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  2. If anyone of you is using stud.io, they just launched the beta of a great plugin called Part Designer. Essentially it lets you create your own parts and customize the textures on those, and import them into stud.io easily. That means you can now e.g. make builds with the original Rock Raiders without hassle (If you get a hold of vector/png textures for these guys) Feel free to post textures/images below of parts that you've done that are not in the stud.io official catalogue! I'll get around to making some of my own when I have time (basically no Rock Raiders-unique parts are in the official catalogue) Link to site: https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/partdesigner.page 2 quick, terrible examples: Pasting textures onto pieces Placing studs on pieces
  3. aidenpons

    Improvements Pack 1.0

    The idea of this mod is to make LRR less annoying to play whilst still keeping that vanilla feel, in addition to enabling various lost content - and ensuring stability. I'm well aware that this is not the first of its kind to be completed. Nevertheless, my goal is slightly different from those two: a couple of long-standing bugs can be fixed the goal is full compatibility with literally anything, adding as little as is possible making the game less rage-inducing to play I'm also aware of my previous mod, Monster's Revenge: however that had a much grander scope than this, and as a result it has been rather slow to make progress on. I have not forgotten it! So, what does this do? Highlights: Better priorities Less annoying monsters most notably slugs Better quality-of-life (notifications no longer reset game speed) Enabled lost content Pilot idle animations Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions Less annoying level design Recharge Seams No rubble all the way on the other side of the map (Water Works, Hot Stuff) Random landslides are entirely disabled Images in spoilers: A detailed list: this bulletpoint won't go away Future Work: Tweaking remaining levels: Adding Recharge Seams Writing own slug scripts Synchronised monster invasion for levels that deserve it (eg Lava Laughter, Rocky Horror) This will probably be a separate mod Levels 1 -> 10 are mostly unmodified, although these are the least broken ones Erosion parameters More parameter tweaking Crystal cost of various vehicles Nerfing Small Digger overpoweredness Camera values need tweaking but Cyrem already did that in CE It is designed to be used alongside Community Edition ( @Cyrem and perhaps included by default? ). > Download! Put in your mods folder for Cafeteria and hit Enable. Compatible with literally anything: that's its point. This has not been entirely my own work, and several people contributed to this, even if they are unaware they did so: @Slimy Slug explained the Build Power Path priority and also researched which other ones might be useful (=> none of them) @Cirevam explained how to make monsters killable (in a thread long ago) and I also copied the erosion notification straight from Time Raiders @Jessietail for getting me initially interested in Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions long, long ago @Cyrem for the fantastic forum, fantastic tools, and gobsmackingly amazing Community Edition
  4. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders Screenshots

    I was tired of stuffing screenshots in Miscellaneous Randomness. Here goes!
  5. To be used with Cafeteria. A vast number of changes: see topic. Designed to be as close to vanilla as possible whilst still fixing various things.
  6. LDD Mods

