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    Series 18 of the collectible minifigures includes a "Race Car Guy"... The official bios for this series aren't out yet, so we don't know if he's truly supposed to be a Rocket Racer redesign, or something else (since the theme of this series is a costume party). Still, I thought maybe people would want to mod this guy into the Racers games, and I just got him at LEGOLAND California a few days ago... So I got some photos for anyone to use. They're not the absolute best, but they're good enough for reference when making textures.
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    Hullo, Initially, I planned to post this as an "April Fools" video, where I joke about making an "720p version of the LEGO Alpha Team intro" except the end result is poorly drawn and so poorly edited you can literally see that half of the intro was recorded in GIMP. The only reason I'm not bothering to disguise it as an "April Fools" video is because... well ...this video ain't fooling nobody. It's more of a parody of the intro instead of something you can trick your friends into watching. Maybe if I put a Rick Roll somewhere in it, it could be an April Fools video, but most people would probably be turned away from the awful visuals before they reach the end. Anyway, here's the video if you want to watch it. Enjoy??
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    Currently it only supports importing basic meshes, but it exports functional models that can be seen in the game. I'd greatly appreciate help in developing this add-on; please post any fixes or added functionality you can make to the scripts here. Download the add-on here. Installation instructions: Download the .zip file (don't open), and in Blender, go in File > User Preferences, and go in the Add-ons tab. From there, press "Install Add-on from file", and navigate to the .zip file. Once you've hit install on that, it's been added to the add-ons list, which you can find and enable by searching "Lego". Lastly, hit Save User Settings in the bottom left. Usage instructions: Every .md2 model in the game (with the sole exception of those with their filename starting with ARCTIC in EDITOR GEN\PATCHES\MODELS, and some slight polygon issues with 26 other models) can now be imported. Simply go in File > Import, and select the .md2 option. There are currently some issues with all the polygons being inverted in blender, but keep them this way for export, as they'll get inverted again. To flip normals, in edit mode, press space, and use "Flip Normals". If you want to export a model, you must stick to a strict scene setup, which emulates the way the model file is structured. An imported model is immediately ready for export. Imported scene example, ready for export: The rules are: An empty, referred to as the root, must be the parent of one or more child empties, referred to as detail levels, which in turn are the parents of one or more child meshes objects, referred to as render groups. These child meshes are split according to material, which is shown by how they're named in imports. Every mesh needs 1 material. The material name is the entire path, which is directly inserted into the file, and must start with "game data". The ending of the path is .tga, but the target file ends with a .MIP extension (which is actually just a renamed .tga). Every polygon must be a triangle, which means no quads or ngons. Triangulate your mesh(es) by being in edit mode, selecting everything (A), and hitting Ctrl + T. There must be a UV map present, but this is usually not a problem. Make sure your polygons face inwards before export, as they'll get inverted in the resulting file. This is a bug that I can't figure out how to fix. The exporter cycles through every object, and finds a root, and determines if it's valid. This means it disregards your selection, and completely ignores all objects directly under the scene that isn't an empty. You can open .MIP files, which are automatically recognized as .tga files, by opening an image and unchecking the filter. The importer has an option checked on by default that does this for every image used by the model, though you'll have to apply them to the meshes yourself. This is the import: This is after importing the model, then exporting it with no changes: Features I want before I can call this add-on finished: Full shader support, by means of an easily editable text file created on import. More flexible scene requirements for export. Weights and animation support (perhaps the SKN0 chunk in the model, and BSA and BSB files). Collision data ("COLD" chunk in the files). I have not been successful in deciphering them. Fixed normals. Here's a GitHub repository for it.
