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  3. Plasmwindz

    Sailor license bug

    Does anyone know what to do? Because I really want to complete this game again
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  5. Sunchipp

    LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack Fixed

    did some corrections with the WAV files and added some more files
  6. Sunchipp

    LR1 Music Pack Fixed

    I found out I have rendered the WAV files in the wrong format causing the music to become mute when installed into the game so I ended up fixing that and rendered it all in a higher quality. I also have more audio for the game as well. Riegel's whistle now has a tune playing to show the Mech. I wanted to do the same but adding extra sound files through the scripting doesnt seem to work for me so after finding out the correct timing with the start lights i managed to work away around.
  7. Sunchipp

    Sunchipp Mods

    Some Mods I have Worked on Just For The Hell of It
  8. Plasmwindz

    Sailor license bug

    I tried that but it didnt work. It doesnt bug out immediatly though I can usually make it through a couple of checkpoints before it starts.
  9. jamesster

    Sailor license bug

    Forcing on vsync is the only known thing to help that - which I assume is the fix you already mentioned trying? The problem generally seems to happen when the framerate gets too high.
  10. Plasmwindz

    Sailor license bug

    Whenever I enter the mission for the sailor license after the 4th or so checkpoint, it crashes. I have tried the solutions with the ixs fix but all that did was delay when the bug ocurred. The bug itself is where the boat disappears and you get a white screen. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  11. Arthuriel

    Pass the Torch

    Fortunately Dave was really stupid and ignored reality and walked over the river of lava. The real reason for the success of this stupendous task were actually a few rock piles, that were protruding from the lava. Having passed the lava river Dave got really hungry and confused the torch with flaming shashlik and wanted to eat it. Before doing so a smarter* Rock Raider snatched the torch from Dave's hand while shouting "No! The fate of the world depends on it!". While Dave tried to satisfy his hunger with the next best thing - a piece of ore - the smarter Rock Raider, who was actually Power Miner No. 471, couldn't continue the path of destiny due to a minor inconvenience: a group of bootleg LEGO bandits. *which isn't an amazing feat
  12. Plasmwindz

    Lego Island Xtreme Stunts crashes on boats

    I have recently started playing and the same issue occurs I have tried these fixes but now the bug just happens a few seconds later.
  13. Finally found a solution! I'm updating the first post with a guide so if anyone else wants to play Lego Racers on the Steam Link they'll know where to find some instructions. Also a thank you to everyone who offered a solution.
  14. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

    I tried to apply this fix after installing the game on a Windows XP computer, but all that did was corrupt the game file. And now I have to play it with no music, because the game only works on that computer, and every walkthrough on getting this game to work on windows 10 featured on this website so far, doesn't work for me anymore!
  15. cookiesnm1lk

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    i'm having a similar issue to cyberbrickmaster86 but instead of going blank, my screen just freezes. but the game keeps running.
  16. Hello, it depends on what you want to help with! I'm in need of voice actors and potentially CG animators if one were to remake or expand the cutscenes system that the original game had, otherwise with programming and modeling and such, I will handle that myself Also nice to see a fellow Swede here, is there a secret group of Swedish LRR fans somewhere that I can join?
  17. Dude, looks amazing. Keep up the work please, this is the most promising remake project to date! If you need help with anything just ask.
  18. I only know how to re-map the button through Steam, but not in LEGO Racers directly, so this might not help at all, but here you go: 1. Start up Steam Big-Picture mode 2. Click on the gear at the top-right of the screen 3. Go into Controller Settings and make sure you've enabled "[x] Configuration Support" ([x] being the type of controller you are using). 4. Make sure your controller is plugged in. I recommend doing this with your controller plugged into your PC directly, just to be safe (it might be possible to configure your controller through Steam Link but, as somebody who doesn't own a Steam Link, I've never tried it before) 5. Exit Controller Settings and go to Base Configurations 6. Select "Desktop Configuration" 7. Change whatever you want the Start button to be binded to 8. With the required change/changes applied, close Big Picture mode (but don't close Steam) [ NOTE: according to Steam, this change will be reset when you close/open Steam. Exporting and loading the controller configuration might fix this, but I haven't tried it. ] Hope this (somewhat) helps.
  19. Edit: Fixed it, by chance i found that if you select "Forced Off" under "Steam-Input per Game Setting" in Manage shortcut>Controller Options the game sees the controller again. Now the only problem is that i just realized you can't map the start button on the controller, any ideas about this other issue?
  20. I think the problem lies more with Steam Link than with Lego Racers. After some searching around, I think you can try to use something like https://virtualhere.com/. I have no experience with the software myself, but it might solve the problem.
  21. Yes as i described it works on pc (it's a regular 360 controller) but when i start the game via Steam Link itdoesn't detect the pad anymore, also both the devices are pretty far from eachother i use a power line.
  22. LesPaul

    Rubberbanding on LI2

    I'm sure that nothing's interfering with the controls. Even tried it with a different keyboard, i've heard some stories of high-polling rate keyboards causing some games to glitch out. Did not work either. It does it on it's own weirdly enough
  23. So, the game does not recognize the controller through steam link? If you plug in the steam controller directly to the PC with LR, does it work then?
  24. SOLVED: I had to use various things but i managed to resolve the issue with the controller, here's how: 1. Download the program "antimicro" portable version (it's a program that lets you map a keyboard key to a controller button) 2. Open the zip file and extract all the files from the antimicro folder contained inside, so that the .exe file is in the same folder as your LEGORacers.exe. 3. Start antimicro with you controller plugged in the pc and map the keys you need for the first and second player and then save the controller profile. 4. Before closing go to Options>Settings>General and make sure that the "Launch in Tray" and "Auto Load Last Opened Profile" options are selectet then close. 5. Open a notepad file and write these commands: start antimicro.exe start /wait LEGORacers.exe taskkill /f /im antimicro.exe 6. Save the file as a .bat then convert it to an .exe (i used some random program i have had for years just called "bat to exe converter") 7. After this just put the new .exe file in your Lego Racers folder and add it to Steam, if everything works correctly the game should start normally and when you close it thanks to the commands you wrote before antimicro should close automatically so to avoid having to open it and close it manually every time. I hope this was helpful, i think this should work with other programs with similar issues, i also haven't noticed problems or slowdowns while using these togheterwhile playing (and my pc it's not that new). ORIGINAL POST: Hello everyone, I searched on google and in the forum but i didn't find anything about this. I tried playing Lego Racers with my Steam Link but the game can't see the controller plugged into the device, it can only detect controllers directly plugged into the Pc. Does anybody know if there is some kind of workardound?
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  26. Fungle

    [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    I get an error whenever I try to extract models from a level (Star Wars III: Clone Wars) The console closes before I can read the full error, but I managed to catch "The given key was not found in the dictionary" Here is the file https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/847079/INNOCENTSOFRYLOTH_A_NXG.GSC
  27. Slimy Slug

    Dutch versions of some games.

    Yeah all of the above would do nicely. Re-releases are definitely something I've been keeping an eye on, and Racers is so all over the place as far as the size of the disks go. DM me here or on Discord about this.
  28. aidenpons

    Dutch versions of some games.

    @Slimy Slug, get in here I'm not sure of the state of the archives, but that lurking slug will know! Unrelated to the OP but as far as music fixes go, Cyrem's got you covered.
  29. Wesley

    Dutch versions of some games.

    This might explain why i had some sound issues on my part Does adding the music into the music folder fix this btw? About your question, i suggest you talk to ShadowDraikana trough discord
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