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    Insane Raiders [2020-01-16: Insane R]

    Finally, after a million years, but slightly before the heat death of the universe I finished my next Insane Raiders comic: Comic No. 29 - Insane R Don't worry about the small preview size (the result of the 750 pixel image height limit and the length of the comic). You just have to click on it and view it in the original file size. It's in the second post of this thread and in this post right here. Here at the end of the thread I put it into a spoiler for a better reading flow: Here is the background story (read the comic first for extra "What is even going on?"-madness): Maybe it was a mixture of laziness and "Is this idea good enough?/ I have a better idea" and "How many will read it?", but I haven't published a comic in ages. I even made fun about that by giving me the rank: "I know: I should make a new Insane Raiders comic very soon." Previously I thought about making another comic, but then I had an idea. Ben24x7 told me about a train racing game called Densha de D and mentioned, that it had a cool feature you wanted to show. I wondered, if it was about Drifting (you may know the memeI and Ben24x7 (slightly disappointed, that I guessed it so fast*) said, that it was indeed about this and continued to show it. After that I looked this up (including a speedrun) and discovered, that Densha de D was also a manga series which in return was based on the manga/anime series called Initial D, which is about drift races in Japan. There are also some other references in it**. This is also the reason, why I made it look more like a manga. Now you might ask: "Can this same insane over the top racing theme be applied to another obvious LEGO game candidate?" and you are completely right! It's LEGO Ra.... Chess! Just imagine the checkmate! Your display might as well just explode! *reminds me of the time, when I played Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC remake of the first Katamari Damacy game) and on the first or second day I though: "Imagine a snob saying, that it is about criticising consumerism due to the sheer amount of objects, that you collect" Little did I know, that this was the actual intention of the game's creator... **Redline (over the top anime racing movie) and Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi (the last panel of the comic). Also Rock Raiders for obvious reasons.
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    3d printing a slimy slug

    I am prototyping a 3d printed slimy slug. The goal is to make it as close to the one seen in the rock raiders promotional artwork as possible. Once I nail the design I plan to make a silicone mould to make more copies with a smoother lego-like finish. There have been a handful of custom slugs made by the rock raiders community, so I am curious as to whether this is something other people are still interested in. (Picture)
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    LWO to OBJ (and now XML), specifically made for Rock Raiders models

    https://github.com/Terrev/LWO-to-OBJ/releases A quick and dirty tool for converting Rock Raiders models (.LWO + .UV) to OBJ, just cause I got annoyed there was nothing that handled the texture mapping properly/at all (generating UV coords from the planar texture info, or loading them from the occasional .UV files) Animations/full creatures and buildings etc are another deal entirely (.LWS files; scenes comprised of LWOs), I make no promises as to if/when I might tackle that but it'd be in a separate, more extensive project Select/multiselect as many LWOs as you want and it'll plop the OBJs/MTLs right along side 'em, just remember LRR puts some things in special "Shared" folders so if some textures aren't present, look there ~~ EDIT: AND NOW SOME NEW STUFF ~~ You can also dump LWOs as XMLs and back again, to make simple tweaks easier (changing texture paths, colors, etc without a hex editor) or to more easily debug why one model may be crashing the game or whatever (comparing it with a working file, removing/changing chunks until it works, etc). It handles the bulk of the chunks used by the game's models (certainly all the chunks the game actually reads), others it doesn't recognize just have their raw hex dumped (so if for some reason you need to tweak them you still can). Note that due to the nature of floating point numbers, unless you tick the boxes for it, it won't turn those into text by default (it'll dump the raw contents as you'd see in a hex editor instead), to avoid minuscule differences creeping in (you probably won't need to be editing these by hand 99% of the time anyway) . Practically speaking it won't matter in-game even if that does happen, you'd never see a visual difference. It just makes direct file comparison easier when things match truly 100%. If you wanna know what the hell you're even looking at in the XMLs, here's some format documentation that explains it: http://www.martinreddy.net/gfx/3d/LWOB.txt https://sandbox.de/osg/lightwave.htm The only inaccuracy I found was that angles (i.e. surface smoothing angles) seem to be stored in radians, not degrees. But that doesn't even matter because LRR doesn't read/use any chunks like that. In fact, going by Cyrem's reverse engineering efforts (aka poking the exe with a stick), it seems the only chunks (and SURF sub-chunks) the game pays attention to are: PNTS SRFS CRVS POLS SURF TIMG CTEX TTEX TFLG FLAG TSIZ TCTR TRAN DIFF LUMI REFL SPEC GLOS And not even all of those are actually used in practice - same goes for the surface and texture flags. Oh yeah, and the 4th (supposedly unused) byte in color chunks is typically 00 but the exporter in Lightwave 8 writes FF instead. It's probably of no importance. SOME OTHER NOTES Rock Raiders often leaves certain textures unfiltered to create an appearance of crisp seams between bricks on low resolution textures, but sometimes their choices on what textures to do it on were a bit weird - the Power Station is a great example: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8156-rock-raiders-models-uv-files-x-files-texture-filtering-and-the-shared-folder/ Basically, if something looks too blurry when you think it should look sharp, try messing with the settings for the texture in whatever program you're using (i.e. in Unity, enable point filtering for the texture under Filter Mode) Chief's models are flipped on X, inside out. His animation then scales him to -1 on X, making the faces appear the right way around, but with flipped vertex normals. Why? So the lighting from the cursor - behind him - makes him appear lit from the front. I've included an option to flip models on X, so you can get Chief's models as they appear once animated in-game. Vertex normals are generated by the game at runtime, and the game ignores any smoothing angles that may be set in the LWO; hard edges are purely handled by which verts are welded/unwelded Rock Raiders often adjusts the scale of misc things in the animations (like the minifigure head), keep an eye out for that if you're assembling these together manually Some screenshots of converted models in another program:
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    Drome Comics!

