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    High Quality LEGO Island Music - downloads!

    Lego Island 1 Music production memories: I was the guy they pulled in to overlook the music for the product, though Wes Jenkins, Kyle Bogertman and various Mindscape management people were way over my head. I picked some and supplied some, and resources were tapped that were beyond my choosing. At that time, I lived in Sausalito, CA on a houseboat that contained my studio, a nice deck and the usual necessary rooms. Wes and Kyle lived in San Francisco on Van Ness at the time, so the Golden Gate Bridge was between them and me. Most of the work that I did myself was done alone on my houseboat. Flying Rhino Studios was where we recorded musical additions, voice parts and did most of the audio mastering. We had regularly scheduled meetings at Wes and Kyle's place to discuss game details, musical submissions, etc. During those meetings, we usually listened to music submissions, played with large Lego sets while building the world. And drinking beer. When we needed to refine some of my submissions, Wes and Kyle and occasionally other players would visit my place where I'd edit the music to match lyrical content they'd come up with. And we drank beer. At the time, in the world of computer-based video games, we were doing stuff that was considered to be impossible. Hah. It was not a fast process. We couldn't share audio files online at all, everyone who played together or sang had to get together at "real life" locations. At one point, I had encouraged Wes and Kyle to join me to see "Polkacide" live, because they were insane. We went, we saw and heard, we got pummeled in the polka-crazed mosh pit (while chugging beer) and decided that they should definitely be included. They were included. While I did the majority of the synth/sampler-type music, I wasn't the only one who got on the project. A few other excellent composers and players got onto the project. I won't name any names because no matter how many I mention, some might be overlooked. Everyone involved did creative original musical work. There were times when some great and highly amusing musical pieces had to be dropped, having been deemed inappropriate for children of the age in the demographic the game was intended to serve. But some of it has gotten out anyway, and since the kids who grew up with the game are now adults, who cares? I will say that even though it didn't work out for any of us financially in the end, the creation process involved in that game was exceptionally detail-oriented along with being just lots of fun to have worked on. The whole group involved in that project (and others) later joined together to record bi-weekly comedy radio broadcasts as "Radio Shorts". That was aimed at an older demographic target audience, so it got considerably more "blue" at that time. It was an exceptional time with the merging of exceptional people who all just wanted to do their part and have fun. And that's what we did. Lorin
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    Knightmare-athon ported to Mario Kart DS

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF6pL0tk7TQ This is a direct port of the original Knightmare-athon model extracted from the game, ported into Mario Kart DS. The vertex colors are the same as they are in the original, although I had to manually assign the materials to each vertex as the .ply exporter tool does not support materials. I finished this port a while ago, but I had forgotten to post it here. You might notice that the UV's on the mountain material are misaligned, and this is due to the vertex offset limit of the DS. Because of this, I had to remap it, but everything besides that material is completely original. For clarity, it is possible to modify the checkpoints in Mario Kart DS, but I did not do so here as the course would never work on a real DS (the original course model is about 6000 tris when the limit of displayable tris onscreen at once is 2048 for the DS). The music is edited over the video, but thanks to the N64 using real-time sequences for the music, it is theoretically possible to actually port the original song over by extracting the samples and sequence from the game. (BTW, if this is in the wrong subforum, please move it, mods.)
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? I know this may seem a bit early and weird, but here is the deal, I'm currently making a project for fun and I plan to share it with you guys, so I'm putting this up here now so a larger audience knows about it. So, what is this Christmas Edition? Every year since I was younger, I play me some Lego Racers in the x-mas holidays, as well as "Christmas Nights Into Dreams". For those that are not familiar "Nights into dreams" is one of the most popular games for the Sega Saturn, and they released for free a demo called "Christmas Nights" which basicly is the original game but with christmas themed levels, bonus etc etc. I decided to work on something similar for Lego Racers, and I have been working on it for some time now, so I'm close to being finished. The mod will include: -All original tracks will be "christmasfied" (snow, decorations, new skies etc) -Some tracks will be more "complete" (More trees, ships etc) -New Christmas inspired minifigs -New skins for bosses -New paintjob for boss's and minifig's cars -New color for warp powerup (it will be red instead of blue) -Green colored brick in build menu instead of blue - and possibly more stuff since there is still time for the time being I leave you with a couple of pictures. I Hope you enjoy what you see here so far! Take care and have fun!
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    LEGO Racers: A Race for Old Time's Sake + Stickers

    LEGO Racers took up a lot of my time as a kid. I would spend days just making cars to race. The tracks and worlds were very imaginative, with themes and characters from those themes intertwined and interacting with each other. LEGO Racers was my first racing game. There were times I'd just mess around looking for all the shortcuts. For my entry, I created a scene of Rocket Racers and some of the old racers going out on a race for old time's sake. Though, they probably should have checked to make sure there was no scheduled road maintenance first. In honor of the LEGO Racers 20th Anniversary, I'd also like to make available the decals for stickers I created to be used for Rocket Racer's car. I created them last year in anticipation of the release of the physical Rocket Racer minifigure from Minifigure Series 18. The designs are based on the details from the car costume accessory refitted for his iconic car from the games. I hope you enjoy them.
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    The (slightly disturbing) Running Man

    Jeez, didn't think I'd be digging up this topic so soon, but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Our dear friend, the (slightly disturbing) running man, has recently announced that he's developed a new physical defect/disability. We're not entirely sure how this happened (maybe it had something to do with his years-long absence, I don't know, but it might explain why he looks a little... dead), but somehow his calves have merged together: [ Photo of the titular "running" man and his new disability ] [ Photo taken on the 09/09/2019 - Image courtesy of Ben24x7 ] Doctors have suggested that the "running" man can only get rid of this horrific condition by living a more active/healthy life-style, mainly by joining local sports clubs or gyms. He struggled for the first few weeks, hindered by his inability to run (or even walk), but he seems to have found some luck at the "Disgruntled Underpaid Farmers Potato Sack Racing" club. At the rate he's going, he might even become the world champion of Potato Sack racing, possibly reaching a podium finish at the upcoming international 2020 Potato Sack racing championship (I mean, it's not the most ridiculous thing he's ever done or achieved). Nonetheless, we wish him all the best in his recovery, and hopefully we'll get to see him run free again... in a slightly disturbing manner. P.S. Apparently, due to his new disability, he's been thinking of legally changing his name to "The (slightly disturbing) scooting man". P.P.S. Thank you @Arthuriel for inspiring this artwork/announcement breaking the news on Twitter:
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    Higher Resolution Textures [Upscaled, less blurry/noisy]

    WARNING: This texture pack is rather large when unpacked (1.35 GB) and may cause performance issues on some older systems. I made this pack because the UI graphics look so blurry on a 1080p monitor. This texture pack contains every texture in the game which has been upscaled and has had noise reduction and sharpening, making it less blurry. Fonts are still blurry. The level of upscaling is as follows: UI elements such as the HUD, menus, backgrounds, chat heads, indicators etc. have been upscaled to 4 times the original, making them extra crisp (other than the fonts, couldn't get them to work well). Everything else like textures for 3d objects, people etc. has been upscaled to 2 times the original, this makes a mild increase in visual fidelity but isn't breathtaking. I cannot guarantee these will work flawlessly, this is my first venture in to modding Lego Racers 2, so please use at your own risk. To install extract the game data folder from the downloaded rar and place it into your lego racers 2 main directory, provided you have already unpacked your game files and patched your game with For those interested in the method of how these files were created, I first "converted" (renamed) the game's MIP files to tga, I then ran them through a program called Waifu2x which is an amazing piece of software, then the software took an hour or so to make all the files all crispy looking and after that I turned all the tgas back to MIP and boom, that was that. Here are some screenshot/comparisons of the menus, I didn't get any in-race shots as I have no idea how to position myself in the same way twice. You'll have to zoom in to notice any changes, it is very subtle and was barely worth the effort, honestly.
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    Hexadecimal Mantis

    Modding BIONICLE: The Game

    Doing some thread necromancy here. I have been researching the file formats used in this game for a while now, and I have made some significant progress in terms of mods. Specifically for the PS2 port. The first in-depth modification I did restored the unique unused HUD energy bars for each of the Toa: And more recently after learning the model format, I managed to successfully swap Lewa Mata's model from the extras menu over Lewa Nuva!:
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    LEGO Racers Diorama

