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  3. As it's been a while, I would like to repeat/re-phrase the request from Jamesster above: would it be possible for you to create an ISO file (disc image) from these CDs and share with us online? We can help you go through the steps of how to do it, if you need, and Lego are most likely cool with it. All you should need is a CD reader!
  4. I thought this video was naff. You summed up my thoughts quite well; he played for half an hour then made up a strong opinion to get a reaction from the audience. "Rock Raiders doesn't explain anything, what do I do?" There's a mission briefing before every level... I don't like it when youtubers do that. At least Lego Island 2 is actually a mess, so you can legitimately say "I walked around for 40 minutes until I realized everyone points towards the objective if you talk to them."
  5. JimbobJeffers

    How to fix broken links of images hosted on RRU

    This a fantastic quick guide, and very handy! Cheers for putting it together I wonder if there's some way to automate it across the forum?
  6. The Painful World of LEGO Games - Caddicarus 1 hour of C O N T E N T ! I was happy to see this one! He does'nt bring too much new stuff to the table, doesn't really analyze the games, and it's clear he only plays ca 30 minutes of every game before offering his (strong) opinions. But interesting to see the games on Play Station, as I've only played them on PC. Glad LR1, Bionicle and LIXS got the love they deserve What do you think of it?
  7. Last week
  8. Over the years I have noticed many broken image links in older topics and they look like this (I took a working picture of mine and show you how it looked when it was broken): gallery_1586_213_7445.jpg And if you click on them you land on the RRU main site again. Well, how do you repair them then? Since this also affected my threads and posts I wanted to come up with a way to fix my own images at least. I don't know how I exactly came up with the solution, but at one point I have probably compared the working with the broken image links and noticed that you could turn this into a template. Here is the example from above, but in a form that actually works and the only reason why you don't see a picture is that I used the "Code" option in RRU's text editor to show you the actual link. https://www.rockraidersunited.com/uploads/gallery/album_213/gallery_1586_213_7445.jpg Basically the broken example is the URL end part for the new working example and here is an explanation, what those numbers actually mean (The numbers and file types obviously change from image to image): "1586" is the user number "213" is the album number "7445" is the image number "jpg" is the file type And to put this all together here is the template for working links: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/uploads/gallery/album_*album number*/gallery_*user number*_*album number*_*image number*.*file type* Now use the "Insert other media" option in the bottom right of the text editor, then click on "Insert image from URL" and insert the working image link: Hurray, a working picture! I have also reminded you of the "The (slightly disturbing) Running Man" thread again XD. Since the links go by the same pattern I wonder, if a script could be made to replace the broken ones with working ones in the entire forum. At least for the pictures hosted on RRU this could be a solution. If you repair image links in your own posts I recommend making a working image first and then delete the old broken one or otherwise you might delete your only hint to what image you have posted.
  9. Used Tools / Resource - JAMExtractor - LEGO Racers Japanese Demo in LEGO.JAM File - SRF Editor (It cannot display japanese, I think casuing app does unsupport another unicode.) - LR1Binary - LR1BitmapDecoder (Only Checked Japanese Text in Bmp files) (Sorry for My some Bad English) It Working Asian Pacific Language Text on Games. (it using a japanese text bmp file) But I had problem this ’オ’ one word only in Any Games. I'll show you this my process of Non-English Language ported LEGO Racers. First I'm try install and extract LEGO Racers Japanese Demo Jam File. (i even ignored a can't display local language in installation.) I am going to check a bmp file using a LR1BitmapDecoder. It does already drawn a Japanese text in image file. Finally I copied on Extracted LEGO Racers English JAM English Folder with japanese includes srf and font bmp image files. and building it. it built jam file overwrite in LEGO Racers Folder and Launch a Games. It front image shows a happen. I checked a srf file in casuing in Game Text. But script contents in srf file only still fine that. Can you help about non-english language can show likes japanese sciprt in srf?
  10. Ulquiorra

    Harry Potter 1-4 .GSC export error

    Hi all. I have an issue about exporting gsc files when i try to export files this error shown. Me and my friend try but we get same errors. help us pls
  11. aidenpons

    LRR Underwater Biome

    Overwrite World\WorldTextures\RockSplit with this lot. Cafeteria patch and less silly installation method coming soon. Credits to Batman1138 for Ore & Crystal seams, along with Dirt Corner wall. Everything else by meeeeeee! Doesn't contain soil corner wall because it's never used.
  12. aidenpons

