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  3. ICsleep

    Some interesting Bug (crash)

    Yea . I was realy confused , no idea how and why, but i thought this would be the best place to Share this. I mean if you could find out why, and how to not let it crash , you could use it to teleport RR to any RR in the level. Maybe interesting for Speedruns.
  4. aidenpons

    Some interesting Bug (crash)

    I have hitherto never seen the game attempt to attach teleportation to a Rock Raider... .... well then.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Lego Island 1 Music production memories: I was the guy they pulled in to overlook the music for the product, though Wes Jenkins, Kyle Bogertman and various Mindscape management people were way over my head. I picked some and supplied some, and resources were tapped that were beyond my choosing. At that time, I lived in Sausalito, CA on a houseboat that contained my studio, a nice deck and the usual necessary rooms. Wes and Kyle lived in San Francisco on Van Ness at the time, so the Golden Gate Bridge was between them and me. Most of the work that I did myself was done alone on my houseboat. Flying Rhino Studios was where we recorded musical additions, voice parts and did most of the audio mastering. We had regularly scheduled meetings at Wes and Kyle's place to discuss game details, musical submissions, etc. During those meetings, we usually listened to music submissions, played with large Lego sets while building the world. And drinking beer. When we needed to refine some of my submissions, Wes and Kyle and occasionally other players would visit my place where I'd edit the music to match lyrical content they'd come up with. And we drank beer. At the time, in the world of computer-based video games, we were doing stuff that was considered to be impossible. Hah. It was not a fast process. We couldn't share audio files online at all, everyone who played together or sang had to get together at "real life" locations. At one point, I had encouraged Wes and Kyle to join me to see "Polkacide" live, because they were insane. We went, we saw and heard, we got pummeled in the polka-crazed mosh pit (while chugging beer) and decided that they should definitely be included. They were included. While I did the majority of the synth/sampler-type music, I wasn't the only one who got on the project. A few other excellent composers and players got onto the project. I won't name any names because no matter how many I mention, some might be overlooked. Everyone involved did creative original musical work. There were times when some great and highly amusing musical pieces had to be dropped, having been deemed inappropriate for children of the age in the demographic the game was intended to serve. But some of it has gotten out anyway, and since the kids who grew up with the game are now adults, who cares? I will say that even though it didn't work out for any of us financially in the end, the creation process involved in that game was exceptionally detail-oriented along with being just lots of fun to have worked on. The whole group involved in that project (and others) later joined together to record bi-weekly comedy radio broadcasts as "Radio Shorts". That was aimed at an older demographic target audience, so it got considerably more "blue" at that time. It was an exceptional time with the merging of exceptional people who all just wanted to do their part and have fun. And that's what we did. Lorin
  7. ICsleep

    Some interesting Bug (crash)

    Well while streaming/playing LRR i had some interesting bug. I use a original LRR German cd (it's Brown) with the no CD patch from the Forum. Win 7 This mod And this Fix AND the Audio Fix (From the Link of the dgVoodoo fix) Well her is the Bug. https://www.twitch.tv/icsleep/clip/PeppyTenaciousSquidSpicyBoy?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  8. Red60


  9. Xevengar

    [LR] Brad Speedo (Stunt Rally)

    Good job, it looks cool!
  10. Cyrem

    Hello everyone!

    Thats a long time lurking.... Glad you're joining in now and look forward to seeing some of the stuff you make!
  11. batman1138

    Hello everyone!

    Ive been a lurker for the past 5 years, fine time I started talking. I'm a graphic artist, writer, video/sound editor and avid Lego/LRR fan. Recently I have been helping out the modding community with graphics for their LRR mods and remakes, as well as sounds, MOCs concepts, and remastering the original PC Lego Rock Raiders soundtrack. I just need to start posting them here, lol.
  12. Last week
  13. man1312

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Aye yes I've picked 640x480 resolution and 16 Bit Mode, the version of the game I have is the original one from 1999 on disk
  14. Das Glückskekschen

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    My program will directly close after the start, that's fine and when there is no error Message, then I don't know why my program isn't working. So you followed my steps correctly and you picked the 640x480 Resoulution + 16 Bit Mode  in the properties? Well, I have a few Messages in this thread which had the same issue. For one person was the solution, that the version of the game was not the same. He had a newer one like this: click Which version of the game do you have?
  15. dgVoodoo shouldn't interfere with Cafeteria at all as they both do different things - Cafeteria moves around and edits the game's files whereas dgVoodoo does stuff relating to how the game actually turns its inputs into what you see on the screen. It can't come soon enough!
  16. Looking forward to it I was also wondering if dgVoodoo2 could be interfering somehow? From what I understand, these two should be fine working together, right? I guess I'll just wait for the new release in any case
  17. I'm prepping up a new Cafeteria / LRR:CE Release which shouldn't be too far away. Cafeteria has changed quite a bit since the version you have, so these errors a more than likely gone.
  18. The LEGO Racers 20th Anniversary is now closed, which means we're now on to the part where you can show your support for the entry you liked the most. Pick your favourite now! We'd also like to take the moment to thank all those who put in the time to make something and enter the competition @JimbobJeffers @DRY1994 @Agent2583 @Jugebox98. You all put in such stellar effort into you entries and deserve a round of applause! And a shout out to @RandomGuy0099 because those Big Rigs replicas are really great even though we won't be able to accept them into the competition as they were made some time ago, thank you for sharing though! To see the entries again: LEGO Racers Diorama LEGO Racers: A Race for Old Time's Sake + Stickers Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Reunion Menu Theme Remix!! PS. Entrants, you can put a vote on either your own or someone else's if you desire to.
  19. Jugebox98

