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  2. aidenpons

    Christchurch [Custom LRR Map]

    For a first reference, see this. If that link doesn't lead anywhere immediate due to breaking over time, this is a roundabout way of telling you everything you need to no. For a second reference, see this image of my own creation. I won't upload it to RRU: RRU is my happy place, and I don't want that image here. But you need to know. (Yes, you also now know my country, university, and can take an educated guess at the place where I live: I don't care. You need to know). Got that? Perhaps you now understand why I'm in tears as I type this post on my laptop. The closest dead was four degrees of freedom: a friend's friend's uncle, so I and the immediate people I care about are physically okay. Mentally: that'll take some time. People cope differently at different times. For the first few days I made liberal use of Slime Rancher on the Free Games thread, being unable to have the mental facility to do anything else. University resumed on the Monday, but all assignments and tests were postponed: an extremely good move for them as I am, five days later, still not in a space to apply my mind to my degree. I'm coping fine, in the circumstances: my state could hardly be called 'fine' but fine-ness is absolutely impossible at this juncture. If you were to imagine what "as good as you can be, in the circumstances" would be like, then I'm about half of that. Thanks go out to those on the internet who have helped me: some on RRU, some not. I got the idea three days later to make an LRR map about it. I knew that this idea simply wouldn't go away unless I did it: a creative outburst, of sorts. Or perhaps I'm deluding myself. Whatever: the map is created. "We had just begin mining activities when disaster totally out of our control struck. A meteor crashed into Planet U not far from our underground base. It's flattened the land where it landed, but also sent ruptures throughout Planet U. The rupture has caused a fountain of magma to splurt up from underneath our base, and the slugs are also fleeing. There's one good thing: we won't have problems with any Lava Monsters for the meantime, as they're all tunneling through the walls. I'll brief you in the field to show you around: the game will start paused." (Yes, there are typos in the uploaded ObjectiveText. I don't care) Download here. This map features the most complex NPL scripting as of time of writing. I successfully got the "arrow to continue" working, and the script is generally quite huge (mostly introduction stuff). Also contains about 23 messages, most of which I just pointed to the Moving Rock Raider Vehicles tutorial. However, I wasn't able to 100% test it. I know it's totally functional, but there was just a little gimcrackery going on with respect to the final objective: if you've completed it and the game's not acknowledging that, just use Ctrl+S to debug win the level. I think my changes have fixed it but I can't be sure, as playing through this level is rather long. I'd call it 90% tested. Certainly everything up until the victory conditions work as planned. It also features one of the best slug scripts to date: ordering to place a fence spits out slugs equal to the number of times you've clicked to place fences (which includes misclicks, clicks when the fence can't be placed, and does not account for fences teleported up) : yes, you'll be needing fences a little later in this scenario. The level was balanced for vanilla LRR, so using mods that significantly alter drilling dynamics and move speed may change the difficulty of the level. There is also a cheat cavern in the far north: use numDEL to delete a wall between the two inaccessible recharge seams and you'll have enough to continue the mission. You can use this if you deem it necessary, Remember that the glimmer of recharge seams shows above the wall, so you can tell where they are even if you don't have any scan information (see Rocky Horror for a vanilla example of this). (I mention this or else someone would ask "What's in that cavern and why are there two inaccessible recharge seams?") Oh, and one more thing: as tempting as it is to teleport up all your buildings during the initial phase, I would recommend against this as doing so seems to cause a significant amount of Idleness Syndrome. In any case, you'll be unable to pick up much ore anyway. Press F to pay respects to the slugs that spawn at the start of the level
  3. mumboking

    Rocket Racers

    I've archived those photos here: As for the World Club Magazine...
  4. aidenpons

    Rock Raiders Screenshots

    I was tired of stuffing screenshots in Miscellaneous Randomness. Here goes!
  5. aidenpons


    1) Unzip and place in GameLevels 2) Make required changes to Lego.cfg as mentioned in download 3) Play 4) Let me know if it crashes
  6. Sunchipp

    Uganda Knuckles

    A Random Reskin I have Worked on Video Here Showing Da Weh in Action Files Here:
  7. Sunchipp

    Uganda Knuckles

    Click Here To Kno Da Weh
  8. Today
  9. Sunchipp

    Sunchipp Mods

    Some Mods I have Worked on Just For The Hell of It
  10. I remembered Rock Raiders while playing Deep Rock Galactic and did a thing. Click to play (audio)!
  11. Hi, iv tried installing doubleagent but the bottom two haven't installed... any ideas on how I can get them installed? my creator is stuck on 70% installed atm as I didn't realise! im new here!
  12. Cid SilverWing