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    I could not find any documentation for it, so I took Xir's suggestion and I've mapped out the basics of the format, but most of it is still a mystery to me. Here's a testing script with my findings for anyone curious, or wanting to do more research. If anyone has any findings that could go into an editor, please post them. Overview: The terrain is divided into 1024 (32x32) tiles. There are 4 levels of detail, and each tile's surface consists of a grid of 17x17, 9x9, 5x5 and 3x3 vertices, with each grid popping in and out of view depending on how far you are from it. They can be edited separately. Each vertex consists of only a height, and 4 bytes, which determine things like lighting and texture blending. from struct import unpack infilepath =\ r'C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\LEGO Racers 2\game data\EDITOR GEN\TERRAIN\SANDY ISLAND\TERRDATA.TDF backup' outfilepath =\ r'C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\LEGO Racers 2\game data\EDITOR GEN\TERRAIN\SANDY ISLAND\TERRDATA.TDF' HEADER_BYTESPER = 0x4 HEADER_OFFSET = 0x0 HEADER_SIZE = 0x20 # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 # ffffffff bb bb bb bb # | | | | | # height | | | texture blending? # | | light level????? # | flags # unknown????????????? #flags: # 0x01 0b00000001 = pass-through (all LOD meshes have this checked) # 0x02 0b00000010 # 0x04 0b00000100 # 0x08 0b00001000 # 0x10 0b00010000 # 0x20 0b00100000 # 0x40 0b01000000 # 0x80 0b10000000 VERTEX_LODS = 4 VERTEX_BYTESPER = 0x8 VERTEX_OFFSET = (0x20, 0x242020, 0x2e4020, 0x316020) VERTEX_SIZE = (0x242000, 0xa2000, 0x32000, 0x12000) # [VERTEX_BYTESPER * lod**2 * WORLD_TILE_LINE**2 for lod in TILE_VERTEX_LINE] VERTEX_LOD_BYTESPER = [x // 32**2 for x in VERTEX_SIZE] # unknown #UNKDA0_BYTESPER = 0xF8 # UNKDA0_SIZE / WORLD_TILE_TOTAL UNKDA0_OFFSET = 0x328020 # UNKDA0_SIZE = 0x3E000 # # unknown UNKDA1_BYTESPER = 0x120 # UNKDA1_SIZE / WORLD_TILE_TOTAL UNKDA1_OFFSET = 0x366020 # UNKDA1_SIZE = 0x48000 # # all integers, offsets into tiles from UNKDA1_OFFSET? the numbers are divisible by UNKDA1_BYTESPER UNKDA2_BYTESPER = 0x4 # UNKDA2_SIZE / WORLD_TILE_TOTAL UNKDA2_OFFSET = 0x3AE020 # UNKDA2_SIZE = 0x1000 # # all floats UNKDA3_BYTESPER = 0xC8 # UNKDA3_SIZE / WORLD_TILE_TOTAL UNKDA3_OFFSET = 0x3AF020 # UNKDA3_SIZE = 0x32000 # TILE_VERTEX_LINE = (17, 9, 5, 3) TILE_LENGTH = [x**2 * VERTEX_BYTESPER for x in TILE_VERTEX_LINE] WORLD_TILE_LINE = 32 WORLD_VERTEX_TOTAL = [x**2 * WORLD_TILE_LINE**2 for x in TILE_VERTEX_LINE] DISTANCE = 0.2 def blender_import(): #imports 300000 vertices, but doesn't work too well import bpy, bmesh f = open(infilepath, 'rb') T = TILE_VERTEX_LINE[0] terrain_bmesh = bmesh.new() for v in range(WORLD_VERTEX_TOTAL[0]): terrain_bmesh.verts.new(( #alien code, not safe for human brains DISTANCE * ((v % T) + T * ((v // (T**2)) % WORLD_TILE_LINE)), DISTANCE * (((v // T) % T) + T * (v // (T**2 * WORLD_TILE_LINE))), unpack('f', f.read(4))[0], )) f.read(4) terrain_mesh = bpy.data.meshes.new('terraintest mesh') terrain_bmesh.to_mesh(terrain_mesh) terrain_bmesh.free() terrain_object = bpy.data.objects.new('terraintest obj', terrain_mesh) bpy.context.scene.objects.link(terrain_object) def action(): def showheader(): f = open(infilepath, 'rb') f.seek(HEADER_OFFSET) signature = f.read(4).decode('ansi') print('Signature:',signature) header = [f.read(4) for num in range((HEADER_SIZE-4) // 4)] labels = ( 'Unknown 0 ', 'Unknown 1 ', 'Unknown 2 ', 'Add height', 'Unknown 3 ', 'Unknown 4 ', 'Unknown 5 ', ) for label, number in zip(labels, header): print('%s: %-10i %-11i %-8x' % ( label, unpack('I', number)[0], unpack('i', number)[0], unpack('I', number)[0] ), unpack('f', number)[0] ) f.close() def findpassthroughvert(): f = open(infilepath, 'rb') o = open(outfilepath, 'wb') f.seek(HEADER_OFFSET) o.write(f.read(HEADER_SIZE)) for lod in range(VERTEX_LODS): for tile in range(32**2): passthroughvertex = False for vertex in range(TILE_VERTEX_LINE[lod]**2): co = f.read(4) unk, flags, light, texblend = f.read(4) if not lod and flags & 1: passthroughvertex = (f.tell()-8, flags) o.write(co + bytes((0, 0 if passthroughvertex else flags, light, texblend))) if passthroughvertex: print('Found pass-through vertex in tile %i, flags: %2x offset: %x' % (tile, passthroughvertex[1], passthroughvertex[0])) o.write(f.read()) f.close() o.close() def clearflagseveryfifthtile(): f = open(infilepath, 