    Full 4K PNG downloadable here. David Roysk is my artist name, kudos to anyone who can guess how I came up with it. This is my entry for the LR competition! Credits for the decals are in the link above. The aim was to make something that looked like a photo a kid might have taken with his toys, of course using photo-manipulation wizardry to get Rob-N-Hood floating haha. I'm not skilled enough to achieve photorealism yet but I think I did an okay job. I used procedural textures for some of the stuff which was a fun technique to experiment with. The ground was partly sculpted and I think I could have done much better with it, but I'd already spent many hours over a couple of weeks and at some point you have to call it a day! Rob-N-Hood was chosen as he was one of my favourite characters in the game, and that was totally not because green is my favourite colour or anything. Captain Redbeard in the Small Transport Truck is a reference to a mod I made which took a ridiculous amount of time to make. Rocket Racer is there because of course he has to be, the ultimate boss and an epic dude too! Racey Hazey is the racer my mum would use when I was a little, and has a (true) story to go with her: Thanks for taking the time to check out my entry! I had an awesome time making it.
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    Menu Theme Remix!! By Jugebox98 :)

    Yeah, this is my entry on this competition. Music is my passion when we are talking about creationg something own. My original plan was making 10-20 mins medley which would have included all songs but I encountered some technical problems so I abandoned that plan and went on this. LEGO Racers is for me THE game. I first played this game when I had only demo version of this game. Around 2-3 years after that my big brother installed the full version and that was like dream. I finally could save the karts I made and those extra tracks were awesome. I and my younger siblings sucked on that game but we got in Basil the Batlord Then our first PC broke and there went LR I tried to ask my brother to install it again but he was on in his teens and didn't listened me. Around 3-4 years after that we got own gaming PC (for children) and my big bro installed the LR again. I was so happy about that. First time I beat the Rocket Racer and that was such achievement for me :DD Today I just try explore this game and go back the "better days in gaming". When I hear the Main Menu Theme I instatly get cold vibes on my bones and I start jamming it myself I just hoped taht this game would be little harder and multiplayer would be more interesting. Otherwise it's 10/10 game for me.
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    Mighty Miners

    Well this is awkward. I've been working off-and-on at what was originally a fan-remake of - stop me if you've heard this one before (no, please don't) - Lego Rock Raiders for about three years now. I eventually decided to rebrand it into a new IP so that I could use it to properly christen a new game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders. Upon making that decision, I decided to wait until I had scrubbed all of the assets I had ripped from the original game out (got to keep myself safe legally, after all) before I went showing the project around too widely (though I haven't exactly been hiding it, and I'm sure some of you probably already know what I'm talking about because you stumbled upon my site via Google - the steady trickle of new Discord members I've gotten over the years has to have come from somewhere). Well, now the game is clean - everything in the game is either self-made or comes from a royalty-free database, leaving a functional, if not very pretty, work-in-progress build I'm comfortable getting out there and promoting! Yes, I am aware that there are a good many "Rock Raiders Remake" projects on this forum - ones that look a hell of a lot prettier because they don't want to be anything more than fangames and thus happily use the textures and models from the original game - including one that made it's public debut... let me see here... five hours ago. Like I said, this is pretty awkward. But I made a promise to myself, and I'm kind of in a tight spot in my life where I kind of need to be bold, so it's time to submit myself to the terrifying ordeal of being known! Mighty Miners, is, as mentioned previously, a spiritual remake of Lego Rock Raiders. Unlike most of its contemporaries, I'm designing this game with a fully original IP in mind to be sold on Steam as hopefully the first of many games under the banner of my game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders (so putting this under "Fan Games" is a bit of a misnomer, but this is were all the other RR remakes on the site make their home). Because of this, the game has no assets directly taken from the original game, which means that in it's current early stage of development, it looks kind of like... this: It's... minimalist, to put it lightly. Actually it's barely functional and one of my top priorities that I hope to have done by the end of the month is to redo the textures to be a bit more readable. So what does the current build have? Well: 14 levels, all of which are technically brand new, but most aren't exactly subtle about their roots. Mind, you, not all of them are beatable, because the game doesn't have water or air vehicles quite yet. By this time next week, I plan to have all 34 of the levels planned for the game put into place - I've got them all mapped out as image files, it's just a matter of actually making real levels out of those maps, and I ran out of time before I promised my Discord channel I'd have a new build out. After clearing the mission on a given level, you unlock the ability to play that level in excavation mode, where you're given a time limit and scored on how quickly you can collect as many energy crystals as you can. You also unlock a free play mode, a pure sandbox mode with no objectives or restrictions. Levels in the game are designed with excavation mode in mind - most are significantly bigger than you'll ever have reason to explore when clearing the mission alone, with the intent being that you come back to it in the other modes for the "full" experience. Five of the ten planned buildings are available to build, though the tech tree is slightly different from what it was in the original game. You also have access to 3 vehicles, the equivalents to the originals' Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck. Priorities are fully adjustable, and saved to your save file. No more having to re-adjust your priorities at the start of every level! Oh yeah, there are also save files. A functional in-game level editor! It's not pretty, and has some notable features missing, but it's 100% operational - you can build and save levels and then immediately load up your save file and play them! Custom levels are only playable in excavation and free play mode. Plans for the immediate future (as in, by the end of this month) include implementing the remaining 20 levels and replacing the textures to make them more readable. If you want to hold off until at least then to give the game a spin, I perfectly understand, this post was mainly to announce to the world that this is a thing that I am doing. I'll be coming back here to update everyone as the project continues to progress. If you do want to try out the build as it currently stands, you can download it here.
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    Level Images Without Transparency

