagued by random crashes - which is forcing me to try and play through the levels as fast as possible just to make any progress. I can't seem to get through Ice Spy without crashing every 15-20 minutes or so, and I can't find the cause of it. The game will lock up, *some* audio will still play in the background then I'll get a crash-to-desktop. Wondering if anybody else has run into this and if they have a solution? With all the mod tools that have been made, I don't suppose anybody has access to PDB's or anything like that that we could use to debug the problem?
  40. 1 point

    What do you guys think about the rock raiders sets vs the power miner sets?

    A youtuber known as "Nick on Planet Ripple" did an interesting video on the subject Personally I prefer Rock Raiders but Power Miners is cool too and I appreciate Lego revisiting their older themes.
  41. 1 point

    LR1 has the best soundtrack

    Title translation "Kostya* nostalgic for lego racers" *(Kostya - character from TV show where I took fragment)
  42. 1 point

    Screenshots for all LR creations(Thank you RRU community)

    I know that the title above is off-topic but I would like to say thank you for everything that has happen to this community. For Admins, for moderators, for new and old members, everyone. Its been an honor for me to be a member of this community. Everything that was discussed from mods to game mechanics to whatever craziness you guys made, its all worth it just to be here. As to show you my gratitude, I would like to include all my custom racers(with the exception of the 2 which you guys may be aware of when I upload it) in one picture. As you know, there are changes to some of my mocs. You can check on more pictures in the members gallery as I upload more of them for extra viewing or you can go to custom racers from the modding racers section if you want a full description of each car I made. EDIT: Link below: Again, Thank you RRU community. Hope to see more members make some more exciting mods in the future. dy_enforcer out.
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    LEGO Racers - Windows 10 Setup Guide

    This tutorial was written for the 1999 version of LEGO Racers, so you may not need to follow steps 3-6 if you have a different version. It is important that you follow these steps in the exact order specified, or you may have trouble launching the game. 1. Insert the LEGO Racers disc into your PC. Rather than install the game conventionally, you will need to download le717’s Racers Alternate Installer here. 2. When the executable file has downloaded, run it and follow through the steps. Once completed, uncheck “Launch LEGO Racers” and press “Finish” to close the installer. 3. LEGO Racers uses SafeDisc protection (at least, the 1999 version does), which is no longer supported in Windows 10. You can however re-enable the driver that SafeDisc uses, but only do so when you wish to play LEGO Racers and other trusted games as it was removed for a reason. Open a folder in Windows Explorer, such as Documents. Click “File”, then mouse over “Open command prompt” and choose “Open command prompt as administrator”. 4. Type in (without quotes) “bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON”. Press enter and it will state “This operation completed successfully.” Now you can close the command prompt. 5. Download this file, extract it and place the “SECDRV.SYS” file into the following location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers Then restart your computer. 6. Upon logging back in, you should see text in the lower-right corner of your desktop, along the lines of “Test Mode Windows 10 Home” with some random nonsense after. You will need the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to actually make the SECDRV.SYS driver work. Go to this page and click “Download” at the bottom, then choose “Agree” to download it. Right click dseo13b.exe and select “Run as administrator”. Press Next, then Yes, and you’ll be at the main menu. Check “Sign a System File” and press Next. Now you will need to type in the location of the SECDRV.SYS file, which should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\SECDRV.SYS Click OK and OK again, then in the main menu check “Exit” and press Next. 7. The game should now launch without trouble, but it can also be made widescreen and prepared for easy modding. Download JrMasterModelBuilder’s JAM Extractor here. 8. Extract the folder and you’ll see files inside, including a “JAMExtractor.exe” file. Copy the “LEGO.JAM” file from your installation directory and paste it here. Then drag the pasted “LEGO.JAM” file onto the “JAMExtractor.exe” file to extract it. A new LEGO folder will appear when the program is finished, and your folder should look like this: 9. Open the “LEGO” folder, select the “GAMEDATA” and “MENUDATA” folders inside, and move them into your install directory. When that’s finished, you can delete the extracted JAMExtractor folder, including all files inside. Then rename the “LEGO.JAM” file in the install directory to “BACKUP LEGO.JAM”. Your install directory should now look like this: 10. Finally, to run the game in widescreen at custom resolutions, first download WillKirkby’s LR1 Launcher here. 10. Extract the downloaded ZIP and move its “LR1Launcher.exe” file into the install directory. Set the compatibility options to run the application with administrative privelages, by right-clicking it, choosing “Properties”, and entering the “Compatibility” tab. Then check “Run this program as an administrator” as shown below. 11. Run LR1Launcher.exe (you can make a shortcut to it elsewhere if you wish), select your desired resolution and check boxes as you wish, then click Launch and play LEGO Racers! When you’ve finished, follow steps 3-4, this time entering “bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF”. Reboot the computer and it will be back to normal, with LEGO Racers not launching again. In future you will need to follow steps 3, 4 and the latter part of 6 - enabling test mode, rebooting into it and signing the driver - whenever you wish to play the game, but it’s far less hassle than using a virtual machine or transferring files to an old XP computer if you’re modding.
  44. 1 point