'rb') o = open(outfilepath, 'wb') f.seek(HEADER_OFFSET) o.write(f.read(HEADER_SIZE)) for lod in range(VERTEX_LODS): for tile in range(32**2): if not tile % 5: for vertex in range(TILE_VERTEX_LINE[lod]**2): co = f.read(4) unk, flags, light, texblend = f.read(4) o.write(co + bytes((unk, 0, light, texblend))) else: o.write(f.read(TILE_LENGTH[lod])) f.close() o.close() def makeunkda1homogenous(every = None, copytile = 32*4+16): #can make tiles that crash the game if crossed, tiles that flicker textures, the results are not very predictable f = open(infilepath, 'rb') o = open(outfilepath, 'wb') f.seek(HEADER_OFFSET) o.write(f.read(HEADER_SIZE + sum(VERTEX_SIZE) + UNKDA0_SIZE)) f.seek(UNKDA1_OFFSET + UNKDA1_BYTESPER*copytile) tilesample = f.read(UNKDA1_BYTESPER) for tile in range(32**2): if every != None and not tile % every: o.write(tilesample) else: f.seek(UNKDA1_OFFSET + UNKDA1_BYTESPER*tile) o.write(f.read(UNKDA1_BYTESPER)) f.seek(UNKDA2_OFFSET) o.write(f.read()) f.close() o.close() makeunkda1homogenous(every = 5) input('Finished') action() Here I set all the vertex heights in every fifth tile to zero: Here's the very broken, but almost recognizable blender import: This weird thing happened by making every tile info structure (presumably, UNKDA1) homogenous to tile info 144. I've updated the script to be nicer and have more functions. All the invisible ground was solid.
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    All you have to do is switch out the action movements in game.exe for directional movements. All of them need to be modded to be made to work (This pic is from a already modded .exe) The default cheats for whatever reason aren't working with action movements as why it doesn't work in its unmodded form. (If you use my setup, go from using up to right counterclockwise with key input to get it to work)
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    I have completed the new briefing animation. In doing so, I found out that there's a memory limit for animated textures. It seems to be around 512 KB or 1 MB, but I didn't look into it further. The texture set in this animation is 28 128x128 8-bit bitmap images totaling 477 KB. The previous 256x256 versions took up 1.90 MB and only played half the images unless I replaced some of them with smaller versions. This doesn't explain how I got an 8 MB monstrosity on another animation, but I won't complain about that one. The face looks less green in-game. I might release this for the public soon if any of you want to mess with it, but note that the default briefing images cover it. You will have to either change the image or move the animation (I can do that for you).
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    The menu works on PS2. Obtained by pressing: Up Down Up Up Square X Square Square Down Up Down Down X Square X X Up Down Up Up Square X Square Square Down Up Down Down X Square X X You can then bring up the menu by pressing: Up Down Up Up Left Right Left Left Down Up Down Down Right Left Right Right Navigate the menu using: Up and Down (Choose option) Left and Right (Choose sub-option) Square (Toggle option) With Fly Mode enabled, hold R3 to fly. Unmodified codes do work on PC too. Same codes as above, just swap Square for the Pizza key and X for the Jump key.
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    Heyyy, it's been a while since I've done anything! Better get back on track with a fully produced track with real recorders! As I mentioned in the description of the video, this has been laying around for a pretty dang long time. While I still think this track is way too silly for me to take 100% seriously, it still is pretty important to me, so I felt I needed to publish it and move on with it. Hope you'll enjoy!
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    I have been working on a lego racers remaster (sort of... it wont feature AI, it will be online only) for a couple months now... I haven't created a thread on it yet, I will when I have something worth raving over So don't worry .. someone is "slowly" working on it, free time is just an issue
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    Look what came up on Ebay recently The Ebay description (Contains some useful information)
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    Update: This can be "fixed" by editing LEGO1.DLL. Change this: To this: Result: It's a bandaid solution but it works.
