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    Rob Baker

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    I worked at ATD during this period, on all the published Lego games. Lego Racers 2 is obviously what it sounds like. Lego Racers 3 was actually Drome Racers. It was only called Lego Racers 3 for a very brief period, I only ever really knew it as Drome Racers. Lego Racers 4 never existed, it was always known as Drome Racers 2 internally. And yeah, it only ever had a pre-production phase and no code was ever written for it to my knowledge, though we did progress our internal engine tech in that direction which was eventually used in the uncompleted Ion Runner. I also did the port of Drome Racers from PC to XBOX. This was complete a few months before ATD closed, so I have no idea why it was never released by the publisher.
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    TrackMasters (A Lego Stunt Rally inspired game!)

    Hey everyone! You may not know me yet as I'm not much of an active member here, but I've been following Rock Raiders United from afar for a long time (i remember the website used to not look like this at all)! I'm creating this post today to tell you about a project I'm working on currently : TrackMasters! TrackMasters is an isometric racing game with free track creation mechanics, something halfway between TrackMania and Micro Machines. Rings a bell? Yes, it is at least partly inspired by Lego Stunt Rally. Here's a test footage I've recorded yersteday if you wanna take a look: It's multiplayer only, via LAN or Internet (no campaign unfortunately!) I've been working on it for a bit more than a month now, and I aim to release it the first of june 2020 (given I find a publisher ) You can join the discord to get updates about the development, I'm posting here every day or so! https://discord.gg/y7zKv3N I will also be watching that topic of course, maybe answer some questions and post updates once in a while! See you around ❤
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    Akorax MOCs

    Akorax MOCs I thought since I've made a few MOCs now I'd post about them too. Fullsize images with transparent background can be found in the link below. I use google drive since RRU has a filesize limit for uploaded pictures. Gallery https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UYfbsMYZZZMCnb5OW9FqUpYbgFqE2rUq Thumbnails Motorcycle (Inspired by a ww2 bike MOC) Tricycle (Original concept) Magma Transport (Chrome Crusher back of the box build) Big Drill Station (my first ever MOC) Research Centre with removeable modules. (Inspired by RRChief design)
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Banshee I am continuing the Hydro Thunder boat building. This time is Banshee. I didn't even intend to build this right away, but I was cleaning up some old bags of bricks, saw the kinds of green pieces I had, then started piecing together the air scoop that you can see on top. Thresher was going to be the next boat, so I had my blue pieces out already. Well, Banshee is better anyways. The boosters work too (see the spoiler images). This one took about six hours. For this updated version I improved the scoop, found black booster pieces, found better pieces for the front of the pontoons, and gave it a pop-out propeller.
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Since I've made too many boats, I've decided to make one thread for all of them. The previous threads have been merged. More pictures will come. Check the spoilers under each main image for more on each boat. Miss Behave I was recategorizing some mixed bins by color and I found a few TYCO army bricks. I don't have very many but I was able to use them in a build. Hydro Thunder was on my mind so I tried my hand at some nonstandard building techniques. Miss Behave isn't my favorite boat, but she's pretty good when taking her off a ramp. I feel like I could have done better, but I used almost every single one of the olive green bricks I have. Let me know if you want different angles. This was a quick afternoon build and I took the pics almost as quickly.
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    Looking for the Tales of the Lego Express game

    I made a post on reddit a while back about this but I recently found this forum and figured some people on here might be interested in it as well. There's a game I've been looking for called TALES OF THE LEGO EXPRESS but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I compiled all my information on it into a gallery on imgur, which you can find here. In my search I found a video on the website vimeo of all the animations from the game: I emailed Chop Shop Studio but sadly all they could find were more screens from the game, which I have also added to the imgur gallery. I also emailed One Trick Pony hoping to get in touch with Rob Reed since he was apparently the one who designed this game, however I've yet to hear back from them and I doubt I will. On reddit a user named utter_bodge commented on my post sending me the entire archived script of the game, as well as an adaptation someone made on Ink, a popular text adventure maker. Sadly it seems that this game will never be playable again in its original format. Still, it's kinda neat to look back on this since it was such a large part of my and many others' childhoods. So that's my story. If anyone has any more information on this game I'd love to hear all about it.
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    joint dogg

    Looking for the Tales of the Lego Express game

    Hey! I'm the one who made the bare-bones Ink adaptation. That movie footage is a great find – I thought all the cutscenes were lost forever! I'm trying to make a more faithful adaptation that reimplements cutscenes where possible, so PeabodySam's reminiscences are also greatly appreciated. Can anyone remember if the buttons appeared on top of the video (like so) or on their own title card (like the end screen shown in the video)? The first option looks "right" to me, but my memory is hazy. Edit: I should add that most of the UI elements are included in framework.swf, which was archived. If you want to extract them, I recommend FFDec.
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    Looking for the Tales of the Lego Express game

