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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Humble: "Serial Cleaner"
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    My Album LRRP

  5. V 0.2.2 released! It fixes some issues with Erosion and introduces click-to-reinforce for miners. No new major features will be introduced until the next major update and I will focus on bugfixing for a while longer. See changelog for full details!
  6. You're in luck, I am shipping a patch today that allows disabling all post-processing, which is Bloom and Dynamic Ambient Occlusion Or you can reduce the lava brightness in itself if it's only the visual aspect of it annoying you! In the future I'll probably add a Bloom slider etc. ------------------------------------------------------------ -----Changelog V0.2->V0.2.1----- Changes/Additions: - Updated some levels - Miners now look for nearby drill orders before they get new tasks - Added "Disable Post-processing" to the Graphics Settings. - Added Biome changer to Level Editor Environment Menu - Shovel from landslides is now automatically queued when the landslide is not active anymore - Added "Teleport at Start" to buildings in Level Editor. Works only when directly clicked due to complications. - Solid Rock can now landslide and be reinforced on "Harder". This only happens when the map maker specifically puts landslides on Solid Rock and will not influence other difficulties. Classic Classic campaign levels will not have this enabled. - Made landslide heavier - Enabled ping sound to the Geological Center when powered up - Changed the "Discover" objective to be *whatever you want*, without the "Find" prefix. Yes, I'm giving you the power to make "Go kick Rock Monster butt" an objective (when tied to a discover location) Fixes: - Defeated Barriers in a honourable battle of life and death - Fixed navigation for rubble and Power Paths extending and overriding lava - Fixed Erosion not being visible in opened caverns - Fixed some erosion tiles not adopting the original texture - Fixed Ore Refinery not dropping Ore into the bin. Sloppy. - Fixed Power Station sometimes not being reachable - Fixed rubble from initial collapsing walls not being shovelable - Fixed Building Popup appearing when no building was avaialble - Fixed miners locking up when trying to get a tool in a tight space: They will get tools from the inside of the Tool Store now. - Fixed Stats menu locking the game - Fixed foundations sometimes appearing to float - Fixed Forced Restart after Game Experience change removing the cursor -Fixed landslides going into water behaving like it's lava
  7. THIS LINK IS OBSOLETE This is what you want: Or check out the topic for the latest builds:
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  9. I'm so pumped for this! Watching the Support Station sink into the lava, that was awesome haha Is it possible to turn off or reduce the bloom? It's awesome visually but a bit much for my tastes
  10. Ok so I tried it and now almost all models are replaced with white boxes (for some reason when making a screenshot it screenshots my desktop so I can't show you)
  11. Mr. Skeltal

    Lego Island Textures not working properly

    Have you tried this guide to run the game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaHGqL4wY40
  12. Ok hi so I tried to play Lego island on a Windows 10 PC, and no matter what I try the textures of some of the models are this weird purple mess (Example). I tried changing the settings, I tried to run the game in the compatibility mode, nothing helped. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be very grateful
  13. CedricTheBullForever

