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    Slimey Smarts: A Rock Raiders Animation

    I've been working for a couple of weeks on a animation made in blender about Slimey Slugs. I present to you... Slimey Smarts. If you want to chat, comment or talk to me on the RRU or MM discord. My profile name @B1er0l14m.
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    How to fix broken links of images hosted on RRU

    Over the years I have noticed many broken image links in older topics and they look like this (I took a working picture of mine and show you how it looked when it was broken): gallery_1586_213_7445.jpg And if you click on them you land on the RRU main site again. Well, how do you repair them then? Since this also affected my threads and posts I wanted to come up with a way to fix my own images at least. I don't know how I exactly came up with the solution, but at one point I have probably compared the working with the broken image links and noticed that you could turn this into a template. Here is the example from above, but in a form that actually works and the only reason why you don't see a picture is that I used the "Code" option in RRU's text editor to show you the actual link. https://www.rockraidersunited.com/uploads/gallery/album_213/gallery_1586_213_7445.jpg Basically the broken example is the URL end part for the new working example and here is an explanation, what those numbers actually mean (The numbers and file types obviously change from image to image): "1586" is the user number "213" is the album number "7445" is the image number "jpg" is the file type And to put this all together here is the template for working links: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/uploads/gallery/album_*album number*/gallery_*user number*_*album number*_*image number*.*file type* Now use the "Insert other media" option in the bottom right of the text editor, then click on "Insert image from URL" and insert the working image link: Hurray, a working picture! I have also reminded you of the "The (slightly disturbing) Running Man" thread again XD. Since the links go by the same pattern I wonder, if a script could be made to replace the broken ones with working ones in the entire forum. At least for the pictures hosted on RRU this could be a solution. If you repair image links in your own posts I recommend making a working image first and then delete the old broken one or otherwise you might delete your only hint to what image you have posted. You can also use the template to find out what images were used in posts besides your own ones by just putting it into an new browser tab and inserting the correct numbers.
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    Stunt Rally Runtime Error/abnormal termination Win10

    It's been over a year now, but I've made some progress on this for my own setup, for whatever that's worth. I'm on Wine, but I think this should work for normal Windows installations, too. For me, Cyrem was on the right track about the Indeo 5 codec not being installed — it's just that the "Basic K-Lite codec pack" they recommended didn't work for me either. Instead, I figured out the instructions below. For anyone trawling through old posts to try to fix this issue, here's the crash error message I was encountering every time a video would try to play (whether on game startup, winning/losing a race, or when viewing a boss intro video): Runtime Error! Program: [path]/LEGO Stunt Rally/_msr.exe abnormal program termination For Windows Vista and above, this codec are actually already built into the OS, it's just that the DLL containing the codec isn't registered by default. To register the DLL containing the codec, type or copy/paste each of the lines below (minus the "C:/> " portion) into an elevated (Administrator) command prompt. PowerShell works, too. (only enter the first line if on a 64-bit system, otherwise skip to the second command) C:/> cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64 C:/> regsvr32 ir50_32.dll If you need to unregister the DLL containing codec for any reason, you can enter the following commands: (only enter the first line if on a 64-bit system, otherwise skip to the second command) C:/> cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64 C:/> regsvr32 /u ir50_32.dll For Windows XP and below (useful for when using a VM or Wine), you'll need to install the codec from free-codecs.com and use the "typical" install option. I know the website name sounds sketchy as hell, but apparently it's a semi-official repository for this codec? Regardless, it's the only one that really worked for me, and it didn't install any crapware — just the intended codec. I tried other installers from other sites, but they kept getting stuck on the "searching for Netscape installations" (lol). So take that as you will. I also ended up using the alternate installer that someone created to work on more modern systems (works on XP and above), but I don't think that had much to do with my success here. This also automatically adds shortcuts that don't require the CD, if that interests you at all. If you do opt to use this installer, know that there's a minor bug that can make it fail to copy "dsetup.dll" from the install media to the application folder on the hard drive. After doing the above, I was able to launch the game without needing to use /NOINTROVIDEO — since the game no longer crashes when trying to play a video.
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    Lego Rock Raiders - Freezing On Startup