    This is easiest explained with a Before & After screenshot. As for why LRR does this, when it comes to levelpicker images, black = transparent. This means that if the greyscale Tool Store or something is black , then, well, that's transparent too - leading you with the strange stuff happening on the left. So I got rid of the 'black' and replaced it with 'very dark grey.' As you can see on the right, my efforts weren't 100% perfect and I'm not quite sure why, but they're much better than the original! The reason this doesn't happen in vanilla LRR is the Levelpicker.bmp has nice black holes in its background where the levels go - so the black is turned into transparency and the layer behind is... more black. However, if you try to put a level anywhere else, or use a different LevelPicker.bmp, you'll notice this play up. Technical note: This was done in GIMP by selecting everything that was black-ish (it has a handy Select By Color tool), cutting it to a new layer , erasing the bits in there that belonged to the picture of the Power Station or whatever just leaving the rock cutout on the outside, sending this layer to top, creating a new layer that was not-quite-black (used R=4 G=4 B=4) , and then exporting as a 24-bit bitmap without color space information. I may put some screenshots of this later. This also means I have my own 'rock cutouts' to use for my own level screenshots, which will come in handy. Download, unzip, and overwrite everything under Levels\GameLevels with it (but backups are always a good idea!)
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    Manic Miners: A complete rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    Hiya! This has been cooking for 2.5 months now, so I think it's time to reveal what I'm been working on: A complete, uncompromising rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders! It's currently in Alpha development but is frankly more robust than any RR project before it, from what my testers have said. Take a look at the overview below: I'm using Trello to keep track of development and other things. Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello: If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes: - The game is programmed by one person. Please respect that implementations, however easy they are to implement, might take time. - The game is far from feature complete. You will be missing stuff like vehicles and monsters, but the miners are very functional, as well as building construction. It indubitably has some bugs, but not more than the original, and at this point I need your help to find them! - The game runs in debug mode during Alpha. You might get some messages that doesn't make sense, which either means I've forgot to remove them or they indicate something is wrong. - Some older hardware can not run the game at all. I need a larger sample size to figure out why that is. IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS AND SOLVE IT, MESSAGE ME YOUR SOLUTION. I'll add it to the Troubleshooting section (which currently doesn't exist). - Resources have physics. They'll roll. If they roll into lava or water, they are gone. Take care where you put your buildings! - Clicking a wall doesn't colour it immediately. They'll have a "token" showing you commanded a drilling etc there. They'll turn coloured *when a miner is approaching the wall*. - Resources are dispensed on demand, not when you order a building. - The AI is still in its infancy: You will find hundreds of ways the AI can be improved to make smarter decisions, many of which I'm aware but just haven't had time to implement. 1) This will grow over time, 2) Don't treat it too much like an idle game: you can command them to do stuff yourself, you know! - The priorities are hardcoded (but will be made available in an update soon) as follows: Clear rubble if you stand on it -> Pick up a nearby resource -> Drill walls -> construct a building -> pick up crystals ->Clear Rubble -> Pick up Ore -> Other - Report bugs on the Discord, not anywhere else. Be sure to check the Trello for the bug before posting, or I will most likely not respond at all to your report. That's it, you are now ready to jump into the game! Download links: OneDrive link (start immediately) Dropbox link RRU download Resource links: Trello (my development progress) Discord (active daily discussion) Subreddit (active daily) Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates) Now, for the more elaborate stuff: What is this? Manic Miners is a rebuild of the 1999 game Lego Rock Raiders. It has been in development since late May 2019 and is programmed by a single person; Baraklava. Is this game sponsored by The Lego Group? This game has nothing to do with The Lego Group, although I definitely wish I worked for them! Why are you doing this project? Rock Raiders is one of my favourite Lego themes, from a time when Lego was a company of experimentation and fearlessness. While those times were monetarily harsh for Lego, they have left an impression that I want to carry on by remaking this game and hopefully keep the memory of this franchise alive. During college, I discovered a love for programming, and my love for Lego was also rekindled. After making the discovery that, to this day, no one has made a worthy Rock Raiders successor/replacement, I decided to make an assessment of it is was viable for a single person. There I saw an opportunity: All the assets were available, taunting me. It's also proving a golden opportunity to prove myself that I *can* finish a huge project all on my own, a good engineering skill... And here we are! Is the game going to cost anything? In the spirit of the Lego community, and considering how niche this game is, I will keep the game free for everyone. As long as there are assets in the game I don't own, monetizing it is lawful suicide anyway. When the game gets completely done, I might consider remaking the "borrowed" assets and launch commercially on consoles and other places, but the PC version containing Rock Raiders assets will always be free. Is the game done? Why are you revealing it now? No, the game is not done and will keep getting updates as I add more features. This, however, will take time, as I'm also doing my studies at the same time, and they have higher priority. I'm revealing this because I think other people might be interested in seeing development, helping with design decisions and create a community around a Rock Raiders game reborn. I see you have not made a game before. There's been at least few dozen remake attempts. What makes you think you can complete this project on your own? I work hard, I program well, and my pipelines for the project are insanely efficient. Rather than being a Lego fan driven by will alone, I have a really solid engineering and programming basis to stand on, as well as the simplest programming IDE you can imagine. No one has gotten as far as I have gotten, but no one has also had the same premise I have. I aim to keep programming in my spare time until it is done. And while it's true I haven't made any games before, I've been programming quite a lot. Unreal Engine is incredibly intuitive in addition to the quick programming pipeline it provides, and I've had little to no troubles making the game work, as it mostly comes down to maths anyway. Is the game open source? The game is not Open Source. But there will be modding support, and if there are specific parts you want me to make moddable, you can input a request in the Discord server (link below) How can I contribute to the project? As I've mentioned, I am the only programmer, and am therefore not looking for programming help. If you make assets that you want to contribute to the game, such as music, art, models or other fun stuff that fits the spirit of the Lego Rock Raiders game or era, you can share it in my Discord #submissions channel. Anything you put there should be owned by you and published under a Creative Commons license stating anyone can use it for free if giving credit. However, just because you submit it doesn't mean it will get added: I place the final verdict on every feature. What about donations and Patreon? I'm not looking for any monetary returns, I don't need the money, I do this because it's rewarding in other ways. Refusing donations also allow me to work at my own pace. If you want to contribute anything that isn't money in order to help my work on the project (such as software) then send me a PM. Will feature XXX be added? Check the Trello pages to the right and the user suggestions below. The game will firsthand stay true to the original (apart form any obvious immediate improvements). Along the way, stuff will of course be added, but I'm aiming to have settings and modes to make both purists and newcomers happy. There's gotta be so much more this game can offer. There is one grand exception: Bugs. Any behaviour that is considered "unintended" will not be in development focus. This includes walking on walls and running "in between" wall, as that is unpredictable and ruins level design. If I find a way to reproduce it easily, however, I aim to add such quirks as a "legacy bug" option. If you have any suggestions that are not here, but would fit the game, feel free to put them in #suggested-additions in my Discord Where can I download it? The links are far above! What happens now? I'll probably fix some problems you guys find in the Alpha build during the coming days, but then university will resume and I will be more busy. Development will thus slow down a fair bit in the coming weeks, but I will never simply stop. Next update is planned to implement all the remaining buildings as well as building power!
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    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    A few months back James Malloch and I had a talk about LEGO Island 2, of which he provided some information (And images!) about the canned content of it. First off, about him: Next up, about the canned content Also a few other notes: Also of note, yes some models are from IXS: For the rest of the images visit this Gallery or download the zip: https://imgur.com/a/F9cdpsb
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    Complete LRR Model collection in Stud.io+LDraw format

    So this isn't exactly a MOC, I just wanted to post as a topic that I have assembled all the models of the original LRR game and they are now available for download for everyone. This includes some Beta content, such as the Tool Station and the Beta Small Transport Truck. I'd like to include the Canteen as well, but I gotta figure out how to build that first. They have been made in order to be put into my LRR rebuild, Manic Miners Enjoy!
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    Slimy Slug

    Vehicle lights

    From the album: Overhaul Stuff

    High-poly vehicle lights with an added beam effect.
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    Knight Rider (KITT)

    The Car From Knight Rider Now Has Made Its Way Into LR2!
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    High(ish) resolution LR2 weapon icons for avatars and such

    I recently posted a texture pack for Lego Racers 2 where I upscaled all the textures in the game, I really liked the way the weapon icons came out and decided to use the Bloodhound one for my forum avatar. I hope someone else can also find a use for these icons! They could probably use cleaning up a little bit but hey, who has time for that right? They don't look anywhere near as crunchy when used as an avatar.
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    (Almost) Everything You Wanted To Know about Vehicles, Upgrades, and .ae files

