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  2. aidenpons

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    Nice! These do sound... different to the original pieces - which isn't bad at all! They split the tune up across multiple parts for quieter and louder bits, when the original music would go full blast (which was partly what made it so memorable) One nasty side-effect is that there isn't much music in the LR music to actually begin with (it's amazing what they did with so little!) - so when you've split things up to be a little quieter, especially across multiple instruments, it can be a little empty. But the flip-side of that is that the music never feels too busy! One thing the original music did quite nicely was mimic the flow of physical instruments with an accent and then decaying sound (especially noticeable in Knightmare-a-thon's timpanis) - and I feel you could have used that on occasion a little more. Though admittedly you mimic electronic (and as you say, more modern) instruments nicely not by doing that, and sometimes that really adds to the feel as well Speaking of Knightmare-a-thon, loooooving the organ, piano, and heavy electronic bass there. That was a really good combo! Maybe I'm a classical music purist, but I find standard drums (snare especially) a little obnoxiously loud and common in music overall. The music does such a good job of keeping the beat with the tune, the accompaniment to the tune, and the layering, and the bass - you don't need harsh drums to keep my erratic bobbing in time I really like it, and if we knew how, would definitely be interested in a mod that replaced the music, this is really good! Different, and neither are superior, but good (Might write a little more when I've finished listening to all of it )
  3. aidenpons

    Treasures from the Lair

    Cirevam was very nice and gave me lovely icons to use as well as some nulls. I gave the Mega Mole an engine upgrade - I felt a Drill or Scanner upgrade would a) be mostly useless (already drills everything in <= 1s) and b) require some graphical indication, which I didn't feel capable of doing. Overall it's a more expensive but slightly speedier Chrome Crusher. The Front Loader I put a lot more work into, with an Engine and Scanner upgrade. I was trying to get Carry to increase cargo space from 2 to 3, but LRR simply wouldn't let that happen (weird... I got Carry working on the Tunnel Scout fine), so that's not happening. If you unpack the .wadp you should be able to see the commented-out lines (unless Wad Recycler ate them, which it sometimes does) which to the best of my knowledge should work but don't. Again, many thanks to Cirevam - he made all the models and the icons, I just put them into the game. (Split them into two separate downloads because they are now two separate fully functional units) --> Mega Mole --> Front Loader
  4. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders Screenshots

    I was tired of stuffing screenshots in Miscellaneous Randomness. Here goes!
  5. aidenpons

    Treasures From the Lair - Mega Mole

    Model credit to Cirevam, original model to Lair. Turning them into a Cafeteria patch was done by me. Upgrade stats done by me with Cirevam's help. Icons done by Cirevam.
  6. aidenpons

    Hover Scout Upgrade - Now with Models!

    Very minor update, now the Cafeteria patch doesn't clean up after itself and thus remove the now-unused UpgradeTypes, mostly because I needed them for the Slimy Slug. Download link is the same place as always. Still using patch version 1 not 3 mostly because I can as I don't need to do any Pilot.ae editing.
  7. Yesterday
  8. mumboking

    Need help running Lego Island (ISO).

    If using Windows 10 (and I now notice "Spooky" is), there is a built-in feature, assuming it is an ISO and not a BIN. Right click the ISO and click on "Mount". You'll now have a virtual optical drive showing up with the contents of the ISO. Run the installer from there. After you've installed it, you may like to do this too (it'll mean you won't have to mount the ISO every time you want to play LEGO Island): Once you're done using the virtual drive, you can right click it and click "Eject".
  9. Last week
  10. I'm so glad I found this after having so much trouble getting the original to work again! It already has the potential to be even better than the vanilla game! If you had some talented voice actors, they could be useful for the new campaign in addition to redubbing the classic levels and tutorial missions. I wouldn't mind since the original voice acting isn't so good, especially the captain!
  11. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Running Lego Racers 1 On Win7

    It works as long as I don't turn on compatibility settings. Otherwise it won't run. But the other settings along with the black squares fix and I'm now good to go!
  12. Avery Waikawa

    how do minifigures why they don't the lego people?

    Not exactly a minifig but I thought I'd bump this topic to post: Source
  13. Cyrem

    Need help running Lego Island (ISO).

