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  2. Cyrem

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    Are you by chance running a laptop and/or have a graphics card with only support for DirectX12?
  3. CraZy_MonKeY_333

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    I followed the steps but on the last step it tells me Error DirectX6 not installed.
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  6. Winning bid with shipping was $60.90- which according to BrickLink is the very high end for *new* sets. Personally I would rather just have the figure, less money and less extra stuff to store. Hope this one goes to a good collection!
  7. jamesster

    Lego Island 2 King Leo's Spectator Gallery LDD Model

    BTW, it's a real set: https://brickset.com/sets/383-2/Knight-s-Joust As is the train, for that matter: https://brickset.com/sets/7750-1/Steam-Engine-with-Tender
  8. Rename your Data folder and either move your WADs or rename them. Put this Data folder in your installation directory and run the game.
  9. Cirevam

    Time Raiders

    Time Raiders Final Vehicle Pack Release Features: Vehicles: Every vehicle is "done." That means each one is in a playable state and will not receive major changes in the future. Some will get new upgrades as I think of some or see good suggestions, and some animations may be improved, but the designs will not change further. You will notice that some vehicles list "Future" as a dependency. The level must contain a "Future" monster in order for these to be teleported. This represents the Time Raiders' time travel shenanigans, as some vehicles and buildings have not been created when the game's plot begins. Add an object of type "Future" to any level to enable these future vehicles. Also note that the Assault Cruiser requires a Hovercraft Pilot to drive it. Train them at a Level 2 Landing Pad. Right now, everything depletes oxygen. Vehicles, some buildings, and some monsters do too. The problem is that the game doesn't tell you what your current oxygen rate is, so I'm considering changing the oxygen mechanic to a per-level time limit. The HUD has reflected this for a long time and I think it's for the best considering the limitations we face. However, some levels will have unlimited time so you can sandbox. This also creates opportunities for things like Support Stations that only last a certain amount of time and cavern traps that deplete your remaining time. There are some other improved animations and sounds in a few places, but they're minor and you'll come across them eventually. Let me know if some sounds are too loud or too soft. I lowered the volume of some of the loudest ones, but I want to know what you think. Levels: Some of aidenpons' levels are in here. Check the first few after The First Minute. All levels are going to get remade in a giant connected map (one for each biome) with a boss level in the middle, so nothing is permanent, but let me know if you like his style. The debug playground is still to the west of The First Minute, but Moving With Vehicles now has better support for you to teleport down a ton of things right away. Known Issues: The Pyrite Punisher's canopy (PyLid) doesn't cull correctly, so it restricts 1st person view. If the Unraveler's hit animation is interrupted by the player clicking on it, the vehicle freezes and cannot move anymore. The laser still works and raiders can get in and out. The Bulldozer is unable to scoop rubble (but tries anyways) after taking certain upgrade combinations. Only use the Engine upgrade for now. Only the standard Time Raider (Pilot) has all of the vehicle animations. This is less of an issue and more of not transferring everything to the other raiders yet. Buildings are next on the list. Luckily, they're super easy since they only have a few animation states and are mostly static.
  10. aidenpons

    Ninjago Summer 2019 sets Revealed!

    Ninjago's still running! Oh wad, what's the plotline this time? What're they fighting now? Fire snakes and snowmen? :S
  11. Ben24x7


  12. K1d_5h31d0n

    The Complete Roster mod devlog

    That's a snazzy lookin' Bond right there!
  13. thunderzizi

    Me Arts

  14. K1d_5h31d0n

    The Complete Roster mod devlog

    12/12/12 looks nice, but 34/34/34, taken from the Imperial Shuttle Pilot, seems to really closely match the original video. I think I'll go with 34/34/34, in that case.
  15. Slimy Slug

    LRR Musings

    That's kinda what aidenpons was asking for in his first post. Oh and before I forget Ok yeah maybe I've been spending too much time reading all that assembly in Legend of Mata Nui's script. I get a tad squirrely after I've spent some time buried in it...
  16. Arthuriel

    Image LRRP v0.0.4.png

    So it's like the line from Doc Brown from Back to the Future, but replacing the words "no roads" with "no pants"? XD
  17. Cyrem

    Image LRRP v0.0.4.png

    Speedo Raiders was a texture mod from a competition we held back when RRU was about a year old. The RR's looked like they were wearing just underwear.
  18. Brickome

    Ninjago Summer 2019 sets Revealed!

