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  2. There are many games from 1999 and older with released patches. PC game magazines used to come with CDs with game demos, patches, trailers, etc... And even though Internet was slow and not as popular, even in 1999 you could download demos and patches. Look at website for game Machines from 1999 and that was not some big popular game: https://web.archive.org/web/20000229192540/http://www.acclaim.com/games/machines/demo/downloads.html I think I didn't have Internet until 2001 or 2002.
  3. aidenpons

    old lego games meme's

    triple post? please don't smack me Turns out the crystal count in regular LRR Back to Basics is a lot higher than Chief thinks it is. He could have just stuck around here for longer and saved you the hassle of rebuilding RR HQ for the 50 crystals you need in Rocky Horror. (All screenshots taken from Manic Miners, which has a fantastic level editor that allows you to see the crystals in the walls and edit everything all at once. I noticed this as I was porting it over)
  4. bautista

    Lego Cars 2: The Video Game

    Are you guys ignoring this thread?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Oxman_21

    Lego Rock Raiders mug

    Mine will most likely be a decoration. Yeah I found a second hand seller who had one. They seem pretty rare, they were available only in Germany as a promotion or something similar. They are official LEGO licensed mugs. The build quality feels good I guess like a regular big sturdy mug.
  7. The update will be a while longer but should be out this month! You can read this month's development update here
  8. MSC-04

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    Wow, that would be great! The language is Czech, the missing letters are Ř, Š, Ž, Ť, Č, Ů, Ň, Ě and Ď.
  9. JimbobJeffers

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    Sure! I've uploaded a screenshot here, from the file "RacersFinal.v2.otf". It looks like you have two shapes overlapping each other, and for whatever reason, when they do the overlapped sections are inverted.
  10. Last week
  11. Yes. Unfortunately the devs were under very tight time constraints, and 1999 wasn't exactly a time when distributing patches for games was really even possible - or profitable. There are a lot of things that could have happened that didn't happen - and that TCRF article is highly incomplete (flooding, spiderwebs, voice lines, Tunnel Transport are all entirely lacking from the article). I prefer a different method turning the NERPs scripts against themselves: Turns out slugs can't suck depowered buildings nor the non-selectable tile of a building (so they can't suck the Ore Refinery with the way I've placed it), and also turns out slug AI has very many holes in it and they're stuck there permanently. As the game always requires 10 slugs for this crystal level, there are indeed 10 slugs stuck in holes - accent on stuck - so as you can see I don't even need Action Stations on Other anti-slug strats, in order of efficiency, include: - Teleporting up your Tool Store, which prevents drained crystals from popping out anywhere thus crystals never drain - Teleporting down a boatload of LMLCs every time you have the crystals for them so you're never above the crystal threshold for slugs, then teleporting them all up in one swoop to get the crystals you need - Rushing your way to the crystal goal by going to the far East before the slugs can suck you dry - Using monster jank to recharge crystals (monsters can eat depleted crystals, but if they are then destroyed, the crystal will drop as recharged) - quitting? "The only winning move is not to play" comes to mind... There is a death animation specified for them: it's the same anim as when they dig into their hole. You can kill them, but miners won't attack when monsters are retreating and slugs retreat at 50% HP (monsters will also retreat at around 20% HP if they haven't been one-shotted by a Laser Beam), so you need to use either manual methods (eg: a Mining Laser) or mods. Slightly unrelated, but retreating is handled by a PainThreshold value in the CFG. Slugs have 50, so they run away at 50%. (Setting this to 90 would mean they run away after a single shot). Rock Monsters have 20, so they run away at 20% HP - and also, for some possibly not terrible reason, monster HP drains over time, so providing they're not carrying a boulder (which somehow overrides this) monsters will run around, get their HP low, and then run back into walls. Of course, you don't see any of this if you use Laser Beams and Electric Fences to one-shot them. And yes, they leave, and then come back immediately, because that's how poorly the slug script is programmed. It's not the same slug coming back for more: it's just another slug, because the script specifies "for X crystals there must be Y slugs on level." Interestingly frozen slugs still count towards the timer despite being totally inactive, so if you mod Slimy Slugs to be freezable you can equip all your miners with Freezer Beams and slugs become a minor nuisance, but not the nightmare they usually are
  12. EnvyNival

