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  3. aidenpons

    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Reading the conversation, this image is LR2-related not DR-related? The content seems to mix around both. Also, is that a recoloured Loader Dozer I see for the Boss Vehicle? .... even the dev acknowledged the characters were awful XD Huh. That's really annoying
  4. Agent2583

    Unusual Drome/Racers 2 Content

    Interesting renders you found.
  5. Sup. Been a while especially as forum posting definitely hasn't been my thing for years but I think I've got something interesting to share for once. - I've been playing Drome Racers for a while now and its development got me interested as the game doesn't use traditional LEGO for its world or characters. The cars remain to be built with Technic bricks, and that fact alone made me ilvid of it's conception. I skimmed through the credits list and contacted multiple artists, ranging from enviroment artists to modellers. My latest contact Rob James (who worked on the enviroment and cars) replied back to my request on Linkedin and we had a great talk about the game and thankfully, he was open to share development resources. EDIT: the convo Serwithed = Max
  6. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Epic: "Alan Wake's American Nightmare" ">observer_"
  7. Arthuriel

    Better Quality Intro Video

    Considering the quality of the original intro this is a big step up. Of couse there some artifacts from upscaling and cleaning up (example: compare the wormhole), but on the other side you got rid of those square artifacts in the original and this one of the reasons or the reason, why it looks clearer. I didn't notice any additional loading times (the file is 204 MB big compared to the 64.5 MB of the original in my case). I have an SSD though in case that matters.
  8. Mr. Skeltal

    Better Quality Intro Video

    I had this crazy idea during school to try and clean up the FMV from the PlayStation version of the game, and put it into the PC version, for a better quality video. So, I got home, got my tools out, and made a video file that I feel looks and sounds better than the original intro video, included in the PC version. You can download the higher res intro here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iSoWI3_-9gvsHROOxdOxaq16dlxh_Fi4 To use, simply go to your Rock Raiders install directory, go to the DATA folder, then into the AVI folder. Rename the downloaded file as intro.avi, and drag it into the folder. There ya go! Your Rock Raiders intro video should now be better quality! EDIT: Incase anyone wants it for some reason, here is the full resolution upscale: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_jey_UEhddfdePhv5jEsQ6q4W3P1HkHM
  9. Last week
  10. aidenpons

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Crusader Kings II, of all things, is currently free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/ None of the DLC are but hey the game is!
  11. Red60

    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    Nope, i just managed to port LR1 to Source in 10-ish minutes. Cool stuff, huh? Would've been better if I had CS:S installed...
  12. Ben24x7

    Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

    You're probably already aware of this problem, but I just noticed that the volume of the music is actually tied to the sound slider, not the music slider. Not sure if this is a bug with my copy of LRR, or if this has anything to do with your work-around method to get LRR to import .OGG files, but thought you should know (just in-case you didn't notice).
  13. Ben24x7

    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    No, I'm pretty sure this is just a texture mod for LEGO Racers. ... ...but honestly, it'd be quite an amazing feat if somebody made a 1-1 recreation of LEGO Racers in the Source engine. Nonetheless, @Red60, amazing work!
  14. Agent2583

    Test Track Needs Counter-Strike: Source

    Is this map for Garrys Mod? You have done well on this track.
  15. CedricTheBullForever


    He looks older here then what his minifig looks like. I'm pretty sure in the sets he's meant to be a juvenile as judging by his face he's clearly much younger then Cedric and Gilbert
  16. ...and it will keep coming! Glad to see you aboard Camera settings such as scroll/move speed exist in the Quick Settings menu so I suggest you check that out, and edge scrolling like the original is set to arrive soon
  17. willphiln31


    Some various Brickimals seen in LI2 and IXS, including the elusive Phoenix!
  18. willphiln31


    An album for various things.
  19. willphiln31

    100% Save File Now Available

    Hello all! I remember Xiron had a save file hosted here before, for before the tower section of the game, but it has since been removed. So I just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that I have uploaded files for both 100% completion of the game, and for before the Tower (parkour and Brickster fight). Hope some of you can find it useful!
  20. Instructions on directory to place save files located in attached text file.
  21. Great to see this progress! I played Frozen Frenzy and the gameplay worked fine, but the mouse scroll speed was very low and I resorted to using arrow keys to move the screen around. It'd be useful to have an option to increase the scroll speed.
  22. Manic Miners keeps marching forward at an unrelenting pace! The Buildings Update should be out in a matter of weeks. This week I've done a major overhaul of settings, implemented Electric Fences, added the Air meter and some other UI stuff, as well as simplified the Level Editor and *tons* of other stuff that takes too much time to describe! Instead, I suggest you jump into my Discord Channel and try out the latest build for yourself!
  23. baraklava

    Manic Miners images

    Manic Miners is an in-progress complete, uncompromising, high-quality rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders. It's completely free and can be downloaded here. Please also follow the Discord and Subreddit if you use those kinds of media!
  24. Cirevam

    Air Filter (New Building)

    aidenpons pinged me about this so I uploaded it. I'm pretty sure the explosion animation isn't done but you won't have to see it if you git gud
  25. Cirevam

    Air Filter

    It's a bit incomplete, but it should still be useable.
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