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  3. Sluicer

    General [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    Your file let my play again:
  4. Slimy Slug

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    Ok that's actually something in common we have: it happens a lot on Ice Spy for me. In fact the first time I saw this bug was on this map and yes I was using the Tunnel Transport. But I've noticed it happen with other things on Ice Spy, so... The other maps that I have confirmed this bug to happen on are Recruitment, Hot Stuff, and Rocky Horror. I share your thoughts on the Recharge Seams. Having them in many more maps encourages further use of the lasers. If you think the landslides are bad with Recharge Seams, you missed an earlier version of Baz's mod which had an emerge point in the seam right next to your Tool Store. I need to double check how everything works but I know that you can stop random landslides from happening on a map period.
  5. Slimy Slug

    Overhaul Stuff

    All of my official (and unofficial) stuff for my mod will go here. Sneak previews coming soon to a Tool Store near you!
  6. Slimy Slug

    Modding Adventures

    Random modding stuff; odds and ends.
  7. Heattokun

    Hey there everyone!

    Hi there. I'm Heatto, but I go by other names too. I've had a huge interest in the lego games, starting from Lego Island to the Incredibles. I mostly have come here to check out the modding scene and see what you've guys done with the games. There were even points where I considered speedrunning Incredibles and/or Dimensions. Anyways, this is me saying hello, I look forward to seeing what you guys have~
  8. paperpanzer

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    Had the vanishing bug occur again, this time on Ice Spy. Was using the SMLC at the time. While others have reported the Tunnel Transport causing this problem, it works just fine over here. In my case it appears that in certain levels laser vehicles cause the problems. So Ice Spy, Rock Hard, and Slimey Simple have so far been plagued with this problem. Again it seems to be random, as in other missions where laser mining is either optional (or essential) there has been no issue, such as Erode Works, Don't Panic, Explosive Action, to name a few. ** I'd also like to state my opinion on the Recharge Seams, having them in more than just the four or so levels in the vanilla game is great, the lasers were always underutilized. But these same wall types causing landslides? Regular seams having landslides is fine, as they can be drilled. But Recharge Seams are like Solid Rock, they cannot be reinforced.
  9. giedo18

    Run LEGO Rock Raiders with dgVoodoo

    Hi I'm new on this whole site, im not English so please bear my english :P. I played Lego Rock Raiders all day long when I was a child. Today I found the game at a friends house and I thought hey I want to play it again. Unfortunately my PC doesnt have a discdrive so I downloaded a file of the internet. I followed all of the steps on this page but the game wont start, it just doesnt do anything. Than i saw ur comment about the LegoRR.icd file. Mine has 720kb in it, should I change anything to make the game work?
  10. Last week
  11. paperpanzer

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    Well, further in the mod with more crashes is actually something i expected, given that the later missions are more complex and the old LRR Engine would have a hard time with them. I was thinking about the disappearance bug and it being random from machine to machine- but it could be any one of a number of things. A lot of changes went into the raiders themselves- i.e. upgrade to lvl 6, "permagone" if not teleported out manually, new idle animations. I did disable the random move factor- but beyond that and the rock fall dmg factors I haven't touched the rock raider's values in the cfg file. I did have the disappearing bug again on Rock Hard, this time the Chrome Crusher was the culprit. It would be nice if the LRR client generated a crash log.
  12. Slimy Slug

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    If nobody else is going to try it, I might as well port Axel's cfg adjustments into a fresh file. In fact, I may have a copy already from when I was still using Axel's mod as a basis for my own. As for the LMLC causing the disappearance bug... I've never had that happen unless the Tunnel Transport is around, or a Raider on an island with an Energy Crystal tries to path across the water. The latter has only happened consistently on one map, so this could just be map related. Why it is happening with a vehicle around makes me wonder though... I can tell you that the crashes are only going to get worse the deeper you go into the mod. For example, Water Works and Rocky Horror are far crashier than in Baz's mod, probably due to whatever is wrong with the cfg in the release of Axel's mod.
  13. Guido