    Hey! I've got something to share. I've used a lot of my time for the last couple of months dedicated to Drome Racers history and archival projects. I think I'm able to tell you guys that I've recieved all known scanned issues of LEGO Racers Official Racing Programme. The thing about these comics is perhaps how they went virtually unnoticed for over a decade of time beyond a couple of bricklink listings. Me and a couple of friends dived deep into archiving these comics and we got some info about why they were originally lost to begin with - the gist was these magazines were given away for free in limited sets, toy shops and events, AKA extremely (and impossible to find) rare in English. The comics included in these magazines were also present as motion comics on LEGO.com, but those are lost to time now. http://imgur.com/gallery/F55eYSO (ISSUE 1-2: BOTH ARE IN GERMAN - IT'D BE APPRECIATED IF ANYONE COULD TRANSLATE IT) http://imgur.com/gallery/LCJOKBE (ISSUE 3-4: ALL ARE IN ENGLISH) - I'm still on my way to tracking down the advertised 5th issue but I'm certain it's either cancelled or even rarer to find. Me and the group are figuring out our next move. I hope this was worth it because it sure was to me!
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    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    Hi all wonderful people here! While back I made almost every song in midi format. It was fun and I learned how the composer of that game made music work originally (If he used any of the data when exporting those files on TUN format). I have been working making every LR song into "remastered format" which I basicly put those midi files on the midi output device (in this case my Synth Yamaha) and mix up the volumes and other stuff. In my opinion they sounds... modern? Like they aren't that compariable to the original songs but I like how they sounds. Here's the link on those songs: I know that I'm missing some songs like Menu or Credits but don't worry: I'm working on them! I actually have the Menu Theme on my PC but it doesn't sound good :DD Maybe I can post it on the Discord server if someone really wants to hear it. But I have planned to do those songs in future (Then people never saw me again) If you have any thoughts on these songs let me know. I'm glad to take any feedback: Good or Bad. I want to grow as a music apartment ^_^ Edit: Here's the Download link to all songs I have made in this project. I maybe upload Set Unlock, Rocket Win and Veronica Win at some point but those songs aren't as important as the others. I will put the download link to the other songs in the thread (Or edit this post) Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IHL8SPKkZ_KU0Ur3sOEBWUGn37jf9E5r/view?usp=sharing
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    LEGO Awesomeness

    Somebody posted this in Discord, and frankly it's too good to not post here: This person also posted images of how big this MOC is compared to the original set: More pictures of this fantastic MOC can be seen here: flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49330956616/in/photostream/
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    Merry Christmas MOC