    OK, I think I've got it! All I've done is added the following parameters to the desktop shortcut (to imitate the 'Standard' shortcut the game defaults to), -reduceanimation -reduceflics -reduceimages -fpslock . So basically, no videos/cutscene animations run at all, so that fixed the success screen crash. And I've tested it on a few of the starting levels and I've not experienced any crashes, I've even tried to load up Baz's Mod which starts up ok (haven't completed the first level yet to see if it's crash-free. ALso, I've managed to get the in-game music to play using the fix uploaded here: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/guides/lrr-music-without-cd-fix-r11/ So all swings and roundabouts from here hopefully haha, thank you all so much for your help, I really appreciate it. One last question, is there anything that could be done to make the playing window a little bigger, I know that fullscreen doesn't work well at all, but it's difficult for me to concentrate on such a small window for up to hours on end, especially with Baz's mod. Any tips? Thanks. -Chin
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    Lego Rock Raiders - Freezing On Startup

    Heya, the audio that's playing is the startup scene with the bricks falling. Here's a screen recording of my issue, better than trying to explain it lol: I will try those cutscene suggestions though, thanks everyone for your help so far. -Chin EDIT OMG, I just got it working (not sure if it's gonna be stable without crashes but it's SOMETHING), I just deleted the AVI folder as the video codec you sent just refused to install. So weird that the video files would cause this issue. I'll try reinstalling the game as normal and just delete the AVI folder to see if that was the problem: -Chin
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    Opening Of The Ark.png

    From the album: Stuff in blender

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    Hello again.

    Hello. I joined RRU back in 2017, under the name Mahoroa, and shortly afterward joined the Discord server. On that server, I made friends with members of the community, only to completely tear apart those friendships later on. I was a transphobic bigot who lacked self-control. I was hateful to people for completely invalid reasons. So, to anyone who remembers me: I'm sincerely sorry. I regret saying the things I said back then, and I want to be part of this community again. A lot changed within the three or so years since I was last here. I came out as bi, got rid of my horrible past mentality, and worked hard on fixing myself. I recently thought about this community again, and some of the kind and interesting people who are part of it, and I couldn't live with what I'd done. I got in contact with Peri and Terrev via Twitter and apologized to both of them, and Terrev said it'd be alright to return to the forum. So, here I am. Hopefully, I can be part of this amazing community once again. I look forward to it.
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    LOCO RF Unpacker Script

    It sounds like the script expects the file to be in the current directory, so before you run the script, you'll need to either Shift+right click in the art-res folder and select "open command prompt/powershell here" or run the command cd "C:\Program Files\LEGO Media\Constructive\LEGO LOCO\art-res\" and then run the python script. Now that I think of it, you might run into permission errors because the game is in the program files directory. If that happens, try running cmd/powershell as admin, or copy the RFH file to some other folder like your documents or desktop first.
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    Unreadable BMP files