    Idleness Syndrome: What is the Root Cause?

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rock Raiders. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of overcaffeinated developer tendencies most of the jokes will go over a typical player's head. There’s also Chief's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from LEGO Mania Magazine, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LEGOS. As a consequence people who dislike Rock Raiders truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Chief’s existential catchphrase “A landslide has occurred,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Bricks 'n Pieces' epic Captain Indigo. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Stewart Green’s genius wit unfolds itself on their CRT monitors. What fools.. how I pity them. ? And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rock Raiders tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the guy’s eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid ? Edit: FFS fellas, this now has more likes than rrcoder's post...
  45. 1 point

    Track viewer/editor (skb/pwb)

    Track editor When the BMP format was finally cracked, I wanted to make a new GDB viewer that showed textures, and using WillKirkby's LibLR1 that wasn't too hard. But why not an editor? So here is my track editor! Current features: - View GDB files (3D objects), with textures. - View and edit SKB files (Skyboxes). - View and edit PWB files (Powerups). - View RRB files (AI paths). - View the static object part of WDB files. Planned: - Edit RRB files (AI paths) - (partially) View and edit WDB files (Static/animated objects). - View and edit startup positions and checkpoints Known bugs: - Dragging bricks acts weird from certain angles - Semi-transparent textures only work in native LR bitmaps, and are not yet depth-sorted. NOTE: You need to have XNA Framework 4.0 installed, otherwise the application will crash. Download: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/tools/track-editor-12-r59/ Current version: v1.2.0.365 New in this version: (full changelog included in download) Let me know what you think! Massive thanks to WillKirkby, for making LibLR1 and the original GDB_viewer and to Sluicer for helping with both GDB and BMP file formats.
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    Desktop Minifigs

    Here's a bunch of small pics:
  47. 1 point

    What do you guys think about the rock raiders sets vs the power miner sets?

    People used to post topics like this a lot ~6-8 years back when Power Miners was more recent. The response can be summarized by how the Power Miners monsters were often compared to toilets and trash cans... I think the overall sentiment was that it didn't feel as epic or serious as Rock Raiders (the smaller and often comical monsters, the bright colors, the simpler story, etc). These days I think people tend to like it a bit more for what it is, but there hasn't been as much discussion about it. Edit - The commercials/ads are a really good way to compare the tones of the two themes: Rock Raiders was dark, mysterious and threatening in tone (especially the PC game), Power Miners was more loud and in your face, even somewhat cartoony. I think the Power Miners sets had better play features (the drills geared to have two parts rotating in different directions were awesome), but that's mostly due to LEGO as a whole getting much better at that since the late 90s/early 2000s. I don't think the Power Miners color scheme is really bad but it's not what I'd choose if I were designing them.
  48. 1 point
    Sadie Meowsalot

    owl city - fireflies lego jack stone music video

    Jack Stone more like Jack Stoned:
  49. 1 point

    LEGO Racers HD (mod project, WIP)

    Thanks, and yes you should! Keep me busy! I'd love to work on faces and body parts, also, see if you can figure out the car shadows (they're in common). I think that would be a pretty interesting upgrade... Final (well final...nothing is final) power-up brick; Changes: More accurate LEGO logo on studs and right direction, more shadow on studs, better studs, shadow around studs on bottom, glare on bottom cave in, longer and more detailed trail.
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