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    [I initially planned to post this in response to the video back when it had just come out, but I didn't want to sound like I was unfairly attacking somebody else's work just because of an internal fear] I think I've developed a fear of joke videos over the past year (thanks, jump-scares) because when this initially popped up on RRU, I was genuinely terrified of watching the video, despite the fact it was completely harmless. In short, here's a guy-who-draws-things' representation of how I initially responded to the video: [For the record, I have watched the video (after making the above .gif), and I'm sorry for making stupid assumptions based on an unimportant "personal risk"]
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    Download link has been added to the first post. RRU has been quiet lately. I figured I should share what I've done with Time Raiders so far since it's been many years since the last official partial release. This is my current TR build in progress, as-is, no refunds. I took the last week to make it "presentable" for all of you. Some things are very obviously not finished, but much of the game's elements are playable as intended. The most complete things are raiders and vehicles. There are five raider classes that have slightly different stats. Specialized raiders cannot be teleported in missions, but you might start with them in some levels. Time Raider: normal. Scout: slightly smaller and faster that is unhindered by rubble and holds fewer tools. Technician: larger radar range, otherwise normal. Bruiser: larger and slower than the others but fires lasers extremely quickly (animations very incomplete). Mech Elite: all around better stats and can walk through water. You can preview all of them in the debug area of "The First Minute" or at the start of "The Walk of Life". Vehicle designs are almost all done. Some, like the Digtank, have finished designs but don't have updated animations yet. Others, like the Transport Buggy and Wave Master, are 100% complete. Most will at least have their basic functionality, whether that's carrying materials (Transport Buggy, Armored Transport Truck, Wave Rebel), drilling (Digtank, Wave Master, Unraveler), or zapping monsters (Assault Cruiser, Howitzer). Upgrades are available for some vehicles, but I'm still working out which ones will get which upgrades. The Assault Cruiser and Transport Buggy have one upgrade each if you want to try them. There are two levels that are considered complete for the kind of gameplay I want. Try "The First Minute" and "Crossing the Rift." The former is basically Driller Night. The latter is a basic crystal collection mission that requires you to build a Docks. You can test the Wave Master's drilling ability here. There are some walls on the coast that can be mined with it. Please note that clearing rubble does not generate ore here and raiders cannot clear rubble without Bulldozers. This is intended for the rest of the game and I want to hear your feedback on this. You can also try "Familiar Faces," but I think it's a bit too easy. Getting 100% is more difficult. There is a debug room to the west of the starting area in The First Minute that can be accessed by using debug key Num+. to break the walls. That room contains nearly every vehicle and building in the game along with each terrain type. There is a monster emerge and trigger to the south of the buildings and inactive monsters in a cavern to the southeast. You can find the Rockwhale there. A note on Command Ships The Tool Store for this game is a miniaturized spaceship that can move around. Some missions allow it to be mobile while others do not. You can tell if it's mobile for a mission if it moves off of its starting pad on its own. You may also run into other friendly command ships while playing. Jacred, one of the commanders stationed on the LDS Geloden, can be found and will help you by picking up materials and acting as a mobile teleport pad. These ships are the only vehicles that can move across lava. Also be careful when constructing buildings if your Command Ship is over water or lava. It will dump the barriers and materials into the liquid and render them unusable. You instantly fail any mission if the Command Ship is destroyed or teleported out. Command ships are made mobile by making the building drive either the Hoverboard (for building ToolStation) or JacredBase (for building Geo-Dome) in a level's OL file. A note on spawning vehicles All vehicles have an OxygenRate parameter now. This means you need to build more Support Stations in order to teleport them in, and having too many vehicles will prevent you from bringing in more raiders. The game will not tell you if you do not have enough oxygen to spawn a vehicle. It will simply not spawn until you build more Support Stations. Those buildings are much cheaper now in order to balance things out, and they may be resized so you can fit more of them in the caverns. Oxygen itself is being renamed as well. What you can do to help Level design is my weakest area. Play around with the raiders and vehicles and see what works. I have changed many of the game's levels already, so you might make changes to those existing levels instead of creating new ones. I'm also not a great 2D artist, but I'm trying to get better with textures.
