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    lol username

    Press Asset Discs

    Some stuff from these was posted on twitter and discord, but not the forums yet, so let's fix that. These are CDs that were sent out to the press, mostly containing things like screenshots and trailers. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-72462 - LEGO Battles. Has some nice high-res renders, box art, etc. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-70246 - LEGO Star Wars 1. Concept art, a lot of early screenshots, renders... https://archive.org/details/redump-id-72465 - LEGO Star Wars 1, though the upload is mislabeled as LSW3. More pre-release screenshots, from Episode 3. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-72464 - LEGO Indy 1. I don't recall the Indy discs having anything too interesting, but dunno. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-72463 - LEGO Indy 1. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-71388 - LEGO Indy 1. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-71130 - LEGO Indy 2. https://archive.org/details/redump-id-71832 - LEGO Batman 2. Haven't checked this one out myself but been told it doesn't have anything very unique. The Battles and Star Wars 1 discs are probably the most interesting. Some samples from one of the LSW1 discs:
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    LEGO Worlds - First Person Camera ?

    While you are playing, there are two keys/buttons that makes the camera zoom in and out (I don’t remember the default ones).You simply have to zoom in to the maximum (insisting a little) and the camera will automatically turn on first person. Hope that this helps! Sorry for my english, I’m spanish.
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    Lego Racers mod with Pinkfong Racer (custom Rocket Racer texture)

    I don't want to sound rude, but is there a reason you can't do it yourself?
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    Revamping/Improving LEGO Racers 2 Guide

    (Whilst new discoveries are made, I can edit this forum post) LEGO Racers 2 Alternative Installer A method for successfully installing LEGO Racers 2 on more modern versions of Windows, such as Windows 10. GitHub Racers-2-Alternate-Installer Resolution Fix (Target Method) - Start menu & Desktop shortcuts Forum topic: Resolution 1920x1080 1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\LEGO Media\LEGO Racers 2 2. Right click LEGO Racers 2.exe and click Properties. 3. In the Target box at the end, add a space and paste /width 2560 /height 1440 4, Change the numbers to suit your screen's resolution. 5. Repeat the same process with Play LEGO Racers 2. Better Textures (Required: WinRar or equivalent.) 1. Navigate to your game's directory, the default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\LEGO Racers 2\ 2. Download a textures mod, such as Higher Resolution Textures [Upscaled, less blurry/noisy] by dorpz 3, Open the download file, drag and drop or copy and paste the " game data " folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\LEGO Racers 2\ 4. Overwrite any necessary files if asked. No CD Disc Required Forum topic: Run Lego Racers 2 without disc Improved Cutscenes Forum topic: Pre-Rendered Cutscenes HD Upscaling by Ninja-Trix Google Drive download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aS0HQYkBd94R7BQ6o7Lz7HQVztRP4TrX Save Games Location %USERPROFILE%\Documents\games\LEGO Racers 2\Saved Games\ Voice Scripts - WIP (Work In Progress) Forum topic: ◄[LR2] Voiced Scripts► LEGO Racers 2 Remaster Project This has been considered and some basic progress has been made but however, such a project would require a lot of time. So if such a project can be completed or not is uncertain. This maybe an option some day. Forum topic: Remake: LEGO Racers 2 by bradleybrand Useful Utilities & Modding Tools Forum topic: Model Viewer by dead_name Forum topic: Developer Mode Patcher by dead_name Forum topic: LR2 .exe Editor by RobExplorien Forum thread: Modding Tools PCGamingWiki https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Lego_Racers_2 Wiki Brickipedia LEGO Racers 2 ?? Future ?? New future race tracks? Future custom vehicles? Etc.
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    Where can I get Lego Island 2

    sounds great thank you, feels like a great gift for my little brother to revive some children memories
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    LEGO Ideas holds vote to remake one classic theme as a 90th anniversary set

