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  3. trigger_segfault

    Cafeteria Patch Documentation

    Note that script.txt needs to be formatted using CRLF ("\r\n") newlines. Otherwise it seems that everything will be treated as a single line, (which I think was executing successfully because the first line was a comment). Some editors like VSCode may not use this format by default.
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  5. Ajax

    Need some help

    I would like to see better a train that appears in a cutscene from lego Indiana Jones, I found the untextured model in the gsc file related to that cutscene but I need to see colors for an unseen part I found in the gsc. As i don't know how to extract the gsc and get textures I tried many game mod. I tried to replace the CUT file with another for different view but the train disappeared, and I tried to replace files from many levels with those from train cutscene, but even when I had access to the area the train was not there. I know for sure that it's not in the CHARS folder so what is the file that generates it in a scene? When I replaced the files I took all the files from that cutscene folder so my best guess is that there is something more to change to have it, any idea?
  6. Ben24x7

    Bits N' Bricks Podcast

    I understand most people are well-aware about this series (especially those of you on the RRU Discord), but for the sake of future reference/preservation, here's a topic dedicated to the official LEGO Games "Bits N' Bricks" podcast. [Side-note to any avid listeners of the podcast: feel free to correct me if I get any information about this podcast incorrect. I'll try to fix any errors post-haste] [ The full playlist of the "Bits N' Bricks" podcast, hosted on the official LEGO Gaming Youtube channel ] What IS the Bits N' Bricks podcast? Bits N' Bricks - Season 2 Full Episode List Episodes of the "Bits N' Bricks" podcast release every Wednesday, at roughly 12 noon [GMT]. The series is available on: - Apple Podcast - Spotify - Stitcher - Youtube - Google Podcast - ...and RSS Full transcripts of every episode are available on LEGO's website. More information about the series, as well as info on the 25th anniversary of LEGO video games, can be found on LEGO's website here: https://www.lego.com/en-gb/legogames-25
  7. SieTLG3651

    Thoughs on Lego Builder Journey

    Huh, well that was a surprise for me. I am really curious about the puzzle aspect about it, so that is my angle. I like aesthetics however I need a bit more meat to my games than looks. I'm also happy that we were are getting something new from Lego, hopefully this is a trend that will keep on going.
  8. Ben24x7

    Thoughs on Lego Builder Journey

    For clarification, LEGO Builder's Journey was released as an Apple Arcade exclusive back in December 19th, 2019, so the game is already out, people have already played it, but the new release is just a port to bring it to more systems (including PC, thankfully). As somebody who doesn't have access to the Apple Arcade version, I'm really looking forward to it coming out later this month on PC. Originally I was thinking of picking it up due to it's unique visual style (I love the diorama-style of the levels and the idea of using bricks as an abstract representation for human characters - it's sooo refreshing compared to using minifigs/minifig-like characters for the 80 billionth time), but I listened to the Bits N' Bricks podcast episode about Builder's Journey and hearing about the story, the music and the process of making the game made me more curious. It's nice to get something refreshing and unconventional from LEGO's video game division once in a while, and LBJ is definitely something I've got my eye on. Cannot wait to play it once it comes out!
  9. SieTLG3651

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Oh man this has so much promise! Nice work Maxim! Hope this gets completed someday but if it doesn't at least we get to look at what a re release would look like.
  10. So I do not know if anyone is aware but there was a new lego game announced! It is called Lego Builder's Journey and it is slated to release on the 22nd of June. Now I personally am not that into atmospheric games myself however this looks like it could be a fun romp. I'm still waiting to watch reviews and gameplay on it though, I learned my lesson from pre-ordering Thief 4. So what do you guys think? Does it look like your kind of game? Would you give it a try?
  11. SieTLG3651

    Lego should make more Creator Games

    Doesn't Lego Worlds cover something like this? I have not played the game myself but from the outside looking in and without the external franchises like LOTR, Batman, Star Wars, etc. , it pretty much looks like the game you are describing.
  12. Thomkok23

    Install Lego Racers on w10

    I found out that you are able to download the game here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/lego-racers-bak When you have installed everything in the installation, you need to set compatibility mode for the shortcut to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or else it wont start up and you get an error message.
  13. Just blowing some dust out of this thread: We're still going, but a bit slow! Last week I posted a status update detailing the current state of the project, if you're interested then read it here. In short: Slow steady pace, but I also have gotten in contact with Lego officially so some nice things might be coming my way soon! Stay tuned!
  14. Ajax

    Are these cars in the game models?

