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  2. Oh my!! This is like dreams comes true but it's not because only one of those dreams will come true. I bet that some classic set will win this but I can't help that I really want some Lego Media related win this
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  4. bautista

    What happen to my four topics?

    Oh, i see.
  5. jojo337

    My LEGOs, including RR :)

    For the second I posted it here like 8 years ago (you can see the dust haha) I was trying to get close to the vehicle with the pieces I got at this time Thanks ! I purchased some dark purple pieces, and magenta, to see if it's better (get all the same color).
  6. Ben24x7

    What happen to my four topics?

    I'm not a moderator/admin, so I cannot confirm the official reason why the topics were removed, but I think the "Naked Caillou's Mom" thread was removed for possibly violating the forum's "Do not post or upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material" rule. I took a look at the video before the topic was removed and while the video itself didn't contain any truly NSFW content/elements (thank goodness), the context of the video - a character seeing another person unclothed - might've crossed the line. Also, I just discovered that you responded to your thread asking if you would get banned for posting the video link. As somebody who isn't part of the moderation team I can't provide an official response, but the "Global Forum Rules" page has this relevant piece of advice regarding content you're unsure about posting: [ Quoted from the "DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material" section of the "Global Forum Rules" ] (Here's a link to the "Global Forum Rules" page if you want to read them yourself. It might help you understand why some of the threads were removed)
  7. bautista

    What happen to my four topics?

    Guys, i notice that my four topics called "Molly fan", "Some funny Caillou Gets Grounded video that i found", "Another Funny Caillou Gets Grounded Video" and "Naked Caillou's Mom" got removed. Why they got removed?
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  9. Cirevam

    My LEGOs, including RR :)

    That car's still pretty good even if the purples don't match. The other car is good too. +1
  10. phenix8fr

    Upgrading The Game Models

    All links are died
  11. phenix8fr

    Karsten's High-Poly Topic

    All link are died ...
  12. Ben24x7


    I'm sorry to be rude, but... what is the point of this "Guide"? Did you mean to post this as a Blog post, but posted it as a Guide by accident? Or are you going to edit this page later to include a Guide for something?
  13. bautista


  14. jojo337

    My LEGOs, including RR :)

    I received... 98% of the pieces now... except those 2 plates/tiles, steering wheel and 2x6 plate... ...
  15. jojo337

    Jojo's MOC

  16. Well it's the 90th anniversary of LEGO as a whole right, doesn't have to be all classic stuff. I mean a lot of them are from the 90s/early 2000s so why not Trains too? I'd wager there'd be a lot more interest for the more recent line anyway particularly as the blocky classic stuff wouldn't fit so well into a lot of modern city builds. I don't see an issue with this, they still let you specify a sub-theme so you can easily request the first line of Alpha Team sets. Maybe they're being sensitive given recent events in America if you're talking about gun violence Also with thirty to choose from, the ones they've picked are quite iconic and I wouldn't be surprised if Western just missed the cut. At the risk of incurring the wrath of all the Bionicle fans out there, I rather hope Bionicle doesn't make the cut. It's already been re-launched fairly recently, and of all the products to choose from, if they do something from the original run then I don't see much opportunity for creativity or having a decently large set? They'll be making something new (re-releasing Tahu wouldn't be particularly impressive of a 90th anniversary celebration) and I don't see where you can go with that. Well yeah, LEGO started in 1932 And this gives them plenty of time to design a set, get it peer reviewed, produced, all that lengthy process which will presumably be made tougher during the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm sure they'll have a lot of other things planned for 2022 too - LEGO IDEAS isn't one of the more well-known parts of the company (ask anyone in the street about it and they likely won't have heard about it compared to other aspects of LEGO) so this seems to me like a nice side-project for the fans who know about it. Sure they could make one for every theme but that's a huge investment banking on people's nostalgia. This method lets them gauge how much interest there would actually be for such a thing, I'm sure all the business boffins there would have proposed an entire line of products if they thought it would be financially worthwhile. And I really don't think this is going to split the fan base haha, it's a harmless vote. I'd hope that the LEGO fandom doesn't draw in the kind of people that will go ballistic at each other over which toy gets made. If you're that desperate just buy the original ones off Bricklink or eBay.
  17. jojo337