    This is really fishy for a couple of reasons.... Firstly, it's... got some errors. - Typo on 'transparrent,' twice. - The 'pretty picture' for Trains - the very first image - is a set from 2004 (10133), as opposed to actually classic trains from 1980. Wat? - Alpha Team's picture (the final one) is of the third wave - Ogel's icy fortress, from 2004, as opposed to the actual first Alpha Team theme - Western isn't on the list? Possibly due to guns and violence / portrayal of American-Indians. Secondly, there's a bit of hidden fine print... So the second vote doesn't actually matter: of the three most-voted themes, one of these will be voted to be the most popular, and one of these will have the set. They could be the same, but they also could be different. I guess - since Bionicle is on the list and that's clearly going to be one of the top three - this is a handy get-out clause for Lego and means they don't have to make a Bionicle set The set will arrive in 2022. That is still quite some time away. Thirdly, and most importantly, I just don't get the idea behind making a single set. It's a celebration of all the history, an anniversary, and all the other fun things that have happened. Making a single set that people voted for could alienate the people that didn't vote for it, and why bother doing that when you could do something else? I kinda expect something else will happen... possibly a mashup set, or possibly an entire theme consisting of one set remastering each theme? Lego can put all the effort in they want - they're not restricted to solely making a single set. They could make one for every theme. Why split your fanbase into those-that-got-a-set-they-voted-for and those-that-didn't-and-are-setless? Hence I kinda expect the 2022 - it's still a long way away indeed! - lineup to fundamentally have more than one theme, be that a mashup set, a set that has minifigures from other themes thrown in (eg ClassicSpace, but Dash from Alpha Team and Commander Cold from Ice Planet are aboard the ship), or just multiple sets. I just... don't see things turning out as a single set as a result of this vote. It doesn't make sense to me. Also, Lego Star Wars is technically a pre-2000s theme, with sets like 7180 B-Wing scraping in at late 1999 before the millennium rolled around, and I find that hilarious.
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    Noesis script for ghg files

    Me too. Some of the model well have all of there mesh's but some well not... but in all just keep up the good work your doing Sluicer
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    LEGO Rock Raiders - installer won't run windows 10

    SOLVED! I have solved the issues with not able to install the game with my cd on Windows 10 by using the info from this link. Thanks @aidenpons When I got all the files downloaded to my pc I used this guide to get the game started. Furthermore I discovered that the sound/language was set to Danish (a pity if you are a Swede). I couldn't find any language/sound file online. But I was able to install the game on my laptop (Win 7) and extract the sound/language files from there using a USB/External hard drive. The I just copied all the data files into the data file on my stationary computer (Win 10). And after that I got the Swedish sound/language, I have not checked and gone through the whole game yet so I will find out if something is missing..
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    LEGO Chess Patch

    Just adding missing information on how to use the chesscdfix in Windows XP: Download Patch. Create a folder in C:\ with a simple name (e.g.: 11) Copy chesscdfix.exe into C:\11 Type the following command line into cmd C:\11\chesscdfix.exe /dir="c:\11" cmd can be found by pressing START | Run typing cmd and hitting enter It's will extract Lego Chess.exe to this folder Copy the Lego Chess.exe from the C:\11 folder into your LEGO Chess folder. Done
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    LRR crashes 10 minutes after launch

    Well, though it is offtopic, I did attempt to make a patch: Fonts indeed are a mess, the Russian .exe differs a lot and also requires two .dll files which seem to be characters encoding related. So I didn't go that deep and just switched the sounds. I've spent some time figuring out why Cafeteria didn't install my patch properly. Turns out the English installer I had marked all files in Data/ folder as read-only. When Cafeteria tried to overwrite those files with files from my patch, it had a System.UnauthorizedAccessException. The patching logic, however, just ignores such exceptions and doesn't even tell anything about it in the log. So, Data/Sounds/Streamed might not be replaced by Cafeteria. However, the Russian files for that directory are in the patch, so patch can be extracted and those files could be used to overwrite the read-only files manually.
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    LEGO Island 2: Sky Colours Table + Lighting Info