    Runs bad and in Danish

    ISSUE RESOLVED: It's that third-party installer that's behind this. It doesn't extract the audio and cutscene files correctly, it somehow corrupts them or something along the way. Trying to play them stand-alone in Win10 I'm met with silence or force-importing them in Cool Edit produces noise. Manually copy-pasting the relevant media from my .iso fixes it. Though the game still won't read the CD audio tracks even from the .iso.
  13. Rock Raider fan no.1

    Shadowblaze's LR2 Music Overhaul

    Hey @Shadowblaze I'd like to ask you some questions about the new soundtrack, specifically how you produced/composed it. What program did you use? What did you use in that program? Do you still have the project files? Did you use preset synths or make your own synths? -- Talking specifically about that plucky bell synth in the intro to regular Arctic races (arctic.1), how was it made? -- Do you have general tips for making synths? -- What sample libraries did you use, if any? The drums are really cool! Most of the tracks seem to be in the key of F minor (four flats), the sole exceptions being mars.3 and mars.4, which sound like they're E flat minor. Is this intentional, or did you just make what sounded good? If intentional, why is there so little variation? Not that all the tracks sound the same, no, they each have a very unique style fitting their world. What was your inspiration to make these? And if it was LEGO Racers 2, what else? :P How long have you been producing/composing electronic music? Or music in general? And one final note: Your soundtrack actually inspired me to write a possible LEGO Racers 3 soundtrack. I have completed tracks for three worlds (the Arctic world was very directly inspired by yours) and five bosses (two of which are divided into two phases). For that I thank you, and if you're interested in what I've made, I'll see if I can make them a bit more presentable and send you some. They were originally made in an iPad app called Music Studio, and now that I have FL Studio, I'd personally prefer it if they were enhanced. Anyway, great music. Fast paced, exciting, with unique sound and thematic design. Would easily fit a fast-paced racing game, like GRIP, or Formula Fusion, or even Drome Racers! XD Thank you for being brave enough to share with the people of Rock Raiders United for free when you want to protect your intellectual property. :)
  14. ZuTheSkunk

    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    I'm on Discord as ZuTheSkunk#4273.
  15. Cid SilverWing

    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

  16. ZuTheSkunk

    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Glad you like it! :) Please send it over, I should be able to make the changes shortly.
  17. aidenpons

    (Discussion) What would be a perfect slug script?

    While there is no function GetElectricFences on level, there is GetPlaceFenceIconClicked. A little tweaking later, and I can make it so that whenever you click to place a new fence, you get the number of electric fences you've placed coming up at you: GetPlaceFenceIconClicked > GetR2 ? :Sluggies TRUE ? Stop Sluggies: TRUE ? SetR2 GetPlaceFenceIconClicked MakeASlug: TRUE ? GenerateSlug GetSlugsOnLevel < GetR2 ? :MakeASlug All registers and timers are set to 0 on level start, so GetR2 is 0. I should explain what the GetBlahBlahIconClicked button does: it returns the number of times you've clicked that button. Normally in the tutorials only one is needed (eg GetPusherIconClicked or GetDynamiteIconClicked). If you want to reset these numbers, that's what SetDynamiteIconClicked and other stuff like that is for. So when you click to place a fence (even if the fence cannot be placed, and you're clicking the dulled-out grey square), 1 is bigger than 0, so it goes to Sluggies, where it updates R2 to the number of fence icons clicked and then starts generating slugs to that level (the next three lines are a reasonably painful loop to generate R2 slugs: there are many other ways of doing it). Tada: so if you want to spam fences like you do in Rocky Horror, you will have a horde of slugs to deal with.
  18. Cid SilverWing

    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Absolutely love this mod! Don't suppose you would be available to make these edits to the Norwegian .wad file? I can forward it to you for processing.
  19. Cid SilverWing