    An easy program to mount an iso is WinCDEmu: https://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/download/
  14. Perhaps you're using an older version of Cafeteria? Cafeteria should have no issue launching CE. In fact if it finds CE, it will launch it instead of standard LRR. Maybe check for the latest versions of Cafeteria and CE. CE 1.0.3 is out which adds back resolution support. I'm fairly certain disappearing raiders is a graphics card compatibility issue as I've been able to cause it on demand through various experiments with d3d, I usually have no such issue otherwise. The issue isn't caused by the things you've disabled as the issue's apparent cause is almost different for every one who has it, but really the real issue is occurred somewhere upstream of the visible effect. I've researched idleness syndrome much beyond the topic that discusses it and I'm closing in on a solution. But it is much to do with Rock Raider tasks.
  15. mumboking

    Need help running Lego Island (ISO).

    It sounds to me like you're trying to run the installer from inside the ISO. Since all the other files can't be accessed (because only the installer got extracted from the ISO to run it), it errors. Try either extracting all the files in the ISO onto a folder on your computer, or mount the ISO so it shows up as a drive on your computer. Then try running the installer again.
  16. Thank you for the thorough response @aidenpons, sorry for taking.... uh, three months!! I guess!!! to respond!!! oof!!! It's been an incredibly busy period for me and my interest in the game has been very on and off, so I wasn't really checking back here much. I guess I'll go over where my situation's at now: I switched over to Baz's Mod, and I can't quite remember if I added any other mods, but I think I decided to just play it as safe as possible and not install anything else, instead just manually tweaking lego.cfg a good bit to incorporate some of the fixes I wanted from the 2 improvement packs and tweak various settings to my own liking. I'm using CE and not using Cafeteria, since as far as I could figure out there wasn't any way to make Cafeteria launch the CE executable correctly. Part of why my interest waned so much was because the issues with crashing and game-breaking bugs just became more and more intolerable. There were a good number of levels I had to debug mode ctrl+s past, because they would crash during the home stretch after sinking an hour in, or my raiders would all disappear, or the tutorial-based objectives wouldn't complete. By the time i was halfway through the game, i was running into lots of levels that would 100% consistently crash after getting some amount in, and it was just way too frustrating to deal with. And then a week or so ago, I did two things: fixed a broken change I'd made to STTs, and cranked up the video memory in DGVoodoo, and I haven't had a single crash since. Other than my hand crashing into my face for being so dumb. I am still having problems though, especially in the later huge entity-laden levels like Hot Stuff and Rocky Horror. Despite having both the CryDrain and DivideByNeo fixes enabled, I'm still having problems with my raiders disappearing, either from crystals being drained or from raiders attempting to recharge them, I'm not sure which. It doesn't always happen and seems to be a greater risk once a base is more developed and there's a lot going on. I also completely disabled the ability for monsters to grab raiders some time back, because that was another trigger for one or all of my raiders to disappear or get trapped in an animation loop. However, I think that thread on Idleness Syndrome (another issue I've often run into) and the other info you linked might be a big help. Restarting the computer and having fewer raiders seem like very promising leads, as I do tend to notice an increase in game-breaking bugs after long play sessions, and at points in missions where I have a lot of units with a lot of potential tasks to complete. And it would help explain why these problems are cropping up so much for me in the last couple days particularly - normally I shut down my computer about every night (though until now I did unknowingly have the Win10 Fast Startup option enabled) but in the last half-week I've developed the worst flu of my life and I've been sleeping at essentially random times, so I haven't really been going through Bedtime Rituals like shutting down my PC, ahah. So I think this info already does help a lot! Knowing in the future to restart my PC when I start having issues in-game, and to lean even harder into the approach I've had in my own personal tweaks, of making raiders far faster and better, but consuming more oxygen thus limiting the number that can teleport in. If there are any other tips, tweaks, or mods that could help out with preventing the disappearing raiders glitch though, I am all ears!
  17. I am on Windows 10. Chip Type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x9874) Hello there. I have the ISO for Lego Island on my computer, but I am having trouble on how to actually run it. When I click on SETUP.EXE, a notification tells me it can't run on my PC. When I click install and choose my location (C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Island), it then says "The file C:\Users\MY USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\Power2Go8\8.0\Temp\MSREG\Msrun32.exe could not be opened." I even tried looking for that manually to see what the problem was myself, but couldn't even find C:\Users\MY USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink. Can anybody help?
  18. jose_brick_master


