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  2. bautista

    Rocket Racer's Car vs The Mean Machine

    When you change the language english into spanish in the game of Wacky Races, The Mean Machine is called "Super Ferrari" that means that is a fast Ferrari.
  3. Back again for an update. You may remember a year or so ago I began work on implementing a scripting engine, back then it was Chiascript however felt that it was a little too slow. Since then I've upgraded to Angelscript which runs much much faster. It still keeps a similar C++ like syntax but with some added benefits. What does scripting engine mean? It means you will now have to power to program features into LRR within the bounds of data and functions that are made available to you. Various hooks will be added throughout the game code to allow you to run your own code. The script engine will be very powerful and allow things such as... but not limited to: Reading your own config entries Manipulating game variables Loading images Drawing images, text and shapes wherever you please Detecting keyboard and mouse events Saving a loading data between game launches. much more. What can be done with it? Many things can be, I've thought of some various examples you can now... Game Achievements New hazards with HUD indicators Custom load screens Custom UI panels New map data Hotkeys Control groups Heaps more level scripting possibilities Here is an example of a small radiation hazard mod, with a radiation indicator. namespace xhazards { // Globals float radiation = 0.0f; int radLeft; int radBar; void hook_init() { reset(); radLeft = loadImage("radleft.png"); radBar = loadImage("radBar.png"); } void hook_ui() { drawImage(radLeft, 5, window_height - 150); int c = int( (10.0f/100.0f) * radiation ); for (int i = 0; i < c; i++) { drawImage(radBar, 55 +(i*8), window_height - 150); } } void reset() { radiation = 0.0f; } void initFromCFG(string lvl) { radiation = cfg_read_float(lvl+"::Radiation", 0.0f); } } As more data and control is given to the scripting engine, you will be able to achieve even more things that were never possible in LRR. And briefly on NERPS, all NERPS functions will be available to level scripts for legacy support. And best of all, you don't need to pre-compile them. ---- Sorry to hear that, you said you can't get it to work without cafeteria, so does it work with it? It is possible to use Axel's Mod with Cafeteria. There is a folder called "DataSource", this is the game data BEFORE cafeteria modifies it to produce the final data in the "Data" folder. So you simply need to overwrite/replace the contents of "DataSource" with Axel's Mod data. Assuming his mod comes as WAD files, you will simply need to extract them with an extractor tool (there is one in Cafeteria itself or use WAD Recycler) and combine all the extracted data into the "DataSource" folder.
  4. bautista

    Rocket Racer's Car vs The Mean Machine

    I know that this cars are fast. But in the game of Wacky Races, The Mean Machine is very fast because it's actually a Ferrari. Rocket Racer's car appears to be a freelance design because it's a lego toy car.
  5. bautista

    Reversed Path

    Actually, i do not use Discord.
  6. Cirevam

    Reversed Path

    Please stop posting multiple times in a row if you don't get a response immediately. You may have noticed that this is a fairly slow forum, but people will reply if they know the answer. There is a link to the official Discord channel at the bottom of the main page. You can use that if you want a more immediate response to something.
  7. Yesterday
  8. bautista

    Reversed Path

    Anyone else is going to answer me? please.
  9. bautista

    Lego Racers vs Cars 2: The Video Game

    Mumboking, why you reacted to this confused?
  10. bautista

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection

    Great to see Gypsy Moth's car with 6 wheels.
  11. bautista

    Reversed Path

    How can i make a mod where Baron Von Barron's path is reversed? That means that he goes the wrong way. Please tell me.
  12. Yesterday I had an anniversary stream to show the project is still going strong! A lot of first-person functionality was implemented, including drilling, clearing rubble, reinforcing walls, collecting and throwing resources, constructing buildings and eating sandwiches! Watch a quick demo here or watch the entire stream on my Twitch channel!
  13. I can't seem to get this to work without Cafeteria. I was trying to run it on an install without Cafeteria so that I could use Axel's Mod (can't figure out how to use that with Cafeteria since there's no wadp file), but even with the vanilla WADs it won't launch...after the graphics mode selection box, my screen flashes black then nothing. The regular LegoRR file launches fine either way, and CE launches fine with Cafeteria. Any advice? I'm also using dgVoodoo if it matters, the game (vanilla or otherwise) won't launch without it.
  14. mjswdr

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    Hi guys, is there a way to use this with Community Edition? I can't seem to get them working together.
  15. bautista


    Here's all the memes that i've created.
  16. LDD Mods

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    He did as Rocket the retired racing champion
  17. bautista

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    What does mean "CC" from the logo of LEGO Racers CC?
  18. jamesster

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    He did, the writer confirmed it:
  19. Cirevam

    Air Filter (New Building)

    You don't need Cafeteria if you use the download link I posted. That gets you the raw files. Just copy the Barracks folder over your existing Data/Buildings/Barracks folder (after you have extracted your own WADs, of course) and the building will appear. Menu icons, tooltips, and other things require you to edit other files. Aiden's patch includes all of that and you need Cafeteria to use it.
  20. bautista

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    Why Rocket Racer did not appear in LEGO Drome Racers?
  21. Last week
  22. shaggy08251993

    Air Filter (New Building)

    This is really cool! Just to be clear though, does it require Cafeteria, or is that optional? Can I use the WAD tool to extract it? I haven't seen .wadp before. Thanks!
  23. jamesster

    Canceled LEGO Racers... 4?

    Oh hey! Thanks for the clarification on internal names and stuff. Yeah, Drome Racers XBOX still remains a bit of a mystery - a build of it turned up on a devkit a while back, but that's pretty much all anyone has ever seen of it. I've heard some people have gotten it booting up, all I've really tried personally is copy-pasting a car that was new in that version over to PC since the formats are identical. Also, on an unrelated note - I've been playing GRIP a lot lately (quite a few of us on this forum have been actually), and very much enjoying it. Really feels like the culmination of what ATD was doing back in the day, brought up to such a higher level of polish. Thanks for your work!
  24. shaggy08251993

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I don't wanna jinx myself, but I think you just saved my gave with the widespread issue of video freezing with dgvoodoo. I hadn't previously heard of DDrawCompat, but gave it a shot after seeing you mention it. Played through a whole level without it freezing once. I'm actively tracking the Manic Miners project, but hopefully this will be my saving grace until then. Thanks! Only issue now seems to be minor lagging during the mission briefings, building placement, and after getting several buildings and raiders.
  25. shaggy08251993

    Lego Loco On 64bit Windows 10

    Holy smokes, sorry for the late reply. I'm really not on this site much. If you still need it, I'd be glad to put it on my Google Drive for you.
  26. As the title suggests, I'm wondering if there are any mods to get the black and yellow train from the intro as a usable train in game. I've searched the internet many times before but have never had any luck. I've also used this site for butt loads of help with Rock Raiders in the past, but only just now occurred to me to try asking you fine folks about LOCO. Thanks
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