    LRR vehicles are an interesting mess of an interaction between their Stats { InternalVehicleName { section in Lego.cfg and their relevant .ae file. Let’s run over the basics first: In Lego.cfg , take a look at VehicleTypes { (line 2000 or so). This is where you actually define “this is a vehicle and you should pay attention to it.” There’s some trickery going on with the Granite Grinder (internal name: WalkerDigger) that I don’t fully understand, but for everything else the format is InternalNameThatLegoCFGUses Path\To\Relevant\Folder That folder must also contain an .ae file of the same name. So Vehicles\Hoverboard must contain Hoverboard.ae . Vehicles\SMLP must contain SMLP.ae . This is what I refer to as the “ae file.” You’ll also need to define it under ObjectNames, as well as just below at ObjectTheNames; ObjectNames defines the tooltip text and ObjectTheNames defines the “You can now transport *the Tunnel Scout*“ or whatever. There’s also InterfaceBuildImages, which defines the icon, Dependencies, which says what you need to teleport it. You’ll need to add new lines to this if you’re making a new unit. There’s also ObjTtSFXs , which defines the hover-over tooltip sound, but is not necessary to get a vehicle working. Anyway, now onto the interesting stuff. THE CFG SECTION This is in the Stats { section, under InternalVehicleName (the one you defined under VehicleTypes). Browse around! If you want something super-basic with no upgrades to confuse you (highly recommended) take a look at the Tunnel Scout (SmallHeli) or Cargo Carrier (LargeCat). Here’s the contents of LargeCat { : LargeCat { ; [Carry][Scan][Speed][Drill] (No carry) (Drill???) Levels 1 RouteSpeed 01.500 SurveyRadius 0 TrackDist 80.0 CollRadius 22.0 CollHeight 25.0 PickSphere 50.0 CanBeDriven TRUE CrossWater TRUE UseWaterTeleporter TRUE ClassAsLarge TRUE CarryVehicles TRUE CostCrystal 4 EngineSound SND_Catamaran ShowHealthBar TRUE } Some of this is mentioned under Creature Modding for the Cadet. It should be pretty obvious when you take a simple example: Levels is upgrade shenanigans (more on this below) RouteSpeed is how fast it moves (tiles per second? Never bothered to quantify the units. Just look at other things) SurveyRadius is the scan radius (for the radar minimap) TrackDist is how far the pop-out tracker camera keeps away from it (you know, the one you never use because it’s on minimap mode?) CollRadius is the collision radius. LRR only handles collision as cylinders, and this is the radius. This is used for First and Second Person View, whether a Rock Monster punch actually hits the vehicle, as well as whether a laser will hit it or not. CollHeight is, as you expect, collision height. PickSphere is the radius from which it can pick things up. Mostly relevant for things like raiders and monsters, as vehicles just drive over to stuff and it goes into their bucket (more on this later). CanBeDriven implies this is a vehicle. CrossWater. Guess what this does! There’s also CrossLand and CrossLava. As you can see, if you leave out any of those it automatically assumes FALSE (this is true of most things). UseWaterTeleporter. Does it use the Docks to teleport down? ONLY use this if the vehicle CANNOT cross land (=> it’s a boat). Otherwise RRs don’t know how to get to it as they can’t walk on water to get to it. ClassAsLarge Solely used for designating things into the Small and Large Vehicles menus. CarryVehicles. This is the Cargo Carrier’s function, after all! CostCrystal, crystal cost. CostOre and CostStuds won’t do anything if you try to use that. EngineSound. Calls Sounds { to point it to the relevant file ShowHealthBar – haven’t toyed around with this I won’t explain all the parameters because a) they’re not needed and b) you should be copy-pasting out an existing vehicle and editing it as opposed to making your own from scratch! Some more interesting parameters are to do with lasers. There are many things you need to do if you want a vehicle to have a laser on it. One of these things is the lines Tracker TRUE CanDoubleSelect TRUE Just look an existing vehicle and you'll get a good idea. The next entertaining bit is to do with Levels. This has some odd behaviour. Many of the vanilla objects have sections that are not defined as they should, with extra values – fortunately LRR ignores those extra values. The Rapid Rider has 3 levels which is utterly absurd! Let’s look at the Small Digger. (FYI, a DrillTime of 0 indicates “undrillable.” Handy for lasers and when you upgrade things to get drills). SmallDigger { Levels 8 RouteSpeed 02.000:02.000:04.000:04.000:02.000:02.000:04.000:04.000 SoilDrillTime 01.000:01.000:01.000:01.000:01.000:01.000:01.000:01.000 LooseDrillTime 02.000:01.000:02.000:01.000:02.000:01.000:02.000:01.000 MedDrillTime 04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000 HardDrillTime 180.000:150.000:180.000:150.000:180.000:150.000:180.000:150.000 SeamDrillTime 08.000:04.000:08.000:04.000:08.000:04.000:08.000:04.000 MaxCarry 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 SurveyRadius 0:0:0:0:4:4:4:4 TrackDist 50.0 CollRadius 10.0 CollHeight 12.0 PickSphere 20.0 CanBeDriven TRUE CrossLand TRUE RouteAvoidance FALSE UseSmallTeleporter TRUE VehicleCanBeCarried TRUE CostCrystal 1 UpgradeCostOre 0:5:10:10 UpgradeCostStuds 0:1:2:2 ShowHealthBar TRUE EngineSound SND_SmallEngine } This now has 8 Levels! But wait, there are only four upgrades. This is because there are 8 combinations of the upgrades it gets. (That’s a lie but keep going with it until I explain more): No Upgrades Drill Only Engine Only Drill + Engine Scanner Only Drill + Scanner Engine + Scanner Drill+Engine+Scanner There, that’s 8 levels. This is just the way LRR works, as opposed to specifying EngineNoUpgradeSpeed and EngineUpgradeSpeed. One positive of this is that it means you can change what the upgrades do with extra stuff – so you could make a Loader Dozer that has its Carry upgrade go slower. (Please don’t do that, they’re slow enough as it stands). However if you now look at SmallTruck, the Transport Truck, you’ll see it has 16 levels. :S That’s funny… it only gets three upgrades, which is 8 total, right? SmallTruck { ; [Carry][Scan][Speed][Drill] (No drill) Levels 16 RouteSpeed 2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0 MaxCarry 003:003:003:003:003:003:003:003:006:006:006:006:006:006:006:006 CarryStart 000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:003:003:003:003:003:003:003:003 SurveyRadius 000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004:000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004 TrackDist 50.0 CollRadius 10.0 CollHeight 12.0 PickSphere 20.0 CanBeDriven TRUE CrossLand TRUE UseSmallTeleporter TRUE VehicleCanBeCarried TRUE CostCrystal 2 EnterToolStore TRUE UpgradeCostOre 5:5:10:0 UpgradeCostStuds 1:1:2:0 ShowHealthBar TRUE EngineSound SND_SmallEngine } And you’ll notice that several of the parameters are just duplicated: for instance look at the first and second levels, RouteSpeed 2.0:2.0 MaxCarry 003:003 CarryStart 000:000 SurveyRadius 000:000 Utterly identical! That’s because the game doesn’t determine max levels by how many upgrade combinations it has. Instead, it determines it by what the highest upgrade is. Bear with me as I explain this: Drill works like OFF:ON:OFF:ON:OFF:ON:etcetera . That is why the Small Digger looks like MedDrillTime 04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000:04.000:02.000 Off, on, off, on, off, on, etcetera. The Engine upgrade looks like OFF:OFF:ON:ON : OFF:OFF:ON:ON (added extra spaces for clarity) . Which is why the Small Transport Truck looks like RouteSpeed 2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0:2.0:2.0:3.0:3.0 The Scanner upgrade looks like OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF : ON:ON:ON:ON (again, extra spaces for clarity) . So stuff like the SmallTruck SurveyRadius 000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004:000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004 And the Carry upgrade looks like OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF:OFF : ON:ON:ON:ON:ON:ON:ON:ON Regardless of what upgrades it actually gets, you need to make sure that the sections are filled out properly. So if you want just one carry upgrade – which has only two combinations, carry on and carry off, you’ll still need to fill everything out to 16 levels. Just duplicating the stuff is fine. UpgradeCostOre and UpgradeCostStuds are the upgrade costs (surprise!). What is a little more surprising is their order. It is Carry:Scanner:Engine:Drill If you can spot why this is the case, well done you, and if you can’t, don’t worry about it. So you may have filled out the Stats section correctly but your vehicle doesn’t actually have the upgrade capability. Or you want to take an upgrade off a vehicle, and it won’t go away. This can be rationalized by thinking about the Carry upgrade, which goes up to 16. If I had Carry and Drill the numbers in SoilDrillTime would change. But there would still be numbers in SoilDrillTime anyway. How does LRR determine from that that it’s supposed to get a Drill upgrade – or not get a drill upgrade? Maybe it’s UpgradeCostOre / UpgradeCostStuds. Good guess, but it isn’t. It’s controlled in a different file entirely! … the AE file! AE files control graphics. More importantly, they control graphics in such a way that if you fail to specify graphics the function will