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    mind sending a screen so that i may look into this? yeah, it's made mainly for latin based languages, anyway, what language do you happen to speak? i'd be glad to add stuff just by request.
  13. antrad


    Thanks for the welcome.
  14. antrad

    Screen freezes game keeps running

    Try limiting the framerate to 30 FPS, for me the screen would turn black and this helped. You can use a program called Rivatunner Statistics Server from Guru3D. Launch it, set limit to 30 and leave it running while you play the game.
  15. Thanks for the info. If developers only had one more extra month to actually polish and finish the game even slightly, it could have been a much better experience. There are so many small things like this that could have been easily fixed, even with just a post-release patch. I never had more than 6 rock raiders, so I guess that is why they didn't appear in Rock Hard. Back To Basics was really hard, at one point I had 9 slugs attacking the Support Station and losing 10 crystals in a single attack. Only way to get rid of them is to turn off power to everything, I could barely keep enough oxygen. Another question I forgot to ask, can you actually kill them ? Is there a death animation for them ? I only managed to get them to half health then they go away, then come back immediately, so it is more like regeneration.
  16. MSC-04

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    Looks awesome. Unfortunately I can't use it for my language because some letters are missing, but for English it's pretty much perfect.
  17. JimbobJeffers

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    That's pretty damn accurate, good stuff EnvyNival! Aside from a slight glitch on Q, 6, 8 and 9 - at least in Windows' font viewer which shows white streaks on them - that's incredible, thank you for your effort in making it and for sharing it here
  18. EGrapes

    Screen freezes game keeps running

    I can also confirm this issue has been happening to me. Its bizzare, the game keeps running, if i click the screen i can hear everything still registering in the game, it just stops drawing it to the screen. Ive noticed that it seems to happen less in windows mode, and its definitely related to too much happening at once in the game... Im all the way to the second to last level, back to basics with all the rock monsters and slugs, even if you try to power through it, theres just no way. Although tbh i think this might have always been an issue with rock raiders, i vaguely remember the game "not working sometimes" like 20 years ago when i was little and often cleaning the disc in the bathroom sink, Im not sure if its actually crashing though, if there was a way to force it to redraw the screen i think that could fix it (i have no idea how any of this software works) So close to finally putting this part of my childhood to rest too! I could totally do some debugging for you just tell me what u need
  19. bautista


    His real name is Cadet?
  20. aidenpons


    Welcome Cadet, and today you'll learn how to navigate the forums of Rock Raiders United. There are plenty of resources available, from documentation on LRR to mods to even the remake Manic Miners in the works. Take care when navigating the very old archives, as some ancient threads are better left undisturbed. Keep your eye out for any resources you might find - we need you to bring some mods to the LMS Explorer, as it's been twenty years since we changed anything up. Welcome to Rock Raiders United, Cadet!
  21. Slimy Slugs will also appear in Rock Hard, if you have more than 8 miners. They would also appear in Lava Laughter if there were any holes on the map, but there aren't. But yes, slimy slugs are notably absent from many of the levels. According to Karl, who made many of the levels, somewhere in this thread he mentioned that slugs were only finished at a late stage of development, and would have liked them to be in many earlier levels - often the cutscenes show slugs when no slugs are present! So the absence of slugs we can generally put down to there just not being enough time to really put them in properly. Additionally, on a technical note, adding Slimy Slug Holes to a map is very straightforward - they're just defined in Dugg.map, and with Map Creator doing so is exceedingly easy. However actually getting slugs to pop out of their holes is a different beast. The game has an unused, inbuilt slug script you can see in the .cfg in one of the testlevels, which causes slugs to come out at a specified frequency once some conditions are met. However, the usual way slugs are specified in the LRR levels is by NERPs scripts, which are awkward, unwieldy, and an absolute pain to write and if that wasn't all bad enough DDI's coding is atrocious. Usually (Rock Hard is the exception) the format is something like this: GetCrystalsCurrentlyStored > 9 ? SetR1 1 GetCrystalsCurrentlyStored > 12 ? SetR1 2 GetCrystalsCurrentlyStored > 15 ? SetR1 3 GetCrystalsCurrentlyStored > 20 ? SetR1 4 GetSlugsOnLevel < GetR1 ? GenerateSlug which should hopefully be human readable: essentially, as you gain more crystals, this value R1 goes up, and if at any point in time you have fewer slugs than this magical variable R1, another slug pops out. This is why, in Back to Basics, killing one slug immediately causes another one to rise to take its place, and is generally super un-fun. The simplest slug I've found is GetMonstersOnLevel > GetSlugsOnLevel ? GenerateSlug which makes sure there are X slugs for X Rock/Ice/Lava Monsters, including sleeping ones. This means slugs pop out as a bonus challenge, but once all the monsters go away, the slugs do too. If you have a cool idea for slug scripts let me know, as it's still something I'm thinking about (especially with Manic Miners on the horizon ) ... anyway that's getting mighty off-topic of me. But yes, slugs just aren't there in most levels - and I'm so glad they aren't because can you imagine bad raider AI with erosion, slugs, and drained crystals? I don't even want to think about it While Rocky Horror having no slugs is a bit of a shame for the Final Boss Level, it means it's actually fun instead
  22. I just finished all missions in Rock Raiders and Slimy Slugs only appeared in ONE level; Back To Basics. Is it supposed to be so or maybe it is a bug or I just didn't drill deep enough to trigger them ? There were slug holes in many other levels, but slugs never appeared.
  23. bautista

