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    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Sup. Been a while especially as forum posting definitely hasn't been my thing for years but I think I've got something interesting to share for once. - I've been playing Drome Racers for a while now and its development got me interested as the game doesn't use traditional LEGO for its world or characters. The cars remain to be built with Technic bricks, and that fact alone made me ilvid of it's conception. I skimmed through the credits list and contacted multiple artists, ranging from enviroment artists to modellers. My latest contact Rob James (who worked on the enviroment and cars) replied back to my request on Linkedin and we had a great talk about the game and thankfully, he was open to share development resources. EDIT: the convo Serwithed = Max
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    This mod is now available, check the main post for the download link. Have fun guys, hope you enjoy
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    Tutorial: A Short Guide to Editing LRR Textures

    (Alternative title: Using GIMP: The Basics) Unlike Lego Racers, editing LRR textures is pretty easy. But if you try and do it in Paint the game will explode. So I thought I'd put this together. 1. What is and isn't a texture anyway? Textures are pretty pictures that are applied to objects so they're not one solid colour lump. Other people more experienced in this department can tell you more. However, not all colours in LRR are indeed textures. For instance, while the front of the raider's face may be a texture (Minifigures\Pilot\Pface.bmp), and the top of the raider's head may be a texture (Minifigures\Pilot\Ptop.bmp), the back of his head is not a texture and is just solid colour applied in the model, the .lwo file. These need to be edited with Lightwave (some information here) or by a hex editor using methods I don't understand. Fortunately, biomes in particular don't use that (except for their first person models), so if you want to make a new biome the world is your oyster. Other strange places textures also appear in LRR are for glows and lights. What this means for you is that if you find a texture in the game files you can edit it. 2. What are LRR's textures? LRR's textures are always in .bmp format. The good news is that this means you can take a look at them with any image viewer, The bad news is that there are lots of types of .bmps that behave differently. LRR's ones in particular are "Indexed." This means instead of specifying RGB for every single pixel, it has a palette of 256 colours which makes up the image. Each pixel is then one of these colours. If that went over your head don't worry, because we can handle all of this with a couple of clicks. 3. Editing Textures I highly reccomend GIMP for this. Insanely powerful (if very confusing to use) and more importantly has a bunch of really handy buttons that make doing some things a load easier. This guide will partly be an introduction on how to use GIMP (I know I'm using an outdated version of GIMP. I need to update it, but everything should be functionally identical as I've done this process on this old and a newer version. The buttons may move around in future versions, but the buttons should still exist). 3a. Example One: Recolouring the Scorpion Let's say I want to recolour the Scorpion. (For how to enable the Scorpion in the first place, see this). If I wander into Creatures\Scorpion there are a whole bunch of .bmps hanging around there. I happen to know that the A000_swalk###.bmp files don't actually do anything for the large scorpion, so we can ignore those. Firstly, make a backup of everything inside the folder. It will inevitably be handy at some point in time. Just a folder labeled "orig" works fine for me, and I just copy paste everything in the folder into that. If I open scorp.bmp in GIMP I get... well... the image. What a surprise. Let's zoom in a bit shall we? Ctrl+mousewheel should do that. However, if I try to paint it purple or something (those are the buttons on the window Tool Options) it won't actually paint the colour I want and will instead come up as some black or dark red. Hey, I wanted purple! This is because of those indexed thingies I mentioned above. The fantastic reason why I reccomend GIMP is because if I click Image -> Mode -> RGB I can turn it into an RGB not an Indexed image, which allows me to paint all the purple I like! Alternatively, instead of trying to be artsy I can hop into Colors -> Colorize, which allows me to blanket recolour something all I like! It's super straightforward to use, auto previews, and is really handy for this kind of stuff. It works particularly well for the Scorpion because it's so monochrome, being just varying shades of red. You'll get decent results if you tried to recolour the Slimy Slug, they'd just need more manual editing. So now that we have our Purple Scorpion if we try to save it here and now LRR will break. This is because it's still an RGB image and LRR doesn't like those. So back into Image->Mode, but this time Indexed, and a big scary dialog box will pop up with a ton of settings I don't understand. The good news is that you should be able to leave absolutely all of them as default. At least, that's what I did, and it worked Now we can File -> Export As -> and GIMP usually picks up that you want to export as a .bmp, which is nice of it. Upon clicking the Export button, another box pops up. Unlike the previous box, which we ignored and left everything as default, we're going to need to expand the Compatibility Options section and tick Do not write colour space information. I have absolutely no clue what this does but if you leave it unchecked your textures will end up looking silly in the game. Hit Export and that's the file done! If we do this for all our textures we will end up with a nice purple looking scorpion! ... well, except the interior of the claws. Unfortunately those are handled inside the .lwo file and as such you'll need Lightwave or some hex jiggery to edit them. Still, everything else should be nice and purple. 3b. Example Two: Making Water Erosion Textures GIMP has a really handy functionality of "layers" which make this an absolute piece of cake. Biomes textures are under World\WorldTextures\YourBiomeOfChoiceGoesHere : you can define this location in the .cfg (look for Textures { around line 1890). If I open the ground tile (ROCK00.bmp) it will... well... open. What a surprise. Now, there are many ways to skin a cat: namely, to get another image in as a separate layer. My personal favourite is dragging-and-dropping from an Explorer window, but you can also File -> Open as Layers and also probably do a whole bunch of things I don't know about. So if I drag Rock45.bmp into GIMP (the water texture)... the image looks like an absolute mess. Again, this is the shenanigans of indexed textures playing up, as Rock45.bmp is using Rock00.bmp's palette causing the general stupidity we see. So delete that and start again. This time after we import ROCK00.bmp we'll go to Image -> Mode -> RGB. Now if we drag-n-drop Rock45.bmp over we get... well... just the water texture. This is because the water texture is sitting on top of the ground texture, and since there's no transparency, all we see is the water texture. This is because of the magic of layering! Do you not have the Layers window on the right? You can get it back from Windows -> Dockable dialogs -> Layers. The "eye" on the right controls whether a layer is hidden or not (which can be handy), and you can drag-n-drop layers around in this list. You can in fact do almost anything you want (folders of layers!): as is the nature with GIMP the difficulty is working out which buttons you need to press. Fortunately with this example we won't be needing much complicated. Now, in order to try and create an erosion texture, we'll be using GIMP's Eraser tool. Unlike Paint, which just deletes the square, Gimp's eraser has options for soft edges, non-squares, and again almost anything you could possibly want, but you just need to work out which button you need to press. It's important to know that whatever you're doing, GIMP does it on whichever layer is currently selected. So if your changes aren't showing up, chances are you actually selected the layer below and are doodling on that one, not the one on top. So with that in mind, if we try to start "erasing" some of the ground to let water start to peek through... ...we... just... get white....? Undo: hit Ctrl+Z, we don't want that! This is because these images don't have any transparency information: they can't be transparent! Fortunately, there are a couple of handy clicks in GIMP which will make all our worries go away! Namely, right-click the layer and select Add Alpha Channel. Now it can be transparent! And if we start doodling the ground will be 'erased' to reveal the water behind. When you're happy with your new creation, you'll need to do the same stuff as before: Image -> Mode -> Indexed to turn it into an indexed BMP so LRR can handle it, then Export, and then you'll need to tick the box Do not write colour space information just like before. And tada! When you rig everything else up correctly in Lego.cfg (probably make a new biome under Textures { , and specify that biome to be used on a per-level basis with TextureSet) you'll have water erosion textures in LRR! Getting rid of the smoke is now doable using Community Edition. Guide on this coming soon 3c. Things I Don't Know About I am very much largely incompetent in the graphical department and I know that you can create images larger than the original resolution. Doing this in GIMP is very straightforward (Image -> Canvas Size or Scale Image), but actually getting LRR to accept these textures is something I haven't toyed with. There's a little information over here. I should think that creating larger biome textures works fine, larger menu textures just make the menu element larger, but larger size textures on models may cause things to start looking very silly. I just don't know: play around! That's how I got this far. 4. A Quick Note on Transparency If you're working with models, it's likely you'll need to mark some parts of the texture as transparent. Of all the ways, this is done in the filename. A###_rest_of_filename.bmp, where ### indicates the index (remember how LRR images are indexed images? yeah, this points to a specific one of them) and marks it as transparent. Cirevam has more information with pictures here. And that's it for this! This is a very basic guide, but it's one that didn't exist, and maybe it's helpful.
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    Sorry to bump this topic, but if anyone was curious... Here's what happens when you spam play this AND "Tee Vee Here" at the same time: [ LOUD VOLUME WARNING ] (I mean, I was expecting it to get loud, but I wasn't expecting one web page to literally kill the other)
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    lr_testtrack.bsp needs CS:S
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    100% Save File Now Available