    My LEGOs, including RR :)

    I'm waiting for parts... but you know... there are impossible parts 1x6 tiles and plates in Bricklink parts are not "purple" like it should be...
  18. mumboking

    LEGO Rock Raiders - installer won't run windows 10

    Windows does that automatically for reads and writes. I believe it works like this: If there's a file called say... "README.txt" in both VirtualStore and Program Files, when the program requests that file, the one from VirtualStore is given and not the one in Program Files. If the program were running as administrator, then VirtualStore is completely ignored. You'd have to move the files from VirtualStore into Program Files to be able to use them if running as administrator.
  19. This is really fishy for a couple of reasons.... Firstly, it's... got some errors. - Typo on 'transparrent,' twice. - The 'pretty picture' for Trains - the very first image - is a set from 2004 (10133), as opposed to actually classic trains from 1980. Wat? - Alpha Team's picture (the final one) is of the third wave - Ogel's icy fortress, from 2004, as opposed to the actual first Alpha Team theme - Western isn't on the list? Possibly due to guns and violence / portrayal of American-Indians. Secondly, there's a bit of hidden fine print... So the second vote doesn't actually matter: of the three most-voted themes, one of these will be voted to be the most popular, and one of these will have the set. They could be the same, but they also could be different. I guess - since Bionicle is on the list and that's clearly going to be one of the top three - this is a handy get-out clause for Lego and means they don't have to make a Bionicle set The set will arrive in 2022. That is still quite some time away. Thirdly, and most importantly, I just don't get the idea behind making a single set. It's a celebration of all the history, an anniversary, and all the other fun things that have happened. Making a single set that people voted for could alienate the people that didn't vote for it, and why bother doing that when you could do something else? I kinda expect something else will happen... possibly a mashup set, or possibly an entire theme consisting of one set remastering each theme? Lego can put all the effort in they want - they're not restricted to solely making a single set. They could make one for every theme. Why split your fanbase into those-that-got-a-set-they-voted-for and those-that-didn't-and-are-setless? Hence I kinda expect the 2022 - it's still a long way away indeed! - lineup to fundamentally have more than one theme, be that a mashup set, a set that has minifigures from other themes thrown in (eg ClassicSpace, but Dash from Alpha Team and Commander Cold from Ice Planet are aboard the ship), or just multiple sets. I just... don't see things turning out as a single set as a result of this vote. It doesn't make sense to me. Also, Lego Star Wars is technically a pre-2000s theme, with sets like 7180 B-Wing scraping in at late 1999 before the millennium rolled around, and I find that hilarious.
  20. Zorg_Sinister

    Noesis script for ghg files

    Me too. Some of the model well have all of there mesh's but some well not... but in all just keep up the good work your doing Sluicer
  21. Damn so many good choices, how are you supposed to narrow it down to just three (and then one)?!
  22. It's been plastered all over the LEGO community, so most people here have probably already seen it, but in case not, LEGO Ideas is holding a vote to decide which classic theme will have a commemorative set produced for LEGO's 90th anniversary. Rock Raiders is one of the options too (but if everyone could please vote Studios, Adventurers, or BIONICLE, I'd very much appreciate it). Link: https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/fd5cc3b8-284f-4520-825f-7c3f5e4a50fe
  23. phenix8fr

    Sonic Blaster Crash Fix

    For me this fix is good
  24. when are you gonna update the Script? I'm Modding Indiana Jones 2 the Adventure Continues.
  25. aidenpons

    LEGO Rock Raiders - installer won't run windows 10

    I would hazard a guess that this is because it's installed in Program Files... - LRR likes to save its saves right next to it (Data\Saves) - Windows doesn't like programs writing in Program Files - so it instead redirects the save to VirtualStore or somewhere - which means when LRR looks for saves in the Data\Saves folder, it can't find any there - and LRR is too old to also realise it should look at the VirtualStore folder Running as admin sometimes fix this (not too sure on the specifics), but it didn't so try reinstalling LRR to a new location outside of Program Files. Chances are other things (eg: applied fixes, Community Edition, Cafeteria) will also not work properly if LRR is in Program Files, so there's really no downside to moving it out of there.
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