    I made this in LEGO Digital Designer and rendered it in Blender for use on my cards this Christmas, thought I'd share it here Hope you all have a great holiday!
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    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    Nice! These do sound... different to the original pieces - which isn't bad at all! They split the tune up across multiple parts for quieter and louder bits, when the original music would go full blast (which was partly what made it so memorable) One nasty side-effect is that there isn't much music in the LR music to actually begin with (it's amazing what they did with so little!) - so when you've split things up to be a little quieter, especially across multiple instruments, it can be a little empty. But the flip-side of that is that the music never feels too busy! One thing the original music did quite nicely was mimic the flow of physical instruments with an accent and then decaying sound (especially noticeable in Knightmare-a-thon's timpanis) - and I feel you could have used that on occasion a little more. Though admittedly you mimic electronic (and as you say, more modern) instruments nicely not by doing that, and sometimes that really adds to the feel as well Speaking of Knightmare-a-thon, loooooving the organ, piano, and heavy electronic bass there. That was a really good combo! Maybe I'm a classical music purist, but I find standard drums (snare especially) a little obnoxiously loud and common in music overall. The music does such a good job of keeping the beat with the tune, the accompaniment to the tune, and the layering, and the bass - you don't need harsh drums to keep my erratic bobbing in time I really like it, and if we knew how, would definitely be interested in a mod that replaced the music, this is really good! Different, and neither are superior, but good (Might write a little more when I've finished listening to all of it )
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    While I'm still hard at work implementing tasks for the Vehicles, which should honestly be pretty quick since I'm basically just copy-pasting the code from the Miner, I wanted to share one of those details that you can't get in LRR whatsoever: Physically simulating the Ore/crystals in a Vehicle Tray!
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    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    I had to listen and compare to the original track. Both versions sound great, the discord and poor quality of the original version bring to me the cartoony feeling of the original game which is part of why I like it so much. Your remastered version could absolutely fit with a bit more polygons like a remaster of the game probably would have. Do you have any interest in doing this for other games perhaps?
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    Insane Raiders No. 29 - Insane R

    From the album: Insane Raiders

    It's the manga edition of Insane Raiders (that's why you have to read it from right to left). Is it bizarre and has references to series like Initial D? Yes. Is it way over the top? YES. note: Keep in my mind, that it is displayed this small due to its length and a height limit for previews. This is the original file, which is twice the size of the file used for the Insane Raiders thread, Discord etc. The easiest way to view it is probably to download and then view it at the zoom level of your choice.
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    LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack

    Oh nice, I always found the LR2 music very terrible (the main menu music was especially lousy) and the LR1 music so much better. Your remixes feel a lot... calmer. They don't get me hopping around on my seat like the original LR1 music does - but that's good, it can be nice to have something a little calmer!
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    LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack

    As some might know I work on music. I remix songs Write original pieces and even find a way to mod music into other games. Well ever since I found out in 2012 how to mod music for LR2 I was obsessed! But it still couldnt really get a LR1 vibe for the second game til I decided to mod some of the cars in from the first game. I later modded in the music from the first game which was cool and all but note it was a direct port from the first game. After I stumbled upon a topic on rock raiders with MIDI files of the LR1 songs I decided to orchestrate them and import them into the first game! Here's the music pack: Here's The YouTube Playlist: well but for now I hope you enjoy the sequel feel something real quick here's a remake of Riegel's Race Track I made two years ago
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    No Snow Mod

    Have you ever thought that the snow was too thick to see pass while racing? Well now with the no snow mod that's not a problem! All that was really done was I took the textures and deleted the image later turning the image invisible so the snowflakes are technically invisible but hey at least there's no snow!
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    I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

    Hello everyone! I asked earlier help to get LEGO Racer N64 songs in midi format and I'm truly thankful for that. I now have "fixed" some of those songs and I want to share my results. My goal was to make them sound like the original song. Of course because I'm not perfect and some midi files were "different" some songs doesn't sound right. I didn't also make every single song because I believe people doesn't care about Circuit Champions intro's or some minor jingles. it was little bummer that N64 files doesn't have Alternative songs in it so I couldn't make them into midi. I'm not sure about the policies linking to other sites but I'll put link to those midis. It will direct you to mediafire and for my knowledge it's safe place to upload/download stuff. Get your midis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0pi4dzwyyhoi32c/LEGO_Racers_Midi.rar/file If you have any questions or you notice some errors please notify me. I'll check can I do something about that
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    Drome Comics!

    Ah man I loved the heck out of Drome Racers, it's great to see so much effort being put into preserving them! The Drome Racers Challenge game was my favourite but I never found a working version of the application. Anyway thanks for sharing
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    No Snow Mod