    Hello all! I remember Xiron had a save file hosted here before, for before the tower section of the game, but it has since been removed. So I just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that I have uploaded files for both 100% completion of the game, and for before the Tower (parkour and Brickster fight). Hope some of you can find it useful!
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    Add new vehicle: Rideable Slimey Slug

    I present to you: Rideable Slimy Slug, Cafeteria edition! Using work by @alan, as well as fishing up old threads from Cirevam, I've made this into a Cafeteria patch where you can teleport the slug down into any level. Not only does it look cute and ride around in terrible low quality, it can dig walls with its rider's help! It can even dig Hard Rock, although it takes a lot of time (a lot less than the Small Digger though). Yes, that's right: the raider is drilling the wall from the top as the slug undermines it from the bottom. (Mod note: This has been accomplished by putting this in Actitives { under Pilot.ae: Activity_DrillDRIVINGSLUG Drill I'm surprised this works. But it does. And might allow cool new stuff to be done: eg when drilling on the Small Digger the raider could put on a faceshield.) However, I can never resist spending too much time with upgrades and so for 5 ore you can attach some boosters on the side of this poor slug, and for another 5 ore you can... phantomly... float... a.... scanner... in... the.... air? Yeah, I'm not too happy with the Scan upgrade, but I am very pleased with the Engine one > Download! (Cafeteria patch) Note: Requires Cafeteria 1.0 Beta 3 to function, as I use its new functionality. Mostly incompatible (engine upgrade plays up) with Hover Scout Upgrade due to me being a little stupid . Expect a fix for that coming sometime soon-ish (I know exactly what I did, I just want to update a couple of things as well). Will also play up with some other mods if you define mod load order incorrectly (this mod should be up the top, applied at the end of the patching process): I'll work on getting the new Cafeteria functionality into those mods (it's nothing to do with this mod). There's a potential for Rideable Slimy Slug II, which can shoot lasers from its eyes. Let me know if you want this and I'll work on it I'm not quite sure why it's suddenly working, but it is now. I think this is because DriveSlug and StandSlug are still actually defined in Pilot.ae, in vanilla. Defining them for a second time, as I was doing (like you do with the Hoverboard and all the rest) must cause LRR to break. Kinda surprised it didn't crash.
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    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    Release Date: Available Now Download Link - Lego Racers Xmas Edition How to install: Swap the Lego.jam file in your lego racers folder with the one in the download link Description: Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? I know this may seem a bit early and weird, but here is the deal, I'm currently making a project for fun and I plan to share it with you guys, so I'm putting this up here now so a larger audience knows about it. So, what is this Christmas Edition? Every year since I was younger, I play me some Lego Racers in the x-mas holidays, as well as "Christmas Nights Into Dreams". For those that are not familiar "Nights into dreams" is one of the most popular games for the Sega Saturn, and they released for free a demo called "Christmas Nights" which basicly is the original game but with christmas themed levels, bonus etc etc. I decided to work on something similar for Lego Racers, and I have been working on it for some time now, so I'm close to being finished. The mod will include: -All original tracks will be "christmasfied" (snow, decorations, new skies etc) -Some tracks will be more "complete" (More trees, ships etc) -New Christmas inspired minifigs -New skins for bosses -New paintjob for boss's and minifig's cars -New color for warp powerup (it will be red instead of blue) -Green colored brick in build menu instead of blue - and possibly more stuff since there is still time for the time being I leave you with a couple of pictures. I Hope you enjoy what you see here so far! Take care and have fun! Download Link - Lego Racers Xmas Edition
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    Rock Raiders Wave Two?

    I was strolling through a Eurobricks thread on unreleased sets and came to this curious post. So I thought to myself "yeah, okay, big talk. Did you read that on Brickipedia?" But then they went on to say this: Suddenly the post is sounding a lot more credible. So I look back up at the post and what really strikes me is that he says that wave 2 would have had "other underground creatures." And then I remembered this guy! It's a slimy slug that was on the cover of a catalog packaged with big box LEGO games in 1999. It's not a model from the Rock Raiders game, though - in fact, it looks like it's design to be produced as a buildable figure, with a single-piece rigid body that has some eyestalks and studs stuck on. Seems a little excessive to design all of that just for promotional renders, no? So yeah, I think this guy may have been designed for that 2nd wave. What else could have been in it? There are at least a couple models in the PC game that would have worked as sets if they had chosen to produce them...
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    Rock raiders sound bytes

    I found it!!!!
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    Understanding .trk files

    Alright, so I got a sudden surge of motivation, and last night I finished a few basic tools I've been working on. I've written them in Python 3, however I plan on also rewriting them in C# soon. I've created a GitHub repository for my code, MIT licensed for your use. Do whatever with it, my code is always a gift to the world. https://github.com/YellowberryHN/srtools Currently included are gentrack, a tool to generate a track file from scratch, readtrack, a tool to get basic info about a track, including about specific pieces, and lsrutil, a few basic things to help both tools function as needed. Here's a preview of what gentrack can do: And here's what readtrack can do:
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    Ben24x7, answering the questions we never knew we didn't want to ask, and finding answers we never knew we didn't want to know.
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    Map Creator (0.9.11)

    I'm surprised to say this but, I did an update. So.... 0.9.11 is in the OP. Added Crystal to Object Mode Set Quantity of Rock Raiders or Crystals on one tile. (Position is randomized on that tile when exported) http://prntscr.com/pq0met
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    Cafeteria 1.0 BETA 3 - Launcher & Mod Loader for LRR

    1.0 BETA 3 Released Lots of cool features to increase the power of patching. Added variables & related commands: VAR / VAR:FromCFG / VAR:Increment / VAR:Decrement Added the ability to Jump in a script with JMP <variable> <opcode> <value> <jumplabel> Added format specified to variable output {var|D2} = 01, {var|F2} = 1.00 Added the ability to work with ANY config file, CFG, AE, PTL, OL etc. Just CFG:Open <path> and CFG:Save when done. Be sure to specify the patch system as "3" in your info.xml to make use of working with mult-cfg's. Download in OP.
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    Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    .... Baraklava, with that click and drag to fill you've managed to implement a better map creator (for the cave's terrain) in any case than we currently have on RRU. Forget the converter from LRR to MM format, now I'm going to have to develop a MM to LRR convertor ... I've wanted that functionality for..... so.... long..... Cyrem, what did happen to that Map Creator 2.0 of yours? also what kind of objective is "Build 10 Electric Fences" .... and I might point out that such an objective would actually be entirely impossible in vanilla LRR, as GetPlaceFenceIconClicked includes clicks that didn't result in anything (eg: clicks on greyed out). So already Baraklava has managed to implement more than what was originally there.
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    L.M.S. Explorer Bridge