    Good point. Sound very strange that a model was done for this use only though. I mean making a new Car design just to appear brifly in a cutscene I wonder if those are included in the beta version game files
  15. aidenpons

    Are these cars in the game models?

    Without knowing too much I'm almost certain those are just in an .avi cutscene - it's possible the models are leftover in the files, but I highly doubt that (and if they were, they wouldn't be linked up to the cutscene). You might as well ask whether the LMS Explorer seen in the cutscenes is in the game files of LRR - a valid question, but the answer to that is "no," and I'd be surprised if it was different for Lego Island.
  16. Hi everyone, I always noticed some cars who look to be a very different style from anything else in the game during the bad ending cutscene in lego Island, so I would like to see them better, are them included in the game models?
  17. If you're going to buy a physical copy of the game get one that is a rerelease rather than the original, the originals can be seen to have a serial key whereas the later versions lack this. The later version is the only one that works on Windows 10.
  18. Welcome to the forum. We can't provide links to the game, so you'll have to get it yourself some other way. Afterwards, we should be able to help you. I vaguely remember some threads on getting the game to work on more modern computers. Something about an IPS patch, maybe? I haven't done much with IXS personally, but someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.
  19. Hi everyone, I am new here and Ive downloaded LEGO- racers and stunt rally (just for the nostalgia). The only game I am missing is island xtreme stunts. I dont know anything about files and stuff and I feel like I am very sensitive for dangerous links with virus et al. So my question is: Does anybody have a reliable link to download island xtreme stunts? It would be much appreciated ! Love, a Lego gamer fan
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  21. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Lego should make more Creator Games

    If a dedicated group of fans were capable of acquiring the rights to make their own Lego Creator game, then I think it would be great if they could make it an online community driven version with many different Lego themes, more creative tools that are more user friendly, and provide a full sandbox mode to explore and play in your own created world. It should also have the Creator Wizard return as your mentor and provide some lessons on how to create, build, play and share your creations to become an official Lego Creator wizard. It would be a very ambitious project no doubt, so it would have to be done by a large team of hard working fans to bring it to life. Although, considering this is pretty much covering a large proportion of Lego's IPs, it probably wouldn't be given approval by the company that easily even if its non profitable.
  22. So, I'm currently trying to get the ROTK Marsh Intro (as a video) when starting the game. I tried it with screen recording but I want it without the Lego Logo, Game Title and "Press any button to continue". I tried using QuickBMS with ttgames.bms script and found one of the sound files that are used "ROTK_TITLES_START_SFX.OGG" but unfortunatly I can't find the Video neither a way to hide the logo etc.. Does anyone know how to hide it or find the video? Thanks in advance!
  23. Gracias amigos soy fans de RR desde los 8 años. Estoy lagrimeando gracias no puedo creer que me funcione aún en mi antigua computadora mmx 200mhz
  24. UselessRaider

    Question: Chaning the max amount of rock raiders

    Imgur picture seems to work fine hahaha i lowered it to -0.33
  25. UselessRaider

    Question: Chaning the max amount of rock raiders

    Aaah thanks i will check it out and report back the results
  26. Cirevam

    Question: Chaning the max amount of rock raiders

    Welcome to RRU. I believe changing the OxygenCoef for the rock raider will do it. Here's the relevant section in the CFG. Change -1.0 to -0.66 and you should be able to bring 15 raiders per Support Station. Pilot { Levels 4 RouteSpeed 01.500:01.650:01.850:02.000 SoilDrillTime 08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000 LooseDrillTime 08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000 MedDrillTime 12.000:11.000:10.000:09.000 HardDrillTime 00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000 SeamDrillTime 15.000:14.000:13.000:12.000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OxygenCoef -1.0 CanStrafe TRUE EnterToolStore TRUE ShowHealthBar TRUE } Someone else can double check me.
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