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  • aidenpons

    Aiden's Ice Sanctuary [LRR]

    A custom level for LRR involving far too many monsters

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    To install:

    1) shove the IceSanc folder into GameLevels

    2) open Lego.cfg and find a level you don't like very much (tutorial missions are great for this!).

    3) Take note of the original NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX and FrontEndY - you'll need those

    4) Overwrite the level's data with the cfg code inside IceSanc

    5) Put back the original NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX, and FrontEndY

    6) go into the IceSanc folder and open up ObjectiveText.txt - up there should be [PUTWHICHEVERLEVELYOUREPLACEDHERE] . So if you just replaced Dig_Tuto_01, put Dig_Tuto_01 in square brackets. Or if you overwrote Rocky Horror, which is Level25, put [Level25] in square brackets.

    7) Save all your changes, compile your WADs if you still use those

    8 ) Notice that it uses the Don't Panic icon which is totally and utterly out of place

    9) Start the level and immediately get wrecked by Ice Monsters

    10) Get further in the level and get wrecked by more monsters

    11) Realise you need loads and loads of electric fences, but then slugs go under fences

    12) Finish the level, decide you want it even harder, then go into the IceSanc folder and rename Dugg_evil.map to Dugg.map.

    13) Start it up again and get deluged by slug spam which causes your poor raider AI to break



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