fail to execute. Let’s take a look at the Rapid Rider (SmallCat), as it’s the simplest. It’s a bit big for me to be able to paste it out here in full. The top stuff specifies some nifty things that we’ll get to later. Scale is handy for bodging monsters. Also, all vehicles need 4 wheels or the game doesn’t know where they go. For an example of wheels not working correctly see this: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/1740-frozen-wheel-frenzy/?do=findComment&comment=34469 Then there’s some stuff about mediumpoly { and highpoly { , and in other files there’s FPPoly { , which can come in handy but isn’t necessary unless you’re trying to change the look of a vehicle (which is beyond the scope of this document). Next is Upgrades { , which we’ll get to in a moment. What we want at the moment is Activties! This specifies what the vehicle can do. So the SmallCat (Rapid Rider) has: Activities { Activity_Stand Stand Activity_Route Drive !Activity_HitLeft HitLeft !Activity_HitRight HitRight !Activity_HitFront HitFront !Activity_HitBack HitBack Activity_TeleportIN TeleportIN } The left column is an internal name for the activity. Stand means idle, Route means move, and most of them are self-explanatory (at least if English is your native language). The right column is just a label identifier for later in the file. So just below this for instance is TeleportIN { FILE SC_Teleport LWSFILE TRUE LOOPING FALSE } FILE specifies the name of the Lightwave .lws (LightWave Script) that is the animation. LWSFILE is always set to TRUE (don’t know what it does). LOOPING turns up occasionally but seems ignorable. There’s also TRANSCOEF, which seems to be a speed up/slow down parameter for the animation. 0 (and 1?) mean no change. I haven’t toyed with this but you’re welcome to. So the Rapid Rider can stand (idle), route (move), get hit, and teleport in. Not much, eh? In a lot of these cases the game defaults to the idle (or just the first? I don’t actually know) animation if you haven’t specified it – for instance, with Carry (which you can specify, at least if monsters and raiders are any judge) the game seems to know to default to the move animation. Which is nice. I don’t know what the exclamation marks do, so don’t ask me. However, the .ae also determines what a vehicle can do. If you want it to be drillable, you’ll need to add Activity_Drill. If you want it to shovel, you’ll need to add Activity_Clear. If you want it to carry vehicles, you’ll need to add the activity for that too. (Just grab it out of another vehicle’s .ae file to know what you need to do). At this point it’s worth noting the full list of vehicle functionality: carry ore and crystals carry small vehicles drill walls have a laser clear rubble scan things Until LRR 2 comes out, it is impossible for vehicles to be able to do anything else. So these are off the list, for instance: reinforcing picking up studs smooth Power Paths automatically zapping monsters on Action Stations anything that isn’t a functionality of an existing vehicle in LRR However, it is possible for one vehicle to do all of these at once! https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8467-hover-scout-upgrade/ Although curiously if a vehicle is carrying something it is unable to drill, clear rubble. Dropping the cargo enables drilling again. This is probably why the Small Digger has no Carry functionality. (This is also why the Loader Dozer carry sucks hard as it’s impossible for it to shovel whilst carrying…) However, what’s also needed are these things called nulls. These basically define where stuff goes. For instance, the Small Transport Truck has a null to define where its wheel goes. It has another null to define where the driver goes. It has another null to define where the camera goes. More usefully, it has a null to define where its resources go. Actually, it has a null to define where one resource goes. It has 8 more nulls too. Wait, 9 total? Yep. It has 3 for the initial carry. But then its 6 upgrades are in a different spot – meaning it needs more nulls for that. That’s what CarryStart does in the CFG – it specifies the null offset for carry nulls. A carry null isn’t exactly necessary as if you leave it out the resource will graphically just stay at the position you picked it up, but be with the vehicle – so you probably want one anyway. A drill null is also necessary. Not entirely sure why, but you’ll need it. These nulls are defined in the .lws file for the activity. Editing .lws files properly requires LightWave, however it’s super easy to add new nulls in Notepad!++. (I highly recommend this tool over Notepad. It’s fantastic!). You'll probably want to add your nulls to the move and stand animation, but don't bother with the Hit ones unless you really want to - the stuff will just disappear for that animation and come back when it's finished. (This is why the STT drops its cargo when hit: it doesn't have carry nulls in its hit animation!) Also, you can point multiple activties to the same file, which is nice. Take a look at SmallHeli\SH_Hover.lws . There’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff which we don’t really care about but we’re interested in the nulls. Somewhere you’ll find something like AddNullObject CAMERANULL ShowObject 8 7 ObjectMotion (unnamed) 9 2 0 17.12506 -71.58105 0 11.9 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 17.12506 -71.58105 0 11.9 0 1 1 1 30 0 0 0 0 EndBehavior 1 ParentObject 1 ShadowOptions 7 I don’t know what most of this does but I do know this much: 0 17.12506 -71.58105 0 11.9 0 1 1 1 This controls the position and probably rotation of the null. The co-ordinates are of the form X Y Z ????????????????? That is to say, “side-to-side” “up-and-down” “forward-and-back.” So you can see that this camera null is quite high up and quite far back, and I don’t know what the other numbers do. So, if we want a carry null, we might write something like this: AddNullObject CARRY_NULL ShowObject 8 7 ObjectMotion (unnamed) 9 2 0 5 -11 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 -11 0 0 0 1 1 1 30 0 0 0 0 EndBehavior 1 ShadowOptions 7 And we would paste it at the end of the null list. Pasting it in the middle causes things to break occasionally as occasionally nulls reference other things by their position in in the list, so don’t interrupt it. And we can now define it up the top of the .ae, like so CarryNullName CARRY_NULL CarryNullFrames 1 If we had multiple carry nulls we’d adjust CarryNullFrames accordingly. The same idea goes for adding a drill null! If you’re adding a null to put a laser there’s a little more work you need to do in the .ae file. Just copy and paste it from the other vehicles with lasers, but it seems you need xPivot Rotator PivotMaxZ 0.3 PivotMinZ -0.3 FireNullName Fire_Null You don’t need to make a null and call it Fire_Null. That line just needs to exist. Similarily xPivot and Rotator have nothing to do with the .lws file. There’s probably more that could be played around with here (probably allows you to mount lasers on the side of something, like yPivot, but I haven’t needed to try this). Now, what if you want upgrades? Well, even if you don’t you still need to specify what happens at the “no upgrades” level! Most of the stuff is pretty explanatory. Take a look at SmallHeli.ae : Upgrades { ; '000' represents a three bit binary number for each type of upgrade... ; All the parts in every section will be removed when any other level is selected... ; Format (No spaces are allowed in the second column: ; <Upgrade part (defined in Lego.cfg)> [TAB] <Null object name>,<Null instance (1-n)> ; Object Null ;Binary sequence order is [carry] [scan] [speed] [drill] ;therefore a vehicle with carry and speed upgrade will be 1010 Level0000 { ROTORS Blades_NULL,1 ;NO UPGRADES AS OF 9/11/98 } This defines what to put where. In the case of the SmallHeli, it’s just putting the rotors on the first Blades_Null. There’s one more thing – if you want to put a laser on a null you specify the WeaponType (from WeaponTypes { in the cfg) you want it to use after that. So BIGlaser BM_TurretNULL,1,BigLazer “What” can be anything as defined under UpgradeTypes { in the .cfg . In particularly, Sbucket is a handy bucket that you can put on a vehicle. You could mount anything on anywhere! Most of this is pretty straightforward. Copy and paste, fill out stuff as you think it’s necessary, add your new things, and so on. You’ll need to do this for every combinations of upgrade. If you leave out a combination here, it just means that when you upgrade to that combination none of the stuff that should be showing will be showing. But now! If you try out your new vehicle, it can now upgrade! Yep, whether a vehicle can upgrade or not is defined in the .ae file. It’s very easy to break this by leaving out something anywhere. If you want an example, take a look at Hover Scout Upgrade: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8467-hover-scout-upgrade/ (Still got to troubleshoot its carry upgrade…) And that’s mostly it, I think! I wrote this while tired so I may have forgotten something important EDIT: Yes, there was one more thing! The driving animations are handled somewhere entirely differently - Pilot.ae . I'm not too sure what's going on there either but if you try and copypaste an existing vehicle you should be all good.
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    Transparency Sorting

