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  2. Noob Slayer

    Tutorial: Make Player Car Use AI Physics (post-race)

    @LegoWorld in HxD hex editor, click the Search menu in the top bar and click Goto, type in the hex value without the 0x header.
  3. Hmmm, last post was over 2 years ago, whoops.. A lot has happened over that time, I moved houses, twice, I changed jobs, thrice, I've been doing contract work, and I've released a few games. All while still developing and prototyping for racers on and off. So let me get the first bit of cool news out of the way, I recently released a little arcade game for Halloween, Papa's Grave Quest! https://papabrickolini.itch.io/papas-grave-quest It was developed in 72 hrs, just in time for Halloween. And features a version of my kart physics to be used in RR. So go check that out right now and play! And be sure to leave feedback and rate it on itch.io. Now what about RR? Well lets see. First off while I haven't posted here in >2 years, I do however discuss and post updates on our Discord! https://discord.gg/TT5FD5q So if you're excited for racers, definitely join our community. Lately in development I've been working on visuals and recreating the Test Track. Recently created a new minifigure rig and got some renders. I asked the community how they felt on having impossible poses on figures "shoulders out of sockets etc" Cape physics. https://streamable.com/bbdaum A ton of other stuff that has happened, but in short, RR is still being developed actively, we got a community growing and some cool stuff is planned. So again, if you want live updates and participate in game night, join our Discord. https://discord.gg/TT5FD5q
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  7. I'm looking for the game files too, especially the doctors
  8. Pixus

    Unity Lego Microgame

    So that's where that tweet that involved the Pepper-like character came from. I myself might try toying around with it.
  9. LiquidGravity

    Unity Lego Microgame

    Unity and Lego have released Unity Lego Microgames. You can build your own levels and share them. https://store.unity.com/lego-microgame Just to note - I haven't tried it yet.
  10. Castlelizard94

    Installing Legoland on 64bit Windows

    So can anyone help me I get the game to load but only to the loading screen with the clock going and the picture of the people with the rides in the background and it goes no further. When I CTRL+ALT+DEL and try to task bar it shows a completely black screen with the clock in the top still going. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix to get the game to actually fully load? Thanks
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  12. sneakysnyper

    A tool to open latest games textures?

    Sample please, I might be able to modify my tool for it and get back to you
  13. Something I discovered on October 16th 2020, if you were to skip Sam Sinister's Cutscene by pressing the esc key while he is Angry and quit the race everyone else will be Angry even the female characters! NOTE: This ONLY works in Dino Island, Mars, Artic, and Xalax wont have an effect when it comes to the other characters since their voices aren't linked with the human characters.
  14. sneakysnyper

    TT Games Explorer

    Just going to try and revive this dead thread; I'm maintaining an open-sourced version of it. I've improved his algorithm a little too: TT Games Explorer (GitHub Repo)
  15. Check out your Lego Racers installation folder. It ought to have a bunch of weird files in the directory, like cannon.tun, introcmp.avi, Lego.JAM, and of course the actual game executable LegoRacers.exe . It should also have a folder called Save, which is where the game saves this kind of thing. Merge the downloaded Save folder with the Save folder in the LR directory, and that's it!
  16. Hello, I am new to this. I downloaded that second save file (without all the cars) so I can get VV. It appears to be a folder with individual folders labeled 1-15 and they're all empty. How does that work?
  17. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders has hotkeys, apparently