    I'm the other guy (PeabodySam_) who commented on that reddit thread, as well as in the Steam chats quoted by jamesster above. I actually have a somewhat decent memory for this game that I haven't played in over fifteen years... I guess that just goes to show what an impact a great Flash game can have on a LEGO maniac. Of course, my memory is far from photographic so there are plenty of gaps, but cross-referencing the archived script with the Chop Shop Studio video has helped jog a few memories: One thing that you will notice in Chop Shop Studio's video is that there is an orange circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen with a number inside. These numbers usually (but not always) correspond directly to the scene numbers in the archived script. For longer scenes, the cutscenes are actually broken up and do not play continuously as they do in the video; you can generally tell by changing camera angles or audio clips. If I remember correctly, most cutscenes play before the corresponding text, so it would go something like this: SCENE 01 / INTRO ("On a dark and spooky...") 0:00-0:03 (01: the train arrives) SCENE 01 / BUTTONS ... 0:03-0:04 (03: sitting on train) SCENE 03 / INTRO ("You're sure Charlie will be...") 0:04-0:07 (03: looking out train window) SCENE 03 / TEXT A ("Sure is taking a long time...") 0:07-0:11 (03: looking at Palomar's poster) SCENE 03 / TEXT B ("Hey, take a look at...") 0:11-0:18 (03: Palomar atop train, inside train) SCENE 03 / TEXT C ("Uh-oh! Not only have...") 0:28-0:35 (03: Palomar and poster) SCENE 07 / INTRO ("Seems that Señor Palomar plans...") ... SCENE 26 / INTRO ("Oops. Maybe you should have...") 0:18-0:20 (26: thrown into closet) SCENE 06 / INTRO ("Hey, is there someone - or...") ... 0:21-0:28 (22: Palomar closes closet door) SCENE 22 / INTRO A ("Oops! Señor Palomar must have...") ... 0:43-0:46 (13: Villano looking out window) SCENE 13 / INTRO ("It doesn't look like that...") 0:46-0:50 (13: Villano pushed out window, into mail loop) SCENE 13 / INTRO A ("Spotting a passing mail pole...") ... 0:35-0:38 (16: raising flare) SCENE 16 / INTRO ("Using the handholds on the...") 0:38-0:43 (16: shooting flare) SCENE 17 / INTRO ("You've sent the signal! Hopefully...") ... SCENE 19a / INTRO ("You board the train proudly...") 0:50-0:55 (19: deputized, newspaper) SCENE 19 / BUTTONS Please note that the above are not guaranteed to be perfectly correct; it's just what I can piece together from my own memory and the data that's currently available. I'm sure I've attached the right cutscenes to the right text, but not necessarily in the right order or maybe I split a cutscene that wasn't actually split in-game. So, please take it with a little grain of salt. A few other general notes, both about the game and cutscenes (including ones missing from Chop Shop Studio's video): In the script, anything labeled "bubble" or "bub" is presented in-game as speech bubble rather than a text card; you click on each speech bubble to continue the scene. Otherwise, the game generally alternates between "intro" text cards and animated cutscenes. I believe 0:18-0:20 may have been a multi-purpose cutscene. While the "26" number in the video suggests that it follows being captured in SCENE 26 / INTRO, it could also work as the cutscene that would play before SCENE 05 / INTRO ("Yikes! There's somebody in here...") or after SCENE 07 / INTRO ("Seems that Señor Palomar plans..."). However, it would NOT play before SCENE 08 / INTRO A ("Looks like you weren't so..."), which uses a different cutscene where you see Charlie open the door, peer inside, and smile at you. For the other two scenes (SCENE 21 / INTRO A and SCENE 25 / INTRO A) where Charlie rescues you, I believe Charlie is already in the closet but untied, skipping the whole "who's this mysterious shadowed guy in the closet?" visual sequence, but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure the Ink adaptation contains at least one error. If you see Charlie tied in the closet, don't untie him, and get captured, then SCENE 06 / INTRO A (where Charlie unties himself) would make much more sense than SCENE 27 / INTRO A (where you untie Charlie). Before talking to Charlie for the first time, you might run into Rudo Villano as one of the villains who captures you, though I don't remember which scene specifically. After Villano is assigned to guard the radio, you might run into Alexia Sinister instead; she is definitely the one who captures you in SCENE 10 / INTRO A ("Oh no! Señor Palomar must...")... and maybe after SCENE 25 / INTRO ("You quietly creep after Señor...") as well, but I'm not so sure about that one. Before SCENE 09 / INTRO A (""We're getting close to the..."), you see a cutscene of peering through the doorway while Palomar is in the room with the radio. Before SCENE 09 / INTRO B ("Oh no! Henchmen!"), the silhouettes of Villano and Alexia lean into the frame in the foreground, with their backs turned towards you. Throughout SCENE 15, you see yourself holding the radio, with speech bubbles coming from yourself and from the radio. After SCENE 17 / INTRO A ("Looks like Max got the..."), you see a cutscene of the sheriff boarding the train. Before SCENE 24 / INTRO ("Afraid that the sheriff may..."), you see a cutscene of Palomar sneaking up on Engineer Max only to suddenly have his hat pulled over his eyes, then Max turns around and looks surprised. After SCENE 24a / INTRO (""Great work!" says the sheriff..."), you see a brief cutscene of the Gale's Eye being observed by silhouetted onlookers. Now, I believe it was a flashforward to the diamond being in the museum, as the sheriff says. But as a kid, I thought it was the arrested Palomar and Alexia looking at the diamond just teasingly out of their reach. After SCENE 24c / INTRO ("Charlie clears his throat and..."), you see a very brief cutscene of Conductor Charlie holding a pocketwatch. If I remember correctly, SCENE 19 / INTRO (""Before you go, I have...") plays before a cutscene of the sheriff pulling out the deputy star and winking. If I recall anything else, I'll be sure to add an addendum to this post. But for now, this is my recollection of Tales of the LEGO Express.
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    Back for my monthly update. I've continued working on the underlying engine upgrades and have more to add/update about v1.1.0. - 32 Bit only.... 16bit support removed, it would be a pain to keep backward compatibility whilst trying to use new tech. - Alpha channel support for PNGs now added. - Vast performance increases in relation to UI drawing. - Much DirectDraw drawing has been upgraded to Direct2D, utilising hardware acceleration. (This should resolve bugs related to DD, such as corrupted ui, bleached ui, ui surface loss from Windows Smart Screen) - Minimum OS support currently sits at Windows 7, as Direct2D is now being used. - You can set the alpha for the crystal model. (CFG) Probably more to come... or a release.
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Armed Response Woah woah woah, slow it down you freaking maniacs! We're trying to save lives here! Every hero needs a villain. This boat shows up in some of the tracks as an obstacle that tries to get in your way. You can unlock it and use it yourself, but it's slow even while boosting. The turret guy fires on boats behind you, not that the bullets do anything. The booster is quite simple but a bit complex at the same time. Spacing was crucial and the whole module stays in place via friction. There are also little kickstands that can fold out to keep the booster in its deployed position (look near the corners). This build is my favorite out of all them as I feel like I captured it the best. It's not my favorite boat to pilot. That's either Banshee or Tidal Blade. This one took about two days to make.
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Tidal Blade Narrow path ahead. This one was actually fun to build. It's 2000 horsepower and full of fury! And it was a way to use up the few orange and purple bricks I have. I had to build the engine section upside down because I didn't have enough under slope bricks. It worked out in the end. The boosters are supposed to slide out on rails, but that would end up way too chunky. Hinges work fine here. I cheated again with TYCO bricks on the yellow scoop at the front. There are two black 2x2 female-to-female plates there. Does that make this an illegal build? Here's a fun little fact as well: the amber flame pieces you see here came from my trip to the LEGO Store in New York City last year. They lack the little nubs near the base that the older orange flame pieces have. This makes them more versatile since I can stick them into the round orange plates on Banshee. I'd say this one took about a day to build in total.
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    Hydro Thunder Boats