    Today images for the summer wave of Ninjago were found on mein Spielzeug, a Swedish toy chain. Please note that all descriptions have been translated through Google Translate and price points elsewhere unclear. At a fairly cheap price, this set offers a nicely molded creature As normal, this Ninjago line has a bike at a seemingly 20$ price point. A fresh ninja vehicle concept, this is the first time a ninja has had a helicopter While snake brick built models have been made fire ones have been not This set is one of the larger 4x4s to come out of Ninjago. This set provides a fresh take on a mech for Lloyd. In this set, the Destinys Bounty has seemingly been rebuilt into a motor vehicle. The coolest set of the line, it has several neat features. Source(s): https://www.meinspielzeug.ch/marke/lego/ninjago/3/ https://www.meinspielzeug.ch/marke/lego/ninjago/4/
  19. jamesster

    LRR Musings

    Always wanted to be able to do more in first person mode as a kid. Would be neat to see this done. I wonder if it'd be possible to narrow down where in the exe the press-z-to-nom debug key functionality is, and essentially adapt that.
  20. jamesster

    The Complete Roster mod devlog

    Cool idea. Looking forward to more. Yeah, that's what folks usually do to keep more lighting visible. I personally usually use 12/12/12 in my own stuff but for consistency's sake, maybe see what other characters with black clothes use?
  21. K1d_5h31d0n

    The Complete Roster mod devlog

    James Bond texturing WIP Original LEGO James Bond for reference The front of the shirt is still Han Solo, the black might be better as a dark-ish gray, and the white cuffs of the sleeves are currently absent (the texture mapping on the arms is completely whacked since it's intended to just be a solid color), but it's a start. His teeth are now completely black since they share the same white texture area as the arms, but that shouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't imagine James Bond really ever showing his teeth anyway.
  22. While I work on my LSW TCS mod, I think it'd be fun if I could share my progress with everyone, so I decided to make this. If anyone wishes to contribute their efforts, it'd be greatly appreciated! ================================================================================================================ Jon Burton, a.k.a. GameHut, director of The Complete Saga, recently released this video showing off early LEGO Indiana Jones content as well as animations for Lara Croft and James Bond. I figured it'd be a fun idea to add these characters into TCS, and with their similar animations to other characters, I feel it can be pulled off well. I decided to start with James Bond for no reason in particular other than the fact that I could quickly think up a good set of animations for him. Here's what I have so far: Base: Han Solo. He has the right gun, the right hair, generally badass manner, perfect place to start. Standing gun hold and firing animations: Luke Skywalker. Might change the standing gun hold animation to someone who holds it up behind their head if such a character exists, but the gun shooting animation is perfect. Left foot forward and dual-handed hold, perfect match to the video. Speaking of the gun, I'll switch it out for the chrome gun (like the gray one, but shinier), considering how shiny the gun looks in the video. Tiptoe animation: Stormtrooper. I knew immediately that this would be the right animation for tiptoeing, with him inching forward sideways as if backed against a wall. I also plan to adjust the facial animations as I see fit, since some of the ones paired with the animations don't really fit Bond's personality (the current standing gun animation shows this discrepancy pretty well, bond would never have such an open smile). Since facial animations are handled by .BSA files, I should easily be able to switch them out for any other without breaking the animation itself.
  23. grappigegovert

    Modification on the game

    I'm assuming you're talking about LR1 here. For reversing RRR check this thread: Editing circuit mode to have more than 3 laps probably requires editing the exe and hasn't been done before afaik, but you're welcome to try. Thread about that here:
  24. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Uplay: Assassin's Creed Unity https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/348227/supporting-notre-dame-de-paris
  25. Colinou

    Image LRRP v0.0.4.png

    Haa ! Got it I know that they might not look like the original version but this is only a prototype at the moment ahaa. So everything is just basic, the textures are missing and the buildings are not accurate at all.
  26. JimbobJeffers

    Image LRRP v0.0.4.png

    The black speedos they're all wearing? The originals were all orange
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