    This version was made many years ago, but apparently I never uploaded it on RRU. You can see some pictures in the thread about my 1:1 L.M.S. Explorer recreation. I left the roof open so you can look inside. You can just copy the overhead lighting system and put those copies into the bridge and put the roof on it to have a complete version. This version doesn't have decals on the instrument panels, because I couldn't find the equivalent to the original ones.
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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Epic: "Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition" "Q.U.B.E. 2"
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    Cafeteria 1.0 BETA 3 - Launcher & Mod Loader for LRR

    Cafeteria 1.0 BETA 1 Released! Way too much has changed since the old versions, so all I'm going to say is I've made it bigger and better. A lot of stuff from the old versions was removed and now the focus is on it being a mod installer and game launcher for both LEGO Rock Raiders and LEGO Rock Raiders CE. Resolution stuff is now going to be embedded into the LRRCE project so Cafeteria needs not handle that anymore. See the first post which has been updated. Last of all, enjoy.
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    Duplo 2617 - 3 interlocking pieces

    Oh, is this where the emote comes from on the Discord?
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    Air Filter (New Building)

    With full thanks to Cyrem, for the original topic, Cirevam, for the modelling and releasing the model, I present to you a finally functional version of the Air Filter! That doesn't overwrite any existing buildings and adds on in the 11th slot. > Download! This mod doesn't actually require CE to run, as LRR supports 11 buildings and only uses 10. Balance: Does not require power 1 crystal, 9 ore to build +2 oxygen off the bat, then 2.5, then 3.3 It might seem a bit overpowered but you need a lot of them. The Support Station is significantly cheaper in terms of ore, crystals, and space, and also necessary for game progression. If you have balance feedback (or any feedback!) let me know. (However the Support Station is also the only building that gives out sandwiches. Build it for the dependencies, depower it, and you'll never have sandwich woes ever again ) @Cirevam - could you please make an icon for it? It currently just uses the Support Station's icon.
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    From the album: ATD

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    Better Quality Intro Video

    Considering the quality of the original intro this is a big step up. Of couse there some artifacts from upscaling and cleaning up (example: compare the wormhole), but on the other side you got rid of those square artifacts in the original and this one of the reasons or the reason, why it looks clearer. I didn't notice any additional loading times (the file is 204 MB big compared to the 64.5 MB of the original in my case). I have an SSD though in case that matters.
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    Nope, i just managed to port LR1 to Source in 10-ish minutes. Cool stuff, huh? Would've been better if I had CS:S installed...
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    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    No, I'm pretty sure this is just a texture mod for LEGO Racers. ... ...but honestly, it'd be quite an amazing feat if somebody made a 1-1 recreation of LEGO Racers in the Source engine. Nonetheless, @Red60, amazing work!
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    Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    ...and it will keep coming! Glad to see you aboard Camera settings such as scroll/move speed exist in the Quick Settings menu so I suggest you check that out, and edge scrolling like the original is set to arrive soon
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    Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

    Manic Miners keeps marching forward at an unrelenting pace! The Buildings Update should be out in a matter of weeks. This week I've done a major overhaul of settings, implemented Electric Fences, added the Air meter and some other UI stuff, as well as simplified the Level Editor and *tons* of other stuff that takes too much time to describe! Instead, I suggest you jump into my Discord Channel and try out the latest build for yourself!
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    Air Filter (New Building)

    aidenpons pinged me about this so I uploaded it. I'm pretty sure the explosion animation isn't done but you won't have to see it if you git gud
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    Air Filter

    It's a bit incomplete, but it should still be useable.
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    Hover Scout Upgrade - Now with Models!

    I'll let the images speak for themselves: (The original edits came first, then the Lego model, then the new RR model) Download here! The Hover Scout can now: - carry one resource - clear rubble off the bat. In addition, it can be upgraded to: - drill walls - go faster - have a laser and scanner For the low, low price of one crystal! Now that it's a Cafeteria patch you don't even need to install it manually - just throw it in the Mods folder, hit Rebuild, and go! (If you want to manually install it - e.g. into your overhaul - just unpack the ,wadp and follow the instructions in script.txt). The original work was done in Notepad++ Infrequently Asked Questions: Thanks to alan and Cirevam in this topic. Older pictures and versions: Previous advertisement:
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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Steam: "Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble" Currently free on Epic: "Surviving Mars"
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    Cave Raiders (LRR Remake)

    A remake of Lego Rock Raiders, updated, enhanced and improved from the original game. About: Cave Raiders is a recreation of Lego Rock Raiders, originally being developed in Torque 3D as a Multiplayer first person experience, now being redone in Unity with a much closer match to the original single player experience with all the modern improvements. This game is being developed from the ground up using Unity, no code from the original game is being used and its a time consuming process. Development has been ongoing since Q1 of 2018 with public discord server going up around May. The title Cave Raiders was chosen to avoid confusion with the original game that could easily be recognized as it's own game. There will be a lot of content reused from LRR (Sound, Music, Icons) however the visuals will generally be recreated or enhanced. Discord: Link News and updates posted regularly as they're developed. Downloads: Test versions on the Discord server, when a stable release is completed; it will be placed here. Screenshots: Main Menu Test Animation: Link Features: Ideally recreating all of the original games content is the goal, there will also be improvements, fixes and changes. Below are a few planned and already added features. Modern Visuals - Every stud on every brick included (With a toggle tick box to turn them off for extra performance) plus accurate to the brick vehicles and structures. Built in Map Editor - Why use external tools when you can do it all within the same game (Loading maps from LRR will not be added). Rock Raider Avatars - Raiders now have customization and will have visual presets depending on the raiders training. Extra Structures, Vehicles and functionality - The Tunnel Transport wasn't a usable vehicle in the original (Without mods), it and a few other pieces will be included with new functionality to the original play sets such as picking up vehicles and transporting them over water/lava etc. Also potential new "Helipad" structure for air vehicles separating them for special levels/tech. Re-balanced Wall Tier System - There are now 5 types of destructible wall tiers (Diet, Loose Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Condensed Rock). The purpose being for more diverse use of each vehicle giving them more reason to be used and additionally adding Condense Rock for an end game style mining. Re-purposing laser vehicles and structures - When implemented, they will include two modes. Mining and Weapons, allowing for better combat use and basic mining functionality for more vehicle tech versatility instead of just Raiders using weapons. Future Features: Also known as Feature Creep Custom Walls, Resources, Structures, Vehicles (aka Mod Support) - While the game is being developed with this in mind, getting it working and safe for everyone to use is extremely time consuming. HD Textures - A likely patch or toggle option in the future. A complete rework of all the textures in the game to make them pop and look much more modern
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    At the Slug entry (about one third from the top of the CFG file) you have the following values: CanBeShotAt TRUE CanLaser TRUE LaserDamage 50.0 CanPush TRUE ; Can this object be pusher'ed PusherDist 60.0 ; Distance the object is pushed PusherDamage 25.0 ; Damage that the pusher gun causes Edit them as you see fit. 100 in the Damage fields would equal one hit kill. Look into the SmallDigger entry. It has the following value: HardDrillTime 30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000:30.000:25.000 The 30 is the time in seconds the Small Digger will take to drill through hard rock with no upgrades to the drill, and 25 is after upgrades are applied. Not sure why it repeats 4 times, but I guess you have to edit all of them for this to work correctly. For the Granite Grinder, look for the WalkerDigger entry. Look into the Bat entry. If you were to copypaste the weapon-related values from, say, RockMonster entry and put them at the bottom of the Bat entry (under the "DontShowDamage" value), then the bats would become possible to hit. I think so, at least. I haven't tested it. Maybe it's possible with some extensive scripting, but not by editing values in Lego.cfg (at least as far as I know). The only editable value I am aware of that controls this is that under the Pilot entry, you have this: EnergyDecayRate 0.25 This value controls how fast the hunger meter depletes. You could set it to something low like 0.01, so that it goes down at a very slow rate instead of being turned off entirely. It means that every single level will use the following order of priorities, from top to bottom: 1. Learn skills or upgrade if told to do so 2. Go into vehicle, if any are waiting 3. Repair damaged buildings 4. Grab a tool if told to do so 5. Recharge drained energy crystals if an energy seam is available 6. Reinforce the walls if any were marked to be reinforced 7. Bring resources to building sites, if any exist 8. Collect crystals, if any exist 9. Drill walls, if any are marked to be drilled 10. Clean up rubble, if any exists 11. Collect ore, if any exists I don't know. Maybe someone else knows. Link
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    Lego Island 2 Install Failure

