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  2. groovy grover

    LRR Rock raiders sound bytes

    true that! but for a lot of games getting the orginal soundfiles isn't that easy.. (and as far as i know (and i'm not a programmer, so don't know much about it) they are some times encrypted) so notting wrong witch also knowing this methode.. besides that: if you using a really high bitrate while recording the difference will not be that great, i think that are a verry little amout of people that can hear the difference between a good recording and a orignal file. but in the end: getting the orignal audio files is always better of course!
  3. TheBerg

    Post-race extended time: make players use warp?

    When the player turns into an AI, it isn't locked into a regular AI path (until it does a full lap on that path, anyway...). Also, it seems like when the player vehicle moves too far away from the AI path it is following it has no idea where it is. It takes the AI path you finished closest to it's loop point and makes your character loosely follow the nodes. As far as I know, when the character starts running into walls like it does sometimes it is because it is trying to get to the node it didn't come close enough to. (That's the best I can explain it, and considering you can edit the .exe, you probably know this better than I do anyway XD) I'm pretty sure for players that lock on to the AI path (and for normal AI) the warp will work normally, or does it not? I mean, that doesn't nessasarily answer it, but I'm guessing it must have something to do with it.
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  5. Hurrynd

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Hi!! Sorry to open up a topic after a couple of months, but I'm having a problem that I can't get the "Mode Selection" Window to appear. I'm using Windows 10, 64 bits, 1080p monitor resollution, but after a clean install I just can't get that window to appear Because of this, I can't try neither this rr-fix.exe solution, nor the Voodoo solution I'm so confused and I'd love the help. Thanks in advantage for it!
  6. Peter Coene, a concept artist for LU posted today that he was going through a rough spot on twitter and is in need of help, he's put together a Go Fund Me that can be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-fund-a-starving-artist, so do consider giving if you can and/or spreading the word on social media. (Some of his LU art):
  7. legoman99

    Rocket Racers Remake

    New website for applying or getting in contact with the team: http://rocketracers.tk I promise it will improve as the years go on. I'm new at web design. Well this level anyway.
  8. Last week
  9. anowlcalledjosh

    LRR LRR cursor light interpolation not working properly

    I was indeed using dgVoodoo v2.53 – I just tried the latest version, v2.55.4, and it works... differently? The wall lighting is smooth, but the floor and the raiders are all always fully-lit, and if I ever select a wall, it also appears at full brightness forever. Definitely an improvement, though!
  10. Cyrem

    LSR LSR not working on Windows 10 *sometimes*

    Did another source fair any better?
  11. Cyrem


    I haven't really kept up with the modding scene of the new games, I'll call in @McJobless and @jamesster who would know a bit more on this front.
  12. Rock Raider fan no.1

    LRR Rock raiders sound bytes

    Getting the source audio file is better than recording it, though, because you're guaranteed original quality. 'Course it might not matter in some cases. I just recommend getting the source audio.
  13. Brickome

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Heh for a change Humbles having a free LEGO game http://www.humblebundle.com/store/lego-the-hobbit
  14. JULIEN Dahrk


    Hey guys. I'm new to this kind of modding and i am apparently learning how to mod in-depth. Can you guys give me like a tutorial for this one? specialized on Lego Batman 3? If you can help me please, i'll be happy to be coachable from you guys
  15. groovy grover

    LRR Rock raiders sound bytes

    I guess the solution of @Rock Raider fan no.1 already has done the job! but another good solution for getting sound for all games in generall: is to download software to record the direct output from your soundcard.. (i'm using "obs studio" (witch also can be used for recording videocard output)) most games offer a option to turn down music volume, so if do that you can get de sounds clean without music playing in the background!
  16. aidenpons

    Please help me adjust Lego Rock Raiders.