    Midway Uh, I got a bad feeling about this... This one, despite being the easiest of beginner boats, was the hardest to build. Midway is painted with all sorts of gradients and stripes that were hard to capture in bricks. I especially took creative liberties with the cockpit (the first revision was hot garbage). The booster, too, was difficult, but I got it on the second try. Hey, what about that rollcage piece? That's a Znap brick, which was some weird late '90s K'nex competitor. I don't know why TLG thought K'nex was a competitor, and they already had Technic... these were pre-Bionicle days, so they were still flopping around for ideas. This definitely took me two or three days to make.
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    TT literally GIVING AWAY Ninjago Movie game for FREE

    No clue why, but TT Games is literally just giving away The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 until May 21st. https://www.ttgames.com/2020/05/15/the-lego-ninjago-movie-game-available-free/ Yes, this is real. It likely has something to do with this. Also, it's worth noting that even if you're on Linux, you can play the Windows version of the game if you enable Steam Play for all Windows games in your Steam settings.
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    Looking for the Tales of the Lego Express game

    That's me! Hoping more can be recovered somehow. Edit: Also, here's the conversation I had with LEGO customer support, in April 2017: Of course, now we know Badgerhammer wasn't involved in the original. (Also, Badgerhammer's game isn't online any longer, either, and as far as I know the BMP didn't archive it either... Though at least there's several videos of it out there.) Another edit - an older chat with @PeabodySam with some more details: Edit again - from today:
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    Skin Texture Packs from Dewey Cheatum

    I mean, it would be interesting to see him in Lego Racers, but I find it kind of funny how you just waltz in to a not so active forum and expect people to immediately do things for you for no compensation whatsoever.
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    Manic Miners Google Sheet Level List