    Knights Kingdom 1 Media

    Since I have a massive soft spot for this theme and feel it's rather underappreciated i'm gonna be going over all the different media appearances that KK1 has appeared in and my personal thoughts on some of them. Whether it's the Lions or the Bulls it counts. Without further ado let's begin: Lego Creator Knights Kingdom: The game released along the same time as the sets as a tie in to them. I loved the original Lego Creator so this one intrigued me too. What can I say about this game? Well there's things about it that I like more then the first Creator and things that the original Creator did better but I won't go into that. The tutorials with Richard are rather entertaining along with the cinematic cutscenes which happen between them. Am I the only one who noticed that Cedric was strong enough to lift a portcullis all on his own. I dislike that certain characters such as Sir John, Princess Storm, Gilbert and Weezil don't get voices or appear in the tutorials at all which is a bummer. Also I kinda wish you were given the option to side with either the Lions or Bulls whenever you start a new game instead of it automatically making you side with the Lions as that's what the theme's concept was supposed to be all about: Pick which side and how it ends. Having Gilbert as your guide if you picked the Bulls would be rather cool if you ask me. My copy came with no manual so I missed out on a lot of interesting and important facts about the characters at the time(e.g Weezil actually being Cedric's adopted son after he was found abandoned in the forest) Lego Island 2: The Lions and Bulls appear on their own island where the bridge connecting their territories has been broken so they cannot get to each other to fight. You repair the bridge so they can fight again because apparently they're fighting for the fun of it here........the Bulls now have a castle of their own and they've taken one of the Constructopedia pages to use as a flag because the Lions have stolen their real one. In order to get the flag back you have to defeat the Bull's Dark Knight in a joust. Why am I jousting one of the guys i'm supposed to be doing a favor for? You beat him, get the flag, return to the Bulls castle to get the page but then Cedric just shows up right the hell outta nowhere takes the page and decides to challenge you to a cannon battle for pretty much no reason whatsoever. You beat him and he falls on a catapult which throws him sky high probably out to sea and he's never seen again for the remainder of the game. I really don't like this portrayal of the theme. The Bulls having a castle just destroys the whole objective of as to why they were fighting the Lions, the flag plot would've made more sense if it was the Lions flag that got stolen by the Bulls so that way it would make sense for the Dark Knight joust and Cedric to fight you because he's not gonna give up the Lion flag easily, the Bulls for some odd reason don't seem to care about the fact that Cedric their own leader gets defeated. Did the developers like do any research on KK1? I guess not...... But I believe this is the only time we get to hear Princess Storm, John of Mayne and Weezil talk. Well that's if you go out of your way to talk to them as you're not required to do so. As for the handheld ports the GBA version is similar to how the setting is on PC and PS1 accept this time there's no get the flag plot and Cedric is completely absent. GBC version is probably the better portrayal as this time the Bulls are now living in the forest like they're supposed to, you get to chase Weezil through it after he breaks out of prison while avoiding getting caught by the Bulls(who look more like Wolfpack bandits)and this time they actually give Cedric a valid excuse to fight Pepper because he's seen talking to Brickster right before the battle which show's he's a friend of Brickster. The battle is also different now Cedric just charges around trying to I guess stab you with his sword and you have to trick him into running into the walls after you do that enough times Cedric just gets mad and goes f**k this i'm done and just leaves never to be seen again. Also Storm is kinda mean in this version and she just leaves Pepper in the forest to chase after Weezil himself alone instead of actually accompanying him......b***h! LegoLand PC: Some KK1 stuff is used as the Castle themed attractions. The music that plays when you have a lot of Castle stuff also gets used in CKK. The cutscene when you get the Castle attractions is rather odd though we see King Leo's castle but not a single KK1 character is seen. Instead we see Royal Knights, what look like Forestmen and.......Basil the Batlord? What is going on here? Next! Lego Soccer/Football Mania: Both the Lions and Bulls are featured as playable teams once you defeat them. One team for King Leo and the Lions and one for Cedric and the Bulls. There's also a team available at the start called Square Table which has knights that look like they serve under Leo's banner so I guess they count as Lions too. There's two KK1 based pitches. Jousting Arena which is based on the Lions side with King Leo's castle right next to the pitch and a red variation of the classic dragon that was never officially released in that color can be seen flying around. Cedric's Castle despite the name isn't actually a castle and is based on the Bulls side with it taking place in the forest and inside the Bulls camp surrounded by a wooden fort wall and the Bull's siege engines can be seen here and there in a few spots. They should've called it Cedric's Forest, Cedric's Camp or Cedric's Fort. The Skill Zone pitch Spin The Shields where you have to kick the ball at the shields is also based on the Lions territory but this