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    A little preview of what will be in the next build - hopefully it'll make the island a little less lonely. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lR_s9_RGitmfyJ3HW3aaMMKM3rizNxqp/preview
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    And I'm back with more music! It took more time than expected to get the video done, but it's all good now. It's here. This is some pretty complicated music. If you don't like it at first glance, give it another go. Irregular time signatures aren't as intuitive as 4/4 and the like.
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    Linked below is my video tutorial for running LEGO Island in whatever resolution you want using dgVoodoo. This method was discovered after Mr Skeletal helped me get Rock Raiders running with dgVoodoo and my curiosity saw my trying to run Island with it and it worked! This method was tested on Windows 7 by myself and 10 with the help of some members over on the discord server. If you follow the steps exactly as shown in the video in the same order it will work first time.
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    Well, I figured someone had to do it. Went through Axel's cfg included with his WADs to see if I could find the problem. Turns out an extra backslash where one should not have been was to blame for the insane number of random crashes. Without further ado, I present the fixed Lego.cfg file: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r234/ This should cut down significantly on the number of random crashes. Other things I fixed: 1. Eye/shoulder view crashing. Axel's value for FPClipBlocks was 30 when anything around 18 will cause a crash. Dropped it back down to 16. 2. Mining lasers will now actually HIT walls for the most part. Axel's values were beyond too high. See my topic on this for further details. 3. Pyrite Monster will now behave as Axel intended, and not as a Lava Monster. Enjoy. 4. Minor text fixes 5. Infinite drain rate bug fix. @paperpanzerReported that the problem was actually caused by the usual fix, so if you have issues please let me know immediately. If there's anything else that needs fixing via the cfg, I'd appreciate a heads up.
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    Updated to v0.9.7.2. The links (and changelog) are in the initial post. The game should notify you of an update when starting, and if you accept it will take you to the first post.
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    While fooling around in Time Raiders this level was created. I thought I'd also port it over to LRR as it stood, as I quite liked the level. Download it here. I am terrible with names / plot / lore / anything that isn't brutally spamming monsters at you in devious and nasty ways, so I just turned "Sanctuary of Crystal" into "Sanctuary of Ice" The objective is to collect 100 Energy Crystals. (There are 178 in total, so you should easily be able to collect 100 crystals while having a huge Rock Raider HQ) For best results, please be playing with mods that a) remove the one-hit-kill ability of Laser Beams to Ice Monsters and b) nerf Electric Fences hard. Bonus points for c) making manual lasers useful. @alan did a fantastic job with his erosion map - challenging yet not rage-inducing - now I'm going to see how many monsters NPL scripting can throw at you without causing you to scream. Installation: 1) Unzip IceSanc (obviously!) and put it under GameLevels 2) Open Lego.cfg, find a level you don't like (tutorials are good!), and take note of original NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX and FrontEndY - you'll need those to stop the level from breaking things. 3) Open up "relevant cfg code.txt" in the IceSanc folder and paste the cfg contents on top of the old level 4) Put NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX and FrontEndY back on top 5) Go into the IceSanc folder and open up ObjectiveText.txt - up there should be [PUTWHICHEVERLEVELYOUREPLACEDHERE] . So if you just replaced Dig_Tuto_01, put Dig_Tuto_01 in square brackets. Or if you overwrote Rocky Horror (not sure why you'd do that!), which is Level25, put [Level25] up top. 6) Save, compile WADs if needed, start LRR, and laugh because you're still running vanilla LRR where Laser Beams instakill Ice Monsters. I'm afraid it's not as neat as @alan's lovely method If you want to make the level harder, you'll find Dugg_evil.map inside the IceSanc folder. Just rename that to Dugg.map and you will now have to deal with monster and slug spams on different sides of the map, which will cause your Rock Raider AI to break. Features: - Shovelling rubble generates no ore, but there's plenty in the walls (and Ore Seams always have lots!). Abuse the Ore Refinery if you want loads. - Fun things with NPL scripting that unlike poor @alan I did actually get to work - A more or less spoiler-free NPL script (take that, @Slimy Slug ) - A sensible slug script that does not endlessly spam slugs at you (*cough* Back to Basics *cough*) Also, don't forget reinforcing walls prevents monsters from emerging.