    Sky box color offsets for German Version are: Location Original Value Address Front End FF FF FF FF ?????? Board Park 00 00 00 00 ?????? Main Island FF FF 00 00 64107 Pepper's House FF FF 00 00 1CD258 Information Center 00 00 00 00 ??????? Whack-a-Bot 00 00 00 00 ??????? Castle Island 66 99 FF 00 EF40A Brick Dive FF FF 00 00 1346A6 Jousted 66 99 FF 00 1E26FE Raging Bull 66 99 FF 00 1496BA Adventures' Island Overworld FF FF 00 00 209279 Adventures' Island Desert FF FF 00 00 2182BB Snake Pursuit FF AA AA FF 370C82 Adventures' Island Pyramid Area FF FF 00 00 245E18 Whack-a-Snake -- -- -- -- ??????? Matching Mummies 00 00 00 00 ??????? Desert Speedster FF FF 00 00 28435E Fishing FF FF 00 00 41F528 Bi-Plane FF FF 00 00 331E27 Dino Park FF FF 00 00 18EBB1 T-Rex Racing E1 CC CA 00 170264 Mr. Hates' Camp A6 E8 FF 00 2B9D94 Centrifuge 00 00 00 00 ??????? Parachute Training FF FF FF FF ??????? Asteroid Belt 00 00 00 00 ??????? Parachute Onto Ogel 00 00 00 FF ??????? Ogel 00 00 00 00 ??????? Make-A-D-Pizza FF FF FF FF ??????? Brickster's Palace 00 00 00 00 ??????? Whack-a-Snake is NOT 3C4D0B (in the German version it would either be 3DACAB or 3DB2A4), it will crash the game when playing this mini game, I don't even know if there is a blue sky box at all, because it's impossible to see it.
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    It is worth noting that LRR is not the most stable game out there and random crashes still and do occur. But those are generally random and not triggered, which is what you've described... If it's purely Ice Monsters - and not Rock/Lava Monsters (you seem to have gotten through Lava Laughter and Rock Hard with no mention of crashes), I guess you could just mod the Ice Monsters to not be there, and have Rock Monsters instead? The easiest way to do this within Cafeteria without making a patch is to edit the files in the DataSource folder (Cafeteria takes this folder as a base, applies all the mods, then either puts the result in Data or into the .wad files, depending on whether you have Data Method enabled or not). As such, 0) make a backup first (just copy the entire DataSource folder to somewhere safe, or, better yet, copy out your entire LRR directory again) 1) go into DataSource and open Lego.cfg with Notepad or better (I like Notepad++ myself, but given how simple this mod should be you can use Notepad) 2) Search for Air_Raiders (with underscore, assuming your version is English - if it isn't, search for Level21, which will return a couple of odd hits elsewhere but still get you there) 3) Find the section that begins like this 4) Scroll down a few lines till you get to EmergeCreature IceMonster 5) Change IceMonster to RockMonster 6) Save Lego.cfg and close it 7) Go into Cafeteria, Re-Build Game, and launch! Side note, but if you wanted to disable monsters entirely on that level, the easiest way to do that would be to put a semicolon (which is LRR's comment symbol) in front of the line that begins EmergeMap, so you'd end up with this: ;EmergeMap Levels\GameLevels\Level21\Emrg_21.map I... think that'll work. It'll definitely work on its own, but my Improvements Pack has a... ballistic way of going about its changes (it used to eat up the entire levels section XD - it's better now), and so that might cause one build error upon re-building. But if it does cause a build error it's not important and you can happily ignore it. Side side note, but if you wanted to swap all the Ice Monsters in Ice Spy out for Rock Monsters, that's different as they're objects placed there on level start, not emerge ones - as such, you'd need to edit ObjectList.ol (often called something like 21.ol). Except due to running my Improvements Pack you'd want to edit inside my Improvements Pack: Levels\GameLevels\Level15\ObjectList.ol , as changes made to the original level files will all be eaten by my Improvements Pack. It's certainly an idea, but it's just not feasible: LRR isn't a game that can easily be logged like that. There is a really nice -log option for CE that is really great when troubleshooting crashes that happen as the game is loading (great for modding), but, that's about all there is and it definitely won't help with anything in-game. I wish I could give you a better explanation but it's magic beyond my reckoning. Oh, and one last thing: I notice you've got a patch called Missing CD Files Fix by Cyrem down the bottom. I couldn't find this patch when I looked through the RRU Files database (and Oresome too). I'm guessing you got it via the Online Patch Library? Would you mind uploading it (to RRU or elsewhere), just so I can take a look and see if it does anything of interest (it probably doesn't)
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I am still reading the topic Thanks for looking into it! After Ice Spy and Don't Panic, I re-enabled Cyrem's Improvements Pack and was able to play crash free (without yours)... until Air Raiders. Now it doesn't seem specifically related to waking ice monsters up (because there are no sleeping ones) but sometimes, not always, when there's a monster roaming around in the level the game crashes to desktop. It's happened 3 times, the last one after I'd spent an hour building a lovely base The last time it happened the monster was offscreen so I didn't see what it did at the moment of crashing, but it was only about 2-3 seconds after the monster had appeared, and I hadn't activated Action Stations yet. In the same session two monsters had previously spawned and been killed by my raiders with Laser Beams without a problem, but when it crashed I don't know if anyone was shooting, or maybe if it had wandered into an Electric Fence (though that would be surprisingly soon after it spawned). But it's definitely linked to the ice monsters. I'll try your patch editing method so that I can keep the improvement pack(s) enabled and try again (it's unplayable without them these days, particularly in Air Raiders - all those landslide notifications). Is there any idea to/would it be possible to implement some kind of exception handling or logging in CE so that when the game crashes it can log what it was doing at the time?
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    LRR crashes 10 minutes after launch