    Recently, I've been struggling with a transparency sorting issue that sometimes comes up in my models. It doesn't happen all the time. I first noticed it with a glow effect I've been using where, sometimes, the bright glow would appear very dull. Here's what it looks like: I thought I messed up the texture properties, but I realized that the texture is actually not modified. It's appearing under the 1x1 round stud, which has its own transparency. You can notice a slight halo of the glow texture. The two lasers in this picture have the exact same textures and surface properties, so the only thing left was the geometry. I found the problem and fixed it. The problem is the order of groups in the geometry itself. I use Milkshape to make stuff, and you can change the group order. I never understood why I would ever do this, but now I realize it's how the program sorts things when using Simple transparency (this is an option in Milkshape's 3D viewport). I think LRR must use this same sort of transparency. I moved the glow's group to the end of the list, exported as LWO, and it fixed the problem. Here's where you can check this yourself: Here, "eyes" is the 1x1 stud, and "eyeglow1" is the glow effect. I confirmed that Milkshape sorts groups from back to front, starting with the first group in the list. If you want something to appear in front of something else, move it lower in the list. You can probably use Milkshape to preview this effect as well. It seems to be accurate to the game.
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    Tunnel Tranpsort Minigame: Download Available!

    I created a Rock Raider Minigame called Tunnel Transport Minigame. I need to fix it up a bit but I will hopefully soon post it so that you can play it. You fly around a cavern, collecting 24 crystals at different levels of difficulty. You try to stay away from the walls as they will bounce you away and take off health. It has a Main Menu, music from the Playstation Rock Raiders game, and cheat codes. You can also find ore that will boost your health. I am aiming to create several other Rock Raider Minigames. You can suggest ideas on this thread: Have Fun! Download Links: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/misc/tunnel-transport-minigame-03-r334/ Copyrights? < Someone correct me if I don't have to do this. Rocks font <https://www.dafont.com/rocks-g.font Tunnel Transport model, Bat model and Walls texture are from the Baz's mod Wads, rendered by me. Crystal and Ore models are from https://mecabricks.com/ If I don't need to list those things it would be helpful for somebody to correct me.
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    Interview with one of the LEGO Rock Raiders Designers

    Hello everyone, I have this very cool opportunity to be in contact with one of the designers who created/worked on the theme "LEGO RockRaiders". I planned a meeting with him to talk about the theme, as I'm a very big fan myself, and I thought I would involve you by forwarding some questions you guys could have. When I organized the meeting with him he was very pleased to encounter someone who loves the theme and hear that there is a whole community around the game! I forwarded him the link of the forum so who knows, he might create an account! What is this post for: The idea of this post is to give you the opportunity to write the questions you have so I can forward then to the designer, I will update this post as we go along so you can see the list of questions I will bring to the "interview". So this post should eventually have a list of questions and later on a list of answers for each questions. I will eventually close this topic once we received all the answers (unless he accepts to answer more questions in which case I will update this post again). Please note the following: - I can not ensure that any of the questions will be answered as they might revolve around confidential information in which case I hope you can understand that the designer will not answer that question. - If many of you have questions and the list of questions becomes to long, I won't be able to take them all into account (I don't think he will accept to answer to many questions so I'll have to reject some...). - I'll do my best to get everyone involved, if you think any question should be changed or removed, we can discuss it - The list of questions might change when new questions are appearing. I hope we will get interesting answers and I look forward to read your questions! Cheers, Colinou Questions I will bring with me and ask the designer: Question 1: How and when did development of what would become the Rock Raiders theme originate, which sets did you work on? Question 2: How much collaboration was there, with respect to set design, between LEGO Futura and Data Design Interactive ? (A) why did some buildings/vehicles appear in the games but not as sets? B) were any of those unreleased builds planned to be released? C) how much input did you have on the game? D) aside from rock monsters, were there any other monsters designed by LEGO Futura or any of the creatures in the games that were meant to be in sets?) Question 3: What prototype or unused builds for the theme were there, is there any conceptual artwork or general design materials you might be able to share for the sake of research and archival? Question 4: A few sources have indicated a second wave of Rock Raiders sets was originally planned for the theme (not to be confused with the promotional Japanese Kabaya sets or the Mini Heroes Collection in 2000), is there any truth to these speculations? Question 5: There is an image from an early beta build depicting blue crystals in-game, a number of beta screenshots showed that the interface elements used blue crystals at some point as well. And we also know the red energy crystals seen in the PS1 version of the game were blue during development. Do you know why the crystals changed from blue to yellow/green? Question 6: What made the team choose to go from grey or silver roll cages on some vehicles to brown? Like the blue crystal, there's plenty of evidence that makes me think the decision happened later in development. Question 7: How did you create the various objects and animations in the game, did you use Lightwave? Some people in the community have tried Lightwave 5 but it doesn't seem to work very well. Textures don't like to appear and the interface seems extremely primitive. Version 8 works best for what we do now. Answers from the designer: Answers...
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    (Almost) Everything You Wanted To Know about Vehicles, Upgrades, and .ae files

    I'm still reading through the first post, so I'll add addendums here and keep editing until I get through all of it. I'm finished. PickSphere is used for the size of the selection box around units, as well as their collision for the mouse. If you set it to zero, you cannot directly click on the unit to select it. You must click and drag. Generally, units pick up things either by putting their origin directly over the object's origin (trucks picking up materials), or by putting a specific null on the target object's origin (monsters, Cargo Carrier). But I remember that, sometimes, units don't need to move to pick up nearby materials if they are close enough. Maybe it uses CollRadius. I haven't tested that. An easier way to explain the vehicle upgrade system, if you understand binary, is to consider that upgrades are (probably) stored as four bits. If 0000 is the beginning state of the vehicle, then 0100 is an upgraded state. It goes like [Carry][Scan][Speed][Drill], so that upgrade state is a vehicle with a scanner and nothing else. 1001 means it has a carry and drill upgrade. 1111 means it has everything. Since Carry is first, you can ignore it if the vehicle has no carrying ability. That's why the SmallDigger has eight levels and the SmallTruck has sixteen. 0111 is 7 in decimal, and 1000 is 8. The SmallDigger's level variable will never go higher than 7, so you don't need to specify anything further than that. This is false but I wish it were true. Any driver nulls you see are unused. The driver is always positioned at the origin and his animations are manually synced to the vehicle's. This is extremely annoying as it means I have to copy a blank raider to a new vehicle, position him, tie him to the null I'm using to animate the vehicle, then delete the vehicle (without deleting that animation null) and export the raider animation. I can't just sit a raider at the origin. Repeat this for each of the vehicle's animations. If you ever looked into Time Raiders' files, you might see LWS files like "DigTankDrillCombined.lws". Anything with "combined" is one of these vehicle-with-raider animations I saved before deleting either the vehicle or the raider. If I ever make revisions to the vehicle's animations, I use this file. The game checks to see if this null collides with a wall to know when to start drilling it. It has to be out far enough because the null rides up the wall... sometimes. The specifics are still unknown to me. Some vehicles like to ride up walls and others don't. There are also differences between first and third person drilling. X Y Z H P B X Y Z X position, Y position (height), Z position, horizontal rotation (clockwise positive), pitch (downwards positive), roll (anticlockwise positive, labeled as B for some reason), X scale, Y scale, Z scale These values do correspond to an LWS file. They are used by the laser object that gets tacked onto the vehicle. Rotator is a null that is a parent of every object in the animation, but you can use anything from the animation as long as everything else is a descendent of it. Fire_Null is where the laser shot is spawned. These MUST be specified correctly or the laser will not work right. It will not rotate and it will not create the laser shot, but it may still fire if you click. Usually the laser sound plays and nothing else happens. I don't remember ever messing with yPivot. The funny thing about this is that, up until recently, I thought this was true. It's actually false, which sucks. Activities merely allow you to specify an animation for a given activity. The actual activities are hard coded by object type. I discovered this when trying to make a raider type that could only do a limited number of things. I will post my findings here because CYREM HID HIS TOPIC FROM PUBLIC VIEW -------------------------------------------------------------------- There's something interesting about raider types that all of you should know if you decide to pursue your own additional raiders in the future. It seems like the activities that objects can do are not limited by the Activities listed in the object's AE file. The real factors are a combination of CFG entries and (assuming) hard code. I created a brand new raider type with only a few basic activities to see if it was possible to limit what it could do, but the game doesn't ignore missing activities. So while this new raider will pick up and drop materials as expected, since it has the right activities and animations... ...it will also drive vehicles even though there's no activity. Also, things like teleportation and training/upgrades happen instantly since there's no animation defined (which is specified by the activity). The result is a floating robot that does everything much more quickly than the standard raider.
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    (Vote Now!) LEGO Racers 20th Competition Entries

    The LEGO Racers 20th Anniversary is now closed, which means we're now on to the part where you can show your support for the entry you liked the most. Pick your favourite now! We'd also like to take the moment to thank all those who put in the time to make something and enter the competition @JimbobJeffers @DRY1994 @Agent2583 @Jugebox98. You all put in such stellar effort into you entries and deserve a round of applause! And a shout out to @RandomGuy0099 because those Big Rigs replicas are really great even though we won't be able to accept them into the competition as they were made some time ago, thank you for sharing though! To see the entries again: LEGO Racers Diorama LEGO Racers: A Race for Old Time's Sake + Stickers Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Reunion Menu Theme Remix!! PS. Entrants, you can put a vote on either your own or someone else's if you desire to.
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    Some interesting Bug (crash)

    Well while streaming/playing LRR i had some interesting bug. I use a original LRR German cd (it's Brown) with the no CD patch from the Forum. Win 7 This mod And this Fix AND the Audio Fix (From the Link of the dgVoodoo fix) Well her is the Bug. https://www.twitch.tv/icsleep/clip/PeppyTenaciousSquidSpicyBoy?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
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    Hello everyone!