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    GeoTool Beta 2 - 18 June 2016 A map viewer/editor for Lego Rock Raiders. Currently it can edit most aspects of a map's terrain, and can also convert the heightmap to and from images for editing in GIMP/Photoshop/Paint. It's written in D and OpenGL. Windows only. You can get the source code on GitHub. It replaces the old Heightmap Converter tool, which was ugly and too badly coded to improve any further. Also, I much enjoyed switching to D, it's a fun programming language. Usage Buttons for creating, loading, and saving maps are at the top right. You can also load by dragging a map's icon onto the GeoTool window. The load and save functions automatically detect the map components by their names, so you only need to open one of the map files; the rest will automatically be detected. They do need to be named correctly though -- as in, contain the words "surf"/"high"/etc. somewhere in their filename. You can view and edit the Terrain and the Heightmap with the tabs under the New/Load/Save buttons. Most image formats are supported for heightmaps. Images are grayscale, with black representing height 0 and white representing height 63 (higher than that bugs out LRR, so no point going that high.) You can move the camera with the keyboard or by clicking/dragging on the minimap. Screenshots New GUI to replace the buggy, gray old one: By default, LRR's radar map colors are used for the terrain: Terrain can also use the textures loaded from LRR biomes. Here's level 23 in terrain edit mode, with the rock biome: Heightmap editor: Controls WASD/Click on map = move Home = reset and center view to the center of the map Arrow keys = rotate camera PGUP/PGDN/+/-/Mouse wheel = zoom camera F5/P = save a screenshot F = toggle the FPS/status bar at the bottom Esc = exit You can load a folder containing textures for biomes. Biome folder paths are saved in the settings.ini file, so you don't have to reload them later on. Requirements Windows OpenGL 3.3 and a video card with relevant drivers Download Latest release Source code
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    Lorin Swelk/Tone just posted this piece featuring the LEGO Island 1 theme in high quality!: It's quite rad to hear it in this form and hopefully there's more on the way!
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    Thanks for all the requests @aidenpons (kinda? haha ) The 0.9.x versions may not see any more updates, this is because I've started the next version of the program. Visually, it's much the same as this other than changing the UI which is kinda is what held back the old version. Some core changes which will make things like resizing maps, selection etc... easier to do. Not much to see yet: https://prnt.sc/kno7z3 Don't wait though if you're thinking of making any more maps, can't say when a first release will be out.
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    If you stick around the exit cutscene long enough you will get the BEEEEEEEP crash, but if you decide to leave the room instead then you will get the famous "are you ready to le-" looping glitch.
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    Currently free on Steam: "For Honor - Starter Edition"
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    Thank you guys for your reviews, I'm glad you like the map. I have played my own map again and thanks to your reviews I have reduced the crystal objective from 170 down to 150. The total amount of crystals in the cave is reduced by 5 crystals so you have to collect 15 crystals less after that edit. That should make it easier to finish the level when you (Spoiler alert) Download and first post have been updated.
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    I want to reimplement the game engine, and so I'm reverse-engineering the file formats. I'm planning on sharing both the documentation for the formats, and the process for how I reverse-engineered it, so hopefully someone else who wants to do this can jump in and start much easier. I wrote a quick .obj exporter and imported it in blender, so apologies for the weird triangles. Darth Maul's level (intro): Inside: A view of the podrace level: (the objects floating around the 0 coordinate, those are objects sprinkled throughout the level, such as boulders and coins, but also partly a bug as well) I'll add textures soon, and update the post when I do.
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    More! EDIT: Thought he was going to take a break:
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    Confuse your opponents with Ogel's Curse! Includes Power-Up icon. Download: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r196/
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    http://depositfiles.com/files/eggr1ov58 you have to put in gamedata/common and in manudata/piecedb.It won't replaces robin hood or sam sinister pieces.