    Russian version crashing exactly 10min in is bizarre! I've never heard of that. Random crashes, yes, exactly 10min in, no.... I've also never heard of Upgrade Building not working. That's absolutely bizarre. Oh, well, at least the English version works.... so, uh, use that? Cafeteria's Online Patch Library does now timeout, yes. The good news is that every patch on there can be fished up out of RRU's database, if you're prepared to do a little trawling (there are a lot of goodies there!). In order to run Community Edition you'll need Community Edition + the CE DLL + the CE:Core Cafeteria patch, which is uploaded here + Cafeteria to use the patch. As for some starters on language modding: firstly, you'll want Wad Recycler to unpack and repack the WAD files (you don't even need to repack them if you remove the existing wad files and put all the folders in the LegoRR0 / LegoRR1 folders under Data) LegoRR1.wad contains most of the language-related stuff. Level briefings are in ObjectiveText.txt , names (for levels and buildings alike) are in Lego.cfg , mid-level messages from Chief are in the Levels folder usually called 05.txt or something. (These last files also exist in LegoRR0.wad, but the game seems to never use this version, so don't worry about them) Voiced sounds (like level names) are under LegoRR1/sounds Font is in LegoRR0/Fonts - I suspect this is engine-specific and probably the most likely cause of the crash (we could never really get custom fonts ingame because the system was such a mess). Make a backup of your files first, of course! I suspect the game should be perfectly stable (well, as stable as LRR gets) if you change all the names, change all the level-specific stuff, put the Russian sounds in, but don't touch the font side of things. I guess once you've done all that you could make a backup, then try the font stuff, and if that crashes then switch back to the backup you just made. Getting that all working within Cafeteria is going to be a bit messy: my usual recommendation is: 1) Make a new LRR installation 2) Put all your modded files in 3) Then add Cafeteria 4) and continue from there like normal If you're feeling particularly brave, you could try and make it a Cafeteria patch, but you really don't need to do that! Feel free to continue the topic with language modding questions or whatever
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    LRR crashes 10 minutes after launch

    English version does not crash and "Upgrade Building" button works in it. I'll try to tinker with .wad files and sounds a little bit for the sake of nostalgia, but in the worst case I would just play the original English version then.
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    LEGO Worlds - First Person Camera ?

    I have seen YouTube videos of people playing LEGO Worlds in first person camera mode. I have been unable to get this working when I last tried. Can someone simply explain to me how to get this working in 2020 please? As I dislike playing in third person. I could not find any YouTube tutorials what worked for me.
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    PAC Extractor 2.0 (now with -all option)

    For anyone stumbling across here in the future: The PAC Rebuilder is unable to use paths with spaces and/or special charackters in my example it is installed in ...\Program Files (x86)\...
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    Ferrari casual shirt and jacket

    What's up! I made this texture based on the t-shirt and hoodie worn by the minifig that comes with the Ferrari F8 Tributo set. Note that you are gonna have to rename it to replace a default torso (I noticed that only 1 extra torso can be added to the game because of a limit so I added this one). Screenshot: Download from rockraidersunited.com
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    Bits n Bricks Podcast - LEGO Island

    So LEGO has commissioned a podcast to celebrate 25 years of LEGO videogames (counting the 1995 Sega game as the first, not LEGO Island), and they devoted their fourth episode to LEGO Island, which just dropped. Not really anything we don't already know, but it was sweet to see it officially recognised and to hear a pair of non-hobbyists heap praise on it. One interesting thing they mentioned is a behind the scenes VHS tape, and they even played some audio clips from it - I've never heard of or seen this tape, and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was floating around? Seems like a pretty interesting little time capsule.
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    Lego Racers mod with Martha Island Trail (a.k.a. Martha Speaks Trail)