    Lego Drome Racers vs Cars 3: Driven to Win

    I have played Cars: Mater National in my other computer.
  24. grappigegovert

    TUN/PCM Converter

    I sent this in response to a message I've received inquiring about this tool and figured I might as well post it in this topic: The tool is fairly simple: When converting a tun/pcm file to something it reads the samplerate (in pcm files) and the number of channels from the header and (if stereo) split the audio data into two files. These two files are then fed into sox with the command line: sox -M -t ima -r <samplerate> <channel1path> -t ima -r <samplerate> <channel2path> <outputfile> or, if there is only one channel: sox -t ima -r <samplerate> <channel1path> <outputfile> Now for the conversion from an arbitrary format to tun/pcm I, for some reason, decided to let the program do the conversion in-memory instead of via an intermediary file. This makes the source code a little confusing I'll explain how to do it via an intermediary file as it's easier. Given that the input file is stereo, the two channels are extracted with these two commands: sox <inputfile> -r <samplerate> -t ima <channel1output> remix 1 sox <inputfile> -r <samplerate> -t ima <channel2output> remix 2 These two channels are then merged into one file, and an appropriate header is added to it. The sample rate is set to 22050 for tun files, and for pcm files the sample rate of the input file is used. The header of a tun file looks like this: 41 4C 50 20 08 00 00 00 41 44 50 43 4D 00 00 02 The first four bytes are the characters "ALP " Next is a four-byte integer indicating the offset to the data The last byte, '0x02' is the number of audio channels in the file. The header of a pcm file looks like this: 41 4C 50 20 0C 00 00 00 41 44 50 43 4D 00 00 01 11 2B 00 00 This header is 4 bytes longer, as indicated by the data-offset. The last four bytes that are pcm-exclusive indicate the sample rate (in this example 11025) The data (as interpreted by this tool) is, as stated in a few posts back Westwood IMA ADPCM, with the channels interleaved per-byte. If you strip the header, you can use ffmpeg to decode the files with this command: ffmpeg -f u8 -acodec adpcm_ima_ws -ar <samplerate> -ac <channelamount> -i <inputfile> <outputfile> ffmpeg doesn't support encoding in this codec, unfortunately.
  25. antrad

    black screen on lego rock raiders

    I had this problem myself and I solved it by limiting the framerate. I used RivaTuner Statistics Server and limited the framerate to 30 FPS and it never happened again.
  26. In all your talk you never mentioned what version of the game are you using ? Did you try using the Masterpiece Edition executable ? It is available on game's PCGamingWiki page or through Cafeteria which you can find here under modding tools.
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