    Texture Alpha See Through Holes

    This might not be of any use, but I've been working on the unfinished Aquatic biome and have had absolutely no issues with black holes in walls, though I do have a specific set of settings: - The .bmp must be indexed, with 0 -> 255 indices. Not RGB mode. Gimp handles this easily under Image -> Mode -> RGB/Indexed (most things that aren't LRR load as RGB) - On Gimp's "Export .bmp" box I make sure to select "Compatibility Options -> Do not write color space information" Maybe this helps?
  13. Earlier
  14. There was a point in time in early 2019 that I decided to sort through the assets of this game for all the unused content. The goal was to reduce the initial starting size of my mod while also retaining an unused asset tree to draw from. Well, fast forward to present. I had drafted up a topic about this unused assets collection but never posted it. So, I'm fixing that now. Archive download: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r397/ If you find any issues with this, such as game files you think are unused that I missed, or any files in here that you believe are in fact used, please do bring it to my attention. This should be entirely complete, though. Anyway, enjoy
  15. nertynoer1

    [MM] Icy vault

    This map was initially made with Vyldr random map generator. i have then modified it a little bit manually in the MM level editor. enjoy! link to Vyldr r.m.g. and map below
  16. nertynoer1

    [MM]Icy vault

    Welcome back Cadet! Today's missions should be fairly simple, geological scanners have detected a massive amount of energy crystals in this set of caverns. The cavern system is expensive with many undiscovered section. We also have some minor volcanic activities, nothing that should affect the main camp. Speaking of camps, you are heavily advised to expand outward, either with power-path or isolated independent outpost, to improve the efficiency of your team. They will need it. Sadly the cavern are fairly unstable and prone to rockfalls, we also believe that an ice monster presence might be possible, although unconfirmed. Your objective will be to collect 245 energy crystals. Good luck!
  17. IIRC it was planned as a DLC that was cancelled due to the overall lukewarm reception of The Hobbit. .... some digging later, yes I'm correct on the first point: https://www.ign.com/articles/2015/03/16/warner-bros-cancels-lego-the-hobbits-five-armies-dlc I can't find any definitive source of them saying it would be a DLC to begin with, but that seems to be implied. Here's the WB quote itself, if you don't feel like fishing it up out of literally every Google hit for "lego the hobbit battle of five armies DLC" "The LEGO: The Hobbit video game gives LEGO and Middle-earth fans a fun, new way to experience the legendary adventures of Bilbo and company as told in the first two films of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy," the publisher said in a statement issued to GameSpot. "The game provides an excellent set-up for the concluding chapter of Peter Jackson’s film, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. There are no plans to develop DLC based on the final film of the trilogy.” Keep in mind that The Hobbit itself came in multiple instalments. Due to whatever, Lego was releasing their sets at around the end of the first movie (I remember some of the sets contained spoilers about the second movie). Due to whatever x2, the Lego the Hobbit game came at the end of the second movie. (Can't particularly be bothered to find sources on this ) Clearly no-one cared enough and the finances didn't work out for them to finish up and produce the DLC they had planned to.
  18. LEGO The Hobbit is infamous for being released incomplete, with the entirety of the last movie, The Battle of Five Armies, missing from the game. Although I still enjoyed playing the game (especially the open Middle Earth world, that was fun) I can't help but wonder what exactly happened that caused the game to be released without the last movie. Were there some production problems? They wanted to release the game as soon as possible and update it later on? What exactly happened?
  19. baraklava

    LRR But Without the Crust

    Sure, I'm definitely in need of new UI elements for the game, much like how Arthuriel made a "Button generator" so that I could create buttons from scratch with just a few clicks. Right now I basically recycle a few upscaled UI windows over and over again hahah... the original UI elements were 3D renders though, I've had one submission for a pointer using a 3D render technique, and it looks quite nice, but is hard to get just right. In the case of your pointer above you'll notice the shadow is missing (I assume it's supposed to be from the in-game "pointer light") and there's no telling if that will make it feel significantly different to the original pointer or not. I can try this out in-game to see how it looks, but feel free to stop by the Discord server for discussion of other UI elements! UI upgrades might be part of the V0.4 update to upgrade the visuals further, not sure yet
  20. baraklava