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Tyranny is free until July 17th if you have Twitch Prime. You can get a free trial of the service and claim your free game, and then you can cancel your trial once you have claimed the game. Tyranny
  14. Das Glückskekschen

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    Maybe you have a copy protected version which won't use this mode selection. Check if the "LegoRR.icd" file is bigger than 0kb. 1. Solution: try this: 2. Solution: Get a non-protected version
  15. LazerLuke19

    Classic Rocket Racer

    Where's the helmet's textures? They're not showing up in the game. Can anyone help me?
  16. kaaiman

    LRR [SOLUTION] Lego Rock Raiders on Windows 10

    I can't get in the mode selection
  17. AwesomeX

    Ogel Island - Multiplayer RP/Sandbox/Minigame Game

    Improved handling and overall feel. Trying to replicate the feel of driving from LR1. And messed around with kaboom capabilities.
  18. Ajax

    LJ1 Is this file somewhere?

    Lego I.Jones 1 models can be extracted with quickbms, and I really enjoyed watching them on noesis, in the CHARS folder there are even models that appears just in cutscenes, but I wasn't able to find a model, that appears in a cutscene, but I'm sure that it's somewhere, it's the blue cargo boat from Raiders of the lost ark. Where can I find it?
  19. Exsolutus

    LRR LRR Graphical Bug on Tooltips

    Quick update. I have found that the "Fast video memory access" setting in dgVoodoo eliminates much of the issue. Most of the screen now renders as expected, except for a horizontal band across the screen then tooltips appear.
  20. mumboking

    The FREE GAME notification thread!

    Currently free on Steam: "Hacknet" (Ends July 14th at 10 AM Pacific Time)
  21. Hello everyone, I've been working to get Rock Raiders working on my Windows 10 computer today. So far, I have been fairly successful. The game runs in windowed mode fairly well now, thanks to dgVoodoo. However, during game play, an odd graphical error is occurring. The problem appears to be related to mouse-over tool tips, as it only occurs when the mouse is left where a tooltip can occur. If the mouse is left hovering somewhere no tooltip is generated (shown below), there is no problem. The game also returns to normal once the mouse has been moved, causing the tooltip to disappear. The next time a tooltip appears, everything from the previous instance appears, along with the new tooltip. I have attempted a variety of combinations of settings within dgVoodoo, none of which appear to have any effect on this problem. Has anyone else seen this issue before? Is there a known fix? I did not find a solution looking through the existing threads here in the Support section. (Edit) With a bit more experimenting, the issue also occurs when selecting Rock Raiders, when the selection box appears.
  22. vipmedy2

    General [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    I tested multiple files and it was valid Thank you !
  23. Sluicer

    General [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    I was able to download the file. It contains a new MESH chunk verison: 0xC8. With this version of the tool I was able to extract the meshes. Please respect that this was the only file I had to test.
  24. Now the question is, will it eventually break aka take damage?
  25. oliacym

    General [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    Ahh it worked yes! You genius, thank you
  26. vipmedy2

    General [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    I upload the file to another site it is a ghg file of “lego the incredibles”
  27. paperpanzer

    Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)

    I didn't have the Tunnel Transport in Slimy Simple, but I did notice both times when the disappearing act happened I had the LMLC running around- I completed the level w/out one and there was no disappearing. Only level that's happened on so far. Tunnel Transport on the other hand in my experience I haven't had a problem with (though I did lower the volume/ pitch of the engine sound in Audacity) Other than straight up CTDs has been game window freezes (even though it keeps running in the background) and effectively crashes the game anyway. This may have more to do with running LRR via Cyrem's DGVoodoo method as it was happening even vanilla. Though with the mod installed the "regular" CTDs have been more common. In the case of the cfg file I will probably not know if it actually improves things or not for a while until a stable file is linked.
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