    GAMEDATA/ ARCTIC/TEXTURES/SNOWFLAKES and just delete the image and turn it invisible. if anything when I have more time I'll upload the files
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    Hi man, I'd say basically the answer to all of these questions are "Yes": - Campaigns: I am planning a "Campaign editor" where you put several level files and other assets into a folder and it's read dynamically. Custom sound/voice clips and between-levels-dialogue are good examples of what I want here, which highlights the complexity as it all has to be read from a single level file dynamically = lots of places to go wrong. This will take quite some time to get right and I'm planning on demonstrating it in the V1.0 release by doing a new story. All the things I want to do here have not been explored though, so I can't say for sure how the end result will look. - Modding: The way the game is programmed opens up for modding, and I currently have a plan to set this up for the next major release in perhaps a few months. The only things I'm not sure how to handle properly are restrictions: On a level where, say, the Support Station is disabled in the level file, should you be allowed to build modded buildings that can give air instead? Currently leaning towards a "Disable modded content" setting in the level file. Modding will all take place in Unreal Engine's blueprint editor, which is very intuitive, and I'll push out modding tutorials of a complete pipeline on the YouTube channel when it's ready. This allows custom vehicles and buildings, but a goal further ahead could be custom game modes etc. Spawning modded content from a level file will be possible, and I've already made sure this works. - Further projects: I'm a Lego Racers fan and will consider working on a game in that series next. That project will likely not be a solo project however. Bad timing, aiden
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    D.ick Dastardly's Mean Machine LEGO Racers 2

    for some reason I cant edit my comment but here's the actual download to the car pack:
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    Sunchipp's CCD Car Pack!

    Ive Been Reqested to do this since some people tend to have an interest with some of the cars I've put together. More images on some of the cars in the gallery but you get the point! I have included a text document in case if anything goes wrong! Remember PLZ back everything up before anything! That will come in handy when it comes to this All the bricks I've modded and re-textured are in here which includes the textures I've worked on as well! Anyway I hope you enjoy Here's The Download for the zip: Ignore the fact that I put this in Lego Island 2 that was a slight mistake since they both have 2 in it haha
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    @baraklava, I'm not a super active member of this community, but have followed it on/off for like 7 years now. I logged in just so that I could say that you're doing God's work, and this is incredible. I'm rooting for you and this project till the end. Keep up the awesome progress! I'm really looking forward to this. It also sounds like you're building this from the ground up from scratch...not sure if there'd be legality issues, but if not, I'd totally pay for this game. Edit: In addition, this was one of my favorite childhood games and holds a special place in my heart. I'd be fine playing the old version if I didn't have that damned bug that causes the video freezing. This was also the first game that I ever learned how to mod thanks to the awesome community here.
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    Darth Plagueis - Hidden in The Complete Saga.

    i have researched on LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga while looking for information on unused content, i ended up on a wiki called The Cutting Room Floor, and here's what i read; According to this, the sith master who trained Darth Sidious was to appear in the game after reaching 100% progress, maybe something to do with that golden fountain. But, what interested me in this was how no one tried to access him, i thought you guys could hack inside Complete Saga, and at least pull out his model/texture, if you can't even play as him... Edit: Just so you all know, he's only on the Wii version.
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    LR1 cars in LR2