    i like how the information center is in the center of the island
  19. Sunchipp

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    huh...looks like I'm not the only one who remade the songs.
  20. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    I have installed this game following all the steps, using both dgvoodoo executables, using the right compatibility settings and the gameplay screen still keeps going blank after several seconds from starting a level every single time! I'm using the Fun Club re-release of the game, which I copied onto my computer via DaemonTools. This problem previously only occurred after a while of gameplay, but now it happens within seconds of the first level I play. The menus work fine, but after this happens, the rockslide transitions between menus disappears. And yes I have tried restarting my game, but it always keeps happening every time within missions. I also tried the latest dgvoodoo executables, but still have the same problems. I don't know what else to do! Please help! P.S. If this helps, I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card on my laptop.
  21. Earlier
  22. While I'm still hard at work implementing tasks for the Vehicles, which should honestly be pretty quick since I'm basically just copy-pasting the code from the Miner, I wanted to share one of those details that you can't get in LRR whatsoever: Physically simulating the Ore/crystals in a Vehicle Tray!
  23. hi it dumps them to XML now too I think it's actually done now goodbye sleep bed zzz
  24. RyanTheInkling

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    i have the game running normally, but the screen is stuck in the middle.
  25. Mr. Skeltal

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    Sorry to say, but your machine is not good enough for a dgVoodoo setup, let alone, an HD setup. dgVoodoo wraps Direct X to a modern version of Direct X, but your hardware is not new enough for this to work correctly, im afraid. You might want to look around for other guides to get the game running, as this specific one will simply not work for you.
  26. RyanTheInkling

    Help with Lego Island and dgVoodoo

    Ok, so I tried to configure dgVoodoo to run Lego Island in HD, but when I configured it using the tutorial shown here: It broke my game! I couldn't launch Config.exe, and launching isle.exe had it show up for a couple of seconds in the top left corner, then it disappeared. Why is this happening?!?! Also, dgVoodoo version 2.53 won't launch on my computer. Specs: OS: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family dgVoodoo version: 2.63.1 RAM: 4 GB Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @2.13Ghz
  27. Jugebox98

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    Hmmmm.... Well I'm not completely negletted on that idea. Right now I want to finish this project and then I might think to do other rundown to other LEGO game ost But right now I have no further plans to continuing on the other game
  28. Akorax

    Lego Racers OST Remastered on Yamaha PSR 670

    I had to listen and compare to the original track. Both versions sound great, the discord and poor quality of the original version bring to me the cartoony feeling of the original game which is part of why I like it so much. Your remastered version could absolutely fit with a bit more polygons like a remaster of the game probably would have. Do you have any interest in doing this for other games perhaps?
  29. Arthuriel

    Insane Raiders [2020-01-16: Insane R]

    Finally, after a million years, but slightly before the heat death of the universe I finished my next Insane Raiders comic: Comic No. 29 - Insane R Don't worry about the small preview size (the result of the 750 pixel image height limit and the length of the comic). You just have to click on it and view it in the original file size. It's in the second post of this thread and in this post right here. Here at the end of the thread I put it into a spoiler for a better reading flow: Here is the background story (read the comic first for extra "What is even going on?"-madness): Maybe it was a mixture of laziness and "Is this idea good enough?/ I have a better idea" and "How many will read it?", but I haven't published a comic in ages. I even made fun about that by giving me the rank: "I know: I should make a new Insane Raiders comic very soon." Previously I thought about making another comic, but then I had an idea. Ben24x7 told me about a train racing game called Densha de D and mentioned, that it had a cool feature you wanted to show. I wondered, if it was about Drifting (you may know the memeI and Ben24x7 (slightly disappointed, that I guessed it so fast*) said, that it was indeed about this and continued to show it. After that I looked this up (including a speedrun) and discovered, that Densha de D was also a manga series which in return was based on the manga/anime series called Initial D, which is about drift races in Japan. There are also some other references in it**. This is also the reason, why I made it look more like a manga. Now you might ask: "Can this same insane over the top racing theme be applied to another obvious LEGO game candidate?" and you are completely right! It's LEGO Ra.... Chess! Just imagine the checkmate! Your display might as well just explode! *reminds me of the time, when I played Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC remake of the first Katamari Damacy game) and on the first or second day I though: "Imagine a snob saying, that it is about criticising consumerism due to the sheer amount of objects, that you collect" Little did I know, that this was the actual intention of the game's creator... **Redline (over the top anime racing movie) and Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi (the last panel of the comic). Also Rock Raiders for obvious reasons.
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