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  2. I definitely recommend using our own file database for stuff relevant to the site, but also, I've been using Mediafire for a decade and all my files from back then still live on, unlike most file hosts, haha. Hope it stays that way, but as far as the past 10 years go, so far so good.
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  4. I found that this has to do with disabling priorities. Disabling them doesn't only stop raiders from performing task, it also stops new tasks from being generated. This is extremely problematic for crystals and ore. If you were to disable shovelling, you can give a manual order (either clicking a tile + Clear Rubble, or click a unit & click on rubble) to re-create the task. (Interestingly, this manual order overrides the disabled priority - which is extremely handy on maps with rubble on the other side of the map. Just disable rubble clearing and give all your clearing orders manually). However, tasks to pick up crystals and order cannot be recreated - only 'move to the tile' can be created (even if you use the Pick Up Object / Load Vehicle) orders. This means that if you disable ore collecting, and more ore is created, you will never be able to pick up that ore that was created. Upon re-enabling the priority, you will be able to pick up the old ore that was around before you disabled the priority, but not any new ore. Building on both sides of a river just breaks the RR AI. I don't know why. Water Lot of Fun can be cheesed by realising that there are 16 crystals on the starting side of the map... and you only need 15 to win.
  5. aidenpons

    Add new vehicle: Rideable Slimey Slug

    What's going on with the OP of this topic? I can see some text as the page loads, but then as the video loads it eats it. What's going on? And can someone fix it? EDIT: whoever fixed it, thank you
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  7. aidenpons

    RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

    It's 2am for jamesster (or UTTER_BODGE) and he's doing LOMN modding on Discord. This conversation is heavily abridged to the amusing bits. UTTER_BODGE Yesterday at 21:14 FUN FACT: pretty sure nobody actually knows what the hell almost any of the data in these files mean just doing this cause otherwise editing the binary files substantially would mean re-doing all these pointers by hand I'm sure @Slimy Slug has some words to say about such things many of which would be caught by the filter Cyrem Yesterday at 22:35 It seems I've been mentioned somewhere in this tidalwave (side note: this was about 150 posts after I pinged him about another Cafeteria bug) Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 02:31 I've already read through everything an hour or so ago and man Discord just freaked <image showing the conversation and 50 New Messages since 6.00 PM on December 31, 1969> I must have broke down the space time continuum with my LEGO Tower shenanigans I am ebenezer scrooge Anyways, I think James doesn't find them to be stupid at all, especially noting he added this afterwards. Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 05:59 Isn't confusion LOMN these days in a nutshell though? Slimy Slug Today at 05:59 pretty much one of the dev's debug prints in the script file was literally "What the hell does this do anyway?" I think that sums it up. Ayliffe #24 Today at 07:58 Haven’t encountered it much in CS but every now and then at events you’ll get a smarmy bugger that’ll repeat the same basic fact about Lego ten times as if they just cured cancer yeah cool Lego stands for play well in danish, sure haven’t heard that one before Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 07:59 Did you know LEGO bricks attach together? How many times do you want me to spam that? Just to get it in your head? Ayliffe #24 Today at 08:00 Oh my god I’ve just been sticking them together with sellotape, I can’t believe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 08:01 What, I thought most idiots used Krazy Glue So then the parts would be toast Ben24x7 Today at 08:03 I grew up with Meccano, so I thought they had to be put together using nuts and bolts. It worked well with the Technic sets, but I could never figure out how to assemble any of my +4 sets Ayliffe #24 Today at 08:04 Oh man meccano, that’s a blast from the past Initial Disorder Today at 08:04 sure but does it beat k'nex Ben24x7 Today at 08:05 Eh, it's a more manlier toy than K'nex, it can give you scars/finger injuries at the age of 5 Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 08:05 I never did have Meccano, though I did have Erector stuff Ayliffe #24 Today at 08:05 Dabbled with them both a tad as a kid but grew outta them as I got older Cyrem Today at 08:06 Wait LEGO joins together? Why have I had it in a bucket all these years Ben24x7 Today at 08:06 According to other AFOLs, all of my methods of putting together LEGO bricks are "illegal", whatever that means UTTER_BODGE Today at 08:11 hi I have food now Cyrem Today at 08:12 Food is good I ate some once Is good UTTER_BODGE Today at 08:12 I would recommend consuming food at least once in your life Slimy Slug Today at 08:21 burnout is something I've had happen about 30 times with lomn already tbh especially with the script Initial Disorder Today at 08:22 is the programming that bad UTTER_BODGE Today at 08:22 pretty much working in assembly Initial Disorder Today at 08:22 Slimy Slug Today at 08:23 try working with the script as a single, 10MB file assembly not fun unless you know what you're doing Brickome (Jeremy) Today at 08:24 Certainly doesn't sound like me Programming is literally the one skill I don't have in any level Slimy Slug Today at 08:26 I'm not sure you can call what I do programming. It's more like... mashing the keyboard until something happens lmao not really but UTTER_BODGE Today at 08:26 PROGRAMMING
  8. @Seven, BTW RRU has its own files database for the purposes of hosting files like these, such that if Mediafire deletes it (which seems to happen) it can still be found on RRU. Nice-looking models and look like the characters as I remember them!
  9. Believe it or not I'm still alive, and back with a few reskins. I took some textures from Lego TFA and applied them to TCS characters with texmod. Had to use noesis to get the UV's and used blender to preview as I built. Luke ROTJ https://www.mediafire.com/file/9onn18itv1a8b1s/newlukebrowncape.tpf/file Anakin ROTS https://www.mediafire.com/file/k78v7ie46emmo1m/newanakin.tpf/file Boba Fett https://www.mediafire.com/file/a6ifah864x565aq/newboba.tpf/file
  10. Last week
  11. First post. Hi there! So I'd been thinking about this game for the past little while, and thought I'd try reinstalling it to play through it again for nostalgia's sake. It seemed to install okay, but I can't actually get the game to run. Per another thread here, pertaining to the first game, I've tried using dgVoodoo to help get things working. What's interesting is that the screen test program (for configuring the video display mode) works fine - the image shows up for a few seconds, then closes, with the config program asking if it appeared - but the actual game just... doesn't start. I've tried running it in various compatibility modes and with and without administrator permissions, but nothing seems to be working. According to Process Lasso, the creator.exe program starts, but is terminated less than half a second later. It might be worth noting that, for disk space issues, I've installed the game to my D:/ drive instead of C:/. I was wondering if anyone's managed to get the game working on Windows 7 or newer, and if so, if I could get some advice? Thanks.
  12. GBTM101