    LEGO Racers Diorama

    I would have been satisfied with simpler answer but I appreciate all the details you showed Actually on of my friend have started making 3D art and showing him this would help him. But simply... wow :DD This is some professional level made stuff.
  20. aidenpons

    Can't open RRU without VPN

    Maybe it has something to do with the DDOS attack on RRU from Russia some time ago, and Cloudflare's lingering blockage, maybe some shenanigans involving a dynamic IP...? Just a thought.
  21. LEGO Racers took up a lot of my time as a kid. I would spend days just making cars to race. The tracks and worlds were very imaginative, with themes and characters from those themes intertwined and interacting with each other. LEGO Racers was my first racing game. There were times I'd just mess around looking for all the shortcuts. For my entry, I created a scene of Rocket Racers and some of the old racers going out on a race for old time's sake. Though, they probably should have checked to make sure there was no scheduled road maintenance first. In honor of the LEGO Racers 20th Anniversary, I'd also like to make available the decals for stickers I created to be used for Rocket Racer's car. I created them last year in anticipation of the release of the physical Rocket Racer minifigure from Minifigure Series 18. The designs are based on the details from the car costume accessory refitted for his iconic car from the games. I hope you enjoy them.
  22. That’s exactly the kind of work I feel happy that the converter helps to support! Great render !
  23. JimbobJeffers

    LEGO Racers Diorama

    Cheers! First the models were built in LEGO Digital Designer, then I used @M2m's converter to bring them into Blender where I posed them. I set up custom materials for the models using the Principled BSDF shader, including a tiny bit of subsurface scattering which breathes a little life into the bricks. Then the meshes were edited a bit, mainly to add bevels to the edges for realism. The ground is a tiled texture from Poliigon which I sculpted large lumps into. For the finer details I used a displacement map, which modifies the mesh on a much more precise level. For the foliage I placed a bunch of objects in LDD, converted them and set up the materials. Then it was a simple case of duplicating them around the scene with slight rotations. I always use an HDRi for lighting and usually some additional lights too, but for this scene the environment lighting was enough. The camera is set up roughly following basic composition techniques like the rule of thirds. A focal point is set with an aperture for depth-of-field as well as a focal length to get a dynamic shot. I considered adding motion blur but decided that to fit the theme of a child taking a photo, it wouldn't make sense, which was great anyway as it's less work for me After countless test renders and constant tweaking to until I was mostly happy (there comes a point where you have to kick out the perfectionist inside!), I sent it to a render farm which spits out a number of different passes that I can use in post-processing. After that a ton of further work is done in Photoshop. Corrections such as fixing "fireflies" (bright white pixels in the render) come first, then I paint in smoke/dust and add mist. Next I use the Nik Collection plugin to do a bunch of colour work which really transforms the image - while it's best to get colours, lighting, etc in the initial render looking as close to the final piece as possible, there's always more that can be done in Photoshop and it's sometimes easier. Finally I'll add a vignette and camera imperfections: film grain, lens distortion and chromatic aberration. Funny enough they're things that real photographers work hard to remove from photos, while CG artists do the opposite to try and get their art looking more realistic haha. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful? Blender can be a bit daunting, but the latest 2.8 update included a huge change to the interface and it's more accessible to new users now.
  24. Jugebox98

    LEGO Racers Diorama

    I hope this picture will win this competition I was showing this to my friends and they said this to be very well done. They asked me how this was made and I couldn't tell. Can you tell us how you made this?
  25. Thank you so much!!! This is wonderful! I'm super into cryptids and, as awesome as the Lego alien head I've used for my avatar is, it just doesn't look right for the Dover Demon (or its creepypasta version, the Rake). Come to think of it, a Lego horror/thriller game based around urban legends and conspiracy theories would be awesome; I mean, I know that TT would never actually do it, but it'd still be amazing: aliens, cryptids, cultists, hackers, and shady government agency people! I think I'm gonna have to write this down and make some mock-up pictures.
  26. MadGaz

    Lego Dimensions year 3

    Hi, So I’ve been working on recreating some of the Doctor Who content from Dimensions. I’ve just been made aware of a hidden area in the Goonies level pack and wondered if anyone knew the best way to get hold of the .dat files? I’m looking to recreate some of the pieces in real life-already figured out the TARDISes and a few other bits, but interested in the construction of the Dalek Emperor. Any ideas guys? thanks MG
  27. Yes! I’ve found these-they’re in the dlc content packs for the DW expansion. funnily enough, I’m looking for the Goonies dlc stuff as it has a further DW expansion included. I’m not at my PC at the moment though, but would love to help as been working on a similar project with the DW stuff
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