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    Hey, I played LR with fixed voices and I must say that the gameplay feels much different when all drivers use their correct voice. My favourite ones are Islander and Nova Hunter. And what about you? I recorded the videos from every circuit: Circuits 1 and 4: 2 and 5: 3 and 6: 7:
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    Been working on internal systems a lot lately, so I don't have much to show. Still figuring out how I'm going to tackle certain problems. So in the mean time, enjoy this-
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    These were originally posted by Dean Roskell (who worked on LI2 GBA and IXS PC/PS2) on Flickr... Which unfortunately gave them jpg compression. He put his Flickr gallery on private a while back, so here's a reupload. Tried putting them in the gallery but RRU jpg-ified them even more... So, here's a zip. Character sprites are definitely beta (were replaced with renders of 3D models in the final game, I think maybe at a different resolution too). Dunno about the environment sprite sheet. It's not much but maybe someone wants them.
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    Unsure how much any of this has been discussed in years past. Had some chats with Cire and others about all this a few months back and there was a lot of shrugging and new discoveries, so maybe it's time for a topic. .uv files These only exist for the lowest poly minifigure (triman) and lava monster, as far as I know. Most models in the game use other methods of texture mapping (planar textures), but these files have specifically defined UV coordinates. The game will check for .uv files for every model, and if they're present, try to use their coordinates. The format is super simple, and text based, try opening one in a text editor and you can see how they work. These files may have been created by a custom tool DDI made (which also did a zillion other things), or by something called UView, according to Karl. It sounds like the process may have changed at some point, and his memory was fuzzy on which tool was used in the end. (A forum upgrade broke that link...) (Sadly, a forum upgrade broke that link too...) For more, see the full topic: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/2132-wow-people-i-am-both-stunned-and-impressed/ Bartvbl thought he'd found a possible lead for UView and posted about it there, but I didn't want to spam more quotes than necessary. Back in December I wanted to get the triman model into Unity, so I manually transplanted the coordinates from the .uv files into exported .obj versions of the models (with a little bit of trial and error to figure out the order the coordinates should go in, etc). Here it is next to the highest poly minifigure (which lacks textures, since none of the export methods I tried generated UVs from the planar texture info...). This is also why the game will crash if you replace the VLP minifigure files with HP versions without removing the .uv files; it'll be trying to apply the UV coordinates to a model with way more verts than those defined in the .uv files. Is there a need to figure out how to make new UV files? Probably not. We can already do planar textures, 99% of the vanilla game uses them, and that's usually good enough. You probably only need to look into them if you want textured exports of the triman or lava monster. .x files The game has copies of some models in a standard .x format. Is the game capable of loading them? Did an artist just save in the wrong format accidentally and never remove them? Were they for some other purpose? Who knows. Nobody's looked into them that much, apparently. They've got proper UVs generated from the planar textures, though, which is nice. (Which appear flipped in the program I'm using in the screenshots below but such inconsistencies are aggravatingly common in 3D things...) Some chat logs from December: [8:49 PM] Terrev: whaaa [8:49 PM] Terrev: LP_SmallWheel.x [8:49 PM] Terrev: are these.... [8:50 PM] Terrev: GD_Standard.x [8:50 PM] Terrev: just standard directx models? [8:53 PM] Cyrem: I think the colours are good [8:55 PM] Cyrem: @Terrev textures seem messed up [8:55 PM] Terrev: yeah, flipped [8:55 PM] Cirevam: No, that's because you're in Australia [8:55 PM] Cirevam: It's right-side up for me [8:55 PM] Terrev: I'm just curious why there's random directx models sprinkled around the vanilla game [8:55 PM] Cyrem: haha [8:56 PM] Cyrem: that is odd and I never noticed [8:56 PM] Terrev: presumably not used for anything? [8:56 PM] Cirevam: It would be great if LRR could read them [8:56 PM] Cyrem: wonder if it can [8:56 PM] Terrev: welp, one of you test that, I should go get food soonish [8:56 PM] Cyrem: I'm busy getting coffee [8:57 PM] Cirevam: I'm busy making mods that will never get used [8:57 PM] Terrev: hmmmm [8:57 PM] Cyrem: @Jobbo its in your hands [8:57 PM] Cirevam: :thinking: [8:58 PM] Jobbo: I'm busying setting up The Room movie night (And then nobody looked into them further. Oops.) Texture filtering (pixel blending) Back in January I noticed texture filtering