    Not true, LEGO Racers accepts non-indexed bitmaps just fine.
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    lol username

    3DXML to OBJ - Converts LDD model captures to OBJ

    Update: https://github.com/Terrev/3DXML-to-OBJ/releases Added the option to group opaque meshes together, while keeping transparent meshes separate for better depth sorting in some programs.
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    lol username

    Where can I get Lego Island 2

    Currently we can't give direct download links to most old games, though changing the rules about that has been on the todo list for quite a while (the most recent re-release of this game is already 12-13 years old or so, and LEGO considers most if not all of their old games of theirs to be abandonware anyway). I took a look around and did indeed find an upload of the German version online, though, so it's out there, and not super obscure.
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    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hello everybody! Because this is actually my first post I just want to say "hi" first. I'm a crazy guy from Germany who wants to share his recreations from Island Xtreme Stunts with you. I've always been a fan of the buldings in Xtreme Stunts and of course my big dream was building Peppers house - Finally I realised it. Yes, I know, the ground floor color looks different ingame - it could be Medium Nougat or such but that color wasn't available back then and I don't really like it either. So, here it is: I also really liked the ambulance. Still need stickers for that. Since nothing looks transparent in Island Xtreme Stunts (does anybody know why?) I did it the same except for the windows. My next project is the hospital. Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards Lukas
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    Upgraded Circuit Boss Racers

    UPDATE: The post is outdated. Please click my album for my updated custom cars: As promised, I will show other custom vehicles I have made. This time however its from the bosses from each circuit. As the title suggest, this one is upgraded and modified to suit their personality even more. However I will not include Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage because they're cars are already iconic and good enough on its own. With that said lets start with the 1st circuit boss. UPDATE: I moved half of the pictures here. FUNFACT: The racers I made was from last year during the RRU's renovation I call him Davy Redbeard because there is no space for captain in the name. Sure I can put CAPT for short but to me it doesn't sound right so I would rather give him a name BEFORE: AFTER: I replaced the 1X3 yellow brick with an added extra detail on the front(pistons and headlights) and on the back(Torch) with some extra layer added on the top King Kahuka BEFORE: AFTER: Not much difference there but the only thing I changed is the 1X3 slope piece from yellow to red and I add two magnifying glasses from the Johnny Thunder set to make it seem that the statue has eyes. Do bear with this one though because adding those glasses make this statue seem to look like a nerd, but hey at least its something. Basil the Batlord BEFORE: AFTER: I LOVE THIS CAR. I love it so much that I spend hours and hours for making this car look awesome. Twin turbine boosters, Windshield, Halberd on both sides, adding a crest symbol at the back and a bat statue. Just yeah, my pride and joy. Johnny Thunder, or Johny with a single n. Yeah I know, its double n but again there is no space to put the n. Also it doesn't sound right when you said John Thunder BEFORE: AFTER: Most of the bricks I replaced are just colors but some are modified to have details like the 1X2 grey brick at the back replaced by 2 1x2 beige slopes. Plus I added a beige tower brick to act like a distinctive egypt tower look. Sam Sinister, orignally it was suppose to be Baron Von Barron, but I would rather call him Sam Sinister instead because again same as Johnny, no space and does not sound right if incomplete. BEFORE: AFTER: Like Johnny, no difference except a few changes with the colors and I added a windshield by discarding the 2 1X2 grill pieces at the front. Lastly, Gypsy Moth BEFORE: AFTER: What happens when you combine the aesthetic model of her original car and the element of her alternate car. You get this crazy contraction. I don't know about you guys, but to me, this is by far the weirdest thing I have ever come up with. That's it. The 6 circuit bosses I have modified to differentiate the AI bosses. Now the time to work on their challengers, the generic circuit racers, but with a twist. Stay tuned.
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    1997 Mail-Order Catalogs

    I got the last Time Cruisers sets I was missing from someone on Bricklink, and one sent two catalogues. The first is this mail order catalog https://imgur.com/a/zzhQ1Q6 . It has a lot of supplemental stuff, parts bags, etc. This particular image amuses me because, well, insert "the X genders" joke The second is this catalogue, which I don't believe is mail-order but I could be wrong about that. https://imgur.com/a/Xyyhxia These might be online, they might not be. I genuinely don't know but I was pretty psyched to receive these 23-year old catalogs in almost mint condition. There isn't really any story stuff here but it's neat!
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    Slimy Slug