    TL;DR A very good summary thanks to Cirevam. I've never had shenanigans with electric fence spam, so yes. I've seen that a couple of times, but it usually works fine. To finish your electric fence chain, In which case you'll need your own NPL scripts. You can either have DDI slugs or no slugs unless you want to write your own slug scripts. https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8310-tutorial-everything-about-lrr-level-scripting/ Just add these two lines then CrossLava TRUE CrossLand TRUE Tada, it will now fly You can also fiddle with the dependencies and whatnot to make it not require a Docks. Yup, yup, yup, and nothing we can do about it. The health bar only goes up to 100, and overhealing can only be noticed by hovering-over (an over-healed LRR also does funny things when eating sandwiches automatically, as if it has 500 HP it will have to eat 500/25 => 20 sandwiches before heading back to work, as a sandwich heals 25 hunger and LRRs always eat to their max HP pool) Alas, you're wrong. Standard LRR... Oh, okay, that's something different. I've found LRRs will only pick up extra material on building sites if all the other resources have been laid down; so if somebody is still carrying ore to the site they won't pick it up. I also get decent results if (once that has happened) I tell my raiders to pick up the extra resources there. However, it appears your vehicles and raiders have nothing else to do.... that's.... strange.... Alas it has unknown triggers, unknown conditions, and an unknown cure; I've tried to get my Support Stations back online and they just won't. Hmm, I think it's more the randomess of 'Idleness Syndrome.' Sometimes it'll trigger, sometimes it won't. Sorry, I was being salty and projected that onto you. My apologies! And that is why you experiment! The range starts bugging at high values and will no longer hit walls (some of the time) at roughly ranges of 600 or above, so generally keep below that. I bet the contrary; that the devs rushed the game to get it done and one of the things they didn't have any time to do was make lasers useful. SlowDeath does absolutely nothing, as you note they're entirely useless, most levels don't even have a Recharge Seam... they feel unfinished to me. As for what range I like, 400 is usually a good amount; ten tiles.
  17. Cyrem

    LRR LRR cursor light interpolation not working properly

    Are you using dgVoodoo v2.53? If so, that's probably you're the issue. I have the same type of lighting on that version, however, it is normal in later versions.
  18. Quisoves Potoo

    Is This Thing On?

    @aidenpons To pick a favorite bird would be as picking a favorite child, and yet I feel compelled to put in a good word for the humble Gallus Gallus Domesticus. It is full of personality, and decidedly more intelligent than one might glean from its popular image; to say nothing of the wide array of splendid plumages the species encompasses. One has not lived until one has owned a flock of Stone Age Victorian matrons. I should also like to declare my adoration for the fine feathered forms of the Antipodes: From kakapo to cassowary, these prestigious parrots and regal ratites are truly in a class of their own.
  19. Cirevam

    Please help me adjust Lego Rock Raiders.

    I'm not going to quote everything since these posts are getting quite large now, but I'll try to answer some of the other questions you asked. I don't think we have any hard numbers on what causes a power surge. Many of the problems you're facing are happening because you're either playing too quickly or too "big". Minions get confused when there are too many things on the map. If you drill too quickly and there's too much ore around, they will be more likely to get Idleness Syndrome. This may also happen if you have too many minions. If you have too many power paths, you are at risk of having a power surge. You may not like this answer, but try only building power paths where your minions run the most and try to collect as many crystals and ore as you can before doing too much drilling. I don't know why you're having more problems with fewer minions. That's strange. You can't add a new vehicle to the game without downloading new files or creating new ones yourself. If you wanted to create a clone of the Small Mobile Laser Cutter that heals, you need to make a copy of its folder (Data\Vehicles\SMLP), rename the folder and the SMLP.ae file to something else, then create new entries in the CFG for this new vehicle's name, sound file, and basic parameters. Then you need to edit the new vehicle's AE file to use the healing laser. The worst part is that you have to make sure everything is perfect, or the game will not load at all. It's actually frustrating for me, but it can be done. It's easier if all you're doing is copying and pasting. I once tried making a Cargo Carrier that moved over water and land, but it kept trying to put the vehicle it carried into the Tool Store (this crashes the game). It didn't always do that, but it happened enough that it made me wonder if the developers removed the Tunnel Transport because it tried to do the same thing. It's just broken. Lots of things in this game are broken, and the only explanation is "DDI made it that way." Many of your questions can be answered with "it's broken and we can't fix it." The game does not check to see if a laser does damage when it shoots a power path. Any laser, no matter what, will destroy a power path. It's a bug but it probably can't be fixed unless we change how the game handles power paths (probably very difficult). Laser range can be increased to large values, but it gets buggy if it's too high. I think it goes through walls if the value is too large. I have personally increased laser range and found something funny. If you set it to around 1000, then move far enough away from the building or vehicle and shoot, the laser effect will disappear but the laser is still there and still hits things. This makes sense because the vehicle or building stops being rendered when you're far away, and the laser effect is probably a model tied to the vehicle/building, like you said. If the vehicle/building disappears, so does the laser. By the way, you can divide the range by 40 in order to get the number of blocks or tiles that the laser will reach. Each tile on the ground has a length and width of 40 units, so you can convert it to blocks in your head. This works for other values as well. And about the language barrier... your English is really good. You don't make mistakes that I've seen other people make. I would not have realized you didn't speak it as a first language unless you mentioned it. I ask everyone on RRU to please be a bit more kind as we have plenty of international users on this forum. If something doesn't make sense, just ask us to explain it in a different way. If someone acts like they don't understand what you said, try to explain it with slightly different words.
  20. Cyrem