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    Been a while since an update. Might as well post this. https://streamable.com/8mdez
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    I suspect that the cfg Axel linked to would solve a lot of the crash issues with the current version of the mod. That file above all else is extremely finicky. Except this mod's cfg seems more so than usual. @Cirevam Yes the damage values can be changed on an upgrade level basis and it does in fact work. After further testing this last night, I have successfully determined that the RockFallIn values are multiplied by between 51.7 and 51.99. Hence why setting a cfg value under RockFallIn to 1.0 results in 52 damage. In-game however, it displays -51 once the landslide ceases. The explanation I have for this is that the damage number sprite is not being rounded up while the actual damage taken by an object is rounded. Either way whatever number you put gets multiplied by a number in the range I outlined. @paperpanzer Actually that's not a bug. That was intentionally done by Axel to allow Raiders to enter the STT with items. The reason you can't drop it is because the game would explode upon the Raider exiting the driver seat and realizing his precious loot was gone. It would be more realistic if that item got treated like the STT had picked up, which would make this far more feasible. In the end, there's probably a reason TakeCarryingDrivers was disabled for this vehicle to begin with. If you want to remove this functionality yourself, you can remove one line from the STT's stats section in the cfg: SmallTruck { ; [Carry][Scan][Speed][Drill] (No drill) Levels 16 RouteSpeed 4.0:4.0:8.0:8.0:4.0:4.0:8.0:8.0:4.0:4.0:8.0:8.0:4.0:4.0:8.0:8.0 MaxCarry 003:003:003:003:003:003:003:003:006:006:006:006:006:006:006:006 CarryStart 000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:003:003:003:003:003:003:003:003 SurveyRadius 000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004:000:000:000:000:004:004:004:004 TrackDist 50.0 CollRadius 10.0 CollHeight 12.0 PickSphere 20.0 CanBeDriven TRUE CrossLand TRUE UseSmallTeleporter TRUE VehicleCanBeCarried TRUE CostCrystal 4 EnterToolStore TRUE TakeCarryingDrivers TRUE RubbleCoef 1 UpgradeCostOre 50:5:20:0 UpgradeCostStuds 10:1:4:0 ShowHealthBar TRUE EngineSound SND_SmallEngine OxygenCoef -1.5 } This is an example taken from my own mod. Remove the line TakeCarryingDrivers line or set it to FALSE to prevent them from entering the vehicle while carrying. Probably should remove it myself for that matter, heh. As for building studs, I believe this is an exe thing. I have not looked into this much but I think this is regulated in the exe.
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    Hello, I'm still alive and lurking. This is the first video I had the chance to upload in a while, since I've been studying like crazy for the past few months. But now I finally have some time to get back to making music and uploading videos! This is a pretty simple EDM track inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic, hope you'll enjoy.
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    [12:53 PM] Tweesee, M.D.: Looking through TLG's twitter [12:53 PM] Tweesee, M.D.: looking at who they follow [12:53 PM] Tweesee, M.D.: >dril [12:53 PM] Tweesee, M.D.: > a bunch of furries [12:53 PM] Tweesee, M.D.: what [1:04 PM] Ayliffe: man the chima reboot's lookin weird huh [4:11 PM] keeper of socks: Dril Wint and the Seven Furries
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    Hi all! I always missed something from my childhood....finishing this game.... It was buggy, laggy, glitchy back then, and got forgotten for long.... Today, a recommended youtube video pops up, and all the nostalgia comes back: I never finished more than like...six missions...It was unplayable as I remember, but could have been a good game, just needed some modding I guess... So when I learned, it can actually be modded, I grabbed the old ISO, and now I'm installing it this very moment.... Oh I'm so excited!!! Finally a working version, so my broken childood finally got resolved!!! Thank you for all the effort put into this ancient game gem, I gonna try out some mods right away. Some "quality of life" improvements might come in handy.....
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    Download TRSFS here: -------------------------------------- Time Raiders The LDS Geloden, a defense vessel employed by the Rock Raiders United organization, responded to a distress call from the LMS Explorer that was disabled in an asteroid field. They arrived at the coordinates but found nothing, not even asteroids. It was like everything there was moved somewhere else. The ship spent some time doing deep scans and eventually called off the search. They spooled up the wormhole generator used for FTL travel, but the fabric of space was still affected by the wormhole that had manifested there not long ago. The force of two wormholes on top of each other created a rift in the universe itself and sucked the entire ship into the borderworlds, transcending time and space. Now the crew of the Geloden try to traverse the strands of time in order to get back to the universe. Energy crystals and Ore don't exist. Instead there are Time Spheres and Protoss. Time Spheres are used to alter the flow of time, which allows them to reverse entropy. Eventually they learn that the spheres can be used to change the past, which grants them access to strange technologies that are clearly their own, but they didn't know they had. D E E P L O R E Classes Defense Equipment Building Tech Tree Vehicular Stuff Monsters Levels Characters The Wizard - Does what Chief does. He knew of Chief, but did not personally know him. Tempus - Anomaly expert, will guide you through early tutorials, does general voiceovers. Blast - Weapons expert, quartermaster. does some vehicle and weapon voiceovers, sounds like ACKNOWLEDGED! Endeck - Mineral analyst, does the "A Time Sphere has been located" voiceover, and for when you discover something. Is a Rama. Gimme more ideas if you want. Completed Things Jacred (Command Ship) Transport Buggy Wave Master Assault Cruiser Armored Transport Truck Nearly Complete (active development) Wave Rebel - finishing animations Schneider (Command Ship) - final effects pass explosion animation needed Dark Slug - A few more animations are needed
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    As Ben said above, yep, things always get buried in chats, and that's one of several reasons we encourage people to post things on the forum. Ben already covered some of the other reasons too. We may add more channels in the future but the chat isn't intended to take over the forum's purpose.