    Inspired by NuvaHammer's custom levels list posted in the Discord, a while back I went ahead and compiled all the current custom levels with their download links into a collaborate Google sheet. I've kept out level descriptions due to their size. Using the sort filter, you can search through specific map authors, Game version or sort through Energy Crystal goal amounts. This Sheet will be open for people to collaborate on. Feel free to edit/add info, columns and your custom maps for Manic Miners. The more data the better! I'll be moderating it from time to time to make sure it's kept in a tidy condition. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/163rKdP3Lj1p40i65pAH4XBw_7T12M2Sf0_LAWDfwktM/edit?usp=sharing
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    Back again for an update. You may remember a year or so ago I began work on implementing a scripting engine, back then it was Chiascript however felt that it was a little too slow. Since then I've upgraded to Angelscript which runs much much faster. It still keeps a similar C++ like syntax but with some added benefits. What does scripting engine mean? It means you will now have to power to program features into LRR within the bounds of data and functions that are made available to you. Various hooks will be added throughout the game code to allow you to run your own code. The script engine will be very powerful and allow things such as... but not limited to: Reading your own config entries Manipulating game variables Loading images Drawing images, text and shapes wherever you please Detecting keyboard and mouse events Saving a loading data between game launches. much more. What can be done with it? Many things can be, I've thought of some various examples you can now... Game Achievements New hazards with HUD indicators Custom load screens Custom UI panels New map data Hotkeys Control groups Heaps more level scripting possibilities Here is an example of a small radiation hazard mod, with a radiation indicator. namespace xhazards { // Globals float radiation = 0.0f; int radLeft; int radBar; void hook_init() { reset(); radLeft = loadImage("radleft.png"); radBar = loadImage("radBar.png"); } void hook_ui() { drawImage(radLeft, 5, window_height - 150); int c = int( (10.0f/100.0f) * radiation ); for (int i = 0; i < c; i++) { drawImage(radBar, 55 +(i*8), window_height - 150); } } void reset() { radiation = 0.0f; } void initFromCFG(string lvl) { radiation = cfg_read_float(lvl+"::Radiation", 0.0f); } } As more data and control is given to the scripting engine, you will be able to achieve even more things that were never possible in LRR. And briefly on NERPS, all NERPS functions will be available to level scripts for legacy support. And best of all, you don't need to pre-compile them. ---- Sorry to hear that, you said you can't get it to work without cafeteria, so does it work with it? It is possible to use Axel's Mod with Cafeteria. There is a folder called "DataSource", this is the game data BEFORE cafeteria modifies it to produce the final data in the "Data" folder. So you simply need to overwrite/replace the contents of "DataSource" with Axel's Mod data. Assuming his mod comes as WAD files, you will simply need to extract them with an extractor tool (there is one in Cafeteria itself or use WAD Recycler) and combine all the extracted data into the "DataSource" folder.
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    Yesterday I had an anniversary stream to show the project is still going strong! A lot of first-person functionality was implemented, including drilling, clearing rubble, reinforcing walls, collecting and throwing resources, constructing buildings and eating sandwiches! Watch a quick demo here or watch the entire stream on my Twitch channel!
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    Air Filter (New Building)

    You don't need Cafeteria if you use the download link I posted. That gets you the raw files. Just copy the Barracks folder over your existing Data/Buildings/Barracks folder (after you have extracted your own WADs, of course) and the building will appear. Menu icons, tooltips, and other things require you to edit other files. Aiden's patch includes all of that and you need Cafeteria to use it.
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    Custom GDB is "Unsupported". Can someone help?

    Ah, well, it looks like the indices range can be larger than 64 then. The length of this range is 19. The range starts at the 6233-th vertex. I'll give an explanation of what my understanding is of the gdb-files. (might not be 100% correct): Going with the above values as an example, they mean: The 87 next indices starting at the 0-th one (87*3 values, one for each corner of a triangle), reference vertices from the 6233-th onward. So let's say the first few index values starting at the (0*3)-th one are these: 10 8 15 10 11 9 The first 3 indices create a triangle consisting of the 6243-rd, the 6241-st, and the 6248-th vertices. (6233+10-0, 6233+8-0, 6233+15-0) The next 3 indices create a triangle consisting of the 6243-rd. the 6244-th, and the 6242-nd vertices. As long as the 0 <= index value < vrange_length(19 in this example), the calculation of the index of the vertex that the indexvalue references is simple: vrange_start+indexvalue-vrange_offset. if not, the indexvalue references a vertex outside of the [vrange_start,vrange_length] offset. Looking at sluicer's post now, I get confused again, as it looks like his definitions of vrange and irange are swapped. I'm not so certain anymore, but I think the calculation of what vertex an indexvalue references is this: check = indexvalue - vrange_offset if (check >= vrange_length) { vertex = previous_vrange_start + (indexvalue - previous_vrange_offset) } else if (check < 0) { vertex = previous_vrange_start + indexvalue } else { vertex = vrange_start + (indexvalue - vrange_offset) } I hope you can make something of that, and that this information is even correct, because reading back on all this made me only more confused than before. The above is also what my track viewer uses, and I believe it displays color-based gdbs correctly. (It screws up on normal-based gdbs, not sure why).
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    Looking for the Tales of the Lego Express game