    Ive been a lurker for the past 5 years, fine time I started talking. I'm a graphic artist, writer, video/sound editor and avid Lego/LRR fan. Recently I have been helping out the modding community with graphics for their LRR mods and remakes, as well as sounds, MOCs concepts, and remastering the original PC Lego Rock Raiders soundtrack. I just need to start posting them here, lol.
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    LEGO Racers Diorama

    Cheers! First the models were built in LEGO Digital Designer, then I used @M2m's converter to bring them into Blender where I posed them. I set up custom materials for the models using the Principled BSDF shader, including a tiny bit of subsurface scattering which breathes a little life into the bricks. Then the meshes were edited a bit, mainly to add bevels to the edges for realism. The ground is a tiled texture from Poliigon which I sculpted large lumps into. For the finer details I used a displacement map, which modifies the mesh on a much more precise level. For the foliage I placed a bunch of objects in LDD, converted them and set up the materials. Then it was a simple case of duplicating them around the scene with slight rotations. I always use an HDRi for lighting and usually some additional lights too, but for this scene the environment lighting was enough. The camera is set up roughly following basic composition techniques like the rule of thirds. A focal point is set with an aperture for depth-of-field as well as a focal length to get a dynamic shot. I considered adding motion blur but decided that to fit the theme of a child taking a photo, it wouldn't make sense, which was great anyway as it's less work for me After countless test renders and constant tweaking to until I was mostly happy (there comes a point where you have to kick out the perfectionist inside!), I sent it to a render farm which spits out a number of different passes that I can use in post-processing. After that a ton of further work is done in Photoshop. Corrections such as fixing "fireflies" (bright white pixels in the render) come first, then I paint in smoke/dust and add mist. Next I use the Nik Collection plugin to do a bunch of colour work which really transforms the image - while it's best to get colours, lighting, etc in the initial render looking as close to the final piece as possible, there's always more that can be done in Photoshop and it's sometimes easier. Finally I'll add a vignette and camera imperfections: film grain, lens distortion and chromatic aberration. Funny enough they're things that real photographers work hard to remove from photos, while CG artists do the opposite to try and get their art looking more realistic haha. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful? Blender can be a bit daunting, but the latest 2.8 update included a huge change to the interface and it's more accessible to new users now.
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    Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Reunion

    Using Gmod, I decided to create a reunion party for the Lego Racers characters. It was hosted in the Backlot Map happily made by Xiron and Mr Red. It's most of the characters doing antics. The Addon Pack was also made by Xiron. Oh yeah, one of the models used is the Rocket Racers car made by Kirbyguy. Links to the Workshop packs made by Xiron https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446871335 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546722527 Link to the Rocket Racer's Car: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616368402
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    Mighty Miners

    That is unusual. What's happening is that all of the buttons are covered up by the "veil", that's supposed to prevent you from selecting levels lower down that what you've unlocked (those buttons should be non-interactable anyway, its main job is to put the message saying how to unlock the next tier in the correct place). I had noticed some discrepancies between how the veil was placed when testing in-editor and how it was placed in the actual build, but I didn't expect it to get that bad. I'm pretty sure, though, that it's an aspect ratio thing - try setting the window to a wider resolution for now, and I'll put "make the level select veil not aspect-ratio dependent" on my list. Custom levels aren't playable on a given file until you've unlocked excavation and free play modes by beating two levels. Once you've done that, two arrow buttons should pop up on the sides, and you can get to your custom levels by clicking the left one. Obviously I didn't expect such an egregious obstacle to clearing two levels in the first place. When editing a level, you can place starting buildings and miners by clicking on the "objects" button on the right. Note that the only things you can currently place are Tool Stores and basic Miners - no other buildings or vehicles (yet). Also, you can't rotate them - they will always face directly up. Keep this in mind when choosing where to put your Tool Store, and leave the tile directly above it clear so it can lay down it's starting power path properly. Unit placement is probably the most blatantly unfinished part of the level editor and is only barely functional, but it does work. I found my save data under AppData/LocalLow/RocketJumpingSpiders, so I'd recommend looking in that direction. Update: I looked into the aspect ratio issue, and turns out it's really easy to fix. Hotfix incoming - please wait warmly Update 2: Hotfix done and uploaded! Follow this new link to download the fixed version: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=29274243&i=4320487
  29. 1 point

    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    We might as well call it a Halloween-Christmas edition then.
  30. 1 point

    Arthuriel's Amazing Art (Un)Adventures!

    You may know me via the recreation of the L.M.S. Explorer in different scales (including 1:1) or the Insane Raiders comics, which are insane, but believe me: the Rock Raiders in the game LEGO Rock Raiders try to challenge Homer Simpson for title of being the dumbest fictional person. So what am I doing creativewise at the moment? Will the Insane Raiders come back? Will they crawl out of the grave or the chimney during some Halloween or Christmas special (or both. Nightmare before Christmas is the proof for this XD)? Well, that I don't know, but I wondered if I could make more elaborate pictures instead of many simple pictures (my comics) and so decided to do that as a training. As a start I decided to draw the avatars of two users based on their current avatars. The first one is someswedish's orange dragon with a pink afro and the second one is Ben24x7's mining cat: After that I recreated a LEGO MOC (a figurine called "Electra"), that I did years ago, in some sort of superhero fashion/style. There is also experimentation with the shading (also sorry in case, that the eyes etc. look weird): Then I wondered, if I should do something really detailed based on a more well known franchise. For that I provide a bit of background: You may see a character in a clear pose, that can be described as an arch for example. That is called a "line of action". I thought about ways, how to emphasize (the length of) such a line and then I remembered the Viera from the Final Fantasy series, that can be described as tall humans with rabbits ears. No no, please don't run away (in case you have an aversion to furry stuff). It will all make sense (or fall apart in a hilarious fashion or a really awful one, that nobody dares to mention decades afterwards)! I wanted to do some sort of cool samurai pose, but it didn't work out (it just didn't look right) and so I just went with a rather boring standing pose, but at least I learned about designing a plate armour (based on the armour/"armour" from the character Fran. Why do I mention plate armour? Well: In general the Viera aren't dressed in a practical fashion (it can be described as skimpy), which made me wonder, how a Viera knight would look like (since they seem more about professions like dancing etc. and a knight is a nice change). To be fair: The end result with the ears and hair isn't really practical, but at least it's memorable (the goggles do nothing! ; ) ). I also made a version without the ears and hair, which looks more like a regular knight: Then I went the opposite way in regards to the graphical style (doing something very simple for a change) and combined the Prince from the Katamari Damacy series with his Katamari (the ball thing) and Link with Ezlo (the bird cap) from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. The theme: When tiny heroes meet (to be fair: everyone and everything, that's being rolled up by the Prince, will be crushed by the pressure of the surrounding objects and then turned into a hot plasma/star in the sky, which sounds like a horrible fate (hint: it is), but least you will glow in the dark (also day, if the viewer is close enough)!): Update (2019-09-01): Sonic the Hedgehog In case you want to know, where you can find my stuff: Here is my deviantart account: https://www.deviantart.com/arthuriel And here is my twitter account: https://twitter.com/_Arthuriel_ Obviously I am also on RRU (and also on Discord). Of course I am still learning since proportions can be of or a pose too boring etc. and me trying do this faster since I am not really fast at the moment, but I try to improve. One thing, that I am thinking about, is doing this on a more professional level (paid commissions?). At least I am curious, how it is and while my art isn't the best it's certainly not the worst, so maybe people are interested in that. For that I will probably have to work on stuff like a price list etc. since I haven't done that yet and also trying to have a bigger reach (or a reach at all). The last point also the reason for the word "(Un)Adventure" in the blog title.
  31. 1 point

    Pass the Torch

    I came up this idea by my own but honestly I didn't viewed EVERY SINGLE game which is currently on so I apogolise if this is just knock off from some other game In this game there's us carrying the torch and we have to pass it each other. But it's not that easy: everyone meets some kind of hazard in their way! The next person tries to think the way how to encounter it that our torch doesn't exhaustion itself. Use your imagination and rich the story I don't care how you describe things but ctrl+v things might help the newcomers and people which aren't good at English (like me :DD). Here's example: General rule is that torch can't be exhausted and it never run out the fuel. That helps this game to run as far it can I'll update the rules if there's something I din't bring up clearly or there's grey areas Are we good? Let's start!! Jugebox98 found the burning torch and he started to carrying it. On Jugebox98's way he found: Rock Monster's Cave
  32. 1 point

    Pass the Torch

    Fortunately Rock Monsters are scared of bright lights, so they all hid in the shadows and watched the flaming torch pass by. Jugebox98 made it to the Support Station and passed over the torch to aidenpons whilst eating sandwiches. Aidenpons took the torch along, but the tunnel had been blocked by a landslide. A LANDSLIDE HAS OCCURED
  33. 1 point

    Run Soccer Mania without CD

    LEGO Soccer Mania (Football Mania) runs pretty well on Windows 10. I couldn't see any mention about running LEGO Soccer Mania without a disc so I thought this method is worth a mention because it's simple and doesn't require any no-cd game fixes. Locate your installation directory. (e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Soccer Mania) On your CD, copy the entire "Mania" folder and paste it in the Soccer Mania install directory above. Create a shortcut to "Game.exe" (found inside the installation directory). In the Properties dialog for the shortcut, add: Mania\CD\ to the end of the Target field like this. You're done, you can start the game from this shortcut and you'll no longer need the CD to play.
  34. 1 point
    Slimy Slug

    Blue Crystal Cutscene Render

    From the album: Slug's Gallery

    This image is taken from a commercial for the PS1 version of LEGO Rock Raiders.
  35. 1 point

    On the first day of RRU...