    This is technically considered to be a mod since there are some pieces replaced and retextured to recreate these kinds of cars years back I have posted a retexture of Rocket Racers car. now I have come to think of something some people had questioned about. "Is it possible to have Veronica Voltage's car in LR2"? with me trying to figure out some things I have found the answer to be Yes and No. Yes being with the correct mods you can take those modded pieces to create almost any car that actually looks good. Step one being to replace a chassis piece no one really uses with a black or invisible 2x4 plate which has been discussed with my invisible car mod. So for experimental purposes I have messed with the car builder and got this: obviously I'm giving credit to who made Veronica Voltage's skin. Yeah pieces will clip through the tires but in all reality it still looks like the actual car. somewhat. The grill in the front is missing and the window isn't black. after a week of thinking how this could be done I found by replacing a piece with a retextured map I have found the perfect solution! Replace the map with a grill texture BUT copy the one grill image and paste it under the other grill! Here you'd get something like this! Yeah its not the best but there's a good example of adding Veronica Voltage's car into LR2! But what about the rest? well my second car to experiment with was King Kahuka. But I have stumbled A LOT of problems working on the car alone The first issue was trying to get the textures used for the horns and the feathers into the game. Now since nothing really works for me when it comes to modding the first game to rip the textures I took screenshots of the textures and added them into the game. at first the texture files were too big which crashed the game. after two days on trying to solve the issue (i cant remember what i did) The textures made it in. problem at first was the texture file was just a white box on the one side so I went and redid the textures so they would show up. Now the piece I used was the one Adventures Piece with the red grill on the side since that has a texture showing on the side and the only one with a texture that isnt repeating itself. when I saw that the feathers and the horns were in the game they appeared to be too small to see. Now as much as I didnt wanna do this I had no choice but to do it since it would look A LOT better. I Had to stretch the horns and the feathers so they would look better and it turns out they actually do look better. Here's how the car turned out Honestly I cant stop driving this haha Now heres the main problem. Each texture is one sided being the grill and thats it so the feathers and the horns will only appear facing one way, if you look at the piece from another direction the horns or the feathers wont show as seen with this picture here being the feathers not showing up so that lead me to take these pictures to show that they're still there And finally my third being Captain Redbeard! I Did the same thing modding the chassis with a black 2x4 plate with one of the Adventures chassis that I dont use which kinda lead the same direction as Veronica Voltage's car. I didnt take any pictures of this but I have coppied the police side 1x4 brick and retectured the side to show the chest thats on the front. but I didnt know how to make the chest round since LR2 doesnt have round parts only square, sloped, weird, window and trim but even in the weird and trim pieces no single brick is round. I did remember there is an engine piece that was used for Sinister's Bugatti but brown so I figured that would do for the top. the rest was simple all except for the flag. I had to use the red grill side again but trying to retexture it ended up causing it to crash for whatever reason so I dont think I'll be doing any retexturing anytime soon for this game. I didnt know what to do so I went back and remembered I had made Mini Players for the Xalax cars which honestly wasnt my favorite thing I mean er... nightmare fuel lol so knowing I had two of them I have retextured each piece to have one half of the flag. this texture shown above having the top part of the flag and the other face having the bottom. in result I have came across this. Now as of now this is all I have and As of now Redbeard's Car is the only one I have on YouTube Which shows a bit more on the back especially I would love to work on more and the ones I dont find important to discuss are the two quick builds the first game has to offer that have been remade in LR2 as well and thats mostly because they really arent as interesting as the boss cars from the First game. let me know what you think! I would honestly love to have Basil's car Thunder's (old) car and Gypsy Moth's car come into play but the modeling on that wouldnt be so easy (blender doesnt work on my laptop). for now I have some more experimenting to do with some of the other cars hope this topic was interesting. For Now. Sunchipp Out
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    D.ick Dastardly's Mean Machine LEGO Racers 2

    I Didnt want that to sensor since its shortened for Richard but i guess that's something expected. unexpected for me
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    How the Ultra Shortcuts works in LEGO Racers?

    I'm somewhat confused about how the ultra shortcuts work in LR What I mean about Ultra Shortcut: The type of shortcut which lets players cheat the invicible checkpoint system and get laps without driving the intended route. This is done in LR driving at some point A of the track, then go reverse at some point B if the track and drive to the right way and when you go on the checkerboard line you'll get lap. Rince and repeat and you'll finish some races very fast. I don't like use them usually because it breaks the game totally. I only use them if I try to be a my own life speedrunner or I want to mess up in the game somehow. However I encountered strange behavior of these: I remember when I was playing on 2001 version of the game they worked fine. I have said before that I don't have that build of the game currently but I have the 1999 version. In 1999 version these Ultra Shortcuts doesn't work! Mindblowing? It was for me But I have the question to our Dear Modders: Is there logical explanation why these Ultrashortcuts works in first place and why they work on the later version and not the original? Why I feel that the 01 version is more broken? If you don't get what I mean then I'll give you this link: In this Speedrun: DFD, MMM, DAD, TIT, PSP and ATT are the "victims" of this Ultra Shortcut shenanigan.
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    My game's a mess, please help (Disappearing Rock Raiders in Frozen Frenzy)