    Hey everyone! I've used to play this game a lot back in the days, and yesterday i found out this topic while surfing the Internet, so I wrote directly to Rob Reed on LinkedIn. I hope he would be able to provide some new information.
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    Restoring Borders to 1999 Pirate Skull Pass Loading Screen

    It works perfectly, I really appreciate the upload. Thank you!
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    Restoring Borders to 1999 Pirate Skull Pass Loading Screen

    There was some confusion on it back then, but AFAIK you should simply be able to transplant the 2001 loading screen image into the 1999 version. I'll take a look and upload that file in a bit, and edit this post when I do. Edit: Here's the 2001 version of the loading screen. Put it in GAMEDATA\RACEC2R1, overwriting the existing file.
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    Removing Default / Pre-Built Racers

    It does work like that if you move the original LEGO.JAM file away from the installation folder. You can just have the GAMEDATA and MENUDATA folders in there and the game will read directly from them. If you have the 2001 version you might need an empty LEGO.JAM file for it to work.
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    Lego Racers Remastered

    I look forward to seeing how this shapes up in the future. I know this virus outbreak is hard on all of us, so take care out there!
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    Removing Default / Pre-Built Racers

    I just tried it and it works fine. You don't really need to replace your original LegoRac1 file with the DEFAULT and QBUILD files, that's just if you want to edit or see the pre-built racers. All you need to do is delete all the existing racers on your save file and replace the original DEFAULT and QBUILD files with the empty save.
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    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    Daaayuuum they sound like amazing features, I'll definitely give it a go on 1.1's release! Really looking forward to it
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    Removing Default / Pre-Built Racers

    The file the default racers are stored in is LEGO.JAM\MENUDATA\DEFAULT.LRS As for removing them... Probably best bet is replacing your save with it, deleting the racer, then putting the save back. Your save (called LEGORac1) will be in either of these places: %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\LEGO Racers\Save\0 %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files\LEGO Media\Games\LEGO Racers\Save\0 C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\LEGO Racers\Save\0 C:\Program Files\LEGO Media\Games\LEGO Racers\Save\0 EDIT: Didn't notice QBUILD.LRS Seems there are QBUILD.LRS files in each of the language folders inside MENUDATA too. These are identical to each other, but different to the one in MENUDATA.
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    Removing Default / Pre-Built Racers

    AFAIK, all the data for pre-built cars (including "quick builds" for the various chassis) are stored in the same format as standard saved game data, located somewhere within the JAM - as in, you can literally replace your game save with it, and see all the unused random drivers that go along with the prebuilt chassis cars. Presumably if you edited those cars and then put your new save data in the place of the save in the JAM, your edits would appear in-game fine, though I dunno if anybody's ever tried that. No idea if it's possible to outright remove anything.
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    Screen freezes game keeps running

    I'm a bit late to the topic, but the next version of community edition i'm working on is vastly different to the current version, with 32 bit support, upgraded apis and more. Though I can't say it'll fix your crash since I don't know what your crash is from, it could make a difference. That said, would you like to lend a hand to the project by doing some debugging on your game for me? there is a chance I may resolve the issue now or in a future version of community edition. This is in reply to both of you, @Chris The Grape and @Humanbasterd.
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    Skin Texture Packs from Dewey Cheatum

    LuxorV made a texture for him to be used as a printable decal, here on Eurobricks (look for Bandit #2). I don't see the face there, but you could have a look around the main index in case it's shared elsewhere. If you check out the skin texturing tutorial, you can learn how to put that texture in the game yourself!
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    Rama Texture Issues

    In case if you're wondering what I'm talking about, Here's my problem with the mod. The Head Models and car textures turned out okay, But their head textures aren't working.
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    3DXML to OBJ - Converts LDD model captures to OBJ