    Lego Racers Expanding ;)

    If you're talking about the screen resolution the game runs in, the game natively has support for higher resolutions, but it's not in the in-game options menu. If you create a shortcut for the game and tag -horzres [x] -vertres [y]* onto the end of the target path, it will change the resolution that the races display at. It, sadly, does not change the menu resolution, though. *Where [x] and [y] are your desired horizontal and vertical resolution values, respectively. For example, I have the values set to 1920 and 1080.
  13. Rebelassault86

    Lego Racers Expanding ;)

    Thank you all for the answers, I lost many time of my life because my job, but i'll try the best, and come back with many questions for succeed. Anybody have other ideas? For replacing maybe the "Baron's circuit will be the best because that campaign is only a reverse race. It is so boring for me... But I know from other game editing the limit of all thing can be edited too ( in the game Empire At War Forces Of Corruption I made a 4th side the Hutts, that work is finished with the original models, because my model's textures always crashed, the game deleted the textures, and when I put them on .MEG files, I lost the Meg files with every game restart XD ). But the old thing always better, like this game, And for last, I'm now try to expand the resolution to 600x800, now the Lego Racers on my computer shifted to rigt and I can't see the full minimap while I'm in a race... I know, always make a copy from the original files... or must unistall and reinstall always
  14. GBTM101

    Lego Racers Expanding ;)

    If you're planning to put together custom tracks, you may want to try and make contact with @Sluicer, as he's the only one I know of who's managed to put together custom geometry for a track. It isn't currently known to me if there's a way to add custom tracks to the circuit menus, but if there is, there may be a limit on how many tracks can be in a circuit menu, like with bricks in the brick menu. It may not be possible to add additional menus either, so you may have to resort to replacing the existing maps like Sluicer's custom track. Custom car models are also doable. You're in unfamiliar territory for the most part, but I wish you the best of luck! Even if you don't succeed, whatever you might discover in the process would be invaluable for future persons attempting to mod the game.
  15. mumboking

    Lego Racers Expanding ;)

    Most of the tools we have are in this subcategory: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/136-modding-tools/ The program in that image is this one, I believe: Though you'd probably do better with this one: For opening the bmps, you need to convert them using this:
  16. Rebelassault86

    Lego Racers Expanding ;)

