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Arthuriel's Amazing Art (Un)Adventures!

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You may know me via the recreation of the L.M.S. Explorer in different scales (including 1:1) or the Insane Raiders comics, which are insane, but believe me: the Rock Raiders in the game LEGO Rock Raiders try to challenge Homer Simpson for title of being the dumbest fictional person.

So what am I doing creativewise at the moment? Will the Insane Raiders come back? Will they crawl out of the grave or the chimney during some Halloween or Christmas special (or both. Nightmare before Christmas is the proof for this XD)? Well, that I don't know, but I wondered if I could make more elaborate pictures instead of many simple pictures (my comics) and so decided to do that as a training.

As a start I decided to draw the avatars of two users based on their current avatars. The first one is someswedish's orange dragon with a pink afro and the second one is Ben24x7's mining cat:



After that I recreated a LEGO MOC (a figurine called "Electra"), that I did years ago, in some sort of superhero fashion/style. There is also experimentation with the shading (also sorry in case, that the eyes etc. look weird):

Then I wondered, if I should do something really detailed based on a more well known franchise. For that I provide a bit of background: You may see a character in a clear pose, that can be described as an arch for example. That is called a "line of action". I thought about ways, how to emphasize (the length of) such a line and then I remembered the Viera from the Final Fantasy series, that can be described as tall humans with rabbits ears.
No no, please don't run away (in case you have an aversion to furry stuff). It will all make sense (or fall apart in a hilarious fashion or a really awful one, that nobody dares to mention decades afterwards)!

I wanted to do some sort of cool samurai pose, but it didn't work out (it just didn't look right) and so I just went with a rather boring standing pose, but at least I learned about designing a plate armour (based on the armour/"armour" from the character Fran. Why do I mention plate armour? Well: In general the Viera aren't dressed in a practical fashion (it can be described as skimpy), which made me wonder, how a Viera knight would look like (since they seem more about professions like dancing etc. and a knight is a nice change). To be fair: The end result with the ears and hair isn't really practical, but at least it's memorable (the goggles do nothing! ; ) ).

I also made a version without the ears and hair, which looks more like a regular knight:

Then I went the opposite way in regards to the graphical style (doing something very simple for a change) and combined the Prince from the Katamari Damacy series with his Katamari (the ball thing) and Link with Ezlo (the bird cap) from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.
The theme: When tiny heroes meet (to be fair: everyone and everything, that's being rolled up by the Prince, will be crushed by the pressure of the surrounding objects and then turned into a hot plasma/star in the sky, which sounds like a horrible fate (hint: it is), but least you will glow in the dark (also day, if the viewer is close enough)!):

Update (2019-09-01):
Sonic the Hedgehog
In case you want to know, where you can find my stuff:
Here is my deviantart account: https://www.deviantart.com/arthuriel
And here is my twitter account: https://twitter.com/_Arthuriel_
Obviously I am also on RRU (and also on Discord).


Of course I am still learning since proportions can be of or a pose too boring etc. and me trying do this faster since I am not really fast at the moment, but I try to improve. One thing, that I am thinking about, is doing this on a more professional level (paid commissions?). At least I am curious, how it is and while my art isn't the best it's certainly not the worst, so maybe people are interested in that. For that I will probably have to work on stuff like a price list etc. since I haven't done that yet and also trying to have a bigger reach (or a reach at all). The last point also the reason for the word "(Un)Adventure" in the blog title.

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