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Infomaniac. His sense of humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of lego building bricks™ physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also The Infomaniac's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from legos in space, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike The Infomaniac truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in The Infomaniac's existencial catchphrase "Green Red Brick, You stay" which itself is a cryptic reference to how he became it with the island I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Wes Jenkins genius unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a The Infomaniac tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.
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    Don't settle for imitations. Throw away that tired old Google search engine and start using RRU's search. 80% more accurate results delivered to your Tool Store, today! https://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/14-modding-tools/
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    Some footage that I recorded from the PS2 version of IXS. Enjoy!
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    v0.9.6.6 ------------------------------------------------------ Pick an OS, download and unzip anywhere. I recommend that you delete any previous version before unzipping. For Windows and Linux, the "data" folder needs to be in the same root folder as the executable ------------------------------------------------------ What's New: Various bug fixes Added opt-out for analytics Added bug reporting system Updates for independent platform compatibility Updated Engine to Unity 2017.4.3f1 Release notes for v0.9.6.4: General: Added a clickable mini-map Added the gas station interior Added a dedication and made the Unity splash screen a little less tacky Added an easter egg (good luck finding it!) Added audio settings Added the ability to unlock FPS or set 30/60fps lock Added the ability to open a custom url for updating or information should RRU be offline Fixed a bug where pressing Q while in the pause menu would cause the main camera to not function properly Fixed a bug where the infocenter wouldn't show up when flying a paper plane Fixed various issues with pausing and getting out of vehicles Fixes for interactable animations Fixes for skateboard Lowered hospital theme volume to match the rest of the island music Made the radios non-repetetive Updated the input manager to use raw axis controls instead of smoothed controls Various optimizations Permanently enabled verbose in-game logging Engine: Updated engine to Unity 2017.3.1f1 Updated Global Illumination from Enlighten Lightmapper to the new Progressive Lightmapper Still to do: For v0.9.7: Continue working on NPCs and Pathfinding Switch between "Classic" and "Redux" controls (due to the way the terrain is set up, this will be put off for a later build) Fix more bugs More interiors For v1.0.0: Begin implementation of objectives/missions All 3D interiors Add animations and character rigging Add more character models to the island with animations Overall: Island model smoothing Downloads: WINDOWS :: MAC :: LINUX (if you are unsure, 32-bit should work even on 64-bit systems) Default Controls: E / Left Mouse Button: Interact F: Exit Vehicle G: Throw Pizza Z: Spin Trees Y: Unstick Q: Quit ESC / P: Pause/Resume SPACE: Jump W A S D : Move N: Nightmare Mode ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common Troubleshooting: Game crashes frequently or textures aren't displayed properly on Windows: Try selecting a different graphics API Game won't open on Mac: You may need to enable read/write/execute permissions; To do so, open Terminal and run "chmod 777 path/to/game/LEGO Island REDUX.app/Contents/MacOS/LEGO Island REDUX" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Currently free on Origin: "Battlefield™ 1 Turning Tides"
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    While I can't confirm that posting on the Discord group will get you a faster response than posting here on RRU, I personally think it's better to post questions/modding topics here on the forums. One minor problem about posting on Discord is that anything you post will get buried under new posts as time goes on (it's just how online chat-rooms work). Say you posted a modding question on the Discord group, and someone replies with an answer. Now imagine if somebody else comes along a few months later with the exact same modding question, they wouldn't waste hours digging through weeks and weeks of Discord posts in the hopes that they'll find the answer to their question (that is, if the thought that someone already asked the question even crosses their mind in the first place). Meanwhile, if you post a modding question here on RRU, and get an answer, anyone who has the same question/issue in the future can uncover the topic and get an answer without having to ask. Assuming you mean two or more people are working on the same collab/project together (not sharing modding questions/experience while working on separate non-collaborative projects), people can send PMs (Private Messages) via Discord or Rock Raiders United instead of through an open chat-room. But that's just how I feel. I'm not saying that adding a modding chat-room to the RRU Discord group is a bad idea, but personally I don't see any benefit to adding a chat-room solely for modding discussions/questions when posting on RRU works fine. Of course, it's up to the moderators/whoever owns the RRU Discord group whether to add a modding chat-room or not.
