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  3. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Steam: "Unreal Gold": Currently free on GOG: "Unreal Gold":
  4. Slimy Slug

    A Fresh Start

    No, you're not the only one who voted. Kind of sad I only got two people who voted, but I'll take any input I can get.
  5. boopolini

    LRR Lego Rock Raiders win xp sp3 problem

    So I have removed my graphics card to see wat would happen and as it tearns out I’m missing a display drivers for intugrated graphics so all I did was install the drivers and the game seems to look a lot better and run somthere and the frozen frenzy is still crashing but I have determined It’s has something to do with how the map processes for it runs fine in standard but the rock raiders will just stand there at certain points and proceed to do nothing so I downloaded one of my old saves that I found of a old laptop and used that to get me past it so overall it seems to be working fine. I thank you all for your help
  6. LazerLuke19

    Lego Racers 20th Anniversary Car Collection

    Will there be Rocket Racer, Speed Racer, Racer X, Lightor, Warrior, Batman, Joker, McQueen, Storm, Mad Max, Mario, Johnny Thunder, d*** Dastardly and Muttley aswell?
  7. aidenpons

    The LEGO Movie Sequel

    As others have noticed on that Twitter post, "THE SECOND PART" is not made out of Lego bricks...
  8. lu9

    Discord Server Signups

    ey. it me. Lu9#1647
  9. Cap't Rex

    What has Gaming's influence on you been?

    Spent too much time on games obviously! Games + Yugioh TCG are addicting. On a serious note, it got me more interested in programming and coding. Still trying to learn how to use blender and lightwave though. The LRR modding especially inspired me. Later I moved on to modding Empire at War, Stellaris, and other games.
  10. Cap't Rex


    Anyone else here play Stellaris? Personally it is one of my favorite games and I have sunk about 600 hours on it according to steam. For those who aren't familiar with the game, its a 4x style RTS game. You start off as a planet that just recently discovered spacecraft. The goal is win by either exterminating all other empires (or vasselizing them), controlling 60% of all planets, having a galactic wide federation. Theres infrastructure building and research. And a big navel component. The best summary of the game would be upgraded Empire At War Galactic Conquest. Theres also Skynet, Different Fallen Empires, and lots more. As for the DLC, the only one you need is Utopia and Leviathans. The game has tons of mods in it, is easy to make mods for, and more mods are constantly being added. Some mods I would recommend include: CC's Spaceports and Forts, ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships, Utopian dreams, More Traditions, Autobuild mod, and the various ship set mods (theres mods for SW expanded universe, WH40k ships, etc), and the various custom race mods.
  11. Last week
  12. Ben24x7

    The LEGO Movie Sequel

    I hate to bump this topic, but we have a logo reveal:
  13. running lego games on lego you are a genius
  14. skullabyss

    LRR Chief's Voice is Silent During Briefings

    There wasn't anything else wrong. I experimented around with different sound cards, and turned out it was my Creative Labs sound card causing the issue. BWHAHA
  15. Sparks20

    High-Poly Hover Scout

    I like the model in a 2d HP vehicle mod and it looks like the real thing with it smoothed and cleaned. ( but I don't do modding) I do enjoy riding the hover scout. ( even though I didn't got a chance to ride one)
  16. Yes. It succesfully runned Lego Racers N64 and PS1 versions. And I tried Lego Island 2 PS1 version too and it runs very well too.
  17. aidenpons

    Bonjour !

    Well, you'll need a lot of luck to pull this off. There are guides in and around the place, but even then it's still a 50% chance that you'll actually get a playable game. Welcome to RRU! actual hobbies? These things still exist?
  18. Sorry; I have no interest in resuming this project at this time. Anyone else can feel free to take the reigns.
  19. So far I modeled the tools shed, the media store and the space station from Legoland in LDD and uploaded them to Mecabricks. You can see them and download them on my page:
  20. Poulpi

    Bonjour !

    Hi there! I'm Poulpi, french dude that fell onto this forum because of Rock Riders, that I'm trying to run on my W10. I also do leathercraft and knifemaking. Have a nice day !
  21. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Steam: "Prismata": Currently free on Humble: "Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition": Currently free elsewhere: "Trainz Simulator 2009 World Build Edition":
  22. mumboking

    The "I acquired more LEGO" thread!

    I don't actually have any plans at all. I just bought the tub of minifigs because minifigs. 🤷♂
  23. good grief the comments on that they're... well deserved, if a little extreme The comments on the second one are much more sane with no expletives, at least on the first page.
  24. aidenpons

    The "I acquired more LEGO" thread!

    That haul is quite nice, as none of those minifigures have printed legs, allowing you to re-use their limbs in whatever monstrosity you like. What are you planning with all of the ♂? (policemen, in case it wasn't obvious)
  25. mumboking

    The "I acquired more LEGO" thread!

    I forgot to post this here? Huh... £4 the lot. This guy has scratches in his head... ...those scratches appear to make a face. OOF! This was £4. Sealed.
  26. Well, perhaps someone else on the internet might port them, but I don't know about Xir. It's been quite a long while since he updated his collection of Classic LEGO game ports and I don't know if he has any intention on continuing it. Although, Xir did port Emmet and Wyldstyle from TLM, it's just that he only uploaded them as part of his "Modern" pack on his blog (and, as you can see from the image below, they're not quite finished). Sorry lad, but you're out of luck. Your only choice is an MLP Pony re-skin or this thing.
  27. Cyrem

    The quest for the most bizzare emoji

    How very bizzare 🧐 Begin the smilie story resurrection !
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