    Runs bad and in Danish

    The problems remain as before - in Win10 the "streaming" audio and cutscenes won't play despite being present in the directory, thus the problem isn't they're missing, they just aren't loading or playing (and bizarrely won't play even in VLC Media Player as is, when I could swear I was able to play them in Windows Media Player back in the XP days). This results in the game appearing to freeze for a few seconds as it tries to load the cutscenes before each mission, but then skips straight to loading the missions. As for the dgVoodoo trick, I'm able to use that in Win10, but in the VirtualMachine environment it won't detect any video cards, which prevents me from running the game altogether (see the attached screenshot). The .wad modification is this one. Unfortunately the included .wad is in English, which would replace the Norwegian text. This means that for me to use this mod with the Norwegian version, I would have to forward my Norwegian .wad to ZuTheSkunk who would then have to repeat the modifications and send it back.
  20. Strange... I've never seen this before. In a map I'm working on, essentially you start with a base and lolnope out of there as the erosion gobbles it all up. I managed to teleport up some buildings and gain their crystals, but when I gave the final leave order to my STTs some of them still had crystals in them. I find the safe spot, start building a base, and give a manual order to my STTs to drop their crystals. From here, nobody picks up those crystals. It's almost like they don't exist: perhaps the tasks were not properly generated upon dropoff? Perhaps so many lost tasks from ore being eaten by lava had a role to play? Manual orders of pick up those crystals do nothing. Yet all the other crystals are fine... I've never seen this before...
  21. aidenpons

    I need some help with a mod I want to create, please.

    It's hardly a mod, but there are some cheats that might help:
  22. Yesterday
  23. Oh noes, all the images are broken Can this be fixed by somebody who still has them?
  24. Agent2583

    Rocket Racers

    From April 2nd these photo's are going away due to Google Plus shutting down. Also sorry for bump but does anyone here have any sources of the Lego World Club Magazine mentioning Rocket Racers?
  25. sixxstreeter

    TT Games Explorer

    having trouble none of these tools open the force awkens file .res are .gsc are nxg can make a script for it i have the new tool says star wars force awakens but dosent open just get red error in the cdm when trying to extract it
  26. Last week
  27. Mr. Eight-Three-One

    Lego Games on a 1997 PC with a 3DFX Voodoo

    Hey, it's my first post in two years on this forum, and it's for *another* self-promotion. Hopefully that doesn't bother any of you...my apologies. Anyway, you all probably know that I love old computers, but for the last several years I've largely been unable to pursue that hobby having been in college. Well...that's no longer the case! I'm now out on my own, and I'm free to pursue it as much as I desire. Recently I finished a project where I put together what effectively would have been my "dream computer" in 1997 (which, incidentally, was the year I first used a computer...at the age of two), and would also have been a high-end build when Lego Island was released. I've wanted such a machine for a long time as it's basically the equivalent of a high-end computer to coincide with 5th gen game consoles (the Nintendo 64 and PS1). Featured in this video are the first five 3D Lego games (Island, Chess, Creator, Racers, and yes, even Rock Raiders), running with a 3DFX Voodoo card (except Creator, which uses the 2D card in this machine). I felt inspired to make this video because the sands of time seem to have washed away a lot of the experience of playing these games on such a machine. Many of the people here seemed to have grown up in the Windows XP era where computers that could play these games without any lag at all were the norm, not the exception. And, as you might expect, they don't run anywhere near as well as you might be used to. But that's the whole charm of it. There's a certain appeal to be had when you're so used to the games running without an ounce of lag and suddenly that luxury is taken away from you, and it serves as a fun reminder of technological advancements. And yes, this is a real computer running this; this is not an emulator or a virtual machine. I have listed the specs in the video description but the general gist of it is that it runs a Pentium MMX 233 MHz CPU and Windows 95 (quick disclaimer, I actually prefer 95 to 98. I know, unpopular opinion, heh). This was the fastest desktop Pentium ever made1 before the Pentium 2 was released. The Voodoo card is essentially the original must-have graphics card; like, you were the wimpy unpopular kid if you were a PC gamer and didn't have one. And, unlike what you might be used to today, it *only* did 3D stuff -- you still needed a whole 'nother graphics card to run the Windows desktop and everything else!2 Regardless, I hope you enjoy this foray into computer history, and marvel at the prospect of having to turn down graphics settings in games you probably never even thought of turning down the settings in before. 1There were mobile Pentium 1 processors that clocked faster than this, but as far as the desktop market went, you couldn't get any better than that before the Pentium 2 came out. 2When 3D graphics were the hip new thing, and with the advent of DirectX, Microsoft made their own graphics API called Direct3D, but it had the caveat of requiring specially made hardware in order to run it, so your old graphics card wouldn't be able to run it out of the box. So, during the awkward transition era where not every graphics chip was expected to have 3D support out of the box (the computer you see in this video does happen to support 3D on the "main" graphics card, but it's not very good), 3DFX made cards that specifically only did 3D, either on Direct3D or with their proprietary API called "Glide". I explain this in the video, but the way the cards work is that the 3D card had a VGA-in and a VGA-out port. You daisy chain from your main card's VGA out to the 3D card's VGA in port, and then the monitor cable goes into the 3D card's VGA out port.
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