    While poking this, I discovered - Hotkeys can use 0-9, A-Z , and + - There are probably more keys that can be used - would be surprised if the spacebar couldn't be hooked up as a hotkey - but those are the ones that LRR uses and it uses them fine. - Hotkeys are not case-sensitive. F2 + Shift + A results in the same as F2 + A - There are only hotkey items for things on the item list menu on the right side. So things like Teleport Rock Raider to Planet (M), Open Large Vehicle Menu (A), Build Power Path (P), Teleport Hover Scout (2, for some reason), Upgrade Engine (E), Get Driver (D), Teleport Vehicle to the LMS Explorer (also D), Build Tool Store (9 for some reason), Build Support Station (1 for some other reason??), etc. Things that don't have hotkeys - and don't seem to be able to get them - include Action Stations, Open Radar, Go To Notification, Cycle Buildings, anything in the Priorities menu. - Hotkeys for things that don't exist (Eject Ore, Load Minifigure), didn't seem to work - Back has a hotkey (B), but I couldn't ever get it to work LRR also has some keys that do things regardless of this - like Esc for opening the menu. There are three others like this: P also opens the Pause menu, - zooms out, and = zooms in. (Also arrow keys for rotating the camera, now I think about it. I wonder if those can be bound). Any hotkey bound to any of these will also bring this up: so F2 + P when selecting an empty tile will build a Power Path as per hotkey P, but will also pause the game. - is bound to some vehicles and teleporting them in via this will indeed teleport them in but also zoom the camera out a bit. Overall the LRR hotkeys aren't cohesive enough to actually use a lot of them (the vehicle and building hotkeys are incomprehensible and a lot of handy things are bound to P and thus will also pause the game), but it's shocking to find them in plain sight and easily moddable. I'll probably make a Cafeteria patch to make them actually sensible. I wonder if Cyrem magic can do something about that F2...
  18. In the Lego.cfg file there has always been a very confusing reference to keys. They did not appear to do anything. The only game-interaction hotkeys ever appearing were in Rock Raiders' debug mode. Recently, a document was unearthed about Rock Raiders hotkeys. To make a long story short: 1. To use hotkeys you have to hold F2 and click the selected hotkey 2. Hotkeys are rebindable in the Lego.cfg file in the "InterfaceImages" section. The last entry of each row refers to a key. search "KEY_M" for an example. Now that's a 20-year old secret hiding in plain sight! Edit: Also worth mentioning that in Eye View, Z and X makes your character strafe, which I learned fairly recently myself
  19. Drewsko199

    Veronica Voltage vs Holley Shiftwell

    Honestly just the fact you're comparing a human/minifig character who has to drive a car versus a character that's literally a living car means that the question of who has the advantage as a racer is very biased towards the latter.
  20. mumboking

    Tutorial: Make Player Car Use AI Physics (post-race)

    Exactly where you said it is. At offset 0x34EBD.
  21. mumboking

    Lost Lego Batman Short

    37.5KB... Yep, no videos in there.
  22. ExoRaider

    Lost Lego Batman Short

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the swf is only for the video player, not the actual videos. I never really used flash though so I might be wrong.
  23. Zeb

    Lost Lego Batman Short

    It might be possible to use a SWF decompiler to extract the video from https://web.archive.org/web/20131127224619/http://dcnation.kidswb.com/page/mcdonalds/lego/videos.swf, if it's stored in that file.
  24. LegoWorld

    Tutorial: Make Player Car Use AI Physics (post-race)

    Where can I find the offset 0x34EBD in the hex editor?
  25. Hi there, I was attempting to scale the fonts in Bioncle Heroes up 4x but I've run into a problem. I tested upscaling the font dds (franklin.dds) by 2x and the values in the corrisponding franklin.qfn file by 2x as well (so characters would have the correct coordinates and size relative to the upscaled dds). This however causes the characters to be scaled (in-game) vertically, but not horizontally according to the aspect ratio of the character. Original: Upscaled: Any ideas as to what I've done wrong? also, if anyone wants the qfn file format, here's what I could determine: QFN: Header Position array Character array Header, byte[0x50]: Unknown, byte[8] File size (+ 0x10???), uint32 Position array count, uint32 Character array count, uint32 Font height, float Font base, float Space width, float Unknown, byte[20] Position array offset, uint32 Character array offset, uint32 Unknown, byte[20] Position array: Position[Position array count] Character array: Character[Character array count] Position: X, float Y, float Width(in dds), float Character Character, wchar Position array index, short
  26. Cyberbrickmaster86

    LEGO Alpha Team - Windows 10 Setup Guide

    What I mean is, the game still displays in a window with black outside. Increasing the resolution doesn't fill up the monitor screen, it scales the window beyond the monitor's boundaries while still set like a window display. I don't know if this is an issue because of my new computer or that I've hooked it up to the TV, but with my previous laptop I didn't have these issues from my understanding.
  27. antrad

    Lego Rock Raiders - Freezing On Startup

    The wording here is confusing, so I am not sure what you were trying to say. For me it was impossible to play Rock Raiders on both Windows XP on my old computer and on Windows 7 on my current computer without the Masterpiece Edition executable no matter what I tried. As far as I'm concerned, if the game doesn't start, it is first thing to try before doing anything else.
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