    Hy all, I'd like to make an expansion for the original Lego Racers as a mod, with more maps, more bosses, and more. I'd like to ask you how can I editing the maps, tracks, sounds, and mdoels and create new ones? I've searched these files in the site, but i don't find anything. I've extraxted the JAm file but i can not open the .bmp files, and i can't open anything... I've made many fancy maps, weapons, effects, npc-s, menu mods, scripts, for Q3 -based games like the jedi academy, wolfenstein and call of duty. This is new for me and I'm totally lost. The main idea is made new circuits for the Lego Racers game with the old sets, I'm thinking about new map themes and bosses: Alpha Team Life on Mars Rock Raiders A western themed map like in the Lego Chess Complete star wars themed circuit... (Yes, against Darth Vader ) What program is this: ?????? And where i can get it?? Thanks for the answers, looking for reply...
  17. mumboking

    LEGO Rock Raiders (PS1, NTSC) Sliding Puzzles

    Extracted using PWP Tool and converted to png with XnConvert
  18. MaxRideWizardLord

    Why can't vehicles pick up studs?

    Never did that happen to me once, and I've tried to manually force them to pick it up.
  19. jamesster

    A question about Ice Planet Pathway

    It's discussed just a few posts up in this very topic.
  20. Jack0_Parrot

    A question about Ice Planet Pathway

    Sorry, its not an answer but a question to this track. At he end of it there is a blue power up, but in the whole track there isnt anything to hurt you. In these time race tracks if there is a red or a blue brick its because its needed for a shortcut or its against a court trap, but there isnt eny. So if anybody could answer this i would be grateful.
  21. Cyrem

    Map Creator (0.9.10)

    Yep this is the right spot. Unfortunately it does not, only the Wad Recycler automatically does that. But its a good idea worth thinking about. Are you wanting to package a level to share?
  22. Cyrem

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Toonstruck currently free on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
  23. Colinou

    My Album LRRP

  24. Can someone please help me with importing characters from lego marvel superheroes 2 to lego marvel 1? I'm trying to import Nadia Pym Wasp from marvel 2 to marvel 1.
  25. BlenderIsac

    Infinity Crystal/Ore seams!

    Oh, so I wasn't the first The dynamite one isn't very interesting. There's this trick you can use to click on inset walls and click dynamite. It doesn't get dynamited, but the wall still goes red. In Slimey Simple Ice Version you can actually use toolstores to block the Slimey Slugs. You just build them right around your base and teleport down a LMLC. Since there's Recharge Seams near your base, it doesn't matter how much you laser walls. Rock Raiders and Small Transport Trucks can go through Toolstores, so it works perfectly. Thanks! I saw Revenge of the Monsters. I was looking for one with snakes, big spiders and scorpions so I think i'll get it. I'm currently working on a Top-Down 2D Rock Raiders remake (Yes i've seen all the other times people have started one) in Godot. I've almost gotten the walls to behave properly and i'm working on the Job assign for the Rock Raiders. Even if I don't finish it I can make other Top-Down 2D Rock Raiders games with all the assets i'll have. I need to convert every bmp file to png, take out the alpha backgrounds and rotate every wall picture about four times so if you want to help then there is plenty to do.
  26. Cyrem

    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    I'm actually looking forward to this game compared to others in the TT series of games. The Star Wars games have really only been the ones that stood out to me.
  27. MaxRideWizardLord

    What are your favourite priority orders?

    1) Reinforce the Walls (always on the top) 2) Repair 3) Recharge Crystal 4) Get in Car 5) Build base 6) Drill 7) Showel rubble (sometimes disabled, like on Water Works; or gets on bottom ranked) 8) Collect Crystal (or ore, depend on situation. Often disabled entirely in order to not end the map too early) 9) Collect Ore (again, depend on situation; sometimes it's above crystal) In the matter of many years, I've never end up changing such order in one bit; as result i've realized it to be perfect.
  28. MaxRideWizardLord

    Rapid Laser Fire

    I hope Cirevam is still here and could help me with upgrading small mobile laser truck. I also wonder, what exactly will happen if instead of RechargeTime 0.1 I will put like 0.01, would that crash the game or instead turn the laser in to a proper concentration beam of light, like what real laser is all about? EDIT: Nevermind, managed to mod the vehicle myself.
  29. aidenpons

    Cannot Play LEGO Rock Raiders (Win 7)

    Usually dynamite only crashes the game if it was dropped/reordered/something silly happened en route. I say 'usually' because... it's LRR. The Sonic Blaster is an entirely difficult kettle of fish, and crashes the game unreliably for about 50% of users. Oh, and one more thing: if you want to read what Chief would say in the tutorials unpack your WADs and poke around LegoRR0\Levels\GameLevels\TutorialLevels\some_name_goes_here\something_something.txt . Just open those up with Notepad; they're the dialog Chief says.
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