    Well, the game had two normal releases* but practically speaking there isn't much difference between them and the game probably wouldn't implode if you mixed and matched their contents. Version A: Version B: I dunno which version you have but hopefully you can figure it out by comparing with the above screenshots (exact hours/potentially dates in the timestamps may appear shifted due to time zone shenanigans, but should still be distinguishable via minutes). Here's data2.cab from both versions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eewbsevrdyww7m1/LI2 data2 cabs.zip?dl=1 * Plus a third, never properly released and seemingly unfinished "1.1" version that introduces as many new problems as much as it fixes old ones, but that's another story. It's not really useful as anything other than a curiosity.
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    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Roster mod

    Wow, I didn't even know it was really possible to add this much functionality to the TT games: usually adding characters is a right nightmare. It's great that you've got something working! The only character I remember wanting to play was the generic Jedi in the Battle of Geonosis. There are already enough Padme, Luke, and Anakin variants that I don't hugely want to add any more (better than TLM's Emmet, though...) Wait, Kaminoans can dance if Special is held? Whaaaaaaa? Is that what makes them special? XD I never knew that was a thing Unfortunately I'm 85% of the way through my save and would like to finish it, so I'll have to pass on installing this for the moment One thing: using Discord as a file hosting service is extremely unreliable. This is why RRU has a Files database! Up top, just below the RRU logo, there's "Files Database" , or top right next to the notification icon there's "Create +" . Either of those will put the file on RRU where it'll be accessible for a significantly longer period of time (forever, at this rate ).
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    I'm on Discord as ZuTheSkunk#4273.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Originally, the mining lasers were so weak that you needed to zap a single wall like 5 times before it was destroyed, and the laser would have already drained about 2 crystals by then, which, of course, was rendering them completely useless as a mining tool. Since in my mind "Overpowered = Fun", I decided to go in the opposite direction and remove the drainage altogether while cranking the destructive power of mining lasers up to eleven. My train of thought was that since it's perfectly possible to go through the entire game without using mining lasers, having them be the unstoppable machines of mass destruction gives you the option to either do things the normal, slower-paced way, or the quick and easy way. As for how to recharge crystals, as far as I know this is only possible on levels that have "Energy Seam" walls (the ones with a giant unbreakable crystal in them), and Raiders go to them to recharge crystals automatically.
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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Ok. I just added the file to the site.
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    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    I followed the instructions but the "dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper (display)" driver still isn't showing up. EDIT: Nvm I forgot to copy the MS folder contents to the installation directory. Game works fine now, thanks for the help.
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    Avery Waikawa

    LR2 Texturing Issue with Ramas

    Hah, turns out that's exactly what happened. Apparently since I've updated paint.NET the Compress (RLE) option got re-enabled by default. I unchecked that and resaved my texture files, and now they work fine on the ramas in-game. Still seems weird how I could use the compressed files elsewhere without problems though.
  40. 1 point

    Proper normals/smoothing on LEGO Island models

    I've noticed that people using models ripped from LI1 haven't had the smoothing of them accurate to their appearance in the real game. Maybe this is something that can be done automatically by the extractor at some point (paging @Hamhock666), but for now, here's what to do. In short: The smoothing/vertex normals in LI1 are tied to the materials. I'm not sure whether they're intrinsically tied together in the model format, or if it's just a convention the artists used, but either way, that's how it seems to be done. Certain materials have all the vertices that use them welded together, others leave them flat shaded. This is why there's "duplicate" materials like LEGOWHITE vs LEGOWHITEFLAT; the only difference between them besides the names is the intended shading (smooth vs flat shading). If you want it more step by step...
  41. 1 point

    LEGO Island Portraits (+More)

    And now for a misc pack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnn32lf7xqwfdvr/LEGO%20Misc%20Portraits.zip?dl=0 What's New: Bob (LEGO Universe) Darkitect (LEGO Universe) Johnny Thunder (Various) Pippen Reed (Various) Chief (LEGO Rock Raiders) Rock Raider (LEGO Rock Raiders) Rocket Racers (LEGO Racers 2) Basil The Batlord (LEGO Racers) The Slightly Disturbing Running Man (source) Rocket (Drome Racers) I've gotta say, next to the running man, Rocket is one of the more complex models out there.
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    A ton of Cybermaster videos

    Apparently the Cybermaster software had a LOT of pre-rendered video clips created for it, as this channel has boatloads of 'em. Most are pretty short (the sort of things that'd be rendered in realtime these days) but altogether it's far more than I expected. https://www.youtube.com/user/mnptbrag/videos A few examples:
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    Post your cool worlds

    I think something went wrong during loading, because I don't remember having this much hair: And then I did some editing: Not enough editing for me: This game is great.
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    BOB.EXE: Round 2

