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  3. Sunchipp

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    huh...looks like I'm not the only one who remade the songs.
  4. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    I have installed this game following all the steps, using both dgvoodoo executables, using the right compatibility settings and the gameplay screen still keeps going blank after several seconds from starting a level every single time! I'm using the Fun Club re-release of the game, which I copied onto my computer via DaemonTools. This problem previously only occurred after a while of gameplay, but now it happens within seconds of the first level I play. The menus work fine, but after this happens, the rockslide transitions between menus disappears. And yes I have tried restarting my game, but it always keeps happening every time within missions. I also tried the latest dgvoodoo executables, but still have the same problems. I don't know what else to do! Please help! P.S. If this helps, I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card on my laptop.
  5. Last week
  6. While I'm still hard at work implementing tasks for the Vehicles, which should honestly be pretty quick since I'm basically just copy-pasting the code from the Miner, I wanted to share one of those details that you can't get in LRR whatsoever: Physically simulating the Ore/crystals in a Vehicle Tray!
  7. hi it dumps them to XML now too I think it's actually done now goodbye sleep bed zzz
  8. RyanTheInkling

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    i have the game running normally, but the screen is stuck in the middle.
  9. Mr. Skeltal

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    Sorry to say, but your machine is not good enough for a dgVoodoo setup, let alone, an HD setup. dgVoodoo wraps Direct X to a modern version of Direct X, but your hardware is not new enough for this to work correctly, im afraid. You might want to look around for other guides to get the game running, as this specific one will simply not work for you.
  10. RyanTheInkling

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    Ok, so I tried to configure dgVoodoo to run Lego Island in HD, but when I configured it using the tutorial shown here: It broke my game! I couldn't launch Config.exe, and launching isle.exe had it show up for a couple of seconds in the top left corner, then it disappeared. Why is this happening?!?! Also, dgVoodoo version 2.53 won't launch on my computer. Specs: OS: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family dgVoodoo version: 2.63.1 RAM: 4 GB Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @2.13Ghz
  11. Jugebox98

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    Hmmmm.... Well I'm not completely negletted on that idea. Right now I want to finish this project and then I might think to do other rundown to other LEGO game ost But right now I have no further plans to continuing on the other game
  12. Akorax

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    I had to listen and compare to the original track. Both versions sound great, the discord and poor quality of the original version bring to me the cartoony feeling of the original game which is part of why I like it so much. Your remastered version could absolutely fit with a bit more polygons like a remaster of the game probably would have. Do you have any interest in doing this for other games perhaps?
  13. Arthuriel

    Insane Raiders [2020-01-16: Insane R]

    Finally, after a million years, but slightly before the heat death of the universe I finished my next Insane Raiders comic: Comic No. 29 - Insane R Don't worry about the small preview size (the result of the 750 pixel image height limit and the length of the comic). You just have to click on it and view it in the original file size. It's in the second post of this thread and in this post right here. Here at the end of the thread I put it into a spoiler for a better reading flow: Here is the background story (read the comic first for extra "What is even going on?"-madness): Maybe it was a mixture of laziness and "Is this idea good enough?/ I have a better idea" and "How many will read it?", but I haven't published a comic in ages. I even made fun about that by giving me the rank: "I know: I should make a new Insane Raiders comic very soon." Previously I thought about making another comic, but then I had an idea. Ben24x7 told me about a train racing game called Densha de D and mentioned, that it had a cool feature you wanted to show. I wondered, if it was about Drifting (you may know the memeI and Ben24x7 (slightly disappointed, that I guessed it so fast*) said, that it was indeed about this and continued to show it. After that I looked this up (including a speedrun) and discovered, that Densha de D was also a manga series which in return was based on the manga/anime series called Initial D, which is about drift races in Japan. There are also some other references in it**. This is also the reason, why I made it look more like a manga. Now you might ask: "Can this same insane over the top racing theme be applied to another obvious LEGO game candidate?" and you are completely right! It's LEGO Ra.... Chess! Just imagine the checkmate! Your display might as well just explode! *reminds me of the time, when I played Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC remake of the first Katamari Damacy game) and on the first or second day I though: "Imagine a snob saying, that it is about criticising consumerism due to the sheer amount of objects, that you collect" Little did I know, that this was the actual intention of the game's creator... **Redline (over the top anime racing movie) and Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi (the last panel of the comic). Also Rock Raiders for obvious reasons.
  14. Arthuriel

