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  2. As you say, the music is baked into the audio of the video file, and it's not hanging around anywhere. You can easily take the whole audio of the .avi (the file's on the disc under Data\AVI - paste the contents of that into your AVI folder in your LegoRR installation and you'll have LRR play the cutscenes regardless of disk in/out status), but as you say that also includes sound. I know little about audio, but I also know this exists: an extended LRR intro which has no music, but does have sound and voice effects. This suggests it might be possible to subtract the sound effects from the sound effects and music, leaving you with just the music. So maybe that's something? Also, welcome back to RRU
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  4. Hi guys. The Introduction music for Lego Rock Raiders has always been a favorite of mine, and a friend and I would love to listen to the Intro music from the PC Version without the voices/sound effects in the music/background - so just the raw music itself. I've been trying to search for this for years. But it's difficult with such an old game. I've trawled through the game files, but fail to find anything. I'm beginning to think possibly that the sound effects are baked into the video file itself? Could anyone be of assistance?... I know it's a long shot, but if the old Dev's come back, it's a possibility to ask them, but the chances are very, very slim. I know you can easily rip the music from the game files itself (when actually playing the game) but trying to grab music from a Video file (without sound effects) is a very difficult task, especially if you're unsure were to look. It's a shame that this music isn't part of the Soundtrack itself. If it's not possible to find the RAW music track without the effects/voices, is there anyway to Isolate the sound effects but keep the background music? You can check out the music here.
  5. bradleybrand

    Remake: LEGO Racers 2

    I'm no expert but maybe make the NPC AI (the computer opponents) more challenging. Well saying that... the game got easy if you did all the bonus games on adventure and purchased all the engine upgrades. You could make your car ever so fast. Another thing I mentioned about changing was in multiplayer games, allowing computer player opponents also. Where you play multiplayer split screen, it is only you vs. your friend. No computer NPC opponents what so ever. Which sucks. I would give the player the option to choose how many they would like to race. ALSO: If anyone has any links to things to massively improve the base game, please post them. Always looking forward to improving the graphics, gameplay, etc.
  6. Agent2583

    Remake: LEGO Racers 2

    If we did have a Lego Racers 2 Remake, what would you change?
  7. bradleybrand

    Remake: LEGO Racers 2

    Throughout my childhood and teens, I have always been a big fan of LEGOs. I have came across many different LEGO games during that time, some better than others. One of my most favourite LEGO games of all time is LEGO Racers 2. But with the game being released in 2001, the game has aged since then. The game did not allow 1920x1080 resolution support, but was achievable through some tweaks which I could never get to work. The game had many strengths and many weaknesses which let the game down. One strength was the ability to race a friend with a split screen, with controller support, with the weakness being that there was no LAN racing feature so that players could play on their own machine. Another weakness was during "multiplayer", all the other computer NPC opponents were removed. I have a vision. Just imagine a multiplayer version of LEGO Racers 2. A rebuilt Sandy Bay, copied exactly. Remodeled and re-textured assets. Players having the ability to choose a character, choose a car and race their friends. Players having the ability to manually choose how many NPC opponents they want in their games. Future updates could implement other worlds, such as Mars, into the game at a later date. Maybe even a free mode could be implemented for the player to freely drive around the worlds and later on maybe the single player features could be implemented, such as the "Golden Bricks", but this is all extra work. I have this vision but I hold zero knowledge or experience when it comes to creating a game, all I know is it takes time. I am looking for a team to try and help my dream become a reality. I need to find people with the same passion as me to create something amazing. What would motivate and encourage people to take on such a ambitious project? I would suggest starting off small: - One world island (Sandy Bay) - One feature: Multiplayer via LAN - Pre-built cars to choose from - Pre-build characters to choose from - Enter a player name - To start off with, no computer NPC opponents until foundations met - Simple tracks around a newly built Sandy Bay world map - Linking to LR2 sounds?? What I expect would be needed: - Map designer - Coders - 3D modellers - Texture designer - Anyone with desired skills Extras - Better LEGO scenery (trees, flowers, bushes, etc) - Better water - More LEGO assets (houses, fisherman area, docks, etc) - If "SinglePlayer", make the LEGO inhabitants seem more "human" by having active tasks. Not standing in one spot, but walking around, doing things. - Maybe expand the town? Or create another settlement for the island? - Maybe new racing opponents with new homes for them. Sticking to the year 2001 era. I believe if a remade Sandy Bay was constructed - looking ever so good - it would encourage people to the project. So if someone can rebuild the Sandy Bay map for a start, that would be fantastic. Maybe making the terrain, the rocks, the water, the sky, look even better.
  8. steem99