    Welcome back to another episode of Bill Shido Creepypasta Storytime! It's finally here... at long last... by unpopular demand... with too many ellipses... the official sequel that nobody asked for... Dawn of the Day of the Return of the Night of the Revenge of the Sequel of the Prequel of the Guy from that Show who did that Thing that one Time with the Potato and the BLOOD: Part II of 7 Trilogy ... or, alternatively... BOB.EXE: Round 2 It has been a rough estimate of 11 months, 4 weeks, 2 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds since the first recorded incident of "BOB.EXE BLOOD". It sounds like a really stupid name for a case, but we called it that because it had BOB.EXE and a lot of BLOOD. Even after all that time, the police department still has absolutely no idea what the heck is going on. Either that means we're the most incompetent cops since the last time cops have been depicted in fiction in a negative light, or it means that I'm going to contradict myself later on when I reveal that we actually do have an idea. Maybe both. It all started when we found the first victims in a comatose state, lying in a pool of hyper-realistic BLOOD. At first, we thought that it was pretty shocking, but over time we began to realize just how dull and repetitive these incidents were getting. Just BLOOD, BLOOD, and more BLOOD. Only one thing was for certain... each victim's computer was broken beyond repair, but we were somehow able to conveniently retrieve data, and this data was somehow able to be conveniently interpreted to reveal that each computer was playing a game called "BOB.EXE". You got all that? No? Well, don't worry, because we're going to repeat that information later on because I'm sure you have the memory of a goldfish. As I said, we had no idea what was going on. And, as I said, I was going to contradict myself by pointing out that we did, in fact, have an idea what was going on. Or, at least, one guy did. A whole police force, and just one guy had the slightest clue. His name was Nick, and he was a really good detective. Well... at least, a good detective. On second thought, maybe just a competent detective. Never mind, he was really a mediocre detective. But, he could achieve some level of competency when he was teamed up with his sister, Laura. Then again, she was a woman, and rather than being some sort of progressive forward-thinkers, we were all just a bunch of idiotic sexist dirt-bags who never took a female cop seriously for anything more than her figure. That's why we denied her access to our secret supply of donuts. Cops and donuts... that's still a relevant stereotype, right? Meh, I don't know. As I said, we're just incompetent idiots who serve no purpose other than cannon fodder in a lousy excuse for a creepypasta. Except for that one guy, but I'll get to him later. I should know about that. After all, I was there. I was there the day the courage of men failed... no wait, dang it, that's the wrong story to plagiarize... As for Nick and Laura? They're both dead. Whoops, spoiler alert! Can't let you know that Snape kills Dumbledore! Wait... Sometimes, I wonder if I should have helped him... I dunno... meh, I wasn't really feeling like it. Anyways, when we were snooping around Nick's apartment the other day looking for... ahem, that's classified, but more importantly, we stumbled upon his secret diary. Apparently, he recorded everything he knew about the investigation in this diary. Good grief, he wrote a lot. No, seriously, he wrote a lot. He wrote so much, I don't know who would dare to read this. It's not just lengthy, it's boring. It's like if you took something that had as much substance as The Hobbit and stretched it out into three movies, each three hours long, and still didn't bother to develop any of the characters or world or, for that matter, know what it was that made the original good in the first place, but hey, when you have Benedict Cumberbatch as a dragon, then people will still pay to see it. I know I did. But this story doesn't have Benedict Cumberbatch as a dragon. So, I'm going to do you all a favor and just skip over 99% of what he wrote just to get to the more memorable bits. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two, such as how to not write a creepypasta. Or, for that matter, how to write a trollpasta that is so audaciously blatant in the fact that it is a trollpasta that you still scratch your head when you read all the comments left by people who somehow don't realize it's a trollpasta. Looks like Poe's Law strikes again. Maybe we were just too subtle... if you spell "subtle" with big bold flashing letters spinning against a backdrop of fire and explosions while an orchestra performs a bombastic symphony. But, I digress. Here is what Nick wrote... ----- Dear Diary, I don't even know why I'm addressing this to a diary like it's some sort of letter. Apparently, that's what they do, I think. People who have diaries, I mean. Which begs the question: why the heck do I have a diary? I'm not some middle-school girl writing about her secret crush. Last I checked, anyway. But, my psychologist told me to buy a diary. He said it should help, but I don't know what he means by that. He probably thinks I'm just going to write about my mother. Stupid psychologists. I'm a detective! I have an impressive memory! I don't need a diary to keep track of ----- Dear Diary, Sorry about that. I lost track of what I was doing. I promise: I won't leave any more unfinished sentences like that in here. It just looks unprofessional. Wait, did I just say "sorry"? Why am I apologizing to you? You're just a book. A pair of covers with some paper inside. This whole thing is stupid... but, well, I've got to keep doing it. Laura insisted that she was not going to let me ignore this. She says it will help, too, and I trust her a lot more than I trust my psychiatrist. Come to think of it, why do I even see my psychologist if I don't trust him? That kind of defeats the purpose, I think. Anyways, there has been an incident, and the boss has assigned Laura and me to investigate. I love the boss. We're old friends. That's why I'm never going to refer to him by name and I'm just going to keep referring to him by his occupation. I should be heading to the suburbs now to investigate this incident... something about some guy who lives in his basement... but first, I need to finish this sentence. Remember that promise! ----- Dear Diary, Okay, um... I'm not sure what I was expecting because I didn't read the foreword by my boss at the beginning of this story, but it wasn't what I saw. The victim was lying in a pool of BLOOD. There was BLOOD everywhere. I don't even know why I'm writing BLOOD in all capital letters, but this BLOOD wasn't... normal. It was... how can I describe it... hyper-realistic? I know that doesn't make sense; this is reality, so how can something be more realistic than reality? What is real? How do you define real? Electrical signals interpreted by your brain? My lawyers just informed me that the previous few sentences were plagiarized. So, just ignore that part. Remember: this story is 100% original! Do not steal! Anyways, when we first saw the victim in the BLOOD, we thought he was dead. We were all set to bring out the body bags when the local paramedic informed us that he was merely comatose. He was alive, but his mind wasn't with us that day in his basement. Instead, he looked like he had his soul sucked out of him. Not literally, I mean. Figuratively. Literally, he looked merely bored. "Bored to death" levels of boredom. Like, he was stuck reading some overly-lengthy overly-clichéd story with no redeeming qualities because he was so bored out of his mind that he had absolutely nothing better to do with his life. That kind of boredom. It was Laura who found our first clue. He was breathing because he was still alive, obviously. But, very faintly, if you pressed your ear to his lips, you could just barely hear him whisper these words over and over again: "TOO MUCH BLOOD. 7.8/10" Laura also found our second clue. The victim was found at his computer desk: the natural habitat of the basement-dweller. For whatever reason, the computer was broken. It looked fine, but it simply would not turn on. One of the other cops present at the crime scene shook his head and said, "See, I knew those kinds of websites just downloaded a ton of viruses to your computer." I was curious what kinds of websites he visited (err... you know, just for the investigation, not for personal pleasure!), so we brought the computer back to the station to see if anything could be recovered. ----- Dear Diary, The lab boys just got back to us. We sent in a sample of the BLOOD, because they have that thing that takes the BLOOD, looks at the DNA in the BLOOD, and answers the age-old question about BLOOD: "Whose BLOOD Is It, Anyway?" Well, the BLOOD results are in, and... anyway, we still have no idea whose BLOOD it is. It's not the victim's BLOOD, that much is certain. Using the magic of SCIENCE that they learned from Bill Nye, they were somehow able to determine that the computer was not broken by viruses downloaded from certain websites as we had previously suspected, but rather... well, it shut down while he was playing some sort of computer game called "BOB.EXE". That's the only thing we know about it. We were going to investigate further with a Google search, but we got bored and decided to call it a night before heading to the local Dunkin' Donuts. ----- Dear Diary, More incidents. Basement-dwellers left in boredom-like comas with hyper-realistic BLOOD splattered everywhere. Each one of them had a broken computer. I think there's a pattern forming here, but I can't quite figure it out... meh, let's call it a night and go down to the Dunkin' Donuts again. In other news, a sergeant just transferred over to our department temporarily. Can't remember his name, but I overheard some of the other cops talking about how this guy's practically a legend where he comes from. ----- Dear Diary, Another day, more BLOOD, another victim. This one's name is Jack. I know I haven't mentioned any of the victims' names until now, but this is for the sake of establishing continuity. There's been an interesting new development: Laura made another discovery. Of course she did; between the two of us, she's usually the one doing all the work. While our Google search results for "BOB.EXE" typically resulted in either information about computer viruses or some poorly-done fanart of some old videogame from the early 90s, Laura found a recent eBay auction. It's a LEGO minifigure; I remember playing with LEGO sets when I was a kid. This particular one resembled the old classic ones, with a plain red shirt, plain blue pants, and a plain simple smile... ... except for the hyper-realistic BLOOD under its eyes. We're currently trying to track the auctioneer. Maybe this could lend us some clues towards our search. ----- Dear Diary, We've located the auctioneer. An unemployed man in his 30s named Zack. I was sent to investigate while Laura waited at home. She said that she was anticipating a package in the mail. When I knocked on the door at his residence, I was greeted by an elderly old woman. She scrutinized me with eyes that felt like they pierced right through my soul, and then she turned over her shoulder and screamed: "ZACK! THERE'S A COP AT THE DOOR! YOUNG MAN, IF YOU'VE BEEN SPENDING YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS ON KILLING ANNOYING SINGING NARRATORS AGAIN-" "SHUT UP, GRANDMA!" I heard Zack yell back. A few seconds later, he was at the door. Good grief, this guy looked like he was trapped in the 90s and had given up trying to escape. He grinned at me, though he appeared nervous enough that I suspected that his grandmother might have been telling the truth about the narrators. "Hello, officer. What's up?" "I'd just like to ask a few questions," I explained. At his grandmother's insistence, Zack brought me inside. He led me downstairs into his basement, which was filled with tables and shelves adorned with countless LEGO models. It was nearly impossible for me to walk around without bumping into something. He also had a radio playing some techno song that sounded vaguely familiar. "You've got quite the... err, impressive collection," I murmured. Zack