    3DVIA Printscreen can capture LEGO Digital Designer models and save them as 3DXML files. It was discontinued years ago, but can still be downloaded from the web archives (direct installer link). Not many programs can load 3DXML files, so I made a program to convert them to OBJ. It does some other helpful things too. Download The resulting models are far more optimized than exports from other LEGO building software, thanks to LDD's hidden stud/tube removal. For example, a small house model that's 50350 tris exported from LeoCAD is only 13548 tris with this method - and with some additional tricks, only 2586 tris. More info here. I've only made this to work with LDD captures, compatibility with captures from other programs is not guaranteed. It will automatically name materials and textures with their official LEGO names/IDs. Setup: 3DVIA Printscreen should be configured so "Capture of textures" is on, and "Group by textures" is off. LDD should have high-quality rendering options disabled. 3DVIA Printscreen must be launched BEFORE LDD. Usage: Save your LDD model in 3DXML to OBJ's "Models" folder. Launch 3DXML to OBJ and enter your LDD model name in the first text box, then click "Move camera". This saves a new LDD model with the camera set in the proper position for 3DXML capturing. Open the new LDD model (it will have CAM_SET in the name) and capture it to a 3DXML file with 3DVIA Printscreen. Make sure it's saved in 3DXML to OBJ's "Models" folder, like the LDD models. Enter the name of your 3DXML file into the second text box in 3DXML to OBJ. I recommend leaving "Weld duplicate vertices" enabled. Choose a new color palette if you'd like, and click "Convert". It sounds more complicated than it is. Here's a model being converted and imported into Unity: And now, the advanced features, which are mostly for LEGO Universe-style color variation, but keep reading for some geometry removal tricks too. For color variation, we need to randomly adjust the color of each brick... But, LDD often batches bricks of the same color together into one mesh. Thus, we can't do it after capturing a model. We have to have the randomized colors displayed in LDD itself. So, it's LDD modding time! Setting up color variation: Download this LIF Extractor. Extract db.lif, found at C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer Put the resulting db folder where the original db.lif file was, and rename db.lif to something else so LDD will use your extracted data instead of the original file. Inside your db folder is Materials.xml. Put a copy of it in the same folder as the 3DXML to OBJ EXE. Launch 3DXML to OBJ and click the "Advanced" button. In the "Edit Materials.xml" box, choose what changes to make. You can add color variation and also apply changes to the base color palette. Click "Edit" and it will create a new XML file. Now you'll want to update the program's own internal color definitions. Enter the name of the XML file you just created in the box below, and click "Update color definitions". Replace LDD's Materials.xml with your new version. Again, this all sounds more complicated than it is. There's a video further below showing how it's done. Adding color variation to LDD models is simple enough; in advanced mode there's an option for it in the same box where you set the camera position in your LDD model. Just choose how strong you want the variation to be. I strongly recommend converting all the materials to vertex colors for models with color variation. How you do this will depend on what software you prefer; in the video below I'm using Ultimate Unwrap 3D. There's one more advanced feature: You can keep meshes of certain colors from receiving color variation and/or being exported. This is useful for "dummy bricks" only placed in the model to trip LDD's hidden geometry removal. In 3DXML to OBJ v1.8.0_Data\StreamingAssets, you will find "Color Export Exclusion.txt" and "Color Variation Exclusion.txt". Add the desired color IDs here, one per line. Covering studs is obvious enough, but tubes are a bit more finicky. Original LDD model, vs export with the dummy bricks excluded: A simple brick has the entire underside present. These quickly add up to loads of polygons. Placing 1x1 round plates across the surface causes LDD to replace the underside with two triangles. Nice! There's a small handful of other parts with this effect, but 1x1 round plates are the best. In fact, even just one 1x1 round plate can trigger this so long as the rest is still covered. Covering the bottom entirely will cause LDD to remove it 100%. Beware: Some bricks, like those rounded 2x2 pieces, will look like they have the same effect as 1x1 round plates, but actually don't... They still leave much of the tubes intact. And finally, here's a video showing all of the advanced features, if the text wasn't clear enough: More tips and tricks! If 3DVIA Printscreen is causing LDD to freeze and/or not launch, see this post. If you have developer mode enabled in LDD, you can press Shift W to toggle wireframe mode. You can also turn rendering of different parts of bricks on and off. LDD's bricks come in four sections, and can be toggled as such: K: Toggles studs Shift K: Toggles bottom and inside of tubes Q: Toggles outside of brick Shift Q: Toggles bottom and inside of brick You can use this to, for example, capture a model without studs, and use that as a lower LOD. Don't have developer mode enabled? Go to the same AppData folder as db.lif and developermode=1 to preferences.ini. If you've modded LDD's decorations, or LDD has updated, you can update 3DXML to OBJ's internal texture definitions - just copy the Decorations folder from db to the same folder as 3DXML to OBJ's EXE, and click the button for it in advanced mode. (In case you're curious what this does: The program keeps a list of MD5 hashes of texture data, along side their file names/IDs. This allows the program to identify what textures are what in a 3DXML file, without actually containing any of the texture data itself.) You can add your own custom color palettes, just go to 3DXML to OBJ v1.8.0_Data\StreamingAssets\Custom Palettes and use the existing files as examples of how they work. If for some reason you need to, Shift R resets 3DXML to OBJ's saved preferences (resolution, most recent conversion options, etc). Replacing colors when converting a 3DXML with color variation will work... But look very strange, as it'll only affect bricks that happen to be the original color values. The ones that have been slightly lightened or darkened won't be changed. You can mod lower LODs of bricks from LU into LDD... But that'd be its own topic.
  34. 1 point

    3DXML to OBJ - Converts LDD model captures to OBJ

    Thanks for this. I recently started trying to use unity to do walk throughs of models. I use mostly studio for building, unfortunately, exported as an ldraw into blender, then converting to fbx for unity. Of course, ran into problems with the complexity of the models. Glad google brought me here. This should help.
  35. 1 point

    LEGO Island Rebuilder

    Almost a year late, but... The music injection should work now with this PR! https://github.com/itsmattkc/LEGOIslandRebuilder/pull/14 Ready to merge and compile! If not, you can send me your LEGO1.DLL located in the game's root folder.
  36. 1 point