    Remade logos

    This will be filled with recreations of old LEGO theme logos.
  7. Similar to speed runs on certain games... Less for the system to manipulate I'm guess? Similar to speed runs on certain games... Less for the system to manipulate I'm guessing? Also I can try cafeteria on xp... I just got Baz mod started... But I can goof with a couple different setups if you need a system test
  8. In the last couple days I've located a major cause of menu lag on Windows 10 which I intend to address in a version of Community Edition. You'll find the Japanese version exe runs smoother than standard Masterpiece Edition due to how it handles the drawing of text differently (Yes you can just wack the Jap exe in place of the English exe and it'll work just fine aside from the crammed text). I've done basically no testing of Cafeteria on XP, so I have no idea how that would turn out.
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  10. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Humble: "Jalopy"
  11. GET HYPED! Wahooooo! Party time! :stro- aidenpons has been banned for strobe spamming I highly recommend vanilla first. It is still surprisingly playable, even though some levels are a chore. There are ways and means around this though. Some generic pointers, and then spoiler'd level-specific general game abuse: - If there's rubble on the far side of the map that your raiders want to clear (Hot Stuff and Water Works), just disable shovelling in the priorities. It's not a problem though: if you select a tile and click Clear Rubble that overwrites the disable and just that tile will be cleared. - Any level with erosion becomes waaaay less annoying if you rearrange the priorities such that Ore is at the 9th and last slot. This is because "Shovel Power Path" is a priority hidden in-game that sits about 8 that also controls repairing erosion. If it's above Ore, raiders will shovel Power Paths; but if it's below, raiders will pick up ore instead of shovelling paths: and there's aaaaalways ore to pick up. SPOILER WARNING! That said, Community Edition is now a thing! But sometime I feel like playing in anything more than 640x480 ruins the feel of this game Baz's Mod is also playable, although there are some really funny design decisions and some levels are just an absolute chore. However this is the only overhaul that is actually 'finished,' even if TBH I don't like it all that much (but that was because it was made a long time ago where map editing was still done with hex editors: it's excusable.) Have a shameless plug for my half-baked 'monsters-will-smeck-your-base' mod, which is I'd say worth playing for a couple of levels there (Tunneled and Frozen Frenzy are my best ones there: The Marsh and Lava Laughter are also quite good IMO): but definitely finish playing vanilla through first. (I need to tidy this up into a more playable, drag-n-drop, state.... got much modding to do, but I also have many assignments to do ) You might also have fun with Hover Scout Upgrade, which you can reasonably run alongside vanilla (has minimal effects on gameplay aside from making many aspects less tedious as well as being a massive ore sink) The Tunnel Transport can be enabled, however a) it's not needed in any levels (and thus won't help you out) and b) invariably breaks at some point in time. High-Poly objects can also be installed but a) the LRR engine doesn't like oodles of polygons hanging around (the high-poly Teleport Pad is especially bad for this) and b) the low-poly sometimes gives the game its charm. High-Poly Rock Raiders is very good though. Map-wise, I'd finish the game first, because a good deal of them overwrite a level / stuff up sounds / generally play up. Cafeteria makes the process significantly less painful however most modded levels don't have Cafeteria files. (A more up-to-date version of Cafeteria is included in Community Edition, but was playing up a little when disabling mods last time I checked) Those that do are usually worth installing, even if because doing so is easy. I can highly reccomend alan's Cunning Canyons and Lavalanche, although don't read the second topic beyond the OP: contains spoilers! I also create some maps: a lot are included in Monster's Revenge (which I already linked) but a couple of good standalones (in fact, the only ones I released as standalones ) are Ice Sanctuary, Xiron, and on a sadder note, Christchurch (which still makes me cry...). On a happier note, I also made Whack-A-Slug which can be fun to play around with And of course there's Time Raiders, which is a massive (and incomplete) overhaul from file size alone, but it's such a total overhaul that I'd definitely recommend vanilla LRR first. (Writing this has spurred me on to get started on a couple projects involving maps and Cafeteria... will get onto this when I don't have too many assignments due in too little time!)
  12. baraklava

    The Ultimate LEGO Book: Rock Raiders prototypes

    Thanks, that's excellent!! I'm spotting a hovercraft I've never seen before next to the computer and a monstrous vehicle in the table photo, like a scorpion-type Chrome Crusher. Also I love seeing those design buckets, it seems they actually went more according to the concept art in the beginning! It would be so awesome to find some of those old prototypes...
  13. Well folks.... I'm playing Rock Raiders! After getting my Virtualbox set up, getting a windows xp sp3 iso, taking forever to set up the shared folder so I could transfer.... (blood pressure rising) D3drm.dll.... I just spent seriously like an hour and a half getting the shared folder to work between Linux Mint and Virtual Windows XP.... Just to transfer that one file over.... But with that... I'm managing my team on level 1 as we speak. Thank you all. I am actually really glad there are folks that still rock this game. You guys make this that much more worth it. Even if some of you RAM shame me ( jk jk...wait.. is ram shaming even a thing?). With that said... Any recommendations to upgrade this experience? Mods, extra levels, you name it! My wife just lost me for a while to this game
  14. Well, until somebody finds a proper scan of the entire book/page, these crummy photos I took of my copy of the book will have to do: Here's some close-up photos:
  15. Last week
  16. Not sure if these scans are higher quality: https://kb.rockraidersunited.com/Gallery:LEGO_Rock_Raiders_development
  17. any cheat engine files available for this? im still lost on this after a year of finding out how to do this
  18. So I just found out that the Rock Raiders prototype images come from a 1999 book called "The Ultimate LEGO Book"and I got interested in reading the rest of the Rock Raiders pages but I can't find it online anywhere, apart from the 3 well known prototype images (Granite Grinder, Loader Dozer, Rock Monster attack. However I'd really like a close-up of the other images and prototype parts as well! Does anyone know if there possibly is a scan of the book where I can find a larger-scale version of these pages? And also, if there are more prototype materials like this I'd really like to see it as I thought I had seen everything Rock Raiders until this morning when that Granite Grinder prototype jumped into my face Here's a YouTube video showing the page in question, but at a very low resolution:
  19. Failz_

