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I just wanted to say "thank you" to you, Cyrem and le717 for the guide, installers and fixes to get this game running on windows 10 :).

One possible addition in case, that someone has the same issue (I mentioned it in the rru discord chat and apparently I was the first one with this problem):
I didn't hear any menu and stats screen music. So I had to copy those files (Rock Raider folder-->Data-->Sounds-->Streamed--> "Atmosdel" and "stats") from the CD again, because they got corrupted during the installation.

P.S.: Imagine guides for other games like Lego LOCO (+ online play). With Windows 10 that also got way harder (I managed to get it to work (as in no crashes and visual bugs) in a virtual machine with Windows XP, but that would only last 30 days, because the operation system registration doesn't really work anymore). The difficulty rating for that guide would range somewhere between "intermediate" and "pure annoyance and despair".

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