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    So it was my birthday and I had a very nice time with family and friends. Loot included: - clothes and blanket - two DLCs for Warhammer 2 Total War which I have spent the past week playing with -One 'black box' from a friend that contains OSes from the 80's, which in turn can then run various games from that time period, including the first three text-based ZORK adventures aaarg my enter key isn't working- and such a quantity of Lego that I couldn't build it all over the weekend! ATLANTIS: - 8075 Neptune Carrier (of which I had one already ) - large set - 8077 Exploration HQ (of which I also had one already ) - very large set - 8059 Seabed Scavenger - small set - 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub - medium set - 8057 Wreck Raider - small fry compared to the above All complete, which is nice! Minifigures, portal keys, and all! FANTASY CASTLE THAT'S LITERALLY WARHAMMER (evil skeletons, Orcs with green skin, Dwarves, heroic Mannish defenders) - 7079 Drawbridge Defense (missing some minifigure accessories; one crossbow, some weapons (got plenty spare ), golden shield (used serving dish instead), golden sword (used katana instead), golden helmet (used gold fire cap instead... this guy looks pretty wacko now ) - large set - 7037 Tower Raid (complete and duplicate, neither of which worry me ) - medium set - 7097 Troll's Mountain Fortress (missing 1/2 of minifigure heads but all bricks, and both trolls, there) - very large set Note on 7097 - It is the worst fortress I've ever seen. It has no reinforcing at all, and when assembling it the pressure of putting bricks together caused the high tower to just disintegrate before my hands. Using my remote controlled repeating ballista, I ran the combined fortress over into pulp. The gates fall off, the gate arch falls backwards, the bonds between segments split, the walls implode... A terribly reinforced set. I'll have to fix that MARS MISSION: - 7690 Eagle Command Base (missing one large orange pipe, which is a bit of a shame as it's one of the most important pieces of the set as well as one of the most irreplacable. Not a problem, I'll just share from my other Eagle Command Base ) - large set - 7692 Recon Dropship (missing minor replaceable pieces) - large set (The dropship is quite large, but the alien craft which will be forever termed "Alien Extractor" is quite hefty as well. Very dense. - 7697 Clawtank Ambush (complete) Now my third Clawtank (or is it fourth? I've started losing count of my number of Clawtanks and LRR's Loader Dozers ). However this can hardly be said to be a problem, unless one considers storage space. - medium set All in all, a colossal haul that I'm almost embarrassed to share ... But there's one more thing I got... Can you guess what it is? You'll never guess Make a guess, and then open the spoiler below... Yaaaaaaay! My engineering degree has taken its toll. See, it's not just the degree. As part of my engineering degree - that's what makes it so special - I have to have obtained 800 hours of engineering-related work experience. Else they don't let me graduate and I'm left floundering for work experience. At the beginning of last year I threw myself into it by skipping first year and starting second-year immediately. Then in the semester-to-semester break I picked up 120 hours of needed work experience. This left no time to prepare before heading into the next semester, where I took a fifth course on top of my workload. Then came the Christmas break, which was again spent a) desparately hunting for needed experience (very stressful!) and b) doing work experience. I finished work on a Wednesday and the first semester of 2018 started on the next Monday. All without a single proper 'day of rest.' (The engineering degree is four years, so I've got this year and one more to go). Small wonder, then, that my brain is now forcefully shutting me down as I'm on study leave. It is to be expected that I am feeling as exhausted and despondent as I do feel, just because my brain has never had time to calm down for the past one and a half years. Weekends would be spent fretting about assignments. Major holidays were spent hunting down work experience. Minor holidays always had assignments due over them. It's not too bad though. I'm very tired and unwilling to get any study done for exams, and my sleep schedule is nonexistent. But that's most of the effects of it (other effects include unwillingness to socialize and a total lack of patience with inanimate objects). Which is bearable, and as depression goes, relatively minor. At least, that's what I tell myself. Whether it's actually true is another matter, but at least I'd like to hope that things are minor. They certainly all make sense now that I know I have proper depression as opposed to random 'meh-ness;' nearly all of the hitherto inexplicable events that have happened this year can be explained now. Nearly. Oh well. I hope you're all doing better than I am, but I know for some of you that flat-out isn't the case. Al-ways look on, the bri-ight si-de of life!