    LRR:CE - System Malfunction | WIP | UPDATED 05-13

    awesome, thanks for the update! everything is looking good!
  20. Nah, it's okay. Running LRR is extremely hit-and-miss: sometimes it works immediately, and... sometimes it doesn't. We're trying to help! (or at least I am, and I think Cyrem is ) It's okay, I was just wondering if that was actually 3 GB of RAM. Good luck, Rock Raider!
  21. Hold up..... I just removed dgvoodoo from the game folder.... Turned off compatibility mode... And It loaded a ton faster... There's still a little lag. Gonna keep fiddling with it. Now I'm a super confused.... And feel like I've wasted a ton of everyone's time. I'm curious if maybe it had to do with swapping the WAD or the change out of the LegoRR.exe ... and if that was all I had to do.... I'm trying other combinations with different compatibility modes and other things. I'll keep you posted.
  22. The new features list for Alpha 1 have been finalised and the first post updated, including teleporting down different types of Minifigures in new build menu!
  23. FeebTube

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

  24. Packer

    Request: Building LEGO Game

    Blockland, old as balls now but does exactly that.
  25. RobberBaron

    Request: Building LEGO Game

    In the meantime you can always use Roblox
  26. Yea it's only 3 gig... I got the thing back in 2007...its one of the only systems I got with windows still on it. I'm running Linux mint on everything else I own.. And I just ain't got the money to dump on a computer.... I'm just trying to keep myself busy with what I got till my next paycheck. Sorry for the whiplash when you saw the 3 gig. Hell my other main computer is a damn Emachines i got from some family and I put what I could in it for ram... So all in all... 4 gig of ram is the max I have on any of my systems. Regarding lagginess... Yes the menu is slow af.... Then when I can get into the Level Select and then the first level... It takes the captain like 15 seconds to come out from the side of the screen. HOWEVER.... Checking task manager, at most the cpu is at 35% usage tops... And ram 55%.....ive adjust the VRam in DgVooDooCpl to a gig (1024 mb) of ram running room... Which is why I was asking around to see if yall had an idea what's keeping it from running. I've run LegoRR on the laptop back when it had Win XP on it. So I know the system is capable in raw available power and running room and that was before I put the extra gig of RAM. SO... when I get home at 7am...ill check out them links you sent. Yea it's pretty laggy... From menu... To level select to the level itself. Hell it takes captain like 15+ seconds to make it on screen I'll check that out when I get home. Thanks for the options.
  27. Re-reading this thread, I'm mildly confused how you actually got your hands on a machine with 3 GB of RAM. Unless you mistyped 32? If it's 3, then, well, does anything run without lag on it? Also, you've said the main menu is laggy: I'm also guessing the levels are laggy? See also this topic and particularly this post, which hints that sometimes turning on compatibility mode for XP2 might be a bad idea. Running it on an XP VM should hopefully work, if all else fails!
  28. Packer

    Cave Raiders (LRR Remake)

    Updated with new screenshots, development is very slow at this time as my health is terrible but it ain't dead.
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