    LRR Music without CD Fix

    Yes you can, I've done this myself. I can upload the soundtrack, I thought it already was actually. Give the second solution a go. If you want to add any more than the 3 tracks you'll need to use this method to increase the CDTracks count from 3 to whichever amount of tracks you have.
  21. MaxRideWizardLord

    Please help me adjust Lego Rock Raiders.

    Fence spaaaaaaaaam should do the trick, loads and loads of layers. Are you entirely sure that I can spawn electric fences as much as I want, without any fear of risk of the game getting bug out, crash, glitch or happen similar issue I had with "too many" power path tiles?? I'm not even entirely sure why power path tiles cause so much unfortunate outcome of the game, even if I didn't placed too many of these to begin with, just around base. Speaking about electric fence, there is some weird bug I found. When small transport truck pick up electric fence off Tool Store and moves to the places where i ask to put electric fences, sometimes it sumulates the drop of electric fence and drop it on another spot, thus creating an mysterious tile with invisible ghost electric fence. Basically, there is no electric fence on that one tile, but game acts like there IS electric fence as the lightnings still occurs in that spot along with spinning glowing yellow lamp between that ghost electric fence and another actual electric fence\building, yet I couldn't place any more electric fence right in that spot anymore unfortuantelly, and I neither can continue the chain of electric fence of that ghost electric fence tile because while game act like there is electric fence, the game also think that there is no electric fence. How exactly do I fix it when this thing occurs, or at least prevent it from happening? Because then the game will completely erase 50% of all the enemies that are present in this whole video game, since the only antagonists in this game are rock monsters and slugs. Along with it, doing something like it will completely remove the ONLY threat and feature of challenge in the maps that actually present slugs. Lemme break this up: It was cut, yes, due to being totally unfinished. Chances are the devs also stumbled upon the dump-vehicle-into-tool-store-crash-the-game and just axed it. Or entirely ran out of time. Or both; an LRR developer came over to these forums and said they worked right up until the deadline. A neaaaarly interactable cosmetic. Just needs a few tweaks... Is there a way to add such vehicle to the game without downloading any more files by the way? You act like this is unique. Have you never used the Cargo Carrier? You must have used that in at least Fire and Water, or simply teleported it down to see what it does. The code for small vehicles is functional... well, most of the time. Aside from when it crashes the game. Cargo Carrier can't be placed over lava. Neither can fly over ground to bypass several layers of water and earth. :S uh what are you asking? list of things that are possible: - laser heals units - laser damage units - laser damages units, upgrades (via building upgrades OR vehicle upgrades) to a healing laser (or vice versa) - laser heals units whilst damaging others (eg monsters) If you want the last idea you'll have to poke around in WeaponTypes and write things like LavaMonster 100.0 Pilot -100.0 Just copy the syntax there; this allows you to set individual damage values for each thing rather than use DefaultDamage. You said that I can add new selectable vehicles to the game without editing the old vehicles to make them be able to do new stuff, up to 7 selectable vehicles limit. What if I want to add a vehicle that looks like Small Mobile Laser Cutter, act like Small Mobile Laser Cutter and cost like Small Mobile Laser Cutter?? The only difference, is that this version of Small Mobile Laser Cutter could actually heal things with laser, and you still being able to spawn normal Small Mobile Laser Cutter that damages stuff with laser. Speaking about the healing laser that Cirevam told me todo. There is a few things about it. When I hit vehicle or building with it, the amount of HP of said building\vehicle goes beyond 100, and the more I hit them with healing laser, the overheal goes higher and higher and the hp seems to stay for good. I also notice it heals RR minions, but minions only have visual health bar and they do not have any indicator that shows their actual hp that they have, so I have feeling that the laser as well overheals my minions too, althogh I'm not certain. However, when I accidently hit the power path tile with healing laser, it completely destroy it with just one shot, so it seems still damage the power path tiles. Did I do something wrong, or it's a bug that cannot be fixed? Both overheal and damaging power path floor. why are you so surprised? still puzzled as to why you're surprised... even in my childhood I remember that LRR was not a massively stable game... it was made in 1999 when Lego Media though that setting immovable deadlines for games was a good idea... sniff what could have been if LRR had another month  I don't recall them being THAT many, esoecially a crash on an empty spot for no reason especially. Besides, I had hope that all the guides on how to make the game work on "modern" PCs with all these third party programms like voodoo