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  2. The_Wanderer_HTL

    A Rock Raiders Christmas

    There was a Christmas CD in my drive. Probably been there since Christmas 2018 (tells you how often I use the drive). I tried the game again but it still went black. I was playing "Driller Night" and when the tool store is found the screen goes black. I changed a setting on the startup menu when I restarted, and the game runs fine now. Thanks mates.
  3. Hey all, I've played the LEGO games for years and recently taken up interested in game files and modding. I've done a fair amount with the PC games using the QuickBMS ttgames script, and been able to extract all the game files. I've also downloaded the console versions of the DLC.dat files: - DLC 1 is 5 characters - DLC 2 is 5 characters - DLC 3 is a bunch of weapons and items - DLC 4 is 2 characters ( I wasn't able to find this one) I can extract the .dat files with the QuickBMS script, which reveals the chars folder and some dlccollection.txt files. I also notice that in the extracted GAME.DAT, there is a file called FILETABLE.txt which documents the four dlc folders (labeled as '__dlc1__', etc). The Cutting Room Floor notes these as well. Now, what I've been able to find is that the file COLLECTION.TXT contains all the characters available on the main screen. Usually, mods for characters are simple - you add the DLC characters to the collection list via lines like collect "PrinceImrahil" no_progress dlc_only and since the DLC isn't implemented in the PC version, I can just take those last two flags off. Since the DLC files are already native to the game, there is no need to copy and paste them anywhere, although some mods like the tsuna mod require you to delete CHARSTXT.FPK (why is that?) My question is regarding the DLC 3, with the weapons and items. This DLC, like the others, includes files that already exist within the file structure, but there is no equivalent of collection.txt for unlocked items in the game. Is it possible to somehow trick the game into thinking you have them unlocked without editing a save file? Is there a file that details which items are available in the beginning of the game?
  4. Yesterday
  5. breakingspell

    Rock Raiders: Community Edition (v1.0.3.1)

    I ran into the same thing, but realized you do have to re-build the game in Cafeteria after applying mods, CE Core included. That was the last step I needed for 1080p after using Cafeteria's online repo to download all the req'd files (their version and config of DGVoodoo2 as well). Game runs great! Edit: Also running into TNT crashing the game as the countdown hits 2, but not every time (worked fine in It's a Hold Up, but crashes in Breathless). Can confirm that Extended Dynamite Countdown fixes it
  6. mumboking

    A Rock Raiders Christmas

    Personally, I don't know about the black screening, but the Christmas music sounds like you have a Christmas CD in an optical drive that the game is playing.
  7. The_Wanderer_HTL

    A Rock Raiders Christmas

    I downloaded Rock Raiders from myabandonware and installed it. It runs, but plays Christmas music instead of the game's music. Then, after a minute or two, the screen goes black and I cannot continue. I cannot find anything anywhere about this issue. I assume this is an anti-piracy measure, but my childhood copy of LRR is beat to crap and no longer works. Are there any solutions?
  8. bradleybrand

    Remake: LEGO Racers 2

    I would love to see a LEGO Racers 2 remake become a reality. This was one of my favourite LEGO games!!
  9. JimbobJeffers

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    It looks like it's based on pt size perhaps? Here are the letters in various sizes in Photoshop.
  10. Last week
  11. Besides, the game does not find any users for the international mode, it takes too long and no users join
  12. UmmmmTheNR2003Guy

    MIP Creator

    it wont open MIP creator
  13. whywhywhywhywhywhywh

    3DXML to OBJ - Converts LDD model captures to OBJ

    Help, the 3dvia thing is not working, I did everything in setup and when I press F10 nothing happens does this work on windows 10 Update: I found out the problem. Apparently installing 3DVIA on another drive will cause it to not work.
  14. PlamzDooM

    FlicTool 1.1 (FLH compiler/decompiler)

    Sorry to also necro this thread, but when decompiling the menu stuff it only outputs 3 or 4 frames. Anyway to fix this?
  15. TrueGamer

    Installing Legoland on 64bit Windows

    try install the ddraw.dll file then put it into the folder you installed the game if it still doesnt work then use dgvoodoo2
  16. jamesster

    LEGO Battles renders

    @PeabodySam pointed out the site isn't hosting them anymore, so I found them on my old laptop: You'll notice some of the characters are just textured as pure black for a few of them - I have no idea what's up with that; that's how they were on the website.
  17. jamesster

    LEGO Battles Renders

  18. @baraklava, Just read the post. Awesome job! Looking forward to when this gets pushed out. Someone mentioned that you're crushing this at a blistering pace, and they're right! I mean I'm pretty sure it's been less than a year since I discovered this, and it sounds like you're probably about 75% done. That's a huge achievement! Especially since many projects like this get abandoned. AND you're doing this by yourself. As usual, keep up the awesome work :}
  19. Cool stuff! I'd recommend checking out the BioMediaProject; they're an archival website (officially recognized by LEGO as such) that hosts quite a lot of stuff like this: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/ (They're mainly focused on the Bionicle franchise but have quite a lot of general LEGO things too, and most importantly, LEGO officially recognizes them.) Another option for preserving them would be good ol' archive.org, or as mentioned earlier, Hidden Palace. They all have loads of game prototypes like this preserved already; you can't really go wrong. Edit: Oh yeah, yet another option would be Gaming Alexandria, who recently published a development build of Stunt Rally PS1: https://www.gamingalexandria.com/wp/2020/07/15/lego-stunt-rally-psx/
  20. Hi all, just a quick message to say I found some development CD's for the PC, NTSC and PAL versions. Have added a pic here https://photos.app.goo.gl/xJRJ72KUCqCvUkLv5 Will try and answer some more questions soon, really busy right now.
  21. Brickticks

    LEGOLAND Resource Tool 1.0

    Oh, good news, I just got it to work... Yay? Only problem is, what do I do now? I mean, I extracted the files, to the Legoland volumes folder no less, and, uh, just what the heck do I do with them? I mean, all I really want is to reenable the Log Flume Drop in Level 4... so..... how would I do that? Rockatoa, a very confused Brickticks out!
  22. EnvyNival

    LEGO Racers Menu Font?

    Added in v3 It seems to be only a windows font viewer bug, does this also show in, say, MS Word?
  23. elling

    Changing LRR Language

    Hi @Akorax! I'm interested in the Swedish sound files if you could share? thanks!
  24. There are many games from 1999 and older with released patches. PC game magazines used to come with CDs with game demos, patches, trailers, etc... And even though Internet was slow and not as popular, even in 1999 you could download demos and patches. Look at website for game Machines from 1999 and that was not some big popular game: https://web.archive.org/web/20000229192540/http://www.acclaim.com/games/machines/demo/downloads.html I think I didn't have Internet until 2001 or 2002.
  25. aidenpons

    old lego games meme's

    triple post? please don't smack me Turns out the crystal count in regular LRR Back to Basics is a lot higher than Chief thinks it is. He could have just stuck around here for longer and saved you the hassle of rebuilding RR HQ for the 50 crystals you need in Rocky Horror. (All screenshots taken from Manic Miners, which has a fantastic level editor that allows you to see the crystals in the walls and edit everything all at once. I noticed this as I was porting it over)
  26. bautista

    Lego Cars 2: The Video Game

    Are you guys ignoring this thread?
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