    Cyrem said a lot of things directly related to your problem at hand, but I also have a bit to say What was it conflicting with? Providing it was down the very bottom of Cafeteria (mods at the bottom are patched in first, mods at the top are patched in last) there should be no issues. Data, or DataSource? Depending on how you set Cafeteria up, and whether you told it to use the Data Method or not, Cafeteria will use two folders: Data and DataSource. Data is rebuilt from scratch every time you hit the Rebuild button. So if you put those mods in the Data folder manually and launch LRR they'll work. Hit the Rebuild button on Cafeteria and they'll vanish from existence. Put them in the DataSource folder & then hit the Rebuild button. LRR is inherently unstable and I can usually get a 70% success rate on levels (the remaining 30% of the time it crashes on me). So some crashing is expected. I have found that applying Compatibility Mode for XP SP2 has vastly reduced the crash rate of CE, although I'm yet to test it enough to see if this is something that remains instead of just fluke. As for the messed up lighting, do you mean this? How shadows aren't applied to tiles and only some of the time on walls which just looks a little glitchy, when it's supposed to look like where the cursor behaves as a spotlight? Yeah, that's only on a per-level basis. The source of this is much more likely to be my Improvements Pack. To illustrate, copy out a new LRR installation and put Cafeteria on it. Tell Cafeteria to enable Improvements Pack and load any level you like. The lighting should be stuffed up as per the first screenshot. Shut LRR, tell Cafeteria to rebuild without Improvements Pack. Load that level you did before and the lighting should work. Current estimates for a cause are ???????????? Seriously, I have almost no clue why it happens, but I've noticed when it does. Did you enable the DivideByNeo fix on CE's launch box? That's this box, by the way: It is rumored that that this might fix the issue, or at least help it out. There's some musing on the glitch over here, if you want to do some reading. There's a particularly relevant bit here. Are you restarting your PC occasionally? I don't mean Shut Down & turn on, as Windows' idea of a "Shut Down," unless you explicitly disable it in a forgotten setting, is "Log off and hibernate," which doesn't do what we want - whereas Restart will. (Good explanation by other competent people here, by the way) So restarting your PC may very genuinely help LRR out. The glitch can be reliably triggered by a) screwing with Digging with Vehicles tutorial or b) using the Tunnel Transport, but I don't think you were using either of these. Oh, and The launch option -programmer enables Debug Keys and from there you can hit Ctrl+S to win a level. I think CE borked something with recorded objects but I need to look into this myself before making any conclusions. I suspect Run the Gauntlet will similarly break. TL;DR - LRR likes to crash anyway - Stuffed up lighting is a per-level basis - CE has DivideByNeo fix which may fix the disappearing raiders, also try restarting your PC
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    From the album: ATD

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    L.M.S. Explorer pictures

    Pictures of my different L.M.S Explorer models and the separate bridge versions.
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    Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Reunion

    Made using the Backlot Map in Gmod. The map was made by Xiron.
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    The Beano Rock Raiders Comic

    You may be aware of the selection of comics created to go with the Rock Raiders sets and a few others in the odd LEGO magazine, but these aren't the only ones that exist. The Beano comics magazine had a run of eight comics between October 9th and November 27th 1999. These were to promote the theme at the time in the childrens comic book, but what is interesting is some sort of tie to Cartoon Network at the bottom. Whether Cartoon Network had any animated shorts or if it was just advertising on the network I am unsure. Regardless, check out the comics.
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    LEGO Media Alternate Installers

    This is a listing of alternate installers created for LEGO Media video games to replace the aging and often-incompatible ones on the disc. This will help you install the game on modern computers. In most cases, they do nothing to actually get the game running. There are other topics that detail troubleshooting each game. This list will be expanded as more installers are written. Game Author Download Island le717 GitHub LEGOLAND le717 GitHub LOCO le717 GitHub Racers le717 GitHub Racers 2 le717 GitHub Rock Raiders le717 GitHub Rock Raiders TheDoctor Topic Stunt Rally le717 GitHub Information explaining why alternate installers are needed and why we can't just keep using the game's original installers.
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    LEGO Racers M4A Soundtrack

    Hi everyone, recently I was curious to see if I could rip the music from my own PS1 copy of LEGO Racers and was successful, I have since converted the WAV files into Lossless Apple files and added the titles, album name, artists and artwork for each file. I have provided a link to download the album if there is anyone who wants it. https://mega.nz/#F!H4g1ADxJ!1C0wGlEOootJNI8AhH5Usg They have been put into a somewhat logical order as you would hear them playing the game, the songs that play as an alternative on different tracks are now named. When ripping these files I was very surprised at the quality, it is really good, and something more surprising is the very good but very odd sampling rate, they are all 37800Hz which is not a standard in any of the audio editing programs I have. The M4A files have been converted to the closest sample rate, that being the regular 44100Hz seen on most music.
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    Retro LEGO Comics/Storybooks/Animated Cartoons General Discussion

    " If you think it's a new BOY BAND launching that disc... " Ah, yes, TECHNIC boy band figures with throwing discs. My first guess.
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    Retro LEGO Comics/Storybooks/Animated Cartoons General Discussion

    It's been a while, huh? I got a couple more of those Donald Duck magazines with lego booklets in the center. Nothing quite so exciting as a UFO ad calling them Zotaxians, but here's photos of what I got. I translated the big Time Cruisers story and the Slizers ad. Enjoy! Time Cruisers Slizer Or if you prefer, just the important things: French names for Time Cruisers cast Professor Cyber Tim Timebuster (asdf) Kikol the monkey Gloup the robot Mention of a "Captain Fortune," no clues as to whether they correspond to an actual fig slizer boy band
  35. 1 point

    Idleness Syndrome: What is the Root Cause?