grinned. "I'm a LEGO maniac. I can't help it. I've been building with these Danish plastic-" Rolling my eyes, I interrupted him before he could give me a lengthy lecture about all the stuff in his collection. "Let me ask you something: have you sold anything from your collection?" "Well," he replied, "I generally keep everything for myself. Even the undesirable stuff. This doesn't come cheap, you know. Trust me, if I was addicted to drugs instead of LEGO, I'd have a lot more spending money in my pocket." "What about this?" I asked, handing over a printout of the eBay auction page for the BOB.EXE minifigure. Upon seeing the printout, Zack suddenly shuddered as his complexion paled. "I... tried... to expel that from my memory. It was just... awful. That game was so bad, it broke my computer! I'm still waiting to get it fixed. Now, if only I remembered to back it up on the external hard drive before it crashed..." I blinked in surprise. "Wait... you played BOB.EXE?" "Yeah, so?" he shrugged, unaware that he was the first person we've found to have played BOB.EXE without being reduced to a vegetable. "What happened?" I inquired. "What was the game like?" Zack sighed. "In one word? Boring. It was nothing but BLOOD showered in my face in a vain attempt to come across as spooky. BOB.EXE stole about 47 minutes and 54.505 seconds of my life that I'll never get back. And you know what was really disappointing? It was the only still-functional copy of LEGO Universe." When I said that I did not know what LEGO Universe was, Zack rolled his eyes and explained to me that it was some "massively-multiplayer online game" that required servers to run, and because the game sold poorly (or, at least, that's what LEGO says, but conspiracy theorists say otherwise... I know, big surprise there), the servers were shut down. Apparently, BOB.EXE didn't require the servers to run the game. "The only good thing about it," continued Zack, "was that I got a free minifigure out of it. Yeah, don't ask how that happened, because I honestly have no clue. I didn't want anything to do with it, so I just sold it on eBay to make some quick cash because I know there's a sucker out there who would buy a rare toy. But even that came with a consequence." He showed me the spot on his computer desk where the minifigure had supposedly appeared. There was a stain of what looked like hyper-realistic BLOOD. "Can't wipe that BLOOD off my desk," grumbled Zack, "no matter how hard I try." "Does anyone else know about this?" I inquired. Zack shrugged. "Not many people, just a few. You know, some ordinary gamers." "Do you know how I can reach these 'gamers'?" I asked. "Just throw in a ton of half-hearted references to MLG, Doritos, Mountain Dew, 420, weed, illuminati, that kind of stuff, and they'll be bound to find you." Zack didn't know anything more about BOB.EXE, so I decided to call it a day. Just before leaving, I turned to look at him and asked, "That techno song you were playing on the radio..." Zack grinned. "Oh, that? Yeah, dude, I love that song. It's from 1999, and it's like the last breath of the 90s before the new millennium took over. Man, listening to it sure takes me back..." "Who's the artist?" I inquired. "What's the song's name?" Zack said, "Darude - Sandstorm." I promptly slammed the door in his face. ----- Dear Diary, That meeting with Zack got me thinking. Okay, I hear you giggling and snarking, "That's a first!" Well, shut up. Anyways, even with this new information, I don't feel like we're any closer to solving this case. Apparently, this BOB.EXE game is circulating around, and it's boring and filled with BLOOD. That doesn't sound like enough to break a computer or leave its player in a comatose state, nor does it explain where the hyper-realistic BLOOD or the minifigure came from. It's like a gaping plot hole or something. It could be supernatural, but that's just stupid. I just remembered something... the first victim... he had a collection of LEGO sets. Modest, in comparison to Zack's, but still... and so did the second... and the third... holy crap, how could I have missed this? All the victims had LEGO collections. That must explain why they all played some "MMO" that was intended for little kids, beyond the fact that they were all basement-dwellers with little life outside videogames who were probably bored enough to try it. I should talk to Laura about this. Bring her up to date on the information I've learned from Zack. I wonder where that minifigure is now... Zack was sure that some sucker would buy it. I shudder to imagine what terrible fate will meet the unfortunate victim who made the winning bid. Wait a second... Laura said she was expecting a package... Oh no. I have to stop her! I should be stopping her, but I just remembered that I had to come back and finish that previous sentence. Remember, that promise I made earlier? I should still be going, but then I had to write that previous sentence explaining why I hadn't gone yet. And now, I'm writing this sentence explaining why I wrote that previous sentence. Damn it, why am I still writing? Okay, fine. As soon as I write the period at the end of this sentence, I'm going. Happy now? Crap, I wrote "Happy now" and had to finish it with a question mark before I could leave. And now I'm... why the hell am I still writing? Laura! ----- Dear Diary, If anyone else reads this, I hope you didn't skip over the past several entries where I did nothing but angst over my failure. Otherwise, it would seem like I didn't care that much about what happened. I just got back from the hospital. Laura is alive. But only just. Like all the other victims, she's in a nonresponsive comatose state. Worse, the BOB.EXE minifigure is gone, leaving only a small stain of BLOOD on Laura's desk. Our one lead, and it has mysteriously vanished... taking my sister with it. Damn it, why did it have to be her? The other cops always made fun of her for lacking a Y chromosome, but she could have solved this case on her own. I know she could. I needed her. I can't do it by myself! On the way home from the hospital, I met this strange woman named Roberta Exley. She walked up to me with this peculiar perpetual smile on her face and asked, "Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Cthulego?" Oh great. Cultists. Roberta Exley rambled on and on, spewing stupid propaganda for the Church of Cthulego. "Cthulego will rise," she proclaimed, "and He shall bless us all with great happiness. He shall bless us, everyone. Everyone, that is, except for the False Shepherd who dares to stand in His path and lead us astray. If you are to achieve great happiness, you must follow the teachings of Cthulego and forsake the world's fourth-largest food crop, for they are the instruments of the False Shepherd." Remind me to do a Google search for the world's fourth-largest food crop. I'm actually genuinely curious. "And who is this 'False Shepherd'?" I asked, rolling my eyes. Although she was grinning, if it were not for the dead-serious look in her eyes, I would have been sure that Roberta Exley was joking when she replied, "It is he, who bears the name of the Renaissance. He, who walks between dreams of titanic proportions. He, who preys upon the streets like a wolf. He, who calls himself 'great' even as he chains the unchained. He, whom we have cursed to never be awarded by the academy as punishment for his crimes. I, of course, am referring to..." At that moment, a crazy-looking homeless bum approached us and asked, "Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, the Hovering Pasta Beast?" Roberta's smile vanished as she looked very annoyed at having been interrupted. "Blasphemy!" she hissed. "You shall not spread propaganda for such a travesty while I'mtrying to spread the word of Cthulego!" In the time it took her to say that, another man walked up to us, holding a fossilized shell in the air. "Praise Lord Helix!" he proclaimed. Roberta scowled. "Hey, now wait a second-" But it was too late. Representatives from all sorts of different cults had swarmed us, each trying to promote their own agenda, like the cancerous fanbases of hedgehogs, horses, and animatronics fighting over control of deviantART. None of them were quite as memorable as the Hovering Pasta Beast. Though, there was one point when some ugly guy wearing a shirt depicting a hyper-realistic starfish with the caption "Proud Representative of Trollpasta Wiki" began to speak. "Shrek is-" In response, someone else pulled out a gun. "I swear," he seethed, "if I hear ONE more person beat that dead donkey under the pretense that it is comedic gold..." The Trollpasta Wiki rep's facial features twisted into a very-wrinkled grin befitting of the pasta he represented. He started to say "love", but was immediately shot dead by the person with the gun. "It was NEVER funny to begin with!" he snapped. "Stop it! Just... stop it!" I think that's enough internet in real life for me today. ----- Hello? Are you still there? It's me. No, not Nick, not the boss, not even Zack. The person who wrote this story. I'm temporarily interrupting the pasta to ask you something. Think of it as an intermission. If you've somehow made it this far in this story, what are you doing with your life? Stop reading this lousy piece of trash and do something productive for a change. On second thought, what am I doing with my life, writing this lousy piece of trash, anyway? ----- Dear Diary, I don't care about being the good cop anymore. If being the bad cop means I'll find whoever did this to Laura, then give me a Q-tip and some nail polish to permanently wipe the good cop away. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you. Now, my lawyers just informed me that I apparently plagiarized again. I don't care. I fired them. That veteran police sergeant guy (whatever his name is) saw the whole thing and he's now looking at me in a funny way. Fine. Let him watch. What could he possibly do? Give me a zero and flunk me? ----- DEAR DIARRHEA, WHAT THE HELL THAT STUPID FAT OLD SERGEANT CONVINCED BOSS THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO LAURA LEFT ME TOO EMOTIONALLY COMPROMISED TO CONTINUE THE INVESTIGATION SO THEYRE THROWING ME OFF THE CASE HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME I HATE THAT SERGEANT I HATE BOSS I HATE YOU OKAY MAYBE I DONT HATE YOU BUT AT THE VERY LEAST I SLIGHTLY DISLIKE YOU ----- Dear Diary, Sorry for that earlier outburst. The sergeant (sorry, still can't remember his name) just took one look at me, pointed at me, and told me to "Cut it out." I don't even know how that worked, but it did. There was just... something... about the way he said it... so calm yet so stern... Boss says that he's on my side, and I trust him like a friend. I'm sure that if my life was ever in peril, he'd be the first to help me. Anyways, he told me that it would be best if I took a break from the police work... but he subtly (with big bold flashing letters spinning against a backdrop of fire and explosions while an orchestra performed a bombastic symphony) hinted to me that, if I continued the investigation on my own, then there was technically nothing he could do to stop me. I'm sure there is some law or something, but I'm not going to look the gift horse in the mouth. ----- Dear Diary, Again, if anyone else is reading this, I sincerely hope that you did not just skip over the past dozen entries where I explained my investigation in excruciating detail. Thanks to my new contact Wade (for a 10 year old kid, he's much better with computers than I am), I have finally been able to piece together everything. It turns out that BOB.EXE is a malevolent interdimensional entity that can access only our reality through the game. See, it's interdimensional. That means it's not superstitious magical nonsense, it's SCIENCE! Therefore, this whole thing seems a lot more plausible. But that's not all. Remember that Church of Cthulego? It turns out that BOB.EXE and Cthulego are one and the same. Amazing coincidence, right? At this point, BOB.EXE is only strong enough that it can exist in our dimension as a plastic minifigure under the guise of the LEGO Universe mascot, Bob. It's harvesting victims to feed itself so that it may rise to its true potential, that which the cultists call "Cthulego". But wait, there's more! Through the