one appears to be next to a fort wall by a river. I'll quickly admit it was a missed opportunity to make the shields have the crests of older discontinued Castle themes at the time. Also it was a miss for the Bulls to have a female team member as a female Bull soldier would've been cool. In story mode Leo's team appear in the first part of the game as one of the opposing teams to beat in order to qualify for the Lego Cup. In the second part of the story when your chasing after Brickster he escapes through a portal to the Arctic however Cedric won't let you through unless you beat his team, you beat Cedric's team and he keeps his word and let's you through the portal. Cedric later on comes back as part as Brickster's Intergalactic Team on Mars as the final match in the game. Probably to tie in with their possible friendship they had in Lego Island 2. The Bulls aside from Weezil oddly have plumes on their helmets which I personally don't think fits their style as I see them as a gang of bandits and not knights. Lego Universe: King Leo's Castle appeared as a model that can be acquired after you beat a certain achievement(I don't know which one) Lego Worlds: The Defense Archer set appears as a stationary turret vehicle found in Fantasy Forest, Perilous Peaks, Watchful Wilderness and Whispering Wonderland. Yeah that's basically it. Lego Print Creator: A few KK1 related stuff is featured on the programme as stuff you can print. Lego Quest and Collect: Gilbert the Bad is a playable character. He's got that chrome silver Bull shield found in the Rebel Chariot set, a white pupil like most modern day minifigs, this is the second time where we actually hear him speak although it's just one line for one of his attacks. His bio doesn't make much sense as it doesn't mention Cedric or anything to do with KK1 and instead says something about him being on the run after robbing a nobleman's carriage. Talk about a missed opportunity to bring up on how he lost his eye, honestly I kinda wish they used Cedric instead. King Leo is mentioned as incorrectly being the enemy of Vladek in Vladek's bio.......EPIC FAIL DEVELOPERS! There's also a Jester character which also mentions in his bio that he likes stealing King Leo's pies......I don't think the developers were really paying much attention when writing the character bios....... Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed: This game is still fairly new and maybe we'll get more updates in the future but at the moment Princess Storm is the only character and KK1 related thing to appear in the game. Will someone notify me on if they add any more KK1 stuff to this game please? German Time Cruisers Comic: KK1 is featured as part of one of the time periods that Tim visits in one of the issues released in 2000. Nothing really interesting happens here, Cedric is a full blown d**k to Tim(i hate this kind of portrayal of Cedric)who doesn't hesitate to chuck him in a catapult, Tim helps Leo defeat the Bulls by blinding them with a camera flash and that's it. Oh and Cedric's human design for the comic IS HIDEOUS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HANDSOME MAN?! Medieval Mischief And Mayhem: A story book about KK1. The story is about Leo holding a feast and Cedric sees this as an opportunity to attack and take the castle. The book features a lot of story arc which we sadly never got to see more of. Cedric can apparently chop wood with his bare hands, Storm and John are shown to have some affection for each other, Leo and Leonora are revealed that they also have a son named Edward who is away fighting in the crusades and the story ends with them finding a letter from him that Cedric stole off a messenger saying that he's returning home soon so Storm also has a brother, the main bit however which really got to me is when they mention is that Cedric actually the 13th prince of a king in a distant land who after he died he left his country to be divided up between his sons but Cedric was the only one to not get a share because apparently there was no land left by the time it was his turn.........this made me love his character even more cuz he's now he's got a reason for wanting Leo's land. Poor guy being wrongfully denied like that! They must've done a bad job at doing the math when dividing up the land. Also the Cedric and the Bulls have black added pupils to their gray eyes in this book interestingly. Castle Under Attack: It's another KK1 based book this one made by DK is basically the same plot as the above mentioned book but more simplified and less interesting with a few educational parts about medieval times in it. The only real main difference is that Storm gets kidnapped and used as a hostage and Leo manages to trick Cedric into thinking he's lost in the forest by swapping his clothing with Sir Richards. There's also a funny scene with the Lions dumping horse droppings on Cedric and Gilbert when they attempt to get over the castle wall with a siege tower. Lego Adventures! Magazine: A small KK1 story is featured in Issue 15. Gilbert comes up with the idea for the Bulls to use their own catapults to launch themselves into the castle. The plan works but they are easily defeated with Cedric easily losing a sword fight to Princess Storm who says he lacks skill in battle despite a certain cinematic in CKK seems to argue that Cedric is no push over when it comes to swordfighting......the Lions soon send Cedric and the Bulls back the way they came in......by catapult Ok so this doesn't really count as media but the bio of the Evil Knight from series 7 of the collectable minifigures line says that he once worked for Cedric the Bull at one point. Just felt like that deserved a mention So that's basically it. Did I miss anything out?
  14. aidenpons

