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  3. TheDiplomat

    Molly fan

    To kind of add onto this, even if you don't find many who have this niche overlap of interests, that's also perfectly okay. That makes your thoughts and insight on those topics unique! People may not be able to respond with their own opinions on it, but that doesn't mean yours aren't interesting to read. It's always neat to see people comparing things you'd never expect to see together. You also definitely aren't the first to be in this situation. I mean, I'm probably not going to find anyone who's thought about which Disney songs would work well when covered in the style of Weezer's Blue Album even a fraction of the amount that I have, as one example, but that doesn't mean it's not still amusing for me to think about, or that I can't have less-niche conversations with others on similar topics that result in more back-and-forth discussion. That being said, if you do want people to be able to reply with their own thoughts, then all you have to do is broaden things a bit. Just talk about LEGO stuff in LEGO communities mostly, just talk about Thomas stuff in Thomas communities mostly, etc. As for Rock Raiders United, I think the only things that will really get much response at this point in time are game modding/debugging discussions, fan project updates, etc. Everything else will, unfortunately, probably just get the odd view or like, but no real discussion.
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  5. Ben24x7

    Molly fan

    Okay, I sincerely apologise for being rude (I don't want to be harsh on you, but I feel I have to be honest as nobody else wants to admit the obvious) but honestly, I don't think you belong here. You have a clear passion for many things other than LEGO and that's perfectly fine, but the truth is you're extremely unlikely to find other LEGO/LEGO game fans who are ALSO interested in licensed Cars games and Thomas & Friends (if such people exist on this forum aside from yourself). If you want to start a discussion surrounding your favourite Cars games or Thomas & Friends characters, I'd recommend you search join a dedicated Cars or Thomas The Tank Engine forum and post there instead (I don't know if one exists for the former but I know there's a ton of fan websites, wikis and forums dedicated to TTTE where you'll find like-minded people). I'm not demanding you leave this forum, I'm just saying you would be better off joining/talking on a different, more relevant forum for whatever you want to talk about/discuss.
  6. jojo337

    Circuit 1 to 7 racers

  7. jojo337

    LEGO Racers Instructions & Part Lists

    So the 3-6 and 7 list are not working BrickLink doesn't let me get the BSX file, maybe an item doesn't exist ? I can't get the XML file uploaded to BL neither... if somebody get it ? EDIT : Ok some bricks changed their numbers (2x on 3-6 and 2x on 7) Here are the files (all the files) compiled and corrected : Also, it seems that green pieces are a lot more common these days, for Robin hood for example Thanks !
  8. jojo337

    My LEGOs, including RR :)

    Hi all ! Here is my collection in my own house... I like modulars and recently I got some RR sets ! So cool I always wanted to get them ! Here you go ! There are some empty place (and dust)... so maybe later... Have a nice day !
  9. Zorg_Sinister

    Complete LEGO Universe Client

    hey i got it to start but it won't log me in.
  10. Cap't Rex

    Custom Chrome Crusher model

    Made in 3dsmax in a non lego style.
  11. LiquidGravity

    WIP Biome BrickWorldTexture

    Well, just so you all don't think I'm just a tease - I released what I have done so far for RockSplit as a Cafeteria mod.
  12. LiquidGravity


    A Cafeteria Mod of textures to make the world look like bricks with green grass floor. It's not 100% done. I've only done RockSplit and not IceSplit or LavaSplit. Yet. Comment on this topic thread if you want me to finish it.
  13. Zorg_Sinister

    Complete LEGO Universe Client

    The LEGO Group Officially Recognises and Supports Darkflame Lego Universe as of 1. nov. 2020
  14. Zorg_Sinister

    Complete LEGO Universe Client

    thanks i'll do that hey i think i found it http://cache.lbbstudios.net/public/HF/DLU_HappyFlower_Guide.pdf it comes from The Darkflame Universe Guys here's one from The Darkflame Universe team using it to create a custom map (2017) here's some guy used it just a week ago... (as of 17-11-2020)
  15. jamesster

