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    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Smooths out gameplay experience. Makes 100% completion easy to do.

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    As we all know, the game has a number of mechanics and design choices that are either not well thought out, or are actively hindering you from playing the game effectively. Not to mention that due to extremely rigorous hidden mission goals, the intended 100% completion ending cannot even be achieved. Therefore, I set out to edit Lego.cfg in a way that not only makes 100% completion possible and easy to achieve, but also fixes what I considered poorly thought out elements of the game.

    List of changes:


    - Slimy Slugs can now be killed by the electric fences, and the laser and pusher beams are a lot more effective against them. (You should still make sure to have your fence around the base be at least 2 blocks wide though, since sometimes the slugs can sneak past them in-between the zaps if there's enough of them attacking.)


    - Rock Raiders and various vehicles move a lot faster now, to compensate for how spacious some levels are. This actually manages to bring the playtime in some levels from a full hour to 30 minutes or less.


    - Small Digger vehicle can now drill through hard rock in 30 seconds, as opposed to it taking 3 whole minutes. Same thing was done also to the Granite Grinder.


    - Raiders are no longer scared of bats. This is done to prevent bats from making it impossible for the Raiders to do anything if they happen to fly into the base.


    - Dynamite now has a lot smaller blast radius, to prevent Raiders from accidentally harming themselves with it.


    - Raiders no longer have to eat at the Support Station. This was done to prevent situations where Raiders go to the opposite side of the map, and then immediately go back to eat due to their energy running out.


    - All levels now come with the same, optimized set of priorities for the AI, which should be suitable for pretty much any situation.


    - All hidden goals of levels have been significantly reduced, meaning that acquiring 100% completion is now not only possible, but very easy to do.


    - Ore costs of certain buildings have been reduced, to cut down on unnecessary waiting times.


    - Oxygen depletes at a much less rapid pace in Don't Panic.


    - Small spiders no longer spawn.


    - Camera can be zoomed out twice as far. (Note that when the camera is zoomed out this far, some objects on the edges of your view may be turning invisible.)


    - Removed the long-ass LEGO Media logo animation on startup.


    - Prevented certain messages from bringing the game's speed back to default.


    - Added a couple of zeroes to the TextureUsage value, which is supposed to improve the game's performance.


    - The camera moves faster now.


    - Shortened the amount of time Rock Raiders need to upgrade.


    - Drastically increased the firepower of mobile laser cutters, making them not only actually useful, but easily the most destructive vehicles in the game. Try them out, they're fun as heck to use now.


    - Brought back Tunnel Transport.



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