    Unused LEGO Rock Raiders (PC) Assets

    There was a point in time in early 2019 that I decided to sort through the assets of this game for all the unused content. The goal was to reduce the initial starting size of my mod while also retaining an unused asset tree to draw from. Well, fast forward to present. I had drafted up a topic about this unused assets collection but never posted it. So, I'm fixing that now. Archive download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r397/ If you find any issues with this, such as game files you think are unused that I missed, or any files in here that you believe are in fact used, please do bring it to my attention. This should be entirely complete, though. Anyway, enjoy
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    Improvements Pack 1.3

    The idea of this mod is to make LRR less annoying to play whilst still keeping that vanilla feel, in addition to enabling various lost content - and ensuring stability. I'm well aware that this is not the first of its kind to be completed. Nevertheless, my goal is slightly different from those two: a couple of long-standing bugs can be fixed the goal is full compatibility with literally anything, adding as little as is possible making the game less rage-inducing to play I'm also aware of my previous mod, Monster's Revenge: however that had a much grander scope than this, and as a result it has been rather slow to make progress on. I have not forgotten it! So, what does this do? Highlights: Better priorities Less annoying monsters most notably slugs Better quality-of-life (notifications no longer reset game speed) Lava notification Enabled lost content Pilot idle animations Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions Less annoying level design Recharge Seams No rubble all the way on the other side of the map (Water Works, Hot Stuff) Random landslides are entirely disabled Images in spoilers: A detailed list: this bulletpoint won't go away Future Work: Tweaking remaining levels: Adding Recharge Seams Writing own slug scripts Synchronised monster invasion for levels that deserve it (eg Lava Laughter, Rocky Horror) This will probably be a separate mod Levels 1 -> 10 are mostly unmodified, although these are the least broken ones Erosion parameters More parameter tweaking Crystal cost of various vehicles Nerfing Small Digger overpoweredness Camera values need tweaking but Cyrem already did that in CE It is designed to be used alongside Community Edition ( @Cyrem and perhaps included by default? ). > Download! Put in your mods folder for Cafeteria and hit Enable. Compatible with literally anything: that's its point. Don't want Cafeteria or can't use it? I also made it for the Data Method (if you want to integrate it along your own mod) or the WAD method (if you just want to plug your WADs straight onto an installation and play). > Download! (N.B. ^ was last updated for v1.0.) This has not been entirely my own work, and several people contributed to this, even if they are unaware they did so: @Slimy Slug explained the Build Power Path priority and also researched which other ones might be useful (=> none of them) @Cirevam explained how to make monsters killable (in a thread long ago) and I also copied the erosion notification straight from Time Raiders @Jessietail for getting me initially interested in Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions long, long ago @Cyrem for the fantastic forum, fantastic tools, and gobsmackingly amazing Community Edition
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    Start with Crystals and Ore

    Reposting because this is the third time that topic has been deleted. Add this line to a level in the cfg: InitialCrystals 10 InitialOre 10 Now you'll start with that number of crystals. No idea who discovered this. But whoever is deleting this topic (it happened on the old forums too) stop. You made Addict think this doesn't exist. EDIT: This topic might be somewhere in modding discussion and support, which leads to me saying that there are a bunch of topics there that need to be in the modding database.
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    Generic Racers(Redo version) + MOC racers

    Please click on my album for updated custom cars: Last topic, I made generic racers on how I portray them differently from the AI. I remake some of those racers just to test and experiment if its better than the ones I made previously. EDIT: Just to let you know for those who are playing UNMODDED Lego racers. Some bricks I put on is only available through MOD. See Additional colored bricks on the forum for details. Islander BEFORE: AFTER: I wasn't satisfied on how I make the Islanders car that looks like a stone so I decided to remake it to make it look sleek. Jack hawkins BEFORE: AFTER: Funny thing in my opinion, the former is better than the latter but the reason I use the castle chassis is because I want to balance the ratio of the chassis I have made. For example: Space chassis(White) - 3 Brick chassis(Black with normal wheels) - 3 Race chassis(Grey) - 4 Castle chassis(Wooden wheels) - 4 Boss chassis - 2 in each car BONUS MOC's Something I would like to share while I did some remake on the generic racers. Booster Benny Daredevil Dan Still looking for more opportunities to improve though but what do you guys think?
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    My personal car.