    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hello everybody! Because this is actually my first post I just want to say "hi" first. I'm a crazy guy from Germany who wants to share his recreations from Island Xtreme Stunts with you. I've always been a fan of the buldings in Xtreme Stunts and of course my big dream was building Peppers house - Finally I realised it. Yes, I know, the ground floor color looks different ingame - it could be Medium Nougat or such but that color wasn't available back then and I don't really like it either. So, here it is: I also really liked the ambulance. Still need stickers for that. Since nothing looks transparent in Island Xtreme Stunts (does anybody know why?) I did it the same except for the windows. My next project is the hospital. Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards Lukas
  37. 1 point

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    Just an update on the progress of the next version (1.1.0). Development has been going well and I'm pleased to announce that v1.1 will support the running of LRR in 32bit colour space, no longer requiring the game to be set to 16bit colour mode (in compatibility settings). In addition to this.... 32 Bit colour mode by default (16 to remain an option for now). 24Bit BMP Support for GUI and menu's. Light dithering will now be much smoother as a result of the bit change. Increased performance in some areas due to the bit change. LRR window now works on secondary displays without needing a graphics wrapper. DirectInput 5 API upgraded to DirectInput 8
  38. 1 point


    From the album: Real Legos

  39. 1 point


    From the album: Real Legos

  40. 1 point

    Information From One of the Designers of Drome Racers

    So a couple days ago I ran into Ian Mayor, who did design and writing for DR and decided to tweet at him seeing if he was game for questions, of which he was and started with the following: Next I asked about the Rocket Situation: Next after seeing these tweets I asked Ian about it and got the following response: Lastly I asked Ian about the canned LR4 and got the following information Such a shame it didn't happen, sounded pretty cool.
  41. 1 point

    Developer Mode Patcher

    I present for your modding pleasure, LR2DeveloperPatcher! This allows you to run the game with your gamedata extracted, and removes the requirement for a compiled archive. This performs the binary patch documented by JMMB It has a built-in gamedata extractor. This also supports Drome Racers. REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK 4. Version 1.1.5082.38337 (LATEST): LINK Past builds: Version 1.0.5082.30975: LINK Changelog (2013-11-30) v1.1.5082.38337 > Added backup feature. The un-patched executable will be moved to (name)-original.exe > Fixed memory deallocation bug. (2013-11-30) v1.0.5082.30975 > Initial version.
  42. 1 point

    Island Xtreme Stunts Rhoda Hogg/Studz Linkin Car LDD Model

    From the album: LDD Models

    Rhoda Hogg/Studz Linkin Car from Island Xtreme Stunts, as best I could design it using LDD. Rendered with Bluerender.
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    The Brickster

    LEGO Island 2 buildings

    LEGO Island 2 buildings recreated in LDD
  44. 1 point

    The Brickster's Name + Panic on LEGO Island

    Were there ever topics on this stuff? I can't find one but I remember discussing it with some people. Anyway. This piece from the Xtreme Tower set has actual printing on it: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=30161pb01&idColor=20#T=C&C=20 While I don't own the set, I once saw a picture of the piece (in a MOC) clear enough to make out the text. While looking for it again today I came across this topic on a Swedish LEGO forum about exactly this: http://www.swebrick.se/index.php?topic=10027.0 As you can see there, the text on the computer reads: Bjarke is a Danish name, my guess is whoever designed the print put it in as some sort of joke about somebody at LEGO. It's also slightly odd as in Denmark, the Brickster was named Kim Cool: You'd think they'd say "aka Kim Cool" on that computer piece, especially given the reference to Denmark immediately after, but ah well. Speaking of Danish names... There's an often repeated trivia fact on misc websites (and I think a DK book or two) saying "1997 saw the minifig’s official entry into the digital realm, starring in the videogame Panic on Lego Island". It seems that was the name in Denmark, for at least some copies... But in Danish of course. The game was also going to be named "Adventures on LEGO Island" in English before they decided to shorten it, IIRC it was advertised by that name in a LEGO Mania Magazine or two and it was also alluded to in-game by Dr Clickitt (he makes a joke about being so busy they could have their own game, "Adventures in LEGO Hospital" or something). I've heard it was still called by that name in other languages, but I don't remember if it was verified or not. Doesn't seem unlikely though, given the Danish name.
  45. 1 point

    Post Your Cool Custom Skins

    Screenshot or Screenshot + Download it doesn't matter to me. This topic is different from the "Post Your Cool Minifgs" topic in that it does not revolve around default customization parts, but rather things modded in. I made this Canadian shirt for myself, it has the same leaf on both the back and front side:
  46. 1 point