    Insane Raiders

    I uploaded the Insane Raiders comics again, because these versions have a smaller file size (=shorter loading time). Having all the comics in a separate folder also helps to keep oversight over this comic series.
  15. Hi all wonderful people here! While back I made almost every song in midi format. It was fun and I learned how the composer of that game made music work originally (If he used any of the data when exporting those files on TUN format). I have been working making every LR song into "remastered format" which I basicly put those midi files on the midi output device (in this case my Synth Yamaha) and mix up the volumes and other stuff. In my opinion they sounds... modern? Like they aren't that compariable to the original songs but I like how they sounds. Here's the link on those songs: I know that I'm missing some songs like Menu or Credits but don't worry: I'm working on them! I actually have the Menu Theme on my PC but it doesn't sound good :DD Maybe I can post it on the Discord server if someone really wants to hear it. But I have planned to do those songs in future (Then people never saw me again) If you have any thoughts on these songs let me know. I'm glad to take any feedback: Good or Bad. I want to grow as a music apartment ^_^ Edit: Here's the Download link to all songs I have made in this project. I maybe upload Set Unlock, Rocket Win and Veronica Win at some point but those songs aren't as important as the others. I will put the download link to the other songs in the thread (Or edit this post) Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IHL8SPKkZ_KU0Ur3sOEBWUGn37jf9E5r/view?usp=sharing
  16. Akorax

    Changing LRR Language

    By the power of necromantic keyboard running on power crystals I hereby ressurrect this thread by saying: I got a copy of the original game disc with the swedish sound files if anyone would be interested in those.
  17. Mysteli

    LEGO Racers 2- Pacman

  18. Earlier
  19. hi, could you please let me know what site you downloaded the game from because the one i downloaded is not installing I keep getting the message "Legoland cannot initialize graphics hardware
  20. aidenpons

    LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack

    Oh nice, I always found the LR2 music very terrible (the main menu music was especially lousy) and the LR1 music so much better. Your remixes feel a lot... calmer. They don't get me hopping around on my seat like the original LR1 music does - but that's good, it can be nice to have something a little calmer!
  21. Mysteli

    No Snow Mod

    Yeah it can be easy to break if you aren't careful. It'd probably be faster to take action and learn yourself than to wait on others. Just think of how many dead years of tool development there has been already.
  22. Sunchipp

    LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack

    As some might know I work on music. I remix songs Write original pieces and even find a way to mod music into other games. Well ever since I found out in 2012 how to mod music for LR2 I was obsessed! But it still couldnt really get a LR1 vibe for the second game til I decided to mod some of the cars in from the first game. I later modded in the music from the first game which was cool and all but note it was a direct port from the first game. After I stumbled upon a topic on rock raiders with MIDI files of the LR1 songs I decided to orchestrate them and import them into the first game! Here's the music pack: Here's The YouTube Playlist: well but for now I hope you enjoy the sequel feel something real quick here's a remake of Riegel's Race Track I made two years ago
  23. Sunchipp

    LR1 Music Pack

  24. Sunchipp

    No Snow Mod

    I Mostly did that cause I know nothing on WRL editing. I would love to do some tweaking on that but when I try the game always crashes on me. hopefully something will pop out soon
  25. Sunchipp

    D.ick Dastardly's Mean Machine LEGO Racers 2

    I did see someone has made a pack on retexturing the rama's with teeth and has included the rest of the ramas as well. Let me know on which rama's you wanna replace and I'll send the files
  26. Updated so it describes more surface properties in the MTL comments, i.e. # Surface name: Newbit top yellow grill SidesX # Surface flags: None # Color (RGB): 197 254 1 # Luminosity: 0 (0%) # Diffuse: 256 (100%) # Specularity: 166 (64.84375%) # Glossiness 256 (100%) # Reflection: 0 (0%) # Transparency: 0 (0%) # Texture flags: X, PixelBlending, Antialiasing # Texture path: \\Mother\LEGO\Meshes\Lowpoly\Buildings\Refinery\NEW-side.bmp newmtl Newbit_top_yellow_grill_SidesX map_Kd NEW-side.bmp still need to figure out just how much of that can be properly translated to the OBJ/MTL format...
  27. LazerLuke19

    D.ick Dastardly's Mean Machine LEGO Racers 2

    Thanks for the Pack. Have you thought about editing these textures for the Ramas? (P.S. Did you see my comment on this post yet? )
  28. Sunchipp

    I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

    This is pretty well done I Love them! I'm a musician myself by any chance would you be interested in recreating any other midi recreations from other classic games?
  29. derpystuff_

    [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    Meta Version 13 also isnt supported yet (kinda odd tho, the same game uses two different meta versions) example file at https://ufile.io/ahpuy9ir
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