    Well, it seems I've forgotten about this place once again. Sorry for the random disappearance, this was literally just a small one-day project idea which I had and I kinda forgot about it. Although coming back to it, I really want to figure out how this stuff is compressed and stored, as well as the sounds since they seem to use compression as well. I might work on it tomorrow if I can and get to the bottom of this format. If I can get some sort of idea of how this format works by comparing the bitmaps I extracted vs the compressed versions, I might get somewhere. EDIT: Some things I'm noticing after getting a more fresh view on things: The first value in the header seems to be a 32 bit unsigned value, denoting something in terms of length (ie uncompressed size/decoded size). Depending on the file, this value gets marginally larger or smaller (ie the train carts and sounds have much larger values than things like houses and whatnot which only have one frame or many smaller frames) The table at 0x408 seems to be a sort of lookup table, with each value being 32 bits long (4 bytes). The amount of entries in this table from 0x408-0x808 come out to 256 entries, or multiplied by 4, 0x400 bytes. As for what looks up entries in this table, I have a small feeling that the data at 0x808 is just a bunch of byte values referencing this table to make a set of data to be read. Don't have anything official yet, but I do believe that this is a very good hunch considering that while I was messing with the values everything was seemingly random despite the values only being messed with by a tiny bit. This could expain that. It also could explain how this format could be used for sounds as well since this area has been confirmed to not be a palette, but rather a sort of 'palette' of 32 bit values available to use. Again, not entirely sure at this point, but it seems to be a good hunch for now. Once the bitmaps are decompressed, it might be possible that there's another bit of fluff to go through to figure out what format the uncompressed data is in. I'm praying that it's just an uncompressed raw 8bpp bitmap, but with how things are going that might not be the case. I'd also like to test this against sounds as well since it might be easier to figure out the sounds vs the images since sounds are more likely to just be raw data. EDIT 2: I think the table might be in a slightly different format than I thought initially. I'm thinking it might actually be a sort of table which specifies bytes and the number of repetitions of that byte, perhaps in the format <byte> <repetitions> <byte> <repetitions> EDIT 3: I think I'm getting somewhere with this. I'm doing comparisons between the ripped version of house12.bmp I have vs the house12.bmp which is compressed, and it seems to be that I'm somewhat correct. I counted 305 transparent pixels before reaching actual data, and based on the number of 0x55 bytes present at the end of the file, if you counted them and multiplied by 4 you'd get 304. If you add in the other 05 prior to the 55 array it might equal the 305 we're looking for. Now, since each entry in the table is (gasp!) 4 bytes long, we might be able to assume that one of the two hypothesis I had are correct. I'm actually placing my bets on the byte + repetitions because it seems that it would make the most logical sense seeing that every other byte is usually less than 4. EDIT 4: This might be, once again, a little more complicated than I thought. I almost wonder if it's not even a compression format but just an encryption format or something, because this format is used on just about everything from bmp's to wav's even to a file called ee.ini. Honestly at the moment I think that this so called ee.ini might be my best bet on cracking the format since the wav's and bmp's could be under another layer of proprietary formatting, while an INI is a little more easy to guarantee what it will produce. I might actually be able to find a copy of the uncompressed version in RAM while the game runs, or find out how it's uncompressed and go from there. Since it's an INI file it's probably easier to track down than other files. The main issue I've run into is that the data at 0x808 can have values over the length of the table. The table obviously seems to have values used to create the uncompressed data, but I cannot figure out the exact relationship. EDIT 5: Apparently there's an uncompressed EE.ini. Might try to do some comparisons here... EDIT 6: The values used in the table at 0x404 consist only of the values used in the INI, albeit in a slightly different order. However, every value is there. EDIT 7: Not much real progress so far, but, I have found the file loading function in IDA. Apparently the weirdly formatted files are actually supposed to be handled through the resource file extractor. Oddly enough, it was mentioned once by Cyrem, the guy who made the extractor: Luckily I actually found the check for compressed and uncompressed files, so now it's just a matter of reverse engineering the function which decompresses the file. If anyone's curious, the file header is formatted as such: <32 bit word: amount of space to malloc, aka file size> <8 bit byte, something with decompression/compression> <8 bit byte, if 1 file is read as compressed> All compressed files are normal files underneath, with normal file headers and easy-to-edit stuffs. So once I can write a decompression program you can keep the files uncompressed for as long as you please. EDIT 8: This compression... I literally can't even. It's the weirdest compression I've ever seen in my entire life. It might be because I'm looking at in in assembly but I have no idea how I'm even going to attempt to recompress any of these files. Decompression maybe, but how in the world does this work... EDIT 9: Witchcraft. That is the only answer here. Pure witchcraft. EDIT 10: Success has been had. Documentation and a tool will be coming shortly... EDIT 11: While I'm still kinda messing with things, here's an image file I extracted of the launchpad in it's full frameset: This was actually one of the ones I was having difficulty ripping manually. I'm not sure if this is an error with me adding a header to the headerless bitmap, but one of the frames seems to be cut in half on each end for some reason.
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    Rock Raiders has hotkeys, apparently

    In the Lego.cfg file there has always been a very confusing reference to keys. They did not appear to do anything. The only game-interaction hotkeys ever appearing were in Rock Raiders' debug mode. Recently, a document was unearthed about Rock Raiders hotkeys. To make a long story short: 1. To use hotkeys you have to hold F2 and click the selected hotkey 2. Hotkeys are rebindable in the Lego.cfg file in the "InterfaceImages" section. The last entry of each row refers to a key. search "KEY_M" for an example. Now that's a 20-year old secret hiding in plain sight! Edit: Also worth mentioning that in Eye View, Z and X makes your character strafe, which I learned fairly recently myself
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    Lego Racers 1 Graphics Issues

    No I have not checked Nvidia’s website but I will do so and will post back here if it changes anything it is a non-integrated graphics card using the AGP bus only other old graphics card I have is an Nvidia TNT to model 64 but it’s dead. I just upgraded my graphics drivers and it made no difference whatsoever My GPU is an ASUS Geforce 2 GTS I think it’s the V7700 It’s too bad that this is happening this is a cherished childhood game are used to play this back in first grade at my school. Here’s a video of what it’s like to play the game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KQUrt8ihw24YCS2QmKiQHM7JzXLd6LO9/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Lego Racers 1 Graphics Issues

    Ok that's a new issue to me... I came in here expecting it to just be a transparent texture issue but this is something else...
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