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  3. The Geologist training has been implemented! As a status update: Vehicles are very stable right now, and work on Miner customization as well as Level scripting has started. You can always reach the latest builds on the Discord channel!
  4. Yes, dgVoodoo is a solely graphical addition whereas Cafeteria is a mod loader (well, and a bit more). Speaking of that, last I checked those mods weren't enabled via Cafeteria functionality, so with the exception of the resolutions which also require Community Edition, installing Cafeteria won't do anything.
  5. aidenpons

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Sounds like the cutscenes are causing the game to crash. Try removing the CD from your drive (if you still have it) - or the cutscene files from Data/AVI (just don't delete any .flh files), or replace your LegoRR1.wad with this which forces the cutscenes to not play. cf: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/guides/your-master-guide-to-get-lrr-to-run-r12/ which also contains handy common troubleshooting problems
  6. miketheboy89

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    I'm able to get the game to work with this solution, until I click on the first level in the game, then the game crashes and I can't get any further. Any suggestions?
  7. Last week
  8. Thanks, but I'm unable to get it to launch without crashing, unless I use dgVoodoo. I tried with your patch just in case, but no dice thanks though
  9. Das Glückskekschen

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    My Patch doesn't need dgVoodoo. If it doesn't work, I can't help you at the moment. I stay in contact with ImmortalHeir, if we find a solution, I will post the solution here.
  10. Seems like I joined in at the same time. I'm also having the same high contrast dgVoodoo problem.
  11. emagiampa

    LEGO Stunt Rally please help me!

    ENGLISH can someone tell me how to download LEGO Stunt Rally and make it work on pc? ESPAñOL ¿Alguien puede decirme cómo descargar LEGO Stunt Rally y hacerlo funcionar en la PC? ITALIANO Qualcuno sa dirmi come si scarica LEGO Stunt Rally e farlo funzionare su pc? Quote Edit
  12. ENGLISH can someone tell me how to download LEGO Stunt Rally and make it work on pc? ESPAñOL ¿Alguien puede decirme cómo descargar LEGO Stunt Rally y hacerlo funcionar en la PC? ITALIANO Qualcuno sa dirmi come si scarica LEGO Stunt Rally e farlo funzionare su pc?
  13. baraklava

    Mighty Miners

    I don't think you should give up on it unless you don't feel like working on it anymore. You've already established that you are making a game different from Rock Raiders though, so why let Manic Miners discourage you? While Manic Miners has a lot of content and focus on Rock Raiders fanservicing, you have a more solid/pure coding base that performs well and is remarkably bug-free. Manic Miners has taken more shortcuts through the Blueprint system and will require some serious coding optimization efforts before it performs well on all sorts of hardware. For me to transform it into its own game and launch on Steam it'll take quite a bit of effort, effort that you've put into your game already. I have played Mighty Miners a few times but I always find some frustrations in design decisions and in how the game plays, such as how there is almost no user feedback and how the AI appears very basic. If you'd like, I can give you a detailed feedback list and maybe a reflection on how I'd solve those issues. I don't know how dynamic your base code is though, maybe there are more problems with the programming base that discourages you from working on it.
  14. ImmortalHeir

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Thanks guys - tried with the new files, but alas no dice. When I run LRR as admin, the resolution changes to the low res and at least I do see the modes/size dialog window. But no matter if I click full or window (using 3D HAL), when I click ok, the screen goes black like it's going to kick off, but then refreshes back to the original resolution and nothing happens. Previously this is where I ran the dgVoodoo fix and at least the game would run, but in the horrendous black/white contrast. Thanks for sticking with me guys...thoughts on next steps? P.S. For what it's worth - if I run using the RGB emulator, it actually boots in full color (no music & some lag), but it crashes when trying to start the first mission) P.S.S. Full transparency, I didn't install Direct X 6 when I was asked during installation (figured it's obsolete now). I've tried reinstalling, but never got prompted for the direct X install again. Hoping that doesn't make a difference.
  15. wait so will this work with the DgVooDoo version of Rock Raiders? I'm still new to this whole thing and im quite confused. I want to add the No Frustrating Mechanics Mod and 100% Easy Completion mod. Any help with this will be appreciated! Ty!
  16. aidenpons

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Here: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego_rock_raiders/resources/lrr-masterpiece-edition-exe-r249/ LRR flat-out will not run on Win10 unless the size of LegoRR.icd is 0 kB (which indicates no disc protection). No amount of graphical shenanigans will get it to work if that is not met.
  17. Zorg_Sinister

    Logo Theme Flash Game Logo

    it takes time to make...
  18. Cyrem

    Mighty Miners

    To be completely honest, I'm more interested in this remake than Manic Miners. First and foremost I value traditional programming (rather than visual) like you've done here. Most of your effort has been toward the game play first before graphics, an excellent direction. Lack of advertising for popularity and honesty about your intentions with this shows you're just out to build a good solid game, which I admire. Unreal is even more bloaty than Unity. Though I realize your intention was to develop this into your own game with no RR assets, it would be great if this was open source, myself or someone else would happily pick it up and continue it should you decide to do other things. That said it's your project and I'm sure anyone can respect your choice as to what you will do with the project. You've done really well.
  19. ImmortalHeir

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Yeah sorry dude...it's not enabled and crawling all over settings and Invision Community support, still can't figure how to enable messages. I'll drop you a message once I figure it out. Just hoping it hasn't been disabled for non-admins.
  20. Das Glückskekschen

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Send me a direct Message. I can't, because you haven't enabled it yet.
  21. ImmortalHeir

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Uninstalled, cleared all files. Reinstalled, added your download file. Currently, trying to run LRR.exe doesn't bring up the drivers/modes dialog window. Just goes black momentarily then refreshes. Where can I find a "proper" LRR.exe and LegoRR.icd that works with your patch? My LRR.exe is 752 kb and LegoRR.icd is 720 kb (which doesn't match screenshots I've seen). I think I saw a download in a different guide but I don't want to cross-contaminate solutions. Thanks!
  22. Das Glückskekschen

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    My patch should work without dgVoodoo.
  23. ImmortalHeir

    [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    You guys make this world amazing! Here's where I'm at: 1. Downloaded/installed successfully (not from CD) 2. Followed the dgVoodoo guide: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/guides/lego-rock-raiders/run-lego-rock-raiders-with-dgvoodoo-r7/ 3. Set the compatibility as per the beginning of this thread 4. Game launches (huge improvement) but runs only in contrasting black/white. The men are blacked out and the main/mission menu is all whited out. Another fellow on this thread had the same issue but later edited it as resolved...without posting the solution. OS: Win10 Can give other specs as needed. Any suggestions?
  24. aidenpons

    [LRR] More Sandwiches

    Are you tired of your raiders behaving themselves? Are they actually doing work and being sensible? Then you need: more sandwiches! Now when your Rock Raiders go to shovel, pick up resources, or reinforce a wall, they'll eat a sandwich instead. > Download Requires an up-to-date version of Cafeteria that can handle Patch System 3 (or higher). Plop in Mods folder, enable, and enjoy the sandwiches. (Technical note: Drilling Walls and Firing Lasers would require slightly more effort to do, so they're not sandwich-i-fied. I might fix both of these later)
  25. aidenpons

    More Sandwiches

  26. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders Screenshots

    I was tired of stuffing screenshots in Miscellaneous Randomness. Here goes!
  27. DankMemeLord420

    Running LEGOLAND on Virtualbox Windows XP

    Is there any solution to this? I'm getting the exact same issue.
  28. CedricTheBullForever

    Knights Kingdom's Bad Guys.png

    My favorite outlaw boys❤
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