    Yes. This is my MOC from my personal avatar. Where did I get inspired from? THIS! Well at least he did his best so I try much harder for him and this is the result: If your curious of what's inside: Phew! that's it for today. I might make some changes soon if i'm still not satisfied but until then, I'm out.
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    Is music-modding possible?

    Try this: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8519-lego-island-rebuilder/ It works for me, and you can do other stuff as well. Oh and don't worry, it's TOTALLY safe! It just hasn't been downloaded much.
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    LEGO Island Rebuilder

    LEGO Island is one of my favorite childhood games and I thought it'd be a fun project to do some hacking/modding. I've consolidated all my patches so far into one tool: the LEGO Island Rebuilder. It's a LEGO Island launcher/mod tool that currently does the following things: * Set turn and movement speeds. If you're sick of turning too fast on modern PCs, use this to slow it down to a more sane speed (or turn up the movement speed to cheat in races). * Set windowed/full screen mode without editing the registry/administrator privileges (software rendering modes only) * Keep the game active even when defocused (windowed mode only) * Extract and insert music. No sound effects yet, but all music can be replaced with other music of any length or quality. * Doesn't require administrator privileges to run * Patches at runtime - doesn't permanently modify any files. * Can redirect LEGO Island's save files to %APPDATA% so the game doesn't require administrator privileges either (September build only) * Supports Windows 98+ (requires .NET Framework 2.0) Obviously this is a work-in-progress (and your mileage may vary depending on your setup), but check it out if you're interested in LEGO Island! http://itsmattkc.com/rebuilder
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    [LR1] Flex

    A port of my LR2 Flex mod to LR1. Replaces: Islander Faces, Islander Chest, Green Legs, and the Blue Helmet with red stripes and white stars Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/lr1-flex-r290/
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    [LR1] 1980-something Racecar Guy

    A vintage racing minifigure from the 80s. Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/1980somethingracecarguy-r265/ Replaces TU_CHST (default racer chest) and HELMET02 (red helmet with white stars)
  35. 1 point

    [LR1] Oriental Expedition Johnny Thunder

    Download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/oriental-expedition-johnny-thunder-r264/ Replaces Johnny Thunder's face and chest decals and LEG_GRN (as replacing the black legs breaks a ton of things) Enjoy!
  36. 1 point

    Alpha Team Set Comic Revisions

    Thanks for the pictures! This actually helps the comics make a lot more sense together. The revised comic has an encounter between Dash and Ogel that didn't fit in with the rest of the story - I guess because it wasn't really supposed to be a part of the story! Best as I can figure, this is the reading order: Ogel Control Center AT Cruiser Ogel Command Striker AT ATV AT Bomb Squad AT Helicopter So the story goes: Ogel bombs a city for drones -> Radia goes to scope out his island but is captured -> Flex and Cam rescue her -> Charge and Crunch come in and just f****ing blow up the entire base, but cant find Ogel -> Dash flies in and catches Ogel
  37. 1 point

    Noesis script for ghg files

    There is the script to work with Noesis and only with the games Star Wars The Complete Saga and the first Batman. There are stand alone tools, that can extract mesh information from different games (depending on the file extentions) into obj files.
  38. 1 point

    LEGOLAND Parks

    Wow, the boy at 4:26 REALLY looks like Pepper Roni. Still, interesting find. Also, judging by the kid's license (which hardly even looks like him) this video was made quite recently (the pre-rendered video, not the YouTube video). Also, this ain't Legoland California, this is Ford. What cheeky little--
  39. 1 point

    ThatOneGuy's CFG Edits

    - Hello RockRaidersUnited - Today I'm going to give you the code to replace to remove the damage to all buildings from Dynamite. No more Calls-to-Arms when you need to destroy a wall near your Rock Raiders HQ - Edits: Lego.cfg Simplicity: Easy Step 1. Open up a NotePad Editor (I always use Notepad++, if you're using it go to line 97). Search for the tag "DynamiteDamageRadius". Once there just Copy and Paste this over the data DynamiteDamageRadius 1.0 DynamiteMaxDamage 200.0 BirdScarerRadius 100.0 Step 2. Save, Run Rock Raiders, and start blowing **** up !! Thanks for Reading, TOG2271.
  40. 1 point