    Black Command Screen in Training Mission

    This seems to be an issue with the NERPs command SetCameraGotoTutorial. That's used to move the camera in the tutorial missions and very sparingly in main missions - example include the camera going to the Tool Store in Driller Night. Its sister command, CameraLockOnObject (very rarely used), has not only caused a black screen but bricked an entire LRR installation - restarting LRR would result in a perpetual black screen, so I had to copy out one of my backups. So a black screen is only a minor glitch. As for what you can do about it...? well, not much. If you enable debug keys via the -programmer parameter (super straightforward to do, 0% technical) you can hit F12 to bring up NoNERPs, which prevents commands like that from running. Unfortunately it also prevents the tutorial from progressing and, in actual game levels, prevents the victory condition from occurring. Fortunately you can get around that with the debug key Ctrl+S (which will also disable sound, press S to turn sound back on). It also, in a quirk of fate, disables slugs from spawning so if you really hate the slugs on Back to Basics you can just turn them off with debug key F12. As for the tutorial levels, the only way to get around this black screen issue is just to not do them.
  15. CedricTheBullForever

    My gallery

  16. The BUILDINGS AND BRUISES update is here! Featuring all the original buildings, power systems, hotkeys, Landslides, Erosion, and a very fancy level screen! There's honestly so much to cover there's no way I can put it all into words. Here's a trailer: Download links are in the main post.
  17. Check out the topic for more info yo
  18. In Training Mission #2: Rock Types and Drilling, at some point, I find that the command screen will go black, with the HUD and cursor still displaying. I can't click on anything the tutorial guy tells me to click, and I'm forced to restart the mission. The one time I got it to work was when I tried completing the mission as quickly as possible, rapidly clicking the "next" button. I found that if I waited to listen to the full voice track, I would get a black command screen. This is with dgvoodoo on Windows 10, full screen mode. This is the only mission I'm seeing this glitch, though I've yet to play more of the game past the first three training missions. Just wanted to see if anybody has experienced this before, and if this can be remedied. dgvoodoo is already running the game so well.
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    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Epic: "The Messenger" Currently free on Steam: "Company of Heroes 2" "Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam" (Expansion)
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    Ctrl + V

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    Ctrl + V

  22. I have a little very big something LRR-ish planned, in progress, and quite decently functional, but haven't managed to get enough meaningful done in time for this. Nevertheless, watch this space. I might not get it done on the day LRR was released, but at least I hope to get it done in a month...
  23. Soo... yesterday, 15/11/2019, was the 20th anniversary of LEGO Rock Raider's PC release in 1999 (according to Wikipedia). ... ...considering the lack of celebration, I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one who wasn't prepared for this anniversary (I wasn't even aware the 15th of November was LRR's anniversary until Ksyon casually mentioned it in his "Mighty Miners" topic)
  24. aidenpons

    Manic Miners Map Convertor

    Baraklava's Manic Miners project is progressing extremely well and in the next build he's implemented erosion and landslides. (Which he actually hasn't released this build to the public yet as it's a WIP. ) So to speed up the process of making some lovely levels (Lake of Fire and A Breath of Fresh Air were very tedious to do by hand), I wrote a convertor. Surf.map and Dugg.map are required. Put them next to executable. Cror.map, High.map, Erod.map, and Fall.map are all optional and if you want them you should put them next to the executable. Run! From there, you'll need to do some tweaking to get the level for MM to work properly: - change biome type to what you want - specify Briefing text - rename the level to .dat Then load it up in Manic Miners' level editor and add (these can also be done by hand if you're desparate): - camera starting position (it's usually smushed into the ground) - put initial objects down - victory objectives Save and it's done! > Download! Download includes: - main executable - source code for executable, main.cpp. If you don't care about this you can delete this file, it's not needed for the convertor to run. - Documentation The convertor is significantly more straightforward than the original version, which required faffing with Excel: no more!
  25. Sorry for necroposting but i am very new to Python and would like to know how to use the plugins with Python.
  26. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Installer stops when done (Windows 10)

    I've been having issues installing Lego Island Xtreme Stunts on my computer. Every time I install the game, it goes straight to 76%, states it's currently removing applications and then freezes. I have tried compatibility settings and I've tried erasing left over data of the game on my computer, but no success. I would upload the image in this post, but I can't figure out how with this forum, as it only accepts URLs for some reason. And yes I have tried the Universal Extractor, but the guide is only helpful if you have Lego Rock Raiders. I cannot find a .cab file in my CDrom of Island Xtreme Stunts. If you need more information about what CDrom I'm using, I think it's the Funzone re-release of the game. Also, I can't try installing it again without using a different installation of the game one after the other, because once an installation stops working, it will become unusable unless I use a different installation to counterfeit the other. Any advice on what I should do?
  27. Hi @all, I seem to have a similar issue. I tried the solution which worked for @groovy grover. It did not work for me with "A good number to attempt is 9567812.", like @McJobless suggested ... However, I can give some feedback on the when it crashes ... The game crashe for me in Lvl09. I guess its the same as with @groovy grover, but my game is in German ... Anyway, I played the mission 3 times, and always had the crashes when teleporting vehicles. Twice, when I used the transporter to get the "Loader Dozer Schaufellader". And once, when a mud slide hit it and it got transported back to the LMS explorer. Then I tried the fix suggested by @McJobless. I transported down the Loader Dozer. Everything worked fine. But then when it started driving, the game crashed. I did not have the focus on the vehicle in that moment, so I don't know what happened exactly. I just can say that the game seems to works fine, if I don't use a big vehicle. So I'm here with two questions: 1. Is there any fix in general for this behavior? 2. Does anyone have a pointer, where to look? Maybe I'll find some time and figure it out myself :) Best Regards, Mushroom
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    Mighty Miners

    I'm planning on streaming myself playing the latest build of Mighty Miners tomorrow from 6-8pm central time, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the original Rock Raiders game!
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