    (Sorry I have to break this game a little: to @Ben24x7: I just looked that "hey this looks fun" and not realized, until I posted own reply, that this was almost 5 years old post :DD IDK do people take part on these "forum games" anymore? Also don't be shamed on this because this is good game/idea at least in my opinion )
  36. 1 point

    A question about Ice Planet Pathway

    dy_enforcer is correct, it depends on the keyboard, not the game itself.
  37. 1 point
    Slimy Slug

    Mighty Miners

    Yep that did it. Works fine now.
  38. 1 point

    Interview with one of the LEGO Rock Raiders Designers

    You covered many of the questions I had already. 1) What made the team choose to go from grey or silver roll cages on some vehicles (just like your avatar, Colinou) to brown? Like the blue crystal, there's plenty of evidence that makes me think the decision happened later in development. 2) How did you create the various objects and animations in the game with Lightwave? Some of us here have tried Lightwave 5, but it doesn't seem to work very well. Textures don't like to appear and the interface seems extremely primitive. Version 8 works best for what we do now. 3) Is your last name based on a color, like Karl White and Stewart Green?
  39. 1 point

    Lego Racers 1 [Remastered]

    yea i actually want to release an early alpha or beta version of it, but first i need some people to work with me. Actually i don't want to make a new game but remaster the version of Lego racers 1 and i remember there was a topic about HD version of lego racers but the creator vanished and didn't come back to it. so i actually want to start something fresh. i would later make a progress on it and i don't want to steal anyone's project by just saying "Guys i maded a new version of lego racers 1" and only got HD and 16:9 widescreen vision that already exists. So yeah about the music i lastly listened to lego racers 1 theme remix it would be actually great to ask him about the permission to get his music in the main menu for my modification. i never give up if i have to finish something big . your right, but i have big plans for it and first i need to get my modding tools back i will than show you a screenshot how this will look like. i don't want to give up like some people do on this forum
  40. 1 point

    LEGO Racers Diorama

    That’s exactly the kind of work I feel happy that the converter helps to support! Great render !
  41. 1 point

    LEGO Racers Diorama

    I hope this picture will win this competition I was showing this to my friends and they said this to be very well done. They asked me how this was made and I couldn't tell. Can you tell us how you made this?
  42. 1 point

    Manic Miners: A complete rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    This is epic, great work, especially the usability changes you've made like the icons on the drill walls. Neat upscaling job on the textures too!
  43. 1 point

    Mighty Miners

    Awesome, there's nothing to feel awkward about as this is a great project standing on its own! Where are you going to be getting the textures from? Texture libraries like Poliigon can be used in commercial projects if that's the end game
  44. 1 point

    Mighty Miners

    I mean, the only difference between this and Manic Miners was that I put all my bugs under a Discord server where they are fixed, a patch comes out, and then the bugs are buried under miles of text (usually more bugs found by me. ), whereas yours stay in a post available for all to clearly see. I did try again in a different resolution which worked!. I haven't yet played enough (only a couple of the early missions) to know what I'm doing or make a full evaluation, but some things I'm sure you're aware of: - you cannot tell miners to directly pick up dynamite, which kinda sucks - Dirt is too similar to Ground for my liking, although I understand you're revamping the textures - when trying to place buildings, if the power path (the "not building" bit, the bit that's the extra Power Path) is not valid it shows up as red correctly, but if it is valid it doesn't show up at all (which can be a little confusing) I'm impressed with how far this has gone! Hidden caverns, vehicles, priorities (which I have not yet tried to break), and an impressive AI. I can't help but feel that it's too similar to LRR, especially if you're trying to create something different that you might be able to eventually commercialize. There just didn't seem to be anything that wasn't in LRR already - and the levels didn't hint at anything that wasn't a part of LRR (I noticed an explicit mention to slugs and IIRC there was erosion in too). That's not bad, and it's nice to get that LRR feel, but for something new it didn't feel like it had enough that wasn't LRR. I will hopefully write a little more when I've played it a bit more!
  45. 1 point

    Hi-Res LEGO Racers 2 Reskins

    Sparky: Download [UPDATED]: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/410 More to come, stay tuned!
  46. 1 point

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    The following creations were built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Lego Racers computer game. Pieces new and old have come together to form these newly revised versions of the 8 boss cars. Please enjoy! 1) Captain Redbeard As you can see, Captain Redbeard's new ride uses the microbuild of his ship from set #40290 as a base fo this off-road beast of a racer. But it still retains the large exhausts and rear mounted pirate flag from his original car. The sails make this the tallest vehicle in the collection so far. . 2) King Kahuka King Kahuka's new ride is an improvement over the original. The wheels in the game's intro are yellow while in-game, they're white so the wheels on this new version is both yellow and white. The car retains such details as the spears on the front, the horns on the front and of course, the stone head motif on the back. With added exhaust pipes and a "Bone Bumper" on the front. 3) Basil The Batlord Basil's new ride is a much more powerful looking version of his old car with a larger than life engine. I even used some older Technic wheels on the back. They were looking kinda redundant in my collection and I thought they matched the front wheels nicely so I put them to use. I also really wanted to use these dragon wing pieces on this car and I thought the rear spoiler was the perfect use for them. The old black jet engine piece has been extended by 2 grooved 2x2 round cylinder bricks. 4) Johnny Thunder A major improvement over the original. Making good use of new mudguards and Speed Champions wheels. Includes the old Adventurers printed numberplate piece on both the front and rear. Those jet exhausts make this thing look mighty. And this isn't the only car in the collection to use them. Even the front makes the car look chunky and rugged. Also includes indicators. As if you need them on the racetrack.... 5) Baron Von Barron Now, this one is completely different from the large jeep he drives in the first game. Instead, Baron Von Barron's new racer takes inspiration from set #5920 Island Racer that the Baron drives in the 2nd game and an old fighter plane. The plane inspiration continues around the back. And look at those exhausts... The propeller is powered by the engine but luckily, the car doesn't take off. That'd result in instant disqualification! 6) Gypsy Moth The veteran pilot of the alien Insectoids gets a truly outrageous car inspired by the Insectoids theme itself. With 6 wheels, pincers at the front and a cybernetic abdomen, Gypsy Moth's new racer looks more like an ant than a car. And still has the exhaust at the back like the original car. 7) Rocket Racer Rocket Racer's revamped car is a brilliant new design that echoes the original. Speed Champions wheels and a slighlty forward leaning stance makes this supercar sleek and eye-catching. The windshield is on 4 jumper plates to make sure it doesn't look too far forward or back. Also notice that the Rocket Racer minifigure is custom printed by Minifigs.me. It may have cost a packet but boy, the fit and finish is superb! Veronica Voltage Veronica Voltage's new car is basically a big improvement over the original. Much smoother than the old car. Also, exhaust pipes. For aggression. The wide tyres complete the look of the rear. The front headlights on the original are made up of rare chrome silver pieces. This new one uses a much easier and cost efficient method. Like Rocket Racer, Veronica Voltage is a custom printed minifigure courtesy of Minifigs.me. So, what do you guys think of this lot?
  47. 1 point

    Need Help: Lego Football Mania on Windows 10

    I got it to work on my windows 8 machine by running unsafedisk on it (in a winxp vm, it didn't work on win8). To get it fully working without a disk, you need to copy the 'CD' folder from the disk to your hard drive and then launch the game by starting game.exe with that copied dir as an argument (similar to how you would run IXS without a disk, except football mania has no 'CDC' folder). I'm not 100% sure if this will work on win10 as well though.
  48. 1 point

    Sandy Bay Overhead

    From the album: LR2 Stuff

    Overhead shot of Sandy Bay
  49. 1 point

    LEGO PC Games 2

    From the album: LEGO Album

    Just some games in my collection.
  50. 1 point
    The Ace Railgun

    The (slightly disturbing) Running Man

    Umm... Slightly disturbing? Is today Opposite Day?
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