and whatnot, actually prevent game from crashes at least. Anyway, I was just curious if the game I got isn't broken or damaged, and if any other guys have experience exact same issues as I do. this: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8016-idleness-syndrome-what-is-the-root-cause/ for more information read the giant walls of text provided to you by RRUser and a developer alike I've read a big portion of it, but it's description doesn't seem to represent the thing that I was experiencing. Basically, when I want to build something, the minions just refuset o pick up the last material off the tool store of pick up an excesse material off the construction tiles which blocks the building to spawn on earth. Even if I have literally no other tasks for these minions to do, not even rubble around a sinlge piece of ore, they just refuse to pick that ore or crystals, even if it's just last one piece, and move where I need it do be moved. Besides, most of the time when this issue happens, I usually have no more than 10-20, mostly just around 14 minions at that time. In that thread it said that it doesn't affect vehicles at all, HOWEVER it did affect the vehicles in my case, since I both couldn't get small transport truck to pickup neither resources off the tool store, or grab the excesse building material off the construction tiles, EVEN when I attempted to manually to force them to pick it up and they just run over there and did nothing. Same applies to electric fence. I did mess around with it for a while and no actual improvments. However, the only solution to fix that I found is by following these steps: 1) Find new space where you can teleport new tool store, or build new by destroying some of the other buildings if there is literally no other space left where you can teleport new tool store. 2) Teleport on earth NEW Tool Store on a NEW space 3) Teleport in space OLD Tool Store from OLD space 4) Demand minions to pick up stuff that is left from same spot wher the OLD tool store was teleported, now they actually listen 5) Teleport in space NEW Tool Store from NEW space 6) Teleport on earth NEWER Tool Store on OLD space like it originally was. This is the only solution I found so far. This is the worst thing to experience. I need some more accurate information regarding this issue if possible, please. What is the power path tile limit number, after which this issue may occur? How to prevent this from happening, especially when you absolutely want power path tiles in certain spots? If I place a crapton of power path tiles and they all won't be connected with the HQ or any Power Station, or have their own Power Station without any other building, just so they would only glow in a beautiful blue ambient color, would that also prevent the bug from happening? If this issue still happened anyway, how do I actually fix it so I alleast get powered up support station, and then the rest of buildings? There are rare cases when I have 30-40 or more minions, and when I have this many, I usually have it for a very good reason to perform certain tasks that has no risk of damage or cause of lag. Ironically though, the times when I summon 50 or more minions and I abuse infinite ore generation with new learned trick of ore refinery, and I force my minions to build 10 teleport pads continiously (teleporting teleport pads every time they are build and then immediatelly place a new construction tiles for new one) they all did work just fine and collectively, yet they often bug out when I have just 10-20 minions at best. So I guess nobody has tested with 60 and above minions to see how well they would work and behave? When in RRU, do as the RRUers do.  Not entirely sure how it's related to different cultural perception of the IP but alright. and.... uh... your point.... is? it's fiendish to get to run and it's a hilariously outdated game, soooo.... why the wall of text? heck, even if we did allow random downloads of LRR, we still wouldn't have an immediately playable game; legal or illegal, it's still fiendish to get to run (fortunately we have nice guides for that, thank you Cyrem!) Never did I ever even mention Win10. Even on my XP it couldn't run and I was forced to use some tricks of virtual machine to make it to work, that is absolutely out of point. I don't even get what you're ranting about. All I said is that the "younger kids that do legal internet activities" statement is very, VERY far-fetched, and my reasoning is very well justified. Justi magine this scenario - you're 11 years old dude, never heard about LRR, then one day browsing youtube you found a video showcasing LRR gameplay and be like "WOW COOL DIS GAEM LOOKS AWSUM!!! despite it's very outdated, looking buggy, unstable and crash often lol", next thing you would do, like average middle class spoiled kid of first world country, try to look up in steam shop. "aww, there is none :c", then checks origin "none of it here either :<", browse every single video game shop in your town "the world hates me ; ;". Then checks ebay "OMG a rare vintage collection disk, just for 900$? Absolutely want!", and soon after you realize you have no CD-rom to play the game, "oh well, back to ebay! Let me buy that one CD-rom for my laptop for another 300$ and wait a month untill it's delivered, all just to play this one particular game that is