    Your Master Guide to get LRR to run

    Hi when I follow that download link and download the zip file, extract it to the desktop, my folder looks like this: Which is nothing like your image you linked. I don't have the LRR disk (unclear as to whether I have to?), when I download and run the installer exe file it says "a disk drive was not found on your computer".
  9. bradleybrand

    Pre-Rendered Cutscenes HD Upscaling

    Excellent work!
  10. bradleybrand

    Lego Racers 2 - RL Cars

    Seriously! LEGO Racers 2 deserves a remaster/remake!6 p c
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  12. CedricTheBullForever

    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    Still don't like that Cedric just pops outta nowhere, snatches the page and completely ignores that Pepper just did his men a favor by getting their flag back. Also you think with Cedric being the Bulls leader you think the inhabitants might warn Pepper of him, but they don't. It's not until AFTER the fight that if you talk to them they mention Cedric and say he's always showing up unexpectedly which is stupid. Oh and why do none of the Bulls care that Cedric is gone and why are they friendly? It just makes no sense. It would've made more sense if it was the other way around: The Bulls steal the Lion flag so the Lions have the page, Pepper goes over to the Bull castle and demands the flag back so Cedric makes a deal that if Pepper beats his best jouster in a joust he'll give back the flag. So cue the jousting game and after winning it Cedric doesn't keep his end of the deal and is all ''Haha no you think i'm gonna give up this flag so easily? Nice try but you're gonna have to go through me first'' Honestly Cedric was better in the GBC version cuz at least there it was more faithful to KK1 with him hiding in the forest and this time Cedric is shown to be Brickster's friend which explains why he fights Pepper. I just can't stand Cedric in LI2 because he did have hints of having a soft side in KK1/Creator KK. Him actually finding an abandoned Weezil alone in the forest and adopting him as his own son, there's no evidence of him treating his men like crap to the fact that it makes you wonder why they haven't turned on him and the fact that he's actually merciful and not a cold blooded killer because he just wants to banish Leo and his family not kill them if he finally wins. Then there's his backstory that Lego never expanded up and completely glossed over explaining his motivation for wanting Leo's land. You know how most present day Lego villains have complicated motivations and have depth to the fact that they have hope of redemption? Yeah well for an early 2000s Lego villain Cedric was just all that and he never got the potential he deserved and he just got bastardised in LI2.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF6pL0tk7TQ This is a direct port of the original Knightmare-athon model extracted from the game, ported into Mario Kart DS. The vertex colors are the same as they are in the original, although I had to manually assign the materials to each vertex as the .ply exporter tool does not support materials. I finished this port a while ago, but I had forgotten to post it here. You might notice that the UV's on the mountain material are misaligned, and this is due to the vertex offset limit of the DS. Because of this, I had to remap it, but everything besides that material is completely original. For clarity, it is possible to modify the checkpoints in Mario Kart DS, but I did not do so here as the course would never work on a real DS (the original course model is about 6000 tris when the limit of displayable tris onscreen at once is 2048 for the DS). The music is edited over the video, but thanks to the N64 using real-time sequences for the music, it is theoretically possible to actually port the original song over by extracting the samples and sequence from the game. (BTW, if this is in the wrong subforum, please move it, mods.)
  14. Note: Here is the link to the first episode of the "Arthuriel reviews something, what he found at home" Show: It's about 5.5 years since the last episode of the "Arthuriel reviews something, what he found at home" Show, which can mean only ONE thing (besides making sure, that Bob from the first episode doesn't contribute to plastic pollution by breaking apart): Finding something else in a panic and making another Episode out of it! Originally it started at the beginning of this year by asking in the RRU Discord chat, but I couldn't get an answer and so I put operation "Where is this brick from and who made it?" (Short: WITBFAWMI, which also sounds like a file, that's either a virus or something, that you shouldn't delete) on ice until I thought, that I should revive it again, because I needed an answer. "But where would you ask?" you might reply? The sensible option might be something like eurobricks, but guess what: I have rarely used my account and somehow I don't feel like using it at the moment (flimsy excuses 101!). Which brings me to another option: Twitter. Answer: I guess, that this will be a hopeless endeavour and me just getting one or two likes, a retweet and no replies. And this leads me to the ultimate solution* (and an excuse to write this Arth-Show Episode!): Rock Raiders United Now that I got the boring part out of the way, I can introduce you to the really exciting part. The background story even includes a DEATH! No, not the one of a person (or a pet)! That would be horrific and the plot basis for a bad horror movie ("The Brick that builds WITH YOU(R LIFE)!" or "Bricked: What started as a toy ended as a murderer"): THE ANCIENT MYSTERY BRICK Can you feel the budget the "Arth" Show is stretched to? I can, because it revolves around a single brick. Next time I should write a review about a broken off propeller blade from the first episode or air and how you can inhale it ("Arth's Inhale it or Not!"). Here is the description from the gallery, when I uploaded the picture (or rather a collage): "I also got really old bricks in my brick collection. This one is part of a subset of bricks, that are from the 60s to 70s. It's also the only one of its type, that I have (the last of its species XD). I assume, that it is a knock-off and probably bought in central europe (or a gift or traded in for a real brick, I don't know)." Additional Information: -it's made out of a softer plastic, red and has the same size as a regular 2x4 brick -the brighter stuff on the brick is worn out-plastic from the brick, that is still attached (it's softer plastic) -actually I posted about this twice in the RRU Discord chat (the first one was without pictures and the guess was, that it could be a Minitalia brick. A picture search revealed, that it didn't match and that it was another brick. The second time (a day later) was the one, where I posted pictures and didn't really get an answer (that was the one I was writing about in the beginning)) -at this point I have run out of bullet points, the non-existing budget for the "Arth" Show and... ...wait a minute, I mentioned a death in the text above! Actually the brick pictures are the last pictures, that I have taken with an old (~15) digital camera, because the on/off switch gave up after that (you turned the camera on by sliding open the cover in front of the lense) and that's it Question: Can you solve the mystery of the ancient mystery brick? Who made it (I wonder, if I should include some sort of price XD)? Next Episode (Warning: contents, time, format and basically everything may vary!): An interview with the Brickster and how he started his career as a petty criminal by not rewinding/winding VHS tapes. Also: How the Infomaniac was accused of a scam one time, because he proclaimed, that you change flowers . *not really. Maybe I am going to use other platforms, too, if I don't find an answer.
  15. Arthuriel