in LRR was inconsistent, and Cire tracked down what controls it. Look at this minifig, for example - the front of the torso (but not the sides or back) is getting point filtering (think Minecraft), the face is getting bilinear filtering (smoothed out). Another example is the Power Station. The sides have point filtering to get a nice crisp look between "bricks", the front is getting bilinear filtering. And the stripes are getting point filtering. Maybe they had their reasons for these choices, but it looks a bit odd to me. I attempted changing it, which worked!... Kinda. All the surfaces in the lwo that I didn't touch broke, somehow. Oh well. Cire explained what had happened (something about garbage data) but whatevs, I didn't care to poke at it much more. Here's the surface settings that control it, with the sides and front of the vanilla Power Station for an example. I'm unsure if the "texture antialiasing" option is used by LRR, but "pixel blending" is. Also note that Lightwave/the modeler seems to render models in its viewport ignoring the pixel blending settings for surfaces. Instead it changes how it renders textures based on distance, for whatever reason. It doesn't affect the models of course; just don't be surprised when they don't look like you'd expect within the modeler. Controlling usage of the shared folder More from December and January (all of this is, actually). This post is already lengthy so I'll cut to the chase, important parts in yellow. [9:08 PM] Terrev: is there anything in the LWS files that reference the shared folders [9:09 PM] Cirevam: The filepath of the model, but exporting the file again makes it lose that somehow [5:18 PM] Terrev: LWS files are plain text, and looking at Big_teleport.lws I'm seeing two types of file paths [5:18 PM] Terrev: Z:\Lego\Data\Buildings\BIGTeleport\TP_SideSlab.lwo and \\Mother\lego\Meshes\Lowpoly\Buildings\Big_Teleports\Teleport.lwo [5:19 PM] Terrev: maybe if the path is relative it looks in shared? [5:20 PM] Terrev: I'd been toying with the idea of making a tool to automatically patch LWO and LWS files with paths to your own working LRR directory [5:20 PM] Terrev: to make loading with lightwave less of a hassle [5:21 PM] Terrev: LWS files would be easy enough but I'm scared to touch the binary LWOs lol [7:48 PM] Cirevam: I think I know how to make it point to Shared but it involves manually editing links in the LWS file to point to the imaginary locations that the devs used [7:48 PM] Terrev: hmm if the file paths in LWS files work like I think they might, you could make a little tool to automatically point them towards any world\shared files that exist there [7:48 PM] Cirevam: They look like LoadObject E:\LEGO Media\Lego Rock Raiders\Data\Buildings\ToolStation\SchneiderCS.lwo [7:49 PM] Cirevam: BIGTeleport's animations have links like LoadObject \Mother\lego\Meshes\Lowpoly\Buildings\Big_Teleports\Teleport.lwo [7:49 PM] Cirevam: \\Mother is obviously not a valid location [7:49 PM] Terrev: I think I literally posted that exact path in this channel a little ways up haha [7:50 PM] Terrev: I wonder if it's just the "does it start with a path to a drive or just \\" part that matters [7:51 PM] Terrev: and not the actual path beyond that [7:51 PM] Cirevam: Testing [7:51 PM] Cirevam: LoadObject \\Teleport.lwo This will surely work [7:57 PM] Cirevam: Hooray, the game doesn't care what the path is [7:58 PM] Cirevam: I will try to replace it with a different model just to make sure [8:02 PM] Cirevam: Looks like we're good to go! \\objectname.lwo will force the game to look in World\Shared [8:04 PM] PWNZOR: Will it still default to the local folder? [8:05 PM] Cirevam: No, I changed Teleport.lwo to Bigwheel.lwo and the game loaded it [8:05 PM] Terrev: [galaxy brain] put everything inside world\shared [8:05 PM] PWNZOR: plz no [8:05 PM] Cirevam: PLZ YES [8:05 PM] Cirevam: This knowledge will save me dozens of MB [8:07 PM] Cirevam: But really, the animated teleport beam effect I'm using is 8.06 MB and I duplicated it for each ship that's using it [8:07 PM] PWNZOR: e.e that's huge man [8:08 PM] Cirevam: 64 512x256 pixel 8-bit bitmaps
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    RRU has a Discord server which can be joined here: https://discord.gg/c976pZy However, to gain access to anything besides the read-only welcome channel, you'll need the Verified Member role. To receive this role: Actually join the server. We can't give the role to people who aren't there. Post here and ask for the role. You must have your Discord tag on your forum profile (which should be something like JohnDoe#1234, the numbers are important!), or just include it in your post, if you don't mind it being out there for the whole world to see. You can also PM me or McJobless instead of posting here, if you'd like. This is just to ensure the role is being given to the right person. You must have at least 10 forum posts. No exceptions. This is to discourage people from registering forum accounts only to get on the Discord server. And no, making quick spammy posts does not count; if you do this just to reach 10 posts you may not be