overly-convoluted methods I detailed in my previous entry, I was finally able to get my hands on the BOB.EXE CD itself. What I should have done was just smashed it to pieces on the spot, but because I'm the idiotic protagonist of a creepypasta, my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to know what it was that left Laura and all those other victims in a comatose state. I put the CD in my computer. It loaded a patcher to download the game files, and then I started up the game. It brought me to a log-in screen with a cheerful, bombastic orchestral soundtrack and cute little LEGO characters doing silly animations in the background. And in the foreground... There he was. BOB.EXE. He stood next to the log-in menu, welcoming me to the game. He stared at me through his empty pitch-black eyes as he smiled innocently. As I moved my cursor across the screen, he kept pointing at the log-in menu, beckoning and inviting me to play in his universe. There was just one problem. To log in, I needed a LEGO.com username and password. I didn't have either, and I wasn't going to go ask my parents' permission to get one. With a sense of relief that my stupid curiosity would not get me punished, I shrugged. "Whoops," I said with a smug grin on my face, "I guess I can't play the game after all." BOB.EXE's smile vanished, and the facade was shed. In an instant, the entire log-in screen changed from bright and idyllic to a dark, desolate, hellish wasteland splattered with BLOOD. Hyper-realistic BLOOD poured out of BOB.EXE's eyes as his face contorted into a hideous scowl. "OH COME ON!" he screamed at me, furious that his plan had failed. I was genuinely startled. Even though I already knew the truth about BOB.EXE, I didn't actually expect him to hear me or respond to me. Thinking quickly, I immediately pressed Alt+F4 and exited to the desktop before he could crash my computer. As I'm writing this, I'm constantly checking over my shoulder. That was too close, and I'm almost half-expecting that the BOB.EXE minifigure is going to show up in the flesh... err, plastic... any second now. So far, so good. If that crazy Church of Cthulego wants me, they're not going to get me through some stupid game! They're going to have to come see me in person! ----- That was Nick's last journal entry. He wrote this approximately 2 weeks, 6 days, 15 hours, 3 minutes, and 14 seconds ago, according to the forensics lab. Today is his birthday, but that really has nothing to do with anything; I just thought I'd mention it. And now, he's dead. Whoops, spoiler alert! Can't let you know that Sheik is really Zelda... dang it, not again! I always wondered why he acted the way he did during this investigation. Not that I was worried or anything; I just didn't care enough to bother to find out why. And, to be honest, I still don't care. Especially after getting this email from someone named Wade. It was addressed strictly to Ponte Harry Boss. That's my name. Obviously. The email was sent to me, so of course it would be addressed to me! It's not like it's a big shocker. The email contained an attachment, so I opened it, because I always open strange attachments included in strange emails. It was an audio file, and I listened to it. Here is the transcription, because this story hasn't jumped around enough in style and formatting... ----- [Recording starts. Obviously. It's not like it would end before it starts, after all.] Nick: Guys, seriously, this isn't funny anymore! Let me out! I'm a cop! I'm not supposed to be the one behind bars; I'm the one who puts others behind bars! Roberta: I think it suits you. After all, we made this cage specifically for you. We call it the [pauses for dramatic effect] Nicholas Cage! [A chorus of laughter is heard. We are currently pooling all of our resources into investigating whether the other cultists were actually laughing or if Roberta just used a cheap laugh-track from some 80s sitcom.] Nick: Roberta Exley! I knew you and your crazy cultists were behind this! But why? You said your cult just wanted to make the world happy! Roberta: Oh, trust me, we do. However, in our present reality, happiness is not real. It is merely imaginary. But now, we have the power to take that imagination and harness it. Cthulego will rise again, and He shall bless us with His eldritch masterpiece! It's really quite exciting. Tell me, Nick. Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart? Nick: Exciting? This is boring! You think boring countless people with your hyper-realistic BLOOD and cheap cliche tricks is a masterpiece? It's a piece, alright, but not a masterpiece... it's a piece of s- Roberta: Watch your tongue, Nick. Do not defile the sanctity of the Church of Cthulego with such foul language. We wouldn't want to upset Him, now, would we? Nick: [suddenly confident] Upset him? Hah! If you think that would upset him... how about... this? [Several gasps and murmurs are heard, as if something shocking actually happened, which I sincerely doubt.] Roberta: Whoops, you forgot to put the CD in your computer. Nick: Oh, I'm not going to put it in my computer. I'm going to break it! And, in doing so, I'm going to prevent anyone else from playing BOB.EXE again! He won't be able to bore anyone with his stupid BLOOD and... hey, wait, what are you - no fair, give that back! Roberta: You really should have broken the CD while you had the chance, instead of just telling us that you were going to do it. But now, the CD is ours once again. Thank you for delivering it safely to us. Nick: Hah! You thought that was the BOB.EXE CD? Think again! That was just a blank CD with "BOB.EXE" hastily scribbled on it that I brought with me to make a big dramatic show in front of you. I already broke the BOB.EXE CD before you guys kidnapped me. And threw every piece into a fire. [More gasps are heard. I think I actually agree with them this time... the protagonist actually did something sensible?] Roberta: Hmm, not bad. That was the only still-functional copy of LEGO Universe in existence. But... didn't you think we would have made back-ups? Nick: No, of course not. Nobody ever thinks to make a back-up until the day after they lose all their data. That's how it always works. Roberta: [annoyed] Fine, you called my bluff. However... even without LEGO Universe, we still have... options. Ways of tempting unsuspecting gamers into empowering Cthulego by giving something they truly desire, something they were so sure that they would never be able to play... Nick: [no longer confident] You don't mean...? Roberta: [triumphant] Yes, I do. Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Chapter 1. Nick: You're... you're bluffing again! Roberta: [laughing maniacally] No, I'm not! Behold - the only known copy of Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Chapter 1 in existence, now blessed with the BLOOD of BOB.EXE! [The cultists proclaim praise of BOB.EXE, Cthulego, hyper-realistic BLOOD, and other such crap.] Nick: [shocked] No....! You sick bastards! This is going too far! You can't possibly unleash something so dangerous upon an innocent, unsuspecting world! This is too cruel! Roberta: Well, there is another way. Do you recognize this, Nick? Nick: That's the BOB.EXE minifigure! The one Zack auctioned on eBay! Roberta: Precisely. Tell me, Nick. Everyone must die at some point. How do you wish to die? As a martyr for what you believe in? I would say, that would certainly be a most honorable form of death. You can stop us from unleashing Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Chapter 1 upon the world, but you must be willing to sacrifice everything. Nick: What the heck are you- Roberta: Good enough for me! Let the BLOOD ritual commence! [The cultists start chanting enthusiastically.] Nick: BLOOD ritual? What BLOOD ritual? Roberta: The BLOOD ritual to endow this plastic toy with the power needed for Cthulego to fully cross over into our reality in his true form without the need for Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Chapter 1. Through your pain, you will save so many unfortunate basement-dwelling gamers... temporarily, at least... and you will be helping our lord and savior rise to power. You should be honored! Nick: Why are you taking off my shoes and socks? What... what are those? What are you doing? [The sound of thousands of tiny plastic objects falling upon the floor is heard.] Roberta: Tell me, Nick. [okay, seriously, how many times has she said that phrase?] Have you ever walked barefoot on a carpet covered with LEGO bricks before? [Nick cries out in terror, but it is too late. The next several minutes of the recording consists of the cultists chanting vigorously as Nick is forced to walk on the LEGO bricks, crying out in undiluted pain with ever step he takes.] Nick: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! [Quietly at first, there is the sound of a storm wind blowing. It grows louder and louder as Nick continues walking, until it is so loud that it sounds like a tornado... or a hurricane... or a maelstrom. Get it? See what I did there? Because the villain in LEGO Universe is called the Maelstrom? Clever, isn't it? No? Ah... never mind. But then, when the winds reach their peak... loud, demonic laughter is heard.] Roberta: Praise Cthulego, for He has risen! [A voice that sounds like the grinding of bone begins speaking. At this point, through means that would probably drive an actual computer programmer up a wall, the audio file somehow downloaded a hyper-realistic picture to our computers depicting a hyper-realistic eldritch abomination vaguely resembling the original BOB.EXE minifigure, right down to the familiar hyper-realistic BLOOD dripping from his hyper-realistic eyes, but now far more powerful and demonic and even more hyper-realistic than ever before, with a writhing mass of hyper-realistic tentacles in lieu of his face and hands, and covered with hyper-realistic BLOOD. The mere sight of this hyper-realistic picture drove the first person writing this transcript insane, so we needed to replace him.] Cthulego: DON'T YOU SEE HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO USE YOUR IMAGINATION? Nick: [screaming] No... No... NO! Cthulego: YES, NICK... YOU ARE AT MY MERCY NOW. IT WON'T BE LONG NOW BEFORE... WAIT, WHAT? [Gasps are heard among the crowd.] Roberta: It's... it's that police sergeant! Mike Cosgrove! Cthulego: COSGROVE... WE MEET AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME. YOU DARE TO INTERFERE? THEN YOU... SHALL... DIE! Cosgrove: [very calmly] Cut it out. Cthulego: [taken aback] OH... OKAY. I'M SORRY. [The maelstrom winds suddenly end as Cthulego apparently vanishes. The cultists start murmuring in confusion. Cosgrove grunts in satisfaction.] Nick: What the...? [The audio recording abruptly ends. FINALLY.] ----- Well, that was anticlimactic. After hearing this... I've never felt so confused. Nick may never be able to walk again, having been permanently mentally and physically scarred by his close encounter with Cthulego that left him completely and utterly confused about what the point of all this was supposed to be. He's currently in the hospital in a vain attempt to recover. That being said, he and Laura are still alive. Remember when I said earlier that they're both dead? I lied. Well, there was nothing I could have done. I'm a useless cop, after all. And that sentence was actually lifted directly from the creepypasta we're satirizing. Don't you just love it when the jokes write themselves for you? Here's where I would go on and on in some supposedly awe-inspiring speech about hope and dreams and how we must never give up in the fight against Cthulego... or BOB.EXE... or whatever he's called. I've lost track since this story doesn't make any sense... But really, all we need is Sgt. Mike Cosgrove to point at people and tell them to "Cut it out." That'll solve all our problems. I'm sure you don't believe me. I'm sure you doubt that these events ever took place. I'm sure you think that this is all just a load of crap. But, before you make us the laughingstock of the creepypastas, consider the following... How long did it take you to read this story? Because BOB.EXE stole that time from your life. And now, you'll never get it back.
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    From the album: Wognif's random stuff