    LEGO Rock Raiders and other DDI Data Fundraiser

    I'd like to chip in to link some of the content that has been shown off so far (through screenshots) in the Discord related to Lego games, some of it was even restored from deleted data as the drives weren't properly wiped: - Source code for the original Rock Raiders map editor - Prototype design documents showing off the earliest look we’ve ever seen of the Rock Raiders crew, with Jet having a bionic eye - The earliest known prototype screenshot of the game and UI, featuring a clear shot of the prototype Loader Dozer - Early building renders from a time when the game was very different. Early vehicle renders were found too. - Storyboards for Lego Racers 2’s intro cutscene. DDI had an animation studio called Artworld too, which produced almost all the Lego cutscenes from around the time in-house, including the Rock Raiders cutscenes. This file is partially corrupted however. - Source models for the rendered cutscenes (one so far: Rosie Brickolini, but there ought to be more) - An early beta Water biome for LRR - An incredibly early prototype biome - The Canteen - In-game textures of Docs, Axle and Jet that are readily applicable much like the Sparks texture in the game files There is a lot more, poster claims he's already found 74 documents related to design, development, reviews and feedback of Lego Rock Raiders alone, with hundreds more related to other projects. And this is just a small part of the working drives. They won't go through all the drives until they hit the first milestone of 1000$. After an additional 1700$ we'll see if there is anything in the broken drives too. The broken drives can potentially be more interesting if they happen to have died during DDI possessed them, meaning they could have undeleted stuff. This is possibly the biggest prototype dump of Rock Raiders we are ever going to get, so the more attention this fundraiser gets, the better! Edit: Since content is continuously shared in the Discord right now, I will update this list continuously as more content is teased. The fundraiser is at 23% and at 36*% this will all be released! Edit 2: Milestone 1 reached! The working drives will be searched through and dumped shortly. The rest of the 66% money will go to professional recovery/repairs of the rest of the drives, which can contain even more interesting stuff! Edit 3: There has been a few content dumps already. I will not organize it all in this thread but I can mention the amount of content: - There are 2 unsorted dumps of random half-corrupted folders. These contain mostly LRR assets already in the final game. All the BMP+LWO content in these two unsorted dumps are included in the next two dumps. - There is one huge dump of all bmp files from one drive, pinned in the Discord server. This contains prototype textures, including for the unused Canteen building and the rest of the LRR crew (except Bandit, who only gets one teeny tiny leg texture). - There is one huge dump of LWO files, pinned in the Discord server. This contains the Canteen, but other than that no known new models. - Finally, 2 exes have been shared, which both appear to be V0.102 of LRR, which Cyrem is trying to get running. Since all content will be dumped in a neat zip some time in the future, it's probably not worth to follow through what scraps have been shared frequently. They also require an immense amount of sorting as file names in some cases have been wiped.
  21. aidenpons

    No cd drive for lego indiana jones

    Have you tried a USB CD drive? They're not free, but they often make dealing with all these things a lot easier, and you should be able to get one for around $50.
  22. Shay

    LRR But Without the Crust

    If Baraklava would like, I'll happily make UI elements for Manic Miners! I saw the recent update and it's looking really nice.
  23. whywhywhywhywhywhywh

    How to get models/textures from Hot Wheels Mechanix?

    I'm one of those people who prefers getting models from files. Sometimes model rippers can cause some models to be distorted.
  24. Hi, I'm trying to install my old copy of lego indiana jones 1 on my new PC which doesn't have a disk drive. I copied all the disk files onto a usb using another computer and installed it on my PC, which worked fine, but now I remember it needed the cd inserted in order to run the game. Problem is i dont even have a drive, so when I try and launch the game an error reads "no CD/DVD drive detected" or something like that. Is it possible to mimic a cd drive with my usb? Can anyone help. EDIT: I created an iso file from the files on the disk and mounted it and gave a new error "wrong disk inserted please insert the CD/DVD." Still doesnt work though.
  25. Well, I also recreated the bridge and the hangar bay room*. Maybe I will do the same with the other rooms one day and upload everything to RRU as a complete package (the bridge is already downloadable). It probably took so long to make the L.M.S. Explorer, because I used the lcd file format (that and the sheer size of the ship), which takes way longer to load than ldraw files. Of course I only found that out afterwards XD. Roblox you say? That's sounds cool. I once made on RRU a blog post about every L.M.S. Explorer recreation out there on the internet. Sadly many links don't work anymore, but in the case of a roblox one I managed to find a few working links: https://www.roblox.com/library/7631919/rock-raiders-LMS-explorer https://www.roblox.com/games/124400692/Galaxy-Six https://www.roblox.com/library/8296862/lms-explorer-stuff Yeah, it would be nice to see it in real life. About LDView and such: in my case this program and Studio 2.0 work, but I also prefer Studio 2.0 since it has an integrated renderer and such. *another user called Sadiemeowsalot also tried to recreate the hangar bay, but it's unfinished
  26. Ulquiorra

    [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    Hey dear Sluicer, I want to mod Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4, But I can't open gsc files. How can i open it ? when i try NXGMesh nothibg happens
  27. TheDiplomat

    Has the TT Games Formula Gotten too Repetitive?

    LEGO Batman 2 beat it by a few months. Unless you count LEGO Indiana Jones 2's hubs, which had a lot of open-world like components to them. Thank you for summing up why I'm mad at myself for buying LEGO Worlds when Stud.IO is free. :P All-in-all, that's a great write-up of the state of TT games. Would be nice to get a LEGO game that does something both new and fun again. Some of the Skywalker Saga clips look sort of promising, but my expectations are quite low.
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