    Other projects

    An album for all the other projects besides my LMS Explorer models
  16. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Humble: "Endless Space - Collection"
  17. aidenpons

    Mighty Miners

    Yay, now I can actually tell the walls apart! The style reminds me a little of Vector Raiders. (Mostly just because it uses few colours and doesn't intend to look like real rock yet. ) Will give it a whirl when I don't immediately have everything due yesterday
  18. Ksyon

    Mighty Miners

    With Alpha 1.4, the textures should be a lot better and easier to distinguish than before! Everything's still placeholder, but I'm mostly happy with this for the time being. You can get the new version here: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=29919083&i=4431123
  19. aidenpons

    Water Lot of Fun II

    While replaying LRR for about the sixth time, I realised there was something about Water Lot of Fun that made it a fun level. The idea of having to hop over the river and re-establish Rock Raider HQ. Of course, there were many things that made it unfun: the capability to get 17 crystals out of 15 required on your starting island, the broken pathfinding, and the utter inability of RRs to work on both sides of the map at once. With these limitations in mind, I set out to create a challenging map. Not in the normal sense of monster spam and slugs appearing from under your buildings (was considering that), or massive erosion (was considering that one too) - no, in this one, there just aren't enough crystals to go round. You'll need to use all your LRR knowledge to win this one! Download! Plop into the Cafeteria folder of mods, install, and play. REQUIRES CUSTOM LEVEL CAFETERIA FRAMEWORK - uses the Level 4 slot.
  20. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders Screenshots

