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  3. DarkianMaker

    New RRU Minecraft Server Thread

    I'd be willing but I want it to be a bit more active than the last one, sometimes spent most of the day on there alone
  4. Cyrem

    avatar uploading brings me physical pain

    Well you did do it in the longest way possible
  5. Yesterday
  6. RandomGuy0099

    LR1 LR1 OST Mashup

    I find it really interesting that some of the tracks have really good melody/harmony when mashed together like this. It's fascinating.
  7. piotr_garschin

    LR1 LR1 OST Mashup

    Awesome! I would like to listen to the other track's mashups.
  8. Brightfall

    LR1 LR1 OST Mashup

    I'm learning how to mashup songs and this my most succesful try. Enjoy! Tracks used: Knightmare Athon Royal Knights Raceway Imperial Grand Prix Magma Moon Marathon Rocket Racer Run If you want download this: MEGA
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  10. grappigegovert

    LSM Need Help: Lego Football Mania on Windows 10

    I got it to work on my windows 8 machine by running unsafedisk on it (in a winxp vm, it didn't work on win8). To get it fully working without a disk, you need to copy the 'CD' folder from the disk to your hard drive and then launch the game by starting game.exe with that copied dir as an argument (similar to how you would run IXS without a disk, except football mania has no 'CDC' folder). I'm not 100% sure if this will work on win10 as well though.
  11. Ajax

    SW1 Sw the videogame Unreleased level

    It talks of different games, but not from sw the videogame, did the files in the game had some references or files related to palpatine level?
  12. headplucker

    Discontinued Ninjago Scratch Game

    You guys remember the brilliant set called 'Epic Dragon Battle' in the theme of Ninjago? Well, some years ago I made it into a garbage Scratch game based off of it. (Please click on the link as it is easier to show you with a video than with pictures). The mechanics are slightly based off of an obscure SNES game called 'Live A Live' that I used to idolize; I hadn't played it at the time so it was just guesswork and improvisation for me. The music is also from there, 'Megalomania' and 'Pure Odio' respectively. Download link (backwards compatible with Scratch 1.4 but can run in Scratch 2) The Scratch 2 online editor can be found here, and all you have to do is download the project file above and then go to 'File' > 'Upload from your computer' inside of the editor. Now then, onto the game itself, and what makes it so horrible: No hitboxes - This causes a glitch wherein the dragon you play as can get trapped in the right-hand corner. Only one attack works Said attack has a very sparse area of effect, meaning it is almost impossible to hit the Great Devourer The Great Devourer itself only moves after you are stuck with the selected area of effect, making the task Sysphian The music doesn't loop instantaneously - and there is a very unnerving, albeit digital scream in the second track If you do get all of the hitpoints for the Great Devourer, then there is no victory; only the music stops Some 'features' could be considered benevolent: The Great Devourer's attacks do nothing Your health is four times that of the Devourer's (except you never lose any) You can probably move the sprites around with your mouse in order to make sure you hit the enemy. I only rediscovered this with the attack menu buttons. This also might just not work, as I haven't tested it recently. Please tell me what you think of this thing, if it isn't too horrible. I am probably not going to update it. Feel free to suggest tags to indicate that, as this is only my second post. If you do decide to play it, I suggest only going for one successful attack on your part, as it is very unbalanced. Also, please don't upload it to Scratch. On a side note, what other 'final battles' from the various Lego themes would you like to see in game format? Not that I'd try to recreate them or anything.
  13. aidenpons

    SW1 Sw the videogame Unreleased level

    Is Word of God not enough for you?
  14. aidenpons

    LSM Need Help: Lego Football Mania on Windows 10

    Firstly, throw compatibility settings on the executable (if the compatibility tab isn't there because Win10 likes to screw with you, run the troubleshooter and tick that you have ALL THE PROBLEMS - it'll throw on settings that you can then take off as you like). Beyond that, I'm guessing that Soccer Mania probably needs the disk to run? If so, it's probably been hit by the removal of SafeDisc, which basically means all the check-do-you-have-your-disk-in-your-drive break horribly, sometimes not even throwing any useful error message. (It was removed due to security problems and you probably shouldn't try to reinstall it) All of this is total guesswork on my part, I have a Soccer Mania CD sitting next to my computer but have never even bothered to install it . So your best bet for reliably getting it to run is probably to fish up your Windows 7 PC
  15. aidenpons


    Welcome back to RRU! With a bit of luck the colour scheme you know, love, and doesn't burn your retinas off will be up again dear old Scratch... I learnt a lot about programming with that, even though I never realised it.
  16. Terrev


    Welcome to the site! Looking forward to whatever you have to post. ^_^
  17. headplucker


    I have discovered to my delight recently that RRU is back up again! I was only a lurker beforehand, but since I had developed some LEGO related custom sprites, a Scratch game demo, and a few models in LEGO Digital Designer that I have recovered from the saved files from an older computer; I registered an account so that I would be able to dispense of this media, created about 5-6 years ago. I am particularly interested in anyone's opinion of my model of a Death Worm I made in LDD for the Return to Planet U mod that I had heard about at that time, although I admit it would be quite difficult to animate. I'll get to uploading the stuff over the next few days in various forums. It'll give me something to do for now... Cheers!
  18. Yeah, here's a side view: I was using the ingame model of the car for reference as I was designing it in LDD. I wouldn't really call myself a perfectionist but I do try to be as accurate as possible when I'm recreating something. Thanks!
  19. RandomGuy0099

    Rocket Racer Redesign Concept

    My take on a redesigned car for Race Car Guy from Series 18 (who may or may not be Rocket Racer).
  20. That's pretty cool. I really like the front of the car. Do you have a picture with a better look at the side of the car? I noticed that different official images of Rocket's car from previous games have the wheels sitting at various heights on the car, of which you've chosen the higher position. I think that works well because it allows the air current to keep the car on the ground. Good job.
  21. That's an interesting design. I came from a different angle with my concept design of the car. I instead tried to match the color scheme on his outfit, seeing as his car matches his outfit in both of the Lego Racers games. Take a look:
  22. Olivus Prime

    LR1 Offical LEGO Rocket Racer and Car model images

    Fantastic that this model has finally reappeared, and in such great photographs too. I remember hearing somewhere that LEGO Media brought one of these models with them to E3 1999, and I scoured all of the photos and video footage that I could find of the convention to try and see it (to no avail). Nice to see it in such good shape!
  23. Ajax

    SW1 Sw the videogame Unreleased level

    I really hoped to see palpatine level...
  24. Das Glückskekschen

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Yes, the issue was the installer. Try this installer: https://www53.zippyshare.com/d/YMrulzpy/6045/LRR.zip Send me a private Message for the pwd.
  25. Rogod

    Discord Server Signups

    I would like access to Discord I miss this community Done - Terrev
  26. Brightfall

    LR1 LR1 has the best soundtrack

    Title translation "Kostya* nostalgic for lego racers" *(Kostya - character from TV show where I took fragment)
  27. Brightfall

    Hello there

    Wow, thanks!
  28. Cirevam

    Hello there

    Yes to both. Cafeteria enables higher resolutions and we have plenty of modernized models in these areas: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/129-custom-objects/
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