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    Wow, thanks for posting these! Seeing new (to me) 1990s LEGO stuff makes me feel like I'm having the best dream ever, especially if it's Pirates related. The second Castle battle scene was really cool, and I'd love a better scan of the Pirates material when you have time. The tiny tidbit of information regarding Woodhouse and Ironhook (Blackbeard) is fascinating--we knew Woodhouse thinks that Broadside is incompetent in dealing with the pirates, but what has Ironhook done that has the Admiral so spooked? I love this. TC
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    So I did a thing using my magical Blender-wand. Problem is... the car's chassis somehow lost the bounding box (or whatever it is called) so it can effectively slam through any surface. Landing a jump causes the vehicle to sink halfway into the ground. :V The chassis, as well as the helmet. don't react to light either (white shine effect like the wheels and windshield have) so if anyone knows what went wrong please tell me. Would release but, it has these glaring issues. imported/exported with the LR2Blendertool B4.zip plugin. Here, have some Ramas.
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    Hello All, I got my copy of lego rr off of my abandonware, unfortunately I am having troubles with this guide, after having installed the game and following the directions to the letter, when I try to open the application it just shows me a 640x480 resolution of whatever is on screen and then the application closes a few seconds after opening. If anyone could help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I can absolutely confirm this. Works perfectly fine for me. Many thanks to Mikkel246 for this method. I'd suggest to sticky this thread since I think it is a true alternative to both Cafeteria and VirtualBox. Here's a written guide for people who prefer those over video guides: How to run Lego Rock Raiders under Windows 10 (and 8?) natively with the dgVoodoo wrapper (without Cafeteria or VirtualBox): Quick and dirty guide: Do a regular installation of Lego Rock Raiders Add d3drm.dll Download dgVoodoo 2.53 and extract dgVoodooSetup.exe and the DirectX .dll files (MS folder) into LRR's installation directory Should already run. Configure dgVoodoo DirectX wrapper through dgVoodooSetup.exe at will (If LRR was installed in C:\ you need to run it as Admin) Make sure to select LRR's installation directory as the place to save dgVoodoo's config Long and thorough guide: Get a copy of Lego Rock Raiders (physical disc or virtual disc image) Insert / mount the disc / image Install normally (If this doesn't work, refer to Cyrem's guide: Installer Not Working? You Can Salvage Your Game.) Download d3drm.dll. I could not find a working download on these forums, so I suggest using a download from the Machines - Wired for War community: http://download.wiredforwar.org/Game/d3drm.dll Got to the Lego Rock Raiders installation directory, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders Copy the downloaded d3drm.dll to this Lego Rock Raiders folder Download the dgVoodoo 2.53 wrapper: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2_53.zip Open the .zip file and extract the following files to the Lego Rock Raiders folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders): dgVoodooSetup.exe From the MS subfolder: D3D8.dll D3DImm.dll DDraw.dll In the Lego Rock Raiders folder, right-click on dgVoodooSetup.exe and select Run as administrator (Running as Administrator is not necessary if the game was not installed on C:\) Perform all steps as shown below: The resolution should match your monitor's. VRAM and Antialiasing settings work fine on a GTX 970. Adjust if problems occur. Run Lego Rock Raiders A Mode Selection window should appear. Default settings should be fine. The seleced Device should be: Direct3D HAL (dgVooddoo Hardware Accelerated Device) Click Ok Lego Rock Raiders should now run in 1920x1080 fullscreen and high FPS. Textures and UI elements will look pixelated and stretched. This is normal because the game was made for lower 4:3 resolutions. No music will play in-game. There is no known fix for that. If you want the music, rip it off your disc and play it in the background with a music player. It took me many hours to figure out a way to properly run Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10, so I made this guide to hopefully save some people a lot of time. My Specs: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel Core i7 2600k 16GB RAM MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G German Lego Rock Raiders disc image
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    It has been prophesied that one day a LEGO game will be created. This forum is a shrine created in preparation. Sometimes we pretend LEGO games have already come to our world, and that we mod them. Seriously though, to answer your question, you can play around with engines like Unity or Unreal if you wanna. Plenty of tutorials online for both.
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