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  2. Arthuriel

    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    Come on, the compression artefacts were clearly the best thing about the original videos ! Just kidding, it's good that you have done it since the original videos could be quite to hard decipher, if you analysed them closer (I still remember watching those videos over and over again to recreate the spaceship).
  3. JimbobJeffers

    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    Thank you! Yeah I've seen a lot of stuff upscaled with Gigapixel or Waifu2x and there's definitely that wobbling effect in motion, Topaz has done an amazing job with their Video Enhance AI program. It struggles in places with such a low resolution source but as you say it has still produced fantastic results. I'll gladly do an upscale for the extended video as well! I'll need to set aside some time to do that but hopefully I'll have it uploaded by the weekend.
  4. baraklava

    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    Damn, you should remove the sentence about this being redundant because this is the best version currently existing! Having dedicated video AI rather than frame-by-frame upscaling also makes the "upscale blur" extremely minimized, and more consistent between frames. You can make out so many details that you couldn't even see in previous upcales. Just amazing, thank you for posting this Any chance we'll see the extended intro upscaled too? (or maybe that would be possible to do myself with a Topaz video enhancer trial...)
  5. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Forest Dash status:
  6. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Boo house. I don't know what was in original, but ghost looks grate.
  7. Yamino

    Any DX11 texture modding tools?

    Thirded, I would love to know a good Lego modding program compatible with DX11 as well.
  8. Last week
  9. phenix8fr

    French Game Files

    Erreur de ma part, je n'avais pas mi le lien en public et n'ayant pas reçu de demande j'ai changer le statut en public. Du coup tu devrais pouvoir cette fois ci prendre le jeux depuis le lien ici https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yIMpZD6uJnZdcEy9o8yLLCpf3lCF25Uz/view?usp=sharing
  10. ecoute_philippe

    French Game Files

    ça marche ! je t'ai envoyé une demande sur google drive avec un commentaire.
  11. phenix8fr

    French Game Files

    Prend le au plus vite , en fin de semaine je remplacerai par une version avec des mineure modification (correction de fautes)
  12. ecoute_philippe

    French Game Files

    Super, merci beaucoup ! Oui j'essaierai de te faire un retour J'ai demandé l'accès à ton fichier à l'instant si jamais.
  13. phenix8fr

    Xiron (a LRR map)

    I just finished this map today, and it’s hard but after several attempts I managed to get the 80 crystals. I teleport my base 3 times. Very good map:)
  14. phenix8fr

    French Game Files

    Voici un lien pour ma version modifier (c'est en gros la version Original +++ ) c'est une version fini a 99% et personnalisé de ma part , je suis en phase test du jeux voir s'il reste des bug . Elle sera publier courant de l'année sur https://www.abandonware-france.org/ Sache que le jeux peu planter parfois sans aucune raison mais je te comprend , l'audio FR est de très bonne qualité https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yIMpZD6uJnZdcEy9o8yLLCpf3lCF25Uz/view?usp=sharing N'hésite pas à me donner ton avis sur cette version et je conseil fortement de faire le Tuto pour apprendre les base du fonctionnement du jeux. Voici le "lisez-moi" pour en savoir plus sur les changement. J'aimerai que cette version ne soit pas repartager sachant qu'elle n'est pas encore finalisé . Voilà, bon jeux
  15. ecoute_philippe

    French Game Files

    Bonjour, étant un peu nostalgique des voix française, je serais également intéressé par ta version. Ce serait possible de la partager ? Merci
  16. phenix8fr

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I had the same problem today, after hours of playing I understood why the games sometimes crash. Only when the monsters wake up with the use of Community Edition. With the original .exe I don't have this problem. I try with Lava, Rock or Ice monster But, if you shoot the monster befor he wake up the game dont crash. I think Community Edition change Unfortunaly something about "scare" of rock raiders Look the vidéo , Fisrt try with Vanilla .exe , second try with CE
  17. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Mapping Thing. Trying make the Dark Forest Dash map.
  18. JimbobJeffers

    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    How weird! Mega recently did a mass takedown of files so maybe it got innocently caught in that. I'll try and get it re-uploaded tomorrow, thanks for letting me know Edit: Done!
  19. A Person

    The Stupid LEGO Ideas Thread

    @aidenpons You really spent your time looking for sets and ideas made probably by children. just to get everyone to deride them?
  20. phenix8fr

    Map Resizing Tool

    It's done but cant load texture of the map
  21. Moonbug

    Lego Island 640x480 Resolution

    This was exactly what i was looking for! There are a few cons, like having to quit the game using task manager, but i don't really care! I can play the game in 640x480/1440x1080 now! Thanks!
  22. phenix8fr

    New Intro Cut From Extended Intro

    All links are died ^^ cant download this
  23. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    I hope what future demo isn't end point. Anyway i need to receive the permission for any kind of publishing from HIGH VOLTAGE studio. I already write to them year before, but didn't get any response, sadly :( . I don't want a situation like with guys who try make remake of New Vegas of F3? on Fallout 4 engine and they got many problems with original developer.
  24. JimbobJeffers

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    This is really awesome! Are you hoping to take it beyond a single race if things go well, or will it remain a demo project? Best of luck in figuring out the AI, worst case scenario you could cheat like the original developers did and have them operate on a set path
  25. phenix8fr


  26. algid

    aMAZEing (ManicMiners Level)

    hey i played it, the lava at the one side that traveld so fast surprised me but i was still able to save the raiders, and i liked that you had all the machines tucked away for me to use
  27. Some-Guy113

    Recording Crashes LEGO Racers

    Same here My only compatibility setting for LEGO Racers is "Run as Admin". If I try to display the FPS setting, the game goes completely black outright. However, hide it; and the game becomes visible again. When I record, the final recording either comes out completely black, or else just has the first occurrence of a loading screen. The audio works fine, and my game didn't crash. I've tried every provided fix. My OS is Windows 10 (Value-Soft/2007 version has no Safe-Disc). I use the alternative installer to get rid of the Indeo clips (Windows 10 doesn't like those either) and apply the "Admin's Rights" settings. This problem only seems to occur with "Game Recording". However, if I then try to record directly from my desktop; the video shows up in VLC, but not my editing software (Live Movie Maker [discontinued/dated]). As of now, I'm using Bandicam version (dated by at least 7 years).
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