given access. Access may also be denied or revoked for other rule violations, generally bad behavior, or if you were one of the few people who managed to get yourself banned from the old server (which was quite an accomplishment given its leniency). If you join the server but do not request/receive a role, and just sit in the welcome channel, you may be kicked at any time. This is just to keep things tidy. The purpose of this server is to discuss the same subject matter as the forum: Playing, modding, or even making your own LEGO games, and general discussion of LEGO sets/media/etc. It is also subject to the same rules as the forum. It is not, however, a replacement for forum topics: Things in chats are buried quickly, but posts on forums can be found and browsed through for years to come. If you have something interesting to share, or a question that other people may also have, it's recommended that you post it on the forums. Now, as for why this exists. There was already a "RRU Discord server" of sorts, but it'd started as a small personal server for some friends, who hadn't even been active on the RRU forums for years. This server gradually gained more members - most related to RRU, some not. It always kept operating like a personal server though; it wasn't subject to the same rules/moderation as RRU, and people often talked about personal or heavy issues they didn't feel comfortable bringing up elsewhere. This was cool, but it introduced some problems - firstly, people weren't comfortable with the group being made open for anyone on the forums to join. This made sense given all the personal things being discussed, but also meant a lot of discussion of LEGO game stuff was being locked away from RRU. Secondly, the server was serving three roles at once: Personal discussion between friends (most of whom weren't even active on the RRU forums anymore), RRU-relevant LEGO/game discussion, and Space Station 13 discussion like the server had originally been used for. So, the old server is effectively being split up. Space Station 13 discussion has its own server now, and RRU now has its own officially linked server for discussion of LEGO games/modding/etc. The old server still exists, but as a thing separate from RRU, as by far the majority of the active users/conversations there don't have much or anything to do with RRU or the active forum users.
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    There are other limits. You can only have so many UpgradeTypes before the game crashes on the first load, as mentioned earlier. Adding too many monsters causes other creatures to behave strangely (over 20 I think). Adding more than 11 buildings crashes the game due to an out-of-bounds check that Cyrem was able to patch. Vehicles must have between four to six wheels or they crash the game when spawned, but my memory is hazy on the details. Basically, I'm not surprised at any arbitrary limits. Maybe we could patch whatever variable is causing the crash, but it will take some time to identify that. Digging through the game's assembly is a bit of a nuisance. There's no guarantee it would work anyways. For those of us with the decompiled assembly, L0040BF00 looks promising...
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    Johnny Thunder appeared in a Scooby Doo set as well
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    Hey guys. If any of you have some maps from the old RRU that didn't make it over here (which would be all but five), could you let me know? I know this seems like a silly thing to make a topic about, but even if they're terrible I want to play these old relics of our history, and all the links are broken. Thanks. Maps from old RRU: totally new level 8 - Rock on RR (reconstructed) New level one - addictgamer New Breathless - Thinker New Driller Night - Thinker New Explosive Action - Thinker New The Path to Power - Thinker a modificatin of level 9 - Der_Link_MM a modificatin of level 22 - Der_Link_MM a modificatin of level 24 - Der_Link_MM Rocky Horror Small - Fengo Very edited level 25 - addictgamer water'n lava - addictgamer (replaces level 15) Lava Laughter Hard mode - rockmodder Water lot of fun mod! - rockmodder Air Raiders Hard mode - rockmodder New Epic Map! Level 7 hard mode - LordZakida Erode works remix - rockmodder Oresome mod - rockmodder Fire n' Water mod - rockmodder Run The Gauntlet mod - rockmodder (was packaged with the above) Totally New Frozen Frenzy - Matt (topic) A Lack of Energy - Magare Water's Way - Cyrem (topic) Collect'n Kill - Magare Harder Rocky Horror - rockmodder New level 16: Split Down the Middle - Matt (topic) Lava Blast - Cyrem (never had a topic) BoltMolt (remake) - Cyrem (topic) Fire Escape - Retsnom Kcor Lost - Retsnom Kcor Cool Down - Retsnom Kcor brought over here Deep Down - Retsnom Kcor 1st - Jetter Rescue - Jetter split down in water n lava - addictgamer New Level 12: Water Works - Matt (topic) Squished raiders - addictgamer Lake Emire - Cyrem (]topic) Lost! - Cyrem (topic) A Lack Of Energy V2 - Magare the Nice Hot/Firey Floods - Magare the Nice Alone - Retsnom Kcor Water Park - Retsnom Kcor