    I was tired of stuffing screenshots in Miscellaneous Randomness. Here goes!
  21. aidenpons

    Water Lot of Fun - II

    Requires Custom Level Framework to run. Cafeteria patch.
  22. Ben24x7

    The (slightly disturbing) Running Man

    Jeez, didn't think I'd be digging up this topic so soon, but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Our dear friend, the (slightly disturbing) running man, has recently announced that he's developed a new physical defect/disability. We're not entirely sure how this happened (maybe it had something to do with his years-long absence, I don't know, but it might explain why he looks a little... dead), but somehow his calves have merged together: [ Photo of the titular "running" man and his new disability ] [ Photo taken on the 09/09/2019 - Image courtesy of Ben24x7 ] Doctors have suggested that the "running" man can only get rid of this horrific condition by living a more active/healthy life-style, mainly by joining local sports clubs or gyms. He struggled for the first few weeks, hindered by his inability to run (or even walk), but he seems to have found some luck at the "Disgruntled Underpaid Farmers Potato Sack Racing" club. At the rate he's going, he might even become the world champion of Potato Sack racing, possibly reaching a podium finish at the upcoming international 2020 Potato Sack racing championship (I mean, it's not the most ridiculous thing he's ever done or achieved). Nonetheless, we wish him all the best in his recovery, and hopefully we'll get to see him run free again... in a slightly disturbing manner. P.S. Apparently, due to his new disability, he's been thinking of legally changing his name to "The (slightly disturbing) scooting man". P.P.S. Thank you @Arthuriel for inspiring this artwork/announcement breaking the news on Twitter:
  23. BobaFett2

    A conversation with James Malloch: Artist From LEGO Island 2

    Cedric might not be pure evil but he was definitely a d***. Also, it's a LEGO game, shooting someone with a canon doesn't kill them - as evidenced by the fact that you can be hit by it repeatedly and only be stunned each time. I suspect that part of the deal was that TLG didn't care too much about consistent story universes before BIONICLE and so they just went with something that had a very castle feel with the most recent Castle theme. This is some cool stuff. It's a pity that the game was such a mess. I doubt it would have been at all like this if Mindscape hadn't screwed its team over but I do appreciate that it incorporated other themes so thoroughly in a way that LEGO Island didn't. LI2, Racers, and Racers 2 all did a great job of featuring a bunch of themes from that era - specifically, the era of my childhood (and slightly before it in the case of Racers) and it's something that I will always appreciate even if it doesn't always end up being as good as something more cohesive like IXS.
  24. elrunethe2nd

    How Does Rock Raiders Use Map Tile Heights [SOLVED]

    Yeah, that fixed it right up. Guess I was overthinking it. Thanks for that.
  25. Earlier
  26. aidenpons

    How Does Rock Raiders Use Map Tile Heights [SOLVED]

    The height value corresponds to the top left corner. One of the more useful results from this is that if you want a flat tile, that tile, the one below it, the one to the right, and the one below and to the right must all be at that same value you want it to be flat at; have an ASCII schematic I want the tile labelled E to be flat at 9, and everything else slope accordingly to 0. A B C 0 0 0 D E F 0 9 9 G H I 0 9 9 More info here.
  27. __BIOHAZARD___

    Lego Soccer Mania Windowed Mode (Win 10)

    I followed the thread here Basically I downloaded the game and replaced one of the game folders with the files from the original disk.
  28. Manuel

    Lego Soccer Mania Windowed Mode (Win 10)

    may i ask how you got it to run at all? thanks
  29. Xevengar

    Lego Racers Christmas Edition

    Thanks guys! Yeah...The backgrond color is one of those things that may end up different. Each passing day I either think it looks good or that it looks too bright, so we will see how that ends up. As for "Halloween-Christmas edition", there is some truth to that, but I can't say anything more about it
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