    Complete LEGO Universe Client

    That was only in developer clients - or, alpha/early beta clients (which hadn't had developer features stripped out). There's an alpha/early beta client floating around the internet somewhere, dunno where off the top of my head. Try popping into a LU discord server and asking around.
  16. Zorg_Sinister

    Complete LEGO Universe Client

    Does this have the Happy Flower software or is it just the game ? (p.s. i know this is an very old post)
  17. Mvp333

    Unity Lego Microgame

    Try as I might, I can't quite seem to get the character prefab open properly. Unity acts as if it's one thing, when it's clearly several GameObjects in a hierarchy. Anyone know how to 'deconstruct' the hidden object hierarchy so I can actually get at and edit the individual parts? I was hoping to be able to throw together some sort of gear system and/or character creation.
  18. Earlier
  19. I'm using the latest I believe. (I just set up everything the night I posted), dgVoodoo 2.71.3
  20. Cirevam

    LEGO AcceleRacers [OVERHAUL MOD]

    Go to the first post in this topic. The link there still works. There was an issue with the embedded Youtube video using the old embed code, so the preview was too big and covered up the link (at least for me). I fixed it, so you should be able to see the link now.
  21. Which version of dgVoodoo are you using? I believe there was an issue with an older version not working for... some game (I don't remember which one), but the latest one worked.
  22. I'm having a similar issue. Very confused.
  23. LegoWorld

    LEGO AcceleRacers [OVERHAUL MOD]

    Hello, from where can I download this "Lego AcceleRacers", is that also possible to make the rest of the opponent's cars faster than the player's car and add more laps than 3 to make the game more exciting?
  24. bautista

    Molly fan

    Anyone else is going to answer?
  25. Sandboxer

    [Alpha Team] No sound?

    Check out this article, it may fix your problem: LEGO Alpha Team - Windows 10 Setup Guide - Game Guides - Rock Raiders United
  26. bautista

    Thomas and friends characters

    These gallery contains all the Thomas and Friends characters. Enjoy.
  27. bautista

    Molly fan

    Hello my friends. Today we are not going to talk about Lego. We are going to talk about Thomas the Tank Engine, my favourite show. Who is a fan of Molly the yellow engine?
  28. Vanderdecken

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I nearly had a heart attack when I found this topic and saw "Fixed limited bug where waking a monster caused a crash." - I've been unable to complete Ice Spy and Don't Panic, because both crash as soon as a raider gets near a monster. Here's me deliberately reproducing this: https://imgur.com/b53aJRO On Ice Spy I've even tried creating a squad armed with lasers, drilling all the caverns and sniping the sleeping monsters before doing any other drilling or building, but invariably one of the monsters wakes up and always, always crashes the game. This is the case even with applied through Cafeteria: Is there anything I can do at all to help you fix the crash? Providing logs, configs, files, screen recordings? Discovering RRU a few weeks ago was incredible, I've been loving this game I hadn't played in decades and running it at HD resolutions with the music restored and high quality models has been so exciting, but I fear I might never be able to reach the end now EDIT: having posted that, I just tried Don't Panic with all the above mods except CE disabled, and was able to complete it! So maybe there's a conflict between your monster fix and one of the other mods I have installed? Making CE the highest priority didn't resolve it. I've also seen a crash using multiple monitors when the mouse cursor touches the edge between the game's monitor and another, but that's avoidable by setting Windows to use only one screen while playing. EDIT2: I re-enabled all mods except Improvements Pack 1.0 and your Improvements Pack 1.3, and was able to get through Ice Spy and Don't Panic. So one of those modes makes the monster wake-up crash fix in CE ineffective. Do you know what you changed to fix that specific crash and whether one of those undoes that change?
  29. LegoFan13

    30 Screenshots #2: The Infomaniac's Revenge

    Do you know how to change faces, torsos, and other things on the characters and buildings?
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