    Not to drag this topic sideways, but just to clarify some points. Unfortunately, I believe you've kind of mistaken both the point you were trying to read and the point you were trying to debate. Firstly, this topic is very specifically focused on a known software bug in the video game that was more or less responsible for the creation of this forum. There was no intent to display a metaphor about disconnectivity in humanity in the post-modern computer age; I simply wanted to create a fun topic opener that mixed a bit of humour with the serious question I wanted people to address, as this has been a fun topic to discuss in this community for ages. Secondly, you shouldn't accept articles on face value without a measure of research to learn all the available perspectives. The problem is not specifically technology, but rather the fact that technology has allowed us faster, near instantaneous access to information. We've adapted in odd ways to the speed of communication now present in society. There is no reduction of brain cells, and there is no chemical addition (rather, it is mealy habit-forming, which can be broken with practice). The focus and attention span issues are a result of the brain, a complex device attempting to reduce energy expenditure, knowing it can spend less to achieve more. This is a very archaic way of looking at the issue. What exactly is "more productive"? How are people to determine that they have these kinds of "issues" you're talking about.? Again, people do not become chemically addicted to video games. What you're actually witnessing is exactly why the education system fails. Games are fun. Our brains are designed to reward us with dopamine, the innate brain chemical for pleasure and happiness, when we learn or master something. It's a survival instinct we developed in our primal stages to push us to be better. Games are teaching devices (even if we don't necessarily teach the best or more life-relevant subjects all the time), and thus are designed to trigger the dopamine response by making players learn and improve their understanding of the game's mechanics. If anything, games are a positive thing to turn to in our unhappy moments.
  36. 1 point

    Rock Raiders Stylized Wallpapers

    New Wallpaper Added Wire Driller Night Download: https://mega.nz/#!UwVhyLpb!WsQ5TF-Dysb4c3ouTOv4m_NqlvBUwd8aSGWgXQNPQeg
  37. 1 point

    LI2GE - Lego Island 2 Game Editor 0.1.3

    Hello, you remember the old thread New MultiTool for Lego Island 2 [WIP]? What happened? Well, after 5 years, I finally finished this tool. Certainly I didn't really finish it, as I started to develop a completely new software 2 years ago. But as time went on, my spare time was getting less as I had to assume our family's demolishing company. I hope you forgive me, because I already felt bad for promising something and not finishing it. So here it is, after several weeks of hard and exhausting work. LI2GE - Lego Island 2 Game Editor Finally it's there, the official Game Edit- and moddingtool for Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge. With this tool, you are now able to completely modificate your game files. The official websiteof LI2GE: www.li2ge.sourceforge.net Advanced features: -Export images in PNG, JPEG or BMP format -Export 3d models in OBJ-format -Export animated textures in all it single frames in PNG, JPEG or BMP format -Export the whole file directory to your computer -Replace any game file you want after editing Screenshots Download The project is hosted on sourceforge. You can download it here: Latest version on SourceForge (The project is licensed under GNU-GPL and is opensource. So you are free to modify and change it's content.) Bugs , Issues & Improvements This software is not fully tested and can contain bugs. It's more like an alpha-version for now. When you are encountering any problems or you have ideas for improvements, please feel free to contact me over SourceForge. Please use the "Support", "Tickets" or "Discussion" section on the SourceForge project page. Otherwise you are running the risk not to be noticed of me. Before using this software Please notice that this software is not fully matured for now. That means, that you should backup all the game files you want to modify before using this software. It's always possible that your files get damaged. P.S.: The next days I will publish another awesome plugin to get your models back into lego islands *.msh format...
  38. 1 point

    A closer look at the racetrack firemen

    Realtime graphics in the 90s, man. Realtime graphics. In the 90s.
  39. 1 point
    Avery Waikawa

    LEGO Awesomeness

  40. 1 point

    how do minifigures why they don't the lego people?

