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  2. Dazzgracefulmoon

    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    I'm super in love with this project. keep it up!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Seems legit, I’ll have to try it in my free time tomorrow. XD
  5. Shadowblaze

    Nick Nuwe - Sunflower Fields

    What now? An old school rock track featuring my beautiful 99% artificial voice? Yup you heard right. I'm not a songwriter so the lyrics might sound pretty cheesy, but they still do have a meaning. It's all about the depiction of a weird feeling evoked by certain sceneries and situations, and something else. I won't say because I think it's best to leave the analysis to the listener.
  6. As far as I understand it, "magic which allows you to run LRR on Win10."
  7. Since dgVoodoo v2.54 was released probably. v2.53 was the last version that worked properly without locking up at least on GTX 9x0 cards. What is dgVoodoo? it's a graphics API wrapper for old games to make them compatible with newer systems. As for that file in particular, it's a work-in-progress version which has some fixes for LRR.
  8. Oh, so any mission crashes the game. That's much more problematic. It's odd, because you're mentioning you're using dgVoodoo.... normally I'd complain about RGB Emulation causing these shenanigans. You're using dgVoodoo correctly, right? Beyond that, my advice is either: a) play around with all of dgVoodoo's config settings to see if anything will work nicely b) blame the cracked copy I'm afraid I can't help beyond that Since when was this a problem? Just trying to keep up with the latest news on running LRR on Win10.
  9. Lovely! Interesting that the MDFs have comments from the dev who made the last edit. Me too, Dneil. Also, some sort of confirmation when clicking Save ("are you sure?") would be nice. Made the plastic limits really high (ART0001\misc\data\plastic costs.mdf) so you don't have to worry about that while building anymore, yay (though it wasn't usually a problem to begin with unless you were trying to make a track entirely made of loops or something).
  10. dy_enforcer

    LR1 (SOLVED) 2D Graphics/Textures Glitch

    I have an old Toshiba Satellite Laptop. That's working fine. No need to modify the settings of the game. but when I bought my new Dell Inspiron Laptop, that's where the problem starts. In short. There are some devices that cause graphic issues with your game.
  11. Yeah it seems that way, my friend was the one running the repeated tests, I’m trying to get him to respond to you to give more feedback. Yes, both from new game and training missions. I just got home and had a look at the game. Apparently the first level is already unlocked, so I tried it and the exact same thing happened as the training missions, and yes, I believe the same thing happens on rocky horror.
  12. Last week
  13. As promised, here's version 1.3 with a builtin mdf editor! You can change lots of behaviours of the game with it
  14. Here's something to try if you've got a Nvidia graphics card, replace dgVoodo 2.53 with the latest WIP50 version: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r247/
  15. Wartracer

    LR1 (SOLVED) 2D Graphics/Textures Glitch

    Thank you, this worked spectacularly! After some poking around I discovered that the glitch only happens on my secondary monitor, and not just my laptop.
  16. Great! We're on the same page. As in, playing any tutorial level crashes the game? Ones from the New Game menu up top and also the ones from Training Missions? A couple of odd cfg bits aside, the major difference between the tutorial levels and the main levels is that the tutorial levels have absurd amounts of scripting, and usually involve Chief coming down to talk to you... maybe that's the problem? Does Rocky Horror (the last level, use -testlevels at the end of the Target box in your shortcut, which enables you to pick any level you like) work fine? When you teleport down 5 raiders, Chief should come and give you a message. If you need a rundown of the tutorials I can write one up for you.
  17. jamesster

    LR1 (SOLVED) 2D Graphics/Textures Glitch

    tl;dr use the -alphatrans exe parameter:
  18. Hey guys! After my old copy of LR1 stopped working, even with alternate installers and compatibility settings, I went ahead and downloaded an ISO crack from abandonware. The game plays fine, but all 2D graphics and textures are surrounded by a box, as if the backgrounds aren't transparent. This doesn't impact gameplay, but it's really annoying. Suggestions?
  19. So my friend and I have downloaded a disc image of LRR, added the D3DRM.dll file, and used dgvoodoo 2.53, and started running on compatability mode. Long story short, it runs beautifully. That is until you actually start playing any of the tutorials, whereupon it freezes a few seconds after starting, at least graphically. The game is still running perfectly fine in the background, the only problem is that everything you actually see freezes. I already know that the engine is a buggy piece of garbage, but I still love it all the same... kinda. can someone please help us with this issue?
  20. Knightoffaith

    General LEGO Cube - Android, iOS, and PC sandbox game

    Because it doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet, I'll bring up that in order to get an account, users need to provide their full Chinese name, full Chinese ID number, picture of their Chinese ID card and holding said card, AND Chinese mobile phone number - all of which can be verified. That means unless we see a release outside China, there's little/no likelyhood to play on the official servers. Theoretically shouldn't be hard to emulate assuming we can dig into the DLLs properly, but that's somewhat left to be seen (the DLLs in the APK are not immediately accessible to ILSpy or whatnot).
  21. astrokid12

    Old pages missing

    Awesome! Thanks! As soon as you're able to get a consensus there, I should be able to make a fairly basic post about the current modding process. Until then, though, this stuff should be pretty useful for me.
  22. Cirevam

    Old pages missing

    I brought it back and restricted everyone from posting in it (even myself) until the rest of the mods come to a consensus that's more than "oh, that game? Huh."
  23. TheJokerflip

    LEGO Racers HD Collective Thread

    Hey man, sorry for being a few months too late. The WeTransfer link isn't usable anymore. Is there any chance to get a new opportunity to see those myth-enshrouded textures? Have a great one!
  24. kbios

    LSR LEGO Stunt Rally .dls File

    4 years late, but you can use this tool (not mine) to convert it to a standard sf2 soundfont. The conversion does not seem to be perfect yet, LSR music sounds abit different when played through the converted soundfont...
  25. So, like Quest and Collect, it seems this thing has already had a few tests that went under our radar due to the language barrier thing: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tencent+cube I found an APK of one of the test versions, from June... It runs on Unity 4.6.3.f1. That version of Unity is from February 2015. Poking at this game is going to be *ridiculously* easy. Haven't tried playing it; I assume it probably requires an internet connection or something which would kick me out since the test is over - but again, haven't tried.
  26. Quisoves Potoo

    Old pages missing

    I seem to recall some fairly impressive projects. If nothing else, I was able to port characters from LEGO Batman 3. For my part, I'd appreciate being able to view them, even if they were all locked.
  27. astrokid12

    Old pages missing

    Yeah, a lot of mods work pretty much like you described, but I've only actually figured out a small set of possibilities (mostly limited to player speed, jump height, and gravity). Based on the look of the files, I highly doubt things have changed too much since these tutorials were made. And, while I may be able to slowly struggle through and figure out these things on my own, it would be a very long and tedious process since I don't have much time to put toward this and I'm not all that great with modding. I've spent countless hours trying to figure out some of these things already, but that's just not my forte. And, besides, @Cirevam said that the topics still exist, so why bother completely rediscovering perfectly good information?
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