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    I can not remember. I think it was something like this: In the file GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRCM.GDB there is the AI chassis used during the races. In the file GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRJMW.GDB there are the tires that are used for the cars that are build with the CR-building-chassis during the races. I wrote a unit test that unites these files and writes the result in the GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRJMW.GDB. Something like: [Test] public void TestUniteTwoGDB() { GDB gdb = new GDB(@"GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRJMW.GDB"); GDB gdb2 = new GDB(@"GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRCM.GDB"); gdb.Read(); gdb2.Read(); int voffset = gdb.vertices.Count; int ioffset = gdb.indices.Count; int moffset = gdb.MDB.materials.Count; gdb.vertices.AddRange(gdb2.vertices); gdb.indices.AddRange(gdb2.indices); gdb.MDB.materials.AddRange(gdb2.MDB.materials); foreach (Mesh m in gdb2.meshes) { m.indexStart += ioffset; m.vertexStart += voffset; m.material += moffset; gdb.meshes.Add(m); } gdb.Write(); } This works because in the file GAMEDATA\COMMON\CRJMW.SDB there are luckiely defined three bones. One master (0) and one for the front axis (1) and one for the rear axis (2). Since the data from the CRCM file is connected to the bone id 0, it will be fixed and not rotate. I also had to edit the CRCM.MDB and CRCM.TDB file. But I edited them manually. When you now use a car that is based on the CR-building-chassis, it will be hidden by the data from the CRJMW.GDB file. I can not be more specific because the game is not running, currently
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    WAD Recycler v2.00 So I was getting sick of using the WAD Tool, having to File>Compile New WAD and then locating the folder every single time I make an edit. So I made this so that compiling and extracting no longer needs you to browse for files and folders. All you do is start the program and when you need to extract or build your folders, you just drag them into the window.. Extract: drag your WAD files onto the window and it will create the LegoRR* folder(s) in the same directory. Build: drag the LegoRR* folder(s) into the window and it will create wads in the same folder as the folder path. There is a status text which will tell you when it is processing or is complete.   Changelog v2 Rewritten.Backup feature was removed, it was fairly pointless.Dragging LegoRR0 & LegoRR1 files only into the window will prompt to ask if you want to extract them straight into the Data folder.No longer uses Ogun's extractor.Download
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    Hi! I'm new here I can't believe there's a forum where people still talk about Lego Racers. I felt like playing this game again after years and decided to google it to see if there were any mods for it and found this forum filled with cool stuff. I made a few skins textures that I thought I'd share: Tim from the Time Cruisers Lego Series: He has a different face for each emotion like the others in the game. And I made these 2 skulls from some Lego sets: Download link (all in one file): I made them on MS Paint and then used some online tracing/vector thing, and for the last skull I realized I could use IrfanView to save it in 256 colors properly. Still they aren't terribly good Idk if any of these has been made already by someone else, sorry in that case, I must have missed it. I hope you like them EDIT! I made these 2 new skins: Spritle's shirt from the Speed Racer theme and the Actress jacket from the Lego Studios theme. Maybe making the shirt yellow like the original was a bad idea though And I made this rim texture to replace the default old white ones with these that are meant to be those the Tiny Turbos had. Download links:
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    This is really an interesting experiment. CaptainGolem made a great discovery! It is possible to join the files. But you will need one for the GAMEDATA\COMMON and a different one for MENUDATA\PIECEDB folder: You can see parts of the building chassis. But that could be removed if we edit the corresponding LEB files. I will try to use my HQ version of the car next.
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    Download link: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/LR2RRLR1_673477.zip Extract to the "MENUDATA/PARTDB" and "GAMEDATA/COMMON" folders. Credit to Segatendo for the LR2 texture rips, you rock!
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    Yes, that is true. I just edited the .ptl-file because there's hardly any documentation about it on this foum. So I thought that I should show what this file can do if it is modded. And yes, it would have worked even if I had clicked on "Get Freezer" or "Hammer" but that would have ruined the magic as Lair said. But maybe it is possible to modify it in a way so that only one tool / only one icon causes crystals to flood the tool store. You can even make levels harder by doing this: ClearComplete Null instead of Generate Ore. Then the rubble would be worthless rocks lying around and only ores in the Cryore.map would be useful...
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVxOi6TxjvQ Probably my best Studs Linkin texture hack yet! Contains all expressions. Download: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/LR_STUDSLINKIN_953383.zip Instructions: Replace "XX" in the texture names with the initials of the character desired to be replaced, then copy to "MENUDATA" and "GAMEDATA/COMMON". List of initials and what they replace at: http://www.rockraidersunited.org/topic/4217-tutorial-skin-texturing/ Enjoy!
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    I was messing with the files and got this: But this is totally useless because I had to replace the wheels with the car model to make it work. It would be good if we replaced the chassis with the car model but I didn't find the chassis models anywhere...
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