  41. 1 point

    "Whoa. Look at all my babes!"

    fixed it
  42. 1 point
    Avery Waikawa

    LEGO Awesomeness

    These are just a few of the many Brickfilms I enjoyed watching as a kid: There was also one more video I really wanted to share; it involved a shapeshifting Stingray Alien infiltrating a base and fighting the personnel. It was pretty cool from what I remember, but the camera quality wasn't great since it was created in 2001. I know it was on YouTube in 2008, but I can't seem to find it now...
  43. 1 point

    PS1 Ogelites

    There weren't any good pics of these guys on the internet so I fixed that.
  44. 1 point

    The Sins of LEGO Island 2

    LEGO Island 2 is a hilariously strange beast under the hood. Here's some fun things I've noticed while poking around. First, the game is hardcoded as hell. All the assets themselves are stored in the bob/bod files, but absolutely all of the information linking them together in any way is in the exe. The exe is filled with huge lists of file paths for every asset in each bob/bod file. The exception seems to be textures - these are stripped of meaningful names and referenced by number (like, say, text420.tga instead), and all the info on what textures go on what models, where those models are located, etc is all in the exe. But each level in the game seems to be pretty much entirely isolated from the rest. There's a small amount generic assets shared around, but 99% of the time, if an asset - a texture, model, whatever - is used in multiple levels, it's just duplicated, saved in each bob/bod individually. You know all the different hats the NPCs have, and how you can swap them around in any level with NPCs? And how trees/plants/sign posts can be swapped around in the same manner? And how there's usually 3-5 levels of detail (LODs) for each of these? Those are hundreds and hundreds of models, collision files, and textures - and that's fine, but all of that is entirely duplicated for every scene that uses them. Duplicated in the bobs/bods, taking up hard drive space (and what was likely not an insignificant amount in 2001), and of course that means a lot of duplicated stuff in the exe too. This also means the game wastes a lot of time re-loading assets that already had their duplicates loaded for the previous level. But wait, there's more silly duplication of assets! There are some exceptions like the standard minifigure model, but generally, if two models are identical, but merely have different textures, the meshes and collision files are duplicated anyway. So for example, every minifigure has a unique model for their head, as they have unique face textures... And each of those has several LODs... And alllllll of those are once again duplicated per level they're used in. Minifigure heads alone account for hundreds and hundreds of duplicate files. But there's sillier examples. There's two switches you flip in the Brickster's Palace minigame - and they account for four models. Wait, what, four? Yep - switch 1 up, switch 1 down, switch 2 up, switch 2 down. Because apparently sharing a model and then changing its rotation when it's flipped is too hard. There's plenty of other silly things like this, but I think one deserves special mention... Every single asteroid in the Asteroid Belt minigame is its own 3D model. I'm serious. There are 235 3D models for asteroids, and 235 corresponding collision files. They're divided into three sets/variations - 66 copies of asteroid variation A, 70 copies of asteroid variation B, and 99 copies of asteroid variation C. But it gets better, variations B and C are identical! (Thanks to Will for using a tool of his to automatically check which of the asteroid files were identical to each other.) So instead of just having two asteroid models (with collision files) for a total of four files, there are 470 files being loaded to achieve the same result. There's also a lot of inefficiencies in the models themselves. Excess polygons, using a bunch of smaller textures instead of a larger atlas... But here's my favorite. You know that skeleton in the desert on Adventurer's Island, holding a gem? It's a pretty low poly model (though it could be lower poly and look identical), with 1416 triangles... And 3065 vertices. Wat. Let's take a look at the UV map... The face is the only part of the model that's properly UV mapped. The rest is just given the plain white texture (text027.tga if you wanna try swapping it out), and while it's UV mapped, it's done in a pretty horrible way. If you're curious about the details, read this article, originally published in 2003 (two years after LEGO Island 2 was released) but still relevant today: http://www.ericchadwick.com/examples/provost/byf1.html http://www.ericchadwick.com/examples/provost/byf2.html The bits relevant to the vertex count are explained in part 2. In short, splits/seams/breaks in UV maps split/duplicate vertices... And the UVs for the skeleton's body are doing more splits than a masochistic gym instructor. What you're seeing in the first image there are all the triangles for the body UV'd on top of each other. If you lay them out separately (and I've moved the face elsewhere as it's not relevant), it looks something like this... This is a UV map straight out of hell. Just by fixing it up I got the vertex count of the model down from 3065 to 1686. And as you might expect, that's not an isolated case... Lots of models are like this. More coming, maybe. I think the point has been made.
  45. 1 point

    LEGO Rock Bork

    Congratulations, you've saved the aliens from the asteroid! Unfortunately, not everybody made it out in one piece, but hey, alien technology works wonders! Or it's a glitch. Whatever.
  46. 1 point

    LEGO Awesomeness

    Guys Look At This http://surmalegobros.blogspot.com/
  47. 1 point

    I don't trust this pizza...

    Would you?
  48. 1 point

    The monster is loose

  49. 1 point

    Red Greenbase can be quite a road block....

    That's twice today he got in my way.
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    D.ick Dastardly's Mean Machine LEGO Racers 2

    From the album: Sunchipp Mods

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