    Additional Brick Colors Mod

    I hope it's alright with you Oboe Shoes, but I went ahead and added a lot more colors using your modified .LEB files as a base. Here's an updated list of parts that are now included: Default Bricks: None Default Race: None Default Space: 5 "1x2 tile with Handle" bricks (Black/Light gray/Green/Beige/Brown) Default Castle: 4 castle flags (Beige/Brown/Light gray/Dark gray) Captain Redbeard: Racing brown flag King Kahuka: 2 Light gray corner bricks. Basil the Batlord: 15 brown bricks (Basic bricks, corner bricks, spoiler).. Johhny Thunder: 11 beige bricks. Beige corners, spoiler and flag in the next set. Baron von Barron: Beige corners, spoiler, and flag + 8 "3 x 6 without corner" bricks (Red/Yellow/White/Light gray/Dark gray/Green/Beige/Brown) Gypsy Moth: 7 inverted slopes (Blue/Red/Yellow/Black/Green/Black/Beige). Rocket Racer: 17 dark gray bricks (Basic bricks, corner bricks, inverted triangle, spoile, racing flag). Veronica Voltage: 16 green bricks (Basic bricks, corner bricks, spoiler, racing flag). Most notable are the inclusions of brown and dark gray colors! Download
  41. 1 point

    Hyper Mega Mini L.M.S. Explorer 1

    From the album: L.M.S. Explorer pictures

    Here are my prototypes for the ~1:104 and the ~1:166 version of the L.M.S. Explorer .
  42. 0 points

    Betty Octane

    Again I would like to thank Oboeshoes and UTF for making this great and useful mod. Link below: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/4886-additional-brick-colors-mod/ Anyway I wanted to show my custom racer since they put green bricks into the inventory. As the title says, this is Betty Octane and her 50's indy style car I made this vehicle ever since I install the mod last year and it took me over two weeks to get the right angles. Three inspirations that came to mind: 1. Octan logo 2. An old 1992 LEGO commercial where the narrator talks about Mean Eddie Octane. 3. Google search for 1950's indy car You can view more images in the members gallery. This is all I can show in a meantime but I still have plenty of other custom racers I have made so stay tuned UPDATE: I edit out the menu screen to focus on the car and the racer and to lessen the size of the picture
  43. 0 points

    Lego Racers Remastered

    Not great, my project kept breaking or i kept breaking it to the point where when i tried to test play, unity crashed. i decided to lay it down for little time to then come back and see what i did wrong i make it right again. in my school we began working on games and i learned a lot from the times there that i could use on this lego project. i havent got the time yet to come back to it.
  44. 0 points

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I nearly had a heart attack when I found this topic and saw "Fixed limited bug where waking a monster caused a crash." - I've been unable to complete Ice Spy and Don't Panic, because both crash as soon as a raider gets near a monster. Here's me deliberately reproducing this: https://imgur.com/b53aJRO On Ice Spy I've even tried creating a squad armed with lasers, drilling all the caverns and sniping the sleeping monsters before doing any other drilling or building, but invariably one of the monsters wakes up and always, always crashes the game. This is the case even with applied through Cafeteria: Is there anything I can do at all to help you fix the crash? Providing logs, configs, files, screen recordings? Discovering RRU a few weeks ago was incredible, I've been loving this game I hadn't played in decades and running it at HD resolutions with the music restored and high quality models has been so exciting, but I fear I might never be able to reach the end now EDIT: having posted that, I just tried Don't Panic with all the above mods except CE disabled, and was able to complete it! So maybe there's a conflict between your monster fix and one of the other mods I have installed? Making CE the highest priority didn't resolve it. I've also seen a crash using multiple monitors when the mouse cursor touches the edge between the game's monitor and another, but that's avoidable by setting Windows to use only one screen while playing. EDIT2: I re-enabled all mods except Improvements Pack 1.0 and your Improvements Pack 1.3, and was able to get through Ice Spy and Don't Panic. So one of those modes makes the monster wake-up crash fix in CE ineffective. Do you know what you changed to fix that specific crash and whether one of those undoes that change?
  45. 0 points

    Is music-modding possible?

    Oh yeah the Rebuilder is required for running LEGO Island nowadays (in my opinion) because it not only let's you use the HQ music but also lets you unhook the turning speed so you don't throw up while playing and still keep the frame rate high as well as letting you modify all sorts of other things without having to hop in the files yourself. (Not spon just love this tool.)
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