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    Quisoves Potoo

    Impersonate le717 Day 2018

    He must come from le-Koro. Ba-dum!
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    A broken set of speakers has occured. Your monitor is in danger. A whole lot of glass has appeared. Blood is being drained from your hand. Y'know what, le? *goes and fetches one out of four collected banhammers* A BANMAHHER HAS APPEARED YOUR HEAD IS IN DANGER *clonk*
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    The Ace Railgun


    Well after 1:12:00 it started to sound like snare roll, and A land Sli-A-A-A A land sli-A-A-A- rhythm in the background and I'm still going...I'm at 4:14:00 now...
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    title end level stats music fix

    Does anyone know how i should name the level stats and menu screen music. I already have three tracks called track10-12. I am running rock raiders on windows 10 and restored the music but i am missing 2 tracks. I ripped them from the disk but don't know how i should name them in the installation folder. nvm, did some more research and i am stupid.
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    Classic Rocket Racer continued

    So I did a thing using my magical Blender-wand. Problem is... the car's chassis somehow lost the bounding box (or whatever it is called) so it can effectively slam through any surface. Landing a jump causes the vehicle to sink halfway into the ground. :V The chassis, as well as the helmet. don't react to light either (white shine effect like the wheels and windshield have) so if anyone knows what went wrong please tell me. Would release but, it has these glaring issues. imported/exported with the LR2Blendertool B4.zip plugin. Here, have some Ramas.
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