totally worth all of it". Then spend hours browsing internet just to figure out how to launch your legally purchased disk, just to have "WWWOOOOWWW so much better than any top down strategic games ever, beats any of command & conquer ever existed. Worth every penny i pay for it, regardless the fact that I crash after every second mission". How many "younger kids" are trully willing to do all of this? I doubt there is that many of them, but that is just my logical subjective reasoning. The only possible reason why this website exist in first case, from my own subjective point of view, is for people who already did know about this game from childhood and have\had it along with them, since it's already impossible to get it "legal" way in borth retail or virtual copy in modern day no matter how you try, unless for overpriced markup. not into the game itself.... or you could just download the files, boot up something like VLC Media Player, and drag-n-drop and play them on repeat? or even just keep the music open in a minimised browser window? Ummm... I'd rather use Cyrem's method for now. did you even look at the files around WeaponTypes? there is LITERALLY A LINE THAT SAYS WEAPONRANGE XXXX.X RIGHT NEXT TO THEM ..... BigLazer { SlowDeath 1.0:3.0 DefaultDamage 10.0 RechargeTime 120.0 WeaponRange 200.0 ; <--------- LOOKY LOOKY LOOKY LOOKY WallDestroyTime_Hard 150.0 WallDestroyTime_Medium 11.0 WallDestroyTime_Loose 7.0 DischargeRate 0.25 ; you must have edited this one } >.> and before you ask how long this actually translates to; check line 3 of the cfg, pleeeeeease And how do I suppose to know that if you did not tell me? I've just did what you and the other folks told me to do. I usually do not tend to read a programmer files with codes of size equal of whole LOTR trilogy written in foreign for me language that isn't that easy for me to translate to begin with, even if the needed information is luckily by mere accident appear somewhere in the beginning. Besides, that is not enough of information for it, as I'm not sure if the visual lenght of laser is equal of lenght of laser's hitbox. I have feeling that the laser itself is just a 3D model placed in the game and cannot be extended via codes, nor represent actual lenght of laser reach hitbox\hitscan. I'm neither know if I can just put 9999999999999999999999999999 and launch the game without instant crash or intense lag when I shoot the laser. I bet that the 200 number here is a for reason, and the only logical reason I can think of is that any longer range would simply bug out, lag out or crash the game. Shortening laser lenght just for "balance" purpose, of weapon\feature that is already close to useless, does small damage, real pain to just create and consumed crystals just for using it, sound like non-sense to me. I'd like to know what kinda range other folks put for this laser who felts like these devices are seriously underpowered, and what result they got by increasing the laser lenght too much. Why do you ask the same thing? You've asked this twice now.... no, it's not possible with what we know. All we can do with erosion is slow it down or disable it, nothing more we can do... had I more to say I would have said it in what was already quite a large wall of text from the beginning. Eh, I just want to believe that one day we could actually "hack" the .exe and shamelessly share these "hacks" with each other. Besides, I'd like to get more infromation regarding the slowdown the timer of erosion and if we can increase the bonus if not by power path tile but by something else. Wasn't even salty in the slightest when I wrote my comments. However, I'm incredible salty now after this ultimate torture device just to edit and post my message. Took me THREE times in a row just to actually edit it and finally post my final message without accidently, somehow, everything getting erased.
  22. Lego Rockfox

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Are your "DirectPlay" Legacy Features active?
  23. raptor1234567

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Bump Just downloaded and installed the Game but the same thing as mentioned by calcasey09 happens to me. I start the LegoRR.exe , the screen goes black for 5 seconds and then closes again and thats it. Help would be much appreciated, Version is also 9/27/1999
  24. MaxRideWizardLord

    LRR Music without CD Fix

    I wonder, using this method, I can add literally any soundtrack in to the game? I'm curious if I could as well add PS1 version soundtrack of Lego Rock Raiders to the game and have them played respectively. The only issue I would have now is to guess where I can download the PS1 version soundtrack of the game... EDIT: The only issue I have with this guide is the music plays only once, then it doesn't play any tracks at all. P.S. I did Re-Order Tracks method.
  25. Raziel

    Making the AI use their correct voices... kind of

    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed
  26. Vic Rattlehead

    LUN Complete LEGO Universe Client

    Hi again, How do I sign in to the game? Obviously, it is no longer connected to LEGO servers so I can't use my regular LEGO ID... EDIT: Sorry, just realized you already answered that question. I do have a followup question: how do you connect to another server?
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