    Global Forum Rules

    Rock Raiders United is a discussion community. This allows many people of many backgrounds to come together to discuss all things LEGO. To keep this community in a healthy working order, forum rules do apply to protect both the website and its members. By registering an account you agree to follow the rules below. Posting DO NOT Spam Spam is considers as posts that do not add anything constructive to a topic/blog. Examples of such posts would be single word/emoticon posts, posts containing repetitive sentences. DO NOT Double Post Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply before making another post. The only exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post is going to contain purposeful information and not just "Bumping....". DO NOT Flame Flaming refers to the insulting of other members because of an opinion, personal background or beliefs they have. DO NOT Troll Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response is not permitted and is damaging to your own reputation on the forum. DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy. You are NOT permitted to share links, upload or make available publically or privately: full games, applications or media that would otherwise need to be purchased or licensed from the IP holder (the owner of the content). This does not apply to content that is released by the IP Holder as demo, freeware, trial and other license types for public sharing. There are certain situations where you may share limited files or samples of software/media for the purpose of achieving interoperability or providing education. This is so that tools can be created to read/write or otherwise interact with the shared files of software/media and further documented. Other situations where limited parts of software or media may be permitted are for the purpose of providing support or correcting software bugs. For example: To improve or make software/media compatible with newer systems or to provide missing content the software owner should have received. We understand such exceptions can make it difficult to decide whether some content is allowed to be posted. If you are unsure about a file you wish to upload, please contact one of the members of the moderation team. Links or Uploads may be removed at the request of the original author or copyright holder, or at the discretion of the moderation team at any time. DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material This covers all forms of pornographic material or sexually suggestive material. Materials containing high levels of gore are also not permitted. If you feel the content is questionable, don't post it! DO NOT Post Personally Identifiable Information The internet is full of creeps and thieves, do not post any information about yourself that may be stolen or identify you personally. The moderation team will remove such details from posts if they are found. DO NOT Discuss Religion or Politics These subjects fuel flaming. If you would like to discuss either of these, do so on a different forum. DO NOT Evade the Language Filter This refers to deliberately changing the lettering or using other tricks in order to get around our swear word filter. Slang however is allowed. DO NOT Post from the Future Futureposting is highly frowned upon as it can cause paradoxes, the advancement of technology before culture can catch up, and timestamp shenanigans. Always consult a licensed time lord before futureposting if you feel it is absolutely necessary. Also read the topic on Posting Etiquette Accounts DO NOT Create Multiple Accounts You are only allowed to use one account for yourself on this forum. If you would like your username changed, contact an Administrator. If you have been banned you are allowed to appeal to have a new account. DO NOT Use Rude, Offensive or Spam Usernames Account usernames that imply that your account is a dummy account to achieve access to something on the forum will get your account deleted. If your username is offensive, rude or designed to impersonate a member of this community or an official from another community your account may be renamed or deleted without warning. DO NOT Use Disposable Email Addresses If you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will be removed promptly without warning. DO NOT Use Company Logo's as a Profile Photo Please do not use company logo's, (such as the official LEGO logo) as your profile photo. They will be removed without notice. General Rules Respect Members All members should respect each other, including their opinions (See Flaming). If you are having problems with a particular member, you should seek to resolve it with them without causing disruption to the rest of the community. Respect Moderators The moderators not only spend time on the community as a normal member, they also having taken on extra responsibility to ensure members are following the rules. They 'keep the streets clean' as it were. Community Environment Sabotage If your actions (e.g post destruction, DDOS, spam etc) and attitude (e.g disrespect for moderators, members or the forum itself) and posts show or imply that you are trying to destroy the website or the community atmosphere causing the driving away of other members, you may be subject to a warning/restrictions or account ban. Excessive Sized Signatures Please be thoughtful of the many other viewers of RRU. Your signature should not be a distraction to the topic being read nor should it stretch pages needlessly. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250px (Pixels) high. Using spoilers should not be used for reducing the size. If your signature is deemed too big, it may be removed. Fake Goodbye Posts If you're going to leave RRU, do so without unnecessary attention-grabbing posts or insults to other users or RRU as a whole. A goodbye post is acceptable if done in good taste. We reserve the right to ban your account if you say you're going to leave forever as that will be interpreted as you forfeiting your account. These rules are subject to additions and alterations. Last Updated: 26/02/2019 * Newly Added since last update * Altered since last update
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    Rock Raiders' Tunnel Drilling Machine Screenshots

    Screenshots of my first LDD creation and first general LEGO creation for several ages.
  48. 1 point

    Crazy Minifigs

    From the album: Real Legos

    My LEGO Island minifigs came out to play. The Rock Raiders weren't pleased that they brought PM monsters with them. Here you will witness the law being enforced, the birth of toilet monsters, levitation, police brutality, insecure shipments of scarce resources, suicide bombings, The Sword of Ramas, vigilantism, and general lunacy. Yes, there is Visine and Glad in the picture. You don't need to comment on it. Oh wait, now that I pointed it out, you'll attempt to be funny by pointing it out anyways. But you failed to remember that I can delete your comments, so the joke's on you!

    © Cirevam

  49. 1 point

    Magma Ferry

    From the album: Addictgamer's overhaul

  50. 1 point

    Balanced Fighter 5

    From the album: Real Legos

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